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It is now the last day of the three-month business trip, and since Rong You will be leaving before me, SOLE has given me the time to go and be with him for one last time, telling me they were capable of choreographing their new song. Rong You had also made his day opened just for us.

Yesterday evening, we didn't want to meet up on our last day, but we wanted to wake up in the same room at the same time and so I went over to Rong You's hotel. In the morning, we had breakfast in bed and watched a short Chinese drama together. You don't have to worry about anything exciting happening. I wasn't ready and Rong You was patient about it because he knew I was insecure. It would be a long time until we get to that part.

Really, nothing occurred to us as what to do, and so we did what each other came up with. Our first, more like Rong You's idea was to go to the beach. It was only a matter of fact that summer would end soon and so what was best to spend New York's last hot air on the beach.

"Are you done changing yet?" Rong You kept on knocking on the door making me mess up the knot on my bikini. In the end, I had him tie it.

Despite all the troubles of getting the bikini on, he covered it up with his hoddie from other's view. I didn't notice that Rong You was a guy who was easily jealous.

"It's so hot, let's go get ice cream," I said. We walked over to the ice cream cart and I began to take my pouch but Rong You pushed it away.

"I'll pay." as he said that, we both overheard girls on the beach who were looking at us. Their words stab me with coldness.

"Look at the man, doesn't he look so rich? But that girl on his right might be his girlfriend."

"Aye, it is common to find gold diggers here, do you think she is one. She is having the man pay. Ugh, golddiggers these days."


I turned around the ice cold stab already evaporating from the anger I was filled with. Of course, an Asian girl with her Asian boyfriend who tops all of Asia's models is actually a golddigger. I glared at them which sent them scurrying away. Who is a gold digger?! I am already rich myself, I have a job that pays me a lot of cash, and I come from a wealthy family. I wouldn't even need Rong You's money.

I slammed the cash and took my ice cream, I also paid for Rong You's share. He laughed as we took a stroll near the water. The water rising to our feet and then pulls themselves back.

"Even the calm beauty can become a beast." he laughed, "You should have seen them after they took one look at you they ran away." Rong You's weird sense of humor just made me broke out into a laugh of my own. Though I was just criticized, I managed to forget it because of Rong You. I wanted the day to go by slowly. But when you have fun, everything always goes by fast. When we were on the Ferris Wheel, no matter how many times we rode on it, it felt like it was only a second long. By the end of the day, we both find ourselves back in our hotel room, and it is already midnight.

After taking a bath. We bundled up on the bed and turned on the tv.

My focus had left the tv though, instead, I was focused on trying to remember his warmth before it disappeared so fast. He also did the same thing, not loosening his hug.

"You have to promise me to call every night and every morning," he said putting his chin over my head. "I want to hear your voice before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning. And if you have the time, sing for me. Even if I am busy, I will always answer the phone for you." He made me blush and my ears were burning hot. I wanted to avoid our gaze when our eyes locked, but in the end, I just got sucked in by the black hole. Our lips touched and we didn't let go of our emotions or the touch. The sensation was overwhelming. I know we weren't going to go further than just a kiss, but even just a kiss was enough. On the forehead or the lips, as long as it was him kissing me and him hugging me, I will never let go.

He won't have to worry if I will cheat, because my heart already belongs to him. The kiss meant so many things; 'until we meet again', 'I love you', 'goodbye'. Because of this I started to regret my decision, but I know that my decision will be something amazing and so I dedicated all the activities today our day, and what happened tonight, is part of our night. This was our love, and despite being apart for six months, this love will continue to stay 'ours'.
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