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Ye Yuwei understood everything clearly now.

Gu Juexi was standing by the door, laughing at the scene he was looking at. However, his expression quickly changed when he saw Qian Yikun standing inside. He straightened his posture and started walking in.

Gu Juexi walked to the bedside and glanced at Bai Yuyan who quickly stood up to make way for him. She was visibly upset.

"Oh, you are here, Brother Gu," Bai Yuyan said softly. Her expression showed that she had suffered some form of injustice.

Gu Juexi sat down by the bedside and lifted the quilt to properly cover Ye Yuwei. It seemed like he did not hear what Bai Yuyan had said. He stared directly at Qian Yikun and said, "CEO Qian, you have made time to visit my wife even when you are so busy. We have received your kind intentions. When my wife recovers and can be discharged, we will personally go and thank you."

He was indirectly implying that his wife was sick and that he could go home now.

Gu Juexi had not forgotten that Ye Yuwei had previously taken refuge at Qian Yikun's house.

He did not feel good at all when he sees Qian Yikun now.

Qian Yikun pressed his lips tightly together and pretended not to hear the dissatisfaction in Gu Juexi's voice. However, he quickly got up and looked at Ye Yuwei. "Mrs. Gu, I shall take my leave first. Please rest well and recover soon. My promise will always be effective. I will leave first then, Mr. Gu. See you soon," Qian Yikun said and then turned to leave.


As soon as Gu Juexi heard Qian Yikun's words, the expression on his face changed instantly.

'What promise?'

Gu Juexi glared coldly at Ye Yuwei. Was Lu Qichuan not enough? What was this woman doing with Qian Yikun now?

Ye Yuwei looked up at Gu Juexi's cold expression and immediately felt that he was being unreasonable again.

Bai Yuyan stood silently behind Gu Juexi. She felt that she had played her part very well earlier. "Since Brother Gu is here, I will not bother the both of you anymore," Bai Yuyan suddenly said. "But Brother Gu, you have not been home for a few days already. I feel that you should go home and visit Grandma first."

Gu Juexi turned around and looked at the woman who was standing behind him. He frowned and said, "What has it got to do with you, whether I go back to my own house or not?"

Nobody had ever treated Bai Yuyan this way before and so her face was instantly red with embarrassment. She did not know how to reply him.

Ye Yuwei leaned against her bed and looked sympathetically at Bai Yuyan as this scene unfolded before her. Gu Juexi would never hold back his words, just because she was a lady.

Perhaps he had never needed to consider the feelings or thoughts of others in his life because of his status. His status did not require him to spare a thought for others, but it had always been the responsibility of those around him to try and figure out what he wanted.

Bai Yuyan fled the room out of embarrassment and Ye Yuwei watched on with a nonchalant expression on her face.

Gu Juexi lowered his head and held Ye Yuwei's hands tightly in his own. Ever since that day, he had taken a liking for Ye Yuwei's hands. Every time he came to the hospital, he would hold on tightly to her hands.

Her hands were warm and soft, and it felt very comfortable to hold it in his palms.

Ye Yuwei did not understand his actions.

She wanted to release her hand from his grip, but Gu Juexi obviously did not want to let go.

"What did you say to Qian Yikun?" Gu Juexi asked in a faint voice, he did not look up but continued playing around with her fingers. Her fingers looked slimmer now, it seemed like she had lost weight again. It must be because Wen Tao did not feed her properly these few days. He must remember to scold him later.

PA Wen who had just settled the hospital bills suddenly sneezed. He looked around him thinking, who was cursing him?

Ye Yuwei looked at the back of Gu Juexi's head, as his head was lowered. She tried to ignore the feeling that she was experiencing.

Holding hands was the first thing that every couple in love would do.

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Chapter 380: Gu Juexis Plan Chapter 381: CEO Gu Might Not Necessarily Win Chapter 382: Race Against Time Chapter 383: End Bo Shen Enterprise Chapter 384: Refuting Father-in-law Chapter 385: How Would He Explain This to Gu Juexi? Chapter 386: He Can Sacrifice You As Well Chapter 387: Your Biological Father Caused All This Chapter 388: I Remember This Blood Debt Very Clearly Chapter 389: Why Must I be Your Scapegoat? Chapter 390: Ye Shu is Innocent Chapter 391: CEO Cheng Might As Well Use the Word Steal Chapter 392: Ask Juexi and Weiwei to Come Home Chapter 393: When Did He Find Out That I Am Ye Shus Daughter? Chapter 394: The War Had Started Chapter 395: The Secret inside the Sapphire Chapter 396: She Killed Someone! Chapter 397: I Can Explain It to You Chapter 398: Lets Not Owe Each Other Anymore Chapter 399: You Will No Longer Exist in My Future Chapter 400: Nalan Chunbo Chapter 401: He Should be Alive Chapter 402: What Can You do if You Have No Ability at all? Chapter 403: Is It Related to You? Chapter 404: What Will the Bai Family Do Now? Chapter 405: Bai Yuyan, This Is a Revenge I Must Take Chapter 406: That Handsome Man Looks Just Like You Chapter 407: This Kind of Unscrupulous Explanation Chapter 408: Iron Maiden Chapter 409: I Want to Go to the Resort with My Sister Chapter 410: This Little Genius Chapter 411: Bai Yuyan is Back Chapter 412: The Weight of the Good Years Chapter 413: PA Wens Thoughts Chapter 414: Dont Blame Her for Being Ruthless Chapter 415: Wait For it, Gu Juexi Chapter 416: Can You? Chapter 417: He Knows That He is Ill Chapter 418: Hello Daddy Chapter 419: Attacking the CEO Twice Chapter 420: Refuting Gu Tianmu Chapter 421: He Was Indeed Retarded Chapter 422: Miss Bai, It Has Been a Long Time Chapter 423: She Felt as Though She Was Talking to Gu Juexi Chapter 424: The Degree of Control Over his Sister Chapter 425: This Was All Because of That Man, Gu Juexi Chapter 426: He Was Really A Witty Little Devil Chapter 427: That Iron Maiden Was Called Nalan Wei Chapter 428: Time Stopped Chapter 429: You Said Nalan Wei is Nalan Chunbos Wife? Chapter 430: Your First Battle is About to Begin Chapter 431: After Six Years, You Are Finally Starting Again Chapter 432: Gu Juexis Outburst Chapter 433: Very Well, This Was Just Like Gu Juexi Chapter 434: The Most Powerful CEO Who Goes Berserk When He Sees His Wife Chapter 435: She Had Never Thought About Explaining Herself Chapter 436: For the Past Few Years, Because of You, Gu Juexi Chapter 437: I Can See Gu Juexis Shadow on You Chapter 438: She Owes Her Mother-in-law an Apology Chapter 439: The Orphanage Was Destroyed Chapter 440: Ye Yuwei, What Revenge Can You Take? Chapter 441: For His Own Protection Chapter 442: Her Brain Must Have Been Fried Chapter 443: Was This Gentleness? Chapter 444: Gu Juexi, Wait for It Chapter 445: The CEO Has Met His Match Chapter 446: Gu Juexi, Divorce. Signature Please Chapter 447: Waiting to Buy Tickets to Watch the Show? Chapter 448: Little Meatball vs Old Meatball Chapter 449: The Old Meatball Cares About Him Chapter 450: I Promise I Will Not Meet Gu Juexi Chapter 451: It is Good That You are Alive Chapter 452: Even as Your Father, He Would Already be Considered Old Chapter 453: Gu Juexi Was Not Taught Well Chapter 454: Gu Juexis Protection Toward Her Chapter 455: This Woman Is Incredibly Heartless Chapter 456: Confrontation with the Chairman Chapter 457: Gu Juexi Arranged the Arrest Chapter 458: Did You Offend Gu Tianmu? Chapter 459: This Couple was Really Out to Destroy People Chapter 460: Matchmaking Chapter 461: The First to Make A Move Might Not Necessarily Win Chapter 462: Ye Yuwei, the Dog Offended You Chapter 463: Being a Stepfather is Pretty Good Chapter 464: Gu Tianmuis Here? Chapter 465: What About Gu Tianmu and Her Mother-in-law? Chapter 466: Who Gave You the Courage? Chapter 467: Your Feelings for Gu Juexi is Written all Over Your Face Chapter 468: Where Were You Before? Chapter 469: The Feeling of First Love Chapter 470: SheWas Blind? Chapter 471: Wen TaoBlind Date? Chapter 472: There Must Be Something Wrong With Mommys Brain Chapter 473: It Was Really a Solely Gu Juexi's Plan Chapter 474: You Cant Hit Your Own Biological Child Chapter 475: He Could Visualize the CEOs Cold Body Chapter 476: Is it Worth it for a Woman? Chapter 477: What was His Plan? Chapter 478: Courting Trouble for Himself Chapter 479: Someone Who Deserved to be Treated That Way, Just Like Gu Juexi Chapter 480: He Is so Good at Retaliating Chapter 481: The Old Meatball Is Poisonous Chapter 482: Dangerous Atmosphere Chapter 483: Nothing to do with Me Chapter 484: Have You Forgotten What You Said? Chapter 485: You Wanted to Take Ye Yuweis Life Chapter 486: Just Like A Child Chapter 487: Childishly Seeking Praise Chapter 488: When Are You Divorcing My Mommy? Chapter 489: He Was Here For the Children Chapter 490: Lin Ximei Complains Chapter 491: This was a Painful Slap to the Face Chapter 492: Return it to Him Two-Fold Chapter 493: Is His Influence on You Still So Great? Chapter 494 In The Past Gu Juexi Chapter 495 Just To Hide From Gu Juexi? Chapter 500 You Should Not Drive After You Drink Chapter 501 You Still Need To Tell On Others When You Are All Grown Up. So Embarrassing Chapter 502 You Should Stop Fighting Her Chapter 503 His Iq Decreased Rapidly Chapter 504 Why Have You Decided To Destroy The Bai Family Now? Chapter 505 He Was Afraid That The Servants Would Move Your Things Chapter 506 The Explosion Box Chapter 507 Secrets In The Explosion Box Chapter 508 In The End They Are Still Missing Out On Each Other Chapter 509 Why Does Everyone Want Him To Give Her Flowers? Chapter 510 You Want To Send Her This Flower? Chapter 511 The Letters On The Card Chapter 512 Love Equation Vs Gu Juexis First Confession Chapter 513 He Was A Man Who Wanted To Protect His Mother And Younger Sister Chapter 514 Paper Tiger Chapter 515 Does Sichens Mother Look Like Ye Yuwei? Chapter 516 Who Did He Think He Was? Chapter 517 Chicken Soup For The Soul Chapter 518 Your Grandson? Chapter 519 Do You Intend To Destroy Bai Yuyan In A Blink Of An Eye? Chapter 520 Why Does Your Iq Decrease When You Face Gu Juexi? Chapter 521 Gu Juexi Done It Before Chapter 522 Do You Know What I Mean? Chapter 523 Do You Want To Look Outside Or Do You Want Your Brother? Chapter 524 Doesnt He Care About His Reputation? Chapter 525 A Will Chapter 526 Not Coming Home Even When Its Late Chapter 527 Pa Wens Sister? Chapter 528 Mathematics Is The Father Of Physics Chapter 529 The Little Meatball Counterattacks Chapter 530 Your Old Man Is About To Collapse Chapter 531 The Old Meatball Asked For It Chapter 532 Was This Little Brat Really His Son? Chapter 533 Wasting Your Brain Cells On Pointless Information Chapter 534 You Have Single Handedly Ruined Your Fathers Reputation Chapter 535 Men Are As Despicable As Women Chapter 536 Unbelievable Words Chapter 537 Are You Blind? Chapter 538 His Nemesis Appeared Chapter 539 Tell Him No Way Chapter 540 His Purpose Was To Get Them To Divorce Chapter 541 Who Wrote You The Love Letter? Chapter 542 Was The News Sent By You? Chapter 543 I Am Your Daddy Chapter 544 Was His Brain Shaped Like A Labyrinth? Chapter 545 No One Is Good Chapter 546 She Is The Auntie That My Daddy Has Always Liked Chapter 547 A Little Girl Should Not Be So Fierce Chapter 548 The Smell Of Jealousy Chapter 549 I Would Definitely Choose Mrs. Gu Over My Own Reputation Chapter 550 He Was Happy Even When He Created Trouble For Himself Chapter 551 We Are Not Heading In The Same Direction Chapter 552 We Arent Saints I Chapter 553 We Arent Saints Ii Chapter 554 We Arent Saints Iii Chapter 555 We Arent Saints Iv Chapter 556 We Arent Saints V Chapter 557 We Arent Saints Vi Chapter 558 We Arent Saints Ix Chapter 559 We Arent Saints Viii Chapter 560 We Arent Saints Ix Chapter 561 : We Arent Saints X Chapter 562 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In I Chapter 563 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In Ii Chapter 564 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In Iii Chapter 565 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In Iv Chapter 566 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In V Chapter 567 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In Vi Chapter 568 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In Vii Chapter 569 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In Viii Chapter 570 I Will Wait For The Day You Give In Ix Chapter 571 : I Will Wait For The Day You Give In X Chapter 572 Gu Juexi Kneeling? I Chapter 573 Gu Jue Kneeling? Ii Chapter 574 Gu Juexi Kneeling? Iii Chapter 575 Gu Juexi Kneeling? Iv Chapter 576 Gu Juexi Kneeling? V Chapter 577 Gu Juexi Kneeling? Vi Chapter 578 Gu Juexi Kneeling? Vii Chapter 579 Gu Juexi Kneeling? Viii Chapter 580 Gu Juexi Kneeling? Ix Chapter 581 Gu Juexi Kneeling? X Chapter 582 Your Girl Is Waiting For You I Chapter 583 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Ii Chapter 584 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Iii Chapter 585 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Iv Chapter 586 Your Girl Is Waiting For You V Chapter 587 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Vi Chapter 588 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Vii Chapter 589 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Viii Chapter 590 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Ix Chapter 591 Your Girl Is Waiting For You X Chapter 592 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Xi Chapter 593 Your Girl Is Waiting For You Xii Chapter 594 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts I Chapter 595 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts Ii Chapter 596 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts Iii Chapter 597 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts Iv Chapter 598 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts V Chapter 599 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts Vi Chapter 600 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts Vii Chapter 601 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts Viii Chapter 602 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts Ix Chapter 603 Gu Juexi Expresses His Inner Thoughts X Chapter 604 Her Dad Was Quite A Wuss Chapter 605 He Is Happily Eating With The Mother Of Your Children Now Chapter 606 The Shoe Is On The Other Foot Chapter 607 Nowhere To Escape Chapter 608 Do You Think Everyone Gets To See The Body Of Your Man? 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Chapter 854 Stop Lying To Me Chapter 855 Do You Have A Bone To Pick With Me Chapter 856 I Told You That Kid Has Bad Intentions Chapter 857 I Found Something Else Chapter 858 That Knot Had Remained In Gu Juexis Heart For A Few Decades Chapter 859 Sometimes Obsession Can Be A Dangerous Thing Chapter 860 Why Should I Listen To Someone Whose Eq Is Below Zero? Chapter 861 What Is Clingy? Chapter 862 If Your Papa Nalan And Your Brother Gu Are Fighting Whose Side Would You Take? Chapter 863 At Last The Moment Had Come For Mr. Gu And His Son To Become Allies Chapter 864 My Daddy And Brother Are The Most Handsome Chapter 865 As A Son How Could He Raise Such A Question? Chapter 866 To Live My Life With Honesty And A Clear Conscience Chapter 867 I Dont Understand Chapter 868 Tai Chi And Its Slowness Chapter 869 Stealing A Kiss Chapter 870 Did You Call Me To Talk About Work? Chapter 871 Are You Dumb? Chapter 872 Because Of Love Chapter 873 Do You Dare Kiss Me? Chapter 874 Didnt You Hear Mrs. Gu? Chapter 875 Teasing Wen Tao Is One Of Her Favorite Things To Do Now Chapter 876 I Wouldnt Be Able To Perform To The Fullest Chapter 877 An Attack Of Her Illness Chapter 878 This Was The Difference Between Love And Family Chapter 879 He Gave All His Affection To His Family Chapter 880 Do You Still Dislike Him? Chapter 881 Why Is Gu Tianmu Here? Chapter 882 Both Father And Son Have The Same Emotional Intelligence? Chapter 883 Taking Medicine Chapter 884 A Notch Above Chapter 885 Telling Him Chapter 886 You Frightened Pa Wen Chapter 887 When Are You Letting Our Parents Meet? Chapter 888 Is This Woman A Gangster? Chapter 889 Did Pa Wen Just Tease Her? Chapter 890 Has He Really Taken His Revenge? Chapter 891 Will You Stop Lying To Me? Chapter 892 Gu Juexis Conjecture I Chapter 893 Gu Juexis Conjecture Ii Chapter 894 Consensus Chapter 895 Meet The Parents Chapter 896 Xiao Yaojing You Cant Just Walk Away After What You Did To Me Chapter 897 Im Not Even Suggesting To Get A Room Yet Chapter 898 The Elopement Never Happened Right? Chapter 899 I Want To Talk To You About Your Father Chapter 900 Shotgun Wedding Chapter 901 Well Exchange Notes Of The Results Tonight Chapter 902 Didnt You Suggest That We Look For Gu Tianmu? Chapter 903 This Man Always Has Strange Thoughts Chapter 904 Who Lied To Your Father? Chapter 905 What Were You Thinking When You Decided To Get Married? Chapter 906 Fight For Attention Chapter 907 Could It Be A Coincidence? Chapter 908 How Is This Man Just So Blessed? Chapter 909 This Man Is Horrifying Chapter 910 This Was Beyond Tolerance Chapter 911 I Could Feel The Old Meatball Setting Me Up Chapter 912 Maybe You Need To Come Back Chapter 913 Are You Trying To Be The Mediator? Chapter 914 Did You Really Think I Would Eat You Up? Chapter 915 Bo Jue Heavy Industry Chapter 916 Are Men Always This Annoying? Chapter 917 Why Does He Kiss You So Often Nowadays? Chapter 918 Youre Suspecting My Brother Chapter 919 A Droplet Of Ink Like Blood Chapter 920 Become The Target Of Your Enemies Attack Chapter 921 The Familiar Stranger Chapter 922 You Know Tan Chenxiao? Chapter 923 You Have To Go Now Chapter 924 I Can Finally Hold Your Hand Chapter 925 Gu Juexi So What? Chapter 926 Did He Just Turn The Flirting Tables On Her? Chapter 927 Gu Juexi Is Already What? Chapter 928 Mr. Gu Your Name Precedes You Chapter 929 She Liked The Revengeful Gu Juexi Chapter 930 Men In Their Forties Chapter 931 Totally Defeated Chapter 932 It Was Too Close Chapter 933 You Still Owe Me A Marriage Proposal Chapter 934 Pa Wen Won This Round Chapter 935 It Has Nothing To With Lu Qichuan Chapter 936 Your Father And I Were Not Meant To Be Chapter 937 Does It Mean We Will Go To The States? Chapter 938 Let Them Fight All They Want Chapter 939 A Slap Chapter 940 What If We Quit Investigating? Chapter 941 Arent You As Good As Detective Conan? Chapter 942 Yuan Mo Got Injured Chapter 943 Heartache Chapter 944 Let Him Stand Chapter 945 The Definition Of Father Chapter 946 I Will Still Be Accountable To You Chapter 947 How Was This Man So Adorable? Chapter 948 Little Meatball You Still Have A Long Road Ahead Of You Chapter 949 You Would Starve To Death Without Me Chapter 950 Ive Broken Up With That Wuss Chapter 951 Indeed He Had Become An Entirely Different Person Upon Returning Chapter 952 Nope Chapter 953 He Is More Likely To Send Me A Cactus Chapter 954 She Is Just An External Manager Chapter 955 You Broke Up? Chapter 956 Being In Love Will Make Someone Cautious Chapter 957 What Happened To The Preset Overbearing Ceo Character Setting? Chapter 958 Manager Ye What A Coincidence Chapter 959 Where Is My Uncle Now? Chapter 960 Someone Was Going After Ye Yuwei Chapter 961 You Are The First One You Should Feel Honored Chapter 962 There Is Another Person Chapter 963 These Were His Employees Very Good Chapter 964 Why Doesnt Uncle Come Anymore? Chapter 965 What If Wen Lan Wasnt The One Who Wanted To Harm Mom? Chapter 966 The Hypocrites Pretending To Be Righteous Chapter 967 Nalan Chunbo Said Its Your Grandma Chapter 968 Turned Failure Into Victory Chapter 969 Is It My Fault That You Cant Arrest Someone Even After Chasing Them For Ten Years? Chapter 970 You Were Spying On Me Chapter 971 The First Reasonable Deduction Chapter 972 Can You Deal With Your Human Relations Better? Chapter 973 It Wasnt My Grandmother Who Wanted To Kill You Chapter 974 To Stop Running Away From It Chapter 975 You Might Get Your Own Son Into Trouble Chapter 976 You Wont Find Another Guy Like This Chapter 977 I Cant Remember Chapter 978 The Old Mistresss Words Chapter 979 Dont You Ever Leave Me Chapter 980 Like A Game Of Chess Ye Shu Was The One Who Had Lured Them Down This Path Chapter 981 Seems Like He Went To Hide Chapter 982 Have You Met Wen Chenghao? Chapter 983 Gu Juexis Answer Chapter 984 Gu Juexi Has Suddenly Gone Mad Chapter 985 A Series Of Unfortunate Events Chapter 986 The Most Frightening Thing Is A Persons Heart Chapter 987 If He Wants To Kill He Can Kill Me Chapter 988 Nalan Chunbo Is Indeed Gu Tianmus Son? Chapter 989 If She Dies I Die Chapter 990 There Was A Stark Similarity Between Father And Son Chapter 991 This Dum Dum Chapter 992 Gu Juexi Can Find It Chapter 993 Leave America Right Now Chapter 994 Gu Juexis Fateful Crisis Chapter 995 If She Died Gu Juexi Would Choose To Die With Her Chapter 996 Maybe Ye Shu Will Be Present Today Chapter 997 : The Young Mistress Was Formidable Chapter 998 Mo Fei Was Here Chapter 999 Did Your Man Really Leave You Alone? Chapter 1000 Im Afraid Your Uncle Will Be Very Disappointed Chapter 1001 Roundabout Flight Chapter 1002 Why Is She Still Alive? Chapter 1003 Why Did I Marry Gu Tianmu Chapter 1004 The Legendary Gu Tianmu Chapter 1005 A Fake Gu Tianmu Chapter 1006 Let Me Tell You A Story I Chapter 1007 Let Me Tell You A Story Ii Chapter 1008 Let Me Tell You A Story Iii Chapter 1009 Let Me Tell You A Story Iv Chapter 1010 The Story Told By Ye Shu I Chapter 1011 The Story Told By Ye Shu Ii Chapter 1012 Why Do You Hate Me So Much? Chapter 1013 This Is Not Jealousy But Darkness Chapter 1014 Its Every Man For Himself Chapter 1015 I Cant Let Gu Juexi Take The Fall Chapter 1016 Getting The Detonator Chapter 1017 Everything Had Come To An End Chapter 1018 How Could He Just Die Like That? Chapter 1019 Are You Afraid That I Might Corrupt Wei Wei? Chapter 1020 His Right Hand Had Now Become His Greatest Disadvantage Chapter 1021 Never Chapter 1022 She Is A Criminal And I Am A Policeman Chapter 1023 Papa Nalan Chapter 1024 Its No Big Deal Chapter 1025 Are You Stupid? Chapter 1026 Youll Never Know How Much I Love You Chapter 1027 Ceo Gu Is Different From Other People Chapter 1028 : She Seemed To Have Lost Everything Chapter 1029 See How Deep My Love Is For You Chapter 1030 Why Didnt You Accept The Captains Offer? Chapter 1031 I Am Better Than A Normal Guy Chapter 1032 What Kind Of Jackpot Was This? Chapter 1033 His Wife Was Not An Ordinary Person Chapter 1034 Do You Want Me To Buy It For You? Chapter 1035 Mr. Gu The Physics Maniac Chapter 1036 Move Aside Youre Blocking The Signal Chapter 1037 Missed The Chance To Become A Father For The Second Time Chapter 1038 Is The Little Flame Of One Sided Love Lit Again? Chapter 1039 Im Here To Return Your Money Chapter 1040 Shower Him With Hugs And Kisses? Chapter 1041 Mr. Gu Got Injured Chapter 1042 You Have No Idea How Much I Love You Chapter 1043 Qichuan Is Here Chapter 1044 I Was Just About To Believe That You Dont Feel Pain Chapter 1045 The Hate Had Now Disappeared Chapter 1046 Was It Possible For This Man To Talk Like A Normal Human Being? Chapter 1047 The Watch Chapter 1048 To Do His Laundry Of Her Own Free Will Chapter 1049 How Impatient Are You Mr. Gu? Chapter 1050 Tonight Chapter 1051 Let Him Know If Youre Worried About Him Chapter 1052 Perhaps He Feels Inferior Chapter 1053 Little Young Master Just Told Me About It Chapter 1054 His Only Family Member Chapter 1055 A Heartbreaking Answer Chapter 1056 She Wanted To Call Gu Juexi Daddy Chapter 1057 The Little Dude Upstairs Is Definitely His Son Chapter 1058 The New Maid Chapter 1059 Even When You Are An Old Man Chapter 1060 Are You Worried About Your Daddy? Chapter 1061 Feeling Proud Of Such An Embarrassing Matter Chapter 1062 You Have The Right To Be Childish Chapter 1063 He Had Said The Wrong Thing Chapter 1064 He Was Worse Than Gu Tianmu Chapter 1065 This Boy Would Really Turn Out Extraordinary Chapter 1066 His Pure And Innocent Answer Chapter 1067 : Taking The First Step To Please His Son Chapter 1068 You Are Too Kind To Him Mommy Chapter 1069 Watching The Drama From Both Sides Chapter 1070 Rescue Chapter 1071 Wen Jies Kindness Chapter 1072 The Complaints Chapter 1073 K. O. Chapter 1074 I Will Treat You Well Chapter 1075 His Wife Was Flirting With Him Chapter 1076 It Is Better To Marry The Right Man Than To Have The Right Job Chapter 1077 But Your Wife Graduated From R University Chapter 1078 Who Are You Playing Dumb With? Chapter 1079 Return To University Campus Chapter 1080 Trending Forum Topic Chapter 1081 You Can Live A Happy Life With Your Ceo Chapter 1082 Or We Could Have A Shotgun Wedding Chapter 1083 Gave Up Everything For You Chapter 1084 If He Could Go On Stage And Give A Speech Chapter 1085 The Parallel Universes Assumption Chapter 1086 When Is Your Schools Anniversary? Chapter 1087 That Eager Look On Her Face Chapter 1088 Sorry To Bother You Chapter 1089 Negotiation Failed Chapter 1090 Any Response From Your Man? Chapter 1091 Throw Another Tantrum Chapter 1092 The Plan To Win The Mother In Laws Heart Chapter 1093 The Matter Your Mother Takes To Heart Chapter 1094 She Lost To Gu Juexi Again Chapter 1095 Slayer Gus Latest Evil Pleasure Chapter 1096 Oscar Winning Actor? Chapter 1097 Impromptu Flirting Is Illegal Chapter 1098 Why Did She Feel Like She Lost To A Man? Chapter 1099 Stand Up Chapter 1100 Untie The Knot In His Heart Chapter 1101 Some Places Are Meant To Be Kept Away In The Back Of Your Mind Chapter 1102 What Kind Of Madness Was This? Chapter 1103 Mainly Because I Dont Want To Cut Short My Holiday Chapter 1104 Wen Tao Was A Great Lover Chapter 1105 Its A Fateful Meeting Chapter 1106 Marriage Proposal? Chapter 1107 Gu Juexi And Ye Yuweis Duet Acting Chapter 1108 She Found Bai Xiaolian Absolutely Repulsive Chapter 1109 Pa Wens Proposal Chapter 1110 Lets Do The Deed Already Chapter 1111 : The Heart Reeks Of Jealousy Chapter 1112 Her Constant Compromise Doesnt Mean Shes On The Losing End Chapter 1113 Youre Worried Ill Do Your Slayer Gu An Injustice Chapter 1114 Gu Juexi Was Implying She Was A Cactus Chapter 1115 He Would Pull Off The Perfect Proposal Chapter 1116 Are You Reserving My Next Life? Chapter 1117 Let Her Retreat Until She Reaches A Dead End Chapter 1118 I Suggest You Return To Your Sky Kingdom Chapter 1119 Boss Was Targetting The Island Chapter 1120 I Want To Buy You An Island Chapter 1121 Is Gu Juexi So Rich? Chapter 1122 If Gu Juexi And I Fell Into A River Who Would You Save? Chapter 1123 Its Not Nice For Girls To Make The First Move Chapter 1124 Its Not A Coincidence Im Here To Look For You Chapter 1125 Why Do You Like Me? Chapter 1126 Cant You See Im Pursuing Him? Chapter 1127 He Was Really Crazy Chapter 1128 Was She So Old Already? Chapter 1129 Mr. Gu Was That A Confession? Chapter 1130 Personal Reputation Infringement Chapter 1131 Its Just A Fair Warning Chapter 1132 The Cat And Mouse Show Was Better Chapter 1133 Its Just Uncle Qian Chapter 1134 Youre Happy To Be Playing Matchmaker Arent You? Chapter 1135 Dont You Dare Stir Up Trouble In Our School Forum Chapter 1136 The Ones You Peel Are Sweet Chapter 1137 Who Has A Controversial Lifestyle Problem? Chapter 1138 Mr. Gu Got Angry Chapter 1139 What Do You Think? Chapter 1140 Why Are You So Grumpy? Chapter 1141 Bai Xiaolian Was Arrested Chapter 1142 The Gu Juexi That She Likes Chapter 1143 Gu Juexi Should Win The Darwin Award Chapter 1144 Could You Actually Be An Idiot? Chapter 1145 Why Dont You Give Yourself A Chance? Chapter 1146 Could He Be Planning To Propose During The Schools Anniversary? Chapter 1147 He Was Clearly Not A Good Person Chapter 1148 Mr. Gu Admit Defeat? Never Chapter 1149 Infections After The Surgery Chapter 1150 Coward Chapter 1151 Do You Still Think That He Doesnt Care About You? Chapter 1152 Do You Really Want To Get Married That Much? Chapter 1153 Sisters That Argue With Each Other Chapter 1154 My Sisteris The Cutest Chapter 1155 His Love For The Little Devil All These Years Was In Vain Chapter 1156 What Are You Being Shy About? Chapter 1157 Let Me Buy You A King Crab Papa Nalan Chapter 1158 Rich Men Like Him Were Exactly Why Places Like This Existed Chapter 1159 The Talk With Her Mother In Law I Chapter 1160 The Talk With Her Mother In Law Ii Chapter 1161 Stop Siding Gu Tianmu Chapter 1162 Your Lame Ideas Are Draining Me Chapter 1163 That Gem Was Ominous Chapter 1164 Sorry For Bothering You Language Guru Chapter 1165 The First Shopping Spree Chapter 1166 The Matching Sapphires Chapter 1167 Born To Be Rebellious Chapter 1168 The Best Pair For This Chapter 1169 Tan Chenxiao Has Been In B City Lately Chapter 1170 Youre Going To Look For Princess Pink? Chapter 1171 Once Again Poverty Has Limited My Imagination Chapter 1172 Youve Been Influenced By Your Man Chapter 1173 Dont You Know Mo Fei? Chapter 1174 You Know What I Mean Chapter 1175 Why Was She Angry? Chapter 1176 This Woman Was Playing A Foul Game Chapter 1177 But This Woman Kept Seducing Him Chapter 1178 A Butterfly Breaking From Its Cocoon Chapter 1179 She Hoped She Could Stand Up Tomorrow Chapter 1180 A Fair Devil Had Been Released From Her Cage Chapter 1181 Gu Juexis Capability Chapter 1182 Who Are You To Me? Chapter 1183 Wake Up Laughing In Your Dreams? Chapter 1184 Youll Get Dumped Too Chapter 1185 Ceo You Are Sick Chapter 1186 Is It Okay To Curse You Without Involving Parents Wives And Children? Chapter 1187 Who Is More Important? Me Or Gu Juexi? Chapter 1188 Did It Ever Occur To You That You Hate The Wrong Person? Chapter 1189 Someone Is Following Me Chapter 1190 Why The Hell Are You Angry? Chapter 1191 Being Overly Dutiful And Respectful Would Make The Marriage Boring Chapter 1192 The Seven Year Itch Probably Chapter 1193 Its Not Just Your Ears Theres Also Something Wrong With Your Eyes Chapter 1194 The Wedding I Chapter 1195 The Wedding Ii Chapter 1196 He Cant Belittle Himself Chapter 1197 Patience Was The Key Chapter 1198 You Are Finally My Wife Chapter 1199 She Didnt Need Such A Drama King As A Friend Chapter 1200 Youre Going To The Mountain Village For Your Honeymoon? Chapter 1201 An Accident Chapter 1202 To Give Her A Warning Chapter 1203 Hadnt Got A Clue Chapter 1204 The Sapphire Was Inauspicious Chapter 1205 She Was Blocked Chapter 1206 The Definition Of Love At First Sight That Lasts An Eternity Chapter 1207 Treat Gu Juexi Better Chapter 1208 How Does A Girl Have A Change Of Heart So Easily? Chapter 1209 He Missed The Chance Chapter 1210 He Was Mad Chapter 1211 She Was The Best Extinguisher For Gu Juexis Fury Chapter 1212 Youre Mine Chapter 1213 Why Dont You Hate Me? Chapter 1214 Brother? Chapter 1215 Why Doesnt Nalan Chunbo Take The Ye Surname? Chapter 1216 Gu Enterprises Ceos Son? Chapter 1217 I Didnt Follow You Chapter 1218 Awkward Chapter 1219 The One Sided Love That Ended Before It Started? Chapter 1220 My Name Was Written On Your Books Chapter 1221 Was She Dreaming? Chapter 1222 No Audience? My Proposal? Chapter 1223 Someone Is Harming Gu Tianmu? Chapter 1224 Plausible Speculation Chapter 1225 I Will Leave With My Mommy Chapter 1226 T Minus One Day Before The Marriage Proposal Chapter 1227 Make Up For His Regret Chapter 1228 Which Part Of Him Was Handsome Anyway? Chapter 1229 The Story Of My Wife And I Chapter 1230 Whats Wrong With Tacky? All That Matters Is That I Love Hearing It Chapter 1231 Because Its Too Late Chapter 1232 Brother Gu Im Impressed Chapter 1233 I Jumped Into The Sea With Her Chapter 1234 The Day You Were Born Chapter 1235 Mr. Gus Marriage Proposal Chapter 1236 I Have My Pride Chapter 1237 What If I Said No To The Proposal? Chapter 1238 Divorcing Right After The Proposal? Chapter 1239 A Parcel Chapter 1240 Aunt Gu Is Dead? Chapter 1241 Fear Is The Heart Of Love Chapter 1242 No One Knows How Things Will Turn Out In The End Chapter 1243 She Doesnt Have Any Other Home Chapter 1244 Lecture About Life By Brother Gu Chapter 1245 The Manchild Chapter 1246 You Have A Friend? Chapter 1247 Mid Autumn Festival? Birthday? Wedding Anniversary? Chapter 1248 Sorry For Embarrassing You Chapter 1249 Dont You Say That We Have No Respect For You Chapter 1250 : Thats What True Love Is Chapter 1251 To Run Away From A Debt Of Love? Chapter 1252 The Girl Had A Warm Smile Chapter 1253 Gu Tianxin? Chapter 1254 Gu Juexi Is Not Going To Help Me Chapter 1255 Nalan Jing Chapter 1256 Who Sent You The Video? Chapter 1257 Would It Be Too Harsh If He Made This Girl Leave Now? Chapter 1258 Checking The Happy Girl Out Chapter 1259 What Was So Good About Him? Chapter 1260 The Story Of The Love Stones Chapter 1261 How Infuriating Chapter 1262 It Had Always Been Two At A Time Chapter 1263 Love Makes People Blind Chapter 1264 Pretending Its For My Sake Chapter 1265 Why Doesnt Papa Nalan Talk Much? Chapter 1266 Little Sister Wouldnt Be Behaving Like A Spoiled Brat If Not For You Chapter 1267 A Mothers Dilemma Chapter 1268 Something A Straight Guy Would Think Of Chapter 1269 Testing Chapter 1270 What Goes Around Comes Around Chapter 1271 How Could I Hurt The Girl? Chapter 1272 It Was The Best Solution Chapter 1273 Ceo Gu Could Your Words Be Any More Direct? Chapter 1274 Confession Balloons Chapter 1275 Why Do You Like Me So Much? Chapter 1276 This Guy Had Gone Crazy Chapter 1277 It Crushed His Courage Chapter 1278 Gone Crazy Chapter 1279 Why Are You Still Living With Me Then? Chapter 1280 He Just Left In A Huff? Chapter 1281 Missing Him? Chapter 1282 Ye Dis Love At First Sight Chapter 1283 Ill Meet Nalan Jing Chapter 1284 Have You Started A Cold War Against Him? Chapter 1285 Gu Juexi Misses You Chapter 1286 A Bestie Like That Chapter 1287 He Was Devastated Chapter 1288 What Else Did He Have? Chapter 1289 The Ye Family Did No Harm To The Gu Family Chapter 1290 Are You Actually Placing Such A Big Bet? Chapter 1291 Unbearable Chapter 1292 Its Disgusting Chapter 1293 So Is That A Yes? Chapter 1294 Who Told You To Come Here? Chapter 1295 Did She Kiss You? Chapter 1296 The Truth Would Be Revealed Tomorrow Chapter 1297 Planning To Give Up Chapter 1298 Women Only Focus On What They Want To Hear Chapter 1299 This Guy Must Have Done It Intentionally Chapter 1300 Dont Flatter Yourself Chapter 1301 Whats The Big Deal About Being Able To Cook? Chapter 1302 Youre The Boss Chapter 1303 Ive Heard A Lot About You Chapter 1304 It Is The Sequel Of A Story I Chapter 1305 It Is The Sequel Of The Story Chapter 1306 It Is The Sequel Of A Story Iii Chapter 1307 Chapter 1307 Chapter 1308 How To Untie This Fateful Knot? Chapter 1309 Was Yu Jiangqings Wife Really This Intimidating? Chapter 1310 The Ye Family Has Overturned Chapter 1311 Whats With The Attitude? Chapter 1312 When He Wanted To Do Something Chapter 1313 The Safe? Chapter 1314 The Common Habit Chapter 1315 Uncle You Know My Mother In Law Quite Well Chapter 1316 An Ironic Slap In His Face Chapter 1317 Nalan Chunbo Was Her Poison Chapter 1318 Wen Jie Got Angry Chapter 1319 The Stifling House Chapter 1320 I Dont Trust You Chapter 1321 The Extravagant Birthday Party Chapter 1322 Have You Contacted Wen Shan Lately? Chapter 1323 He Was In The Middle Before He Knew That He Had Begun Chapter 1324 Im Sad To Hear You Say That Chapter 1325 Can I Be Excluded From The Vengeful Massacre? Chapter 1326 Before The Birthday Party Chapter 1327 She Is Very Fluent In Our Language Chapter 1328 It Is Worse Than Stealing Chapter 1329 How Can I Your Elder Sister Miss Out? Chapter 1330 What Can I Say? You Are Too Easy To Trick Chapter 1331 Seriously Didnt They Have Any Other Important News? Chapter 1332 Everyone Was Busy Chapter 1333 I Havent Thought About Killing Myself Yet Chapter 1334 Give Up He Said Chapter 1335 Confession Chapter 1336 The World Without Him Fair Enough Chapter 1337 This House Is Finally Alive Again Chapter 1338 Du Mingsheng Chapter 1339 Trophy Child Chapter 1340 His Son Was The Best In The World Chapter 1341 Where Is Ai Mijia? Chapter 1342 She Is At Gu Mansion Chapter 1343 The Finale Of The Saga Let It Go I Chapter 1344 The Finale Of The Sage Let It Go Ii Chapter 1345 The Finale Of The Saga Let It Go Iii Chapter 1346 The Finale Of The Saga Let It Go Iv Chapter 1347 The Finale Of The Saga Let It Go V Chapter 1348 Look At The Kind Of Man You Chose Chapter 1349 You Have Crossed His Line Chapter 1350 Your Father Is Really Something Else Chapter 1351 We Can Finally Live A Normal Life Together Chapter 1352 Watch Your Words Chapter 1353 I Dont Deserve Her Chapter 1354 She Looked Better Without Him In Her Life Chapter 1355 Arent You Obsessed With People Who Are Good At Maths? Chapter 1356 Looks Like He Is The True Love Of The Ceo After All Chapter 1357 Sounds Fine Chapter 1358 Whats Wrong With Xixi? Chapter 1359 Wen Shan Will Be My Maid Of Honor Chapter 1360 What Are You Worried About? Chapter 1361 The Regret Of A Lifetime Chapter 1362 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Induced Violence Chapter 1363 Why Dont You Go With Me To The Bridal Shop To Collect My Dress? Chapter 1364 Looks Like You Didnt Plan For This Chapter 1365 I Am Now Determined To Marry A Head Of Department Chapter 1366 Not Bringing In Any Dowry Chapter 1367 Who Said You Dont Have A Maiden Home? Chapter 1368 Why Do You Have To Break Things? Chapter 1369 An Illness That Takes Time To Heal Chapter 1370 Lovers Quarrels Are Easily Solved Chapter 1371 You Are Smiling A Lot More Than You Used To Chapter 1372 It Was Rumored That Chapter 1373 The Only Thing Left For The Innocent To Do Was To Let It Go Chapter 1374 She Couldnt Tell That She Was Her True Love Chapter 1375 Wedding Motorcade Chapter 1376 Groomsmen Kiss Chapter 1377 How Many Women Are There In Your Heart? Chapter 1378 Wife I Didnt Mean It Like That Chapter 1379 It Was All In Preparation For This Day Chapter 1380 A Commoner Style Wedding Chapter 1381 Marrying Off A Daughter Chapter 1382 Change Cars Chapter 1383 Deanswife? Chapter 1384 Xi Cheng Will Walk You There Chapter 1385 She Still Remembers Chapter 1386 Very Good Very Gu Juexi Chapter 1387 I Do Chapter 1388 Uncle Wen Are You Dumb? Chapter 1389 That Man Who Stood Next To Your Younger Sister Chapter 1390 You Dont Even Have A Boyfriend Chapter 1391 She Had Dignity Chapter 1392 As Long As I Follow This Man Everything Will Be Alright. Chapter 1393 So Pitiful Chapter 1394 Awkward Silence Chapter 1395 She Was Indeed Very Lucky Chapter 1396 Gu Juexi Was Supposed To Be Betrayed Chapter 1397 Fulfilling Her Dream Chapter 1398 That Is Love Chapter 1399 Gu Juexi Doesnt Know How To Cook Chapter 1400 He Has His Eye On Xicheng Chapter 1401 New Dean? A Hunk? Chapter 1402 Little Monkey? Chapter 1403 But Im Worried About Her Chapter 1404 Isnt Nalan Chunbo Your Idol? Chapter 1405 She Decided Not To Go After Someone In The Future Chapter 1406 Resolution Chapter 1407 Your Father Wants You To Return To The United States Chapter 1408 Who Was Going To Be The New Dean? If? Chapter 1409 The Man You Courted For Half A Year Chapter 1410 Is It Because Of That Girl? Chapter 1411 Brother Yuan Mo Dont You Like Me Anymore? Chapter 1412 1412 You Are Asking Me To Be A Ghostwriter Chapter 1413 1413if Will Be The Dean Of The School Of Physics Chapter 1414 1414can You Please Tell Me Why You Want To Change Your Citizenship? Chapter 1415 1415i Am Just A Teaching Assistan Chapter 1416 1416do All Prominent Gurus Act Like This? Chapter 1417 1417class Hour Chapter 1418 1418heartache Chapter 1419 1419 He Only Prayed For Her Wellbeing Chapter 1420 1420i Heard That The Little Monkey Got A Room On The Third Floor Chapter 1421 1421 A Girl? The Bumpy Chapter 1422 1422i Have A Great Dream Chapter 1423 1423are You Blaming Me For Not Being As Childish As You? Chapter 1424 1424age Is Not Relevan Chapter 1425 1425professor Yin Would Not Suspect Meright? Chapter 1426 1426i Think I Saw Your Papa Nalan Chapter 1427 1427why Are You Avoiding Him? Chapter 1428 The Pain Was Unbearable Chapter 1429 Brain Please Stop Thinking About It Chapter 1430 She Would Be Better Off Without Me Chapter 1431 Wanting A Divorce But Not Knowing How To Do It Chapter 1432 Inferiority Is The Reason Chapter 1433 Women Bear Grudges Chapter 1434 Pregnancy Drives People Crazy Chapter 1435 A Misunderstanding Chapter 1436 Im Drunk Chapter 1437 Two Boxes Of Gastric Medication Chapter 1438 Nalan Chunbos Endurance Is No Joke Chapter 1439 A Decision To Make Chapter 1440 Did He Think That He Would Always Be That Lucky? Chapter 1441 Mr. Nalan Please Dont Call Me That Intimately Chapter 1442 Heart Shape Chapter 1443 1443 Actually I Am A Man Chapter 1444 Is This Going To Be Chaotic? Chapter 1445 1445 Everyone She Knew Was Skilled At Making Others Worry About Them Chapter 1446 What Does Wen Shan Like To Eat? Chapter 1447 Could That Little Twerp Be In Trouble? Chapter 1448 I Am Her Guardian Chapter 1449 Your Papa Nalan Chapter 1450 Do You Love Ding Junhui? Chapter 1451 Why Is Your Hand Swollen? Chapter 1452 Do You Know What Love Is? Chapter 1453 The Most Frightening Sentence Is im Doing This For Your Sake. Chapter 1454 The Most Beautiful Love Chapter 1454 The Most Beautiful Love Chapter 1454 The Most Beautiful Love Chapter 1455 Two Famous People Beat Up A Nobody Chapter 1455 Two Famous People Beat Up A Nobody Chapter 1455 Two Famous People Beat Up A Nobody Chapter 1456 Can You Give Me Ifs Contact Number? Chapter 1456 Can You Give Me Ifs Contact Number? Chapter 1456 Can You Give Me Ifs Contact Number? Chapter 1457 When We Are Still Able To Do What We Can Chapter 1457 When We Are Still Able To Do What We Can Chapter 1457 When We Are Still Able To Do What We Can Chapter 1458 An Anxiety He Had Never Felt Before Chapter 1459 Did She Want To Be The Deans Wife? Chapter 1460 If Texted Her? Chapter 1461 To Make It Up To Her Chapter 1462 A Pit Dug For Her Chapter 1463 I Will Pay For You Chapter 1464 You Might Need A Proper Assistant Chapter 1465 I Am Happy If She Is Happy Chapter 1466 Why Did She Feel Like Something Was Wrong? Chapter 1467 Were Your Ancestors Royalty? Chapter 1468 Explanation Chapter 1469 Are You Out Of Your Mind Nalan Chunbo? Chapter 1470 As If She Didnt Have One Chapter 1471 She Had Had Enough Of Their Lovey Dovey Nonsense Chapter 1472 Are You Complaining About Me Inside Your Head? Chapter 1473 You Are Too Chubby To Be Eating So Much Chapter 1474 Gu Juexis Revenge Chapter 1475 Is Our Dean Biased? Chapter 1476 Coco Likes Me Chapter 1477 A Moth Flying Into A Flame Chapter 1478 I Am Waiting For Your Fake Identities To Be Stripped Away Chapter 1479 Are You Choosing Your Dissertation Over Me? Chapter 1480 Everything Felt Peaceful Chapter 1481 Who Asked You To Do The Forgiving? Chapter 1482 Chasing A Guy Is Really Expensive Chapter 1483 My Close Relationship With The New Dean Chapter 1484 Chase Professor Yin Away Chapter 1485 The Current Nalan Chunbo Is Different Chapter 1486 Why Is This Guy So Deceitful? Chapter 1487 What If She Did Not Buy It? Chapter 1488 Mu Qi Returns Chapter 1489 Mother Hen Protecting Her Food Chapter 1490 Because You Like Chapter 1491 It Was Not Fair Chapter 1492 What Game Was He Trying To Play? Chapter 1493 I Like Him Even More Chapter 1494 Ding Yuejia Chapter 1495 It Couldnt Be Could It? Chapter 1496 Feeling Guilty Chapter 1497 Do You Know Ding Junqi? Chapter 1498 Do You Like Him? Chapter 1499 Even My First Kiss Is Still Chapter 1500 Her First Kiss Chapter 1501 Im Afraid That I Dont Deserve You Chapter 1502 Isnt It Too Fast? Chapter 1503 He Is Convinced That Shes The One Chapter 1504 Auntie Im Wen Shan Chapter 1505 So Is This Man His Father? Chapter 1506 She Was Acting Shamefully Again Chapter 1507 Which Would You Prefer: Living In Fear Or A Quick Result? Chapter 1508 I Can Only Concede Chapter 1509 Why Was The Difference So Evident? Chapter 1510 A Gentleman Stays Away From The Kitchen Chapter 1510 A Gentleman Stays Away From The Kitchen Chapter 1511 Going Crazy Chapter 1512 Ding Yuejia Is Ding Junqis Biological Son Chapter 1512 Ding Yuejia Is Ding Junqis Biological Son Chapter 1512 Ding Yuejia Is Ding Junqis Biological Son Chapter 1513 I Didnt Consider Your Feelings Chapter 1513 I Didnt Consider Your Feelings Chapter 1513 I Didnt Consider Your Feelings Chapter 1514 President Gu Is Such A Mean Grudge Holder Chapter 1515 Have You Really Seen That Brats Birthmark Before? Chapter 1516 The Little Brats Real Daddy Is Here Chapter 1517 Wen Shan Is Being Too Cautious With Me Chapter 1518 Would This Relationship Drift Apart? Chapter 1519 I Am Going For It Chapter 1520 That Womans Love For Money Is On A Whole New Level Chapter 1521 Mom Am I Your Biological Daughter? Chapter 1522 Money Loving Describes Le Tian Perfectly Chapter 1523 Little Shanshans Adventure Chapter 1524 Cut Me Some Slack Chapter 1525 Could It Be The Ding Familys Young Masters Mother? Chapter 1526 This Is The Most Hurtful Comparison Between A Top Student And A Mediocre Student Chapter 1527 But You Have To Be Demeanor Even If You Love Money Chapter 1528 They Would Descend Into Madness Together Chapter 1529 Why Are You So Concerned About Him? Chapter 1530 Its Not Impossible Chapter 1531 How Could I Forget Something Like That? Chapter 1532 They Promise To Do The Dna Test Chapter 1533 Things That Are Usually Done While You Are Dating Chapter 1534 Im Scared Chapter 1535 Mathematics Is Always The Father Of Physics Chapter 1536 So Chapter 1537 But Her Iq Is Not High Enough Chapter 1538 Ding Yuejia Get In The Car Chapter 1539 That Brat Relies On You A Lot Chapter 1540 His Young Lady Cannot Win Against Me Chapter 1541 This Is Mr. Dings Official Match? Chapter 1542 Am I Your Encyclopedia? Chapter 1543 This Is Impossible Chapter 1544 Maybe You Bumped Into A Ghost Chapter 1545 The Vest Is Easy To Wear But Difficult To Take Off Chapter 1546 The Ruined Courage Chapter 1547 Thats What A Boy Would Do Chapter 1548 That Guy Will Help Check Chapter 1549 They Are Two Extreme Opposites Chapter 1550 Its A Foul To Apply Medicine Like This Chapter 1551 You Threw Out Your Back? Chapter 1552 She Originally Planned To Chapter 1553 So Is This The Feeling Of Being In Love? Chapter 1554 The Person Whos A Few Months Older Than Gu Juexi Is If Not Him Chapter 1555 The Thesis Was Stolen Chapter 1556 You Dont Believe Me Chapter 1557 I Am Not Afraid Chapter 1558 A Deal Chapter 1559 A Slap In The Face Chapter 1560 Shall I Help You Take A Shower? Chapter 1561 I Suspect He Has A Problem Chapter 1562 Whats There To Be Afraid Of? Chapter 1563 You Are Still Determined To Marry A Dean? Chapter 1564 The Kiss Escalated Chapter 1565 Talking Tough Chapter 1566 Who Said I Still Want To Marry A Dean? Chapter 1567 She Embarrassed Herself Again Chapter 1568 He Was Being Lewd Chapter 1569 Its For If And if Only Time Froze When We First Met Chapter 1570 Emotional About The Fact That His Baby Sister Had Grown Up Chapter 1571 It Was Only Shan Shan Chapter 1572 Suspecting That There Wasnt Just One Baby Chapter 1573 The Brutal Reality Chapter 1574 Do You Want To Give Up? Chapter 1575 The Unthinkable Has Happened Chapter 1576 If Did Things For Her Chapter 1577 Why Did She Tell Everyone That She Was Determined To Marry A Dean? Chapter 1578 Shall We Go To Your House The Day After? Chapter 1579 Are You Proposing To Me Shan Shan? Chapter 1580 For Wen Shan Chapter 1581 Someone Is Trying To Kill Mo Fei? Chapter 1582 Why Should I Save Her? Chapter 1583 Mrs. Wen's Fluster Chapter 1584 Papa Nalan Was Indeed A Calculative Person Chapter 1585 Did We Not Agree That I Would Propose To You? Chapter 1586 Oof Chapter 1587 Mrs. Dean Sure As A Gun That You Are Staying. Chapter 1588 Tell Nalan Chunbo? Chapter 1589 Did She Take The Wrong Script? Chapter 1590 It Was Not The First Time He Betrayed Gu Juexi Anyway Chapter 1591 I Like The Way You Smile Chapter 1592 He Would Take Care Of His Own Girl Chapter 1593 Gone Was Her Lifelong Wisdom Chapter 1594 The Third Fire Chapter 1595 Escort Part One Chapter 1596 Escort Part Two Chapter 1597 Escort Part Three Chapter 1598 Escort Part Four Chapter 1599 Escort Part Five Chapter 1600 The Whole World Knows Chapter 1601 You Just Dislike Weiwei Chapter 1602 What Does It Have To Do With You Whether I Get Pregnant Or Not? Chapter 1603 The Mark Of Death Chapter 1604 What Boyfriend? Chapter 1605 Very Satisfied Chapter 1606 How Did Things Turn Out This Way? Chapter 1607 You Wanted To Be The Deans Wife Chapter 1608 Let My Daddy Beat Her Up Chapter 1609 Something Bad Was About To Happen Chapter 1610 What Do I Do When My Wife Is Angry? Chapter 1611 Daddy Was A Henpecked Man Chapter 1612 Why Did He Not Ask Him? Chapter 1613 So Was This The Characteristic Shared By The Wen Siblings? Chapter 1614 It Would Feel Like Meeting Her In Laws Chapter 1615 Meeting Her In Laws For The First Time Chapter 1616 She Could Not Bear To Let Him Do That Chapter 1617 She Has A Death Wish Chapter 1618 Birthmark Chapter 1619 What Do You Mean By used To Be? Chapter 1620 She Actually Gave Birth To Two Babies Then Chapter 1621 The Result Of That Comparison Was A Little Heart Wrenching Chapter 1622 Only You Have This Privilege Chapter 1623 She Could Barely Resist Such A Kiss Chapter 1624 Warning: This Is Foul Play Chapter 1625 You Have Been Living Here For A While Have You Not? Chapter 1626 The Mother Of His Child Chapter 1627 : The Baby Brained Couple Chapter 1628 The Ability To Make You Happy Chapter 1629 Ye Cong Is Coming For You Chapter 1630 What Are Families For? Chapter 1631 Mr. Gu How Narrow Minded Are You Really? Chapter 1632 Are You Hiding Someone At Home? Chapter 1633 Woke Up Chapter 1634 This Lady Should Not Be Trifled With Chapter 1635 Torturing Each Other Chapter 1636 When Do They Not Fight? Chapter 1637 Qian Yikun Why Did You Save Me? Chapter 1638 What Is Qian Yikuns Problem? Chapter 1639 : If I Fall For Him Chapter 1640 Was This Person An Idiot? Chapter 1641 Watch Your Mouth Chapter 1642 Long Time No See Mr. Gu Chapter 1643 Hubby Who Is This Gentleman? Chapter 1644 Such Scathing Words Chapter 1645 Pretending To Be Strong Chapter 1646 The Arrival Of Qian Yikuns Mother Chapter 1647 You Can Cry If It Hurts Chapter 1648 You Are Impossible Chapter 1649 I Have No Family Chapter 1650 Officer Qian What Are You Doing? Chapter 1651 Self Harm Chapter 1652 I Thought You Would Not See Me Chapter 1653 Lil Weier I Am Cong Cong Chapter 1654 Who Would Take Something That Happened In Their Childhood Seriously? Chapter 1655 Then You Might Miss Out On Her First Kiss Chapter 1656 Gu Juexi Did You Not Have A Childhood? Chapter 1657 The Media Said Officer Qian Has Hidden A Beauty At Home Chapter 1658 Officer Qian? Chapter 1659 Big Brother Qian Is The Bad Guy Gone? Chapter 1660 Mr. Gu Was Outwitted By His Son Chapter 1661 Did This Man Have Any Integrity? Chapter 1662 But He Has A Fiancee Chapter 1663 Had He Gone Nuts Or Was It The World? Chapter 1664 He Must Not Think Of That Woman Chapter 1665 Qian Yikun Got Into A Car Accident Chapter 1666 : How Long Had She Known Qian Yikun? Chapter 1667 In Short You Have To Marry Big Brother Qian Chapter 1668 You Have Been Suspended? Chapter 1669 Agreeing To Marry Chapter 1670 Is This Not What You Wanted To See? Chapter 1671 Marry Me Please? Part One Chapter 1672 Marry Me Please? Part Two Chapter 1673 Marry Me Please? Part Three Chapter 1674 Marry Me Please? Part Four Chapter 1675 Marry Me Please? Part Five Chapter 1676 Marry Me Please? Part Six Chapter 1677 Marry Me Please? Part Seven Chapter 1678 Marry Me Please? Part Eight Chapter 1679 Marry Me Please? Part Nine Chapter 1680 Marry Me Please? Part Ten Chapter 1681 Marry Me Please? Part Eleven Chapter 1682 Marry Me Please? Part Twelve Chapter 1683 Marry Me Please? Part Thirteen Chapter 1684 Marry Me Please? Part Fourteen Chapter 1685 Marry Me Please? Part Fifteen Chapter 1686 Marry Me Please? Part Sixteen Chapter 1687 Marry Me Please? Part Seventeen Chapter 1688 Marry Me Please? Part Eighteen Chapter 1689 Marry Me Please? Part Nineteen Chapter 1690 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Chapter 1691 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty One Chapter 1692 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Two Chapter 1693 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Three Chapter 1694 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Four Chapter 1695 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Five Chapter 1696 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Six Chapter 1697 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Seven Chapter 1698 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Eight Chapter 1699 Marry Me Please? Part Twenty Nine Chapter 1700 Marry Me Please? Part Thirty Chapter 1701 : Marry Me Please? Part Thirty One Chapter 1702 Marry Me Please? Part Thirty Two Chapter 1703 Marry Me Please? Part Thirty Three Chapter 1704 The Same Birthmark Part One Chapter 1705 The Same Birthmark Part Two Chapter 1706 The Same Birthmark Part Three Chapter 1707 The Same Birthmark Part Four Chapter 1708 The Same Birthmark Part Five Chapter 1709 The Same Birthmark Part Six Chapter 1710 The Same Birthmark Part Seven Chapter 1711 The Same Birthmark Part Eight Chapter 1712 The Same Birthmark Part Nine Chapter 1713 The Same Birthmark Part Ten Chapter 1714 The Same Birthmark Part Eleven Chapter 1715 The Same Birthmark Part Twelve Chapter 1716 The Same Birthmark Part Thirteen Chapter 1717 The Same Birthmark Part Fourteen Chapter 1718 The Same Birthmark Part Fifteen Chapter 1719 The Same Birthmark Part Sixteen Chapter 1720 The Same Birthmark Part Seventeen Chapter 1721 The Same Birthmark Part Eighteen Chapter 1722 The Same Birthmark Part Nineteen Chapter 1723 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Chapter 1724 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty One Chapter 1725 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Two Chapter 1726 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Three Chapter 1727 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Four Chapter 1728 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Five Chapter 1729 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Six Chapter 1730 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Seven Chapter 1731 : The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Eight Chapter 1732 The Same Birthmark Part Twenty Nine Chapter 1733 : The Same Birthmark Part Thirty Chapter 1734 The Same Birthmark Part Thirty One Chapter 1735 The Same Birthmark Part Thirty Two Chapter 1736 : The Same Birthmark Part Thirty Three Chapter 1737 The Same Birthmark Part Thirty Four Chapter 1738 The Same Birthmark Part Thirty Five Chapter 1739 The Same Birthmark Part Thirty Six Chapter 1740 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part One Chapter 1741 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Two Chapter 1742 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Three Chapter 1743 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Four auntie Whats Wrong? Din Chapter 1744 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Five Chapter 1745 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Six Chapter 1746 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Seven Chapter 1747 Big Brother Gu heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Eight Chapter 1748 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Nine Chapter 1749 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Ten Chapter 1750 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Eleven Chapter 1751 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Twelve Chapter 1752 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Thirteen Chapter 1753 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Fourteen Chapter 1754 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Fifteen Chapter 1755 Brother Gu Said heart Wrenching Is It Not? Part Sixteen Chapter 1756 A Moment Of Life And Death Part One Chapter 1757 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Two Chapter 1758 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Three Chapter 1759 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Four Chapter 1760 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Five Chapter 1761 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Six Chapter 1762 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Seven Chapter 1763 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Eight Chapter 1764 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Nine Chapter 1765 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Ten Chapter 1766 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Eleven Chapter 1767 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Twelve Chapter 1768 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Thirteen Chapter 1769 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Fourteen Chapter 1770 A Moment Of Life And Death Part Fifteen Chapter 1771 This Was Mo Fei Chapter 1772 Marry Me Chapter 1773 Qian Yikun Eliminated Chapter 1774 No Worries Chapter 1775 War Has Begun Chapter 1776 Secret Helper Chapter 1777 Big Brother Gus Misgivings Chapter 1778 Marry Him? Chapter 1779 The Sun Rose In The East Chapter 1780 Where Is Le Tian And Yuejia? Chapter 1781 Quite The Resemblance Chapter 1782 Vulgar Woman Chapter 1783 Different Natures Chapter 1784 Mo Tians Life Chapter 1785 Gu Juexi Left Chapter 1786 He Will Definitely Come Chapter 1787 Miss Ding Chapter 1788 Not Good News Chapter 1789 I Will Get Ye Cong Chapter 1790 Hello My Girl Chapter 1791 Why Did You Give Birth To Me? Chapter 1792 That Is Human Nature Chapter 1793 My Good Disciple Chapter 1794 Light Sensitive Bomb Chapter 1795 Elements Of Madness Chapter 1796 Pandoras Box Chapter 1797 Afraid To Die? Chapter 1798 Released Asura Chapter 1799 This Bloody Scene Chapter 1800 Lady Do You Trust Me? Chapter 1801 : Slayer Gu Opened His Mouth Chapter 1802 She Must Go Chapter 1803 Let Us Not Meddle In Each Others Businesses? Chapter 1804 Why Did You Come Back? Chapter 1805 A Gigantic Wave Of Movie Popcorn Chapter 1806 This Popcorn Wave Hurts Chapter 1807 Fierce Battle Part One Chapter 1808 Fierce Battle Part Two Chapter 1809 Fierce Battle Part Three Chapter 1810 Press Conference Chapter 1811 Mo Qis Departure Chapter 1812 Do You Want To Hear The Truth? Chapter 1813 Show A Friendly Face Chapter 1814 Mother In Law Chapter 1815 : Do Not Want You To Get Married So Soon Chapter 1816 The Eyes Of A Cunning Old Fox Chapter 1817 Family Banquet Chapter 1818 Trailer To The Family Banquet Chapter 1819 Offending Grandma During The Family Banquet Chapter 1820 Family Banquet: I Miss You Chapter 1821 Family Banquet: Fighting Second Aunt Chapter 1822 Family Banquet: Fathers Compromise Chapter 1823 Family Banquet: Young Master Qian Is Here Chapter 1824 Family Banquet: Cousin Chapter 1825 Chastity Type Heartthrob? Chapter 1826 I Just Hate Her Chapter 1827 I Am Fei The Cutthroat Chapter 1828 Anger With Nowhere To Vent Chapter 1829 : Xin Ya Chapter 1830 Shooting Sugar Coated Cannons Chapter 1831 Breaking Her Legs Chapter 1832 Teacher Le Tian? Chapter 1833 Came To The Door Chapter 1834 Best Actor Chapter 1835 Such A Unique Method Chapter 1836 : Inheriting The Company Chapter 1837 Decision Chapter 1838 Must Not Be Too Ruthless Chapter 1839 Indeed A Foolish Decision Chapter 1840 Reluctant Chapter 1841 Family? Hehe Chapter 1842 Hard To Please Chapter 1843 Do Not Mess With Your Cousin Chapter 1844 Determined Chapter 1845 The Most Abnormal One Chapter 1846 Psychological Torture Chapter 1847 A Question In The Depths Of The Heart Chapter 1848 These People Are Not Le Tian Chapter 1849 Actual Grandmother Chapter 1850 Showing Up Personally Chapter 1851 My Sons Tutor Chapter 1852 The Time For The Cocktail Party Was Confirmed Chapter 1853 Not Too Late To Turn Back Chapter 1854 Argument Chapter 1855 Uncertainty Chapter 1856 : Setting Up A Household Registration Chapter 1857 Why Have You Changed? Chapter 1858 So I Am Sorry Chapter 1859 Getting Set Up Chapter 1860 Childish Man Chapter 1861 Please Act Like A Normal Person Chapter 1862 Who Attended The Meeting? Chapter 1863 Worried That You Would Be Dumped Chapter 1864 A Clear Conscience Is Not Afraid Of A Crooked Shadow Chapter 1865 Chapter 1865 Chapter 1866 Find An Assistant Chapter 1867 His Position Was Under Threat Chapter 1868 Get Your Autograph Chapter 1869 : Her Eyes Are The Same As Yours Chapter 1870 Complement Each Other Chapter 1871 The Ding Familys First Effort Chapter 1872 The Old Woman Is Coming Chapter 1873 Vampires Chapter 1874 Relations Chapter 1875 A Study On Violence By The Gangster Sis Fei Chapter 1876 Too Inexperienced Chapter 1877 Before The Press Conference Chapter 1878 Press Conference Chapter 1879 Why Should I Tell You? Chapter 1880 Wrong Question Chapter 1881 The Human World Is So Complicated Chapter 1882 Your Elder Brother Will Avenge You Chapter 1883 : Reason? It Does Not Exist Chapter 1884 Was This Not Awkward? Chapter 1885 When An Upright Person Became Bad Chapter 1886 No Limit To Their Imagination Chapter 1887 Teaching Lin Xuan A Lesson Part One Chapter 1888 Teaching Lin Xuan A Lesson Part Two Chapter 1889 Teaching Lin Xuan A Lesson Part Three Chapter 1890 Teaching Lin Xuan A Lesson Part Four Chapter 1891 Teaching Lin Xuan A Lesson Part Five Chapter 1892 Teaching Lin Xuan A Lesson Part Six Chapter 1893 Zero Tolerance For Personal Affairs Chapter 1894 Be My Assistant Chapter 1895 How Can This Do? Chapter 1896 Just To Check If My Man Has Died From Fatigue Chapter 1897 Why Do I Feel Like You Are Chasing Me Away? Chapter 1898 Interrogating Lin Xuan Chapter 1899 Make A Call Chapter 1900 For Example Love Rivals Chapter 1901 You Are In A Relationship? Chapter 1902 People From Different Worlds Chapter 1903 Could Not Understand Chapter 1904 A Definite Answer Chapter 1905 Landed In B Citys Airport Chapter 1906 You Can Marry Into Our Family Without Worries Chapter 1907 Children Oh Children Chapter 1908 The Party Begins Chapter 1909 Who Is The Outsider? Chapter 1910 What Curse Has This Woman Cast On You? Chapter 1911 : Too Many Brainless Idiots Chapter 1912 The First Contract Chapter 1913 How Could He Let It Be? Chapter 1914 Can You Not Be Such A Monster? Chapter 1915 She Felt Like She Had Been Deceived Chapter 1916 The New Show Begins Chapter 1917 : You Are Crying? Chapter 1918 Sympathy For Officer Qian Chapter 1919 Plastic Surgeon Chapter 1920 Reciting Lines Chapter 1921 Angry Chapter 1922 Our Upcoming Diva Chapter 1923 Dong Feng Chapter 1924 Stop Disturbing The Mother Of My Child Chapter 1925 Do Not Covet What Is Not Yours Chapter 1926 Hello Police? Chapter 1927 Your Son Got Into A Fight Chapter 1928 Do Not Blame Yourself Chapter 1929 Waiting Chapter 1930 Employment Contract? Chapter 1931 The Way Of The Office Chapter 1932 The Ceo With A Different Brain Circuit Chapter 1933 : Counterattack Chapter 1934 Everyones Hearts Are Made Of Flesh Chapter 1935 : A Little Guilty Chapter 1936 His Silly Girl Chapter 1937 Concerned About Me? Chapter 1938 Break Your Legs Chapter 1939 Not A Psycho? Chapter 1940 The First Step Toward Change Chapter 1941 Did I Murder Your Ancestor? Chapter 1942 Why Are You Not In Heaven Yet? Chapter 1943 Limitless Face Smacking Chapter 1944 My Dad Is Not The Old Womans Biological Son Is He? Chapter 1945 : The Ding Familys Past Chapter 1946 For The Seal? Chapter 1947 International Fei Chapter 1948 A Day Of Separation Is As Long As Three Autumns Chapter 1949 My Feeth Are Cowd Chapter 1950 Arrest Ding Junchi? Chapter 1951 Sis Feis Hands Are Very Expensive Chapter 1952 Her Kindness Chapter 1953 Planned Everything Chapter 1954 Not A Kind Person Chapter 1955 The Missing Seal Chapter 1956 Bold Of You To Assume That You Are Worthy Chapter 1957 Do Not Lust After My Man Chapter 1958 Otherwise The Imperial Court Is Dismissed Chapter 1959 Wrongly Accused Chapter 1960 Invincibly Shameless Chapter 1961 Beat Him Up First Chapter 1962 Cruel Chapter 1963 That Is My Home Chapter 1964 Leave It To Feifei Chapter 1965 Things Were Getting Topsy Turvy Chapter 1966 A Foolish Promise Chapter 1967 Ha Do You Think I Care? Chapter 1968 Le Tians Fathers Worries Chapter 1969 This Is? Chapter 1970 Flirting? Chapter 1971 Caught Eavesdropping Chapter 1972 Be Nice Chapter 1973 Strategist Chapter 1974 My Man Chapter 1975 Why Do You Think It Is Him? Chapter 1976 Bottom Line And Time Chapter 1977 Showing Off Chapter 1978 Beat Up Every Single One Of You Chapter 1979 Her Father Was Too Cowardly Chapter 1980 Self Reproach Chapter 1981 Mu Qis Words Chapter 1982 Then Go And Arrest Him Chapter 1983 Me? Follow You To The Police Station? Chapter 1984 Unwritten Rules? Chapter 1985 Master Fei Is Furious Chapter 1986 Can My Heart Not Ache For My Man? Chapter 1987 Business Promotion Chapter 1988 Persuasion Chapter 1989 Intelligence Is Online Chapter 1990 We Will Talk When You Win Chapter 1991 Marry Me Chapter 1992 The Problem With Intervals Chapter 1993 Killing Two Birds With One Stone? Chapter 1994 Intrusive Memory Chapter 1995 Something That Happened Chapter 1996 Text Message Chapter 1997 Fury Chapter 1998 Shattered Memories Chapter 1999 Do Not Remember Chapter 2000 A Familiar Face That They Do Not Recognize Chapter 2001 Chaotic Memories Chapter 2002 What A Good Show Chapter 2003 You Are Making Me Uneasy Chapter 2004 Could Not Afford To Offend Chapter 2005 Too Much Of A Coincidence Chapter 2006 Are You Abusing Your Authority For Personal Gain? Chapter 2007 Oh God. What Did She Just Hear? Chapter 2008 An Insidious Move Chapter 2009 Dirty Trick Chapter 2010 - Why Are You Unwilling To Admit It? Chapter 2011 - Despicable Chapter 2012 - Resentment Chapter 2013 - Did My Brother Hit You? Chapter 2014 - Le Tian Chapter 2015 - : Accepting Criticism Politely Chapter 2016 - Ding Haonan Appears Chapter 2017 - Was This A Bad Time To Be Back? Chapter 2018 - The Kid Leveled Up Chapter 2019 - Who Filed The Complaint? Chapter 2020 - This Was Her Real Mother, Right?