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His perverted friends had shown him all kinds of illustration, with each depicting different sex positions. He was not really interested back then, but he could not help it due to his good memory. Besides, he believed he would not regret it when the knowledge came in handy.

The agreed meeting time with the villagers was at five in the morning, so she had to wake up 15 minutes before that. Di Fuyi thought that she would be too tired to wake up in time, so he was ready to wake up before her. For the entire night, he could barely sleep, but he snoozed off just before sunrise. He opened his eyes only to see her staring straight back at him.

Surprisingly, she woke up on her own. However, she seemed a little confused. Di Fuyi was ready to greet her, but she immediately retreated. "Who are you?"

Di Fuyi was shocked. Had she failed to recognize him only after a night? Before he introduced himself to her again, her memory finally came back to her. She knocked gently on her temple as a sign of her forgetfulness. "Oh, right. You are my fiancé. I am engaged to a man. I… I… I cannot believe that we slept together."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Di Fuyi was shocked, yet again. He answered in a sarcastic tone, "Are you that surprised? Have you forgotten about what happened last night?" His smile was not exactly friendly. In fact, he seemed a little offended.

Gu Xijiu was completely awake by now and realized her reaction just now was indeed a little mean. "Everything happened too suddenly. After all, we have only met for a day. I am already used to sleeping alone, so I was bewildered to find your presence here, which explained my shocked expression. Things will get better when I get used to it," she quickly reassured.

Di Fuyi did not answer. He only stared fixedly at her. His intense gaze sent chills down her spine. With a quick response, she added, "Don't worry. Your virginity will not be lost in vain. I will be responsible for you from now on."

Di Fuyi was speechless, for she had obviously stolen his line. Suddenly, he let out a charming smile and teased, "How are you going to bear the responsibility?"

Gu Xijiu did not hesitate in her answer, "I will marry you. Let us get married when we finally settle down."

"Right, that is what you said. You are not allowed to go back on your words!" Di Fuyi pointed his little finger at her and requested, "Come. Let us make a pinky promise."

Gu Xijiu could not hold back her amusement. "Are you a child? Why are you still obsessed with the idea of pinky promises?"

Her opinion was what Di Fuyi cared about the most. He put down his hand and turned his body around. "You are the one who is a child."

Gu Xijiu was not interested in the pointless argument. She rose to get ready. "It is almost time. We should get up now." In a few minutes, she was well-groomed and ready to go.

Di Fuyi, on the other hand, took his time. Piece by piece, he put on his clothes slowly. Gu Xijiu had the chance to see his well-built body; that included his sculpted chest, flat tummy, and a pair of long legs.

The man's perfect body impressed her. With clothes, he did not appear bulky. Without clothes, he was not too skinny, either. His body shape was far more attractive than every other man in the clan. She could not keep her eyes off him.

"Perverted woman, have you seen enough?" Di Fuyi's remark finally pulled her back from her preoccupied mind. She suddenly realized that she had been staring blankly at him for the past few minutes.

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Chapter 479: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 2 Chapter 480: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 3 Chapter 481: Did She Dream Of What She Had Thought Of During The Day? 4 Chapter 482: She Got Better In Enraging Others Chapter 483: She Got Better in Enraging Others 2 Chapter 484: Ill Make Sure That They Regret Treating Me Badly! 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Chapter 558: Gu Xijiu, Are You Afraid Of Me 2 Chapter 559: The Lord Supported Her Chapter 560: The Lord Supported Her 2 Chapter 561: The Lord Supported Her 3 Chapter 562: The Lord Supported Her 4 Chapter 563: The Lord Supported Her 5 Chapter 564: The Lord Supported Her 6 Chapter 565: The Lord Supported Her 7 Chapter 566: The Lord Supported Her 8 Chapter 567: Gold Would Always Shimmer Chapter 568: Gold Would Always Shimmer 2 Chapter 569: She Is A Phoenix 1 Chapter 570: She Is A Phoenix 2 Chapter 571: She Is A Phoenix 3 Chapter 572: She Is A Phoenix 4 Chapter 573: She Is A Phoenix 5 Chapter 574: She Is A Phoenix 6 Chapter 575: Get The Lord Defamed Chapter 576: Get The Lord Defamed 2 Chapter 577: Get The Lord Defamed 3 Chapter 578: Get The Lord Defamed 4 Chapter 579: Get The Lord Defamed 5 Chapter 580: Get The Lord Defamed 6 Chapter 581: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins Chapter 582: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 2 Chapter 583: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 3 Chapter 584: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 4 Chapter 585: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 5 Chapter 586: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 6 Chapter 587: The Scene Was Worth The Watch Chapter 588: Pay To Embarrass Chapter 589: Pay To Embarrass 2 Chapter 590: Pay To Embarrass 3 Chapter 591: Pay To Embarrass 4 Chapter 592: When Extreme Joy Turns To Sorrow Chapter 593: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder Chapter 594: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder 2 Chapter 595: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder 3 Chapter 596: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder 4 Chapter 597: The Lord Was Given A Cold-Shoulder 5 Chapter 598: How Could The Lord Be Celestial Master Zuo? Chapter 599: How Could The Lord Be Celestial Master Zuo 2 Chapter 600: How Could The Lord Be Celestial Master Zuo 3 Chapter 601: Interrogation Chapter 602: Watch His Opera Chapter 603: Watch His Opera 2 Chapter 604: Watch His Opera 3 Chapter 605: Watch His Opera 4 Chapter 606: Messenger Chenge Was Kicked In Chapter 607: The Messenger Chenge Was Kicked In 2 Chapter 608: Messenger Chenge Was Kicked In 3 Chapter 609: Cooperated With The Lord Chapter 610: Cooperated With The Lord 2 Chapter 611: Cooperated With The Lord 3 Chapter 612: Cooperated With The Lord 4 Chapter 613: Cooperated With The Lord 5 Chapter 614: Cooperated With The Lord 6 Chapter 615: The Lord Teased Her? Chapter 616: The Lord Teased Her 2? Chapter 617: The Lord Teased Her 3? Chapter 618: You Seem Energetic Chapter 619: Not Losing A Bargain Chapter 620: The Lords Suspicion Chapter 621: The Lords Temperament Chapter 622: She Might Be The Wife Of The Lord In Future Chapter 623: Does Celestial Master Zuo Like You? Chapter 624: Who Does Celestial Master Zuo Like Chapter 625: Who Does Celestial Master Zuo Like Chapter 626: She Didn't Even Ask Why... Chapter 627: The Lord Was Still Very Calm Chapter 628: I Am Happy, You Can Leave Now Chapter 629: How Do You Want To Compensate? Is It Okay To Marry Me? Chapter 630: She Was Busy, Very Busy Chapter 631: You Have A Prejudice Against Her, A Very Deep Prejudice! Chapter 632: Trained The Two Teammates Chapter 633: She Often Made Other People Uncomfortable Chapter 634: Gu Xijiu Still Ignored Him Chapter 635: Complicated Feeling Chapter 636: A Cool Elegant Young Man Almost Acted Rudely Chapter 637: It Seemed Like She Had Spent Too Much Of His Money Chapter 638: The Richest Person In Tianju Hall Chapter 639: You Cannot Scold Everyone Chapter 640: This Is Strange! Chapter 641: Xijiu, Im So Embarrassed... Chapter 642: Ill Cheer For You! Chapter 643: All Because Of Gu Xijiu Chapter 644: The Miracle She Made Chapter 645: Great Victory Chapter 646: Great Victory 2 Chapter 647: Great Victory 3 Chapter 648: Di Fuyi Refused To Obey Chapter 649: She Had Embarrassed Herself This Time Chapter 650: Xijiu, Long Time No See Chapter 651: Impulsion Creates Misery Chapter 652: Where Did You Come From? Chapter 653: Damn, She Really Was Not Heartbroken! Chapter 654: Don't You Fool Me Chapter 655: It Was Always Her Who Came Knocking At His Door Chapter 656: That Was How It Was Chapter 657: I Like It Chapter 658: Where Do We Go Next Chapter 659: Should Just Find a Man to Get Married to Chapter 660: The Mussel Had Not Recognized Wrongly Before Chapter 661: That's right! Its Him Chapter 662: To Give You A Surprise Chapter 663: I Never Expected To See You Here Chapter 664: Xijiu, Do You Hate Me? Chapter 665: The Truth From Long Siye Chapter 666: That Would be Many Lives... Chapter 667: The Truth Chapter 668: The Truth 2 Chapter 669: Xijiu, Dont You Believe Me? Chapter 670: I Think You Look Like The Male Character In Romantic Story Chapter 671: Are You A Mussel Or A Pig? Chapter 672: Have You Become The Writer Of Romance Story Chapter 673: Do You Like Gu Xijiu Chapter 674: What About Celestial Master Zuo? Chapter 675: Did You Expect Me To Come? Chapter 676: She Decided To Cling To The Good Old Times Chapter 677: She Could Barely Recognize Him Chapter 678: It Would Be Better If We Had Never Met Chapter 679: She Is In A Life-Or-Death Situation Chapter 680: We Are Going To Tianju Hall To Observe The Scene Chapter 681: Do Not Even Think About It Chapter 682: Who Had Never Done Crazy Thing When They Were Young? Chapter 683: Secretly Admired Chapter 684: I Am Here To Watch The Match For Fun Chapter 685: Could Not Withstand It Chapter 686: She Was Very Polite But Very Alienated Chapter 687: Did He Intend To Kill Her? Chapter 688: Think Alike Chapter 689: Think Alike 2 Chapter 690: You Have Tried Your Best, Dont Have To Apologize Chapter 691: She Was Still A Kid Chapter 692: The Sarcastic Smile Chapter 693: I Dont Want You Chapter 694: I Dont Want You 2 Chapter 695: I Dont Want You 3 Chapter 696: I Dont Want You 4 Chapter 697: I Dont Want You 5 Chapter 698: I Dont Want You 6 Chapter 699: I Dont Want You 7 Chapter 700: Let Me See Your Wounds... Chapter 701: Meant To Receive Sarcasm For The Rest Of Her Life? Chapter 702: How Much Did He Know About Her? Chapter 703: This Is Not The Time To Joke! Chapter 704: Itll Be A Great Experience To Die In My Beloveds Arms Chapter 705: Not Pushing Me Away Anymore? Chapter 706: To Make You Remember Your Lesson Chapter 707: Male Gynecologist Chapter 708: She Wanted To Dash It All And Frustrate Him Chapter 709: A Massive Storm Had Just Enveloped The Lands Chapter 710: She Must Find Ways To Take Back Her Place Chapter 711: Bring Me There Chapter 712: Who Do You Think You Are? Chapter 713: The Dream Ended Too Fast Chapter 714: You're Not Him! Youre not! Chapter 715: Who Was That Man? Chapter 716: So What Are You Interested In? Chapter 717: I Will Stay This Time Chapter 718: Unpredictable Mood Chapter 719: Should It Be A Lifetime Or Only Once Chapter 720: It Is Always Easier To Grab Hold Of Things That Are Closer Chapter 721: Sand In Between Our Fingers Chapter 722: Envy The Lovebirds... Chapter 723: Its Her Big Day; He Didnt Want To Miss It Chapter 724: What A Coincidence, Celestial Master Zuo Chapter 725: I Don't Like To Be Fooled Chapter 726: She Didn't Owe Him Any Favors Chapter 727: She Just Wanted To Get Over This As Soon As Possible Chapter 728: Didnt Want Him To Die! Chapter 729: Why Dont You Want Me? Chapter 730: The More She Struggled, The Tighter He Hugged Chapter 731: He Got Dragged Into The Water! Chapter 732: Gosh! Did You Really Vomit Blood? Chapter 733: Of Course She Was Mad! Chapter 734: Can You Help Me To Get On The Shore? Chapter 735: I Trust You Chapter 736: What Kind Of Relationship Do They Have? Chapter 737: Since When Did Your Standard Deteriorate To This Extent Chapter 738: You Really Dont Like it? Chapter 739: He Got Jealous, Its Real... Chapter 740: We Love Each Other Very Much Chapter 741: Was It His Fault? Chapter 742: Is That His Karma? Chapter 743: She Felt She Was As Though Being Possessed By A Saint Chapter 744: Alright! Your Call Chapter 745: That That Was Also Fake? Chapter 746: He Was Definitely Trying To Kill Himself Chapter 747: How Is She Now Chapter 748: She Felt a Rising Urge to Kick His Ass Now Chapter 749: He Was Still Finicky Even After Exchanging the Body! Chapter 750: How Do You Plan To Repay Me Chapter 751: I Dont Allow You To See My Body Chapter 752: That Scene Was Too Shameful Chapter 753: It Was Actually Nothing Chapter 754: She Was Not Easily Fooled Chapter 755: I Will Take It Off And Let You Wear It Again Chapter 756: Where Did He Go? Chapter 757: To Skip The Pat Chapter 758: Because He Cared Chapter 759: He Had Set A New Record! Chapter 760: Mrs. Luo or Mrs. Gu? Chapter 761: Her Life Is Actually Going Quite Well Chapter 762: I Will Go Pole Dancing With Your Body Chapter 763: You Are Overthinking Chapter 764: Making Her Bow As Part Of A Wedding Ceremony Chapter 765: Congratulations, This Is For You Chapter 766: Celestial Master Zuo, Have You Thought About It? Chapter 767: A Bangle Made From Black Jade Chapter 768: They Were Not On The Same Page Chapter 769: Youre Injured As Well, Have You Been Comforted? Chapter 770: Please, Dont Get Him Wrong Chapter 771: Im Really Sorry To Make You Go Through That Hassle Chapter 772: Have You Awakened From Your Dream? Chapter 773: I Have Something To Ask You Chapter 774: Its Such A Lovely Scene Chapter 775: Why Are You Staring At Me This Way Chapter 776: She Held Her Fingers Chapter 777: You Really Can Do Whatever You Want Chapter 778: Are You The Lord? Chapter 779: You Really Know Me Well Chapter 780: How Could He Hug Me Just Like That? Chapter 781: I Didnt See Anything Again Chapter 782: Must Have Been Possessed By An Evil Spirit That Night Chapter 783: Im Thinking To Adopt You As My God-Daughter Chapter 784: It Was More Difficult Than Playing The Zenith With Legs Chapter 785: Im Not Afraid Of Being Embarrassed Chapter 786: What Had She Done Chapter 787: We Should Talk Chapter 788: You're Getting Cheekier Though Chapter 789: Are You Trying To Avoid Something? Chapter 790: Like A Ladyboy Chapter 791: Did You Have A Dirty Dream Chapter 792: Stop Peeking! Chapter 793: The Willow In 8 Sign Chapter 794: Why Should I Tell You Chapter 795: Do You Have Anything To Say To Me Chapter 796: Let Us Begin Chapter 797: As Though An Intimate Bath Chapter 798: Di Fuyi Was Gone Chapter 799: What Would Be The End Result For You? Chapter 800: The Twin Brother Who Must Not Be Exposed Chapter 801: Work In Coordination Chapter 802: Not Her Usual Style Chapter 803: She Was Addicted To The Fragrance Chapter 804: Let Me Reward You Chapter 805: Had No Patience To Wait Anymore Chapter 806: Theres Only One Celestial Master Zuo Chapter 807: What Are You Trying To Do? Chapter 808: Indeed, You Have Such A Dirty Mind Chapter 809: The Fragrance Of His Soul Chapter 810: Did We Hate Each Other? Chapter 811: Got Himself Into Trouble Chapter 812: Im Still A Kid Though Chapter 813: As Though He Could Not Hold Her Anymore Chapter 814: Romantic Love Chapter 815: Can You Give Up Everything For Her? Chapter 816: The Water Was In Love As Well Chapter 817: No One Else In This World Who Loves You As Much As I Do Chapter 818: Youre Such A Playboy Chapter 819: Be Her Pillow, Be Her Bed Chapter 820: Emergency Fighter Chapter 821: Why Dont You Use Your Real Body Chapter 822: Real Enough To Be His Imposter Chapter 823: Puppet Chapter 824: Make Him His Team Member Chapter 825: Must Act Better Chapter 826: Can Handicap You With A Single Poke Chapter 827: How Much Fear You Have Towards Me? Chapter 828: You Are Not Even A Sleeve Chapter 829: Or To Dally Her Chapter 830: You Better Be Confused Forever Chapter 831: You Can Do It Now Chapter 832: Sorry For My Recklessness Chapter 833: Always Stayed Close To Each Other Chapter 834: This Is What She Asked For Chapter 835: He Treated Himself As Hero Chapter 836: The Best Chance Chapter 837: She Was Not Comfortable Chapter 838: The Stupid Son Of The Rich Landlord Chapter 839: Irrefutable Truth Chapter 840: No One Could Chase After Him Chapter 841: Your Reactions Are Half A Beat Slower Chapter 842: Blocked Our Way Chapter 843: Used To His Presence Chapter 844: The Feeling Of Emptiness Chapter 845: Practiced Until A Level Where His Spirit Can Come Out From His Body Chapter 846: Looked Like A Counterfeit Of The Sea Dragon Palace Chapter 847: Why Are You Acting Cute? You Are A Man! Chapter 848: My Throat Is Dry, I Will Sing Again Later Chapter 849: Matchmake Chapter 850: Are You Misleading Me? Chapter 851: You Can Have A Nap In Here Chapter 852: You Really Do Not Blame Me? Chapter 853: He Loathed That Person! Chapter 854: He Even Became The Master Chapter 855: Let Us Try, Shall We? Chapter 856: He Was Right About Her Chapter 857: We Are Still Friends! Chapter 858: There Are Many Things That You Do Not Expect Chapter 859: Kept Messing Up Their Timings Chapter 860: Was He Biased? Chapter 861: The Biggest Obstacle Ever Chapter 862: Its Better To Find Someone Around Her Age Chapter 863: I Dont Want To Punish You Chapter 864: Stay Awake Throughout The Night Chapter 865: No Rest Before You Do It Ten Times Chapter 866: She Was Getting Further Away From Him Chapter 867: The History Of The Charming Man Chapter 868: Using The Same Strategy To Take Revenge Chapter 869: Behaved Like A Jerk Chapter 870: Come On Girl, Call Me Dad Chapter 871: Call Me Daddy Chapter 872: Ill Follow You Wherever You Go Chapter 873: Not Leave Any Of Them Behind Chapter 874: Wanted To Get Some Information From Her Chapter 875: Both Chicken Wings Are Yours Chapter 876: You Must Have Both Chapter 877: Sweetheart, Youre Afraid Of Thunder? Chapter 878: Anymore? Chapter 879: She Tried To Coordinate With My Roleplay Chapter 880: You Like me! Chapter 881: This Is The Price For Skipping My Class Chapter 882: She Could Never Escape From Him Chapter 883: You Have To Hug Me Tightly Chapter 884: He Did Not Want To Stop Chapter 885: Did He Get Addicted? Chapter 886: Give Me A Kiss? Chapter 887: Pole Dancing Chapter 888: You Chapter 889: Alluring Woman Chapter 890: Why Are You Running Away? Chapter 891: Others Should Not Even Think About It! Chapter 892: Gu Xijiu, Youre Crazy! Chapter 893: She Could Even Risk Her Life For Him Chapter 894: I Owe You... Chapter 895: Go Get The Bill Chapter 896: He Was Badly Slaughtered Chapter 897: You Dont Have To Be So Good To Me Chapter 898: You Really Dont Want It? Chapter 899: How Sincere Was He To Gu Xijiu? Chapter 900: She Was Really Guilty Chapter 901: He Had No Direction Anymore Chapter 902: Dont Go Away! I Am Afraid! Chapter 903: Owed Her Twice Chapter 904: Shut Up and Sit Properly Chapter 905: Do You Want To Hear The Truth Or Lie? Chapter 906: Dont Pretend Anymore Chapter 907: Am I Your Boyfriend Now? Chapter 908: Let Me Bring You Down, Ok? Chapter 909: What Was He Trying To Show Her Underwater? Chapter 910: It Was Horrible To Have No Culture Chapter 911: How Did You Do That? Chapter 912: Show Me Your Observation Chapter 913: Great Intuition! Chapter 914: Predestined Marriage Chapter 915: Predestined Marriage 2 Chapter 916: Predestined Marriage 3 Chapter 917: Predestined Marriage 4 Chapter 918: Predestined Marriage 5 Chapter 919: Predestined Marriage 6 Chapter 920: Youre The Boss Of My Territories Chapter 921: She Was Still Having Menstruation... Chapter 922: Took A Wrong Medication Chapter 923: It Was No Longer Its Masters Favorite Bracelet Chapter 924: Live Their Own Life Happily Chapter 925: Are You Hurt? Chapter 926: Let Gu Xijiu Be The Boss Chapter 927: The Snow Had Just Turned Clear; The Moon Had Just Risen Chapter 928: Youve Heard Quite a Lot Chapter 929: I Am Drunk And I Want To Sleep Chapter 930: He Must Be Treating Her As His Pond Chapter 931: But Now He Could Not Even Do That Chapter 932: You Did Not See Anything Chapter 933: Do Not Kill Me To Put Me Into Silence Chapter 934: In Fact, It Does Not Need To Be So Troublesome Chapter 935: Miss Him Like Crazy Chapter 936: Serious Phobia Chapter 937: I Can Live Without You! Chapter 938: Can We Be More Restrained? Chapter 939: Dont Be Suspicious Anymore! Chapter 940: She Hoped That She Was Wrong! Chapter 941: Let Me Take A Look Chapter 942: Let Me Down, You Should Leave Me Behind Chapter 943: There Was No Way Out Chapter 944: It Was The Moment Of Desperate Straits Chapter 945: Let Me Carry Him For A While Chapter 946: What Was The Point Of Running? Chapter 947: Xijiu Would Save Him Chapter 948: Even Stickier Than A Sticky Plaster Patch Chapter 949: She Did Not Allow Herself To Be Weak Any Longer Chapter 950: No One Will Carry You Later Chapter 951: Go After The Culprit Chapter 952: Go After The Culprit 2 Chapter 953: Ill Catch Her Myself! Chapter 954: Did She Just Leave Like This?! Chapter 955: I Can Destroy Them Altogether! Chapter 956: Escaped Chapter 957: Escaping Was Always Their Top Priority! Chapter 958: Did He Get Trapped Inside?! Chapter 959: Was It A Natural Catastrophe? Chapter 960: Beyond Expectation Chapter 961: My Chest Hurts Chapter 962: It Would Be Harmless To Try It Occasionally Chapter 963: What An Eye-Catching Scene! Chapter 964: He Did Not Want Them To Look Down On Him Chapter 965: Are You Worried About Me? Chapter 966: Silly Girl, Why Are You Here Again? Chapter 967: The Fairy 1 Chapter 968: The Fairy 2 Chapter 969: The Fairy 3 Chapter 970: The Fairy 4 Chapter 971: The Fairy 5 Chapter 972: The Fairy 6 Chapter 973: No Way! She Must Take A Look! Chapter 974: As Though Being Struck By Lightning! Chapter 975: He Would Be Teased Till His Next Life! Chapter 976: What Was Wrong With His Master Recently? Chapter 977: He Was So Touched! Chapter 978: I Ignited The Fire! Chapter 979: You Have To Be Well Behaved Chapter 980: It Is Not Convenient For Him To Meet Her Chapter 981: You Got The Wrong Person; Please Go Chapter 982: She Was Still Not Cruel Enough Chapter 983: Did This Little Girl Really Have A Way? Chapter 984: What If She Was Eaten? Chapter 985: Since It Is Urgent, Lets Carry Me First Chapter 986: Acted Cute, Pretended To be Weak, And Asked For A Hug Chapter 987: No Wonder It Was So Obedient Chapter 988: I Will Marry You Chapter 989: Do You Have Someone In Your Mind Already? Chapter 990: She Would Probably Leave Him For Another Man Chapter 991: Meet Like An Old Friend Chapter 992: He Has The Urge To Kill People From Time To Time Chapter 993: Didn't You And The Crown Prince Realize What Was Happening? Chapter 994: In Other Words, He Was Di Fuyi! Chapter 995: She Was Very Familiar With The Voice Chapter 996: Who Is He? Chapter 997: How Could He Perform Such Nonsense Acts? Chapter 998: Perhaps, This Was Her Weakness? Chapter 999: It Was Him! It Must Be Him! Chapter 1000: Was She The Gu Xijiu That He Used To Know? Chapter 1001: I Have No Way To Save A Dead Man... Chapter 1002: Miss Gu, Please Try Your Best Chapter 1003: He Was Conscious! Chapter 1004: There's Roughly A 50 Percent Chance Of Success Chapter 1005: This Little Fella Was Arrogant Chapter 1006: What Can You Do To Me? Chapter 1007: The More He Felt Annoyed, The Happier She Was... Chapter 1008: What Was The Problem?! Chapter 1009: She Just Left Like This! Chapter 1010: Come Over, And Ill Tell You Chapter 1011: Crashed On Him And Fell Chapter 1012: The Hypothesis Was Completely Impossible! Chapter 1013: You Wouldnt Be So Ruthless Chapter 1014: Worried About The Crown Prince Chapter 1015: She Has Never Asked For His Favor... Chapter 1016: Im Sorry, I Was Reckless Chapter 1017: I Didnt Want To See You Suffer Chapter 1018: I Dont Want To Hide Anything From You Chapter 1019: He Trusted The Wrong Person! Chapter 1020: If You Want To Kill Me, Just Do It Chapter 1021: Act According To The Plan Chapter 1022: Didnt He Think That He Owed Her An Explanation? Chapter 1023: The Standard Characteristics Of Royal Family Members Chapter 1024: Is He The Person Behind The Scene? Chapter 1025: Have You Seen Such A Cute Old Fox? Chapter 1026: Are You Trying To Kill Your Husband? Chapter 1027: Lets Go Chapter 1028: He Did Not Even Care About It Chapter 1029: I Will Not Allow You To Torture Her Like This Chapter 1030: Light Silver-Colored Lingerie Chapter 1031: Unable To Switch His Feelings For Her Chapter 1032: How Could Emotionally Endure It? Chapter 1033: Do You Often Use This To Watch Dramas? Chapter 1034: Hush, Keep On Watching Chapter 1035: Do You Feel Sorry For Him? Chapter 1036: My Eighth Brother, Quit Acting! Chapter 1037: His Acts Are Detestable! Chapter 1038: You Are Well Prepared Chapter 1039: While The Devil Climbs A Post, The Virtue Climbs Ten Chapter 1040: The Person Would Be His True Opponent Chapter 1041: What Is Wrong? Are You Afraid? Chapter 1042: We Had Sex Last Night Chapter 1043: Take Care Chapter 1044: Was She Happy About It? Chapter 1045: Do You Seriously Think He Is Still That Young? Chapter 1046: Who Was It Who Said That Friendships Would Last Even Though Their Love For Each Other Was Gone? Chapter 1047: Battle Chapter 1048: It Was Drooling! Chapter 1049: Fought Without Constraints Chapter 1050: Why Don't I Help You Wrap It Chapter 1051: Are You Hurt? So You Know Its Painful, Huh? Chapter 1052: Could Could You Take Care Of My Wounds First? Chapter 1053: No One Could Bear The Pain Chapter 1054: Good Boy, Youre Tired Chapter 1055: Do You Really Know Her? Chapter 1056: You Should Consider Being The One Sorry For Them Chapter 1057: Xijiu, Dont You Trust Me Anymore? Chapter 1058: Ill Bring You Out! Im Here, Dont Be Afraid! Chapter 1059: Of Course That Was Di Fuyi! Chapter 1060: Did He Want Her To Die Because She Failed To Return His Love? Chapter 1061: My Puberty Came Early Chapter 1062: He Just Wanted To Distract Her Chapter 1063: No One Would Dare Claim That They Were Better Than Him Chapter 1064: He Really Wanted To Kill Her! Chapter 1065: Long Siyes Plan Was Out Of Order... Chapter 1066: What Was Going On? Chapter 1067: Ill Be Right Back Chapter 1068: Could Die Anytime! Chapter 1069: Continue The Battle Chapter 1070: Got Swapped! Chapter 1071: The Price Of Challenging Him! Chapter 1072: The Lord Began To Attack Irrationally! Chapter 1073: How Could They Have Gone Missing?! Chapter 1074: Everyone Joined The Investigation! Chapter 1075: Apparently He Had Been Overthinking! Chapter 1076: Where Are You? Chapter 1077: Who Is Your Leader!? Chapter 1078: Im Going To Kill You Today Chapter 1079: I'll Never Hurt You Chapter 1080: It Was Difficult To Understand The World Of A Mad Scientist! Chapter 1081: No Wonder He Was So Ambitious Chapter 1082: I Need To Run A Few More Tests Chapter 1083: Test Chapter 1084: Test (2) Chapter 1085: Test (3) Chapter 1086: Test (4) Chapter 1087: Test (5) Chapter 1088: Test (6) Chapter 1089: It Is Not Her Anymore If She Became Stupid Chapter 1090: Use Her As Bait Chapter 1091: Do You Still Recognize This Person? Chapter 1092: Are You Pleading For Him? Chapter 1093: I Want To Go Out! Chapter 1094: Is He Okay? Chapter 1095: Are You Trying To Force Her? Chapter 1096: What Are You Trying To Say? Chapter 1097: Did Not Want To Miss It For The Second Time Chapter 1098: Do You Want To Escape? Chapter 1099: She Bet On It! Chapter 1100: Took Away Their Clothes Chapter 1101: The Escape Chapter 1102: The Run Chapter 1103: The Run (2) Chapter 1104: The Run (3) Chapter 1105: The Run (4) Chapter 1106: As Cunning As A Fox Chapter 1107: We Should Let Them Have Some Fun Chapter 1108: True Or False? Chapter 1109: She Had Guessed It Correctly Chapter 1110: Your Apology Is Futile Chapter 1111: A Good Show Chapter 1112: My Loving Grandson Will Serve Me Chapter 1113: You Will In The Future Chapter 1114: Precautions Chapter 1115: Where Is It? Chapter 1116: How Confident Was He? Chapter 1117: Come Over Here Chapter 1118: Who Has Been Tricked? Chapter 1119: Who Has Been Tricked? (2) Chapter 1120: Who Has Been Tricked? (3) Chapter 1121: Who Has Been Tricked? (4) Chapter 1122: Who Has Been Tricked? (5) Chapter 1123: Who Has Been Tricked? (6) Chapter 1124: Counter Attack Chapter 1125: Counter Attack (2) Chapter 1126: Counter Attack (3) Chapter 1127: Counter Attack (4) Chapter 1128: It's Nothing Compared To Celestial Master Zuo Who Was Willing To Disguise Himself As A Lady Chapter 1129: The Later You Return, The More She Would Suffer Chapter 1130: Let Us See Who Is More Ruthless Chapter 1131: Have You Awakened From Your Dream? Chapter 1132: He Felt That He Had Lost His Patience Chapter 1133: The More He Slept, The Weaker He Became Chapter 1134: Unspeakable Disease Chapter 1135: Unspeakable Disease (2) Chapter 1136: Unspeakable Disease (3) Chapter 1137: Unspeakable Disease (4) Chapter 1138: Unspeakable Disease (5) Chapter 1139: Unspeakable Disease (6) Chapter 1140: You Have Bad Eyesight Chapter 1141: Nothing To Do With You Chapter 1142: Could He Do As He Pleased? Hehe! Chapter 1143: To Practice The Mystical Martial Arts, You Must First Castrate Yourself Chapter 1144: You Are Smelly! Go Away! Chapter 1145: The Urge To Run Into His Arms! Chapter 1146: I Like It When You Address Me This Way Chapter 1147: We Are Far Closer Than That Chapter 1148: He Is Not! You Are Lying! Chapter 1149: I Don't Want To Think About It! Chapter 1150: Have You Finally Come To Realize It? Chapter 1151: What Are You Trying To Do? Chapter 1152: Infidelity Chapter 1153: Infidelity (2) Chapter 1154: Infidelity (3) Chapter 1155: Infidelity (4) Chapter 1156: Infidelity (5) Chapter 1157: Infidelity (6) Chapter 1158: Suspicion Chapter 1159: He Could Not Let Di Fuyi Live! Chapter 1160: Suspicion (2) Chapter 1161: Could Only Depend On Him Chapter 1162: Suspicion (3) Chapter 1163: How Close Are We? Chapter 1164: How Close Are We? (2) Chapter 1165: How Close Are We? (3) Chapter 1166: How Close Are We? (4) Chapter 1167: He Misunderstood This Time! Chapter 1168: Stubborn Little Girl! Chapter 1169: Wedding Chapter 1170: Insults Chapter 1171: Vigorous Activity Chapter 1172: Wedding Chaos Chapter 1173: Wedding Chaos (2) Chapter 1174: Wedding Chaos (3) Chapter 1175: Wedding Chaos (4) Chapter 1176: Wedding Chaos (5) Chapter 1177: Ill Cheer For You From The Sidelines Chapter 1178: Arrogant Queen Chapter 1179: Combat Chapter 1180: A Lovely Scene Chapter 1181: Continue Your Show! Chapter 1182: Who Are You?! Chapter 1183: She Did Not Have To Fight Alone Chapter 1184: Has Everyone Become The Best Actors And Actresses?! Chapter 1185: It Was All In Your Plan Chapter 1186: Di Fuyis Strategy Chapter 1187: Di Fuyis Strategy (2) Chapter 1188: Di Fuyis Strategy (3) Chapter 1189: Leaving Chapter 1190: Leaving (2) Chapter 1191: Leaving (3) Chapter 1192: Leaving (4) Chapter 1193: Her Pride Was Hurt Chapter 1194: Getting Addicted To Acting As Sister Lin? Chapter 1195: Examine Your Body Chapter 1196: Heavier Than What She Had Imagined! Chapter 1197: As Though He Needed A Big Favor Chapter 1198: God Knows How Much She Hated Clones Chapter 1199: He Had To Face Reality Chapter 1200: I Can Take It Chapter 1201: Breathe, Silly Girl! Chapter 1202: When Will You Be Ready? Chapter 1203: Imagination Chapter 1204: Evil Girl Chapter 1205: He Could Not Let Her Go Chapter 1206: She Missed Her Original Body Chapter 1207: She Missed Her Original Body (2) Chapter 1208: It Was Because She Swapped Bodies! Chapter 1209: About Swapping Bodies Chapter 1210: Soul Transfer Crisis Chapter 1211: Soul Transfer Crisis (2) Chapter 1212: Soul Transfer Crisis (3) Chapter 1213: I Think I Saw Him! Chapter 1214: Failed To Possess The Body Chapter 1215: Youll Know After You Go Chapter 1216: Into The Deep Sea Chapter 1217: Is The Leader Of The Mermaids Attractive? Chapter 1218: My Fianc Chapter 1219: What Trouble Have You Created? Chapter 1220: No One Knew How Long Their Love Would Last Chapter 1221: You'd Better Stop Loving Him Now Chapter 1222: She Scarified Herself For Him Chapter 1223: You You Cant Kill Me Chapter 1224: Why Cant You Behave Yourself? Chapter 1225: She Ran Away Chapter 1226: Who Made The First Move? Chapter 1227: It Wont Happen To Me Chapter 1228: First Time Here? Chapter 1229: It Doesnt Matter Chapter 1230: How Many Times Could Men Have Heard This Song Chapter 1231: What Was Her Connection? Chapter 1232: I Do Not Really Like The Look Chapter 1233: Shall We Find A Place To Talk? Chapter 1234: I Dont Think I Have Anything To Buy Chapter 1235: What An Extraordinary Way To Propose! Chapter 1236: Im Weak Now, Could You Please Torture Me Gently? Chapter 1237: One Could Never Change The Course Of Fate Once One Had Made A Bad Decision Chapter 1238: Stick Together During The Daytime But Slept Separately At Night Chapter 1239: So, You Have To Address Him As Father-In-Law Chapter 1240: Are You Malfunctioning Because The Question Was Too Complicated? Chapter 1241: She Was Finally All Grown Up! Chapter 1242: I Don't Really Like This Appearance Chapter 1243: Whats Bothering You? Chapter 1244: She Was Probably A Stepping Stone For Others Chapter 1245: She Was Unable To Get Rid Of It Chapter 1246: It Was Considered As A Compensation To Her Chapter 1247: Do You Only Miss Them? Chapter 1248: Am I Beautiful? Chapter 1249: In Fact, He Really Wanted To Have Sex Chapter 1250: Beautiful Night, Beautiful People Chapter 1251: When Did She Leave? Chapter 1252: Decided To Let Go Chapter 1253: Your Eyes Are So Red Chapter 1254: Choked By The Smoke Chapter 1255: I Dont Want To Be A Substitute Chapter 1256: Old Friend? Brother? Chapter 1257: Old Friend? Brother? (2) Chapter 1258: Old Friend? Brother? (3) Chapter 1261: See If She Would Still Flee! Chapter 1260: See If She Would Still Flee! Chapter 1261: See If She Would Still Flee! Chapter 1262: No Matter What Happened, He Had To Find Her Chapter 1263: Princesses Wherever They Went Chapter 1264: As A Proof Of Our Friendship... Chapter 1265: Never Gave Up Chapter 1266: She Does Not Need Their Protection Chapter 1267: He Had Been Very Nice To Her Chapter 1268: All Of Them Were As Cunning As An Old Fox, So Why Were They Still Pretending?! Chapter 1269: To Do Her Justice Chapter 1270: To Do Her Justice (2) Chapter 1271: To Do Her Justice (3) Chapter 1272: To Do Her Justice (4) Chapter 1273: Brother Chapter 1274: Too Many Men For The Limited Ladies Chapter 1275: You Seem Like My Brother! Chapter 1276: I Will Call You Brother From Now On Chapter 1277: Tell Me If There Is Anyone Suitable Chapter 1278: There Are No Rivers To One Who Has Crossed The Ocean Chapter 1279: Thankfully, It Was Just A Dream! Chapter 1280: These Words Where Did They Come From? Chapter 1281: They Had Regained Hope Of Escaping Chapter 1282: What Was He Doing? Chapter 1283: She Responded Slowly Chapter 1284: What A Joke? Chapter 1285: I Am Not Afraid Of Being Ashamed Chapter 1286: Just Follow My Instruction Chapter 1287: He Broke His Promise Chapter 1288: Because I Am More Powerful Than You Chapter 1289: She Will Never Be Able To Enter! Chapter 1290: But She Ditched Him... Chapter 1291: Was The Bridechamber Still Decorated? Chapter 1292: She Missed Him So Badly Chapter 1293: Di Fuyi, Youre A Liar... Chapter 1294: Stop Talking About Him Chapter 1295: Gosh! She Ran Into The Eighth Peak! Chapter 1296: He Was Confident That He Could Still Get The Ferocious Beasts Severely Injured Chapter 1297: It Was Difficult To Believe The Lord Won! Chapter 1298: How Daring Are You To Interrupt My Sleep? Chapter 1299: Sadly He Was A Man, How Great It Would Be If He Were A Woman! Chapter 1300: Bring Me To Her (1) Chapter 1301: Bring Me To Her (2) Chapter 1302: Bring Me To Her (3) Chapter 1303: Bring Me To Her (4) Chapter 1304: Bring Me To Her (5) Chapter 1305: Leniency To Those Who Confess, Severity To Those Who Resist Chapter 1306: Was This A Coincidence? Chapter 1307: Find Her Chapter 1308: Find Her (2) Chapter 1309: Find Her (3) Chapter 1310: You Must Look At Him First! Chapter 1311: I Will Be Responsible Chapter 1312: Let Me Save You Chapter 1313: Saving Him Chapter 1314: Saving Him (2) Chapter 1315: Saving Him (3) Chapter 1316: Saving Him (4) Chapter 1317: Saving Him (5) Chapter 1318: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow Chapter 1319: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow (2) Chapter 1320: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow (3) Chapter 1321: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow (4) Chapter 1322: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow (5) Chapter 1323: Sharing The Same Bed And Pillow (6) Chapter 1324: It Was Not Good Holding Back Chapter 1325: He Had Stolen A Bowl Of Fish Soup! Chapter 1326: He Did It Chapter 1327: Would He Drill Into The Ground? Chapter 1328: Gathering Chapter 1329: Intentionally Matchmaking Them Chapter 1330: The Return Of Celestial Master Zuo Chapter 1331: The Return Of Celestial Master Zuo (2) Chapter 1332: The Return Of Celestial Master Zuo (3) Chapter 1334: The Return Of Celestial Master Zuo (5) Chapter 1335: The Return Of Celestial Master Zuo (6) Chapter 1336: The Truth Chapter 1337: The Truth (2) Chapter 1338: The Truth (3) Chapter 1339: The Truth (4) Chapter 1340: The Truth (5) Chapter 1341: The Truth (6) Chapter 1342: It Was Because She Cared Chapter 1343: Are You In A Bad Mood? Chapter 1344: No One Could Go Closer To Him Chapter 1345: She Was Very Considerate Chapter 1346: What If He Really Got Drunk? Chapter 1347: I Will Never Get Drunk Chapter 1348: The Proposal In A Tub Chapter 1349: The Proposal In A Tub (2) Chapter 1350: The Proposal In A Tub (3) Chapter 1351: The Proposal In A Tub (4) Chapter 1352: The Proposal In A Tub (5) Chapter 1353: The Proposal In A Tub (6) Chapter 1354: A Night Of Joy Was Always Too Short, That Was How Di Fuyi Felt Chapter 1355: He Was Always Thinking About Sex Chapter 1356: You Were Meant To Be Mine Chapter 1357: That Was Because I Fled From The Marriage Chapter 1358: Roadblock From Brother-In-Law Chapter 1359: In Fact, He Was Already Panicked... Chapter 1360: He Always Thought About Having Sex Chapter 1361: Like An Old Youtiao Chapter 1362: I Thought You Wanted To Bathe? Chapter 1363: She Could Only Ask Him Chapter 1364: That Was The Benefit Of Having A Wife Chapter 1365: I Will Definitely Support You! Chapter 1366: Is This A Mystery Of The Heavens, Again? Chapter 1367: The Physique Of A Fairy Chapter 1368: I Am The River And You Are The Sea Chapter 1369: Who Is Willing To Stay? Chapter 1370: I Wont Regret It Chapter 1371: I Have Been Blinded All These Years Chapter 1372: Everyone Was Hopeful Of Getting Out Chapter 1373: It Ran Away Almost Immediately Chapter 1374: We Should Tear Down The Place Chapter 1375: There Was No Turning Back Chapter 1376: Hold Yourself Together. You Can Do This! Chapter 1377: Di Fuyi, You Lied To Me! Chapter 1378: Gu Xijiu, We Can Help You! Chapter 1379: I Almost Wanted To Die Because I Was Scared By You Chapter 1380: It Was Bad To Be Impulsive Chapter 1381: It Was My Fault. Dont Be Mad Anymore, Okay? Chapter 1382: You Scared Her... Really Badly! Chapter 1383: I Dont Buy His Guiltiness! Chapter 1384: This Matter Was So Strange! Chapter 1385: Cleaned Up Chapter 1386: Cleaned Up (2) Chapter 1387: Cleaned Up (3) Chapter 1388: Cleaned Up (4) Chapter 1389: Cleaned Up (5) Chapter 1390: Like A Toad Wishing For A Swan Chapter 1391: Bygones Will Be Bygones Chapter 1392: He Is A Fake Chapter 1393: He Is A Fake (2) Chapter 1394: Celestial Master Zuo Chapter 1395: Celestial Master Zuo (2) Chapter 1396: You Are Finally Back Chapter 1397: For He Who Is Inhuman And Unjust! Whip! Chapter 1398: The Damaged Reputation Of Celestial Master Zuo Chapter 1399: Celestial Master Zuo Is Here, Kneel! Chapter 1400: The Reputation Of Celestial Master Zuo Chapter 1401: The Reputation Of Celestial Master Zuo (2) Chapter 1402: The Reputation Of Celestial Master Zuo (3) Chapter 1403: Battle Chapter 1404: Battle (2) Chapter 1405: Battle (3) Chapter 1406: Maybe I Can Try! Chapter 1407: Must Rescue Them Tonight! Chapter 1408: Are You Feeling Guilty? Chapter 1409: They Were Considered Mentally Strong As They Did Not Go Insane Chapter 1410: Got His Body Back In Control Chapter 1411: Reunited With Their Master Chapter 1412: Looking Forward To Welcome Her Little Baby Chapter 1413: He Would Not Do Anything Harmful To Me Chapter 1414: Weve Gotten Married Chapter 1415: People Change Chapter 1416: Hush, Something Is Wrong With Him Chapter 1417: The Jerk Seemed To Be Ready To Explode! Chapter 1418: Wasn't Gu Xijiu The One Who Was Holding His Hand?! Chapter 1419: Baby, Why Are You In Such A Hurry? Chapter 1420: Have You Seen Enough Of It? Let Us Go Back. Chapter 1421: Do Not Tantalize Me... Chapter 1422: Being Brutal With His Tricks Chapter 1423: The Other Areas Are Good As Well Chapter 1424: Our Lord Is Such A Visionary! Chapter 1425: I Am The Supreme Dictator Chapter 1426: He Never Thought That She Would Offer Herself Instead Chapter 1427: Being Caught Naked Chapter 1428: Being Caught Naked (2) Chapter 1429: Being Caught Naked (3) Chapter 1430: Being Caught Naked (4) Chapter 1431: Being Caught Naked (5) Chapter 1432: Death Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of Chapter 1433: Not To The Point Of Making A Nuisance Of Himself Chapter 1434: I Am Not Worried About Trouble Chapter 1435: Xijiu, Are You Happy? Chapter 1436: Can You Be Any More Disgusting? Chapter 1437: She's Finally Back! Chapter 1438: She Is Back Chapter 1439: It Is Too Dangerous. Don't Touch Them! Chapter 1440: Should Not Hesitate Chapter 1441: Learn It From Me Later Chapter 1442: Rescuing The People Is As Urgent As Putting Out The Fire Chapter 1443: No One Would Think That You Are Dumb If You Don't Speak! Chapter 1444: You're Crazy! Chapter 1445: Where Have You Been All These Years? Chapter 1446: The Truth Chapter 1447: The Truth (2) Chapter 1448: The Truth (3) Chapter 1449: The Truth (4) Chapter 1450: The Badass Di Fuyi Chapter 1451: It Is Normal For Me To Curse You Eight Times A Day Chapter 1452: In Fact, I Did Not Curse So Many Times Chapter 1453: Identifying The Traitor Chapter 1454: Who Was The Traitor? Chapter 1455: Who Was The Traitor? (2) Chapter 1456: Who Was The Traitor? (3) Chapter 1457: Who Was The Traitor? (4) Chapter 1458: The Traitor Was Exposed Chapter 1459: The Traitor Was Exposed (2) Chapter 1460: The Traitor Was Exposed (3) Chapter 1461: A Celebration Of Their Engagement Chapter 1462: Untitled Chapter Chapter 1463: I Will Take Revenge On Anyone Who Mistreats You Chapter 1464: She Fought Against Him, Thinking That He Was One Of The Hooligans Chapter 1465: How Are You Going To Get Married? Chapter 1466: If Any One Ever Made Fun Of Her, He Would Respond With A Punch Chapter 1467: He Seemed Composed And Confident Chapter 1468: She Was Completely Triggered Chapter 1469: She Was Just Another Cinderella Story Chapter 1470: She Took The Initiative To Leave Yan Chen Chapter 1471: It Was An Impossible Task Chapter 1472: I Dont Feel Comfortable When You Act This Way Chapter 1473: You Are Being Very Unreasonable! Chapter 1474: Leng Wushuang Would Not Stand A Chance Against Her! Chapter 1475: I Want You To Be Mad! Chapter 1476: Are You Afraid Of Me Defrauding You? Chapter 1477: Do You Feel Like You Had Just Been Struck By Lightning? Chapter 1478: Once One Party Died, The Other Party Had To Be Buried Together Chapter 1479: Yan Chen's Mother Decided To Visit Chapter 1480: Yan Chen's Mother Decided To Visit (2) Chapter 1481: Yan Chen's Mother Decided To Visit (3) Chapter 1482: Yan Chen's Mother Decided To Visit (4) Chapter 1483: Yan Chen's Mother Decided To Visit (5) Chapter 1484: Yan Chen's Mother Decided To Visit (6) Chapter 1485: Self-Embarrassment Chapter 1486: Self-Embarrassment (2) Chapter 1487: Self-Embarrassment (3) Chapter 1488: Self-Embarrassment (4) Chapter 1489: Self-Embarrassment (5) Chapter 1490: Self-Embarrassment (6) Chapter 1491: Little Fox's True Identity Chapter 1492: Little Fox's True Identity (2) Chapter 1493: Little Fox's True Identity (3) Chapter 1494: Little Foxs True Identity (4) Chapter 1495: Little Foxs True Identity (5) Chapter 1496: Do You Like Him? Chapter 1497: Death For The Whole Family Chapter 1498: A Sudden Change On The Execution Ground Chapter 1499: A Sudden Change On The Execution Ground (2) Chapter 1500: A Sudden Change On The Execution Ground (3) Chapter 1501: A Sudden Change On The Execution Ground (4) Chapter 1502: The Real And Fake Celestial Master Zuo Chapter 1503: Who Slapped Who On The Face? Chapter 1504: The Lord's Arrival Chapter 1505: The Lord's Arrival (2) Chapter 1506: The Lords Arrival (3) Chapter 1507: The Lords Arrival (4) Chapter 1508: The Lords Arrival (5) Chapter 1509: You May Interrogate Her Yourself Chapter 1510: My Lord, Let Us Go Chapter 1511: Celestial Master Zuo and The Lord Were A Pair! Chapter 1512: A Pair Of Gays Chapter 1513: She Came Out With Her Own Appearance! Chapter 1514: Time To Shine Chapter 1515: Time To Shine (2) Chapter 1516: Time To Shine (3) Chapter 1517: Time To Shine (4) Chapter 1518: Time To Shine (5) Chapter 1519: Complete Elimination Chapter 1520: Complete Elimination (2) Chapter 1521: Complete Elimination (3) Chapter 1522: Complete Elimination (4) Chapter 1523: Forced Marriage Chapter 1524: Forced Marriage (2) Chapter 1525: Forced Marriage (3) Chapter 1526: Forced Marriage (4) Chapter 1527: Forced Marriage (5) Chapter 1528: Being With A Man Without A Proper Marital Status Chapter 1529: Who Am I? Where Am I? Chapter 1530: Ego Chapter 1531: Salvation Chapter 1532: Salvation (2) Chapter 1533: She Was Watched By A Million People Chapter 1534: Let Go! Let Go! Chapter 1535: How Could That Be Possible? I Don't Believe It! Chapter 1536: Under Her Control Chapter 1537: What Was The Consequence? Chapter 1538: Celestial Master Zuo Was Too Free Chapter 1539: Celestial Master Zuo Was Too Free (2) Chapter 1540: Celestial Master Zuo Was Too Free (3) Chapter 1541: Celestial Master Zuo Was Too Free (4) Chapter 1542: I Am Afraid That You Might Want To Kill Me Chapter 1543: You Want To Pretend To Be Weak Again? Chapter 1544: It Was Quite Romantic! Chapter 1545: The Other One Could Be You Chapter 1546: Xijiu, I Am Very Happy Chapter 1547: You Are Enjoying Your Husbands Beauty Chapter 1548: Baby, It Is Time For You To Go Home Chapter 1549: Who Could Enlighten Her On What Was Going On? Chapter 1550: To Her Surprise, She Was Back Again Chapter 1551: Who Exactly Are You? Chapter 1552: Di Fuyis Intention Chapter 1553: Was It For Her To Have A Great Retreat? Chapter 1554: What Did He Want To Do? Chapter 1555: There Was More Freedom In The Lower Bound! Chapter 1556: They Met Again Chapter 1557: They Met Again (2) Chapter 1558: Who Else Could She Trust In This World? Chapter 1559: Did You Make A Mistake? Chapter 1560: What Are You Suspecting? Chapter 1561: He Hurt Her In The Most Brutal Way Chapter 1562: Why He Followed Her Into The Dark Forest Chapter 1563: Do You Know Who You Are? Chapter 1564: To Avoid Being Caught By Him Again Chapter 1565: This Thing Represents Destined Love... Chapter 1566: It Was A Love-Hate Feeling Now Chapter 1567: She Did Not Want To See It! Chapter 1568: Her Heart Had Stopped Chapter 1569: And She Did Not Sleep Well Chapter 1570: It Was Time to Break Apart From Him! Chapter 1571: She Wanted To Divorce His Lord Chapter 1572: She Wanted To Appoint Fraudulent Prince Consort Chapter 1573: Pairs Of Lovebirds Chapter 1574: A Date Chapter 1575: This Beautiful Day Was Not The Same As Last Night Chapter 1576: Untitled Chapter Chapter 1577: The Lords Anger Chapter 1578: The Lords Anger (2) Chapter 1579: I Would Abandon A Man Chapter 1580: The Drunk Gu Xijiu Chapter 1581: Be Strong Chapter 1582: When Did He Reveal Any Flaws? Chapter 1583: She Would Not Be Fooled Again! Chapter 1584: The Love Bracelet Chapter 1585: They Came To Know Each Other Because Of Fate, And They Would Leave Each Other Because Of It Too Chapter 1586: Things Change Chapter 1587: More About Fate Chapter 1588: What Exactly Do You Want To Know? Chapter 1589: Do I Look So Vulnerable? Chapter 1590: I Must Have an Explanation Chapter 1591: Would Not Be Treated As A Laughingstock Chapter 1592: You Seem To Know Him Well Chapter 1593: Your Humble Servant Does Not Understand You Anymore... Chapter 1594: Unburdened From The Weight Of Love Chapter 1595: This Girl Is So Cool, Its Terrifying! Chapter 1596: What A Lame Description?! Chapter 1597: No, I Was Waiting For You Chapter 1598: The Reencounter Chapter 1599: The Reencounter (2) Chapter 1600: The Reencounter (3) Chapter 1601: The Reencounter (4) Chapter 1602: The Reencounter (5) Chapter 1603: The Reencounter (6) Chapter 1604: A Passer-by Chapter 1605: A Passerby (2) Chapter 1606: A Passerby (3) Chapter 1607: A Passerby (4) Chapter 1608: Im Not Going To Steal Anything From Your House Chapter 1609: You Won't Steal Anything From My House? Chapter 1610: Did Not Turn Back At All Chapter 1611: Was He Distracted? Chapter 1612: Like A Sloth Reluctant To Be Separated From A Tree Chapter 1613: This Time He Had Given Up Entirely Chapter 1614: She Had Been So Close To Death Once! Chapter 1615: Gradually Disappearing Chapter 1616: Was That The Life She Would Be Living Later On? Chapter 1617: Felt A Little Embarrassed Chapter 1618: I Invite You To Drink! Chapter 1619: Can We Start Over Again? Chapter 1620: Chinese New Year's Eve Chapter 1621: Chinese New Year's Eve (2) Chapter 1622: Chinese New Year's Eve (3) Chapter 1623: Chinese New Year's Eve (4) Chapter 1624: Chinese New Year's Eve (5) Chapter 1625: Chinese New Year's Eve (6) Chapter 1626: Chinese New Years Eve (7) Chapter 1627: Everyone Is Looking For You Chapter 1628: Matchmaking Chapter 1629: Acting Chapter 1630: Meeting Chapter 1631: Youve Blocked Our Way Chapter 1632: Was He Looking For A Reason To Separate Them? Chapter 1633: Was He Jealous? Chapter 1634: I Believe Miss Gu Is An Understanding Person Chapter 1635: Tomorrow, She Would Become A Brand New Self Chapter 1636: Could Not Even Meditate Chapter 1637: A Wave Of Coldness Surged Through Di Fuyis Limbs At That Moment! Chapter 1638: The Lords Fury Chapter 1639: The Lords Fury (2) Chapter 1640: The Lords Fury (3) Chapter 1641: The Lords Fury (4) Chapter 1642: Physical Transcendence And Rebirth Chapter 1643: Physical Transcendence And Rebirth (2) Chapter 1644: Physical Transcendence And Rebirth (3) Chapter 1645: Physical Transcendence And Rebirth (4) Chapter 1646: Physical Transcendence And Rebirth (5) Chapter 1647: Physical Transcendence And Rebirth (6) Chapter 1648: Test Chapter 1649: Test (2) Chapter 1650: Test (3) Chapter 1651: Test (4) Chapter 1652: They Understood Each Other Without The Need Of Saying A Word Chapter 1653: Negotiation Chapter 1654: It Was Really Too Rash! Chapter 1655: What Is The Lord Trying To Do This Time? Chapter 1656: It Seems That The Lords Preference Has Changed Chapter 1657: He Felt Like He Was Being Shocked At A High Voltage Chapter 1658: I Like Him... Chapter 1659: Perhaps, She Was Caught In An Accident Chapter 1660: You're Useless! Chapter 1661: Everything Was Still Unknown Chapter 1662: Had To Ask Di Fuyi! Chapter 1663: A Day Like This Every Year Chapter 1664: A Day Like This Every Year (2) Chapter 1665: A Day Like This Every Year (3) Chapter 1666: A Day Like This Every Year (4) Chapter 1667: You Once Liked It Very Much Chapter 1668: There Is No Need To Chase After Them Separately Chapter 1669: Whats Wrong? Chapter 1670: Why Didnt You Say Anything Earlier? Chapter 1671: They Are Still Alive Chapter 1672: Dont Be Silly Chapter 1673: Little Fox Was His Chapter 1674: Its Prey Should Never Be Allowed To Escape Chapter 1675: Breaking The Formation Chapter 1677: Sneak In! Chapter 1678: Mermaids Tears Chapter 1679: Mermaids Tears (2) Chapter 1680: Mermaids Tears (3) Chapter 1681: Mermaids Tears (4) Chapter 1682: Hoping To Cut Her With A Knife Chapter 1683: It Was Her Turn Now Chapter 1684: Companions Chapter 1685: They Cuddled! Chapter 1686: The Desires Of His Body Chapter 1687: Rescue Chapter 1688: Rescue (2) Chapter 1689: Rescue (3) Chapter 1690: Did He Just Escape? Chapter 1691: Gu Xijiu Is Missing Chapter 1692: Gu Xijiu Is Missing (2) Chapter 1693: Gu Xijiu Is Missing (3) Chapter 1694: Gu Xijiu Is Missing (4) Chapter 1695: Gu Xijiu Is Missing (5) Chapter 1696: Where Would She Go? Chapter 1697: Let Go Of Me, You Jerk! Chapter 1698: Gu Xijiu, Dont Do Something Silly, Please! Chapter 1699: Gu Xijiu Decided To Give Her All To Kill Him; She Would Not Give Up Until He Dies Chapter 1700: She Was The New King Star Which He Could Not Find! Chapter 1701: That Was All In The Past Chapter 1702: You Know I Do Not Have The Heart To Reject You Chapter 1703: Immense Remorse For His Lost Opportunity Chapter 1704: Whoever Runs Is A Coward Chapter 1705: Kung Fu That Can Kill You Chapter 1706: Apparently, She Was Ready To Die In The Fight With Him Chapter 1707: She Did Not Even Call For Help Chapter 1708: He Had Never Taught Her So Chapter 1709: There Was No Way To Save Her Chapter 1710: He Definitely Wont Accept This Result! Chapter 1711: Departure Chapter 1712: Departure (2) Chapter 1713: Departure (3) Chapter 1714: Departure (4) Chapter 1715: Unbearable Past Chapter 1716: Unbearable Past (2) Chapter 1717: Unbearable Past (3) Chapter 1718: Unbearable Past (4) Chapter 1719: Unbearable Past (5) Chapter 1720: Live To Shine Chapter 1721: Xijiu, Im Wrong Chapter 1722: She Still Loved Him Wholeheartedly Chapter 1723: You Should Check The Stars Chapter 1724: Rebirth Chapter 1725: Rebirth 2 Chapter 1726: Rebirth (3) Chapter 1727: Rebirth (4) Chapter 1728: Rebirth (5) Chapter 1729: I Made This Myself Chapter 1730: Who Is The Lady He Mentioned? Chapter 1731: Don't Be Reckless... Chapter 1732: Punishment Chapter 1733: Punishment (2) Chapter 1734: Punishment (3) Chapter 1735: Punishment (4) Chapter 1736: Why Did You Do This To Me? Chapter 1737: Can You See Me? Chapter 1738: Were You The One Trying To Steal The Shrimp? Chapter 1739: What Did Mu Feng Mean? Chapter 1740: Xijiu, Is That You? Chapter 1741: Xijiu, Can't You Show Up? Chapter 1742: She Couldn't Communicate! Chapter 1743: Meet Up With Old Friends Chapter 1744: Had He Tasted The Bitterness Now?! Chapter 1745: This Person Was Really Strictly Impartial! Chapter 1746: Why Would You Say So? Chapter 1747: I Just Want To Know How Long More He Could Still Survive?! Chapter 1748: Is There A Way To Recover It? Chapter 1749: Would Di Fuyi Fool Him? Chapter 1750: It Would Mean The World To Him Even If He Could Just See Her From Afar Chapter 1751: The Perfect Match Chapter 1752: The Perfect Match (2) Chapter 1753: The Perfect Match (3) Chapter 1754: The Perfect Match (4) Chapter 1755: The Predestined Love Chapter 1756: He Did Not Take The Heavenly Laws Seriously... Chapter 1757: The So-Called Perfect Match Chapter 1758: I Must See You! Chapter 1759: 'Cao Cao' Arrived As Soon As He Was Mentioned! Chapter 1760: The Battle Between The Lord And The Stand-In Lord Chapter 1761: The Battle Between The Lord and The Stand-In Lord (2) Chapter 1762: Meet Up Chapter 1763: Meet Up (2) Chapter 1764: Meet Up (3) Chapter 1765: Meet Up (4) Chapter 1766: Punishment Chapter 1767: Punishment (2) Chapter 1768: Punishment (3) Chapter 1769: Punishment (4) Chapter 1770: Her Sadness From The Unfair Treatments Chapter 1771: Her Sadness From The Unfair Treatments (2) Chapter 1772: Her Sadness From The Unfair Treatments (3) Chapter 1773: Her Sadness From The Unfair Treatments (4) Chapter 1774: Her Sadness From The Unfair Treatments (5) Chapter 1775: Her Sadness From The Unfair Treatments (6) Chapter 1776: I'm Waiting For You To Return Chapter 1777: This Is Not Funny At All! Chapter 1778: She Was Anxious Chapter 1779: He Is Still There! He's Back! Chapter 1780: Do You Think What I Said Is Right?! Chapter 1781: Would You Not Feel Jealous? Chapter 1782: Youve Misunderstood Me! Chapter 1783: As Though She Was About To Get Her Period Soon! Chapter 1784: I Was Disappointed... Chapter 1785: Still Such A Narcissist Chapter 1786: Why Are You Looking At Me Like That? Chapter 1787: If Their Feelings For Each Other Was Real, Why Would The Present Matter So Much To Them Chapter 1788: Reluctant To Fall Sleep Chapter 1789: She Fell Asleep To The Sound Of His Voice Chapter 1790: Thinking Of Figuring Something Out Through Him Chapter 1791: Her Insecurities Started To Creep In Chapter 1792: The Wedding Chapter 1793: The Wedding (2) Chapter 1794: The Wedding (3) Chapter 1795: The Wedding (4) Chapter 1796: The Wedding (5) Chapter 1797: The Wedding (6) Chapter 1798: The Wedding (7) Chapter 1799: The Wedding (8) Chapter 1800: Boy Or Girl? Chapter 1801: No Matter What, You Are The Most Handsome Chapter 1802: I Don't Have Any Memory Of This Chapter 1803: What Kind Of Physical Strength Did This Man Possess? Chapter 1804: Very Sensational And Lively Chapter 1805: Hope Chapter 1806: Hope (2) Chapter 1807: Hope (3) Chapter 1808: Hope (4) Chapter 1809: His Punishment Chapter 1810: His Punishment (2) Chapter 1811: His Punishment (3) Chapter 1812: His Punishment (4) Chapter 1813: His Punishment (5) Chapter 1814: You Are Long-Winded Today Chapter 1815: Hunting For Medicine Chapter 1816: Feeling Uncomfortable Chapter 1817: Don't Leave Me... I Am Afraid... Chapter 1818: I Will Hate You If You Did This! Chapter 1819: Look! What Is That? Chapter 1820: We Finally Got The Purple Cloud Mushroom! Chapter 1821: Master, You Are Too Strong! Chapter 1822: What Happened Here? Is This Some Sort Of Prank? Chapter 1823: Where Are You? Chapter 1824: Where Are You? (2) Chapter 1825: Where Are You? (3) Chapter 1826: Where Are You? (4) Chapter 1827: Where Are You? (5) Chapter 1828: If There Is An Afterlife, I'd Rather Not Know You Chapter 1829: But I Feel As If An Arrow Is Penetrating My Heart Chapter 1830: Illusion or Reality? Chapter 1831: No Idea Who Was The One She Was Missing Chapter 1832: Youve Achieved Level Nine Now, Haven't You? Chapter 1833: You Will Be Punished By God Chapter 1834: The Demon Within Chapter 1835: A Good Marriage Chapter 1836: The Catastrophe Chapter 1837: The Catastrophe (2) Chapter 1838: The Catastrophe (3) Chapter 1839: The Catastrophe (4) Chapter 1840: Heaven Chapter 1841: Heaven (2) Chapter 1842: Heaven (3) Chapter 1843: Heaven (4) Chapter 1844: Becoming A Servant Chapter 1845: Becoming A Servant (2) Chapter 1846: Becoming A Servant (3) Chapter 1847: Becoming A Servant (4) Chapter 1848: Becoming A Servant (5) Chapter 1849: A Relationship Chapter 1850: A Relationship (2) Chapter 1851: A Relationship (3) Chapter 1852: A Relationship (4) Chapter 1853: Obsession Chapter 1854: Obsession (2) Chapter 1855: Obsession (3) Chapter 1856: Obsession (4) Chapter 1857: This Is Not A Coincidence. You Have Been Following Me! Chapter 1858: He Is My Father Chapter 1859: Do You Want The Truth Or The Bureaucratic Jargon? Chapter 1860: Choice Of Master Chapter 1861: Choice Of Master (2) Chapter 1862: Who Is Huang Tu? Chapter 1863: The Legend Of The Heavenly Law Chapter 1864: The Legend Of The Heavenly Law (2) Chapter 1865: The Legend Of The Heavenly Law (3) Chapter 1866: The Legend Of The Heavenly Law (4) Chapter 1867: A Real Dilemma Chapter 1868: Dismiss The Thought And Focus On The Mission Chapter 1869: It Might Be More Than Just A Hallucination Chapter 1870: Only The Destined One Can Open It Chapter 1871: The Start Of A New Life Chapter 1872: The Master Of The Box Chapter 1873: The Master Of The Heavenly Law Chapter 1874: A Blessing Chapter 1875: Everything Had Changed Chapter 1876: What's Going On? Chapter 1877: Not Being Discriminated Anymore Chapter 1878: Meeting Chapter 1879: It's Good To Be Married Chapter 1880: She Was Not Interested In Any Man Now Chapter 1881: They Don't Like You. Youre Too Fat. Chapter 1882: A Sudden Strange Urge To Caress Him Chapter 1883: The Head Of The Heavenly Law Chapter 1884: The Head Of The Heavenly Law (2) Chapter 1885: The Head Of The Heavenly Law (3) Chapter 1886: The Head Of The Heavenly Law (4) Chapter 1887: Meet Up Chapter 1888: Meet Up (2) Chapter 1889: Meet Up (3) Chapter 1890: Meet Up (4) Chapter 1891: Laughed His Head Off Chapter 1892: She Was Badly Beaten Chapter 1893: You Have To Give Three Kowtows and Admit Your Mistake Chapter 1894: Can You Send Me Home? Chapter 1895: Who Could Reject This Kid? Chapter 1896: Because You Are Abnormal! Chapter 1897: Call Me Baby Chapter 1898: I Am Going To Sleep With You Tonight Chapter 1899: Neither Pleased By The External Gains Nor Saddened By Personal Losses Chapter 1900: She Did Not Mean It... Chapter 1901: Was It Because It Had Met Its Old Master? Chapter 1902: I Almost Believed It Myself Chapter 1903: Even If It Was Only A Dream Chapter 1904: Was The Fantian Palace A Marketplace? Chapter 1905: The Scary And Ugly Woman Chapter 1906: The Scary And Ugly Woman (2) Chapter 1907: The Scary And Ugly Woman (3) Chapter 1908: The Scary And Ugly Woman (4) Chapter 1909: The Scary And Ugly Woman (5) Chapter 1910: The Scary And Ugly Woman (6) Chapter 1911: Marriage Made In Heaven Chapter 1912: Marriage Made In Heaven (2) Chapter 1913: Marriage Made In Heaven (3) Chapter 1914: Marriage Made In Heaven (4) Chapter 1915: Birthday Present Chapter 1916: Birthday Present (2) Chapter 1917: Birthday Present (3) Chapter 1918: Returning To Heaven Chapter 1919: Why Don't We Try To Look For Them? Chapter 1920: Kidnapped Chapter 1921: All Younglings Chapter 1922: Who's That Girl Chapter 1923: Escape Chapter 1924: Escape (2) Chapter 1925: Escape (3) Chapter 1926: Escape (4) Chapter 1927: Encounter Chapter 1928: Encounter (2) Chapter 1929: Encounter (3) Chapter 1930: Encounter (4) Chapter 1931: Bathing Together Chapter 1932: Bathing Together (2) Chapter 1933: Bathing Together (3) Chapter 1934: Bathing Together (4) Chapter 1935: Shared The Bed Chapter 1936: Shared The Bed (2) Chapter 1937: Shared The Bed (3) Chapter 1938: Shared The Bed (4) Chapter 1939: Collaboration Chapter 1940: Collaboration (2) Chapter 1941: Collaboration (3) Chapter 1942: Collaboration (4) Chapter 1943: Addicted Chapter 1944: It Turns Out You Are Here Chapter 1945: Fighting The Enemy Together Chapter 1946: Fighting The Enemy Together (2) Chapter 1947: Fighting The Enemy Together (3) Chapter 1948: Who Is He? Chapter 1949: Fighting For A Disciple Chapter 1950: Fighting For A Disciple (2) Chapter 1951: Fighting For A Disciple (3) Chapter 1952: Fighting For A Disciple (4) Chapter 1953: When Will You Learn To Be Smarter? Chapter 1954: I Will Do As You Say Chapter 1955: He Would Have To Bear All The Consequences Chapter 1956: Did Such A Treasure Really Exist? Chapter 1957: She Would Stop Overthinking Chapter 1958: Why Would She Circle Him In A Protective Ring? Chapter 1959: A Child Should Not Be So Perverted Chapter 1960: Now You Know That I Have Always Been Truthful To You Chapter 1961: Was He Going To Suck The Poisonous Blood Out Of The Wound? Chapter 1962: Why Should I Listen To You? Chapter 1963: Even You Cannot Take The Bracelet Off Chapter 1964: I Am Sorry; There Really Is No Way Chapter 1965: I Am No Longer A Child Chapter 1966: Is It Really A Mission? Chapter 1967: The Meeting Of Old Acquaintances Chapter 1968: The Meeting Of Old Acquaintances (2) Chapter 1969: The Meeting Of Old Acquaintances (3) Chapter 1970: The Meeting Of Old Acquaintances (4) Chapter 1971: Continue Looking Chapter 1972: Continue Looking (2) Chapter 1973: Continue Looking (3) Chapter 1974: Continue Looking (4) Chapter 1975: Continue Looking (5) Chapter 1976: I Only Appreciate Him For His Talents Chapter 1977: First Time In Such A Long Life! Chapter 1978: He Had Been Looking Forward To Her Arrival Even More Than The Stars And Moon Chapter 1979: I Like To Eat Fresh Grass Chapter 1980: Young And Youthful Chapter 1981: Don't Look For Me Again! Chapter 1982: If It Does Not Work Through The Soft Way, Try The Hard Way Chapter 1983: It Was Really Inappropriate Chapter 1984: More Beautiful Than You Chapter 1985: There Was A Desire From His Body... Chapter 1986: He Could Not Let Her Go Chapter 1987: Destroy Your Own Reputation? Chapter 1988: I Will Announce It Here Chapter 1989: I Will Announce It Here (2) Chapter 1990: I Will Announce It Here (3) Chapter 1991: I Will Announce It Here (4) Chapter 1992: I Will Announce It Here (5) Chapter 1993: The Breakup Chapter 1994: The Breakup (2) Chapter 1995: The Breakup (3) Chapter 1996: The Breakup (4) Chapter 1997: Treating The Wounds Chapter 1998: Treating The Wounds (2) Chapter 1999: Treating The Wounds (3) Chapter 2000: Treating The Wounds (4) Chapter 2001: An Unexpected Guest Chapter 2002: An Unexpected Guest (2) Chapter 2003: An Unexpected Guest (3) Chapter 2004: An Unexpected Guest (4) Chapter 2005: An Unexpected Guest (5) Chapter 2006: Treating The Injuries Chapter 2007: Treating The Injuries (2) Chapter 2008: Treating The Injuries (3) Chapter 2009: Treating The Injuries (4) Chapter 2010: You Like That Man? Chapter 2011: I Would Not Have Saved You Without A Request Chapter 2012: He Came To Settle The Account... Chapter 2013: What Kind Of Trade Do You Want To Talk About? Chapter 2014: Eldest Brother Apprentice Did Not Want Her Anymore Chapter 2015: Only Thinks About Protecting That Evil Girl Chapter 2016: How Good Is It If We Settled Her This Way Chapter 2017: Treated Him Like A Thief Chapter 2018: She Was Worried About That Kid Chapter 2019: He Dreamed Of This Before! Chapter 2020: Really Treated Her As His Fianc Chapter 2021: This Kid Was Too Kind To Her Chapter 2022: His Highness Was Trying To Provoke Him! Chapter 2023: Jealous Chapter 2024: Jealous (2) Chapter 2025: Jealous (3) Chapter 2026: Jealous (4) Chapter 2027: Incomplete Wet Dream Chapter 2028: Incomplete Wet Dream (2) Chapter 2029: Incomplete Wet Dream (3) Chapter 2030: Incomplete Wet Dream (4) Chapter 2031: Meeting Again Chapter 2032: Meeting Again (2) Chapter 2033: Huang Tu Should Be The Only One In Her Mind, Right Chapter 2034: The Search Chapter 2035: The Meeting Of Old Friends Chapter 2036: You're Such A Pervert! Psycho! Chapter 2037: Why Would They Say That I Am Old? Chapter 2038: The Whereabouts Of The Mussel Chapter 2039: The Torment Chapter 2040: The Torment (2) Chapter 2041: The Torment (3) Chapter 2042: The Torment (4) Chapter 2043: Her Rage Chapter 2044: Her Rage (2) Chapter 2045: Her Rage (3) Chapter 2046: Her Rage (4) Chapter 2047: Revenge Chapter 2048: Revenge (2) Chapter 2049: Revenge (3) Chapter 2050: Revenge (4) Chapter 2051: His Presence Chapter 2052: His Presence (2) Chapter 2053: His Presence (3) Chapter 2054: His Presence (4) Chapter 2055: I Can Walk... Chapter 2056: It Would Be A Huge Embarrassment! Chapter 2057: Kid? Are You Sure?! Chapter 2058: I Don't Lack A Master; I Only Lack A Wife. Chapter 2059: He Provoked Her Chapter 2060: He Provoked Her (2) Chapter 2061: Havent You Given It To me? Chapter 2062: Was There A Young Couple With Such A Huge Age Gap? Chapter 2063: Celestial Master Zuo! Chapter 2064: Revealling The Truth Chapter 2065: Revealing The Truth (2) Chapter 2066: Revealing The Truth (3) Chapter 2067: Revealing The Truth (4) Chapter 2068: Specially Made For You Chapter 2069: Is There Any Food? Chapter 2070: It Was Not Bad To Be A Concubine Chapter 2071: The Target Seemed To Be Gu Xijiu Chapter 2072: The Conditions Of The Emperor Immortal Chapter 2073: The Conditions Of The Emperor Immortal (2) Chapter 2074: The Conditions Of The Emperor Immortal (3) Chapter 2075: The Conditions Of The Emperor Immortal (4) Chapter 2076: The Fairy Flower Feast Chapter 2077: The Fairy Flower Feast (2) Chapter 2078: The Fairy Flower Feast (3) Chapter 2079: The Fairy Flower Feast (4) Chapter 2080: The Fairy Flower Feast (5) Chapter 2081: She Was Proud! Chapter 2082: Arent You Afraid Of Being Struck By Lightning? Chapter 2083: For She Regarded It As A Friend Chapter 2084: She Does Not Wish To Be Wronged Any Longer Chapter 2085: The Gossips Were Merely Rumors... Chapter 2086: The Punishment Chapter 2087: Are You Still Not Satisfied? Chapter 2088: It Was Indeed A Miracle Chapter 2089: Why Didnt You Come Down Here? Chapter 2090: Why Would He Do That? Chapter 2091: Did She Use To Be A Lively, Charming Girl? Chapter 2092: You Look Quite Adorable Like This Chapter 2093: Where Is She? Chapter 2094: Where Is She? (2) Chapter 2095: Where Is She? (3) Chapter 2096: Where Is She? (4) Chapter 2097: The Wait Chapter 2098: The Wait (2) Chapter 2099: Reunion Chapter 2100: Reunion (2) Chapter 2101: Reunion (3) Chapter 2102: Provoke His Rascal Son Chapter 2103: After All, You Have Plenty Of Leisure Time Chapter 2104: Did You Miss Me? Chapter 2105: The Conditions Were Savage Chapter 2106: I Am Your Fianc Chapter 2107: I Am Your Fianc (2) Chapter 2108: I Am Your Fianc (3) Chapter 2109: I Am Your Fianc (4) Chapter 2110: I Am Your Fianc (5) Chapter 2111: She Chose To Trust Him Chapter 2112: He Wrote Down Her Name, Letter By Letter Chapter 2113: Looking So Beautiful Like A Little Bride Chapter 2114: The Explanation About Their Engagement Chapter 2115: The Explanation About Their Engagement (2) Chapter 2116: The Explanation About Their Engagement (3) Chapter 2117: The Explanation About Their Engagement (4) Chapter 2118: Getting Along Chapter 2119: Getting Along (2) Chapter 2120: Getting Along (3) Chapter 2121: Getting Along (4) Chapter 2122: Is He Really Her Fiance? Chapter 2123: Im Here Now, You Dont Have To Push Yourself Anymore Chapter 2124: I Care, Even Though You Dont Chapter 2125: I Knew You Since I Was Young Chapter 2126: He Was Not Impressed Chapter 2127: Would He Kiss Her? Chapter 2128: Uncovered Identity Chapter 2129: Make Her Fiance More Secure! Chapter 2130: Custom Chapter 2131: Custom (2) Chapter 2132: Custom (3) Chapter 2133: Custom (4) Chapter 2134: Eavesdropping Chapter 2135: Eavesdropping (2) Chapter 2136: Eavesdropping (3) Chapter 2137: Eavesdropping (4) Chapter 2138: Eavesdropping (5) Chapter 2139: He Wanted Her So Badly Chapter 2140: It Could Not Be Faked Chapter 2141: Could He Be The Reincarnation Of Huang Tu? Chapter 2142: She Had Obviously Stolen His Line Chapter 2143: His Physical Strength Must Be Excellent Chapter 2144: An Eye For An Eye Chapter 2145: One At A Time, They Took The Beasts Down Easily Chapter 2146: It Was Nice To Feel Protected Chapter 2147: She Wanted To Have A Closer Look Chapter 2148: Stand Still Chapter 2149: The Immense Level Of Stress That He Had To Face Chapter 2150: The Discovery Of Her Low Profile Chapter 2151: For A Better Future, They Would Do All They Could Chapter 2152: The Great Escape Chapter 2153: The Great Escape (2) Chapter 2154: The Great Escape (3) Chapter 2155: The Great Escape (4) Chapter 2156: Is This A Custom From Heaven? Chapter 2157: Finally, You Want To Talk To Me Chapter 2158: Was She Treating Him Like A Child?! Chapter 2159: I Am Going With You! Chapter 2160: Cooperation Chapter 2161: Cooperation (2) Chapter 2162: Cooperation (3) Chapter 2163: Cooperation (4) Chapter 2164: Baby, You Can Go Now Chapter 2165: Baby, You Can Go Now (2) Chapter 2166: Baby, You Can Go Now (3) Chapter 2167: Baby, You Can Go Now (4) Chapter 2168: You Make The Call Chapter 2169: They Received A Second Chance Chapter 2170: Has It Turned Into A Fairy? Chapter 2171: Return To The City Chapter 2172: A Group Of Beggars Chapter 2173: A Group Of Beggars (2) Chapter 2174: A Group Of Beggars (3) Chapter 2175: A Group Of Beggars (4) Chapter 2176: Entry Into The City Chapter 2177: Did He Take The Lives Of The Innocent As A Joke? Chapter 2178: Use Your Face To Clean Up The Dirt Chapter 2179: The Arrival Of The Governor Chapter 2180: Baby, You Have To Be Patient Chapter 2181: The Show Was Overly Dramatic Chapter 2182: A Warning To Others Chapter 2183: A Warning To Others (2) Chapter 2184: Felt As Though His Eyes Lurking At Her Like A Predator Chapter 2185: Things Are Not How They Used To Be Chapter 2186: Be Grateful For What You Have Chapter 2187: Was He Trying To Humiliate Him? Chapter 2188: She Always Knew What Others Were Thinking Chapter 2189: Forced Marriage Chapter 2190: Forced Marriage (2) Chapter 2191: Forced Marriage (3) Chapter 2192: Forced Marriage (4) Chapter 2193: Treated Him As Her Husband Chapter 2194: No One Could Replace Him Chapter 2195: Will Not Give Other Men A Chance To Get Close To You Chapter 2196: Do You Want To Be Separated From Me? Chapter 2197: You Have Exposed Yourself! Chapter 2198: Wanted To Bathe Together Chapter 2199: He Can Do Whatever He Wants; She Did Not Want To Care Anymore! Chapter 2200: Jealous? Are You Qualified? Chapter 2201: You Can Marry Whoever You Want Chapter 2202: Are You Looking For Mr. Di? Chapter 2203: The Torturous Whipping Of Other Men Did Not Bother Them Chapter 2204: Finally, It Was A Joyful Ending Chapter 2205: Plotting Against One Another Chapter 2206: Plotting Against One Another (2) Chapter 2207: Plotting Against One Another (3) Chapter 2208: Plotting Against One Another (4) Chapter 2209: After All, We Are Engaged Chapter 2210: He Would Not Be So Heartless Chapter 2211: Overwhelmed With A Sense Of Emptiness Chapter 2212: A Fire At The City Gate Had Brought Disaster To The Fish In The Moat Chapter 2213: We Can Use It Together Chapter 2214: She Knew Nothing About Prince Nianmo Chapter 2215: Have You Found The Person You Are Looking For? Chapter 2216: How Old Is Prince Nianmo? Chapter 2217: To Recall Her Memory Chapter 2218: To Recall Her Memory (2) Chapter 2219: To Recall Her Memory (3) Chapter 2220: To Recall Her Memory (4) Chapter 2221: Was He Entitled To Be Angry? Chapter 2222: Why Didnt He Avoid The Strike? Chapter 2223: Perhaps, You Are Not Even As Good As Me Chapter 2224: Did She Change Her Mind? Chapter 2225: What Is There To Be Worried About? Chapter 2226: Have You Broken Up With Mr. Di? Chapter 2227: We Can Look For Him Together Chapter 2228: Bearing The Consequences Of His Own Doings Chapter 2229: The Courage To Fight Against The Master Of The Heavenly Law For The Same Woman Chapter 2230: Everything Had Its Vanquisher? Chapter 2231: How Can Your Single Eyelids Be So Ugly? Chapter 2232: All Favors Must Be Returned In The End Chapter 2233: He Had Failed So Thoroughly Chapter 2234: Where Would Di Fuyi Be? Chapter 2235: Easy To Miss Out Chapter 2236: Anything To Satisfy My Master Chapter 2237: She Is My Bottom Line Chapter 2238: He Did Not Return For The Whole Night Chapter 2239: Did You Not Sleep At All Last Night? Chapter 2240: She Did Not Want To Kill Him Chapter 2241: Out Of His Expectation Chapter 2242: It Was Really Unethical Chapter 2243: Her Observation Skill Was Too Sharp! Chapter 2244: This Person Had Completely Disappeared! Chapter 2245: Everyone Stayed Safe And Sound Chapter 2246: Did He Really Go Back To Heaven? Chapter 2247: Is This How You Treat Your Friend? Chapter 2248: Was This Some Sort Of Gift That Could Be Recalled? Chapter 2249: Such An Unexpected Mishap! Chapter 2250: What Do You Want? Chapter 2251: Could It Be Him? Chapter 2252: It Seemed Like The Aura Around Her Had Changed Chapter 2253: The Return Of Her Memory Chapter 2254: The Return Of Her Memory (2) Chapter 2255: The Return Of Her Memory (3) Chapter 2256: The Return Of Her Memory (4) Chapter 2257: Too Weak To Suffer The Impact Chapter 2258: She Could Not Help But Disdain Her Inappropriate Action Chapter 2259: It Was An Impossible Mission Even To Endeavor Chapter 2260: You Should Not Solely Focus On Their Improper Behavior Chapter 2261: The Beautiful And Charming Woman Chapter 2262: She Could Easily Abandon Anyone, But Not The Beast Chapter 2263: How Long Do You Plan To Watch The Bustling Scene? Chapter 2264: The Only Person She Could Rely On Was Herself Chapter 2265: He Was Just Close By Chapter 2266: You Are Strangling Me Chapter 2267: What I Hear May Be False, But What I See Must Be True Chapter 2268: I Have Had Enough To Drink; Time To Work! Chapter 2269: She Only Became A Celestial Being Through Cultivation Chapter 2270: What Do You Mean? Chapter 2271: It Had Fallen For Her Trick Again Chapter 2272: Stop Pulling Me. I Will Go With You Chapter 2273: The Baby Could Talk Chapter 2274: Come; Tell Me Who You Are! Chapter 2275: Entering The Devil Kingdom Chapter 2276: Entering The Devil Kingdom (2) Chapter 2277: Entering The Devil Kingdom (3) Chapter 2278: Entering The Devil Kingdom (4) Chapter 2279: Entering The Devil Kingdom (5) Chapter 2280: Entering The Devil Kingdom (6) Chapter 2281: Entering The Devil Kingdom (7) Chapter 2282: Entering The Devil Kingdom (8) Chapter 2283: The Devil King Chapter 2284: The Devil King (2) Chapter 2285: The Devil King (3) Chapter 2286: The Devil King (4) Chapter 2287: The Devil King (5) Chapter 2288: The Devil King (6) Chapter 2289: The Devil King (7) Chapter 2290: The Devil King (8) Chapter 2291: The Devil King (9) Chapter 2292: The Devil King (10) Chapter 2293: Departure Chapter 2294: The Secret Of The Princess Chapter 2295: The Secret Of The Princess (2) Chapter 2296: The Secret Of The Princess (3) Chapter 2297: Salvation Chapter 2298: Salvation (2) Chapter 2299: Salvation (3) Chapter 2300: Breakout Chapter 2301: Breakout (2) Chapter 2302: Breakout (3) Chapter 2303: Breakout (4) Chapter 2304: Breakout (5) Chapter 2305: Breakout (6) Chapter 2306: Breakout (7) Chapter 2307: Whose Child? Chapter 2308: Whose Child? (2) Chapter 2309: Whose Child? (3) Chapter 2310: Whose Child? (4) Chapter 2311: Whose Child? (5) Chapter 2312: Whose Child? (6) Chapter 2313: Punishment Chapter 2314: Punishment (2) Chapter 2315: Punishment (3) Chapter 2316: Punishment (4) Chapter 2317: Punishment (5) Chapter 2318: Whose Child Is He? Chapter 2319: Whose Child Is He? (2) Chapter 2320: Whose Child Is He? (3) Chapter 2321: Whose Child Is He? (4) Chapter 2322: Whose Child Is He? (5) Chapter 2323: Whose Child Is He? (6) Chapter 2324: She Had Never Spoken Of Him Chapter 2325: There Was Nowhere He Could Go Volume 4 Chapter 2326 You Are Badly Injured Volume 4 Chapter 2327 An Utter State Of Misery Volume 4 Chapter 2328 The Recovery Chapter 2329: The Recovery (2) Chapter 2330: The Recovery (3) Chapter 2331: The Recovery (4) Chapter 2332: The Recovery (5) Chapter 2333: His Arrival Chapter 2334: His Arrival (2) Chapter 2335: His Arrival (3) Chapter 2336: His Arrival (4) Chapter 2337: His Arrival (5) Chapter 2338: Jealousy Chapter 2339: Jealousy (2) Volume 4 Chapter 2340 Jealousy 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2341 Jealousy 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2342 Jealousy 5 Volume 4 Chapter 2343 The Interrogation Volume 4 Chapter 2344 The Interrogation 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2345 The Interrogation 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2346 The Interrogation 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2347 Are You So Happy? Volume 4 Chapter 2348 Was He Reluctant To Let Her Go? Volume 4 Chapter 2349 Was He Keeping A Close Watch On Me? Volume 4 Chapter 2350 The Devil King Came To The Rescue Volume 4 Chapter 2351 The Devil King Came To The Rescue 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2352 The Devil King Came To The Rescue 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2353 The Devil King Came To The Rescue 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2354 The Devil King Came To The Rescue 5 Volume 4 Chapter 2355 The Arrival Of Di Fuyi Volume 4 Chapter 2356 The Arrival Of Di Fuyi 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2357 The Arrival Of Di Fuyi 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2358 The So Called Life Saving Grace Volume 4 Chapter 2359 The So Called Life Saving Grace 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2360 The So Called Life Saving Grace 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2361 The So Called Life Saving Grace 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2362 The So Called Life Saving Grace 5 Volume 4 Chapter 2363 The So Called Life Saving Grace 6 Volume 4 Chapter 2364 The Poisonous Swamp Volume 4 Chapter 2365 The Poisonous Swamp 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2366 The Poisonous Swamp 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2367 The Poisonous Swamp 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2368 The Poisonous Swamp 5 Volume 4 Chapter 2369 The Poisonous Swamp 6 Volume 4 Chapter 2370 The Poisonous Swamp 7 Volume 4 Chapter 2371 The Poisonous Swamp 8 Volume 4 Chapter 2372 Working Together Volume 4 Chapter 2373 Working Together 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2374 Working Together 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2375 Working Together 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2376 Working Together 5 Volume 4 Chapter 2377 Working Together 6 Volume 4 Chapter 2378 Working Together 7 Volume 4 Chapter 2379 Being Pampered Volume 4 Chapter 2380 Being Pampered 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2389 Protection Volume 4 Chapter 2390 I Know Volume 4 Chapter 2391 Her Baseline Volume 4 Chapter 2392 Who Had Been Schemed? Volume 4 Chapter 2393 Who Had Been Schemed? 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2394 Who Had Been Schemed? 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2395 Who Had Been Schemed? 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2396 Who Had Been Schemed? 5 Volume 4 Chapter 2397 Who Had Been Schemed? 6 Volume 4 Chapter 2398 Who Had Been Schemed? 7 Volume 4 Chapter 2399 Which Party Had Been Schemed? 8 Volume 4 Chapter 2400 Save Him Volume 4 Chapter 2401 The Search Volume 4 Chapter 2402 The Search 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2403 The Search 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2404 The Search 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2405 An Abnormal Soul Tracking Spell Volume 4 Chapter 2406 An Abnormal Soul Tracking Spell 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2407 An Abnormal Soul Tracking Spell 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2408 An Abnormal Soul Tracking Spell 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2409 Was Something Wrong With His Memory? Volume 4 Chapter 2410 To Have His Long Felt Need Satisfied Volume 4 Chapter 2411 I Only Want You To Be Happy Volume 4 Chapter 2412 The Reconciliation Volume 4 Chapter 2413 A Glimpse Of His True Feelings Volume 4 Chapter 2414 All She Had Created Was Someone Elses Success Volume 4 Chapter 2415 All She Had Created Was Someone Elses Success 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2416 All She Had Created Was Someone Elses Success 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2417 All She Had Created Was Someone Elses Success 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2418 Could Not Be Saved Volume 4 Chapter 2419 Could Not Be Saved 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2420 Could Not Be Saved 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2421 This Feeling Was So Good Volume 4 Chapter 2422 This Feeling Was So Good 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2423 The Person Behind The Scene Volume 4 Chapter 2424 Out Of Danger Volume 4 Chapter 2425 Meeting Volume 4 Chapter 2426 Meeting 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2427 Meeting 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2428 The Purple Cloud Mushroom Volume 4 Chapter 2429 The Purple Cloud Mushroom 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2430 The Purple Cloud Mushroom 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2431 The Purple Cloud Mushroom 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2432 The Source Of The Spiritual Power Volume 4 Chapter 2433 The Source Of The Spiritual Power 2 Volume 4 Chapter 2434 The Source Of The Spiritual Power 3 Volume 4 Chapter 2435 The Source Of The Spiritual Power 4 Volume 4 Chapter 2436 The Source Of The Spiritual Power 5 Volume 4 Chapter 2437 The Source Of The Spir