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Three months into SOLE's training to becoming professionals, I got a call from Rong You. Next thing I know I was replaced by another manager to replace the Queen of the modeling industry. Of course, the queen had worked for the top CEO, and many people had an audition to become the next queen, but none of them passed. In the end Rong You came to me. Losing the queen is a big fall for Rong You and so I decided I would be the next queen.

SOLE was fine with the transition, though now we would be fighting for each other's spotlight. It was painful to leave behind the two-year plan for SOLE in another person's hand, but since Rong You personally chose my replacement, the person must be a good manager. When I got back I was greeted with a warm hug from Rong You who had personally came to pick me up. The news had already spread and soon I was no longer known as a manager but instead a new queen. Being the new queen, I had quickly climbed the stairs the original queen had walked.

I became famous and soon enough, reporters were following me and paparazzi were spreading rumors. Rong You split our times and I no longer entered through the front door.

The reason for Rong You and I holding up our engagement for so many months is because I wanted a life of peace and quiet. Of course, Rong You had given me a choice if I would take the queen place or remain the manager and I had chosen my first choice. Now my life was always being disturbed. Because of this, we made the decision to announce our relationship once we got married. That is if we do decide to get married. Now that I was also busy we went back to the same schedule of not seeing each other often, though it seems to be getting worse. I no longer see him for breakfast and before we had dinner together, now we don't.

He calls when he isn't busy, but when he calls I'm the one who is busy.

"Look here! Look there! Smile! Don't smile! That pose! This pose! This is next on the list!" every day I was being rushed and I hated my new job. Before I would be the one telling people to do this and that, now I was the one doing this and that. It agitated me and some nights I would entirely skip my meal and in the end just get 3 hours of sleep. I was just happy I was not put on any type of diet.

Just like before, my pictures were all sent to Rong You since he requested them. When I could answer him, through the phone he would say, "No flaws again. I wish you made a flaw and then you can get sad and I would make you smile by giving you a big hug." he would exaggerate. Though the idea of even just a small hug would be amazing. We had no contacts with each other besides a screen. Despite being back in China and living under the same roof, not even once have we seen each other in the house. Even I started to become of the maids and butlers who get to see him every day.

Moving from managing idols to becoming one was different and soon enough I figured out that I had jumped off the stairs of helping SOLE and was now climbing up a new flight of neverending stairs to become the best queen I could be. Many offers have been sent for me and many offers I decline. The ones I decline most are the show requests. Most of those show request is for love shows, but I don't care if I have to fake a scene because I can't see myself hugging someone else when I can't even hug my own fiance.

After I fall came another fall and another fall follows it. I fall off the stairs to love, the stairs of managing, and the stairs to living the perfect life. Only one staircase stays with me, the stairs to unlimited fame.
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