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I just recently graduated from Harvard University, here in America. Since it would be my last week here, I wanted to revisit all my favorite places. Today I am here at Lily's Cafe. The cafe is full of greenery, books and has a beautiful view outside the shop. I just love cafe's and so today, since it would be my last day, I wanted to enjoy my time here. Today was special and so I didn't order the usual.

"I would like a Lemonade-Mint iced tea and a chocolate mousse pie. I would also like three pieces of the Totoro creme puffs and a custard roll." the waiter took the order and walked back to the counter. I watched outside the window, I really was going to miss Massachusetts, but I need to go back to my real home in China.

The bell to the door opened and squeals started filling the room. I followed my eyes to where all the girls were running to. I looked and I saw the boss. Xue Rong You, I heard he was here in America but I didn't expect him to be in Massachusett. The boss was taken to a table in the back, all the girls ran back to their seat smiling at their phone.

I went back to looking at the view outside, no longer disturbed by anything. My order came to me after a few minutes.

"Thank you." I respectfully said in English. I attended university here for over 6 years already, and my English had improved. I was able to master English easily and managed to learn other languages such as Spanish, French, German, and Dutch. Before I left, I paid a one hundred dollar tip since it was my last time here. I walked past the big boss as I was leaving, I turned to him smiled and bowed before I left the shop.

"Hello? Mama?"

"Lihua! Is that you my dear? Are you on your way back to China yet?"

I smiled, "I'm waiting to get on my flight right now. Hey mom, today I met Xue Rong You. You know how I always talk about Lily's cafe? Well, I went there this afternoon and I saw him. But anyways, tell Papa and Li Tao I miss them and can't wait to see them!"

"You too Lihua, call us when your back in Beijing. Bye-bye!" she hung up the phone. I sigh as I sat down waiting for my flight to be called. Across from me was a child who was holding his mom's hand. He stared at me. I got up and walked over to him.

"Here," I said handing him a lollipop.

"Say thank you Daniel." said his mother.

"Thank you, Ms!" I smiled. In seconds, my flight was called and I walked to my plane.

As soon as I stepped into my plane, I was no longer part of America. Bye Massachusetts!

Rong You's POV: I noticed her as soon as I entered the cafe. Xia Lihua, I didn't expect to see her in a cafe, I thought she would have already left America after graduating. It seems she noticed me too. I couldn't help but look at the beauty. Not only was she smart but she was good looking too. Back in China, she put all my famous models to shame with her looks and body. Meeting her here really proved her beauty. She really is gorgeous. She hadn't change one bit at all besides looking more gorgeous than before.

She should be single.

Before she left, she stopped at my table. She smiled and bowed to me. Such a respectful girl. I want to marry her.

Lihua's POV: "Jie Jie!" I opened my arm letting the little boy run to me.

"Li Tao! I missed you so much." I said hugging him. Mom and dad joined the family hug.

"We all have missed you, why don't we have dinner together?" suggested dad. Everyone agreed and we went to my favorite restaurant.

"I miss Chinese food so much." I cried ordering all my favorite dishes.

"Eat all you want dear." papa laughed.

I was in the front seat as dad drove the car. Mom and Li Tao were both passed out in the back.

"So, I heard you met Rong You in Massachusetts, am I right?"

I nodded sipping my boba tea.

"Rong You called us, he told us he wanted to marry you. What do you think?"

Fist words that came out of my mouth were "No!" I answered firmly. Dad didn't ask any questions, he knew that it would be hard to convince me. I over thought the what my dad said again that night and further nights. Rong You was being patient and so were my parents. They didn't pester me about the topic. If I were to marry Rong You, it would benefit my family.


"Okay, sign here, here and here. Now you two are officially engaged."
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