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"Come to the medicinal herbs store, of course, to buy medicinal herbs." Ling Chuxi smiled and said indifferently. I really didn't expect that this medicine store is actually of Gao's family. Just now, in his own heart, he appreciated the well-managed boss, who was Gao Wentian.

"Miss Ling, what kind of medicinal herbs do you want to buy? Should I show Miss Ling?" Gao Wentian said with a smile.

Ling Chuxi looked at Gao Wentian with a smile, but was a little puzzled. Gao Wentian's attitude is a bit strange. It stands to reason that he should be fair to his sister for that day? But he said nothing. Instead, such a polite attitude.

"Okay, the medicinal materials I want to buy, I don't know if you have Ninghetang." Ling Chuxi smiled and said, "The medicinal materials I want are Ling He Cao, Bai Du, Huang Ling... well, also There is star grass."

"Bai Du, Huang Ling? Tian Xing Cao?" Gao Wentian froze. Bai Du and Huang Ling only have two flavors that completely contradict each other. If they are taken together, it will be highly toxic, even if the gods of Da Luo can't save them. The star grass is very rare. At present, it seems that there is no such medicine in the store. If it weren't for Ling Chuxi's clear eyes, Gao Wentian would even think that Ling Chuxi was here to make trouble.

"Why, no?" Ling Chuxi narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at the stunned Gao Wentian. "You Ning He Tang is not claimed to be able to buy any medicinal materials as long as the starting price is?"

"No, Miss Ling, you misunderstood." Gao Wentian smiled, which is also a kind of formal smile face unique to merchants. "Miss Ling, please sit here and wait for me to explain to you in detail." Ling Chuxi made a request After his posture, Gao Wentian turned his head to make tea.

Ling Chuxi was also polite and sat down. Ling Yichen also sat next to him calmly.

"Miss Ling, Bai Du, Huang Ling, Ling He Cao we all have. The price is not cheap. But, I am a little curious about what Ling Ling bought Bai Du, Huang Ling these two herbs for. You know, these two It's very poisonous when the medicinal herbs are mixed together," Gao Wentian said with a smile.

"Why, your medicinal herbs store still has to ask each guest what the medicinal herbs they bought are for?" Ling Chuxi asked with a frown.

"That's not true. This is purely personal curiosity. Miss Ling does not need to answer." Gao Wentian shook his head and said, "Tianxingcao, this store is temporarily unavailable. But if Miss Ling needs it, I can send someone right away. Transferred from another store. Just to wait for Miss Ling Ling to wait a few days."

"It really does." Ling Chuxi was a little surprised. "You Ning He Tang, it is well-deserved."

"Do business, just beg for food." Gao Wentian smiled modestly and turned to tell Xiao Er, "Go, wrap the herbs that Miss Ling needs."

"Huh, I haven't asked the price yet. If I can't afford it, even if I don't." Ling Chuxi saw Gao Wentian's movements and laughed.

"Including star grass, a total of three thousand two." Gao Wentian also laughed. "Three thousand two, Miss Ling will not even have this number. You are the first place in the training competition of Baishi College."

Ling Chuxi looked at the smile on Gao Wentian's face and laughed playfully. This Gao Wentian, what medicine is sold in the gourd? Only three thousand two? ! You know, there is more than three thousand two of any medicinal herbs here. Star grass is even more valuable!

Not only did Gao Wentian care about her bullying Gao Rongrong, she still sells such a big affection to her now, why?

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