Home Sweet Wife, be Good!Chapter 1

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He Ning was holding the phone, and a blush appeared on her pale face, which brought her a little bit of life back to her who had been sick for a long time.

Tonight, she made up her mind to deliver her first time to her fiance Xie Yihao.

Xie Yihao had always asked her to deliver herself, but He Ning wanted to stay on the wedding night for the first time, so he never agreed to accept his intimate contact.

He Ning was deeply moved by his persistence and caring for him since he fell ill, and he didn't want to repay him, and finally agreed to break through this relationship with him.

After the call got through, Xie Yihao's deep voice came: "Hey, He Ning..."

Herning's heartbeat speeded up suddenly, and his mood fluctuated with it, so that he ignored the gasps in his voice.

"Yihao, are you free tonight? Can you come to see me, I'm at the hotel, and I will send you the address." He Ning summoned the courage to finish.

The woman's snow-white skin stimulated Xie Yihao's eyes, making him not even thinking about responding to He Ning's words.

"Yihao?" He Ning called again, a strange noise coming from the opposite side, but he didn't think about it at all.

How could she imagine that her usually affectionate and considerate fiance was entangled with other women at this moment!

"Send me the address." Xie Yihao couldn't resist the enthusiasm of the woman under him, and hung up the phone with a perfunctory sentence.

The woman hooked his neck with a charming voice: "Sister asks you?"

"She asked me to go to the hotel." In Xie Yihao's voice, there was a trace of contempt and disgust.

Had it not been for the marriage contract between the two families, he would have thrown away his hand to the incomprehensible He Ning a long time ago.

A touch of unhappiness was interrupted by good deeds flashed across the handsome face, and a touch of seriousness appeared on the usual gentle chin.

Hermani looked at his side face indulgingly, and was fascinated by him.

Such a stunning man, with such a family background, how could she let her sister take him for nothing out of thin air?

"She's dying, why should I hang you?" Hermani painfully circled the man's chest with her fingers.

Xie Yihao pinched her waist and ended her regular movement: "She still holds the shares of He's family in her hand. I have to go. Manny, wait for me to come back."

The agitated He Ning didn't notice the abnormality of her fiance and sister at all.

I don't even know that they have betrayed her long ago, and have been together for countless times.

She is immersed in the dream of happiness at this moment...

Hanging up the phone, He Ning let out a sigh of relief, blushing, and sent the hotel address and room number to Xie Yihao.

Immediately, she lowered her head and her eyes fell on the equity transfer letter in her hand.

She has been suffering from kidney disease for some time, and the doctor said that a kidney transplant is the only way out. Otherwise, she will not live for three years.

Fortunately, the twin sister He Manni offered to exchange her kidneys for her, with a very firm attitude, and the sisters affection was deeply moving.

It will be the day of surgery soon.

He Ning decided that regardless of whether her illness could be cured, all He family shares she held in her hand would be given to her sister.

This sister, whom she has loved for more than 20 years, is also wholeheartedly returning to her sister.

In return for Xie Yihao, she only has her own body and full of love...

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Chapter 1: Cheating fiance Chapter 2: Enthusiasm in heart Chapter 3: With a touch of tenderness Chapter 4: He must find that woman Chapter 5: Dog men and women hook up in front of her Chapter 6: I want to take away everything I like Chapter 7: I won't give it to you if I die! Chapter 8: The beauty as the gods descended Chapter 9: Sent a letter of resignation Chapter 10: Sanye fell in love with you Chapter 11: As much as you want! Chapter 12: Hugged her personally Chapter 13: Soft and beautiful lips Chapter 14: She must be alone Chapter 15: Can you taste the taste? Chapter 16: Who is the real master in the end! Chapter 17: How can you marry that kind of poor boy Chapter 18: Old and ugly woman Chapter 19: Counterattack like that fast and accurate Chapter 20: Tailor-made clothes Chapter 21: Didn't he fail his kindness? Chapter 22: A gift from a suitor Chapter 23: The most exciting lively and grand Chapter 24: I can also marry someone Chapter 25: My sister or my love sister? Chapter 26: How could he show up anytime Chapter 27: Real life experience Chapter 28: Do a long-lasting contraceptive operation Chapter 29: There is the name of husband and wife, and the reality of husband and wife Chapter 30: habit Chapter 31: The body is not fit to be overworked Chapter 32: Barely maintain life like this Chapter 33: He Ning is not worthy of Xie Yihao Chapter 34: Reborn so quickly Chapter 35: Oscar owes her a trophy Chapter 36: Stubborn and twisted Chapter 37: Thick skin, genetic Chapter 38: See if you won't die this time Chapter 39: Resort to such a trick Chapter 40: please Chapter 41: We are an upright husband and wife Chapter 42: There is no distinction between men and women Chapter 43: This marriage must be retired anyway Chapter 44: Sign on your knees! Chapter 45: Here's the resignation letter, keep it away Chapter 46: I'm not feeling well, just cry Chapter 47: Protect yourself with wisdom to the utmost extent Chapter 48: Protector's posture Chapter 49: It's just a joke Chapter 50: There is a harbor where you can dock Chapter 51: Not true love Chapter 52: I will pay Chapter 53: My woman Chapter 54: I can only buy your things in the future Chapter 55: You have to remember your identity, it's Mrs. Shen Chapter 56: You have to look at his face Chapter 57: No one's turn to sue her Chapter 58: More like a friend Chapter 59: He will give her the ultimate pamper Chapter 60: Do we need wedding dresses? Chapter 61: Tacitly approve of Chapter 62: Some materials are hidden in clothes Chapter 63: Overwhelmed by the addiction of the daughter Chapter 64: Humiliated the individual Chapter 65: To put her to shame Chapter 66: The flower protector is here Chapter 67: Do you need such a true feeling? Chapter 68: Betrayed his true emotions Chapter 69: The above signature is missing Chapter 70: What gift do you want Chapter 71: He Ning, don't fall in love with me Chapter 72: She she she what she bought Chapter 73: Afraid of being thrown away as rubbish Chapter 74: He has to settle accounts with her Chapter 75: Trying to be her master Chapter 76: He Ning stunning the audience Chapter 77: That makes her feel dirty, filthy Chapter 78: Stay together, live and die together Chapter 79: Who is going to grab someone else's girlfriend Chapter 80: He Ning, it's impossible to marry anyone Chapter 81: Innocent, with a clear conscience Chapter 82: Hes woman, choose one yourself Chapter 83: It turns out that he is San Ye! Chapter 84: Will cause violent storms Chapter 85: Good, it's okay Chapter 86: Will marry He Manni into the Guo family Chapter 87: She is not worthy now! Chapter 88: To be a man, one must have a conscience! Chapter 89: I dont know, is he okay? Chapter 90: Not suitable for such a dress Chapter 91: Has the dual meaning of protection and attack Chapter 92: She likes to watch the most Chapter 93: Let her come in on her knees Chapter 94: I'm really afraid of death Chapter 95: You can't afford the consequences! Chapter 96: Its not good if it affects yourself Chapter 97: Every look in your eyes can move people's minds Chapter 98: What he is willing to give, she can't afford it Chapter 99: What do you mean, what do i mean Chapter 100: The pampering from the bones Chapter 101: A clear conscience is peace of mind Chapter 102: The most important thing is what people want Chapter 103: Is a well-known father Chapter 104: It's necessary, stay away from He Ning Chapter 105: You are my woman, you can only put my mark on Chapter 106: Even if you regenerate, you can't die without saving Chapter 107: To clarify, my relationship with He Ning Chapter 108: Slightly put out the flames in his heart Chapter 109: Couple bracelet Chapter 110: From the brand Chapter 111: Always able to move his heartstrings... Chapter 112: He can't imagine how to treat her Chapter 113: Worried about his accident Chapter 114: Abruptly interfered with his private itinerary Chapter 115: He has become different from before Chapter 116: Who is really worth it Chapter 117: The crusted wound was torn again Chapter 118: I will help you get it back, all Chapter 119: I have nothing else but retribution... Chapter 120: Not innocent, but stupid Chapter 121: Why does she get the investment? Chapter 122: Tell Shen Jingyu's heart Chapter 123: Trying to get Shen Jingyu to follow her Chapter 124: Use justice to get back your own things Chapter 125: I don't want to procrastinate anymore Chapter 126: Worry about everything about her Chapter 127: Do this kind of mischievous thing Chapter 128: Like a deliberate person here Chapter 129: The result is very happy Chapter 130: Turn off personal affairs for her Chapter 131: Why are you here? Chapter 132: Let him hold himself Chapter 133: Good, you are the best medicine Chapter 134: Can't tell if it's the wind or the heart Chapter 135: At that time, I really need a woman Chapter 136: Hit thoroughly Chapter 137: You are so kind, i'm so touched Chapter 138: The wife who waits for her husband to come home Chapter 139: I cant ask for even a little love Chapter 140: She is He Ning and my wife Chapter 141: Exercise the rights and obligations of being a husband Chapter 142: Getting married is what I am willing to do Chapter 143: I hope you treat He Ning as you treat me Chapter 144: Isn't that a hindrance? Chapter 145: I can give you what you want Chapter 146: It's her luck and good fortune Chapter 147: She must be trying to save you! Chapter 148: Give back the pain that has been added to her Chapter 149: Give your face, don't you really want it? Chapter 150: Seems to have made a great sacrifice Chapter 151: This is how you deal with the problem? Chapter 152: You should not use "please", you should use "roll" Chapter 153: Where did San Ye pick up your baby? Chapter 154: Brother Yu Chapter 155: The life he wants to continue Chapter 156: Arousal incense Chapter 157: It can be seen how much Shen Jingyu values her Chapter 158: What's really valuable Chapter 159: He is not allowed to let people follow Chapter 160: Ask for a name for her Chapter 161: You have to be responsible! Chapter 162: Except that the heart is soft... Chapter 163: Please don't treat her casually... Chapter 164: For the rest of your life, look for a recipe Chapter 165: She will get better Chapter 166: I have to take care of the marriage Chapter 167: Trying to calculate her again Chapter 168: Who wants to be your sister Chapter 169: He is a perfect match for you Chapter 170: Sooner or later will be retributed Chapter 171: As long as you get out of here now Chapter 172: Tell her well, what is a bitch! Chapter 173: He Ning's new marriage? Chapter 174: Gave him hope Chapter 175: Indefinite period Chapter 176: She is looking at the scenery, she is also the scenery Chapter 177: Threw a wink to Hening Chapter 178: Let's get enough of the shelf first Chapter 179: What is she worthy of their apology? Chapter 180: I really don't deserve Shen Jingyu Chapter 181: You represent San Ye Chapter 182: Want to look at you Chapter 183: Shen Sanye sprinkled good dog food Chapter 184: Just a tool for venting Chapter 185: To obliterate the third master Chapter 186: Contempt Chapter 187: Who of you dare to touch Miss He! Chapter 188: You must stabilize He Ning Chapter 189: match made in heaven Chapter 190: Holding both hands in front of Shen Jingyu Chapter 191: This master really ate a lollipop? Chapter 192: Home has a fierce wife, Hedong Lion Roar Chapter 193: Sure enough, I can't get on the table Chapter 194: Got to know some people who are different Chapter 195: Get rid of him, maybe we can forgive you Chapter 196: There is nothing good in the gift box Chapter 197: He still asked He Ning for help Chapter 198: I will always help Chapter 199: Can the Xie familys contacts be cut off? Chapter 200: Recognized him Chapter 201: My husband Chapter 202: Won't continue to cooperate with you Chapter 203: It's normal to stick to her at any time Chapter 204: The taste on my heart Chapter 205: I have sugar for you Chapter 206: Not so Chapter 207: I have to follow it myself Chapter 208: It would be great if you could come back Chapter 209: I really miss you Chapter 210: What does that woman look like? Chapter 211: The stand-in will help you keep it secret Chapter 212: Some things are like quicksand in your hands Chapter 213: At least, enough sincerity Chapter 214: Nobles forget things Chapter 215: This time I wont kill you all, I dont believe it! Chapter 216: I will pay the price for those who beat you Chapter 217: How could i promise Chapter 218: I like girls Chapter 219: Still not letting go! Chapter 220: Make his wound consistent with the injury report Chapter 221: Don't be too "heavy" Chapter 222: Can only belong to him Chapter 223: Even he can't control it Chapter 224: Does it hurt? Chapter 225: Call me directly Chapter 226: One more rare tenderness Chapter 227: Is a more natural ally Chapter 228: I'm afraid it's because of love debts Chapter 229: Can't you treat me as a friend? Chapter 230: you deserve better Chapter 231: It doesn't prevent me from thinking about you Chapter 232: Will he love her? Chapter 233: Does she still like women? Chapter 234: Are you sure you are responsible Chapter 235: If you dont want me to die, just get discharged Chapter 236: Only one person by my side can be an exception Chapter 237: At most, change his dressing Chapter 238: For his beloved woman Chapter 239: Brother Yu, come to see me Chapter 240: He can heal diseases, but he can't save people's hearts Chapter 241: I don't want to humiliate my mouth Chapter 242: If nothing happens Chapter 243: Chapter 244: It turns out that Sanye, he still laughs... Chapter 245: The company is yours, the career is mine Chapter 246: If you have a husband, I will wait for your divorce Chapter 247: I am not your pet, I also have my freedom Chapter 248: You and your husband must be real Chapter 249: I don't even have the qualifications to interview Chapter 250: What step can Shen Jingyu do for He Ning? Chapter 251: Scared you, should have been expelled Chapter 252: The rhythm is guided by him Chapter 253: Regret for rejecting my pursuit in the first place Chapter 254: It's just another woman's mind Chapter 255: Do you think it is your turn to be responsible? Chapter 256: Make your own way! Chapter 257: Just find a man Chapter 258: He is not for you Chapter 259: What you deliberately aimed at He Ning... Chapter 260: Very ambiguous photos Chapter 261: He Ning is a man on the left and a man on the right Chapter 262: Slap in the face Chapter 263: It doesnt matter to me if other people are not happy Chapter 264: Jealousy churning, undercurrent surging Chapter 265: Even this kind of trivial matter Chapter 266: An electric shock across the apex of the heart Chapter 267: San Ye doesn't like flowers Chapter 268: Has always been sick Chapter 269: How many people who snatched things from Shen Jingyu had a good end Chapter 270: Are for you Chapter 271: Will never be challenged Chapter 272: I believe you Chapter 273: Found out that I was pregnant Chapter 274: Doesn't make any sense to her Chapter 275: The jealous man is the cutest, okay? Chapter 276: I feel distressed just thinking about it Chapter 277: Got the support of Shen family Chapter 278: No one can change Shen Jingyu's mind Chapter 279: Can't you see her charm? Chapter 280: How can you tolerate you in the wild here? Chapter 281: Meet another girl I like Chapter 282: Can have such a strong sense of oppression Chapter 283: He Ning fights for men Chapter 284: Pushing Hening to the top of the wind Chapter 285: A doctor like me can't help but admire Chapter 286: What is the difference between living with him and hell? Chapter 287: It's impossible for everyone to like me Chapter 288: Followed by the light Chapter 289: His own style is really not suitable Chapter 290: Find a girl to marry again Chapter 291: Could it be He Yiming deliberately making trouble for her? Chapter 292: Your friend, I will also be a friend Chapter 293: He is a president and can't be frivolous! Chapter 294: Kicked off? Chapter 295: May never be a man anymore Chapter 296: Discuss another man Chapter 297: He might really be useless Chapter 298: Put the topic of his kick off Chapter 299: Die after enjoying Chapter 300: Have had friendship with Shen Jingyu for many years Chapter 301: When he doesnt need it, youre useless waste Chapter 302: Can't wait for a big beating Chapter 303: Not in love with each other Chapter 304: It's just his tool Chapter 305: Everyone spread out Chapter 306: I was so cruel when I kicked me, now I'm scared Chapter 307: He straightened his chest and saw death as home Chapter 308: You can verify by yourself Chapter 309: As long as you know, he's okay Chapter 310: He does not love me Chapter 311: Then you really are, love is humble Chapter 312: Marry a man who treats you well Chapter 313: Her confession Chapter 314: His confession Chapter 315: If you promise me, I will promise you too Chapter 316: You're by my side, it doesn't hurt anymore Chapter 317: To explore Chapter 318: Destined to be cannon fodder Chapter 319: The little woman behaved and took the initiative Chapter 320: Dress up as He Ning to meet him Chapter 321: After going out, it was tight-lipped Chapter 322: Isn't she just a plastic surgery girl who raises a cowherd! Chapter 323: Does she want to buy it too? Chapter 324: Shen Jingyu is the best at protecting shortcomings Chapter 325: This matter cannot be reconciled Chapter 326: The only thought Chapter 327: Ten of you are not enough for half of He Ning Chapter 328: More of oneself Chapter 329: It's time to tell the world Chapter 330: Does not represent his true thoughts Chapter 331: The strange woman wears Shen Jingyu's tie Chapter 332: Xiao San seduce someone else's husband Chapter 333: He was explaining to He Ning Chapter 334: Superior woman Chapter 335: Envy to cry in the storm Chapter 336: Men, dont everyone like the new and dislike the old like this Chapter 337: What do you want to pursue with our family He Ning? Chapter 338: How many more women are Sanye? Chapter 339: How can men not look like women Chapter 340: Women must learn to accept fate Chapter 341: Don't be that joke by yourself Chapter 342: Won't let her suffer this kind of pain Chapter 343: This master is really no ordinary master Chapter 344: She was the first to not agree Chapter 345: Suddenly took her hand Chapter 346: How could Shen Jingyu's woman be touched by you? Chapter 347: I dont know anyone else, Im not anyway Chapter 348: Want trash in the villa Chapter 349: The girl's most longing dream Chapter 350: Got what I wanted Chapter 351: Do I hate ghosts like this? Chapter 352: Its his brain that kicked Chapter 353: But accompany others first Chapter 354: That's the sign of single Chapter 355: It's a natural couple Chapter 356: I raised this dog food Chapter 357: I have a girlfriend Chapter 358: I don't want to say a bit Chapter 359: Professional acumen Chapter 360: Are you stupid or stupid Chapter 361: Take back the sentimental thanks Chapter 362: Children's affairs Chapter 363: That is a life after all Chapter 364: We want children, He Ning can give birth Chapter 365: Child, it's impossible to be that one Chapter 366: I have an idea in my mind Chapter 367: You said my body is suitable for pregnancy? Chapter 368: Feeling his kiss, it becomes sweet Chapter 369: Powerless fate Chapter 370: The mind of swearing sovereignty is clear Chapter 371: He Yiming to you, but so Chapter 372: Then he sells it once, so why not Chapter 373: unusual Chapter 374: If He Ning could give birth to a child... Chapter 375: Afraid of making things difficult for my mother Chapter 376: In case it is possible Chapter 377: Miss sister is like my classmate Chapter 378: Not too little, too much Chapter 379: Don't admit it Chapter 380: Prepare the right invitation Chapter 381: Am I a thug Chapter 382: I will do my best to be by your side Chapter 383: Let me say to you again, count me as a pig Chapter 384: The pig that specializes in arranging cabbage Chapter 385: See the effect of blood sealing the throat Chapter 386: You have a marriage contract with Sanye Shen Chapter 387: To help or not to help relatives Chapter 388: Wake up, it's time to move the bricks! Chapter 389: Go to the wedding in half a month Chapter 390: Don't mention him again Chapter 391: Those voices Chapter 392: If I come out early and blow her head Chapter 393: Jingyu's family is in the midst of poverty, as poor as a wash Chapter 394: Isn't he busy? Chapter 395: That woman deliberately seduce him Chapter 396: Give birth to an uncomfortable feeling Chapter 397: Never a good person Chapter 398: Then you are welcome... to our wedding Chapter 399: Can never be you Chapter 400: I'll fight for you Chapter 401: Don't pretend to be a good person Chapter 402: Saw a trace of hurt Chapter 403: Don't let me see you in Jingyuan and Portuguese West Chapter 404: Do you owe us an apology Chapter 405: Is here to support He Ning Chapter 406: Slander as you like Chapter 407: It will never be a affair between men and women Chapter 408: I thought he would never get married Chapter 409: Express how to love someone Chapter 410: I just listen to the story Chapter 411: Sometimes it is too strong, but it will become the scruples of marriage Chapter 412: From now on, you will support me Chapter 413: Okay, good Chapter 414: If there is a mistake, it should be yourself Chapter 415: Take their own people away Chapter 416: You are you, she is her Chapter 417: Not too much, how can you embrace the beauty? Chapter 418: She really is that child! Chapter 419: The child who tried so hard to get rid of Chapter 420: Only one room Chapter 421: Shen Jingyu is the one who cooperates most Chapter 422: Rits and the feeling of vomiting Chapter 423: Even if I maimed you, I just defend myself Chapter 424: What kind of person is offending? Chapter 425: Slap in the face Chapter 426: Can't make a slap Chapter 427: Could it be...pregnant? Chapter 428: Retched again Chapter 429: Otherwise I will feel bad Chapter 430: Does he know the owner of the necklace? Chapter 431: Also recognized the necklace Chapter 432: Wild thoughts arise in my mind Chapter 433: Personally cut He Ning's body Chapter 434: Things everyone in Jingyuan knows Chapter 435: Will be the perfect pair Chapter 436: The girl Shen Jingyu is going to marry this time Chapter 437: Everything too beautiful Chapter 438: She is like a child of an old deceased Chapter 439: The joy of youth Chapter 440: You stole my man Chapter 441: The marriage contract should be fulfilled Chapter 442: Is there really any secret in this? Chapter 443: Can't even touch the door of the rich Chapter 444: Not worthy to be her father Chapter 445: Everything becomes empty in a flash Chapter 446: Everyone sees her as if they see me Chapter 447: Let him know the taste Chapter 448: How could it be possible to get pregnant? Chapter 449: He is going to be a father Chapter 450: Make sure to keep their mother and child safe Chapter 451: Get rid of this child Chapter 452: To get rid of her child! Chapter 453: Protect your baby Chapter 454: Don't hurt my child Chapter 455: I will replace you, take good care of and accompany Brother Yu Chapter 456: To pave the way for their love Chapter 457: The top priority is to find He Ning Chapter 458: Miss grandma's whereabouts are unknown Chapter 459: Where is He Ning? Chapter 460: He Ning jumped down Chapter 461: Does it matter to you? Chapter 462: How cold she should be, how scared, how helpless Chapter 463: Really lucky Chapter 464: no result Chapter 465: I am good and bad, what is the difference Chapter 466: Does it matter to you? Chapter 467: Kiss her, soothe her heartache Chapter 468: Don't hurt my baby Chapter 469: One in a million Chapter 470: Renew the fate of mother and child Chapter 471: Weakness that can never be overcome Chapter 472: She has been buried at the bottom of the river Chapter 473: Follow my instructions Chapter 474: Already a dead body and two lives Chapter 475: To support Ye Shu Chapter 476: Mr. Ho, let's break up Chapter 477: The humblest word Chapter 478: I don't have anyone else I like. He has Chapter 479: If it's not for fainting, who can bring him back? Chapter 480: You and the young master are a match made in heaven Chapter 481: I heard it with my own ears Chapter 482: Dying state Chapter 483: Kicked on her chest Chapter 484: At least a few ribs were broken Chapter 485: Killing her, it's a big deal, I'll kill her Chapter 486: He Ning is no longer in this world Chapter 487: Man, don't cry Chapter 488: Is he a husband and father like this? Chapter 489: I would love to hear from He Ning Chapter 490: Please accept Chapter 491: Without He Ning...then you will die Chapter 492: I only want to be embraced by He Ning Chapter 493: You really are... a coward Chapter 494: I want to keep He Ning Chapter 495: Are you involved in this kind of life that doesn't see the sun? Chapter 496: The intention to go has been decided, and it is useless to stay Chapter 497: What is He Peishan worth doing? Chapter 498: He Peishan is Chu's biological daughter Chapter 499: The greatest shame of the Dragon Empire Chapter 500: He Yiming is my biological son Chapter 501: Don't give me a chance to hesitate Chapter 502: Do your best to protect you Chapter 503: Are not the same kind of people at all Chapter 504: Love and possessiveness Chapter 505: Thunder Fury Chapter 506: He doesn't allow himself to be ignorant Chapter 507: Flashed a thought of ecstasy Chapter 508: He Ning is really alive! Chapter 509: Pull him away and take He Ning away Chapter 510: Full of contempt and hatred Chapter 511: Now, are you still lying to me? Chapter 512: She had a miscarriage. Child is gone Chapter 513: Send additional manpower to protect He Ning Chapter 514: Don't tell him! Chapter 515: Does he want you to take away the child? Chapter 516: Let her bear the pain of losing her son Chapter 517: Deep-rooted misunderstanding Chapter 518: I want a child with similar eyebrows to He Ning Chapter 519: Beat Miss He to death on the spot Chapter 520: He can't wash it off Chapter 521: Never show up by my side Chapter 522: Seeing her frown, I cant wait to do it for me Chapter 523: There are not so many scenes of long-lasting love Chapter 524: Anyone who wants to rush into the family, dont talk about killing them Chapter 525: San Ye... these two words Chapter 526: Struggling to suppress morning sickness Chapter 527: I divorced San Ye Chapter 528: Let's divorce Chapter 529: It was that little brother Chapter 530: I want to use public opinion to force the third master to submit Chapter 531: Unspeakable ambiguity Chapter 532: Allergic Chapter 533: She likes to dance, just let her dance Chapter 534: What does that little brother look like Chapter 535: Necklace at the age of three Chapter 536: Fall in time Chapter 537: The one being redeemed is me Chapter 538: Let her jump directly Chapter 539: Can't control his thoughts Chapter 540: How did I give you the necklace Chapter 541: My necklace was given to He Ning a long time ago Chapter 542: He Ning, help Shanshan Chapter 543: Dare to put the score in front of me Chapter 544: If you want to regret Chapter 545: Can have a baby Chapter 546: A well-known lie Chapter 547: Will tell you that the child is yours Chapter 548: Are you afraid that Sanye Shen will choke you to death? Chapter 549: Going to be a voyeur Chapter 550: Want to make her more comfortable Chapter 551: Scared and pale Chapter 552: Will not break his promise for half a year Chapter 553: I said to restraint every night Chapter 554: What should decay will always decay Chapter 555: That name is a forbidden word in the presidential palace Chapter 556: More than that, inquire Chapter 557: If there is any abnormality, please let me know Chapter 558: He Ning seems to be cheating Chapter 559: There is an unidentified man upstairs Chapter 560: The tricky really exists Chapter 561: The facts are here Chapter 562: If you have eye problems, you should treat it Chapter 563: Husband and wife life is very hurt Chapter 564: The appearance of catching the rape Chapter 565: I have nothing to do with him Chapter 566: Will show up soon Chapter 567: Moved here for a few days Chapter 568: Interrupt He Birong's legs Chapter 569: Let me bear it Chapter 570: The greatest luxury and blessing Chapter 571: I was dumped when I turned my head Chapter 572: Who didn't know that He Ning was dumped by Shen Jingyu Chapter 573: You have been abandoned long ago Chapter 574: My site, I said, get out Chapter 575: If you touch it, you will get the plague Chapter 576: Blatantly doing hands and feet Chapter 577: You wasted a chance Chapter 578: Who let you go? Chapter 579: Don't think about someone bullying her Chapter 580: Do you need me to call sister-in-law? Chapter 581: Not willing to take it back Chapter 582: These little details sneaky Chapter 583: She doesn't want to see anyone Chapter 584: Suitable to give birth to San Ye Chapter 585: San Ye needs a wife, not a sow Chapter 586: If you want to have a baby, find a man to give birth by yourself Chapter 587: You must be wrong Chapter 588: I can not help you Chapter 589: Make them regret coming today Chapter 590: San Ye left her Chapter 591: Full of thoughts Chapter 592: Are twins Chapter 593: Make up a good word Chapter 594: You are different from them Chapter 595: Pretending to be very grateful Chapter 596: Don't regret it in the future Chapter 597: Someone will listen to her again Chapter 598: He Ning is not of He family blood! Chapter 599: I'm afraid you are just like your mother. Chapter 600: Psychological shadow caused by derailment Chapter 601: He feels so sorry for her Chapter 602: I came prepared Chapter 603: Check the DNA of you and He Ning Chapter 604: Find information Chapter 605: Why do you come to such a place Chapter 606: Daughter's responsibilities and obligations Chapter 607: Which one will you choose in the end? Chapter 608: Someone got the baby's embryo wrong Chapter 609: Return all, belong to He Ning Chapter 610: Do you want to help He Ning find his parents? Chapter 611: I dont know where the wild species came from Chapter 612: Make me sleepy Chapter 613: You two are fifty years old together Chapter 614: Make the friendship between the two families gone Chapter 615: The right blood type Chapter 616: Please keep it secret Chapter 617: My aunt Chapter 618: Do you suspect that He Ning is my blood? Chapter 619: Makes me feel warm and at ease Chapter 620: It's not her responsibility Chapter 621: I'm ex-husband soon Chapter 622: Already on the verge of divorce Chapter 623: Stop selling it Chapter 624: She is my sister Chapter 625: Treat me as a relative Chapter 626: Button a green hat on my head Chapter 627: I recognize it, it's justified Chapter 628: Should I call your sister-in-law? Chapter 629: You deserve better Chapter 630: You have loved other men, I really can't believe you Chapter 631: Please pay attention to your wording Chapter 632: Sow discord Chapter 633: The freedom I want is a price you can't afford Chapter 634: Do me a favor Chapter 635: Do you have to wait to be dismantled again? Chapter 636: It turns out he didn't leave Chapter 637: Handsome face Chapter 638: Do you want me anymore? Chapter 639: Will never hurt again Chapter 640: I have something to tell you alone Chapter 641: This is the test report Chapter 642: Was stabbed again by the knife. Chapter 643: Suspended Chapter 644: Unwilling to do favoritism for his son Chapter 645: Found an excuse for staying at night Chapter 646: To be punished more severely Chapter 647: No outsider's turn to speak Chapter 648: I even hit her Chapter 649: Dont you know if you are pregnant yourself? Chapter 650: Should someone come out and take responsibility? Chapter 651: Secretly achieve one's own purpose Chapter 652: I just want to make He Yiming die Chapter 653: Make excuses for selfish desires Chapter 654: My heartfelt heart is treated as feeding the dog Chapter 655: You do not deserve Chapter 656: Who dares to take my family's people away Chapter 657: Never bow to anyone again Chapter 658: After all, I didn't treat her wrongly Chapter 659: Chu Zhiwen is He Wenyuan? Chapter 660: There is no place that makes her nostalgic Chapter 661: It can be seen that it is not a lie Chapter 662: Brothers and sisters who are too intimate Chapter 663: Dug your family's ancestral grave Chapter 664: Ask yourself with the request of a bitch Chapter 665: Discomfort of being excluded Chapter 666: I'm afraid he will hurt you Chapter 667: Wolf with goat's skin Chapter 668: The sense of crisis is a bit heavier Chapter 669: I didn't take it and let you down Chapter 670: If i don't hesitate Chapter 671: Just the relationship between adoptive father and adopted son Chapter 672: You are good, i am proud Chapter 673: Fate pushed him on the only way Chapter 674: For the other side, willing to sacrifice their own feelings Chapter 675: I have your baby in my belly Chapter 676: See you again is already an enemy Chapter 677: Not guilty, released in court Chapter 678: Night-use items in a gift box Chapter 679: This is what i really think Chapter 680: He looks like him in those fireworks Chapter 681: I just wanna love you Chapter 682: You have a good relationship with your husband, and the relationship is harmonious Chapter 683: Have come to an end long ago Chapter 684: They have got married Chapter 685: Banquet at the Presidential Palace Chapter 686: One is not two wide, each is happy, not complaining to each other Chapter 687: Instead, I feel that Lan Xi is more wrong Chapter 688: I know what a real man is Chapter 689: Splash her all over Chapter 690: Be yourself... Chapter 691: Be a confidant Chapter 692: There is no difference between men and women Chapter 693: He Ning definitely seduce Gu Yunchen Chapter 694: Deceive a man who doesn't love me Chapter 695: I was beaten in vain Chapter 696: All the love in the past is exhausted Chapter 697: If its not convenient, I wont ask Chapter 698: There is one place you did not check Chapter 699: You're tired, sleep a little longer Chapter 700: Someone did it deliberately Chapter 701: Is there anything wrong? Chapter 702: Don't bring personal emotions into big events Chapter 703: I don't owe him anymore Chapter 704: I wanna be with you Chapter 705: Own people take away Chapter 706: Move the whole body Chapter 707: It's fine if the other legs are not broken Chapter 708: kiss Me Chapter 709: Betrayed his true condition Chapter 710: I have her previous medical history Chapter 711: My wife is pregnant? Chapter 712: The child belongs to Senior Chu! Chapter 713: She will lose him forever Chapter 714: Have loved and been loved deeply Chapter 715: Still avoiding Chapter 716: Child of "Other Man" Chapter 717: If you sign your name, it will take effect Chapter 718: You are the most unconscionable Chapter 719: I'll make up for what I owe her Chapter 720: I always treat you like a brother Chapter 721: What's the difference between abandoning his wife Chapter 722: Seems to endure some pain Chapter 723: Do you think there is still a chance to climb into my bed Chapter 724: Forcing him to grow fast Chapter 725: Would Sanye mind this? Chapter 726: Who will be Jingyu's next job? Chapter 727: I'm afraid she won't get married in the future Chapter 728: With your current ability, who can you protect? Chapter 729: For the young grandmother of the future Chapter 730: Human greed is endless Chapter 731: That's what He Ning doesn't want Chapter 732: Does she have this face? Chapter 733: San Ye wants to support himself Chapter 734: She just doesn't want to pay it back Chapter 735: But can't protect her forever Chapter 736: Want to see uncle Chapter 737: I need to give Shen Jingyu medicine Chapter 738: Changed to real liquor Chapter 739: There is something wrong with my wine glass Chapter 740: Trying to beat him sober Chapter 741: With a hint of emotion Chapter 742: Start first Chapter 743: Get out of me Chapter 744: Because of spicy eyes Chapter 745: Staring at the ugly girl is an insult to the ugly girl Chapter 746: Called another woman's name Chapter 747: I will be re-engaged soon Chapter 748: bless all of you Chapter 749: I'm not as good as you think Chapter 750: Worry about yourself Chapter 751: I thought you know what day it is Chapter 752: the last time Chapter 753: Can you make cakes Chapter 754: That's just a woman's instinct Chapter 755: A little too weird Chapter 756: Duplicity Chapter 757: If he is sick Chapter 758: I want you to take an adventure with me Chapter 759: Seeing Shen Jingyus medical report Chapter 760: Add fuel to the flames Chapter 761: It's better to face it together than to be alone Chapter 762: Husband Chapter 763: I know everything! Chapter 764: Never leave! Chapter 765: I do not go Chapter 766: And my responsibility Chapter 767: One corpse and three lives Chapter 768: Debts are too much to make up for Chapter 769: Treat as your own son Chapter 770: how's the progress? Chapter 771: Size is longer Chapter 772: Upset the blood of the Shen family Chapter 773: No one can afford Chapter 774: Hurts her and the child Chapter 775: I accidentally learned a secret Chapter 776: Someone is pregnant with Sanye's child Chapter 777: Covet He Ning's location Chapter 778: A living life Chapter 779: Be born Chapter 780: The spare tire left Chapter 781: The baby's loud cry Chapter 782: You and Xinyeon's child Chapter 783: The child is yours after all Chapter 784: The last name is Shen and cannot be changed Chapter 785: You picked up the wrong thing Chapter 786: Hearty slap in the face Chapter 787: He Birong goes to jail Chapter 788: It is useful for restraining your illness Chapter 789: The wave hidden in the body Chapter 790: I can do anything for you Chapter 791: Can't treat He Ning like this Chapter 792: Is my little lady Chapter 793: No matter what means, I want to know the truth! Chapter 794: He is going to be a father Chapter 795: It seems to be about... about to give birth Chapter 796: Start to have labor pains Chapter 797: Gave birth to two children Chapter 798: Where are our children? Chapter 799: Only one child in Chapter 800: I am willing to be punished on behalf of my father Chapter 801: Insight into the truth Chapter 802: Tooth for tooth and blood for blood Chapter 803: No room for regret Chapter 804: Exactly the same as a normal child Chapter 805: Give it all back to her Chapter 806: You don't want it, don't force it Chapter 807: Serve your rivals Chapter 808: As long as you are strong enough Chapter 809: It's both official and private Chapter 810: They want He Ning and An An Chapter 811: One is willing to hug, one is willing to be hugged Chapter 812: Just a name Chapter 813: Is a person who wants to protect his whole life Chapter 814: Will protect you Chapter 815: Is a woman Chapter 816: It shows that he has enough confidence Chapter 817: Kidnapped the child Chapter 818: Does it make sense to apologize? Chapter 819: It's terribly sour Chapter 820: Take responsibility Chapter 821: But I have no other way Chapter 822: Hide identity Chapter 823: Afraid of being deceived by others Chapter 824: Is it because of his feelings for her? Chapter 825: The place for the young grandmother of the Shen family is vacated Chapter 826: He is more convenient Chapter 827: He Yiming...is missing Chapter 828: Grandpa passed away Chapter 829: She said she must find him Chapter 830: Pregnant Chapter 831: For this new life Chapter 832: Give birth again Chapter 833: Will be more jealous Chapter 834: Just know to torture people Chapter 835: She dare not hope Chapter 836: Is another comfort Chapter 837: It turns out that he is his own son Chapter 838: The kind of love between men and women Chapter 839: Shen Jingyu is not a child of the Shen family Chapter 840: He is not alone Chapter 841: He can't Chapter 842: She may not know how to check it herself Chapter 843: Changed a status Chapter 844: A big beauty like a fake Chapter 845: Master likes men Chapter 846: See him soon Chapter 847: A vase is more vase than a woman Chapter 848: You are dismissed Chapter 849: It turns out that Shen Jingyu really likes men! Chapter 850: Trying to bend you Chapter 851: I kissed him forcibly! Chapter 852: You can eat both men and women Chapter 853: What evil did he do! Chapter 854: There is a rising trend Chapter 855: He doesn't even have the qualifications to be jealous Chapter 856: abnormal Chapter 857: He is really crooked Chapter 858: It's still useful for handsome men and beauties Chapter 859: Was stirred up Chapter 860: I'm Hening, I'm back Chapter 861: You really work hard Chapter 862: Can it be settled? Chapter 863: The eyes of deja vu Chapter 864: Don't even talk about the slightest shame Chapter 865: No money Chapter 866: Let you know what is awesome Chapter 867: She's still a big girl Chapter 868: He couldn't even find He Ning's fingerprints Chapter 869: Lord Shen asked you to come Chapter 870: Don't harass Lord Shen Chapter 871: Of course we are the most handsome in peace and An An Chapter 872: Take down the most noble man Chapter 873: He empathizes, don't fall in love Chapter 874: This is Lele, my son Chapter 875: In what capacity are you in charge of me? Chapter 876: He Ning also doesn't want to help others with children Chapter 877: The birth of a little actor Chapter 878: Lord Shen, you are such a bastard Chapter 879: Other peoples sons, she has no blessings Chapter 880: Miss Sister is really beautiful Chapter 881: Filled up Chapter 882: Unworthy feelings Chapter 883: Is a thorn in the heart Chapter 884: How many men have promiscuity Chapter 885: Bad name Chapter 886: Dare you stick out your face again Chapter 887: Why should I pay you Chapter 888: I really can't eat it Chapter 889: He stays at home alone Chapter 890: Can't leave him Chapter 891: There can only be one person Chapter 892: Anything can be changed! Chapter 893: Want to hug him again Chapter 894: I'm still a bit blocked Chapter 895: What kind of like Chapter 896: If you are pregnant with his child again Chapter 897: Not as good as those people's wishes Chapter 898: Real guilt Chapter 899: Take the relationship further Chapter 900: Lip feel, soft touch Chapter 901: Does it count as a minor three? Chapter 902: There are too many apologies Chapter 903: failed? Chapter 904: When did you develop the problem Chapter 905: Got a big trouble Chapter 906: That boy is not a man Chapter 907: A wonderful night Chapter 908: Jump here, can't fall Chapter 909: Domineering Chapter 910: Because there is no if Chapter 911: The woman I like Chapter 912: Oh, man! Chapter 913: Habit, keep it till now Chapter 914: Relying on no one to control them Chapter 915: Good appearance of filial sons and great grandchildren Chapter 916: Too grandma's little baby Chapter 917: Can i speak on stage Chapter 918: Suddenly pale Chapter 919: Counterattack against her Chapter 920: Just a big liar Chapter 921: Trying to make trouble Chapter 922: What's the use of taking it home Chapter 923: Used to enjoy Chapter 924: He would do this Chapter 925: Beat these people Chapter 926: So you can't eat Chapter 927: Ann, my Ann Chapter 928: Bring back the truth about Shen Jingyu Chapter 929: Didn't protect him desperately Chapter 930: For him and other women Chapter 931: Give him up, leave him Chapter 932: True love from the heart Chapter 933: No matter how time changes, it will not change Chapter 934: The instinct to protect his wife is obvious Chapter 935: Feed dog food early in the morning Chapter 936: Already a big kid Chapter 937: Really affectionate Chapter 938: What if i don't Chapter 939: Everything is easy to say Chapter 940: You will regret what you did Chapter 941: Apologize to them Chapter 942: Afraid of you? Chapter 943: Not aspiring to others Chapter 944: Get close to her, catch her again Chapter 945: Crushing advantages Chapter 946: You can do it only if you have real ability Chapter 947: Have long been secretly promised Chapter 948: Tonight is not enough, and tomorrow night? Chapter 949: The gap between father and son Chapter 950: I don't know what will happen Chapter 951: Can't just leave it alone Chapter 952: There is such a spineless day Chapter 953: But she asked for it Chapter 954: Really unforgivable Chapter 955: Habits maintained over the years will not change Chapter 956: Don't let him bully He Ning Chapter 957: The son of the opposite Chapter 958: Somewhat cooked Chapter 959: What is her friend Chapter 960: Become Shen Jingyu's people Chapter 961: Please give me the shot Chapter 962: Was actually recognized Chapter 963: Solved this worries for you Chapter 964: To the woman who looks like He Ning Chapter 965: Time alone with He Ning Chapter 966: I'll take care of you Chapter 967: Shen Jingyu should be her man Chapter 968: I'm Shen Jingyu's wife Chapter 969: Expose her lies Chapter 970: The great secret Chapter 971: The true relationship between Chu Ye and Shen Jingyu Chapter 972: Father and son really meet Chapter 973: He Ning also has a son? Chapter 974: He will treat this son as his own Chapter 975: Father and son will always be jealous Chapter 976: He doesn't envy at all Chapter 977: Don't want to accept gifts from the enemy Chapter 978: Thank you Dad! Chapter 979: He explained to me Chapter 980: Hard to walk into his heart Chapter 981: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (1) Chapter 982: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (2) Chapter 983: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (3) Chapter 984: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (4) Chapter 985: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (5) Chapter 986: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (6) Chapter 987: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (7) Chapter 988: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (8) Chapter 989: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (9) Chapter 990: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (10) Chapter 991: Lele is Shen Jingyu's biological son (10) Chapter 992: Confession to Hening (1) Chapter 993: Confession to Hening (2) Chapter 994: Confession to Hening (3) Chapter 995: Confession to Hening (4) Chapter 996: Confession to Hening (5) Chapter 997: I knew that Lord Shen liked men Chapter 998: Love you deeply Chapter 999: I really like men Chapter 1000: Sworn sovereignty Chapter 1001: I know you are my one Chapter 1002: Use every opportunity to show affection Chapter 1003: A completely different destiny Chapter 1004: When the end of the junior Chapter 1005: Efforts will not be wasted Chapter 1006: He will come Chapter 1007: Capable man Chapter 1008: No matter how you play, you have to take care of it Chapter 1009: My person is the best person in the world Chapter 1010: Framed Chu Ning in public (1) Chapter 1011: Framed Chu Ning in public (2) Chapter 1012: Framed Chu Ning in public (3) Chapter 1013: Framed Chu Ning in public (4) Chapter 1014: Framed Chu Ning in public (5) Chapter 1015: Framed Chu Ning in public (6) Chapter 1016: Framed Chu Ning in public (7) Chapter 1017: Framed Chu Ning in public (8) Chapter 1018: Framed Chu Ning in public (9) Chapter 1019: Framed Chu Ning in public (10) Chapter 1020: Publicly framed Chu Ning (11) Chapter 1021: Framed Chu Ning in public (12) Chapter 1022: Meet the three babies (1) Chapter 1023: Meet the three babies (2) Chapter 1024: Meet the three babies (3) Chapter 1025: Three babies meet (4) Chapter 1026: Meet the three babies (5) Chapter 1027: An An's Face He Peishan (1) Chapter 1028: An An's face He Peishan (2) Chapter 1029: An An's face He Peishan (3) Chapter 1030: An An's face He Peishan (4) Chapter 1031: An An Slap He Peishan (5) Chapter 1032: An An Slap He Peishan (6) Chapter 1033: An An Slap He Peishan (7) Chapter 1034: He family infighting Chapter 1035: The most taboo of being a doctor Chapter 1036: The child was almost robbed Chapter 1037: Looks a little abrupt Chapter 1038: Shen Jingyu's life problems (1) Chapter 1039: Shen Jingyu's life problems (2) Chapter 1040: Shen Jingyu's life problems (3) Chapter 1041: Looks so pretty Chapter 1042: Refuse to see Lele Chapter 1043: help Chapter 1044: Clean up rotten peach blossoms Chapter 1045: The crisis of the Shen Group (1) Chapter 1046: The crisis of the Shen Group (2) Chapter 1047: The crisis of the Shen Group (3) Chapter 1048: The crisis of the Shen Group (4) Chapter 1049: The crisis of the Shen Group (5) Chapter 1050: The crisis of the Shen Group (6) Chapter 1051: The crisis of the Shen Group (7) Chapter 1052: The crisis of the Shen Group (8) Chapter 1053: The crisis of the Shen Group (9) Chapter 1054: Relationship needs management Chapter 1055: Find clues Chapter 1056: Face Slap He Family (1) Chapter 1057: Face Slap He Family (2) Chapter 1058: Face Slap He Family (3) Chapter 1059: Face Slap He Family (4) Chapter 1060: Face Slap He Family (5) Chapter 1061: Face Slap He Family (6) Chapter 1062: Face Slap He Family (7) Chapter 1063: Face Slap He Family (8) Chapter 1064: Face Slap He Family (9) Chapter 1065: Face Slap He Family (10) Chapter 1066: Face Slap He Family (11) Chapter 1067: Face Slap He Family (12) Chapter 1068: Return the child Chapter 1069: Strong rise Chapter 1070: As long as he is there Chapter 1071: Blind Date for Chu Ning (1) Chapter 1072: Blind date for Chu Ning (2) Chapter 1073: Blind date for Chu Ning (3) Chapter 1074: Blind date for Chu Ning (4) Chapter 1075: The long-lost Ye Shu appeared (1) Chapter 1076: The long-lost Ye Shu appeared (2) Chapter 1077: Alcohol allergy Chapter 1078: Do you like this? Chapter 1079: With you Chapter 1080: Rubbed his sore waist Chapter 1081: Back to the identity of a woman Chapter 1082: You are the most beautiful Chapter 1083: The vinegar jar is really easy to overturn Chapter 1084: He Yiming has a clue Chapter 1085: His true identity Chapter 1086: Brother must be fine Chapter 1087: She must go Chapter 1088: Someone is releasing water Chapter 1089: Shen Jingyu's response Chapter 1090: Perfect response Chapter 1091: A rainy kiss fell on her face Chapter 1092: Restrain the impulse Chapter 1093: He is all in my head Chapter 1094: Turned into a half waste Chapter 1095: Saved a child Chapter 1096: Meet Ye Shu Chapter 1097: Don't say leaving Chapter 1098: Children without moms Chapter 1099: Beauty is human nature Chapter 1100: Lele's mom is so beautiful Chapter 1101: Do what should be done Chapter 1102: Lele used to... Chapter 1103: The truth about being lost Chapter 1104: Until now Chapter 1105: divorce Chapter 1106: Underwear Chapter 1107: The most shining single Chapter 1108: But can't let her go Chapter 1109: I have to go to bed to dream Chapter 1110: It's the type that Lord Shen would like Chapter 1111: The number of competitors is even more numerous Chapter 1112: Sister-in-law is here Chapter 1113: Watch them show affection Chapter 1114: It's too expensive Chapter 1115: Put away the color of contempt Chapter 1116: Willing to follow the rules Chapter 1117: Only you, the person I trust most Chapter 1118: The company will fail sooner or later Chapter 1119: More powerful than expected Chapter 1120: This is the rule set now Chapter 1121: Difficult customers Chapter 1122: Today is a bit hanged Chapter 1123: One foot horizontally Chapter 1124: Just relying on you, are you worthy to fight with us? Chapter 1125: It's a treasure Chapter 1126: Kiss him Chapter 1127: Don't work hard, you know Chapter 1128: But i want to follow you Chapter 1129: relax Chapter 1130: The most attractive scenery Chapter 1131: But beware Chapter 1132: Self-holding identity Chapter 1133: Fancy such a dull woman Chapter 1134: Of course you have to take care of it yourself Chapter 1135: I'll compare everything to Master Shen Chapter 1136: Waiting to see Chu Ning's joke Chapter 1137: It's against the sky! Chapter 1138: Fully crushed by Chuning Chapter 1139: Like so much Chapter 1140: In this way, it will be more relaxed Chapter 1141: Betrayal of the whole world Chapter 1142: Feel very fresh Chapter 1143: Concave shape tool Chapter 1144: Avoid smashing the sign when you get it Chapter 1145: The more people see Chu Ning shame, the better Chapter 1146: Surrender automatically Chapter 1147: Hit the same position Chapter 1148: In case of knocking Chapter 1149: Do what should be done Chapter 1150: Son is worthy of inheriting the family business Chapter 1151: Women don't have a life of their own Chapter 1152: I will go with you Chapter 1153: Well-meaning person Chapter 1154: Please save He Boyuan first Chapter 1155: Why should he direct the rescue? Chapter 1156: This is the medicine given by Chu Ning Chapter 1157: Miscarriage, hysterectomy Chapter 1158: Just do what you should do Chapter 1159: What kind of man are you Chapter 1160: There are still kind thoughts, right? Chapter 1161: Give up Shen Jingyu and throw into my arms Chapter 1162: I will return it personally Chapter 1163: Murderous spirit that obliterates humanity Chapter 1164: I never have the habit of owing others Chapter 1165: Extremely dangerous fear Chapter 1166: You must use pain in exchange for hate Chapter 1167: Do you want to know why the abortion Chapter 1168: Endless regrets Chapter 1169: out of control Chapter 1170: He doesn't owe anymore Chapter 1171: More trust in Mr. Any Chapter 1172: Can afford these two words Chapter 1173: The grievances gradually spread Chapter 1174: Don't move, let me see Chapter 1175: Can I get a massage? Chapter 1176: Splash dirty water on Chu Ning's head Chapter 1177: Stand up and testify! Chapter 1178: She is his possession Chapter 1179: You said it, it doesn't count! Chapter 1180: Did he come out to give a false testimony? Chapter 1181: This is really amazing Chapter 1182: We support Chu Ning! Chapter 1183: Miss Chu, I'm sorry Chapter 1184: For the rest of your life Chapter 1185: Promise without regrets Chapter 1186: Winner of life Chapter 1187: Going back at night, I... Chapter 1188: Will anyone marry her Chapter 1189: Ningning likes it, buy it! Chapter 1190: The contrast is too tragic Chapter 1191: Shen Jingyu Chapter 1192: You promised me personally~ Chapter 1193: What is the relationship Chapter 1194: If He Ning and An An are still there Chapter 1195: I have my own calculations in my heart Chapter 1196: Is it dumb? Chapter 1197: Don't even dislike you Chapter 1198: Such a woman makes fun of Lele Chapter 1199: Slap face directly Chapter 1200: Smart Lele Chapter 1201: That's disgusting Chapter 1202: A man who doesn't want to marry you Chapter 1203: Shen Jingyu is so good, go and marry him Chapter 1204: Try to get pregnant early Chapter 1205: Physical strength is too good Chapter 1206: Jealousy Chapter 1207: Best situation Chapter 1208: Unclear relationship Chapter 1209: Strong to abnormal body Chapter 1210: What does this mean? Chapter 1211: I just can say it, can't I say it now? Chapter 1212: Scared me Chapter 1213: Lonely man and widow in the same room Chapter 1214: Air-like existence Chapter 1215: Steal Chapter 1216: Revenge for teasing and mocking Chapter 1217: No one is on her side Chapter 1218: divorce Chapter 1219: Defeated to nothing Chapter 1220: I really didn't see it Chapter 1221: Let's start with Ye Shu Chapter 1222: Cut off contact with her immediately Chapter 1223: Ye Shu took the initiative to seduce him Chapter 1224: Destroy other people's families Chapter 1225: Sleeping advertisers pull investment Chapter 1226: Sophistry Chapter 1227: Has such great potential Chapter 1228: Divestment Chapter 1229: Deceived by one's own arrogance Chapter 1230: Too lazy to explain to you Chapter 1231: Please accept my apologies Chapter 1232: Save me Chapter 1233: Who else will she pick? Chapter 1234: That is their blessings and fate Chapter 1235: How dare you come to obstruct? Chapter 1236: It must be the best to sit Chapter 1237: Dont change, Ill just sit here Chapter 1238: Mind your own business Chapter 1239: Only for envy Chapter 1240: Still a family after all Chapter 1241: Openly not put Ms. Shen in his eyes Chapter 1242: It's going to be upset Chapter 1243: Shen Jingyu's murderous spirit Chapter 1244: The photos are too hot Chapter 1245: Can't get rid of the relationship Chapter 1246: Relationship, very secret Chapter 1247: Sister guardian mad demon, the young master is the first Chapter 1248: Eat a bunch of flying vinegar Chapter 1249: Watch your own results Chapter 1250: A man more powerful than Shen Jingyu Chapter 1251: Is this man so scumbag? Chapter 1252: Men are big trotter Chapter 1253: Is it a liar? Chapter 1254: Every scumbag has its own scum Chapter 1255: Arty, good reputation Chapter 1256: Quan Shao took the initiative to join in Chapter 1257: Intent Chapter 1258: Terribly uncomfortable Chapter 1259: Really know the goods Chapter 1260: Chu Ning, what are you? Chapter 1261: Just ruin it Chapter 1262: Miss Chu, you are too savage Chapter 1263: Don't even know this Chapter 1264: Quan Shao in the background Chapter 1265: Who is a liar Chapter 1266: He really is Lord Shen's own son Chapter 1267: What's the problem Chapter 1268: is fake Chapter 1269: Come to show off Chapter 1270: The attitude of stepping down and worshiping high is really annoying Chapter 1271: Thank you for not dating Chapter 1272: Dream love Chapter 1273: Understated luxury Chapter 1274: Spend big money, Pomeranian smiles Chapter 1275: Fight with yourself? Chapter 1276: See you as a fool Chapter 1277: got engaged Chapter 1278: Face slap, just face slap Chapter 1279: No emotion at all Chapter 1280: Enjoy the worship of everyone Chapter 1281: More than graceful, not domineering Chapter 1282: Quan Shao is gone! Chapter 1283: con man! Chapter 1284: I'm Kwon Siri Chapter 1285: Uncover the fig leaf of Shen Sihai Chapter 1286: Astronomical debt Chapter 1287: Let Shen Xuan die Chapter 1288: Scandals are flying all over the sky Chapter 1289: I chose to cooperate with Shen Ye Chapter 1290: Just rely on this face Chapter 1291: He Ning is back! Chapter 1292: Huh, man Chapter 1293: Cinnabar nevus on the apex of the heart Chapter 1294: How could I hide it from his eyes Chapter 1295: Is now a real girlfriend Chapter 1296: Admit one's position Chapter 1297: Cunning and petty Chapter 1298: It's best to take advantage of this time Chapter 1299: Don't you love me anymore? Chapter 1300: Feel the pressure Chapter 1301: Be fair to yourself Chapter 1302: Don't keep people like you Chapter 1303: Consolation to Ningning who worked so hard Chapter 1304: With endless hints Chapter 1305: Looks so loving Chapter 1306: Why reverse black and white Chapter 1307: Mothers are expensive with children Chapter 1308: Ugliness brings trouble Chapter 1309: Not so low Chapter 1310: There is something like a ghost Chapter 1311: I will come to you every night Chapter 1312: First to share his joy Chapter 1313: Will spend the rest of his life, treat her with tenderness Chapter 1314: Worthy of this life Chapter 1315: Too lazy to expose her Chapter 1316: Willing to be a layman Chapter 1317: ungrateful Chapter 1318: He can't bear me anymore Chapter 1319: But what about the evidence? Chapter 1320: You are least qualified to beat her Chapter 1321: Since she lost her baby Chapter 1322: Pierced the heart Chapter 1323: I'm not in the mood to show my sympathy Chapter 1324: Miss Ye, leave Yiming Chapter 1325: I want to give my child a complete home Chapter 1326: Never turn over Chapter 1327: This child belongs to her Chapter 1328: What's wrong with Ye Shu Chapter 1329: It's impossible to find a kid to pretend Chapter 1330: Three abuses Chapter 1331: Gave him a hug Chapter 1332: Exactly like He Yiming Chapter 1333: Marriage is not so glorious Chapter 1334: The only condition Chapter 1335: Used to take care of others first Chapter 1336: Let you go Chapter 1337: Things to do between unmarried couples Chapter 1338: Half push Chapter 1339: I hit him Chapter 1340: Like a thorn Chapter 1341: I lost my duty as a human being Chapter 1342: Now, not rare! Chapter 1343: The rumors are true Chapter 1344: No way Chapter 1345: What good things did you buy? Chapter 1346: It turned out to be for Ye Shu Chapter 1347: Share with everyone Chapter 1348: Show affection in front of others (plus more) Chapter 1349: How long can I be proud of (plus more) Chapter 1350: Stabbed on the tip of her heart (plus more) Chapter 1351: Joy on the eyebrows (plus more) Chapter 1352: Corrupted feelings (plus more) Chapter 1353: It's like two people (plus more) Chapter 1354: Comes with a sense of alienation Chapter 1355: What are your intentions Chapter 1356: Deterrence is amazing Chapter 1357: Sister, what do you like to eat Chapter 1358: I will bring you something Chapter 1359: Needed and cherished Chapter 1360: The difference is quite obvious Chapter 1361: Ningning and I thought of a way Chapter 1362: It's nice to have a mom Chapter 1363: White lotus Chapter 1364: A legend in the music industry Chapter 1365: How could Ye Shu get it Chapter 1366: Flashed a trace of distress Chapter 1367: Have ulterior motives Chapter 1368: I got all this by relying on my face Chapter 1369: You must kill this little vixen Chapter 1370: It's really too much noise Chapter 1371: I heard there are man-made rumors Chapter 1372: Treat children of rivals as one's own Chapter 1373: Tasted the sweetness Chapter 1374: Like a treasure Chapter 1375: Thousands of horses are also unforgettable Chapter 1376: Professional standard Chapter 1377: my child Chapter 1378: You see how loving he is Chapter 1379: Character things can be adjusted Chapter 1380: Something unbelievable Chapter 1381: Don't push too much Chapter 1382: Plant the seeds of the dark side Chapter 1383: Great distance Chapter 1384: The person who hugs oneself Chapter 1385: Already so close Chapter 1386: What's easy to learn Chapter 1387: Bright light Chapter 1388: Uncomfortable feeling Chapter 1389: "Chat" alone Chapter 1390: How to avoid risks Chapter 1391: She is gone Chapter 1392: I underestimate my beauty and charm Chapter 1393: He came here Chapter 1394: Pick her home Chapter 1395: Shameless dog stuff Chapter 1396: In a hurry Chapter 1397: Was beaten by him Chapter 1398: Boyfriend force max Chapter 1399: Fatal attraction Chapter 1400: Almost time to let go Chapter 1401: return to the past Chapter 1402: I try to fight for Chapter 1403: Have a secret Chapter 1404: Have the ability to persuade him Chapter 1405: What proof do you have Chapter 1406: Let her know how good we are Chapter 1407: Insatisfaction is a disease Chapter 1408: Afraid he doesn't want himself Chapter 1409: Can I call you mother? Chapter 1410: Mother and son love Chapter 1411: Must get the head start Chapter 1412: What she fears most Chapter 1413: Too ignorant Chapter 1414: Bad premonition Chapter 1415: Cold all over the body Chapter 1416: He heard it! Chapter 1417: Real man Chapter 1418: What's coming for me Chapter 1419: Ye Shu's bastard Chapter 1420: Isn't it ugly just like that? Chapter 1421: I will not change to you Chapter 1422: Close to the truth Chapter 1423: Lost and recovered Chapter 1424: Not dreaming Chapter 1425: Is it the real one? Chapter 1426: Kidnapped him Chapter 1427: Hurry and return the child Chapter 1428: She is a liar Chapter 1429: Be jealous for men Chapter 1430: What's wrong with me? Chapter 1431: How much did your master make? Chapter 1432: Give Ye Shu a face Chapter 1433: Really dreaming Chapter 1434: We can chat privately Chapter 1435: The only way to choose Chapter 1436: Not much progress Chapter 1437: Lighted up Chapter 1438: the person I like Chapter 1439: The miracle of older youth Chapter 1440: Really persuaded Chapter 1441: How can I give up my previous achievements? Chapter 1442: So proud Chapter 1443: Praying manly arms as a car, irresponsible Chapter 1444: It's so useless Chapter 1445: Either deaf or dumb Chapter 1446: Highest record Chapter 1447: Who gave them freedom and rights Chapter 1448: Last student Chapter 1449: What counts? Chapter 1450: You must be better Chapter 1451: You will be scared Chapter 1452: At this time, I'm still eating Chapter 1453: Enough to conquer me Chapter 1454: Unexpected guest Chapter 1455: Arbitrary and gullible Chapter 1456: Overflowing aura Chapter 1457: Hugging her passionately Chapter 1458: Helped a lot Chapter 1459: Heart is a little empty Chapter 1460: A touch of pain emerged Chapter 1461: For the kindness of friends Chapter 1462: Essential impact Chapter 1463: Maintaining the status quo Chapter 1464: injured? Chapter 1465: Fighting with someone again? Chapter 1466: Dismantle the platform regardless of anything Chapter 1467: Could it be you... Chapter 1468: Really pregnant Chapter 1469: Don't want this kid Chapter 1470: Saw myself Chapter 1471: Must have Chapter 1472: There will be no compensation! Chapter 1473: Afraid of being entangled? Chapter 1474: I know how to do it Chapter 1475: Aborted Chapter 1476: Disappeared together Chapter 1477: Is it hers? Chapter 1478: Sorry, I think too much Chapter 1479: Maintain dignity Chapter 1480: Does he really like himself Chapter 1481: Shocked Chapter 1482: Too spine Chapter 1483: Young Master Jun actually came in person Chapter 1484: Naturally has his arrogance Chapter 1485: Waiting for her compromise Chapter 1486: I'm venting Chu Ning Chapter 1487: I forgive you Chapter 1488: Don't leave if you can't finish it Chapter 1489: Got vomited Chapter 1490: No need to exist Chapter 1491: Sir, you passed Chapter 1492: My eyes are the evidence Chapter 1493: Maximum persistence and loyalty Chapter 1494: Caused a major shake Chapter 1495: Men dont like sweets Chapter 1496: Nothing is left Chapter 1497: Luck and misfortune Chapter 1498: Yes, my wife Chapter 1499: Closed my mouth tightly Chapter 1500: The timing is very good Chapter 1501: I have to go Chapter 1502: Damn it Chapter 1503: For what? Are you looking for death? Chapter 1504: Kill me Chapter 1505: Stay and be a hostage Chapter 1506: Are you still going to break the ring? Chapter 1507: Can i help Chapter 1508: People who dare to move me are looking for death Chapter 1509: It turned out to rely on Shen Muhan's help Chapter 1510: Don't want to admit it, come for her Chapter 1511: The only possibility... Chapter 1512: Not Shen Muhan's opponent Chapter 1513: Give up Chu Zhuohang Chapter 1514: Stupid woman Chapter 1515: Feel weird Chapter 1516: Bad name Chapter 1517: Painful Chapter 1518: There is no hope of surviving Chapter 1519: Suspicion is Shen Sihai's trouble Chapter 1520: Terrible enemy Chapter 1521: You don't know anything Chapter 1522: Some lives are cheap Chapter 1523: Fake video Chapter 1524: Made such a mistake Chapter 1525: I won't go back Chapter 1526: We don't want to be men Chapter 1527: I can't forgive myself even if I die Chapter 1528: Stupid woman Chapter 1529: Stop being stupid Chapter 1530: If you dare to plot something wrong Chapter 1531: Can only be described as stupid Chapter 1532: You take her back Chapter 1533: I won't have you in the future Chapter 1534: Leave no trace Chapter 1535: Miss Chu's signal is here Chapter 1536: Nothing to blame you Chapter 1537: No one is worth Chapter 1538: Feishen came to her early Chapter 1539: Full of security Chapter 1540: Can be overcompleted Chapter 1541: My good son Chapter 1542: Slow down and don't worry Chapter 1543: At the bottom of the food chain Chapter 1544: Also my doubt Chapter 1545: It won't hurt if you are there Chapter 1546: You are my best medicine Chapter 1547: Lack of empathy Chapter 1548: Different thrilling Chapter 1549: Think more about each other Chapter 1550: Eager to change this Chapter 1551: The fate of the mouse Chapter 1552: Everything is just right Chapter 1553: There is no shortage of people who are cows and horses Chapter 1554: Psychological torture Chapter 1555: No one loves no one loves Chapter 1556: With an improved version Chapter 1557: Don't you have a good temper Chapter 1558: Some hurt self-esteem Chapter 1559: What burned by the heat Chapter 1560: But you are going to kill my son Chapter 1561: I believe I will wake up soon Chapter 1562: It hurts everywhere Chapter 1563: Don't worry about you kids Chapter 1564: Can't die anyway Chapter 1565: Was actually asleep by a woman Chapter 1566: I will deal with it myself Chapter 1567: Red blood Chapter 1568: Almost enough Chapter 1569: Special physiological condition Chapter 1570: Friendship between men Chapter 1571: When alone between a man and a woman Chapter 1572: Big wind and big waves Chapter 1573: Take a program Chapter 1574: Why should I harm him? Chapter 1575: Don't blame me for being polite Chapter 1576: Is a heartless person Chapter 1577: Damn it all Chapter 1578: Blood for blood Chapter 1579: Don't rely on me to like you Chapter 1580: His heart Chapter 1581: Phoenix Chapter 1582: Just rely on this, what do you want to explain Chapter 1583: Shen Jingyu is really his son? Chapter 1584: Betray a friend Chapter 1585: Everything is you Chapter 1586: go to hell Chapter 1587: She hates so much in her heart Chapter 1588: Take it and check the DNA Chapter 1589: Xiaobao...It's Mommy I'm sorry Chapter 1590: I don't have any hope in my heart Chapter 1591: As if in her heart Chapter 1592: It's really a wonderful thing to hug her