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Since a beautiful idol drama in ancient costume Xianxia became popular at the beginning of the year, the Huaxia Cultural District, where Gudong Film and Television Base specializes in filming Xian Xia dramas, has been rented out by the major Xian Xia crews, although most of them are small-cost online dramas. , But they all hope to take a bite out of the heat before the heat of the ancient costume fairy tale drama passes. Among them, the fastest shooting progress is the crew of "The Tribulation of the Moon", which completed all the filming content in two months. It is now being held. With a lively closing ceremony.

"One, two, three, eggplant!"

"Happy ending!"


A section of Huaxia Cultural Scenic Spot, in front of the slightly shabby palace set, there is a red banner "The Finale Ceremony of "The Tribulation of the Moon"". The main actors and all the staff of the crew are huddling together to take the final photo. .

Liang Yan, as the heroine of this play, stands in the middle of the first row of course. Her white costume is covered by a black long down jacket, holding a bunch of flowers in her arms, and facing the camera lens in front. Smile brightly. In fact, even if she is not in the middle position, she is easily recognized at a glance in the group photos of so many people on the crew. The actress's white to glowing skin and superior head-to-body ratio show the advantages of standing with ordinary staff. At a glance, others can find out which one of them is a good meal.

After the group photo was taken, everyone squeezed together in twos and threes and took a free photo. Although the shooting time of two months was very short, many people also developed a certain relationship after getting along with each other, especially the most important cooperation and favor of the crew. In the circle, multiple friends are always beneficial and harmless.

Liang Yan handed the flower to the assistant Jiang Mu, and then asked him to take a group photo for her and director Zhou Dajiang. After the two took the picture, Zhou Dajiang looked at Liang Yan a little embarrassed and said, "Liang Yan, the day before yesterday. I'm really sorry, it's almost finished and this accident happened to you. I'm really sorry, do you need to go to the hospital to check it again?"

Liang Yan couldn't help but stretched out his hand to touch the back of his head, lowered his head slightly, and then raised his head and smiled at Zhou Dajiang: "No need for Director Zhou, the doctor said nothing major."

"That's all right." Zhou Dajiang said.

At this time, two extra actors from the group came over boldly, first greeted Zhou Dajiang, and then asked roundly if they could take a photo with Liang Yan.

Liang Yan nodded after hearing this: "Okay."

The two extras were allowed to squeeze right and left to Liang Yan's side. Compared with the scissor hands, Zhou Dajiang automatically withdrew from the filming scene and looked at Liang Yan, who was surrounded by the two extras with a smile, and squinted. Squinted.

He has been a director for so many years, and for the first time he met an actress who is as easy to get along with as Liang Yan.

"The Tribulation of the Moon" is a small-cost production web drama, and the name is full of **** Mary Su. The crew is poor and low in funding, and originally did not expect a big explosion. The actor and other supporting actors are called in the circle. The unknown newcomer, Liang Yan, the biggest heroine in the group, can only be considered a third-line in the entertainment circle.

People in the circle basically know that those who are the most difficult to get along with are not big-name celebrities, and those who have some famous second and third-line artists, they often like to play big names and engage in moths, especially those who rely on a little background, in the crew Even the director has to look at his (her) face. Therefore, before the filming of the show, Zhou Dajiang had a headache when he learned that the heroine was Liang Yan. After all, the woman who can fix Lu Lincheng and write her name on Lu Lincheng's household registration book, how can she be a simple and kind little white flower.

However, Zhou Dajiang did not expect that since the two months of filming, Liang Yan's performance as the biggest actor in the group was simply impressive.

The lines are always memorable, and I will bow and apologize to the staff in the crew when they make mistakes during filming. Whether it is her or her assistant, they will always be kind to others. Sometimes they will pay out of their pockets and ask the crew to drink at the end of the day. Supper with milk tea.

Zhou Dajiang sighed regretfully.

To be honest, he is a pity for Liang Yan. Both his acting skills and appearance are clearly first-line foundations, but he is still struggling in the third-line. He is acting as the heroine of a small-cost online drama starring hopelessness, if not for the direct experience two years ago. When the marriage news that paralyzed Weibo was announced, Zhou Dajiang couldn't believe that Liang Yan was Lu Lincheng's wife.

This matter can be said to be very heartbreaking. Zhou Dajiang touched his chin, and Lu Lincheng acted one after another major director and major production film, and his wife was still acting ten times. Eight-line web drama, is this still a couple? Ordinary friends know that they have to pull each other for a while.

During the two months that Liang Yan was in the group, Lu Lincheng hadnt even come to visit the class. From the start to the closing, he didnt even give a symbolic flower basket to his wife. It seems that Lu Lincheng not only never mentions Liang Yan in public, but also Later, she also left her far away.

No wonder Lu Lincheng has been married for two years and can still have so many wife fans and girlfriend fans that online male artists cannot envy. Zhou Dajiang remembers that his daughter is Lu Linchengs diehard girlfriend fan. The first thing he does to get up every day is to get up.#Did Lu Lincheng get a divorce today? #Make a card.


Liang Yan finished filming with the two extras, watching them happily running away, as if seeing himself three days ago.

Liang Yan took out his mobile phone and glanced at today's year, month and day, and once again confirmed a very **** fact.



But unlike the complete loss of memory in Korean dramas, she just lost her memory of the last three years.

According to assistant Jiang Mus description, the incident originated in a scene three days ago. When she was walking, she was accidentally smashed to the head by the lighting tube dropped by the lighting engineer. At that time, she was rushed to the hospital. The examination data showed that the brain was fine, but after waking up, he accidentally lost three years of memory.

The doctor said that this kind of memory loss after trauma is not without precedent in the medical history, nor does it rule out the possibility of memory recovery in the future, but if you want to find any medical treatment, unfortunately, modern medicine is temporarily unable to do anything.

However, Liang Yan is very open to this, because her current memory is still three years ago, she just graduated from the film school, because there is no godfather, no background, and the future is hopeless. During the eight-lane transparent period, when I woke up, I realized that I had been successfully promoted from the eighteenth line to the previously unattainable third-line. Although it was a web drama, it was a real heroine.

How does this feel different from winning the lottery? It's so exciting!

Liang Yan's first thing after knowing his amnesia was to go to Baidu's own name. He wanted to know how he struggled from the eighteenth line to the current third line in the past three years, holding the phone in one hand and pinching his thigh, excited. Place your own Baidu Encyclopedia and browse row by row.

"Name: Liang Yan

Gender: Female

Birthday: 199x year x month x day

Height: 169cm

Spouse: Lu Lincheng


Liang Yan got stuck when he saw the column of his spouse and couldn't stand it anymore.

The whole person seemed to be frozen. After doing a long time of psychological construction, he took a deep breath countless times, and finally trembling his hands, he clicked on the words "Lu Lincheng" in the column of spouse.

Don't get excited, maybe it's the same name, Liang Yan told herself, holding her faintly surging chest.

So when Lu Lincheng's photo showed up, Liang Yan looked at the face of the fascinated young girl, a stalk in his chest, and the phone slipped from his palm, completely uncomfortable.

It really seems to be Lu... Lin... Cheng...

Lu Lincheng!

Lu Lincheng! !

This, this... what is this situation! !

This world is crazy! !

Liang Yan stayed in the ward for a long time before he picked up his mobile phone again, and searched for Lu Lincheng...and her own gossip.

Lu Lincheng was born as an idol, and his debut song became a big hit. In just one year, he became the number one actor in the entertainment industry at that time. He was in the limelight, and all the idols in our country eventually returned to acting, not to mention Lu Lincheng. This kind of face level, so Lu Lincheng, who is at the top of the pyramid as an idol, is naturally going to act.

The day when Liang Yans memory was cut off happened to be when Lu Lincheng stepped into the show business circle and began acting. People in the industry and Lu Linchengs fans are faintly worried. Liang Yan, as a passerby fan of Lu Lincheng, has always waited and waited for the movie to be released. However, three years later, the encyclopedia wrote Lu Linchengs debut novel "Young The direct box office has a good reputation and his acting skills are well received. He almost won all the newcomer awards in the film and television industry that year. After that, Lu Lincheng's acting career has been opened all the way.

Liang Yan flipped through the gleaming resume on the Lin Cheng Encyclopedia, and looked at the number of fans and likes on his Weibo, but his brows frowned slightly, and the whole person was surrounded by a deep sense of unreality.

As an industry insider who is familiar with the rules of the circle, and when he was killing Matt in his youth, he was a person who had a few small traffic. Artists like Lu Lincheng who were born in idols, even if they take the power line after the movie hits, they are idols after all. Where is Pais age and face, and waves of fans are waiting there. In the golden age, the explosion of ordinary romance is a big earthquake in the fan circle. Get married? It is undoubtedly a suicidal operation, which is almost equal to a convulsion in the brain.

But why is Lu Lincheng still firmly occupying the top-tier position? The fan activity is not like a married actor at all.

Moreover, as Lu Lincheng's wife, how did he avoid being chased by Lu Lincheng's fans and then violently corpses on the street after getting married?

Jiang Mu, as the only person who knew that Liang Yan had amnesia, came in with a fruit, and saw that Liang Yan who had lost his memory was rummaging in the cp category of Weibo Chaohua.

Jiang Mu put down the fruit, sighed, and took out his phone.

Liang Yan, who was searching on the Chaochao cp page, suddenly received two WeChat messages, both from the assistant Jiang Mu.

The first is a screenshot of the encyclopedia:

"The mountain fire couple, the cp names of the actors Lu Lincheng and Liang Yan are taken from the names of'Lin' and'Smoke' in the two names. Because there must be a fire in the forest, they are called "Mountain Fire Couple". This pair of CP fans has always been regarded as a cult among the majority of CP fans because they stand on the opposite side of the secular world, and because the number of people is very small and the fighting power is negligible, the Chaohua and Tieba interface are organized by Lu Lincheng once a week as the "Fire Fighting Brigade". The fan slaughter version of 'is currently on the verge of disbanding."

The second one is a super word recommendation:

#Has Lu Lincheng divorced today? #With an overwhelming number of fans and posts, it ranks first in the emotional zone. The daily excitement of the square even exceeds that of online big-ticket stars. Fans and a large number of people who eat melon wait for Lu Lincheng to get rid of his third-line actor wife Liang Yan, and even Even when the two announced their divorce, they thought about what to draw in the lottery.


After reading the content sent by Jiang Mu with a stiff expression, Liang Yan threw away the phone without hesitation, jumped onto the bed, and buried his head in the pillow.

She won't play anymore T_T

Qiang Qiang, open a new article!

It is slightly different from the previous copywriter, but Ann guarantees the same sweetness!

As usual, new articles for collection~

There is a red envelope for the first chapter review~

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