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At 3 AM, Su Qianci went to the Li household hurriedly and said, "I want to see him."

"I'm sorry, the young master said that Su Qianci and dogs are not allowed inside."

Feeling an earthquake in her heart, Su Qianci felt as if something was dying inside her. She cried at the top of her lungs, "Li Sicheng, come out and let's talk! The death of grandpa has nothing to do with me. I passed out, and grandpa was gone when I woke up!"

The guards stared at her scarred face coldly without a word.

"Forget it," a soft voice said. A woman about twenty-seven years old was standing inside the iron gate. She was tall and slender. "He will not see you. Grandpa has just passed away. He needs peace."

It was her, the public mistress of Li Sicheng, whom Su Qianci thought to be her best friend, Tang Mengying.

For five years, Tang Mengying had been the woman holding Li Sicheng's armeverywhere they went. In the eyes of the media and outsiders, Tang Mengying had become the actual Mrs. Li. On the other hand, Su Qianci was no more than a decoration.

Tang Mengying walked down the stairs slowly, step by step. The guards respectfully opened the gate for her at her arrival. The treatment of the two women was so different that Su Qianci hated Tang Mengying's guts even more.

"The two of you, go do something else. I want to speak to her alone."

The two guards looked at each other, nodded, and left.

"I did not kill grandpa!" Su Qianci said.

"I know. Of course you did not kill him." Tang Mengying smiled and walked outside of the gate. Soon, she came over to the pond that sat opposite the Li household.

There was a street in front of the house. On the other side of the street was the pond. Without any lighting over there, it was hard to tell where exactly Tang Mengying was standing.

Hearing her words, Su Qianci felt like something was off. She followed Tang Mengying hurriedly and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Of course you did not kill grandpa. You were knocked out by me, so how could you possibly have done that?"

Su Qianci stared her eyes wide at Tang Mengying, "So It's you!"

"Hush" Tang Mengying put her finger to her lips, smiling contently.

"It really was you! You bitch. Grandpa was so good to you. Why did you?"

"Good?" Tang Mengying interrupted, chuckling. "If it were not for that old guy, the wife of brother Sicheng would have been me instead of you. The old guy knew me since I was a little girl. He never liked me. He should have died a long time ago!"

"You are so treacherous. I will go tell them!"

Tang Mengying didn't fret at all as Su Qianci was about to turn away. She smiled coldly and said, "You think they will believe you?"

Su Qianci paused and stayed where she was.

"It was the same when you tried to explain that you did not drug brother Sicheng. No one believed you."

Su Qianci quickly turned around, looking at Tang Mengying incredulously.

Tang Mengying utterly enjoyed the look on her face and said, "And it was the same when you said you did not set the fire. No one believed you."

"What do you mean, Tang Mengying!" Realization suddenly flashed in Su Qianci's mind. "It was you!"

"That's right. It was me," Tang Mengying snorted. "But so what? Do you remember when you left my home? I almost died of stove leaks. You said you did not do anything. But who believed you? And later, when Sicheng was kidnapped by a cult and almost burned at an abandoned warehouse. Everyone saw that I saved him, but you were the one who was found at the site unconscious. You said you did not set the fire, but who believed you?"

Hearing what had happened in the past, Su Qianci unconsciously reached for her own face.

She pushed Li Sicheng out of the fire with all she had, but she did not run out in time herself. The fire ruined half of her face and her entire life!

She was the unlawful daughter of the Su household.

When she returned to her family at eighteen years old, she knew that the man she would marry was named Li Sicheng. However, she had no idea that he had a childhood sweetheart whose name was Tang Mengying.

After she married him at twenty years old, she was constantly compared to Tang Mengying.

Tang Mengying was a dignified and generous woman. Su Qianci was rude.

Tang Mengying was kind and beautiful. Su Qianci was treacherous.

Tang Mengying studied abroad and returned to China. Su Qianci did not even graduate from college before she was married to Li Sicheng.

She also foolishly treated by Tang Mengying as a good friend, from eighteen to twenty-five years old. However, she had no idea at the time that everything she had was destroyed by Tang Mengying.

Everyone knew that Su Qianci drugged her husband on the night of their wedding in order to provoke Tang Mengying. She also set the fire that almost killed Tang Mengying. She deliberately fell from the stairs to lose her baby in order to set Tang Mengying up.

Her stereotypical image made everyone blind to what she had done to be the match of Li Sicheng.

When she stayed up late to revise Li Sicheng's proposal and became sick, they said she was hypocritical.

When she tried to cure Li Sicheng's stomach ache and learned how to cook, they said she was calculative.

When she tried to make his grandpa's wish of having a great-grandson come true and nourished the fetus at home, they said she was lazy.

After the Su family went bankrupt, they said she was a social climber and a bitch.

After she had a miscarriage, they said that she did too much evil and was unworthy of getting pregnant. Even her child was taken away by heaven.

Later, she gradually understood that Tang Mengying was always right. And that she was always wrong.

That is, until yesterday, when she woke up and found grandpa dead on the stairs of the first floor. When she was standing on the second floor and looking down, the police broke in, and she was naturally considered the murderer.

"You bitch, bitch! Why did you set me up like this!" Su Qianci threw herself at Tang Mengying like crazy.

Tang Mengying had learned martial arts. She dodged and held Su Qianci down, pushing her toward the pond.

Choking on water, Su Qianci started to desperately struggle. "Save"

Bubbles rose.

Tang Mengying looked at her coldly from on the shore. "You go in peace. I will replace you and become Mrs. Li."

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Chapter 752 It Turned Out That All The Waiting Was Worth It Chapter 753 No Shower No Kiss Chapter 754 Smoking From His Mouth Chapter 755 Lets Communicate In Depth Tonight Chapter 756 I Want More Chapter 757 Now You Have Enjoyed My Body Go To Hell. Chapter 758 I Am Your Mother Chapter 759 My Mother Is Su Qianci Chapter 760 Just Want To Make You A Slave. Chapter 761 Ersu Was Thrown In The Water Chapter 762 Eight People Have Been Killed Chapter 763 The Fate Of Her Previous Life Came True For Tang Mengying Chapter 764 Li Sicheng I Hate You Chapter 765 Bo Xiao Rong Anna Chapter 766 Will Rong Rui Betray Us Chapter 767 We Must Live Proudly Chapter 768 Why Are You Pretending? Chapter 769 Car Accident Chapter 770 Going To Jail Chapter 771 Give You Justice Chapter 772 What Kind Of Work Could Bring In Money Fast? Chapter 773 Someone She Used To Know Chapter 774 Bh Chapter 775 Decisions Made Sell. Chapter 776 It Shouldnt Have Been Like This Chapter 777 Who Is That? Chapter 778 The Evidence Of Search Chapter 779 If You Dont Have Enough Money You Will Go To Jail Chapter 780 I Dont Need You To Pay Chapter 781 It Is Your Blessing That Master Ou Likes You Chapter 782 Waitress Is To Serve Your Guests Chapter 783 She Was Kept Like A Mistress Chapter 784 He Was Like An Emperor Chapter 785 Lets Sleep Together Chapter 786 My First Time Should Be Given To The One I Like Most. Chapter 787 Sleep Together On The Bed Chapter 788 She Was Desperate Chapter 789 Dont Teach Her Bad Things Chapter 790 Would He Despise Me? Chapter 791 Yu Lili: I Was In Dali Chapter 792 Two Luo Zhans? Chapter 793 Grandpa Wanted To See You Chapter 794 Tricks Full Of Tricks Chapter 795 Slander Lu Yihan Chapter 796 So Open? Chapter 797 Go To The Hotel And Have Sex Chapter 798 Wine Plant Chapter 799 Entrapping Cheating And Lying Chapter 800 Being Robbed Chapter 801 Ou I Told You To Stop Chapter 802 Ou Ming We Should Talk Chapter 803 Lick It Clean Chapter 804 Defenseless Chapter 805 As Long As You Lick It Clean You Don't Have To Pay For It Chapter 806 Have You Finished Reading That Diary? Chapter 807 I Was Not Coming Yet But You Couldn't Fg Do It Anymore Chapter 808 Why Not Fk You In Front Of Everyone? Chapter 809 A Hard Slap Chapter 810 From Then On She's Grown Up Chapter 811 Adult Kiss Chapter 812 Don't Be Afraid It Wont Hurt Chapter 813 Because Ou Ming Likes It Chapter 814 The Last Day Chapter 815 Farewell Chapter 816 You Are With Ou Ming Again? Chapter 817 She Felt Herself Inferior Chapter 818 I Am Her Man Chapter 819 Yu You Are Not Allowed To Die Chapter 820 The Father Of The Baby. Chapter 821 Yu Lili You Will Not Be Willing To Leave Me Chapter 822 Do You Know That I Am Pregnant? Chapter 823 That Man Hates Her.. Chapter 824 It's Worth Loving You Chapter 825 I Don't Have Any Family Members Chapter 826 I Don't Have Money Chapter 827 Its Not Same Between Miss And Miss Chapter 828 Run Away Chapter 829 A Woman Without Heart Chapter 830 An Award For You Chapter 831 Eat It Chapter 832 His Compulsion Chapter 833 Finally I Can Die Chapter 834 I Will Give You Everything You Want. Chapter 835 If You Dont Have Some Then I Have To Feed You With My Mouth. Chapter 836 To Give You A Chance To Commit Suicide? Chapter 837 Come On You Can Find A Chance To Kill Me. Chapter 838 How Can You Be So Capricious? Chapter 839 To Punish Me Severely Chapter 840 She Was Caught. Chapter 841 Boss We Have Found Bo Xiao. Chapter 842 Waiting For Us To Get Back On Our Feet. Chapter 843 Rong Anna Will Give Birth In Prison. Chapter 844 One Of The Few Friends Chapter 845 Ou Ming Asked Me To Come Chapter 846 The Two Children Cannot Be Born Because Chapter 847 Playing Seriously Chapter 848 Didnt Ou Ming Give You Money? Chapter 849 Buy Buy All Chapter 850 Is Ou Ming Engaged? Chapter 851 Fatal Attraction Chapter 852 Being Reconciled Soon After Quarreling Chapter 853 Dont Get In My Bed Tonight Chapter 854 Do You Really Think That Everyone Can Always Like You? Chapter 855 I Still Love You Chapter 856 Ill Give The Highest Price To You. Chapter 857 What He Said Was True. Chapter 858 You Shouldnt Be That Mean. Chapter 859 A Handsome Guy Rarely Stoops So Low For Past Wrongs Chapter 860 The World Is So Small. Chapter 861 What About Being Single As He Said? Chapter 862 Are You Going To Offer Presents Provided By Me? Chapter 863 A Twin Brother. Chapter 864 Ou Ming Are You Jealous? Chapter 865 Yu Lilis Diary Chapter 866 What Did You Read In That Diary? Chapter 867 The Demonstration And Warning Chapter 868 Im Your Lover. Chapter 869 The Fetus Might Be Malformed Chapter 870 She Made That Face Again. Chapter 871 Im Worse Than Pigs Or Dogs Chapter 872 Well Live Together. Chapter 873 Lets Go To The Hospital Today Chapter 874 You Dare Draw It Chapter 875 Ou Mings Fiancee Chapter 876 How Dare This Woman Play Such A Trick On Me Chapter 877 Master Ou Excuse Me Which Woman Do You Mean? Chapter 878 The Hidden Rules Chapter 879 Then Just Do It Chapter 880 The Bosss Future Wife Chapter 881 Cook For Ou Ming Chapter 882 She Sold Her Body To Survive For The Past Four Years Chapter 883 In His World Yu Lili Had Been Absent For Four Years Chapter 884 Yu Lilis Confession. Chapter 885 To Do Your Duty As A Girlfriend Chapter 886 We Are Not The Husband And Wife As Long As We Dont Get Married. Chapter 887 Buying The Porno Movie. Chapter 888 A Fierce Fight Chapter 889 He Specially Came Here To Pick Me Up Chapter 890 Surrounded By Fiancee And Mistress He Is Very Happy Chapter 891 Being Criticized Behind The Back Chapter 892 My Name Is Shen Manting Chapter 893 Driving Away Shen Manting Chapter 894 Master Ou Was In A Meeting Chapter 895 Drawing A Character According To Ou Mings Appearance Chapter 896 Lets Have A Try Chapter 897 A Label Of Mistress Chapter 898 I Thought He Didnt Like His Fiancee Chapter 899 He Thought That She Didnt See It? Chapter 900 I Just Like You Chapter 901 A Double Blessing Chapter 902 Marriage Chapter 903 Im Not Coming Back Tonight Chapter 904 You Little Liar Chapter 905 A Deceptive Trick Chapter 906 Speak Of The Devil And He Doth Appears Chapter 907 This Is For You Chapter 908 Like A Dead Fish Chapter 909 Are You Spying On Me? Chapter 910 Ou Ming You Are A Bstard Chapter 911 Brother In Law Was Drunk. Chapter 912 You Are Yu Lili Arent You? Chapter 913 I Love You Too Chapter 914 Are You Recovering From The Frigidity? Chapter 915 Great Changes Chapter 916 Reverse Monitoring Chapter 917 Playing Tricks On Shen Manting. Chapter 918 How Can I Show My Face There Again? Chapter 919 Monitoring Shen Manting Chapter 920 The Marriage Is Settled Chapter 921 Love Transaction. Chapter 922 What Is The Relationship Between Us? Chapter 923 She Threw Up Out Of Nausea Chapter 924 Go See The Psychiatrist Chapter 925 Luo Ran Is A Psychologist Chapter 926 Dont You Want To Be With Another Man? Chapter 927 Shen Zhilies Professional Morality Chapter 928 The Drunken Tongue Spoke The Sober Mind Chapter 929 Yu Lili Was Hypnotized. Chapter 930 My Loved One Is Ou Ming. Chapter 931 Yu Lili Has Forgotten A Piece Of Her Memory Chapter 932 Scumbag Chapter 933 Can You Get Out Now? Chapter 934 Fried Chicken Beer And Shen Zhilie Chapter 935 Shen Zhilies Trap Chapter 936 Reveal The Truth Chapter 937 Showing Teethmarks Chapter 938 If I Can Kill One Ill Kill One Chapter 939 Ou Ming Lets Break Up Chapter 940 Dont Go Yu Lili Chapter 941 When You Calm Down Let's Talk Again Ok? Chapter 942 Change The Pattern Chapter 943 I Am An Orphan Chapter 944 Learn To Pretend To Be Well Behaved Chapter 945 Oh My Goddess This Is Too Embarrassing. Chapter 946 Its Different From The Others Chapter 947 Meeting Li Jinnan By Accident Chapter 948 Third Li Long Time No See Chapter 949 Displace Shen Manting Chapter 950 Shen Luoan One Of The Three Young Masters In Capital. Chapter 951 Carrying A Marriage Certificate Chapter 952 A Robber Acting Like A Cop Chapter 953 Im Not Like That Chapter 954 Im Married Chapter 955 People Like You Were Caught Put In A Pig Cage And Drowned. Chapter 956 Ruthless And Cruel Chapter 957 Porcelain Bumper Chapter 958 Girl Leave Your Phone Number Chapter 959 Couldn't Watch Her Die Chapter 960 She Is The Mistress Of Ou Ming Chapter 961 Change My Name Chapter 962 Relating The Story To Her Life Chapter 963 Stop Seducing Other Men Chapter 964 Exciting Secret Of Shen Manting Chapter 965 Don't Take Chances I Know Everything. Chapter 966 Yu Lilis A Weirdo Chapter 967 We Have A Sexless Marriage Chapter 968 I Wasnt Married Chapter 969 The News Of Their Marriage Chapter 970 Shen Zhilies Crazy Pursuit Chapter 971 Im Not That Desperate Chapter 972 Go To Sell Your Laugh Chapter 973 What Happened That Night Chapter 974 Merry Meet And Merry Part Chapter 975 They Were All Ou Mings Favorites Chapter 976 What Else Do You Want? Chapter 977 The Anxiety Chapter 978 Remember To Find Wives Chapter 979 Having A Baby Chapter 980 She Was A Concubine Chapter 981 No Matter Who Has To Pay The Price Chapter 982 You Are Drunk Chapter 983 Brave The Enemys Fire Chapter 984 Comrade Where Is The Bomb Hidden? Chapter 985 Ou Ming Is A Btch Chapter 986 I Am Frozen Chapter 987 Youre Really Hypocritical Chapter 988 If I Love Him I Have To Cater To Him Chapter 989 Ugly People Make More Mischief Chapter 990 I Am Li Xiaoyu Chapter 991 Being Promoted Chapter 992 Ou Ming Could Pick Me Up Chapter 993 What A Handsome Boy Chapter 994 Being Almost Beaten To Death Chapter 995 They Abuse The Elderly Chapter 996 Robbing The Cradle Is A Bit Outrageous Chapter 997 She Finds Him Handsome And Cant Control Herself Chapter 998 Old Mrs. Shen Disappeared Chapter 999 Sleep With Lili Tonight Chapter 1000 Do You Dislike Me? Chapter 1001 So Cold Hearted Chapter 1002 Inappropriate Behavior Chapter 1003 We Have Broken Up Chapter 1004 Has She Ever Aborted? Chapter 1005 Dont Touch Her Chapter 1006 Are You So Lonely? Chapter 1007 Youre So Impudent Chapter 1008 Is Shen Zhilie Really Your Boyfriend? Chapter 1009 This Is Called Act Btchy Chapter 1010 Grandmas Brain Is Not Good Chapter 1011 We Are A Couple Chapter 1012 She Didnt Feel Anything Chapter 1013 Hey Dont Move Chapter 1014 They Both Liked It Chapter 1015 Vacation In Advance Chapter 1016 She Didnt Understand Chapter 1017 Where Are You My Baby? Chapter 1018 Embarrassment In The Air Chapter 1019 Wish You A Happy Wedding Chapter 1020 She Stopped In The Same Place Chapter 1021 Did You Love Me? Chapter 1022 The Last Time Chapter 1023 Ou Ming Escaped Chapter 1024 Where Is Yu Lili? Chapter 1025 I Havent Watched The Snow With Ou Ming. Chapter 1026 Yu Lili Has Been To Japan Chapter 1027 Being In A Foreign Land Chapter 1028 A Real Girlfriend Chapter 1029 Sexual Harassment Chapter 1030 I Will Marry You Chapter 1031 A Happy Ending Doesnt Depend On You Chapter 1032 Shen Zhilie Couldnt Satisfy You Chapter 1033 They Have Really Been In Love Chapter 1034 A Sudden Kiss Chapter 1035 A Man Always Makes More Concessions Chapter 1036 We Are Not Right For Each Other Chapter 1037 : Still Not Satisfied? Chapter 1038 Will You Marry Me? Chapter 1039 Put On Your Coat Chapter 1040 I Dont Want You To Marry Him Chapter 1041 Beware Of Shen Luoan Chapter 1042 Pressing Her Into The River Chapter 1043 Make Love To You Chapter 1044 I Can Marry You Anytime Chapter 1045 Shen Manting Attempted Suicide Chapter 1046 No Intention To Take Her Back Chapter 1047 Achieving Three Goals In One Stroke Chapter 1048 Further Complicating The Matter Chapter 1049 The Secret Of Ou Mings Mistress Was Leaked Chapter 1050 He Will Change His Mind Chapter 1051 Ou Ming Marry Me Ok? Chapter 1052 I Beg You Chapter 1053 Public Opinion Chapter 1054 Son Of A Btch Chapter 1055 The Married Brother And Unmarried Sister Chapter 1056 First Time To Have Sex Chapter 1057 That Kind Of Person Chapter 1058 I Dare You To Get In Chapter 1059 Hidden Trap Chapter 1060 The Hype Chapter 1061 Sound Recording Exposed Chapter 1062 I Just Committed Something Serious Chapter 1063 A Woman Like Her Will Do Anything For Money Chapter 1064 Ill Die Right Before Your Eyes Chapter 1065 This Wasnt Done By Me Chapter 1066 Evidence That This Man Did Not Love Her. Chapter 1067 He Did Not Believe Her Not Even A Tiny Bit. Chapter 1068 Taking Advantage Of The Situation Chapter 1069 : Ou Ming Im Back In China. Chapter 1070 So Tired Chapter 1071 Youre The Only One I See. Chapter 1072 Theres A Price To Pay For Taking Advantage Of A Man Chapter 1073 Dont Tell Me You Went To Meet That Woman Chapter 1074 Does Your Mother Hate Me Very Much? Chapter 1075 Will You Really Marry Me? Chapter 1076 Playing With Little Kids Chapter 1077 Our Children In Future Chapter 1078 I Want To Sleep With Dad And Mom Chapter 1079 Youre Already 30. Cant You Be More Mature? Chapter 1080 Favoring The Daughter Over The Sons Chapter 1081 Lets Welcome The New Year Together Chapter 1082 The Longevity That Children Bring Chapter 1083 Daddy Youre Mean Chapter 1084 Mommy Is That True? Chapter 1085 They Can All Just Sleep In Separate Rooms. Chapter 1086 This Is What You Call husband And Wife. Chapter 1087 Youre So Coy In Private Chapter 1088 New Years Eve Chapter 1089 You Speak As If Its Such A Big Deal Chapter 1090 Blasphemy Chapter 1091 What Do You Know? Chapter 1092 The Vagabond Artist Wen Fenglin Chapter 1093 Evil Deeds Exposed. Chapter 1094 Did You Think You Could Be Comparable To Manting? Chapter 1095 On One Side Stood His Mother On The Other Was His Lover. How Was He To Choose? Chapter 1096 Just Apologize. Let Her Retain Her Dignity. Chapter 1097 Deliberately Rubbing Salt Into Her Wounds Chapter 1098 My Cell Phone And Wallet Were Stolen Chapter 1099 Even If We Have To Leave Each Other Well Live. Chapter 1100 Their First New Years Eve Together Chapter 1101 Shotgun Wedding Chapter 1102 Run. Lets Just Elope. Chapter 1103 Marry Me. Lets Be Together. Chapter 1104 Fine Youll Be The Death Of Me Chapter 1105 Youre Willing To Forfeit Your Mothers Life For A Woman. Chapter 1106 What Will Happen When She Cant Find Me? Chapter 1107 High Speed Rear End Collision Chapter 1108 Im Waiting For Him To Meet Me Back Here. Chapter 1109 Dont Think That Ill Ever Forgive You Chapter 1110 Hes Been Looking For You Chapter 1111 How Is Ou Ming Doing Now? Chapter 1112 Wen Fenglins Help Chapter 1113 That Silly Lady Must Still Be Waiting For Me Chapter 1114 What An Idiot Chapter 1115 What If She Doesnt Want Me Anymore? Chapter 1116 His Little Carp Was Here. Chapter 1117 I May Never See Again Chapter 1118 Its Not A Big Deal Chapter 1119 Have Jiao Ziqing Beg You To Be With Her Son Chapter 1120 Yu Lili Is Shen Yinyue? Chapter 1121 Its The New Year Chapter 1122 Mom Is Begging You Chapter 1123 Xianers Ending Will Become Ou Mings Ending Chapter 1124 I Want To Live Chapter 1125 Please Visit My Son Chapter 1126 I Am Ou Mings Father Chapter 1127 Dont You Have Any Dignity? Chapter 1128 I Really Want To Experience What It Feels Like To Strip A Nurse Chapter 1129 Once Weve Gotten Used To Something We Keep With It Chapter 1130 Help Chapter 1131 For Your Money And Your Body Chapter 1132 Emergency Rescue Chapter 1133 It Was A Close Shave But Hes Out Of Danger Chapter 1134 Youre Not Welcome Here. Chapter 1135 Yu Lili With A Guilty Conscience Chapter 1136 Her Eyes Welled Up With Tears Chapter 1137 I Want To Be Discharged From The Hospital Chapter 1138 Die Together With Him Chapter 1139 Shed Never Be Good Enough Chapter 1140 Our Child Chapter 1141 Great Mr. Ou This Is A Hospital Chapter 1142 The Aftereffects Of Birth Control Medication Chapter 1143 A Change Of Heart Chapter 1144 Having Dinner With Ou Mings Family Chapter 1145 She Is My Fiancee Chapter 1146 Awkward Chapter 1147 What The Devil? Chapter 1148 Pestered Chapter 1149 I Can Spend Time Alone With Her At Night Chapter 1150 Live Together Chapter 1151 A Handicapped Person Chapter 1152 What Will It Take For You To Leave? Chapter 1153 Have It Your Way Chapter 1154 That String Of Numbers Chapter 1155 Bastrd Ou Chapter 1156 It Made The Old Ladys Heart Ache Chapter 1157 Youre My Grandchild Chapter 1158 The Unlimited Youthful Energy Of The Old Lady Chapter 1159 I Can See A Persons Lot In Life Chapter 1160 What Do You Think Of Shen Zhilie? Chapter 1161 Extracting Payback From Ou Ming Chapter 1162 My Granddaughter Chapter 1163 I Heard Your Son Got Into A Car Accident Chapter 1164 Doesnt That Mean Hes Blind? Chapter 1165 Ou Ming Do You Know What Youre Saying? Chapter 1166 Two Tight Slaps Chapter 1167 Old Mrs. Shen Vs. Wen Fenglin Chapter 1168 You Will Regret It Chapter 1169 What Was Ou Mings World Like Now? Chapter 1170 A Piercing Pain Chapter 1171 Uncle Wen Chapter 1172 Theres No Way Youll Be Able To Let Go Happy New Year Everyone Chapter 1173 A Love Exchange Chapter 1174 ll Go Check If Youre Dead Yet Chapter 1175 Loyalty And Filial Piety Were Mutually Exclusive Chapter 1176 Happy Birthday Yu Lili Chapter 1177 Whos The Flower And Whos The Cow Dung? Chapter 1178 A Birthday Wish Chapter 1179 Glued To Yu Lili Chapter 1180 The Disparity Was Too Great Chapter 1181 Miss Yu Please Come Pick Your Boyfriend Up Chapter 1182 Dont Take It Too Far Chapter 1183 This Guy Was Really Disgusting Chapter 1184 You Cannot Hit A Handicapped Person Chapter 1185 I Cant See. Dont Let Me Tumble Down Chapter 1186 I Cannot Let You Freeze To Death Dumbass Chapter 1187 I Want To Stay With You Chapter 1188 Go Sleep On The Overpass Then Chapter 1189 How Despicable Chapter 1190 I Want Ice Cream Chapter 1191 A Proper Blind Man Chapter 1192 What Did He Take Her For? Chapter 1193 Dont Leave Chapter 1194 You Are Indeed One Family And Equally Unreasonable Chapter 1195 Where On Earth Did You Go That Youre Back So Late? Chapter 1196 Abandoning A Handicapped Person Chapter 1197 Can You Get Any Beastlier? Chapter 1198 Tailing Yu Lili Chapter 1199 How Can You Wear Womens Clothes? Chapter 1200 Ambiguous Chapter 1201 Truly Done For Chapter 1202 Why Is Your Reaction So Extreme? Chapter 1203 A Test Chapter 1204 Scalded Chapter 1205 Feed Me Chapter 1206 Let The Competition Begin Well See Whos Left Standing Chapter 1207 The Landlords Idiot Son Chapter 1208 Old Friends Chapter 1209 Helping Ou Ming Bathe Chapter 1210 He Cant See Anyway Chapter 1211 Such A Huge Reaction Chapter 1212 Well Go Back And Get Our Marriage Certificate Chapter 1213 I Dont Want Anyone Else Other Than You Chapter 1214 I Dont Want That Chapter 1215 Ou Ming Do You Love Me? Chapter 1216 Liar Chapter 1217 May I? No Chapter 1218 Behaving In A Clandestine Manner Chapter 1219 : Shes Wet Chapter 1220 Creamy White Chapter 1221 Ding Dong Chapter 1222 Affecting My Usual Performance Chapter 1223 Why Is Your Face So Red? Chapter 1224 Heh Heh Heh Chapter 1225 Ou Mings Exasperating Personality Chapter 1226 Mens Deep Rooted Bad Habits Chapter 1227 Sent To The Emergency Department In The Middle Of The Night Chapter 1228 The First Woman. The Only Woman. Chapter 1229 Evil Lives Long Chapter 1230 That Was What I Owed Her Chapter 1231 Even Worse Than An Animal Chapter 1232 Why Are You Being A Wuss? Chapter 1233 Alone Together Chapter 1234 Yu Lilis Identity Chapter 1235 To Give Her A Family Chapter 1236 Have We Met Somewhere Before? Chapter 1237 The Boat Will Capsize And Well Die Together Chapter 1238 Dont Look At Them Look At Me Chapter 1239 Forget About Sleeping Tonight Chapter 1240 Is This A Coincidence Or A Coincidence? Chapter 1241 Shes An Orphan Chapter 1242 A Good Melodrama Chapter 1243 A Photograph Of Xianer Chapter 1244 Your Beloved Woman Marrying Another Man Chapter 1245 To Be Disappointed In Someone Chapter 1246 What Were They Doing Originally? Chapter 1247 Hurry Up Chapter 1248 Drinking Water Chapter 1249 Can You Please Show Me Some Respect? Chapter 1250 Marriage Is For A Lifetime Chapter 1251 Thats Probably The Power Of Love Chapter 1252 Starting A Family Chapter 1253 Back Me Up Chapter 1254 The World Isnt Fair Chapter 1255 Youll Have An Older Brother To Protect You Chapter 1256 Perhaps Theyve Been Dead For A Long Time Chapter 1257 Mother Chapter 1258 Candy Chapter 1259 Just On The Way Chapter 1260 Its All Up To My Wife Chapter 1261 Its A Wedding Present. Do You Like It? Chapter 1262 Our New Home Chapter 1263 Lets Hang Out At Second Brothers Home Chapter 1264 Three Children Chapter 1265 Keep It From Her For The Rest Of Her Life? Chapter 1266 Im Always At The Bottom. Its So Tiring Chapter 1267 Youre Swearing Wrong Chapter 1268 Twins Chapter 1269 Pampered And Spoiled Chapter 1270 Exactly The Same As Li Sichengs Chapter 1271 A Mans Role Chapter 1272 The Holographic Room Chapter 1273 Newlyweds Chapter 1274 Sense Of Embarrassment Chapter 1275 Youre Back Together With That Yu Woman Again Arent You? Chapter 1276 A New Daughter In Law Offering Tea Chapter 1277 Call Me Hubby Chapter 1278 How Did I Never Notice This Issue Of Yours? Chapter 1279 Dialed An Ambulance Chapter 1280 The Sequelae Of A Miscarriage Chapter 1281 An Uninvited Guest Chapter 1282 Princess In The Ivory Tower Chapter 1283 Being Deliberately Left Out Chapter 1284 Whom Are You Trying To Fool With This Delicate Act? Chapter 1285 Her Tongue Is Sharp But Her Heart Isnt Evil Chapter 1286 Announce To The World That Were Married Chapter 1287 This Is My Wife Chapter 1288 Grocery Shopping Chapter 1289 An Unforgiving Tongue Chapter 1290 You Gained A Free Dress Chapter 1291 Were Family. Call Me dad. Chapter 1292 I Was Still Pretending In Front Of Your Mom Chapter 1293 My Mom Is Your Mom Chapter 1294 Well Continue Tomorrow Chapter 1295 Dont You Embarrass Me Chapter 1296 The Daughter In Law Chapter 1297 Already Married Chapter 1298 Dont Embarrass Me Chapter 1299 A Small But Exciting Incident Chapter 1300 Despair Is The Greatest Sorrow Chapter 1301 The Night Of Chastity Chapter 1302 Here To See If Youre Dead Yet Chapter 1303 Here Alone And In Secret Chapter 1304 What If Someone Recognizes Me? Chapter 1305 Mesmerizingly Joyous Chapter 1306 Dad Watch Out For Your Health Chapter 1307 Hubby Please Stop Chapter 1308 Bloody Conquest Chapter 1309 Wedding Preparations Chapter 1310 He Was Wrong For Me Its Time To End It Chapter 1311 Do You Believe In Retribution? Chapter 1312 Divorcing You Is The Right Thing To Do Chapter 1313 We Are All Adults Chapter 1314 Since Youre Mine Chapter 1315 Any Man Can Enter Chapter 1316 Does Your Lover Know Youre Married? Chapter 1317 What A Whore Chapter 1318 Lets Make The Marriage Real Chapter 1319 A Breakdown Chapter 1320 : Asking For Shen Luoans Essence Chapter 1321 Have Shen Luoan Deliver It Himself Chapter 1322 Off To Kingstown Chapter 1323 Trouble Conceiving Chapter 1324 The Aborted Twins Are Having Their Revenge Chapter 1325 Marketing Luo Zhan Out Chapter 1326 Youre Dont Have A Partner With You Anyway Chapter 1327 Luo Zhan Is Getting On In Age Chapter 1328 Pregnancy Preparations Chapter 1329 Bringing An Additional Family Member Chapter 1330 What A Coincidence Chapter 1331 Shes Not Good Enough For Him Chapter 1332 You Unconscionable Cad Chapter 1333 A Love That Developed Over Time Chapter 1334 Hospitalized Because Of A Car Accident Chapter 1335 Can I Go With Uncle Luo Zhan? Chapter 1336 Because No Other Woman Wants To Marry Uncle Luo Zhan Chapter 1337 She Almost Fell Chapter 1338 Since I Cant Tell Daddy About It Chapter 1339 Making A Mountain Out Of A Molehill Chapter 1340 Lets Have Another Child Mrs. Li. Chapter 1341 Ten Minutes Chapter 1342 Wen Fenglins Present Chapter 1343 A Birthday Wish Chapter 1344 What Are You Doing? Chapter 1345 You Ruined My Happy Time Chapter 1346 Fast And Slow Chapter 1347 When You Seduce Me I Cant Control Myself Chapter 1348 Yu Lilis Biological Mother Chapter 1349 Her Family Name Is Chi. Its Spelled C H I. Chapter 1350 One Car Two Lives Chapter 1351 Men Arent As Weak As You Imagine Them To Be Chapter 1352 Its Impossible That They Ever Had A Child Together Chapter 1353 If You Dont Mind You Can Call Me Dad Too Chapter 1354 Im Really Pregnant Chapter 1355 Take Care Of Your Brother And Sister Chapter 1356 Meeting The Father Chapter 1357 Its Almost Works Out Perfectly Chapter 1358 Wen Fenglin You Are Mad Chapter 1359 At The End It Was His Bed She Died In Chapter 1360 Uncle Wen Is So Fat Chapter 1361 Doing Something Happy With Your Beloved Chapter 1362 Too Consumed By Lust To Function Normally Chapter 1363 The Results Of The Paternity Tests Came Out Chapter 1364 The Atmosphere And Degree Of Warmth Were Just Right Chapter 1365 Asking For A Beating When He Was Blind And When He Wasnt Chapter 1366 Husband And Wife Sleeping Apart Chapter 1367 Its Not Good For You. Eat Less Of It. Chapter 1368 Someone Else Was In Ou Mings Room Chapter 1369 You Can Forget About Escaping For The Rest Of Your Life Chapter 1370 One Track Mind Chapter 1371 The Picture Was So Beautiful Chapter 1372 Shen Manting Was Just As Weird As Shen Luoan Chapter 1373 A Day Trip Chapter 1374 Ou Ming I Want To Bear Your Child Chapter 1375 You Cant See Each Other Before The Wedding Chapter 1376 Awkward Chapter 1377 Nothing More Than A Plaything Chapter 1378 Too Late Chapter 1379 How Much Are You Selling Yourself A Night? Chapter 1380 Im Afraid Youll Have To Spend The Night In The Police Station Chapter 1381 You Wouldnt Touch Another Mans Wife Chapter 1382 I Really Underestimated You Chapter 1383 Whats This Guys Background? Chapter 1384 Probably Because The Guy Cant Perform Chapter 1385 It Was Indeed Lu Yihan Chapter 1386 You Want Out After Only Going Once? Not So Easy Chapter 1387 Bled Dry By The Woman Chapter 1388 Sober Up Youre A Man Chapter 1389 To Be Honest I Suffer From Split Personality Chapter 1390 About To Be Beaten Up Chapter 1391 How Are You So Shameless? Chapter 1392 The Relationship Between Ye Youyou And The General Manager Chapter 1393 Ms. Ye Do You Love Your Husband? Chapter 1394 Ms. Ye Marry Me Chapter 1395 Picking Up Used Goods Chapter 1396 Ye Youyou Youre Becoming Increasingly Despicable Chapter 1397 I Am Her Husband Chapter 1398 Visiting Guan Queye Chapter 1399 It Had Been Seven Years. Her Worst Fear Had Still Come To Pass Chapter 1400 Sleeping Too Late Causes Kidney Deficiency In Men Chapter 1401 Ill Be Your Bridesmaid Chapter 1402 Intending To Seduce Ou Ming Chapter 1403 The Past 1 Chapter 1404 The Past 2 Chapter 1405 The Past 3 Chapter 1406 Its Fine Now. Im Not Going Anywhere. Chapter 1407 Does It Feel Nice And Cool? Chapter 1408 Do You Know How To Bathe? Do You Need Help With That? Chapter 1409 Sending A Guest Off Chapter 1410 Was It For Herself Or For Him? Chapter 1411 She Had Kind Of Overreacted A Little Chapter 1412 Becoming A Young Married Couple Chapter 1413 This Is The Behavior Of A Thug Chapter 1414 Restless Night Chapter 1415 An Indecent Place Chapter 1416 An Exciting Game Chapter 1417 You Broke A Rule Drink Up Chapter 1418 Ye Youyou Was Drunk Chapter 1419 A Man Has To Possess The Ability Chapter 1420 : A Woman Was Checking Into A Hotel With Him Chapter 1421 Im Going Home. Release Me. Chapter 1422 Divorce Him Ill Marry You. Chapter 1423 Victory Trophy Chapter 1424 It Wasnt An Accident. I Did It On Purpose. Chapter 1425 It Wont Be Good If Someone Sees Us Chapter 1426 Im On Heat Chapter 1427 Thats Not What You Called Me Just Now Chapter 1428 Its Nothing More Than A Membrane Chapter 1429 Its Not Worth It For Such A Man Chapter 1430 Why Are You Blushing? What Are You Thinking Of? Chapter 1431 At Least He Possessed A Sense Of Shame Chapter 1432 Do You Want To Divorce Shen Luoan? Chapter 1433 The World Was Too Crazy Chapter 1434 A Marriage Match Chapter 1435 Four Generations Of The Same Family Chapter 1436 Alone With His Shadow Chapter 1437 The Wedge Between Them Chapter 1438 Your Gm Li Is Here Chapter 1439 You Have To Take Action Early Chapter 1440 No Loss Chapter 1441 If Thats Not Enough We Can Add More Chapter 1442 Its Fine Even If You Dont Come Back Chapter 1443 Indulging In An Addiction Chapter 1444 Yu Lilis Wedding Chapter 1445 Shen Manting Is Missing Chapter 1446 An Open Secret Chapter 1447 When Did She Leave? Chapter 1448 Go To Hell Chapter 1449 A Woman He Could Never Have Chapter 1450 He Wanted Her Chapter 1451 You Cant Keep Such A Man By Your Side Chapter 1452 Newlyweds Chapter 1453 Ill Take Good Care Of You Tonight Chapter 1454 Why Is It So Tight? Chapter 1455 Hurry Up Chapter 1456 Having A Kid Chapter 1457 Theyve All Been There And Done That Chapter 1458 Be Careful Chapter 1459 Do Not Engage In Vigorous Activities Chapter 1460 These Five Children Chapter 1461 Youre Going To Drive Me Crazy Chapter 1462 Our Quintuplets Chapter 1463 Youre That Eager For It? Chapter 1464 Her First Thought Was Of Li Jinnan Chapter 1465 It Couldnt Be A Coincidence Chapter 1466 I Cant Hold You Back Chapter 1467 Never Calling Without Needing Something Chapter 1468 You Were Stalking Me? Chapter 1469 Ye Youyous Keycard Was Missing Chapter 1470 Asleep For A Long Time In Chapter 1471 A Nice Place To Settle Down Chapter 1472 You Wont Even Give Me A Chance To Redeem Myself Chapter 1473 His Throat Constricted Chapter 1474 Boyfriend Chapter 1475 Theres Only Alcohol Chapter 1476 Spin The Bottle Chapter 1477 Take Your Clothes Off Chapter 1478 He Just Loved Her. That Was All. Chapter 1479 First Rate Woman Chapter 1480 A Drunken Li Jinnan Chapter 1481 Be My Girlfriend Chapter 1482 When Are You Going Back To China? Chapter 1483 Private Space Chapter 1484 The Hard Demeanor Of A Soldier Chapter 1485 Dont Waste A Womans Prime Years Chapter 1486 It Was Only Registered Not Consummated. Chapter 1487 Teaching Grandpa The Wrong Thing Chapter 1488 The Woman Who Had Left Him For The Sake Of Money Chapter 1489 How Sorrowful It Was Chapter 1490 Im At Your Doorstep Chapter 1491 Only Able To Cook Noodles Chapter 1492 Lying On The Bed To Sleep Chapter 1493 Do You Want To Have Sex? Come Im Ready Chapter 1494 The Pot Calling The Kettle Black Chapter 1495 1495 Im Afraid You May Have Nefarious Intentions Toward Me Chapter 1496 Why Are You Seducing Me? Chapter 1497 What Were You Doing Inside? Chapter 1498 A Cold And Hard Truth Chapter 1499 Caught A Big Fish Chapter 1500 Such A Man Disgusts Even Other Men Chapter 1501 How Much Longer Are You Going To Stay Upset? Chapter 1502 My Grandfather Wants To Meet You Chapter 1503 1503 My Body And My Prowess Chapter 1504 A Quality Tes Chapter 1505 Stabbed Twice In The Hear Chapter 1506 Since You Have An Empty Room Let Me Have It. Chapter 1507 Dimwitted Chapter 1508 This Brassiere Is So Small. Is It Yours? Chapter 1509 From A Different World As Them Chapter 1510 Being Provided For By Li Jinnan Chapter 1511 The Boss Wife Can Do As She Pleases Chapter 1512 Heartache Discontentment Jealousy Chapter 1513 Make Me Yours Chapter 1514 The Shortcut Into A Womans Hear Chapter 1515 Its Too Soon To Meet The Parents Chapter 1516 You Didnt Intend To Marry Me? Chapter 1517 1517 Meeting The Grandfather Chapter 1518 Love Is Blind Chapter 1519 1519 Whose Kids Do You Think Those Are? Chapter 1520 Im Not Here To Freeload Chapter 1521 Setting A Trap For Dad And Mom Chapter 1522 A Fourth Grade Question Chapter 1523 The Children Of The Li Family Cannot Be Treated Like Children Chapter 1524 The Kid Is Pretty Quick Witted Chapter 1525 1525 Dad And Mom Are Back Chapter 1526 What An Elaborate Scheme Chapter 1527 Aphrodisiac Chapter 1528 Middle Of The Nigh Chapter 1529 My Mom Is Coming Over Today Chapter 1530 My Legs Feel Like Jelly Chapter 1531 1531 So Youre Now Living Together? Chapter 1532 Have You Been In Any Prior Relationships? Chapter 1533 So Scary Chapter 1534 Mom Youve Changed Chapter 1535 1535 I Keep Feeling As If Ive Seen Her Somewhere Before Chapter 1536 Marry Me And Be The Mother Of My Children Chapter 1537 Its Pretty Like You. Chapter 1538 All Given To Guan Queye Chapter 1539 May You Have An Unhappy Marriage Chapter 1540 Since When Did You Become Like That? Chapter 1541 Speak In Private Chapter 1542 Runaway Groom Chapter 1543 Hated Her Chapter 1544 Im So Jealous Of You Chapter 1545 I Want To Be With Ye Youyou Chapter 1546 A Shocking Turn Of Events Chapter 1547 Jinx Chapter 1548 Strangle Her To Death Chapter 1549 A Heartless Woman Chapter 1550 Why Would The Bride Commit Suicide? Chapter 1551 Underestimating Guan Queye Chapter 1552 Theres A Problem At This Juncture Chapter 1553 In A Big Mess Chapter 1554 Its Time To Repay Everything That You Owe Me Chapter 1555 Where The Heart Leads Chapter 1556 We Did Our Best Chapter 1557 Shen Luoan Is Not In The Capital Chapter 1558 I Will Ensure She Dies In Prison Chapter 1559 Im Sorry We Did Our Bes Chapter 1560 The Next Stop Chapter 1561 The Rescue Was Ineffective Chapter 1562 Teeny Su Chapter 1563 Parting Chapter 1564 Do You Not Want Me Anymore? Chapter 1565 The Li Family Raises No Useless Beings Chapter 1566 Something Chapter 1567 Brother When Are You Coming Home? Chapter 1568 Im Here To Turn Myself In Chapter 1569 Feigned Death Chapter 1570 Going To Destroy Her Chapter 1571 Miss Ye Is Pregnant Chapter 1572 Im Not Going To Let Her Stay In Prison Chapter 1573 Leaked Out Chapter 1574 My Children Will Be Legitimate And Proper Chapter 1575 Its Impossible For Her To Still Be Alive Chapter 1576 A Taste Of His Own Medicine Chapter 1577 The Role Of A Good Child Chapter 1578 A Dutiful Son Pays The Debts Of The Father Chapter 1579 The Family Will Have To Depend On You In The Future Chapter 1580 In Prison 1 Chapter 1581 In Prison 2 Chapter 1582 Toying With Pregnant Women Chapter 1583 Li Jinnan Save Me Quickly Chapter 1584 Save Me Chapter 1585 A Digital Voice Recorder Chapter 1586 The Culprit Was Someone Else Chapter 1587 Impossible Chapter 1588 Look At How Much Weight Youve Lost Chapter 1589 I Am Just A Scumbag Chapter 1590 Justice Is Present In Peoples Hearts Chapter 1591 Lock Him Up. Hes So Noisy Chapter 1592 Its Better To Take Precautions Chapter 1593 When Are You Going To Marry Me? Chapter 1594 Getting Out Of Hand Chapter 1595 Be Gentle Chapter 1596 The Service Is So Subpar Chapter 1597 The Evil You Bring On Yourself Is The Hardest To Bear Chapter 1598 Youre Doing It On Purpose Arent You? Chapter 1599 Im Doing This For Your Good Too Chapter 1600 What Are You Doing Here? Chapter 1601 Just How Many Girlfriends Do You Have? Chapter 1602 Married Only In Name And Nothing Else Chapter 1603 Act First And Report Later Chapter 1604 He Disapproves Of Many Things Chapter 1605 The Child Of Another Man Chapter 1606 Your Mom Chapter 1607 What Good Is There Is Forgiving You? Chapter 1608 Ungrateful Wretch Chapter 1609 Almost Burst Out In Tears Chapter 1610 Each Year Bigger Than The Last Chapter 1611 Unwilling To Burst Her Bubble Chapter 1612 A Singleton Like You Chapter 1613 The Reason Why She Had Been Single For So Long Chapter 1614 With Such A Sharp Tongue Its No Wonder Youre Single Chapter 1615 Dying Of Fatigue Chapter 1616 Someone Like You Can Get Pregnant? Dream On Chapter 1617 How He Wanted To Just Strangle Her Chapter 1618 Have You Fallen In Love With Me? Chapter 1619 Flat Chested And Short Chapter 1620 A Face Covered In Saliva Chapter 1621 If I Cant Get A Girlfriend Ill Just Look For A Boyfriend Chapter 1622 When Is Your Father Coming? Chapter 1623 He Turned Himself In Chapter 1624 That Young Lady Is Really Crafty Chapter 1625 Twins Possess A Mutual Telepathy Chapter 1626 Mommy I Miss My Older Brother Chapter 1627 The Fetus Pulse Is Unstable Chapter 1628 Its Definitely A Daughter Chapter 1629 Chapter 1630 Chapter 1631 Chapter 1632 Chapter 1633 Chapter 1634 Chapter 1635 Chapter 1636 Chapter 1637 Chapter 1638 Chapter 1639 Chapter 1640 Chapter 1641 Chapter 1642 Chapter 1643 Chapter 1644 Chapter 1645 Chapter 1646 Chapter 1647 Chapter 1648 Chapter 1649 Chapter 1650 Chapter 1651 Chapter 1652 Chapter 1653 Chapter 1654 Chapter 1655 Chapter 1656 Chapter 1657 Chapter 1658 Subtle Interactions Chapter 1659 Youre The One Like A Man Chapter 1660 Mutual Dislike Chapter 1661 Whats Wrong With Living Together? Were Not Sharing A Bed Chapter 1662 Undressed Chapter 1663 One Problem After Another Chapter 1664 Get Lost Damn Lecher Chapter 1665 I Didnt See Anything Chapter 1666 Boyfriend And Girlfriend Chapter 1667 Are You Falling In Love With Me? Chapter 1668 Ill Take Responsibility For You Chapter 1669 You Had A Change Of Heart So Quickly? Chapter 1670 Have You Ever Been Kissed? Chapter 1671 Ive Dirtied You Chapter 1672 If You Arent Rejecting Me Ill Take That As Consent Chapter 1673 R Rated Chapter 1674 Chapter 1675 Chapter 1676 Chapter 1677 Chapter 1678 Chapter 1679 Chapter 1680 Chapter 1681 Half A Month Chapter 1682 Outstanding Qualities Chapter 1683 So Sick Of It Chapter 1684 How Did I Perform? Chapter 1685 Ye Qianqian Now Has A Different Boyfriend Chapter 1686 I Have My Ways Of Seducing Men. What Can You Do About It? Chapter 1687 Throwing Down The Trump Card Chapter 1688 Sleeping Or Not Chapter 1689 Currying Favor With The Father In Law Chapter 1690 : Strangle Him Chapter 1691 Reaching Venice Chapter 1692 How Many Rooms Did You Book? Chapter 1693 A Bedroom And A Couch Right. Chapter 1694 There Are Children Present Chapter 1695 Its Heavy Chapter 1696 Climbing Into Bed Chapter 1697 Shes Shy Chapter 1698 Dont Suppress Your Natural Urges Chapter 1699 Ensnared By A Hunk Chapter 1700 Covenant Of Romance Chapter 1701 Dont Marry Me Chapter 1702 Ive Even Kissed Those Lips Before Chapter 1703 Behave Yourself Chapter 1704 Chapter 1705 Chapter 1706 Chapter 1707 Chapter 1708 Chapter 1709 Chapter 1710 Chapter 1711 Chapter 1712 Chapter 1713 Chapter 1714 Chapter 1715 Chapter 1716 Chapter 1717 Dedicating Ones Body To Art Chapter 1718 Are You Crazy? Chapter 1719 Such A Lecher Chapter 1720 Comedy Tragedy Chapter 1721 Without Protection Chapter 1722 It Wasnt Right To Make A Woman Give Birth Out Of Wedlock Chapter 1723 : Daily Routine Chapter 1724 Time To Make Your Move Chapter 1725 Well Sleep Together Tonight Chapter 1726 In The Future Just Leave Your Lives To Me Chapter 1727 In The Far Future Chapter 1728 Ye Youyou Chapter 1729 Time For The Bride To Wake Up Chapter 1730 Im Handing My Daughter Over To You Chapter 1731 Be Careful Not To Get Pregnant Chapter 1732 Li Jinnans Wedding Chapter 1733 Li Su Style Parenting Chapter 1734 The Tiniest Chapter 1735 When He Grows Up He Wants To Be A Military Man Chapter 1736 Men In The Li Family Chapter 1737 Unabashed Chapter 1738 Besties Chapter 1739 Maximum Masculinity Chapter 1740 Shes Not A Simple Girl Chapter 1741 What Are You Guys Doing? Chapter 1742 Settle Her Bestie Chapter 1743 The Cup Size Is Slightly Bigger Than Ye Qianqians Chapter 1744 Could Not Resist Chapter 1745 To Give Up Your Boyfriend Without Putting Up A Fight Chapter 1746 Dont Fool Around Chapter 1747 Women Attempting Suicide Chapter 1748 Blissful Lovers Chapter 1749 Something Has Happened Chapter 1750 I Drank Too Much And Will Be Staying With A Friend Chapter 1751 Qianqian I Love You Chapter 1752 My Woman Chapter 1753 Visiting Shen Zhilie Chapter 1754 Break Up With You Chapter 1755 Relieving Her Best Friends Burden Chapter 1756 Way Of Life Chapter 1757 I Miss You Chapter 1758 Fang Tongtong Is In Love Chapter 1759 What If It Gets Infected? Chapter 1760 Were You With That Little Boyfriend Of Yours? Chapter 1761 When You Get Married Ill Be Your Maid Of Honor Chapter 1762 Had Everything Just Been An Excuse Chapter 1763 If It Wasnt Shen Zhilie Who Could It Be Chapter 1764 Are They Dating Each Other? Chapter 1765 Get Lost Chapter 1766 We Should Put An End To Things Chapter 1767 Go Home Chapter 1768 It Was Merely Your Own Wishful Thinking Chapter 1769 Best Friend Chapter 1770 Fall Out Of Love Chapter 1771 Even In Death Ill Love Chapter 1772 To Meet His Parents Chapter 1773 Dutch Courage Chapter 1774 Where Is She? Chapter 1775 Late For A Good 20 Minutes Chapter 1776 Weve Already Broken Up Chapter 1777 Fine Ill Believe You Chapter 1778 You Can Have My Boyfriend Chapter 1779 What Should I Do? Chapter 1780 Wish The Both Of You Happiness Chapter 1781 The Look Of Infatuation Chapter 1782 Old Shen Really Loves You Chapter 1783 Something Is Fishy Chapter 1784 You Are The Chief Culprit Chapter 1785 To Chase Him Away For Real Chapter 1786 Also A Pitiful One Chapter 1787 Reputation In The Ruins 1 Chapter 1788 Reputation In The Ruins 2 Chapter 1789 You Are On Your Own Now Chapter 1790 He Wants To See You Chapter 1791 They Hooked Up Chapter 1792 What Goes Around Comes Around Chapter 1793 Take Care Of Yourself From Now On Chapter 1794 I Truly Love You Chapter 1795 Verbal Abuse Chapter 1796 Reputation In The Ruins 3 Chapter 1797 Reputation In The Ruins 4 Chapter 1798 Reputation In The Ruins 5 Chapter 1799 What Goes Around Comes Around Chapter 1800 Was Bullied Chapter 1801 More Than What Was Bargained For Chapter 1802 A Change In Affairs Chapter 1803 That Woman Chapter 1804 Look For Him Chapter 1805 What Do You Know Chapter 1806 Heard That You Guys Broke Up Chapter 1807 To Get Even For You Chapter 1808 It Was My Personal Assistant Chapter 1809 You Reap What You Sow Chapter 1810 The Door To The House Is Open Chapter 1811 What Does He Want To Do? Chapter 1812 What Is Our Relationship Chapter 1813 This Is The Last Time Chapter 1814 Ill Make You Bear My Child Chapter 1815 Weve Already Done Them All Chapter 1816 Get The Hell Away From Me Chapter 1817 If You Are Unwell Youll Need To Make An Appointment Chapter 1818 Distorting The Truth Chapter 1819 Stay With Me Tonight Chapter 1820 How Are You Going To Survive In The Future Chapter 1821 Wheres My Gift? Chapter 1822 Dan Scoundrel Chapter 1823 She Looks Mean Chapter 1824 Palm Reading Chapter 1825 The Sign Of A Short Life Chapter 1826 A Picture Of Shen Zhilie Naked Chapter 1827 Have Some Self Control Your Parents Are Around Chapter 1828 Lying Through His Teeth Chapter 1829 So Darn Embarrassed Chapter 1830 Ill At Ease Chapter 1831 Letting Loose In Order To Capture Chapter 1832 This Lady Wont Do 1 Chapter 1833 This Lady Wont Do 2 Chapter 1834 Qianqian Is Pregnant Chapter 1835 Getting Married In Secret Chapter 1836 : Fate Chapter 1837 To Profit From A Misfortune Chapter 1838 Enough Now Calm Down Chapter 1839 A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing Chapter 1840 In Shen Mantings Room Chapter 1841 If She Were To Really Die Chapter 1842 Does That Sound Like A Life Of Fortune To You? Chapter 1843 To Summon The Gods And The Ghosts Chapter 1844 Why Are You Back Together Again Chapter 1845 I Admit It Chapter 1846 Being Pulled Into The Woods Chapter 1847 Marriages Are All The Sameearly Or Late Chapter 1848 A Pair Of Completely White Eyes Chapter 1849 Infertility Chapter 1850 Young People Shouldnt Sigh Chapter 1851 You May Know A Persons Face But Not His Heart Chapter 1852 What If We Change Our Minds Or Cheat On Each Other? Chapter 1853 Stop Shen Zilie Chapter 1854 You Threw The Children Chapter 1855 Come Back Right Now Chapter 1856 You Dropped Something Chapter 1857 The Horror Of Clearing His Traces Chapter 1858 Nobodys Here Nobodys Here Chapter 1859 Are We Being Followed? Chapter 1860 How Did Your Belly Grow So Quickly? Chapter 1861 A Happy Life Chapter 1862 Its Useless To Worry About It Chapter 1863 Ninety Nine Days Of Hidden Marriage Chapter 1864 Why Have I Been So Unlucky Lately? Chapter 1865 You Look Good In Anything Chapter 1866 Have Never Seen A Sharp Belly Before Chapter 1867 Could Not Help But Contemplate Chapter 1868 Daughters Are The Apple Of The Eye Chapter 1869 Yu Chulin Chapter 1870 A Smart Child Is Indeed Smart For A Reason Chapter 1871 To Be Contented With Resting On Ones Laurels Chapter 1872 Mummy Mosen Loves You Chapter 1873 Hair Raising Chapter 1874 Im Afraid Chapter 1875 Only Beauties Are Ill Fated Chapter 1876 A Call In The Middle Of The Night I Chapter 1877 A Call In The Middle Of The Night Ii Chapter 1878 A Call In The Middle Of The Night Iii Chapter 1879 You Gave Me A Fright Just Now Chapter 1880 I Was Just Cracking A Joke Chapter 1881 Get Some Sleep Chapter 1882 Just Where Did He Go? Chapter 1883 Buzz Off And Watch Your Step On Your Way Out Chapter 1884 Driven To Desperation Chapter 1885 Good News And Bad News Chapter 1886 Ill Have You Fired Chapter 1887 Was He Regretting His Decision? Chapter 1888 Leaving A Good Impression On His Future Father In Law Chapter 1889 Its New Year. Cheer Up Chapter 1890 This Wasnt What They Had Agreed Upon Chapter 1891 Awkward As Hell Chapter 1892 God Is Jealous Of My Beauty Chapter 1893 : Done In Ten Minutes Chapter 1894 What If They Installed A Monitor? Chapter 1895 Your Ex Wifes Twin Sister Chapter 1896 He Really Was Pregnant Chapter 1897 Dont Have To Go Back Home Tonight Chapter 1898 : Shut Up Chapter 1899 A Golden Virgin Chapter 1900 The Lover Princes Defeat Chapter 1901 Shot Down Chapter 1902 Isnt It Too Late To Tell Me Now? Your Clothes Are Off Chapter 1903 I Want A Kid Chapter 1904 There Wont Be A Next Time Chapter 1905 Yay Were Having Children Chapter 1906 To See If Its Male Or Female Chapter 1907 Delivered Chapter 1908 Would Have Remarried A Long Time Ago Chapter 1909 Do You Like Su Qianci? Chapter 1910 Too Extreme Chapter 1911 We Can Still Be In Love For A Very Long Time Chapter 1912 Brother Mosen Will Be Sad Chapter 1913 He Lied To You Chapter 1914 Childs Play Chapter 1915 Are You Crazy? Chapter 1916 Ill Scram Chapter 1917 A Nice Lady Chapter 1918 You Can Divorce When You Want To In The Future Chapter 1919 Could Not Live Past Twenty Eight Years Old Chapter 1920 Happy To Fool Each Other Chapter 1921 Being Especially Good At Sucking Up Chapter 1922 He Was Serious About Blowing My Head Off Chapter 1923 Lonely Chapter 1924 Green Light Chapter 1925 What Was not Too Bad Supposed To Mean? Chapter 1926 Birthday And Horoscope Chapter 1927 Horrible Words Chapter 1928 Youre Not To Come Back On Your Own Chapter 1929 : A Friendship For Over More Than A Decade Chapter 1930 Are You Out To Kill Your Husband? Chapter 1931 : Ersu Give Your Daddy A Call Chapter 1932 Su Qianci Is Giving Birth Again Chapter 1933 A Perfect Life Chapter 1934 A Photograph Of Little Brother Chapter 1935 Mania Chapter 1936 Mother I Want To Go Home Chapter 1937 Li Sichengs Dilemma Chapter 1938 Heartless Woman Chapter 1939 Your Son Is Kicking Me Chapter 1940 Honey I Have A Stomachache Chapter 1941 : Bleeding To Death Chapter 1942 A Week Since The Child Was Born Chapter 1943 Just The Wife Not The Child Chapter 1944 The Nickname Xiaoxiao Chapter 1945 Yu Lilis Happiness Chapter 1946 You Cant Share A Room Chapter 1947 : Precisely Accurate Chapter 1948 Infertilitywho Was To Blame? Chapter 1949 Affecting Her Mood Chapter 1950 If A Mans Infertile Chapter 1951 Left Chapter 1952 : To Get The Marriage Certificate Chapter 1953 Baby Mummy Loves You Chapter 1954 Ive Never Seen Someone Abuse A Child Like That Before Chapter 1954: Taste First Chapter 1955: Heartfelt Joy Of Becoming A Father Chapter 1956: The Transcendence Chapter 1957: Suddenly Reached Out And Clamped Her Chin Chapter 1958: Dad's Baby Chapter 1959: Raising Children Is Not Easy Chapter 1960: Shen Luoan Chapter 1961: Look Our Son Smiles At Me Chapter 1962: It's Time To Confine Chapter 1963: Don't Be Unreasonable Chapter 1964: How Did That Little Come No One Knows Better Than You Brother Chapter 1965: You'd Better Open The Door For Me Let's Talk About It Chapter 1966: That Is Your Son Do You Want To Crush Him Alive Chapter 1967: He Is Too Anxious Chapter 1968: Wife's Body Matters Chapter 1969: Have You Ever Heard Of Stockholm Syndrome? Chapter 1970: Think Carefully Chapter 1971: Let Me Go I'm Tired Chapter 1972: He Is My Brother Chapter 1973: I Know Chapter 1974: Don't Look So Lifeless It's Really Annoying To Look At Chapter 1975: Take A Look Red And Swollen Chapter 1976: As Long As The Child Is Not An Adult Chapter 1977: The Gap Is Quite Big Chapter 1978: Chinese Wedding Chapter 1979: Bling Wedding Chapter 1980: Lift Your Hijab Chapter 1981: You Are So Beautiful Today Chapter 1982: Eight Pieces Chapter 1983: New Daughter In Law Came Through Chapter 1984: Softened Legs List Announced Chapter 1985: Envy Is Ugly You Are So Ugly Chapter 1986: Seems Like .. Found Shen Manting Chapter 1987: Chapter 1988: Really You Chapter 1989: Baby Is Good But She Can't See Chapter 1990: Even If I m Poor I Ca Nt Afford To Steal Your Phone Chapter 1991: You Recognize The Wrong Person Chapter 1992: A Good News A Bad News Chapter 1993: See You Manting Chapter 1994: Only Shen Luoan Was Alone. Chapter 1995: Want To Take Care Of Your Business Chapter 1996: Eat Chapter 1997: It's Worthy Of Being Your Mother. Chapter 1998: Really Consider Yourself A Grandma Chapter 1999: Auntie Is Gone Now You Have To Pay Me One : Section Repeat Problem Chapter 2000: Fortunately It Was Not Her Son Otherwise She Would Choke Him Directly Chapter 2001: Really Terrible Habit Chapter 2002: Dumb Talk Chapter 2003: You Look At The Baby Here Chapter 2004: Don't You Know Chapter 2005: If I Let You Marry Me Wouldn't You Be Too Wronged? Chapter 2006: Hurry Up I'm In A Hurry Chapter 2007: Cheap Enough Chapter 2008: Give Children A Home Chapter 2009: Cautious Chapter 2010: It's As If A Year Ago When Everything Hadn't Happened Yet Chapter 2011: Go To The Room Chapter 2012: Man Sleeping Beside Chapter 2013: Sleep In Bed Chapter 2014: It's Finally A Trick Chapter 2015: I Am Embarrassed To Tell You That You Are My Son's Mother Chapter 2016: Change Her Clothes Chapter 2017: In A Good Mood Chapter 2018: Leave Leave Me Chapter 2019: Great Xiaoyue Will Have A Mother In The Future Chapter 2020: I Can't Go Without My Wife .. Chapter 2021: A Kiss Full Of Wine 2 Chapter 2022: What To Drink Crazy 2 Chapter 2023: Are You Drunk Or Stupid 2 Chapter 2024: What Can I Do For You? Chapter 2025: I Felt Him React. Chapter 2026: Drunk Chapter 2027: I'm Good Enough For You You Have To Be Content Chapter 2028: Normal Human Normal Needs Chapter 2029: I Have Nothing To Talk To You Chapter 2030: Give Me Some Money And Let Me Go High Chapter 2031: It's Time To Finish Chapter 2032: Sorry Sorry Chapter 2033: I Killed Her Like This .. Chapter 2034: You Are Finally Back Chapter 2035: Mom Xiaoyueer Came To See You Chapter 2036: Vegetative Found Chapter 2037: You .. Turned Out To Be A Woman? Chapter 2038: Holding Shen Zhizheng's Thigh Chapter 2039: When Did I Become Such An Eldest Son Chapter 2040: This Is Shen Manting Chapter 2041: My First Kiss Is For My Prince Charming Chapter 2042: Kisses Will Be Pregnant Chapter 2043: This Is Called Two People World Chapter 2044: Don't Peek At Me Chapter 2045: Pain Here Chapter 2046: Then I Wait For You Chapter 2047: Count Your Cleverness Chapter 2048: The Truth Of The Orphanage 1 Chapter 2049: The Truth Of The Orphanage 2 2 Chapter 2050: Tanuki For Prince Chapter 2051: Go To The Civil Affairs Bureau Tomorrow Chapter 2052: Brother Doesn't Think He Is Molesting Young Children Chapter 2053: How Can I Make The Old Man Open? Chapter 2054: You Are Too Tight I Feel Bad Chapter 2055: Husband I Don't Think We Are Like Husband And Wife 1 Chapter 2056: Husband I Don't Think We Are Like Husband And Wife 2 Chapter 2057: Husband I Don't Think We Are Like Husband And Wife 3 Chapter 2058: I Always Feel Missing Chapter 2059: Actually You Don't Like Me At All Right? Chapter 2060: Husband Are You Stupid? Chapter 2061: I Heard That Eating Human Flesh Is Bad For You. Chapter 2062: If I'm Still Alive Remember To Send Me To The Hospital .. Chapter 2063: Sissi You Teach Me To Seduce A Man Okay? Chapter 2064: He Loves You Chapter 2065: Why Don't You Flirt With Me Chapter 2066: When I Wake Up I Know Nothing Chapter 2067: Man Ting Is Young And Ignorant Now He Is Not Easy To Start Chapter 2068: It's So Annoying Actually Hit My Wife Chapter 2069: Ways To Make My Husband Like Me More Chapter 2070: Marry Me Chapter 2071: Less Love Between Us Chapter 2072: I Am Afraid You Will Hate Me Chapter 2073: I Love You I Won't Hate You Chapter 2074: Know At A Glance Chapter 2075: Are We Going Out Today? Chapter 2076: Wow The Red Book .. Chapter 2077: Looking Into Her Eyes All Are Shining Chapter 2078: I Was Pulled In After Half A Push Chapter 2079: There Are Children Chapter 2080: The Person Who Cooperated With Luo Zhan Recently Is Actually Lu Yihan Chapter 2081: Straight Man Like Steel Chapter 2082: We Are Going To Have Three Chapter 2083: Dad Don't Hit My Mom Chapter 2084: Falling Pain In The Lower Abdomen Chapter 2085: Ye Qianqian: Am I Pregnant? Chapter 2086: I Don't Want Children I Want You Chapter 2087: Anyone Dare To Fight Tired? Chapter 2088: Make A Daughter Chapter 2089: Can't Live Well Chapter 2090: Finally Guarded The Clouds And Saw Yueming Chapter 2091: Good News Chapter 2092: After Tonight There Are Couples Who Have Marriage And Status Chapter 2093: Your Son Is My Son Chapter 2094: Husband I'm So Sleepy Chapter 2095: Appearance Of Peace And Happiness Chapter 2096: Flew Into His Arms Like A Bird Chapter 2097: The Movie Is Fake But The Emotion I Put In Is Real Chapter 2098: He Has Mental Problems Again Chapter 2099: Depression Chapter 2100: Are We Going To Date? Chapter 2101: Is It Expensive Here? Chapter 2102: Promise Me One Thing Chapter 2103: Good For Honeymoon Chapter 2104: Li Jianying Chapter 2105: Like Drinking Water Knowing The Cold And Warm Chapter 2106: May Be Pregnant This Year Chapter 2107: See What Your Son Did Chapter 2108: Also With Personal Attacks? Chapter 2109: Make Her Happy Forever Chapter 2110: Manting Do You Feel Happy Now? Chapter 2111: How To Restore Memory Chapter 2112: Do You Like It Chapter 2113: What To Do If I Bleed Chapter 2114: Teach Women To Use Such Things Chapter 2115: I Can't Let My Child Down Chapter 2116: If Pregnant Give Birth Chapter 2117: Goodbye Shen Luoan Chapter 2118: So Real Dream Chapter 2119: Abyss Of Nightmare Chapter 2120: Bronzing Marriage Certificate Chapter 2121: She Is Alive Chapter 2122: Selective Amnesia Chapter 2123: Husband I Just Had A Nightmare Chapter 2124: When I Wake Up I Will Chase You Back Chapter 2125: Host Personality Chapter 2126: This Cannot Be Duplicated By Any Stand In Chapter 2127: Think Of It As Exciting Chapter 2128: Can No Longer Look Directly At Her Chapter 2129: Did You Do A Lot Of Bad Things While I Was Not Awake? Chapter 2130: Vegetative For Two Years Chapter 2131: You Don't Like That Manting Chapter 2132: She Will Kill Me Chapter 2133: Must This Be Chapter 2134: Manting Kidnapped The Child Chapter 2135: I Just Scare Him Chapter 2136: Da Manting Xiao Manting Chapter 2137: To Answer The Bell You Need A Bell Chapter 2138: I Want You Chapter 2139: Will I Die? Chapter 2140: Selfishly Follow Instincts Chapter 2141: Dominate Chapter 2142: She Is Not Qualified To Take Everything Away From Her Chapter 2138: Three Years Old Chapter 2139: Supported The Trojan Is About To Move Chapter 2140: Almost Wailing Voice Chapter 2141: Because It Is Not Available Chapter 2142: It s Like Saying Nothing Chapter 2143: She's Pretending To Be Da Manting Chapter 2144: Cannibalism Chapter 2145: You Go In Quickly And Affect The City Chapter 2146: Spring Is Coming Chapter 2147: You Really Know Better Than Me Chapter 2148: No Matter How Unwilling Before We Still Have To Face Reality Chapter 2149: Get Married : Trial Reading No Charge Must See Chapter 2150: Outside Of Ersufan Chapter 2151: This Is The Senior Of Senior 3 Called Li Mosen Chapter 2152: What's Your Relationship With Limosen Chapter 2153: What Are You Looking At? Chapter 2158: Kill The Chicken Marmoset Chapter 2159: It's A Fresh Conclusion Haha .. Chapter 2160: I Thought You Were Lost Chapter 2161: Look At You Chapter 2162: Yu Chulin Has Arrived Chapter 2163: Short And Ugly Don't Take Advantage Of Me Chapter 2164: My Parents Held You Wrong When They Gave Birth To You Chapter 2165: Three Generations Of Li Family Chapter 2166: Learn More From Your Brother Chapter 2167: The Flattery Patted Chapter 2168: Rather Trust Chapter 2169: You Really Can Chat Chapter 2170: Li Sicheng Is Back Chapter 2171: Partition Chapter 2172: Wedding Anniversary Chapter 2173: Want A Second Child Chapter 2174: He Was Crushed By The Woman When He Was Born Chapter 2175: Are You In A Bad Mood Today? Chapter 2176: Mossen's Thoughts 1 Chapter 2177: Fall In Love With Brother Achu Chapter 2178: Not Welcome Him Chapter 2179: How Stressful Chapter 2180: Heartbeat Of The Playground 1 Chapter 2181: Amusement Park Amusement 2 Chapter 2182: Amusement Park Amusement 3 Chapter 2183: Amusement Park Amusement 4 Chapter 2184: Lift Up With Achu 1 Chapter 2185: Lift Up With Achu 2 Chapter 2186: Follow Achu 3 Chapter 2187: Lift Up With Achu 4 Chapter 2188: Mouth Is Too Poisonous Chapter 2189: She Was Crying Ugly By Herself Chapter 2190: Naive Chapter 2191: Early Love Is Strictly Prohibited In High School Chapter 2192: Add A Wechat Chapter 2193: Wechat Chapter 2194: It's Just Started Chapter 2195: Human Appearance Chapter 2196: Wise Choice Chapter 2197: Xueba Fights With School Fighters 1 Chapter 2198: You Are A Loser In Itself Chapter 2199: Scarlet Slap Print Chapter 2200: Why Be Beaten Chapter 2201: Listen To Their Explanation Chapter 2202: Intimidate Classmates Chapter 2203: Truant Chapter 2204: Secretly Go To Work Chapter 2205: Turn Around Chapter 2206: Change Seat Chapter 2207: Pissed Off Chapter 2208: Messen Is The Best To Her In The World Chapter 2209: We Are Brothers And Sisters Chapter 2210: Cute? Chapter 2211: Have Her But Only Her Chapter 2212: Changed Wallpaper Chapter 2213: Full Of Petting Chapter 2214: Such A Sweet Smile Is So Lethal Chapter 2215: I Will Definitely Get Limosen Chapter 2216: The First Skip Of Class In Life Exciting 1 Chapter 2217: Heroes Save The Beauty 2 Chapter 2218: Heroes Save The Beauty 3 Chapter 2219: Woman's Nude Chapter 2220: Quan Jing Must Also Like Li Jianyue Chapter 2221: Unexpected Classmate Quan Jingyi Chapter 2222: Apologize Chapter 2223: Throw Away Mom's Picture Chapter 2224: An Earthquake Chapter 2225: Fall In Love This Is Chapter 2226: Limosen Was Angry Chapter 2227: In Bad Mood Chapter 2228: Too Hard Chapter 2229: That's It For Me Chapter 2230: Pull Me Out Of The Blacklist Chapter 2231: Who Destroyed Chapter 2232: Warning Sign Chapter 2233: Li Jianyue Was Jailed Chapter 2234: Li Jianyue's Longing Chapter 2235: Cowang City University Chapter 2236: Deformed Li Moyun Chapter 2237: Fatty Without Position Chapter 2238: Brother Mossen Is The Best Chapter 2239: Come To My Study Chapter 2240: It's Over It's Over Chapter 2241: Kick Him Out Chapter 2242: I Don't Want To Be Your Son Dad Chapter 2246: Brother Meson What's Wrong With You Chapter 2247: Do You Think I Should Leave? Chapter 2248: Li Jianyue's Sincere Words Chapter 2249: Mossen's Decision Chapter 2250: Cheat Snacks Chapter 2251: Insomnia Chapter 2252: Want To Meet Quan Jingyi Chapter 2253: Conscientious Chapter 2254: Subconsciously Looking For His Figure Chapter 2255: Say Good Things To Quan Jingyi Chapter 2256: Encounter In An Amusement Park Chapter 2257: Quan Jingyi Vs Li Mosen 1 Chapter 2258: Quan Jingyi Vs Limosen 2 Chapter 2259: Quan Jingyi Vs Li Mosen 3 Chapter 2260: Quan Jingyi Vs Li Mosen 4 Chapter 2261: Quan Jingyi Vs Limosen 5 Chapter 2262: Quan Jingyi Vs Limosen 6 Chapter 2263: Quan Jingyi Vs Li Mosen 7 Chapter 2264: Young Ambiguous 1 Chapter 2265: Young Ambiguous 2 Chapter 2266: Young Ambiguous 3 Chapter 2267: Young Ambiguous 4 Chapter 2268: Young Ambiguous 5 Chapter 2269: Young Ambiguous 6 Chapter 2270: Young Ambiguous 7 Chapter 2271: Young Ambiguous 8 Chapter 2272: Young Ambiguous 9 Chapter 2273: Young Ambiguous 10 Chapter 2274: Young Ambiguous 11 Chapter 2275: Young Ambiguous 12 Chapter 2276: Young Ambiguous 13 Chapter 2277: Young Ambiguous 14 Chapter 2278: Young Ambiguous 15 Chapter 2279: Young Ambiguous 16 Chapter 2280: Going Abroad 1 Chapter 2281: Going Abroad 2 Chapter 2282: Going Abroad 3 Chapter 2283: Going Abroad 4 Chapter 2284: Going Abroad 5 Chapter 2285: Going Abroad 6 Chapter 2286: Going Abroad 7 Chapter 2287: Come See Me When You Think About It Chapter 2288: Yu Chulin Chapter 2289: Escape Chapter 2290: Visit Chapter 2291: Very Annoying Chapter 2292: Ferris Wheel Chapter 2293: He Is A Bit Extreme You Know Chapter 2294: When She Looks At You It's The Same Chapter 2295: A Little Scared Chapter 2296: Dragged Into The Hotel Chapter 2297: Not Good Chapter 2298: Help Chapter 2299: I Can't Die You Today I'm Your Grandson Chapter 2300: Beaten To Vomit Blood Chapter 2301: I'm Sorry But I Was Confused Chapter 2302: Three Rattles Chapter 2303: Hate Myself So Painful Chapter 2304: Gave Birth To A Too Capable Daughter Chapter 2305: Qin Xizao Chapter 2306: See Of Course Chapter 2307: Do You Know This? Chapter 2308: You Must Admit Your Mistakes And Stand Upright Chapter 2309: Are You Going Abroad Chapter 2310: Embarked On The Journey Away From Home Chapter 2311: Admitted To College Chapter 2312: Surprised Surprised? Chapter 2313: Less Than Three Centimeters Chapter 2314: Do You Want To Kiss Me? Chapter 2315: I Love You Too Chapter 2316: Ok My Boyfriend End Of The Full Text