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On the other side, 3 zombies came out of the room where Jonathan, Paul, and Mike were standing. Mike who was standing in front back stepped to let Paul and Jonathan get the clear shot at the zombies as they focused on him. The two of them swung their axe with full strength and forgot to aim the neck but were still able to split the skull open of the two zombies at the back creating a fountain of blood from there heads getting some of it on themselves as well.

The third zombie who was just a single step away from clawing Mike's face turned his head to look behind him due to the enticing smell of blood giving Mike the chance he needed which he didn't waste and with a sing swing removed the head of that zombie as well.

"Good! Nice coordination, Ethan you still have 30 seconds left return back and see if you have strength left or not" Matt suggested to Ethan who nodded his head and transformed back to his normal appearance.

"So how is it? Can you continue?" asked Matt to which Matt replied with a nod as he picked up his fire axe.

"Good then let's take care of the last VIP Room as well," Matt said as he swiped the Master Card and opened the door of the Last VIP Room as well.

This time it was much easier than before.

Ethan stood in front and made the noise while the others stood on either side of the door except Matt who was standing behind Ethan with his hands folded around his chest watching how they deal with the zombies of this room.

There were Four zombies in the room which looked like a family as there were two elders one Male and one female who looked like husband and wife leaving two kids in their teen years. Ethan jumped back standing side by side Matt while holding his axe when he got a glimpse of the zombie family running towards him but before he could even raise his axe to strike one zombie the others took care of it.

Mike splits the head of the Male zombie, Paul took down the female zombie, while Wade and Jacob took down the kids. Jonathan didn't move as he didn't had the heart to kill the kids even if they were zombies. Matt saw it and decided to talk to his father about this thing to make sure it doesn't become a problem in the future.

"Good now let's move to the 8th floor," Matt said and everyone followed his orders and started to walk down the stairs.

While everyone was walking down the stairs Matt grabbed his father's hands and pulled him back behind everyone else so as to talk to him.

"What is it son?' asked Jonathan.

"Dad, why didn't you attacked those zombies just now?" asked Matt

"uh...um..." Jonathan couldn't reply to that question of Matt, he didn't even thought that someone will be able to find about that.

"I know that you felt pity for those people but dad if you sympathize with them than you won't be able to protect your family. A single bite from the zombies and you will lose your family for life. Then no matter how guilty you feel you won't be able to bring them back." Matt stated.

"Sigh... I understand Son! I will steel my heart and only think about protecting my family!" said Jonathan with a sigh.

Matt nodded his head and said, "That's all you need to care about, leave the rest to me."

When they reached they once again divided into 3 groups of two with Matt looking over them as they cleared the rooms filled with zombies one after another with the trick that Matt taught them. Some zombies who were right on the other side of the door the moment it was opened were taken down by Matt himself after he opens the door.

Though Matt in some rooms they walked inside when no zombies came out even after making noise only to find that they are locked in the bedrooms or bathroom unable to get out from there even after they hear the noise made by them. Thankfully Mike and Ethan were experienced enough to take down such zombies without Matt's help and such cases weren't rare as at least two to three rooms on each floor would have one or two zombies locked in the rooms.

By the time they cleared 5 floors and reached on the 4th floor it was already 2 pm and everyone was tired and hungry but Matt wanted to clear the hotel in one fell swoop as he thought that by that time his father and the others would be fully exhausted such that they would be able to gain abilities as well.

"Matt are you sure about that?" asked Mike when he heard Matt's plan.

"I don't know if they would be able to gain any ability or not as that would depend if they truly are both physically and mentally exhausted and I think this situation will be able to force them in that direction" Matt stated.

"But they won't be able to react fast enough against the zombies if they are exhausted and hungry let alone them even we may not be able to move that fast" Ethan stated.

"No after eating the level 3 Black Bears meat and gaining an ability your stamina is much better then others and so is theirs because we fed them with the level 3 black bears meat but it still would be less than yours so if we take you too as a bar to mark them we can say that until the two of you get totally exhausted they won't be as well" Matt stated.

"Then we move!?" asked Mike

"Yeah, we do! After we explain the situation to them I am sure they will follow our arrangements as well" Matt said

"Than let's go an explain the situation to them," Ethan said as he walked towards Jacob who was taking Wade who was standing on a side while breathing heavily.

Mike Walked towards his father to explain the situation and Matt took his brother-in-law Paul and his father Jonathan to a side and explain the situation.

"What is it, Matt?"

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