Home StainedChapter 1

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Blood was splattered everywhere.

It painted the floors with it's glorious crimson red, as a newly dead body lay completely still, letting its gooey substance leak out.

A young boy, Judas. Inhaled a shaky breath as he crouched down next to the body. Droplets of blood dripping down from his cheeks as he did so. He looked over the body with curiosity, wanting to take in his work.

Her lifeless, dead eyes stared up at him, her face had stiffened with an expression of horror. Blood dribbled down from her mouth and leaked from a large stab wound in her side, the blood was warm, but slowly turned cold once exposed to the drifty air.

Her breathing had stopped a while ago, but it had now only hit him. She was dead, not even a little life was left to spare. She was gone, for good.

Breathing out a sigh of contentment , his eyes gleamed with an unknown emotion. Gently, he pushed himself up off the floor, his expressionless face changing to one of madness. Judas couldn't help but smile, chuckling lightly at the sight of his dead 'mother'

Judas calmed himself, his petrifying demeanour evaporating into thin air, as if it had never existed in the first place.

Now was the time to focus.

Time was of the essence and if he wanted to get away with this, he'd need a plan.

After pondering for a while, something finally clicked in his mind. Considering and reasoning his thoughts, he had soon come up with his own devious plan.

His lips curved upwards into a visible smirk, tongue poking out to lick at blood dotted across them, the metallic taste spreading through-out his mouth. "Ahh, vengeance really is sweet."

He whispered, starting to put his plan into action.

He bent down to the crimson floor, picking up the blood covered weapon before him. He squeezed the bloody weapon in his right hand tightly, looking at his reflection within it's beautiful blade. It was his father's axe, the only thing he had left of his dear father.

If only his father hadn't left so soon, then none of this would have happened.

Judas couldn't forgive his father for leaving him, but he couldn't hate him either. Judas missed him greatly, but wouldn't admit it. Not now, not ever. After his father's death, everything went downhill. Judas became cold and hateful, his heart was filled with grief, anger and despair.

He promised himself that he would never forgive this disgusting world nor its people.

But his father's death, John's death didn't just effect him. But it also effected his mother, Madelyn. Madelyn, lovely Madelyn. Everyone adored her, she was known for being beautiful and kind. Her smile would brighten up any room, bringing joy to those around her.

When John died, her behaviour remained the same.

This puzzled her fellow co-workers, friends and clients, they had expected her to be drowning in her own tears, heartbroken over the death of her loving husband. But instead, she was still the bundle of joy everyone loved and knew. At least, that's how she was on the outside.

His mother, the Madelyn Judas knew, was very different from the Madelyn everyone else knew. Madelyn was cruel to Judas, she treated him horribly, constantly using him as an anger relief. She didn't care about Judas anymore, she didn't care about anything anymore.

All she had left was her job and her happy facade, she wore a fake smile like nobody else could. Judas was the only one who knew what she was really like, that her happiness and kindness was nothing but an act, as if she was a character from a story.

Judas grew to despise his mother, loathing her for the pain she physically and mentally caused him. She just made things worse for him, slowly driving him to the brink of insanity.

Every night, he'd pray for her death or disappearance. Just looking at what used to be his mother sickened him to his very core.

But on this very night, everything had changed. Today was different, and maybe that was a good thing.

It was 11pm, Madelyn had just come home from work. She automatically threw her jacket and bags to the floor, speed walking to the cabinet of alcohol placed in the living room, picking out a bottle of bourbon, her favourite. She was so distracted by her craving for bourbon she didn't even notice a certain pair of emerald green eyes watching her with disgust from atop of the staircase.

Madelyn quickly poured herself a glass of the alcoholic drink, chugging it down. Her cheeks reddened as she poured herself some more, getting slightly intoxicated.

Once she had finished her second drink, a scowl represented itself on her face as she marched to the bottom of the staircase, glass still in hand. She shrieked, her speech a bit slurred.

"Get down here this instant, Judas! If I have to come up there, you'll be sorry."

Judas continued to watch his disgrace of a mother from upstairs, not showing any signs of moving to her command. She kept swaying back and forth, unable to stand without holding onto the wall for support.

She was infuriated with his disobedience and started spouting hateful comments.

Judas was fairly used to this, and tried to remain calm as she continued to verbally attack him. But, suddenly. She came out with the most horrid sentence he had ever heard. "You're just like your father, a nobody. If you died just like him, nobody would miss you!"

Judas froze up, his whole body trembling. Something had snapped within him, and he had felt a newly-found rage bubble up inside him. His body felt numb, cold almost. His eyes grew dark, filled with malicious intent.

He shakily pulled himself up, twitching slightly as he made his way to his father's room. His eyes roamed the room, before landing upon just what he was looking for.

His father's axe. Judas began to giggle, reaching up and taking his father's prized axe from the wall. He dragged the weapon behind him, scraping at the floor with the blade. The axe made a deafening screeching noise as it was pulled across the smooth texture below it.

But Judas didn't take any notice to the noise, he was too focused, too focused on killing the wicked witch downstairs.

Judas leaned over the top of the staircase.

His eyes inspecting the living room to now see his mother's attention directed towards the TV. This was just perfect for him, everything was seeming to go his way and he liked it.

"The gods really do love me."

He mumbled, while silently making his way down the stairs, keeping one eye on his oblivious mother.

Judas hid the axe behind him, making it down the last step of the stairs.

His mother was still distracted by the TV, good. He diligently crept into the living room, a small smile adorning his lips as he successfully stood behind the sofa she sat on.

"In the forest, dark and deep. I offer you, eternal sleep."

He recited from behind her. This made Madelyn jolt up in panic, she swiftly turned around to face him. But it was too late, Judas had already swung the axe into her side. The second she had jumped up from the sofa, her fate was decided.

She had fallen right into his trap.

Blood gushed from the wound, flowing like a waterfall, making a large puddle of blood beneath her. Madelyn stood still, her eyes wide with surprise and fear was evident on her face. She parted her lips to let out a scream, but began hacking and coughing up blood instead. The blood sprayed onto Judas, much to his displeasure.

His now dark, piercing green eyes stared into hers, watching the life within them gradually vanish. Tugging the axe out of her side, he allowed more of her blood to stream out.

Her body went limp, dropping to the floor. Blood continued to ooze out of her, Judas watched with interest, his eyes returning to their natural colour.

"Father was a great man...don't ever speak of him in vain."

Judas shook his head, cursing under his breath as he looked up at the clock that hung from the wall. He had spaced out for a whole ten minutes, thinking about his father and what had taken place with his 'mother'.

Gritting his teeth, Judas bolted out of the mansion, death gripping the axe. He had to stick to his plan and do it fast, he really didn't have any time to waste now.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Judas halted, catching his breath. He had made it to his destination, The Harmony Lake.

He stood at the edge of the lake, captivated by it's wonderful skyline-silver colour. The view was breathtakingly gorgeous, especially at night, when the moon shone bright resulting in it lighting up the entire lake.

Judas had gotten distracted by the lake's beauty for a mere moment, but the itchy grass had soon snapped him out of it.

He rapidly reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his mother's handkerchief, using it to wipe his prints from the axe that once belonged to his father, cleaning any evidence of him being in physical contact with the weapon.

Once he was certain that all traces of him had been erased from the weapon, he hurled the axe into the lake. The lake splashed up before engulfing the axe entirely, he watched as the axe sunk farther and further below, steadily leaving his field of vision.

"Now it's time to go home, to mother." He told himself, walking away from both murder weapon and the lake.

"I'm home, mother!" Judas beamed, a bright smile adorning his lips. humming to himself, he rubbed his cold hands together.

"Mother?" He called, not hearing a reply from his dear mother. Smiling switched to a frowning, as he searched for her. "Moth-" Judas stopped, his breath catching in his throat. Laying on the floor, covered in her own blood was his mother.

"Mother!" He cried, tears swelling up in his eyes. Bending down to his knees next her, not caring about the puddle of blood beneath him.

Tears ran down his cheeks as he snatched his phone out of his pocket, dialling the police.

"Hello, 911 police department. What's your emergency?" A lady spoke, awaiting the reply of the caller.

"M-my m-mother, s-she's been attacked, s-she's not breathing. P-please help me!" Judas croaked.

"Oh...we'll be right there, what's your address?" The lady spoke with a kinder tone this time, feeling sympathy for the 'poor' boy.

He choked out his address to her, sobbing audibly into the phone.

"Okay, I've sent out my fellow officers and detectives, they should arrive shortly. Please stay on the line while you wai-"

Judas hung up the phone letting it fall to the floor, wiping at his tears with the back of his hand and snickering.

"Good thing I took those acting classes, right mother?" Judas sang, glancing down at his mother.

"My teacher always did say I was an excellent actor. But of course, you wouldn't know that, since you never cared to ask." Prattling on, Judas forgot that he was talking to a dead body.

"I guess Karma hit you like a truck, huh?" He carried on, lifting his head up so his gaze was now on the ceiling. Closing his eyes momentarily, he relaxed himself for a brief second. "Nobody will miss you." He murmured, hearing footsteps outside.

Standing up, he let tears spill from his eyes again. He wobbled to the front door, ripping it open to reveal the police. Weeping, Judas flung himself into one of the officers arms. He screamed and cried, burying his face into the shoulder of the officer. The officer held the boy tightly, signing for the other officers to go check the body and search the home. And just like that, the investigation had begun.

"Madelyn Willow, 36 year old lawyer. Died approximately at 11:27, was stabbed in the side by a large blade of some sort, she died from the wound inflicted by this weapon and blood loss." Detective Lauren stated, looking at the officers that surrounded him.

"What about the weapon? What did she get stabbed by?" One officer queried.

"We don't know, no weapon could be found and no evidence was left behind." Lauren responded, sighing.

"What will happen with the boy?" Another officer asked, worriedly.

"I have already contacted his grandfather, he will be here to pick up the young one soon." Lauren replied, glaring at the floor.

"What do you think happened, Lauren?" An officer interrogated.

"Home invasion, gone horribly wrong." Lauren retorted. His eyes looking over to a crying boy, hugging an older man. "It would seem that the boy's grandfather has arrived, perfect timing. I'm putting this investigation to an end, we'll put it down as a home invasion, since we have no evidence to go on otherwise." Lauren commanded, his fellow officers nodding in agreement.

Judas hid his face in his grandpa's chest, squeezing him tightly while listening in to officer Lauren's conclusion. The officers all looked at the boy sympathetically, their hearts aching for him. Little did they know, Judas wasn't suffering, but instead was feeling utter joy, cackling and smiling triumphantly.
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