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"Youre awake!" Luo Yunyang heard a cheerful, pleasant voice. Then, a boy who looked like he was around 16 or 17 appeared before him.

Luo Yunyangs mind power was focused on the Great Samsara Obliteration Millstone, and he did project his mind power out.

Thus, he didnt notice the boy immediately.

The true age of the boy was probably around 16 or 17 years old. Thus, he really was like an insignificant ant before Luo Yunyang.

This insignificant boy was able to move freely around, while a colossal giant like Luo Yunyang could not even move an inch.

It was impossible for Luo Yunyang to speak yet, so he blinked to acknowledge that he had heard what the boy had said.

"Master will be elated to know that you have woken up!" The boy, who was a very talkative person, started blabbering the moment he saw that Luo Yunyang had woken up.

"Mister, do you know that my master tried all sorts of methods to help you after he brought you in? Unfortunately, none of them worked.

"It was so bad that the senior brothers and sisters bet that you wouldnt live long. Unexpectedly, nothing happened to you during the three years when you ate and drank nothing. Tsk How strange. What exactly is your cultivation base level?"

Luo Yunyang originally wanted to say something to this youth but decided to shut his mouth after listening to him blabbering.

It would be better to keep his mouth shut, as this boy might continue incessantly blabbering if someone responded to him.

After thinking about it, Luo Yunyang split a portion of his mind power and searched his surroundings.

Luo Yunyangs mind power could envelop a radius of 100 miles without disrupting the usage of his Sasmara Great Obliteration Millstone.

He was on a huge mountain that was at least a thousand miles wide, and although the spiritual influence there wasnt abundant, it wasnt bad.

At the very least, Luo Yunyang was certain there wasnt a territory like this in the entire Divine Union Void.

The Songyang Sword Sect!

The place where Luo Yunyang was located belonged to a sect called the Songyang Sword Sect. In these sect grounds, Luo Yunyang managed to discover a total of 18 people.

The one with the highest level of cultivation among them was a peak Galaxy-Grade martialist!

In the 36 Great Cosmoses, a peak Galaxy-Grade could manage a small sect. However, in the Vast Sky Sacred Realm, this was obviously not enough.

Luo Yunyang did not find Tashan amongst these 18 people. Clearly, Tashan must have left to do something.

With a nearly Universe-Grade cultivation, Tashan was undoubtedly the strongest person in this sect!

"Tashan is my master and an elder of the Songyang Sword Sect. I heard that according to the rules of the Songyang Sword Sect, I will also become the sect elder of the Songyang Sword Sect in the future."

The boy continued talking to himself but was oblivious to the fact that Luo Yunyang already knew everything about the Songyang Sword Sect.

According to Luo Yunyangs understanding, this was a sect without a future because there was nothing that caught his attention within it.

However, it was also because what Luo Yunyang could see was still very limited.

Luo Yunyang returned to self-cultivation as the boy named Yu Mo left. He needed to grind away all the spirit essences and nomological laws within his body if he wanted to use it again.

Once this was done, his cultivation would improve greatly as well.

Luo Yunyang could not estimate how much he would improve but he knew that it would definitely be a huge improvement.

It would be best if he could improve tremendously within 10 years, as this was the only way he would have better odds of going up against the Great Era Destroyer in the 36 Great Cosmoses.

In the next two days, other disciples of the Songyang Sword Sect came to visit Luo Yunyang, as all of them were curious to know that Luo Yunyang had woken up.

However, they were merely curious and never came again after their initial visit. Only the boy named Yu Mo came often and talked to Luo Yunyang from time to time.

In the beginning, Luo Yunyang thought this boy was kind. In the end, he realized that the boy blabbered too much. As a result, the first thing most people in the Songyang Sword Sect would say to him was, "Shut up!"

The boy had yearned for someone to talk to for a long time. Finally, he had found Luo Yunyang, whom he could talk to freely. Therefore, he wasnt going to stop anytime soon. He would drone on to Luo Yunyang every time he came.

Luo Yunyang could endure this for the first few days. However, as time went by and the nonsense the boy spewed kept increasing, Luo Yunyang finally had to shut off his spirit consciousness and ignore the boy, as he could not endure this anymore.

Three more years went by as time continued to flow.

Luo Yunyang refined one-tenth of the spirit essence and will that had created the blockage in his body during these three years. Although he only refined one-tenth of the total amount, he felt that his cultivation had increased by more than ten times since he had begun refining the spirit essences within his body.

Although this body still could not unleash the power he had gained after refining the spirit essences, his other body and clones could use his new-found power via the attribute regulator.

Because one-tenth of the spirit essences had been refined, the blockage hindering Luo Yunyangs body was no longer as congested as before. As a result, he could move his body around without much difficulty even though he could not use most of his power.

However, Luo Yunyang was too lazy to move now.

He had not contacted the Taixu Sect or his family over the past few years, not because he did not want to but because he knew that it wasnt safe for him to contact his family.

He wasnt sure what would happen if he returned to the Taixu Sect given his current condition. Although it seemed like his son and father had a significant status, the Sky Wrecking Great Sage had an equally-formidable status.

Luo Yunyang could not guarantee that no one in the Taixu Sect would try to take the spirit essence in his body, even if they feared his father and son.

Luo Yunyang would only be safe by refining all the spirit essence that entered his body and repossessing his capability to react against all possible scenarios.

Knock, knock!

A hurried knocking sound on the door made Luo Yunyang release his mind power once again. However, the knocking sound did not come from the door to his room but from the gate of the Songyang Sword Sect.

Normally, a number of people would always be stationed at a sects gates. However, the Songyang Sword Sect had less than 20 people and they did not have many disputes with anyone else. Thus, it would be a waste of time and resources to have people guarding the gate.

Still, there were array formations that sealed the outer region of the Songyang Sword Sect. Anyone that tried to barge in would be attacked by the array formations.

A disciple of the Songyang Sword Sect went over to the gate to respond to the call. Shortly after that, Luo Yunyang saw a figure.

It was a familiar figure!

It was the stern-looking man who had travelled with Tashan back then. Now, the man was missing his left hand.

Usually, a Star-Grade martialist could mend their bodys disabilities by regenerating the missing part. However, if the martialist was unable to do so, it was likely that the person who caused the injury had used certain techniques that restricted the regeneration of body parts.

Luo Yunyang wasnt on fantastic terms with the stern-looking man but he finally understood why he had come when he saw the black urn this person had with him.

The stern-looking man handed the urn to the person from the Songyang Sword Sect and brought the news that Tashan had died during a trip.

The entire Songyang Sword Sect was crestfallen because of this news. The stern-looking man chatted for a bit with the Galaxy-Grade martialist that had come to the gates and left right afterward.

The stern-looking man left in a hurry, so Luo Yunyang could feel that he was nervous and afraid.

"Master has died. He had to go on long dangerous trips in order to allow us to have enough resources. He said that he had a good cultivation level and rich experiences, so there shouldnt have been a problem even if he went to hunt in the galaxies around this area.

"We never expected him to die during this hunting trip and actually be slain by a Demon Monarch-Grade powerhouse. I will definitely get revenge for my master one day!"

Yu Mo stood beside Luo Yunyangs bed and sobbed bitterly. In fact, Yu Mo, who had always liked to talk, did not care if Luo Yunyang was listening.

What he cared about was finding someone to spill his thoughts to, and Luo Yunyang was exactly the person he had been looking for.

Luo Yunyang already had a deep understanding of Tashan thanks to what Yu Mo had said. The Songyang Sword Sect, where Tashan was from, had originally been a very good second-grade sect. It was an event that had caused their numbers to dwindle down to only a few remaining people.

Tashans greatest wish had been to rebuild the Songyang Sword Sect. Thus, he had also done his best.

For example, in order to nurture his disciples, he had desperately taken great risks outside in exchange for resources that his disciples could use in cultivation. For example, he had used his entire life savings in exchange for this mountain, which could be used as a shelter by the Songyang Sword Sect. For example

It was precisely because of Tashans various efforts that the present Songyang Sword Sect, which had turned into a ninth-grade sect, continued to stand. Now, Tashan had died while risking his life for his sect!

As a result, the entire Songyang Sword Sect was not only leaderless but also in a state of panic. They all had no idea what to do moving forward.

Could the Songyang Sword Sect still survive?

10 days later, Luo Yunyang sensed a figure leaving the Songyang Sword Sect while he was cultivating in seclusion. Luo Yunyang recognized this person. It was the Songyang Sword Sects strongest disciple.

His cultivation was already close to the Galaxy Grade.

Thus, his reason for leaving was obvious to everyone!




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Space Chapter 758 Attribute Adjustment A Battle Between Life And Death Chapter 759 Inextinguishable Eternity Dominating The Cosmos Chapter 760 Ashes To Ashes Dust To Dust Chapter 761 Kong Tuo Seal Your Fate Lies With Me Chapter 762 The Mandara Array Formation Chapter 763 Establishing Universe Chapter 764 One Yuan Universe Chapter 765 Domineering Longzun Severing Space Chapter 766 The Four Emperor Dragon Fist Drawing Power From Supreme Beings Chapter 767 Fourth Level Universe Space Creation Concept Chapter 768 Six Layer Yuan Lightning Chapter 769 The Supreme Beings Arrival Chapter 770 Purple Cloud Cosmos Warrant For Capture Chapter 771 Controlling The Sky And Earth Chapter 772 A Decent Point Chapter 773 Walkers Nine Secrets Chapter 774 The Once In 10000 Years Battle Of Dragons Chapter 775 Number One On The Man Roll Chapter 776 Emperor Pans Divine Realm The Tri Flood Divine Cauldron Chapter 777 Fifth Level Heavenly Venerate One Thought One Realm Chapter 778 Annihilation Star Sky Divine Incarcerate Tribe Chapter 779 Fifth Level Heavenly Venerate Internal Universe Chapter 780 Where A Sixth Level Heavenly Venerate Fell Chapter 781 Mutual Deception Chapter 782 Nine Colored Sacred Metal Chapter 783 Hong Meng Temple Reversing Time Chapter 784 : A Startling Move Chapter 785 Rushing Upwards Chapter 786 Long Teng Hong Meng The Selection Begins Chapter 787 Blow Out Blow Out Chapter 788 Stunning Chapter 789 Three Thousand Guests Chapter 790 : Two Dragons Should Not Meet Chapter 791 Moving A Rock But Dropping It On Ones Foot Chapter 792 Grand Primordium Chaotic Fluid Chapter 793 Fortunes Rise And Fall Chapter 794 Hong Meng Heaven Roll Chapter 795 Return To The Divine Union Primordial Chaotic Body Refinement Chapter 796 Sky Feather Sword Chapter 797 Manipulating Space And Time Turning Metal Into Water Chapter 798 Yuan Venerate Wanlius Gift Chapter 799 Hong Meng Sacred Hall Divine Creation Disc Chapter 800 Beginning Blood Stained Place Chapter 801 Vast Difference Chapter 802 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Returned Chapter 849 Rules You Want To Talk To Me About Rules? 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Three Chapter 963 Shattering Heavens Might Of The Sacred Bell Chapter 964 Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lord Chapter 965 Entering The Mysterious Underworld Domain Chapter 966 God Sky Conversion Technique Chapter 967 You Are The Sky You Are God Chapter 968 High Ambitions Chapter 969 Challenging The Sixth Mysterious Demon Chapter 970 Fame And Fortune Are Irrelevant Chapter 971 Sky Moon Peak Battle At The Top Chapter 972 Underworld Ancestor True Body Chapter 973 Dominant In A Thousand Skies Chapter 974 Ancient Underworld Hall Returning Ruin Underworld Wheel Chapter 975 The Second Ancient Yuan Underworld Lords Inheritance Chapter 976 Fight First Then Talk Chapter 977 Great Waves Chapter 978 There Is Strife Wherever There Are People Chapter 979 Stirring Up All Sides Chapter 980 Sky Martial Sacred Bowl Chapter 981 Thousands Of Mystic Abilities Chapter 982 I Have A Sword Chapter 983 Wanyu Sacred Mountain Chapter 984 The Ancient Six Families Again Chapter 985 Thousands Of Treasures Falling Like Rain Chapter 986 Convergence From All Sides Chapter 987 One Fist To Obliterate A Cosmos Chapter 988 Sweeping Aside Everything Chapter 989 Great Wide World Jade Chapter 990 After The Dust Settles Chapter 991 The Inheritance Starts Chapter 992 Mysterious Underworld Saints Chapter 993 Complete Inheritance Chapter 994 Overwhelming Tide Of Destruction Chapter 995 Successfully Accomplished Chapter 996 Returning Like A King Chapter 997 Underworld Lord Inheritance 33 Skies Chapter 998 Clone Embodiments Pressing Attack Chapter 999 Slaying A Saint Chapter 1000 The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Deputy Master Chapter 1001 Drastic Measures To Press Home The Attack Chapter 1002 Closing In Step By Step Chapter 1003 Intolerable Bullying Chapter 1004 Slaughter And Purge Chapter 1005 Living Things Are Like Ants In The Face Of Great Power Chapter 1006 Great Battle Unfolding Chapter 1007 Sudden Erupting Violence Chapter 1008 Two Halls Vie For Supremacy Chapter 1009 On The Verge Chapter 1010 Two Sacred Arts Chapter 1011 Battle Of The Strongest No Turning Back Chapter 1012 All Ages Underworld Pool Chapter 1013 Mandala Lotus Sword Of Killing Chapter 1014 Great Stupa Cleaving Great Sky Flipping Mark Chapter 1015 I Have Jade And I Have A Sword Chapter 1016 Four Swords Shattering The Heavens Chapter 1017 Killing Intent Filling The Nine Heavens Chapter 1018 A Roar That Exterminates Jiuzi Chapter 1019 Accumulated Grievances Great Mysterious Underworld War Chapter 1020 Greetings Golden Mysterious Lord Chapter 1021 The Sacred Underworld City Lord Chapter 1022 Return Return Chapter 1023 Starlight Cuffs Chapter 1024 Wont Retaliate Chapter 1025 The Left Hall Masters Scheme Chapter 1026 The Middle Hall Master Falls Chapter 1027 Break The Present Shatter The Past Rip The Future Chapter 1028 This Childs Fate Is With The Si Clan Chapter 1029 Four Season Pyramid Chapter 1030 The Middle Hall Masters Struggle Chapter 1031 Space Time Converges The Middle Hall Masters Edict Chapter 1032 Forceful Arrival Not Yielding An Inch Chapter 1033 Incompetent Comrades Chapter 1034 Spirited Bell Chapter 1035 Divine Creation Disc Owner Three Chances Chapter 1036 A Mysterious And Wonderful Channel Chapter 1037 The Six Saint Banner Chapter 1038 The Six Sky Sealing Sun Great Array Chapter 1039 Too Much Chapter 1040 Life Preserving Treasure Chapter 1041 Graceful Lightning Chapter 1042 I Shall Have My Revenge Chapter 1043 So What About The Six Sky Sealing Sun Great Array Chapter 1044 Outside The Ancestral Land Chapter 1045 Soundless Bell Destroying Minds Chapter 1046 The Furious Ancient Six Families Chapter 1047 Today Is Not Like The Past Chapter 1048 The Space Breaking Sky Crystal Chapter 1049 The Position Of The Middle Hall Master Chapter 1050 Unrivaled War Goddess Chapter 1051 Delivering A Message Chapter 1052 All Paths Return To One Chapter 1053 No Turning Back Chapter 1054 Capturing The Left Hall Master Chapter 1055 Dazzling Luminescence Chapter 1056 A Great Era Is Arriving Chapter 1057 The Finger That Breaks The Sky And Earth The Yin Yang Circle Chapter 1058 Paramount Entity Chapter 1059 Battling The Six Suns Once Again Chapter 1060 : The Divine Incarcerate Race Moves Out Crisis All Around Chapter 1061 Urgent Chapter 1062 Six Suns Collapse Chapter 1063 Breaking The Six Suns Sacking The Ancestral Land Chapter 1064 Killing Till Sacred Ancestor Mountain Chapter 1065 10 Arrays Gathered Engulfment Chapter 1066 The Three Eyed Stone Being Chapter 1067 The Human Races Divine Ancestor Chapter 1068 Bringing Away The Mountain Chapter 1069 Tianding Realm Old Foes Chapter 1070 A Great Era Of Change Chapter 1071 Joining Forces Chapter 1072 Origin Source Grounds Tianding Elites Chapter 1073 Endless Thunder Tribulation Chapter 1074 The First Hall Master Of Hong Meng Sacred Hall Chapter 1075 The Ruler Of The Human Race Chapter 1076 Warriors And Pawns Chapter 1077 Supreme Path Chapter 1078 Ancient Battle Limitless Opportunities Chapter 1079 I Can't Accept This Chapter 1080 Universe Breaking Chapter 1081 Vying To Be The Human Ruler Chapter 1082 No Leeway Chapter 1083 Unruly Chapter 1084 Heavens Fury Chapter 1085 Paragon Descends Chapter 1086 The Great Momentum Of The World Chapter 1087 300 Taichu Yuan Venerates Chapter 1088 Killing The Sky Martial Underworld Hall Master Chapter 1089 Blood Oath Chapter 1090 Path To The Sky Chapter 1091 A Roar That Breaks The Sky And Earth Chapter 1092 Soul Shaking Chapter 1093 Leaving Them Biting The Dust Chapter 1094 Celestial Emperor All Living Mark Chapter 1095 Half Step Taiyi Chapter 1096 Going For Broke Chapter 1097 Breaking The Path Chapter 1098 The Seal Of The Human Ruler Chapter 1099 I Decide My Own Fate Chapter 1100 Ascension To Human Ruler Chapter 1101 Six Joint Heavenly Rulers Chapter 1102 Nine Cauldrons Training Hall Nurturing Yuan Venerates Chapter 1103 First Time Entering Tianding Realm Chapter 1104 10 Heavenly Emperors Chapter 1105 Words Of A Ruler Chapter 1106 Yuan Divine Mandate Chapter 1107 Shortcut Chapter 1108 The Golden Sacred Land Chapter 1109 Return Of The Ruler Chapter 1110 Dont Trifle With The Human Ruler Chapter 1111 Fates Edict Chapter 1112 Recruiting Talent Chapter 1113 Human Race Ruler Mysterious Underworld Great Emperor Chapter 1114 A Great War Starts Sacred Underworld City Chapter 1115 The 12 Yuan Demon Sky Extinguishing Great Array Chapter 1116 Set Sky Nine Cauldrons Univariate Fate Chapter 1117 Great Extinguishing Black Hell Supreme Incarcerate Ruler Chapter 1118 Imperial Court Summons Chapter 1119 1119 Make A Decision When It Is Time Chapter 1120 1120 Entering The Divine Incarcerate Race Chapter 1121 1121 Single Person Strike Force Chapter 1122 1122 Universal Realm Cage Chapter 1123 1123 Universe Breaking Chapter 1124 1124 Star Sky Supremacy Chapter 1125 1125 The Fabled Galactic Star Beas Chapter 1126 1126 Reversal Chapter 1127 1127 Two Blows Chapter 1128 1128 Guarding And Attacking Chapter 1129 1129 Status Is Forged Through Fighting Chapter 1130 1130 The Great Extinguishing Black Hell Portrai Chapter 1131 1131 The Sky Wielding Crystal Chapter 1132 1132 General Pursui Chapter 1133 1133 Hong Yuan Great Era Unparalleled Yuan Zi Chapter 1134 1134 Wont Be Defeated With The Treasured Portrait On My Side Chapter 1135 1135 Targeted By All Chapter 1136 1136 Who Should The Divine Crystal Belong To? Chapter 1137 1137 Flaw Supreme Chapter 1138 1138 Benefits For Two Chapter 1139 1139 Transcending Beyond Chapter 1140 1140 Mutual Fate Chapter 1141 1141 Great Benefits Chapter 1142 1142 Vast Sky Sacred Realm Chapter 1143 1143 Stroke Of Circumstance Chapter 1144 1144 Attribute Regulator Changes Chapter 1145 Two Great Sacred Sects Chapter 1146 Nine Layers Of Heavens Chapter 1147 The Path Of The Taiyi Yuan Venerate Chapter 1148 Marriage Agreemen Chapter 1149 The Nine Sky Yuan Map Chapter 1150 The Six Dragon Sky Striking Bow Chapter 1151 Scarlet Phoenix Sky Wing Chapter 1152 Thousands Of Flames Gather And Converge In A Finger Chapter 1153 My Sword Can Break But It Will Never Bend Chapter 1154 The Green Jade Bodhi Leaf Chapter 1155 The Sky Splitting Stone Chapter 1156 Cowering From Deterrence Chapter 1157 Running Amuck Chapter 1158 Jinta Lowers His Head Boundless Taixu Chapter 1159 Reserved Slot Chapter 1160 You And I Are Different Chapter 1161 Boundless Sacred Palace The Battle Of Two Sects Chapter 1162 Dao Energy Is Useless Without Sky Law Chapter 1163 Sky Law Fragments Chapter 1164 Sky Seal Jade Plate Chapter 1165 Im Quite Impressive Alright Chapter 1166 The Sky Palace Appears Chapter 1167 Extremes Chapter 1168 Insane Speed Chapter 1169 Half A Ring Chapter 1170 108 Dimensions Chapter 1171 Deterring Everyone With A Single Shot Chapter 1172 A Finger Of Destruction Chapter 1173 Perfect Combination Chapter 1174 Great Dragon Mammoth Chapter 1175 Futile Opportunities Chapter 1176 Body Clone Sky Talisman Chapter 1177 After A Year Chapter 1178 You Made A Mistake By Finding Me Chapter 1179 Is This For Real? Chapter 1180 The Training Ground Of Donglu Town Chapter 1181 : Resentment Chapter 1182 We Have No Relationship Chapter 1183 Missed Opportunities Are Hard To Come By Again Chapter 1184 The 99th Dao Chapter 1185 Divine Troops Chapter 1186 Hoofbeats In The Starry Sky Chapter 1187 Head On Retaliation Chapter 1188 Heaven And Earth Are Eternal Like An Inextinguishable Soul Chapter 1189 Breaking Through Xuantian Taiyi Chapter 1190 Like A Dream Chapter 1191 Seven Extinction Grounds Origin Intent Chapter 1192 Returning To Tianding Chapter 1193 I Have No Time For This Chapter 1194 Yuan Sage Jinlao Chapter 1195 Destroying The Origin Intent Chapter 1196 Bloodstains On The Ancestors Tablets Chapter 1197 Times And People Have Changed Chapter 1198 Era Obliterating Three Sacred Arts Chapter 1199 Eternal Samsara Chapter 1200 Samsara Paths Chapter 1201 Controlling Samsara Transcending The Paths Chapter 1202 Good And Evil Will Reap Their Just Dessert In The End Chapter 1203 Why Negotiate When You Can Seize Something? Chapter 1204 Comply Or Die Chapter 1205 Crying Skies Chapter 1206 The Enemy Of My Enemy Chapter 1207 Seven Sky Breaking Strikes Chapter 1208 Great Samsara Imprint Chapter 1209 Reconstructing The Realm Chapter 1210 Every Storm Begins As A Ruffle In The Grass Chapter 1211 Making An Appearance In 10000 Years Chapter 1212 Striking First And Gaining The Upper Hand Chapter 1213 Dont Belittle Anyone Chapter 1214 Descending Supreme Beings Chapter 1215 Yuan Sage Shending Chapter 1216 Not As Simple As It Seems Chapter 1217 The Divine Sky And Wind Valley Chapter 1218 Welcome No Matter Where You Are Chapter 1219 Sacred Demon God Slayer Chapter 1220 Mutual Deception Chapter 1221 My Will Is Heavens Will Chapter 1222 Yuan Consciousness Possession Chapter 1223 Three Finger Jabs Chapter 1224 : Indiscriminate Destruction Chapter 1225 Great Samsara Millstone Chapter 1226 The Songyang Sword Sect Chapter 1227 A Sect With One Person Chapter 1228 The Ancestral Master Came To Me Chapter 1229 Nine Descending Suns Shaking The Soul Chapter 1230 Dragon Veins Gather Land Of The Soaring Dragon Chapter 1231 Graced By The Phoenix Chapter 1232 The Strong Do As They Wish Chapter 1233 The Planet Destroying Demon Venerate Chapter 1234 The Yuanfu Catalog Chapter 1235 Impending Catastrophe Chapter 1236 Divine Crucification Stakes Chapter 1237 Passive To Aggressive Chapter 1238 Wanfan Assembly Chapter 1239 Alliance Head Chapter 1240 Passing On Responsibilities Chapter 1241 Nantuo City Lord Chapter 1242 There Is Also A Disparity Between Yuan Monarchs Chapter 1243 Hong Meng Dragon Tree Chapter 1244 Nine Turns Of Time And Space And The Dragon Tree Will Appear Chapter 1245 Violent Storms Chapter 1246 Boundless Demon Venerate Chapter 1247 The Yuan Sage Makes A Move Chapter 1248 Parent And Child Hong Meng Dragon Tree Chapter 1249 God Slaying Crossbow Chapter 1250 Annihilation Sky Fist Chapter 1251 Fighting On Two Fonts Chapter 1252 Sky Extermination Shuttle Chapter 1253 Borrowing Power To Deal With Power Chapter 1254 Boundless Hatred Chapter 1255 : Dafan Lord Qingjing Chapter 1256 Visiting Qingjing Sky Chapter 1257 Guardian King Galos Chapter 1258 Too Fast Three Sacred Curse Techniques Chapter 1259 The Great Master Of The Dakongfan Sect Chapter 1260 Its Not Over Yet