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Ten-party Tianyu, with ten talents, each heavy day is a vast world. Shifang Tianyu advocates martial arts practice. From the first heaven to the tenth heaven, there is a time and space portal connected between each heavenly domain. Only with sufficient strength can it enter the next heavenly domain through the space-time portal and reach higher. Level.

Legend has it that the tenth day of the Ten Thousand Tianyu contains the secret of the world. As long as it can enter the tenth heaven, it will reach the eternal state of immortality, immortality, and the perfect ten-party god.


North Yanguo, Fengjian City.

The sky looks a little dim, and it will be covered by the night.

Lin Tian took a black iron sword, the wet clothes were broken, mixed with blood and mud, and the delicate cheeks were also with blood marks. For so, Lin Tian couldn't help but laugh: "Ha ha ha ha ha, Laozi is alive back! Thieves, you have some conscience!"

There are still a lot of pedestrians on the street, and they all look like they are disgusted.

"Nervous disease!"

"The parents are missing, the family business is broken, is it not crazy?"

"Be far from the broom star, don't get any bad luck."

Pedestrians point and point, there are many arguments.

Lin Tian is too lazy to take care of these people and walk in one direction.

Lin Tian passed through. He was originally a human being. Ten days ago, because of an accident, he crossed into this strange world and attached to a young master. This young man with the same name is not a child of the martial arts family, but his father is the first merchant of Fengjian City, and his wealth is amazing.

Lin Tian is speechless. After getting the memory of the original owner of the body, he is a bit stupid. This two years ago, the parents disappeared. This young master did not care about the opposition of the old butler and insisted that the fiance Xiao Yuns Xiao family help. In the business, as a result, in two years, the family property was eaten up and cleaned, and he was killed by Xiao. At that time, Lin Tian happened to cross and attached to the young master.

What is even more depressing is that after the resurrection, he finally accepted this strange world after ten days. He walked out of the Lin family's old house for the first time, but he walked on the street and happened to meet the Xiao who was flirting. Rhyme and Mawson, after a short surprise between the two sides, Mason actually shot him directly.

I think the ordinary people of his two generations, how are the opponents of Mason from the martial arts family, were knocked down by Mossen in the blink of an eye, tied to the outside of the city and beaten the cliff directly, so there is a water pool under the cliff. He just managed to save his life and returned after a trek.

"This pair of dogs, men and women, I will kill you!"

Lin Tians awkward martyrdom.

At this time, the sky was completely dark and the air seemed a bit cold.

Lin Tians clothes were soaked, and a sneeze was made in the cold wind. As the shoulders swayed, the purple bell at the end of the iron sword rang out the bell. This iron sword was found in the cave under the cliff, and the wind in the cave blew the purple bell, letting him find the way back.

"I don't know how Lin Xi is going."

Lin Tian said to himself.

He also has a younger sister in this strange world. The little girl is called Lin Xi. It is very clever and sensible. In the past ten days, because he crossed the strange world, he was very decadent. Lin Xi was always taking care of him.

Thinking of Lin Xi, Lin Tian could not help but reveal a soft smile.

Enduring the coldness and pain of the body, soon, Lin Tian came to a bleak house, which was the old house of Lin.

"I finally came back. I have to go out for so long, Lin Xi should be worried."

Lin Tian chuckled.

He reached out and pushed to the door.

At this moment, a fearful female voice came from the house, mixed with two sinister laughter, and suddenly Lin Tian's face changed.

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Chapter 945: Eight forces have killed Chapter 946: Ye Tong suffers Chapter 947: Poor leaf boy Chapter 948: Poisonous woman Chapter 949: You also try to lose the taste of your eyes. Chapter 950: Yejia horror Chapter 951: Retrieve the **** eye Chapter 952: Wei Linzhen Chapter 953: Torture Chapter 954: Kill the true moon and teach, the true ancestor Chapter 955: True moon cracking Chapter 956: Xianyuan Baoshu Chapter 957: Ancient ruins of the intrinsic source Chapter 958: Princess Yao Chapter 959: The source is sublimated Chapter 960: Princess Yao Family Distress Chapter 961: Stone room Chapter 962: Dozens of corpses Chapter 963: Demonstration Chapter 964: Return to Ye Family Chapter 965: Broken eyes Chapter 966: God's eye is difficult to repair Chapter 967: Not a comet Chapter 968: Divine manifestation Chapter 969: Destroyed Chapter 970: Break the eyes of the gods Chapter 971: Uncle, go to church? Chapter 972: I am the king of gods Chapter 973: Chapter 974: Meditate and force the blood Chapter 975: Shocking the world (first) Chapter 976: The killer is coming again (second more) Chapter 977: Blood Soul Curse (third) Chapter 978: Luck is also strength (fourth more) Chapter 979: Pure Yang Yan (first more) Chapter 980: Half step to realize the truth (second more) Chapter 981: Destroy Thundercloud (third more) Chapter 982: To Shen Dan (fourth more) Chapter 983: Ten times the strength (first more) Chapter 984: Days of robbery (second more) Chapter 985: The last robbery (third more) Chapter 986: A few more years (fourth more) Chapter 987: Old drunkard on the emperor (first) Chapter 988: Old drunkard Emperor (second) Chapter 989: Emperor old alcoholic (third) Chapter 990: Qing Xuan Fusheng (first) Chapter 991: The five major sects are completely destroyed (second more) Chapter 992: Visit Yao Jia (third more) Chapter 993: See also the source of the essence (first) Chapter 994: Become a source of madness (second more) Chapter 995: Holy Spirit Stone (third more) Chapter 996: Take the fairy stone to the valley (first) Chapter 997: Holy Spirit Stone to Hand (Second) Chapter 998: Holy level fairy bow (third more) Chapter 999: Holy Bow Chapter 1000: a peerless strongman from the future Chapter 1001: God King Girl Chapter 1002: The Seven Great Gods Chapter 1003: Because my name is Lin Chapter 1004: Eternal Shinto Chapter 1005: Killing the future in the world Chapter 1006: The real king of God, all come Chapter 1007: Time is eternal, a flower blooms Chapter 1008: Burial the king Chapter 1009: After chaos Chapter 1010: respectively Chapter 1011: Going to the seventh day Chapter 1012: Zhan Jia ambush Chapter 1013: What are you Zhans family? Chapter 1014: familiar person Chapter 1015: No clothes Chapter 1016: Killing you Chapter 1017: Not to the island Chapter 1018: Don't block the road, understand? Chapter 1019: Unfathomable Chapter 1020: Tianzun undressed Chapter 1021: Ling Tian Chapter 1022: Difficult situation Chapter 1023: Wu Zhen Sizhong Chapter 1024: Go to Xuanwu Wangzong to go Chapter 1025: He, I cover it, understand? Chapter 1026: Bold annihilation Chapter 1027: Holy Light Void Double King Chapter 1028: Source Taiji diagram Chapter 1029: Two great gods Chapter 1030: Wu Zhenqiu Chapter 1031: Holy soldier shooting chaos Chapter 1032: Auntie Chapter 1033: Anzhen family ancestor Chapter 1034: Killing chaos Chapter 1035: The seventh sword soul fragment Chapter 1036: Promote again Chapter 1037: Zhan Jia Chapter 1038: Zhan's family Chapter 1039: Blood Soul Carnival Chapter 1040: Cruelty Chapter 1041: Cross-sky bombing Chapter 1042: People have not arrived, the name is nine heavens Chapter 1043: Dangerous thing Chapter 1044: Emperor's corpse Chapter 1045: Wu Zhen Jiuzhong Chapter 1046: Two years of retreat Chapter 1047: Preparation for the robbery, forging armor Chapter 1048: Open terrain, suitable for robbery Chapter 1049: Dozens of nirvana Chapter 1050: Ride together Chapter 1051: Bringing the robbers to kill Nirvana Chapter 1052: Complete extinction Chapter 1053: Cross robbery Chapter 1054: You are really shameless. Chapter 1055: Xijingzhou Chapter 1056: Five elements family Chapter 1057: Frightened by the four elephant seal Chapter 1058: Goodbye Nether Dragon Chapter 1059: Guild War Dragon Chapter 1060: Magic dragon nine points Chapter 1061: Strong dragon blood Chapter 1062: Netherland Chapter 1063: Dragon Slayer, Lock Dragon Soul Chapter 1064: Nirvana Chapter 1065: Chu family reaction Chapter 1066: Dragon Soul Forged Holy Bow Chapter 1067: Full of killing Chapter 1068: Killing the Chu family Chapter 1069: Bizarre mountain Chapter 1070: Destroy all Chapter 1071: Taiyin Xianfu Chapter 1072: Half step emperor Chapter 1073: Killing the half-step emperor Chapter 1074: Another stronghold under the Great Lakes Chapter 1075: Cross-day transfer station Chapter 1076: Ninth day domain Chapter 1077: Lushan Chapter 1078: Dangdao climbs Chapter 1079: Challenge again Chapter 1080: Nine Heavens First Battle Chapter 1081: Nine and a half steps Chapter 1082: The brain is funny? Chapter 1083: Killing the horror Chapter 1084: Please die first. Chapter 1085: Kill half-step emperor Chapter 1086: Don't want to give you this opportunity Chapter 1087: Half step emperor Chapter 1088: a battle for nine days Chapter 1089: Taichu Xianling Chapter 1090: Suspected tomb Chapter 1091: Emperor jade Chapter 1092: Mozong Master Chapter 1093: Magic swallow Tianyu Chapter 1094: Fierce confrontation Chapter 1095: Residual jade Chapter 1096: Bottomless abyss Chapter 1097: Emperor grave key Chapter 1098: Located in the main room of the tomb Chapter 1099: Remnant jade gift Chapter 1100: Starry sky Chapter 1101: Vision Chapter 1102: Little guy is born Chapter 1103: Encirclement Chapter 1104: Enemy on all sides Chapter 1105: Four great Chapter 1106: Not enough to see, far away! Chapter 1107: Invincible style Chapter 1108: Human weapon Chapter 1109: Little Taishen Shenwei Chapter 1110: Arrow kills the devil Chapter 1111: Kill all Chapter 1112: Nine days of vibration Chapter 1113: God operator Chapter 1114: Broken soul Chapter 1115: I am also very happy. Chapter 1116: Go to the south domain Chapter 1117: Nine killing Chapter 1118: Unfathomable little guy Chapter 1119: Deduction of the beginning of the small Chapter 1120: Thunder and thunder Chapter 1121: Avenue surrender Chapter 1122: The knives of the world Chapter 1123: Celestial ancestor Chapter 1124: Mirror essence Chapter 1125: eccentric Chapter 1126: Follow you, can you? Chapter 1127: Heavenly safe haven Chapter 1128: Immortal bone group Chapter 1129: Ancient temple Chapter 1130: Totem willingness Chapter 1131: Ancient temple Chapter 1132: Ninth Soul Calibur (first) Chapter 1133: Still lacking (second more) Chapter 1134: Twins (third) Chapter 1135: God murders the emperor (first) Chapter 1136: Destroy the Son of God (second more) Chapter 1137: Chenghua Avenue (third) Chapter 1138: Smashing (first) Chapter 1139: Second killer (second more) Chapter 1140: Little too angry at the beginning (third more) Chapter 1141: Remorseful annihilation Chapter 1142: Quasi-Emperor Chapter 1143: Projection Chapter 1144: Find the main family of the dynasty Chapter 1145: Appetizers only Chapter 1146: Destructive gift Chapter 1147: Yilong Dragon Ball Chapter 1148: Bizarre bones Chapter 1149: Source of destruction Chapter 1150: Carrying the destruction of Dragon Ball Chapter 1151: Sweeping the sea Chapter 1152: Hard to kill Chapter 1153: Destroy Chapter 1154: The two emperors Chapter 1155: Shenhong Longyu Chapter 1156: True Dragon Medicine Chapter 1157: Quasi-Emperor is the servant Chapter 1158: Undead ghost Chapter 1159: Blood bones Chapter 1160: The threat of undead Chapter 1161: Reincarnation Chapter 1162: at all costs Chapter 1163: Ten Emperors attacked Chapter 1164: The demon palace to aid Chapter 1165: Demon Tower Chapter 1166: Chapter 1167: The Chaos Emperor came one after another Chapter 1168: Lingyun's Master Millennium Sword Emperor Chapter 1169: Emperor's solar body Chapter 1170: One word and one emperor Chapter 1171: Nothing Chapter 1172: Sweeping the emperors Chapter 1173: Sixth heavy four-image seal Chapter 1174: End avenue Chapter 1175: Infinitely close to the people of heaven Chapter 1176: Strong in the end Chapter 1177: Jiuquan Emperor Sword Chapter 1178: One look Chapter 1179: Family of three Chapter 1180: Feng Dian Ancient Area Chapter 1181: Nether Chapter 1182: Find the purple elf Chapter 1183: Space storm Chapter 1184: Who is small? Chapter 1185: Nether fruit Chapter 1186: Unspeakable Chapter 1187: Unexpected wonders of Nether Fruit Chapter 1188: Nirvana Chapter 1189: Sealed half-step emperor Chapter 1190: Xian Ling Ling Yu Chapter 1191: The emperor and the Tianbao pressed to Chapter 1192: Dead ridge Chapter 1193: Ancient corpse Chapter 1194: Emperor Chapter 1195: Terran Chapter 1196: Looking at the moon Chapter 1197: Holy refining Chapter 1198: Yae Chapter 1199: Emperor body Chapter 1200: Pressing Tianbao Chapter 1201: Wings of the soldiers Chapter 1202: Take a day Chapter 1203: Angry Nether Emperor Chapter 1204: Nirvana Chapter 1205: Sword soul trail Chapter 1206: Tianxinshi Chapter 1207: Guild warlord Chapter 1208: Suppress the emperor Chapter 1209: Shentong Chapter 1210: Weihai battle Chapter 1211: Repression of the emperor Chapter 1212: Nether Temple Chapter 1213: The tenth sword soul fragments Chapter 1214: Ghost treasure Chapter 1215: Quasi-emperor level Chapter 1216: Tianbao-class Chapter 1217: Adjacent to the emperor Chapter 1218: Identity failure Chapter 1219: Emperor robbery Chapter 1220: Zu Wang horror Chapter 1221: Dry ticket Chapter 1222: Carrying the first robbery Chapter 1223: Zhenxian Yin Chapter 1224: Chapter 1225: Lieutenant Emperor Chapter 1226: Amane Amane Chapter 1227: Nether Heaven Chapter 1228: Get out of the way, don't get in the way : Leave one day and the following updates, sorry! Chapter 1229: Peerless Chapter 1230: Smashing Chapter 1231: Embark on the way home Chapter 1232: Guest mountain Chapter 1233: Tianzun Jiu Duan Chapter 1234: Holy Land Chapter 1235: The reincarnation is coming Chapter 1236: Two slaps Chapter 1237: Horizontally invincible Chapter 1238: Immortal array Chapter 1239: Magician Chapter 1240: Miserable old ancestors Chapter 1241: Abandoned Chapter 1242: Come again, big boiling Chapter 1243: World vibration Chapter 1244: End the battle in an instant Chapter 1245: One day to destroy the top four heritage Chapter 1246: Faerie body Chapter 1247: Goodbye Yan Yaer Chapter 1248: The power of evil spirits (first more) Chapter 1249: Reincarnation (second more) Chapter 1250: Diwei is invincible (third more) Chapter 1251: Emperor's Day (first) Chapter 1252: Terrible tiankeng (second more) Chapter 1253: Invincible (third) Chapter 1254: Nirvana Leaf Boy (first more) Chapter 1255: The death of the demon (second more) Chapter 1256: Returning to Ye Family (third more) Chapter 1257: Ye Jia tremor Chapter 1258: Visiting barbarian Chapter 1259: Third day first Chapter 1260: Nirvana Chapter 1261: See you after ten years Chapter 1262: Give Tianbao Chapter 1263: Not weak and eternal (first more) Chapter 1264: Burning Sun Shuangdi (second more) Chapter 1265: Master and apprentice (third) Chapter 1266: Peerless matchless (first) Chapter 1267: Wang Zu is coming (second more) Chapter 1268: Old people get together (third more) Chapter 1269: Emperor quadruple (first) Chapter 1270: Repair for Dajin (second more) Chapter 1271: Black Donkey Trail (third more) Chapter 1272: Friends gathered together and began to teach Chapter 1273: Like god Chapter 1274: Announce the world, the spirit joins Chapter 1275: Unparalleled grand event Chapter 1276: Xianting Chapter 1277: 100,000 sage Chapter 1278: Xiandi Chapter 1279: Dark turmoil Chapter 1280: In the name of the emperor Chapter 1281: Flat dark turmoil Chapter 1282: Singular Weili Chapter 1283: Emperor Seven Chapter 1284: Eleven Tianzun Powerful Chapter 1285: Must fight with the emperor Chapter 1286: Xianting Chapter 1287: Mysterious old drunkard Chapter 1288: most important thing Chapter 1289: When the head is a stick Chapter 1290: Tian Zun Zi Elf Chapter 1291: Six colors of light Chapter 1292: Reincarnation (first) Chapter 1293: Unique pair of nine (second) Chapter 1294: Tiankeng kills life (third more) Chapter 1295: Daohua (first more) Chapter 1296: Ankle Tianzun (second more) Chapter 1297: Thriller blood stone (third more) Chapter 1298: Nether eclipse (first more) Chapter 1299: Tianzun is completely destroyed (second more) Chapter 1300: Bloodstone Seal (third more) Chapter 1301: How is it fun? Chapter 1302: One word, kill! Chapter 1303: Killed from nine days Chapter 1304: Three slaps Chapter 1305: The old drunkard left the sword Chapter 1306: Great victory Chapter 1307: Refining and curing Chapter 1308: Tianzun Lei Chapter 1309: Land of robbery Chapter 1310: Netherstorm Chapter 1311: Pumping the ancestors Chapter 1312: Thunder Chapter 1313: Killing Tian Zun under Lei Hai Chapter 1314: No match (first) Chapter 1315: Send you to heaven (second more) Chapter 1316: Day robbery (third) Chapter 1317: Desperate Chapter 1318: Excalibur Chapter 1319: Tenth day domain Chapter 1320: The thirteenth realm of the emperor Chapter 1321: Repair for skyrocketing Chapter 1322: Unsealing the tenth day domain Chapter 1323: Preaching across the world Chapter 1324: Amazing picture Chapter 1325: Starry eyes Chapter 1326: Starry tide Chapter 1327: First homeland Chapter 1328: Disappearing orphanage Chapter 1329: anger Chapter 1330: Helping to reunite Chapter 1331: How beautiful the world is Chapter 1332: kill Chapter 1333: Demon Chapter 1334: Teaching practice Chapter 1335: Qingqiu Fox Chapter 1336: Feng Chan Taishan Chapter 1337: Taishan Chapter 1338: Secret space Chapter 1339: Tu Xianxian Chapter 1340: Shocked everyone Chapter 1341: Western Taoism Chapter 1342: Preparing for the West Chapter 1343: Longhushan Chapter 1344: a white tiger Chapter 1345: Kutenjintan Chapter 1346: West sign Chapter 1347: One person alone against the Eastern Expedition Chapter 1348: Western vibration Chapter 1349: Arthur shudder Chapter 1350: Destroy a Western system Chapter 1351: conspiracy Chapter 1352: Behind the scenes Chapter 1353: Stone book breath Chapter 1354: Half step Chapter 1355: Terror Chapter 1356: Battle against the air Chapter 1357: Phachal burial ground (first more) Chapter 1358: Suppressing the air (second more) Chapter 1359: Taishan Stone Book (third) Chapter 1360: Taishan Shenyun Stone Book Chapter 1361: Xianyu Chapter 1362: Faith power Chapter 1363: Flooding Chapter 1364: Future new road Chapter 1365: Bermuda Triangle Chapter 1366: Hongmeng Tianjing Chapter 1367: The source of the gods Chapter 1368: Xianting Lindi Star Chapter 1369: Tianzun Peak Chapter 1370: Step by step Chapter 1371: Re-casting the tower Chapter 1372: Foreigner Chapter 1373: Taishan blood Chapter 1374: Outstanding Chapter 1375: Ditan Shenwei Chapter 1376: Sealed road Chapter 1377: Full of bones Chapter 1378: Xianlu has been broken Chapter 1379: Emperor air period Chapter 1380: Purple Yan ancient star Chapter 1381: Sin Valley Chapter 1382: Emperor Chapter 1383: Pharmacopoeia imprint Chapter 1384: Pharmacopoeia Chapter 1385: Shen Dan soul treasure is at hand Chapter 1386: Master and servant Chapter 1387: Emperor Chapter 1388: I am also desperate. Chapter 1389: Native chicken Chapter 1390: Ancient fairy garden Chapter 1391: Shenyuan? Demon domain? Chapter 1392: Lightning mark Chapter 1393: Ankle Fan Family Chapter 1394: Waste residue Chapter 1395: Three immortal Chapter 1396: Take one war three Chapter 1397: Chapter 1398: The tower protector shocked everyone Chapter 1399: Exhausted Chapter 1400: Eternal Warcraft Chapter 1401: Besieged Chapter 1402: Eternal World of Warcraft wakes up Chapter 1403: Will break the true fairy Chapter 1404: Kill all Chapter 1405: Lei Hai Chapter 1406: Step by step Chapter 1407: As flat Chapter 1408: Wu Lei Zhen Tian Chapter 1409: Fanjia Taishang elders killed Chapter 1410: Thunder Chapter 1411: Full finger Chapter 1412: Familiar beastly atmosphere Chapter 1413: Half step, really help Chapter 1414: Colorful phoenix Chapter 1415: The ancestral ancestors of the Vatican Chapter 1416: violence Chapter 1417: Full Chapter 1418: Break into immortality Chapter 1419: Thunder Chapter 1420: Five thunder Chapter 1421: Zi Yan Shen Chapter 1422: Purple Yan furnace Chapter 1423: Raise your hand to immortal Chapter 1424: Five Rays of God, a full force Chapter 1425: Great harvest Chapter 1426: Purple scorpion Chapter 1427: Fighting without fighting Chapter 1428: The trend of the immortal Chapter 1429: Find the Sword Soul Shard Chapter 1430: Find the ten-party Tianyu Chapter 1431: Lin Shifang Xianting Chapter 1432: Friends and relatives gather together Chapter 1433: Friends and relatives enter the world Chapter 1434: Lushan, see no clothes Chapter 1435: You can't stand it Chapter 1436: Sermon ten Chapter 1437: Belief in the ocean Chapter 1438: a strange continent in the sky Chapter 1439: a medicinal garden, an ancient corpse Chapter 1440: Thunder murder Chapter 1441: Super heritage on the mainland Chapter 1442: Horror old man Chapter 1443: Ancient and extraordinary Chapter 1444: Tongheng ancient star Chapter 1445: Ginger home Chapter 1446: Are you coming to tease us? Chapter 1447: Red land Chapter 1448: Xiandao Shenguang Chapter 1449: Send the treasure to come! Chapter 1450: Enmity Chapter 1451: South Luobao Pavilion Chapter 1452: Zhenxianxianfu Chapter 1453: Nan Luo is terrified Chapter 1454: Secret world Chapter 1455: Constant boiling Chapter 1456: Big Luolong Jindan Chapter 1457: True fairy corpse Chapter 1458: Four eternal Chapter 1459: True fairy corpse Chapter 1460: Fierce Chapter 1461: Four major heritages Chapter 1462: Yuan Huangling, crisis Chapter 1463: Gu Lingsheng Chapter 1464: Wolverine black robe Chapter 1465: Black robe Chapter 1466: Wantian Dixing Chapter 1467: Super spiritual domain Chapter 1468: Useful Chapter 1469: Wanwei Dynasty Chapter 1470: Star mine Chapter 1471: Tooth and tooth, to kill and kill Chapter 1472: Boxing King Chapter 1473: Zongwang Wolverine Chapter 1474: Who dares to move, who I kill! Chapter 1475: Do not accept forgive Chapter 1476: Killing the king Chapter 1477: eternal Chapter 1478: Ready to robbery Chapter 1479: Undead Chapter 1480: Mysterious piano Chapter 1481: Witch and snow wolf Chapter 1482: Memory pieces Chapter 1483: Thousands of magical orchids Chapter 1484: Wanwei Dynasty is a fart! Chapter 1485: Six true immortals Chapter 1486: Shenlan mature Chapter 1487: Rushing to the witch village Chapter 1488: That snow wolf Chapter 1489: Touch Chapter 1490: a grace word Chapter 1491: Break through the true fairy Chapter 1492: Five wars Chapter 1493: Like a sword god, it looks like Lei Di Chapter 1494: Fairy rule Chapter 1495: Fairy trembling Chapter 1496: Zhu Xian Chapter 1497: Thank you Chapter 1498: Forced assistance Chapter 1499: Highest etiquette Chapter 1500: Ghost Death Valley Chapter 1501: Coexistence of life and death Chapter 1502: Life fairy tree Chapter 1503: Death black hole Chapter 1504: Thunder Chapter 1505: Rejecting immortality Chapter 1506: Boxing Chapter 1507: Strong warning Chapter 1508: Death is full of power Chapter 1509: Surprise? Not unexpected? Chapter 1510: How to condense Xianyuan Chapter 1511: The ancestor of the sacred domain Chapter 1512: The strongest three cents Chapter 1513: Excalibur Chapter 1514: Less than nine cattle and one hair Chapter 1515: The first true ancestor of scorpion Chapter 1516: The black robe crisis that came again Chapter 1517: Old drunk now Chapter 1518: Eighteen heavy four-image seal Chapter 1519: Peerless Chapter 1520: Old alcoholic preacher Chapter 1521: Xianyu Road Chapter 1522: Xianyu Chapter 1523: Despicable Chapter 1524: War spear killing Chapter 1525: Torture Chapter 1526: Xianwu Grass Chapter 1527: Haoyu Xianyu Endless State Chapter 1528: Suddenly appearing girl Chapter 1529: Real Dragon Skin, Black Dragon Chapter 1530: Dengxian Ladder Chapter 1531: Go out Chapter 1532: Waste your limbs (first more) Chapter 1533: The previous generation of disciples intervened (second more) Chapter 1534: All abolished (third more) Chapter 1535: On the Nine Great Heavens (first) Chapter 1536: Refinery Valley (second more) Chapter 1537: Provocation (third) Chapter 1538: Big hand Chapter 1539: I am looking for trouble. Chapter 1540: Boxing and bombarding disciples Chapter 1541: Thousands of bans Chapter 1542: Waste inner disciple (first) Chapter 1543: The third fairy yuan (second more) Chapter 1544: Looked at it all hurts (third more) Chapter 1545: Harvest Zhubao (first more) Chapter 1546: Torn gold fairy (second more) Chapter 1547: Tricolor Aura (first) Chapter 1548: Immortal Lingen (second more) Chapter 1549: Broken sword Yangwei (third more) Chapter 1550: Fear of true fairy Chapter 1551: Repair into a big move Chapter 1552: I dont know repentance Chapter 1553: One defeated six cents Chapter 1554: Mysterious black man Chapter 1555: God performer Chapter 1556: Chapter 1557: Shocked everyone Chapter 1558: The first person in the sword Chapter 1559: Sweeping the inner door Chapter 1560: Goodbye Ning Yueyue Chapter 1561: Apologize, deprive resources Chapter 1562: Top ten competition (first) Chapter 1563: a person who does not look good Chapter 1564: Taining Ancient Land Chapter 1565: Confession Chapter 1566: Two-corner array Chapter 1567: a war palace Chapter 1568: Mixed with the enemy Chapter 1569: Shinsen suicide Chapter 1570: Blood-sucking bat Chapter 1571: Playing smart people Chapter 1572: Jinxian is angry Chapter 1573: Miserable Jinxian Chapter 1574: Real fairy Chapter 1575: Horror Chapter 1576: Tianlong breath Chapter 1577: Origin of blood ancestors Chapter 1578: Xuanlongjia, Xianling royalty Chapter 1579: Tianlong Howler Chapter 1580: The beast of the mysterious dragon seal Chapter 1581: Release beast Chapter 1582: Yuan Huangling Chapter 1583: Town demon hall Chapter 1584: Six-color fire Chapter 1585: Bull finger Chapter 1586: Mixed true gold fairy Chapter 1587: Peak-level golden fairy Chapter 1588: Hell blood pool Chapter 1589: Extreme yin temple reproduction Chapter 1590: Hell Hall Chapter 1591: Bull head horse face Chapter 1592: Dangerous Chapter 1593: Sen You drum Chapter 1594: Blood swallowing Chapter 1595: No clothes Chapter 1596: Blood ancestors Chapter 1597: Return to the peak Chapter 1598: Hell King Chapter 1599: Fuya drum Chapter 1600: Half step Chapter 1601: Eternal Shinto, space Chapter 1602: Life and death book, stone Chapter 1603: Reincarnation Chapter 1604: Heaven and earth, I am the only one Chapter 1605: Beyond the power of the Tao Chapter 1606: Fengshen Tianzun Chapter 1607: Get out of Chapter 1608: Smurder stone spear Chapter 1609: Too assault Chapter 1610: No airspace Chapter 1611: Hurry for ten years Chapter 1612: Unscrupulous old bastard Chapter 1613: Excalibur Chapter 1614: Purple wood Chapter 1615: Get rid of the heaven and earth cage Chapter 1616: Emperor battlefield, nine-tailed fox Chapter 1617: Nothing, Master is here. Chapter 1618: Deaf, destroying the battlefield Chapter 1619: Yuan Jia is terrified Chapter 1620: Return to ten parties Chapter 1621: Kinsen boundary Chapter 1622: White tiger trail Chapter 1623: Innocent black hole Chapter 1624: Nine silkworms Chapter 1625: Curse Chapter 1626: Swallowing the stalk Chapter 1627: Sophisticated Chapter 1628: Let go out! Chapter 1629: Special stone room Chapter 1630: Old treasure? Disturb? Chapter 1631: Summon old punk Chapter 1632: Evil ancestors Chapter 1633: You are a fart Chapter 1634: Chaos king Chapter 1635: Emperor Yuan Huang Chapter 1636: Ning Yueyue after hundreds of years Chapter 1637: Imperial medicine Chapter 1638: Colorful light rushes into the sky Chapter 1639: The first family of the king of Dazhou Chapter 1640: Baixianbang Young Supreme Chapter 1641: Flying the Baixianbang young supreme Chapter 1642: Another supreme Chapter 1643: Wolf miserable Jia Zikai Chapter 1644: Devastating Chapter 1645: Hailingzhu Chapter 1646: Deep sea repairs Chapter 1647: The site of the water **** palace Chapter 1648: Thor Storm Chapter 1649: Jiuyi Holy Spirit Chapter 1650: Holy Spirit horror Chapter 1651: Water **** portrait Chapter 1652: Shenming Hall Chapter 1653: Ancient **** figure Chapter 1654: Spiritual land Chapter 1655: True magic blood Chapter 1656: Half step Chapter 1657: Mysterious old man Chapter 1658: Raise the hand Chapter 1659: Three kings Chapter 1660: Windfall Chapter 1661: a horrible punch Chapter 1662: Xuan Xian Tian Chapter 1663: Killing a gift Chapter 1664: Hey grandfather, great grandfather Chapter 1665: Swallow Chapter 1666: Killing and scrambling Chapter 1667: Jin Xianyin Chapter 1668: Kill the supreme Chapter 1669: I have to turn the sky Chapter 1670: Octagon cloud Chapter 1671: Two kings Chapter 1672: Little Taishen Shenwei Chapter 1673: Six-color **** fires the king Chapter 1674: Secret earth Chapter 1675: Shocked half step true god Chapter 1676: Xuan Yue Ling Lian Chapter 1677: Shinto Hosho Chapter 1678: Mu Hao came to kill Chapter 1679: Wolverine Chapter 1680: Supreme Chapter 1681: Teishin Gakuin Chapter 1682: Special ancient road Chapter 1683: Can kill you Chapter 1684: Shocking everyone Chapter 1685: Fairy cave Chapter 1686: To the fairy tree Chapter 1687: Pit god Chapter 1688: Grilled game! Chapter 1689: The whole situation Chapter 1690: clamor Chapter 1691: Kill all Chapter 1692: Come, you are together. Chapter 1693: Supreme escape Chapter 1694: Promoted in battle Chapter 1695: Qin Jingyan kills again Chapter 1696: Hit yourself into the fire mountain pass Chapter 1697: Win the king of the sage, kill Zhu Xi Chapter 1698: Heavenly realm Chapter 1699: Wu Lei Zhen Tian Hao second weight Chapter 1700: Borrowing and practicing Chapter 1701: Mid-day Chapter 1702: Different world portal Chapter 1703: Purple Elf, Leprechaun Chapter 1704: Kujukuju ancient tower Chapter 1705: Majestic man Chapter 1706: Emperor Chapter 1707: Emperor Shitian Chapter 1708: Proud sword Tianzun Chapter 1709: Copy the emperor's nest Chapter 1710: Inheriting the fairy spirit Chapter 1711: The ninth of the hundred cents Chapter 1712: Necrotic world Chapter 1713: The whole world is an enemy Chapter 1714: Goodbye old mix Chapter 1715: Peerless powerful clothes Chapter 1716: a sword Chapter 1717: Little teacher Chapter 1718: As a place of experience Chapter 1719: Xianlong pith Chapter 1720: Sword broken true god Chapter 1721: God, get the dragon Chapter 1722: Impact fairy king Chapter 1723: Xuanlongjia anti-xian Wang robbery Chapter 1724: Raise your hand to destroy the king Chapter 1725: Qiankun Zhenyuan killed Chapter 1726: Half a step to kill God Chapter 1727: The fifth thunder Chapter 1728: Naoqing capital Chapter 1729: Qiankun kills Xianwei Chapter 1730: Strangle the city owner Chapter 1731: Return to Xianyu Chapter 1732: Return to the ten party, see no clothes Chapter 1733: Fairy sister Chapter 1734: Go to the demon palace Chapter 1735: Disappearing purple moon Chapter 1736: The past of the purple elf Chapter 1737: Strong demon family Chapter 1738: Fairy ban Chapter 1739: Fist Chapter 1740: Pig dog is not as good Chapter 1741: Mid-real god Chapter 1742: mutation Chapter 1743: Purple Elf's Tears Chapter 1744: Air transport Chapter 1745: Purple Moon rebirth Chapter 1746: No one can bully Linger Chapter 1747: Two figures Chapter 1748: Incarcerated person Chapter 1749: Miserable Fan Hero Chapter 1750: Horrified emperor Chapter 1751: Half step god Chapter 1752: Emperor Chapter 1753: Purple dried elixir Chapter 1754: Night haze Chapter 1755: a punch Chapter 1756: Dead blood Chapter 1757: Shocked everyone Chapter 1758: Black robe old man reproduction Chapter 1759: Actually, there are three times. Chapter 1760: Ten thousand bantam Chapter 1761: Xianta manifestation attracts people Chapter 1762: Water **** reincarnation Chapter 1763: Night gloom Chapter 1764: Three supreme Chapter 1765: Ultimate trick Chapter 1766: Magic god Chapter 1767: Lantian really conspiracy Chapter 1768: Five elements of the king Chapter 1769: Brothers, ready to go heads-up Chapter 1770: waste Chapter 1771: Invincible Chapter 1772: Tenson Tenjin Chapter 1773: Emperor's strongman shot Chapter 1774: Baixianbang first Chapter 1775: Tenjin-level ancient tomb Chapter 1776: a sarcophagus blood pool Chapter 1777: Mo Bairen shot Chapter 1778: Helping Mo Bai Ren Chapter 1779: Half step true god Chapter 1780: Four Red Emperor Chapter 1781: Threat Chapter 1782: Mad three gods Chapter 1783: Leverage Chapter 1784: 180,000 dead souls Chapter 1785: Destroy the true god Chapter 1786: Three extreme escape Chapter 1787: Dangerous situation Chapter 1788: disappear Chapter 1789: Wild world Chapter 1790: Anonymous tomb Chapter 1791: Disappearing memory Chapter 1792: The only person who remembers Chapter 1793: Why bother yourself Chapter 1794: Royal Snake Chapter 1795: Rays of the heavens Chapter 1796: marriage Chapter 1797: Lin Ruoxian Chapter 1798: Say goodbye to leave Chapter 1799: Return to the ten parties after ten years Chapter 1800: Born for practice Chapter 1801: Killing to Chiyoujie Chapter 1802: Half step **** king (first more) Chapter 1803: Kill (second more) Chapter 1804: Three heads (third more) Chapter 1805: Chaos invasion (first) Chapter 1806: Enter the ancient road (second more) Chapter 1807: God and beast (third) Chapter 1808: Kill the five elements (first) Chapter 1809: Blood fairy fruit (second more) Chapter 1810: World Seeds (third more) Chapter 1811: Sword Soul Fragment Position Chapter 1812: Two gods Chapter 1813: Mo Bai Ren's physique Chapter 1814: Hurry for a year Chapter 1815: Repair into a big move Chapter 1816: Chaos Togami Chapter 1817: Terrible ten people Chapter 1818: Chaos King and old mixed Chapter 1819: Chaos Chapter 1820: Childish enough Chapter 1821: Chaoling Town, Chaos God Chapter 1822: Chaos Togami Chapter 1823: Qizhen Chapter 1824: Three fingers Chapter 1825: Battle chaos Chapter 1826: Scorpio Chapter 1827: Wiping the Thousands of Chaos Chapter 1828: Wonderful discovery Chapter 1829: God-level killing Chapter 1830: Chaos Gods are one after another Chapter 1831: The danger from the Chaos King Chapter 1832: big trouble Chapter 1833: Immortalization Chapter 1834: Reiko Kiko Chapter 1835: End of ancient road Chapter 1836: Resonate with world seeds Chapter 1837: Half step god Chapter 1838: Be gentle to other disciples Chapter 1839: What a horror? Chapter 1840: Chaotic portal Chapter 1841: Twelve wings Chapter 1842: Destroy the world Chapter 1843: Mixed source Chapter 1844: The oldest forbidden land Chapter 1845: Amazing ancient road Chapter 1846: Emperor Chapter 1847: Wheel circuit Chapter 1848: End of the wheel circuit Chapter 1849: Breaking the cycle Chapter 1850: Big pit goods Chapter 1851: Lure Chapter 1852: Old goods, see who I am Chapter 1853: On the wheel circuit Chapter 1854: Natural Mengpo fog Chapter 1855: Regretful chaos king Chapter 1856: Reincarnation Chapter 1857: Recurrent substance Chapter 1858: Detonate the Emperor Chapter 1859: Chaotic king Chapter 1860: Burning soul Chapter 1861: Twelve-winged Holy Resurrection Chapter 1862: Reversal Chapter 1863: Sudden surprise Chapter 1864: Gas vomiting Chapter 1865: Trial people Chapter 1866: Otsuki God Chapter 1867: Tenjin Chapter 1868: Come, enjoy yourself Chapter 1869: The most relaxing one Chapter 1870: Wanmugen Chapter 1871: God Chapter 1872: Taboo Chapter 1873: Narrow road Chapter 1874: Why are the flowers so red? Chapter 1875: I am so scared Chapter 1876: God-level coolie Chapter 1877: Who said no one behind him Chapter 1878: Eat its meat and drink its blood Chapter 1879: Many gods Chapter 1880: Tongtian Valley Chapter 1881: Solicitation from Jiuli Cave Chapter 1882: Honestly Chapter 1883: Blood silkworm Chapter 1884: All-round suppression Chapter 1885: Qiankun kills the enemy Chapter 1886: The extortion of the black sacred gods Chapter 1887: Abundant harvest Chapter 1888: Half step king Chapter 1889: Flying god Chapter 1890: Repression of the Three Gods Chapter 1891: Truncating Chapter 1892: One can play ten Chapter 1893: God fear Chapter 1894: I have to make a big profit this time. Chapter 1895: Gastric liver pain Chapter 1896: The ages Chapter 1897: On the constitutional blood Chapter 1898: Masochism Chapter 1899: The Great Vatican is fighting the foreign people Chapter 1900: God emperor breaks into the world Chapter 1901: World war Chapter 1902: God pattern is spread over ten parties Chapter 1903: Big dynasty (first) Chapter 1904: Celestial threshold (second more) Chapter 1905: Tiger mouth to eat (third) Chapter 1906: (fourth more) Chapter 1907: World tunnel collapses (fifth) Chapter 1908: World gap Chapter 1909: Three years and a thousand years Chapter 1910: God King Supreme Chapter 1911: Wanxing surround Chapter 1912: Wanxing one Chapter 1913: Six kings Chapter 1914: Soul seal Chapter 1915: Ditan Shenwei Chapter 1916: One defeated six kings Chapter 1917: Sword soul induction Chapter 1918: Spooky cave Chapter 1919: The truth of the cave Chapter 1920: Shenhuang Baobing Chapter 1921: What the loser often said Chapter 1922: Wraith Chapter 1923: Large shifting rune Chapter 1924: Swordsman Chapter 1925: King of the gods Chapter 1926: Gen Huang Valley Chapter 1927: The secluded scorpion under the mysterious yellow Chapter 1928: Great evil Chapter 1929: After the gods Chapter 1930: Beyond dominance Chapter 1931: God-level daughter Chapter 1932: No clothes to wash your face? Chapter 1933: Heavenly umbrella Chapter 1934: Quasi-spirit Chapter 1935: Empty lord Chapter 1936: Windfall Chapter 1937: Crossing time Chapter 1938: Time is jumping Chapter 1939: Its not like people Chapter 1940: Go to monuments Chapter 1941: At least 10 million years Chapter 1942: God-level magical bird Chapter 1943: Grave middle world Chapter 1944: Yin and Yang Chapter 1945: Distressed brother Chapter 1946: Five-line eggs Chapter 1947: Pluto kills Chapter 1948: Saint Wei Chapter 1949: Sad trembling Chapter 1950: situation Chapter 1951: Ye Tong and Tu Xianxian Chapter 1952: The world opened Chapter 1953: God is pressing too much Chapter 1954: Too embarrassed Chapter 1955: Holy level too Chapter 1956: Growing taboo Chapter 1957: Tu Sheng Chapter 1958: Highest rating Chapter 1959: Fire of Xianting Chapter 1960: Law-enforcement Chapter 1961: Reincarnation Chapter 1962: Crossover Chapter 1963: First entry into heaven Chapter 1964: Psychic Rhesus Chapter 1965: Repression Chapter 1966: sinner Chapter 1967: Heaven Chapter 1968: Big trouble Chapter 1969: Heavenly Tianbing Chapter 1970: Two holy kings Chapter 1971: Familiar Warcraft Chapter 1972: Mysterious secret land Chapter 1973: Even the day is taboo Chapter 1974: Secret house Chapter 1975: Within the secret government Chapter 1976: Tu Ling knife imitation Chapter 1977: Shen Jingjing Chapter 1978: Killing you is justice Chapter 1979: Scorpion blood wall Chapter 1980: Dead Holy Spirit Chapter 1981: The secret government collapsed Chapter 1982: Fairyland restoration Chapter 1983: Reincarnation Chapter 1984: Chapter 1985: Visit the empty sect Chapter 1986: Raise your hand and press the Emperor Chapter 1987: Pressure Chapter 1988: Colorful Excalibur Chapter 1989: Holy King escape Chapter 1990: Kill the holy king Chapter 1991: The heavenly strongman will kill again. Chapter 1992: King of the Peak Chapter 1993: Wanhao Valley Chapter 1994: Fierce Chapter 1995: Crocodile Chapter 1996: Virtual sacred gold Chapter 1997: Adjacent to the peak of the gods Chapter 1998: Time space Chapter 1999: Practice endless Chapter 2000: The ancestor of the royal family Chapter 2001: Sanctification Chapter 2002: The robbery disappeared? Chapter 2003: Time in space Chapter 2004: Dead needle Chapter 2005: Late day robbery Chapter 2006: More than a day Chapter 2007: That method Chapter 2008: Unblock the source Chapter 2009: God is now Chapter 2010: Holy Blood Splashing Sky Chapter 2011: Sword Chapter 2012: Celestial boiling Chapter 2013: Counterattack Chapter 2014: Cruel torture Chapter 2015: escape Chapter 2016: Dominant fall Chapter 2017: Heavenly law Chapter 2018: Crocodile Chapter 2019: Xuanhuang Guanshi Chapter 2020: Violent battle Chapter 2021: a trace of order Chapter 2022: Heaven is coming Chapter 2023: Master is coming. Chapter 2024: Very strong Chapter 2025: Wanling horror Chapter 2026: Terrible person Chapter 2027: Heaven is boiling again Chapter 2028: Shifang Yundong Chapter 2029: Destruction is coming Chapter 2030: Chapter 2031: Fengxian horror Chapter 2032: Raise your hand and kill the Eight Holy Kings Chapter 2033: The sacred king robbed the seal and destroyed Chapter 2034: Strong, sultry, atmosphere Chapter 2035: Thunderfire ancestors Chapter 2036: Preparing for innovation Chapter 2037: Yangwei world Chapter 2038: It is difficult to create a road Chapter 2039: Northern Hunan Seven Ghosts Chapter 2040: Seven killings Chapter 2041: Full Chapter 2042: Holy king second Chapter 2043: Emperor Chapter 2044: Mind change again Chapter 2045: Reincarnation, come! Chapter 2046: Wild blood Chapter 2047: Send you to die Chapter 2048: No blood Chapter 2049: Not enough to see Chapter 2050: Chapter 2051: Zhenmo Ancient Area Chapter 2052: The beginning of the law Chapter 2053: Taiji Divine Chapter 2054: The same generation, I am the first! Chapter 2055: God is indispensable, defeated! Chapter 2056: You can't do it. Chapter 2057: Wipe the two gods Chapter 2058: Invincible Chapter 2059: Complete extinction Chapter 2060: More than two thousand young supreme encirclement Chapter 2061: Supreme Decline Chapter 2062: Variance Chapter 2063: Shenhuang Daoguo Chapter 2064: Shameless Chapter 2065: eccentric Chapter 2066: Is my daughter coming? Chapter 2067: Shock Chapter 2068: Related to the king Chapter 2069: Liver pain Chapter 2070: Super God Spirit Crystal Mine Chapter 2071: The realm of the old Taoist Chapter 2072: a perfect world Chapter 2073: Heaven world Chapter 2074: Su Shu's breath Chapter 2075: Rise from the ashes Chapter 2076: Dangerous situation Chapter 2077: War day Chapter 2078: Chapter 2079: Strong enemy Chapter 2080: Long flute Chapter 2081: Hundreds of battles Chapter 2082: Heaven threat Chapter 2083: Dozens of days Chapter 2084: No clothes arrived Chapter 2085: When she is angry Chapter 2086: Thousand shudder Chapter 2087: Tianting ancient ancestor Chapter 2088: Order collision Chapter 2089: Ancient ancestors are also lost Chapter 2090: All scared Chapter 2091: Zu Longmai Chapter 2092: Zulong Mobile Chapter 2093: If you have a wife, what is your husband? Chapter 2094: Town road Chapter 2095: Anonymous body Chapter 2096: Zu Longzhen Chapter 2097: The nine great gods pressed Chapter 2098: Thunder Chapter 2099: Goodbye in the forbidden domain Chapter 2100: Even the sky Chapter 2101: Clean one Chapter 2102: Ultimate taboo Chapter 2103: Find the new sword soul fragments Chapter 2104: Super holy array in the forbidden domain Chapter 2105: space Chapter 2106: Disappearing universe Chapter 2107: Entering heaven, heaven Chapter 2108: Fuxing Chapter 2109: Vertical and horizontal heaven Chapter 2110: Heavenly court Chapter 2111: Intertwined with life and death, turned into destruction Chapter 2112: hope Chapter 2113: Cosmic portal Chapter 2114: Big break Chapter 2115: cruel Chapter 2116: Trial of heaven Chapter 2117: Block the world Chapter 2118: sad Chapter 2119: Terrible ban Chapter 2120: Deaf old corpse Chapter 2121: Kill the door Chapter 2122: Killing the sky, winning the Emperor Chapter 2123: Ancient corpse automatic Chapter 2124: Horrible family Chapter 2125: Take down the life container Chapter 2126: Hunting through the sky Chapter 2127: Reddish territory Chapter 2128: Nine color Shenghui Chapter 2129: Ancient classics Chapter 2130: Kill to dominate Chapter 2131: Nine-color holy force dominates the horror Chapter 2132: Stronger than dominating Chapter 2133: Second life container Chapter 2134: Little too early? Chapter 2135: Essence Chapter 2136: Seriously injured Chapter 2137: Qingsheng Baodi Chapter 2138: What is the secret? Chapter 2139: Same face as no clothes Chapter 2140: Terrible person Chapter 2141: First day female Chapter 2142: Are you happy? happy? Chapter 2143: Not qualified Chapter 2144: Again Chapter 2145: Ancient corpse Chapter 2146: Kill ancient ancestors Chapter 2147: Seventy-two wings into the Hongmeng universe Chapter 2148: King Chapter 2149: White tiger, treasure land Chapter 2150: Bodhi tree Chapter 2151: Holy Light Chapter 2152: Familiar sound Chapter 2153: Powerful emperor Chapter 2154: Once the first day of the woman Chapter 2155: Qualitative reincarnation Chapter 2156: Reincarnation Chapter 2157: ambush Chapter 2158: Reincarnation Chapter 2159: Super harvest Chapter 2160: Step into the dominance Chapter 2161: Metamorphosis Chapter 2162: Void body Chapter 2163: Father without clothes? Chapter 2164: The breath of the key Chapter 2165: Guessing comes true Chapter 2166: Hand writing, now the sword Chapter 2167: Taixu Tower Chapter 2168: Phishing map Chapter 2169: Holy Spirit Chapter 2170: Hands-on Chapter 2171: Gods eyes are again shocking Chapter 2172: Eye of destiny Chapter 2173: With a pressure of nine Chapter 2174: Horror Chapter 2175: Reappearance Chapter 2176: Gas transport Chapter 2177: Chasing Chapter 2178: Kill Chapter 2179: Great destruction Chapter 2180: Destinys eyes reopen Chapter 2181: Win the sky Chapter 2182: Terrible picture Chapter 2183: Mid section of virtual sky Chapter 2184: Creation Chapter 2185: Reincarnation, reincarnation sword Chapter 2186: Fourteenth wing third young supreme Chapter 2187: Bloodstone Chapter 2188: Ling Tianjian after the sublimation Chapter 2189: This is the first? Chapter 2190: Let the sword of the proud sword Chapter 2191: Holding the Excalibur Chapter 2192: Guardian treasure Chapter 2193: Doomed to die here Chapter 2194: Belief pressure ancient ancestor Chapter 2195: Ten hundred and seventy-two wing strongs are coming Chapter 2196: Yuan Huang old mixed with Chapter 2197: Ancient corpse Chapter 2198: Wu Zu (first more) Chapter 2199: Reincarnation fist big (second more) Chapter 2200: Virtual sky pressure (third) Chapter 2201: Change of situation Chapter 2202: Complete phalanx map Chapter 2203: Battle of the peak Chapter 2204: Four elephants Chapter 2205: Related to the colorful sword Chapter 2206: Primitive yin and yang Chapter 2207: Ten people of ancient ancestors Chapter 2208: Crashing to the front of the sword Chapter 2209: Reincarnation Chapter 2210: Rolling down Chapter 2211: End of the sky Chapter 2212: The power of one's own body has hit the sky Chapter 2213: Run away from the sky Chapter 2214: One's own efforts to kill Jiutongtian Chapter 2215: Step through the sky Chapter 2216: The crisis that is about to hit Chapter 2217: Thunder Chapter 2218: Heavenly reincarnation Chapter 2219: Frightened Chapter 2220: Dacheng's perfect world Chapter 2221: Perfect world ancestral vein Chapter 2222: Boxing 18th wing ancient ancestor Chapter 2223: Guild war Chapter 2224: Eyes Chapter 2225: Xiandi Tower Shengwei Daxian Chapter 2226: Beat the ancient ancestors Chapter 2227: Terrible lineup Chapter 2228: Belong to us Chapter 2229: Damn it, you guys! Chapter 2230: Forbidden Dragon Chapter 2231: Like an invincible dragon Chapter 2232: Perfect world change Chapter 2233: World resonance Chapter 2234: Perfect world Chapter 2235: Beyond order Chapter 2236: Terrorist force Chapter 2237: The voice of the guardian of the heavens Chapter 2238: Magic Yan Xinghai Chapter 2239: hatred Chapter 2240: Taiyidao Chapter 2241: One's battle posture Chapter 2242: Nine-gravity diagram Chapter 2243: Stronger than the first day of women Chapter 2244: Seventy-two wings Chapter 2245: Born warrior Chapter 2246: Weakening Chapter 2247: Strong and undressed Chapter 2248: Playing tricks Chapter 2249: Do not stick to the law Chapter 2250: Have to be buried here! Chapter 2251: Five hundred times more combat power Chapter 2252: Glass furnace Chapter 2253: Strong ancestor Chapter 2254: Two kills no fruit Chapter 2255: Domineering scared people Chapter 2256: Strongly won the furnace Chapter 2257: Xuan Ming Chapter 2258: Madness Chapter 2259: The drunk is coming Chapter 2260: You are too arrogant Chapter 2261: Carved hatred Chapter 2262: Maximum happiness Chapter 2263: parents Chapter 2264: Temporary return to Hongmeng Chapter 2265: Friends and family gathered Chapter 2266: Hurry ten years Chapter 2267: Virtual Chapter 2268: After the sky Chapter 2269: Five breaths Chapter 2270: Huangquan family Chapter 2271: World roar Chapter 2272: Fourth paragraph of order Chapter 2273: Destroy Chapter 2274: Strong Chapter 2275: Have to die! Chapter 2276: Personal strength Chapter 2277: Hastily and several times Chapter 2278: Reincarnation Chapter 2279: Fearless Chapter 2280: Killing the stars Chapter 2281: Hong Meng was shattered and started! Chapter 2282: Tenth son Chapter 2283: Black thunder sea Chapter 2284: Leverage Chapter 2285: Absolute return Chapter 2286: variable Chapter 2287: Goodbye Yue Yue Chapter 2288: Anonymous tomb Chapter 2289: Ancient ruins Chapter 2290: Eighteen stone gate Chapter 2291: one strike Chapter 2292: As the day Chapter 2293: Ten people after the big crack in the sky Chapter 2294: Rakshasa Ten Sons Chapter 2295: Heaven finds ten parties Chapter 2296: Killing Chapter 2297: Immortal old demon Chapter 2298: Wan burial Chapter 2299: Too false peak Chapter 2300: Reincarnation Chapter 2301: Primitive memory Chapter 2302: Tears Chapter 2303: Not wearing the sky Chapter 2304: Reincarnation Chapter 2305: Reincarnation (first) Chapter 2306: Round back (second more) Chapter 2307: Wandao shudder (third more) Chapter 2308: Exalted sword (fourth) Chapter 2309: Reincarnation sword (fifth) Chapter 2310: Rakshasa King (first more) Chapter 2311: Reincarnation (second more) Chapter 2312: Dacheng cycle diagram (third) Chapter 2313: Five thunderstorms (fourth more) Chapter 2314: Emperor (the fifth) Chapter 2315: a skull (first more) Chapter 2316: Tianji Wandao (second more) Chapter 2317: Wheel change (third more) Chapter 2318: Emperor and king (fourth more) Chapter 2319: Reincarnation (fifth) Chapter 2320: Reincarnation flag Chapter 2321: Left eye fate, right eye reincarnation Chapter 2322: together Chapter 2323: Heavenly defeat Chapter 2324: Closed Xiandi Tower Chapter 2325: Hurry for decades Chapter 2326: Xuantian annihilation Chapter 2327: Boxing and reincarnation Chapter 2328: Reincarnation Chapter 2329: Spirit Chapter 2330: You still have us Chapter 2331: Wolverine reincarnation Chapter 2332: Melting the real world (first more) Chapter 2333: Please rely on us (second more) Chapter 2334: Snow hate (third more) Chapter 2335: Subversive cognition of old alcoholic Chapter 2336: Outside the sky, after Xuantian Chapter 2337: Son of the Emperor Chapter 2338: First person from ancient times to the present Chapter 2339: Time and space Chapter 2340: Causal rule Chapter 2341: Step by step five (first) Chapter 2342: Terrible five-dimensional (second more) Chapter 2343: Fear of reincarnation (third) Chapter 2344: The vision is ten thousand (fourth more) Chapter 2345: Blooming potential Chapter 2346: Turn Chapter 2347: Wuwei Xianting Chapter 2348: Reincarnation goes one step further Chapter 2349: Top level Chapter 2350: Zujun Sea Chapter 2351: Xiang Jia San Shao Chapter 2352: Niko Kaiko Chapter 2353: Feng Xianding Chapter 2354: The ancestral sea area is wide open Chapter 2355: Reincarnation Chapter 2356: Culprit Chapter 2357: Natural treasure Chapter 2358: Seven Stars Chapter 2359: The law of the beginning Chapter 2360: Mastering the beginning Chapter 2361: Five-dimensional enchantment Chapter 2362: Overbearing Chapter 2363: Killing Vientiane Chapter 2364: Reverse Chapter 2365: Five-dimensional matchup Chapter 2366: Three hundred and twenty thousand elephant raids Chapter 2367: Qibao Zujun Chapter 2368: No damage without comparison Chapter 2369: angry Chapter 2370: Killing pure yang Chapter 2371: Strong fantasy witch Chapter 2372: The fifth heavy, broken! Chapter 2373: Reincarnation Chapter 2374: Stealing secret method Chapter 2375: Recapture the path and kill the five dimensions Chapter 2376: Dangerous situation Chapter 2377: Supporting Uman Chapter 2378: Reincarnation Chapter 2379: I am back Chapter 2380: Five-dimensional Chapter 2381: Breaking back Chapter 2382: Great success Chapter 2383: Step into the home Chapter 2384: Wang to the king, will be right Chapter 2385: Capture the treasure Chapter 2386: Five-dimensional anger Chapter 2387: Shot Chapter 2388: The great teachings of the great schools Chapter 2389: No clothes are coming Chapter 2390: The town is fierce in the reincarnation sword Chapter 2391: You are not honest Chapter 2392: Its a small dress. Chapter 2393: Against the sky Chapter 2394: Wuwei Xianting Chapter 2395: Special space Chapter 2396: Three-dimensional heart Chapter 2397: Heaven and earth will Chapter 2398: Reincarnation Chapter 2399: Three-dimensional master Chapter 2400: Special time Chapter 2401: Heartbreaking tenth day Chapter 2402: Decadent Lingyun Chapter 2403: Six-dimensional Xuejia Chapter 2404: Strong Chapter 2405: Bliss Island to aid Chapter 2406: Declare war six-dimensional Chapter 2407: One person fights six dimensions Chapter 2408: Sweep Chapter 2409: Kill six-dimensional Chapter 2410: Six-dimensional aphonia Chapter 2411: Achievement innate Chapter 2412: Sixth heavy seal, unsealing Chapter 2413: Wild blood Chapter 2414: After the sage Chapter 2415: Wild law Chapter 2416: Step through the air Chapter 2417: Fate in three-dimensional world Chapter 2418: Hand out seven dimensions Chapter 2419: Seal will break Chapter 2420: Ugly Chapter 2421: Seven-dimensional, Qiqiang horror Chapter 2422: Tremendous dry **** religion Chapter 2423: Rolling seven dimensions Chapter 2424: Blood wash seven dimensions Chapter 2425: Three vicious ancients were born Chapter 2426: Seven-dimensional depression Chapter 2427: Broken soul Chapter 2428: Hand out six dimensions Chapter 2429: Seventy reincarnation Chapter 2430: Different animal Chapter 2431: Nine-dimensional Chapter 2432: Once eight-dimensional first Chapter 2433: Great harvest Chapter 2434: Optimus ancestors Chapter 2435: Source printing rule Chapter 2436: Kill eight figures Chapter 2437: Eight-dimensional movement Chapter 2438: Eight-dimensional rule Chapter 2439: Who is the first? Chapter 2440: Mozu Chapter 2441: goddess Chapter 2442: Shifang ancient star true face Chapter 2443: All people are shocked Chapter 2444: Eighty percent reincarnation Chapter 2445: Boarding the nine-dimensional encounter with the gods Chapter 2446: Are you getting up and biting me? Chapter 2447: Mixed sorcerer Chapter 2448: Kyutenjin thunder Chapter 2449: Complete soul root Chapter 2450: Eighteen gods Chapter 2451: Surprise Chapter 2452: Killing the ancestors Chapter 2453: Reincarnation Chapter 2454: Inaction for the elderly Chapter 2455: Yao Tianyin Chapter 2456: fiance? ! Chapter 2457: No clothes arrived Chapter 2458: Ten-dimensional seal Chapter 2459: You are beautiful, you are beautiful too. Chapter 2460: God of Heaven Chapter 2461: Even the god Chapter 2462: Ten-dimensional ramp Chapter 2463: Ancient god Chapter 2464: Tiandiwei Chapter 2465: Hurry for two years Chapter 2466: Accomplish Chapter 2467: Legend origin Chapter 2468: Third god Chapter 2469: Gods Heaven Palace Chapter 2470: Reason for becoming stronger Chapter 2471: Return of the Emperor Chapter 2472: Qi Zouzu Chapter 2473: Constant ancient silence Chapter 2474: Anti-disruption for nine days Chapter 2475: Dimensional regression Chapter 2476: No clothing Chapter 2477: Above ten dimensions Chapter 2478: Extreme transformation Chapter 2479: God collapses Chapter 2480: Transactional ten-dimensional heart Chapter 2481: Ten gods Chapter 2482: Final rule Chapter 2483: Outer force Chapter 2484: Garbage only Chapter 2485: Terrible third god Chapter 2486: Born by life, born of death Chapter 2487: Reincarnation