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"Tian Xingcao arrives, I will order someone to send you to Miss Ling immediately." Gao Wentian said with a smile, "Miss Ling please rest assured."

Ling Chuxi also smiled: "Master Gao, you sold me such a big relationship today, I remember. Thank you."

"No need to worry." The smile on Gao Wentian's face was always that standard.

Finally, Ling Chuxi paid three thousand two, and left with some herbs. After Ling Chuxi and Ling Yichen departed, the shopkeeper standing behind Gao Wentian was very puzzled. He finally couldn't hold back the words: "Young Master, the little one doesn't understand, why do you draw a little girl like this. She's just It defeated Lan Xinyu only. The strength is not very high, and there is no background."

This shopkeeper is Gao Wentian's confidant, and his status in the Gao family is not low, so he dare to ask questions. In his view, Ling Chuxi really has no value worth the young master to win. If you say background, there is no background. The so-called backing is actually not reliable. Although the fifth princess is favored, she has no real power. Mu Liufeng is erratic, just a strong man. How could it be for a nominal apprentice? What do you think, this sale of the young master is a loss. The value of those medicinal materials, let alone three thousand two hundred and thirty-two thousand, is more than that. Especially the star grass is not so easy to buy with money.

"I'm betting." Where did Gao Wentian still smile just now? At the moment, his face was silent, and he said with a deep voice, "Come on? You didn't use the word correctly. I just sold it a little better to Ling Chuxi, hoping that one day Ling Chuxi would return that little bit."

"Ah?" The shopkeeper was confused. He didn't understand what Gao Wentian meant. The medicinal materials bought by Ling Chuxi are very precious, but they can't see what they are used for. I haven't heard that Ling Chuxi can make alchemy, or she knows the alchemy master. What did she buy? From here, I can't see anything about her that makes the young master look at her differently. He also saw that day when the lady ran back crying. Unexpectedly, the young master didn't mean anything for the young lady, but instead treated Ling Chuxi like this, he couldn't understand it at all.

"Can't you understand?" Gao Wentian looked at the dispenser and chuckled.

The shopkeeper nodded honestly.

"If you understand it, then you are the owner of the Gao Chamber of Commerce, not me." Gao Wentian's mouth smirked.

The shopkeeper shook his head in anxiety, not knowing how to answer the speech. Gao Wentian did not mind the attitude of the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was not so smart, but he was very loyal. At this point, Gao Wentian was very satisfied, and was willing to say a few more words to solve his doubts.

"I am a businessman." Gao Wentian stood up, and his face became grim. "I am also a gambler. I will have a great deed after betting on Ling Chuxi. Just be embarrassed."

"Ah? Master, that Ling Chuxi, will he really have a great future?" The shopkeeper frowned.

"So I said I was gambling." Gao Wentian smiled, no longer ignored the bewildered shopkeeper, and went back to the back of the hall.

Leave the shopkeeper alone scratching his head. Finally, if I don't understand, I don't want to. Anyway, the master's decision is all right. As the young master said, if he can understand the young master's idea, then he is not a miserable master.

My young master is brilliant!

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