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This time, he wanted to show Qin Luo what a real nobleman was!

What's the use of brains?

Power is the most important thing in this world!

Don't catch a cold?

Ha ha

This can no longer be described as not having a cold!

Marco can see it, Williams Dulu, this is a complete match with Qin Luo!

it is good!

very good!

Very good!

This is the best news he has heard in this period of time!

He can guarantee that this time, Qin Luo will definitely not be able to eat!

"Mr. Williams, what needs to be done, despite the order, I am very happy to help..."


After talking for more than half an hour, Marco got up and left.

It's just that with his previous embarrassment, he walked with high spirits!

how to say?

Marko is now back to the original state!

Chairman of Nasa? Whoever wants it!

His current goal is Cook's position!

"Da Bole, I think our chance for revenge is here!"

"This time, Qin Luo doesn't even know how to die!" Marco said with a look of excitement.

Originally, Marco was desperate!

He felt that he had no ability to fight Qin Luo.

But at this moment, Williams Dulu appeared!

He gave himself another way!

And it is a broad road.

As long as you catch the line of Williams Dulu, it is equivalent to catching the entire Dulu family!

One of the top ten families in the world!

Wuhu, take off~

Dai Bole: "[email protected]#%"

Hearing Marko's words and don't know why, Dai Bole felt speechless at this moment.

He feels a little regretful!

Regret for agreeing to be August's undercover!


"Marco, don't be too happy too early, maybe, you know, our opponent is Qin Luo." Dai Bole said.

Marco didn't speak in a hurry, the corners of his mouth rose slightly, and a mocking smile passed across his face.

Of course he returned to his opponent is Qin Luo!

But what about this?

You must know that Qin Luo's opponent this time is not a cat or a dog, but the Dulu family, the top ten in the world!

This time, even if Qin Luo had three heads and six arms, he definitely couldn't stand the Dulu family!

"Da Bole, don't worry, this time Qin Luo's opponent is the Dulu family!"

"Do you think that with just one person, you can fight against the top ten families in the world?"

"It's almost impossible!" Marco said with a smile.

Contend against a family with one person's power, and it is the real top giant in the world!

How is this possible!

Not to mention that Qin Luo is an individual, even if a real **** comes, it is impossible!

De Bole: "..."

Dai Bole opened his mouth, and the organization was unable to speak.

It's not that he doesn't want to say, but for a while he doesn't know what to say!

Marco's words made him unable to refute!

Indeed, in terms of strength on paper, Qin Luo is only one person, but what about Williams Dulu?

Standing behind him is the entire Dulu family!

Is the world's top ten giants!

Can Qin Luo contend with the Dulu family on his own?


Think about it, it's really impossible!

He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and wrote a text message silently: The Dulu family wants to move Qin Luo.

Then sent it out!

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