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The Best Actor And Actress Are Flirting Again


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Introduction The Best Actor And Actress Are Flirting Again

Su Xia is a well-known top traffic in the entertainment industry, and she is also a well-known queen of popular dramas. She holds a number of trophies with extremely high gold content.There hasn’t been any scandal in the five years since her debut, the only thing that shocked everyone was that she was revealed that she was the fan of the actor Lu Jingyao!Everyone lamented that even the actress was chasing stars.Until one day, Su Xia went to a variety show and was asked by the host what was the luckiest thing in her life.She tilted her head and smiled sweetly: “That’s probably because I am with my idol.”Shocking Gua immediately shocked all netizens.Later, the paparazzi photographed the ascetic actor, feeding his little girl with ice cream with a cowardly expression.after that…Netizen indifferent face: Please restrain yourself from the actor and actress, I really can’t eat dog food!- Description from Unknown

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