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Then the whole flock was messed up.

What to do?

Qin Luo half-squinted his eyes, lost in thought.

From Augustus's mouth, Qin Luo heard that the "black sheep" Dulu family that suddenly popped out should be very powerful!

To the point that even Auguste was jealous.

If one does not handle it well, there will be a lot of trouble!

How about Deligne?

After thinking about it, Qin Luo turned and walked toward Deligne's office.

"Boom boom boom..."


Deligne's voice came from the room.

"Qin Luo, you are here just right, I just came up with a new idea to solve the problem..." Seeing Qin Luo, Deligne showed a smile on his face, and quickly beckoned to Qin Luo...

"What idea?"

"Just look at it..."

"By the way, Teacher Deligne, do you know the Dulu family?"

"what happened?"

"They seem to be staring at me..."


The pen in Deligne's hand fell in response to the sound, and his whole body was frozen in place, his eyes gleaming with a horrified light...

Is the Dulu family eyeing Qin Luo?

what's the situation?

Forgive Deligne for not studying, he hasn't recovered a bit...

"Qin Luo, what are you talking about? Are you saying it again, you are being targeted by the Dulu family?" After a while, Deligne asked with a look of surprise.

"Yeah!" Qin Luo nodded, and said: "It looks like someone named Williams Dulu is staring at me..."

"Professor Deligne, what do you say about this?"

Deligne: "[email protected]#%"

There is a saying, he really has nothing to do!

The Dulu family's top family in China is powerful!

There is almost no escape from the people they want to deal with.

After pondering for a long time, Deligne slowly said: "Qin Luo, if you can, you can find Acton..."


Wait, Qin Luo did not understand Deligne's meaning.

"Professor Deligne, what are you...?"

"You can try to contact the Rockefeller family behind through Acton!"

"Also as the top domestic giants, their interests are deeply entangled with you. I don't think they will sit idly by..." Deligne said.

Yes, from a certain perspective, Qin Luo's interests are now tied to the Rockefeller family!

The hydrogen energy he developed is now really used all over the world.

The biggest beneficiary is the Rockefeller family!

Now someone wants to move Qin Luo, do you think they will agree?

Obviously impossible!

"Okay!" Qin Luo nodded with a smile, and said, "By the way, Teacher Deligne, you just said you found a new way of solving problems?"

"Oh, yes, let me tell you carefully..." Talking about mathematics, the haze on Deligne's face was swept away.

It was replaced by a bright smile.

About half an hour later, the discussion ended, Qin Luo took out his mobile phone from his pocket and dialed Acton's number.


After three blind tones, the call was successfully connected.

"Hello, Professor Qin?" Acton's voice soon came out on the phone.

"It's me!" Qin Luo nodded, and said: "Acton, I want to gradually get the person behind you, well, this is the helm of the Rockefeller family..."

Acton:? ? ?

What's the situation, he is a little confused!

He did not understand what Qin Luo's sudden words meant!

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