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All my requests were submitted and accepted, all that is left to do is make sure SOLE rocks their first performance. After this, they will be together for a short while until I help them individually upgrade. After their upgrade, when they get back together things will change. Not only have they gotten practice but they will have become professionals. Then, in a two-year time frame, SOLE will be known as the group full of professionals. New and harder choreography, harder songs, and they will have fewer restrictions. Above all, they will have already successfully made their dream come true. Even though I have it all planned out, how would I be with them at all times when they are everywhere. This is why I have extended SOLE's job in New York. I talked to Rong You, and he was okay with it, besides the fact that he can't help but be angry that he wouldn't be able to see me. He also wanted to extend his time here, but the others in China needed him and so he has no choice but to leave me alone in America and go back to China.

It was an extended 6 months. Though I also want to go back with Rong You, I did make a promise to help make SOLE's dream come true, and that my job as a manager is not to help me. Though this was already in my mind, I need to stay focus on the present. Today, when SOLE takes the stage, all those fans will be raising their glowstick and chanting their name. Millions will come to see their performance.

"One, two, three, one, two, three." each member repeated. They had warmed up beforehand. Despite being physically prepared they weren't mentally prepared yet. What made them even more jittered up was when the director of the concert came up to me with microphone problems. We each examined the microphone, what did you know? None of them work!

"Are there any other microphones? I don't care if they're old as long as they work." I said asking around the back of the stage. They all helped me out, but in the end, they shook their head.

"I just called for extras, but I don't know when they will come. We might have to delay the concert." I was furious with the directors' suggestion.

"We will not delay their performance, that will not be good on their name. Take my clipboard, make sure SOLE doesn't freak out and keep them calmed down. I'm leaving, and I will try to make it back in three minutes." the director looked in shock, in his mind he was thinking, 'what are you going to do to solve the problem in three minutes?' The answer was easy, I would be driving crazy in New York City to the music store, grab new mics and drive back just as crazy. Just kidding! I ran.

"Here is the money keep the change, I don't care if it is too much!" I said taking the bag and running back. I didn't stop at any lights because I took shortcuts through alleys to get back to where I started. Though it wasn't directly on three minutes, it was was just a few seconds difference. I put the microphone around their ears and did a test run.

"Perfect!" I said, and I gave them encouragement before they ran out to the stage, the crowd went wild just from the sight of SOLE. I would love to watch from behind the scene, but I was drenched with sweat. I went to the restroom to change and soon joined back outside with a poster, the words were made of glowsticks. I was no longer a manager, right now I was a fan of SOLE fangirling over them. I chanted along with the crowd, "SOLE, SOLE, SOLE WE LOVE YOU!!"

I could see them as they noticed me, they almost laughe don stage, but they were back to their normal self once the music started. I didn't see what I saw back in the studio, what I saw was amazing. This, for sure, is the key to their next step. Two performances, and yet they were able to show the highest ability. They have just been introduced a few months ago, I am positive they are the most successful group ever! The excitement was overwhelming and I began to sing starting a chain reaction.

Now, the whole stadium was singing the song for SOLE and this brought tears to my eyes and SOLE's eyes. It was emotional, and I wish that this moment will live on as SOLE trains to become professionals.
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