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Chapter 1 Who cares about a son like you? !

In the noisy ward, Li Shixin looked at the incandescent lamp on the ceiling in a trance.

He still cant believe what happened to him.

A dignified idol trainee of his own, he actually crossed over to an old man in his sixties. And it seemed that the old man had run out of oil, and there were not many days left.

Thinking that everyone else is going to be a rich second-generation elder brother, no matter how bad he is, he is a real genius on the surface. He feels wronged in his heart; how could he be hit by a car and wear this The more tragic?

The pain in my head is terrible.

The memories belonging to the old man's body are pouring into his mind little by little.

From the beginning of the memorial, the precious bits and pieces of life, such as the fast-forwarded movie version of several times, are played quickly;

The friendship of childhood, the love of adulthood, the rustic but extraordinarily lively wedding, the applause under the stage of the repertory troupe at work, the support and support between friends in difficult times... the two little lives fell to the ground, wife The tears of letting go of the world, with painstakingly pulling the two children to grow up and become a family, decades later...

And since her daughter went abroad for development a few years ago, her son who didn't deal with her has gradually drifted away.

Slowly, there is only endless loneliness in life.

Calligraphy, painting, listening to plays, and playing chess, those old people only play, can't make up for the sadness caused by his son's increasingly indifferent face.

"Which is Li Shixin's family member?"

At this time, a voice interrupted the memory.

"Doctor, we are."

Oh, this is the voice of the son and daughter-in-law.

"Your father's situation is not optimistic. Although his life is temporarily out of danger, the blood clot in his posterior carotid artery is very serious from CT, and he needs to be dealt with immediately."

"Doctor, how do you deal with this?"

"In this case, you can only do arterial stents. There are 56,000 domestically produced stents and 84,000 imported stents. In this case, your father needs at least four. Given that your father is 65 years old and has poor blood vessel elasticity We dont recommend domestically produced ones. But imported ones involve a cost issue. Medical insurance is not reimbursed. Did you buy commercial insurance for your father?"


"It's so expensive? Can you not do it? Well, we are not short of money. I just think that my dad is so old and undergoes such a major operation. What if there is something good or bad?"

"I said you just do this for your children? If you don't do a stent, your dad may be in danger at any time. You can do it yourself. Really..."

After the door closed heavily, there was a whisper in the ward.

"The four stents are more than 300,000 yuan, not counting the surgical fees and hospitalization fees. If this is all down, it will not be four or five million yuan?"

"At such an old age, why do you have to do stents for this disease? Conservative treatment, whichever step you go to. Dad doesn't have a lot of savings in his hands. If he follows the treatment plan given by this hospital, he still has to do everything. Toss in? Huh? Otherwise you call your sister and ask her to exchange money from abroad to treat your dad!"

"You are stupid! The old house Dad lives in is about to be demolished, which is worth 1.7800 million! Dad is sick, absolutely can't tell her!"

"Yes, yes, you are still thoughtful, and you will tell her after the house is transferred."


Your father urinates with shit, and you are a **** dragged by both father and mother. Now that the person is not dead, he is anxious about the house.


Make money and kill!

Lying on the hospital bed, Li Shi, who had completely integrated the memory of the old man, was churning with confidence.

He felt that even if the old man was still alive, he would be furious.

My wife died early, and the old man was too used to this son. As everyone knows, habitual son is like killing son.

"Help...help me up."

Li Shixin slowly opened his eyes.

"Ouch, dad are you awake?"

"Dad, how are you feeling. You suddenly fell ill last night. We were terrified after receiving a call from a neighbor!"

In the face of the hypocritical Boo Han asked warmly, Li Shixin waved his hand: "Call the doctor just now."

After a while, the doctor came back.

The young female doctor squatted by the bed and held his hand: "Master, are you looking for me?"

"I want to make a will." Li Shixin panted and said lightly.

"Dad, what are you doing to find an outsider for making a will! We are here with paper and pen!" yelled the daughter-in-law.

"You don't need to worry about it." Li Shixin didn't look at the woman who was thinking about it, but took a deep look at the female doctor next to her.

Looking at his meaningful eyes, the female doctor took out a pen and paper from the pocket of the white coat.

"Master, you said, I will remember it for you."

"I officially decided that the property under my name will be after my death..." When he said this, Li Shixin glanced at his son and daughter-in-law who was looking forward to the bed.

"All donated to the Wildlife Conservation and Rescue Foundation." He said at last.

"Animal Protection Foundation?"

"Dad! What are you doing!"

Seeing this scene, his son and daughter-in-law panicked.

"What are you doing? Oh, I just gave the house to the cat and dog, and didn't leave it to you two beasts!"

Exhausting all his strength, Li Shixin roared.

The face of his son and daughter-in-law was blue and black.

"Dad, call you Dad at the end. Since you don't intend to keep anything for me, then our father and son will be absolutely gracious from now on. Whether you are alive or dead, it has nothing to do with me!"

Looking at his son's face severing from him, Li Shixin waved his hand and closed his eyes.

"I'm not rare, go away."


He let out a long breath, and Li Shixin lay down on the hospital bed again.

He guessed that no one should care about himself next.

Waiting to die may be the only way out.

But think about it, anyway, this time the crossing is also quite a failure. Anyway, before he died, he sighed for the old man. It was... it was not in vain.

The body seemed to be responding to his unwillingness, a deep regret that instantly filled his mind.

"In this life, I'm not reconciled!"

He seemed to hear an old voice shouting.


At this moment, Li Shixin heard a clear sound similar to the old bus card.

Looking at the operation interface similar to that of an elderly phone, Li Shixin's eyes widened.

(End of this chapter)

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