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The writer's inner sound, inner sight, and speech are mirrored to the reader's imagination. When reading this story, one must have a vivid imagination to fully grasp the details. Art of reading.

The Empire of He, Palace

In a very long table, two men are meeting in the opposite direction. The one whose appearance looks youthful is Emperor He Mo while his company is an Elder and the Patriarch of the Sword Cultivators Clan. The elder speaks in a very humble tone while the young emperor eagerly listens to him.

"Your majesty, I will tell you the description of the swords and also the person who wields the weapon. I shall start with my granddaughter. She manifests a weapon called Thin Sword.

This is the prized possession of our clan your majesty. A sword that is worthy of its name since it appears to be almost transparent.

The Thin Sword is also called an invisible sword. The appearance of this sword is of great advantage as enemies can hardly detect the weapon before it hits them. My granddaughter's training is superior and she is well respected by everyone in my clan. She is but also a perfect lady your excellency." the Elder paused with a gentle smile on his lips as he speaks.

The young emperor continuously nodded his head but did not speak a word allowing the elder to continue. The elder obliged.

"Your majesty, the second sword is called Spiral Sword. Unlike the Thin Sword, this weapon is not named after its appearance. This sword looks very ordinary like a double fuller long-sword that some men use.

The reason why this is called Spiral Sword is because of the unique stab wound when hit by the weapon. There is a gradual widening in the flesh which is similar to a spiral shape thus the name came from.

For an ordinary swordsman, this weapon appears to be very ordinary but I ask your majesty to never be deceived by its standard looks for I have witnessed with my two eyes the real exquisite appearance of this weapon. Around the fuller of this sword are six tiny thorn-like blades.

Two of the blades resemble a four-petal of an ordinary flower but each tip is very sharp. The other four blades have the resemblance of a single snowflake. If someone is adept in concealed weapons, these six blades can easily be identified as ninja stars.


It is unknown to me how these blades were manifested and utilized but one thing that I have observed, the user of this sword is capable of detaching these six blades and attaching them back. This is why the sword may appear like of those ordinary double fuller long-sword." the elder gazed down the table trying his best to check the details from his memories.

"According to your words, I admit that these two weapons are very useful to me." the young emperor finally speaks while looking at the elder in the eye.

"Yes, your majesty." the elder quietly said in agreement.

"Then if the user of the Thin Sword is your granddaughter, is it your grandson who wields the Spiral Sword?" The emperor inquired.

"Your majesty, you might not know this but my sons were not able to produce male children forcing us to train my granddaughters instead. As for the wielder of the Spiral Sword, she is a distant relative." the elder stated not meeting him in the eye.

He was ashamed of the knowledge of having to pass down his responsibility to her granddaughter in front of the emperor. But the emperor seems not to mind this idea, instead, he asked the elder about the wielder of the Spiral Sword.

"Your majesty, the Spiral Sword looks ordinary and so is the person who wields the weapon. I consider her a distant relative and have also lived far away thus, she is not known to the people in my clan.

The information that I share with you about this person is just between me as the head of the clan and her family. Even my granddaughter has not seen her. By appearance and character, this person is modest and meek but I will have to repeat your majesty, do not be deceived! The person may appear demure but I have also witnessed the demonic beast persona this person possessed.

You see your majesty, the reason why there is no grandson in my family is because of the Spirit Cultivator Clan. A long time ago, they are the kind of people that are capable of cultivating their spirits and use spells and curses to fight. They have envied my clan's success thus, viciously throwing the wives of my sons a curse to not conceived male children.

The mother of this person was not excluded. As far as I know, her mother was cursed twice because two years after her birth, the Spirit Cultivator Clan found out through a special spell that the lady was pregnant and the fetus she carries in her womb is a boy.

The second curse became fatal to both the mother and the unborn child. Her father which is also one of the best cultivators in our generation thoroughly investigated the matter and learned all the wrongdoings of the Spirit Cultivator Clan and their involvement in his wife's death.

After the eighth anniversary of her mother's death, this person and her father told me everything and asked my permission to attack the Spirit Cultivator Clan. The three of us agree and immediately formed a plan. Our intention is to completely erase them!

To avoid suspicions from the spies of our enemy, we decided to take the matter personally. Only the three of us ventured to the Spirit Cultivators' territories and fought all of them. There, your majesty, I have witnessed the weapon this person manifests and her skills during the fight.

Even to this day your majesty, I am still amazed at how her single slash sword strike is capable of killing dozens of our opponents that day. Her father must have trained her well. Her sword skill is very unique and can only be utilized using the weapon she has.

We successfully annihilated the whole Spirit Cultivator Clan and completely eradicate their existence along with the skills they have, their bloodline, and their legacy. Today, spells and curses are no longer feared by the citizens but had become a part of some folktales!

To me, it was complete retribution for the things they have done to my clan. After our success, the two father-daughter asked permission to just live peacefully.

It has been a decade and I, the head of the Sword Cultivator Clan never dared control this person for I have witnessed how terrifying she is.

You must understand your majesty that in this world, ordinary people respect the person with authority while the people in authority respects only the strong and competent.

I gave her the freedom of what she wants to do. I have also discussed the situation in our empire with her your majesty and she agrees to help." the elder said with a little caution laced in his tone as he finished telling his story to the young emperor.

The emperor stared at him for a minute while processing the information he just learned. After a while, the emperor thanked him for the help and told him that he would meet the two swordswomen the following day.

In the darkness of the night, this elder went directly to the place where the person who uses the Spiral Sword lives. After a few conversations together with her father, the two of them head back to the house of the Elder.

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