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Passenger No. 1888 has arrived at the destination, please disembark as soon as possible.

The young girl wrapped in a red and black plaid coat hurriedly lifted her suitcase and ran all the way towards the open door of the cabin.

A dark tentacles quietly stretched out from under the seat. If you are not careful, you will definitely trip over.

If he has not left within the time limit, this poor little bit will be regarded as violating the military order and executed by law enforcement robots on the spot.

In StarCraft, the resources are scarce, and the black households without identity plates have no human rights at all.

The little girl's footsteps were very fast, she directly stepped on the soft tentacles, and evenly stepped on the upper sensor.

Every tentacle of the Cruxing people is tough, but the sensors are very fragile and sensitive. The owner of that tentacle let out a scream, and was immediately confronted by dozens of slender silver metal long tubes.

This is the photon gun of the law enforcement robot. It only takes a second to wipe out this huge octopus.

The little girl didn't join in the excitement, and rushed to the door without looking back.

Octopus squeezed a flattering smile on its red face. It carefully raised its poor tentacles, and then discovered that its rock-hard tentacles had shrunk slightly from the middle.

Even if there are fragile parts in the tentacles, how can it be injured like this with the power of a weak human being.

As a cold-blooded creature, the blood of the octopus seemed to condense into ice at this moment. What kind of monster was the little guy who just looked like an ancient blue star? !

It wanted to report, but the other partys figure had completely disappeared at the door, and the cabin was closed again. This spacecraft customized for Heihu sent it to the next destination, a prison built on Black Mercury. All of that planet was covered. Surrounded by water, it is very suitable for the Cruxing people living in the ocean.

After being put down by the spacecraft, the little girl stood blankly in the cold wind. The place where she stood was an empty wasteland. Looking around, there was no green plant.

Although she was told in advance that she would live in Desolate Star, the degree of desolation was worse than she thought.

[Check that the host has arrived at the asteroid 1648, the home assistant is downloading the map, downloading 15%...27%...58%... The current map is downloaded, the system is re-planning the route for you, and the system 008 is navigating for you.

The system that reminded Xu Qiu to successfully avoid obstacles on the ground (octopus tentacles) was very intimate and automatically entered a new destination for his host.

The four-leaf clover necklace hung around her neck was floating in the air, one piece of it fell off from the middle, and the tip of the necklace pointed to the front, guiding her in the direction of advancement.

After four full hours, Xu Qiu reached her destination with two legs that were sour and soft like noodles.

Huangxing Kindergarten.

Although she is a black household, Xu Qiu was tested as a harmless citizen. She did not have any criminal record and was assigned to Huangxing by Tiannao to become a glorious childcare worker. As long as she has been doing voluntary labor for one year, she will be Be able to become an interstellar citizen with legal status.

Except for the restriction of personal freedom on the spacecraft, she was not restrained in any way after she disembarked.

She thought that at least a colleague would come to greet her. When she was on the spacecraft, she still thought of no less than a hundred question and answer scenarios, but the future colleague was even more unfriendly than she thought, and there was no shadow of a person. The belly-drafts were played for a few hours in vain.

Not only that, the environment on Barren Star was far worse than Xu Qiu thought.

She walked for four full hours, a street, a lake, a house, not even the thatch of the thatched house.

This Huangxing Kindergarten standing on the wasteland looks like the only building on this asteroid.

It is so abrupt, but in some respects it is very consistent with Huangxing.

Because this kindergarten is really broken!

Xu Qiu walked around the outside of the kindergarten, planning its area in mind.

The kindergarten is 20 meters long, 20 meters wide, and about 400 square meters. The height of the wall is about two meters. The stone with the height of Xu Qiu's cushion can easily climb up. It is really small and broken.

I dont know how many years the signboard of Huangxing Kindergarten was made. After the wind, the sun and the rain, the plaque was hung crookedly at the entrance of the small broken iron door. A few square words: Jiari Youhe Garden.

"Hello, this is Xu Qiu, the childcare worker who is new to report."

She knocked on the iron door, and no one responded. Knock hard, the door creaked and opened. The iron door was broken and unlocked.

Xu Qiu dragged the box one step earlier, walking inside, shouting like a trumpet: "Is there anyone, hello, I'm the new kindergarten Xu Qiu, can I help you?"

After four full hours of walking, the barren star has entered twilight. The asteroid looks very close to the position of the sun. A yellow sun hangs on the edge of the sky, looking like a big moon cake.

Xu Qiu swallowed, feeling a little hungry.

She walked for four hours, not only tired, but also hungry and thirsty.

In the kindergarten, Xu Qiu finally saw a few trees, but she didn't know any of them.

The whole kindergarten was very quiet, and no one responded to her.

The temperature of the asteroid varies greatly from day to night. In the evening, the temperature dropped rapidly. Despite wearing a thick coat, Xu Qiu shivered in the cold despite a gust of cold wind.

Regardless of whether she is the only one in the kindergarten, she must find a suitable place to live as soon as possible.

The 400-square-meter kindergarten can be seen at a glance. After walking through the kitchen and empty classroom, Xu Qiu walked through the corridor and walked to the only locked room.

Unlike the iron door outside, the door of this house uses a more advanced iris lock.

The Federal Court had entered information for her a long time ago. Xu Qiu stood quietly at the door. After scanning by the infrared imager, the room door opened automatically.

This is a cabin of about 20 square meters. It has a single bed, a table, a chair, a small shower room, a towel rack, a toilet, and a bathroom in this area less than 3 square meters. The shower room is a bit like a hotel room in the 21st century, or the most common kind.

However, the yellowing stains in the toilet are obvious, and there is still a dark dirt on the wall, which is radial, as if it has been splashed on. The dust on the table is half a centimeter thick, and it seems that it has not been lived in for a long time. NS.

Fortunately, when the faucet is turned on, there is still a steady stream of clear water flowing out and the new energy lights in the small house can still be used, at least she is not worried that she will die of thirst.

Xu Qiu had been in the kitchen and the classroom before, and there was no shadow of anyone alone. It seems that this kindergarten really only has her as a coolie.

I didn't know that the students from Huangxing Kindergarten were also moved away.

In order to have a comfortable place to live, Xu Qiu endured hunger and exhaustion and swept away the ashes in the room, and put on the bedding in the suitcase.

Sleep can make people forget hunger and tiredness. After cleaning, Xu Qiu took out the small biscuits hidden in his clothes, and after eating a small piece, he forced himself to close his eyes.

The hard work made Xu Qiu sleep deeply. At night, a rustling sound came from the quiet kindergarten.

The first voice was high-pitched and thin: "A newcomer has come in?"

The voice behind was a little hoarse: "It's not a newcomer. The light in that room is on. It's a new childcare worker."

The voice of speaking became noisy: "It is a running dog of the Federation. When it comes, I will eat it! I will tear it up with my paw!"

"I want to eat too, I want to eat too, I'm so hungry, the last childcare worker has been walking for a long time, and I'm almost hungry."

The wind in Huangxing was very strong, but Xu Qiu slept soundly.

After discovering that she had awakened three thousand years later and became a black household, she had always had a erratic sense of unreality, and she was a little afraid of being caught by the research institute for anatomy.

In this deserted star, she found peace that she hadn't seen for a long time.

After waking up the next day, no colleague came out to say hello to Xu Qiu. After walking through the kindergarten, Xu Qiu checked the kitchen and found that the natural gas stove was still working.

Probably because the kindergarten who came here are all voluntary labor and can't get any remuneration. The kindergarten doesn't even have an electric meter, a gas meter, or a water meter. As long as the pipeline is not broken, she can use it free of charge.

[Scan the current environment for the host, there is no monitoring equipment in the kitchen]


Xu Qiu closed the kitchen door and took out a bottle of milk and two potatoes from the system warehouse.

After sleeping for three thousand years, all the things she kept in the system warehouse were almost consumed.

Xu Qiu loves gardening very much, and her father gave her a thick biological encyclopedia on her eighth birthday.

In her early childhood, she accidentally activated the illustrated book system.

Although it was a system, it could not give Xu Qiu anything. Instead, it urged her to travel all over the mountains and seas of the motherland, lighting up the biological illustrations that the system wanted one by one.

The system has a small space and is usually used to store goods.

There are land and pastures in the space, but you have to work hard to harvest the fruits.

More importantly, the internal time of the system space is the same as the external one, and there is no difference in the time when plants mature.

But Xu Qiu did not encounter the end times, and her family was well enough to not need to farm hard to obtain food or exchange for money.

The system can navigate, but the map APP of the mobile phone can also be used.

The system did not serve any purpose. Xu Qiu used it to stock up some goods. When she was young, she used it to hide snacks that her parents would not allow her to eat. When she grew up, it was convenient for her to move.

Unexpectedly, the system would be attached to her necklace to accompany her to the future, and in order to keep her alive, it also consumed most of the energy.

Even if there is no one here, relying on the food obtained from farming in the system space, she can persist until one year later.

However, if the federal government does not provide any food to the childcare workers, she still has to find a way to find the source of food, so as not to be arrested for anatomy and research after a year.

After filling his stomach, Xu Qiu threw the empty glass bottle back into the system, which has a special recycling function.

When Xu Qiu opened the kitchen door, the big horn above the kindergarten suddenly rang.

It was a bass sound that sounded very mature: [Please arrive at the cub dormitory at the rear and feed the cubs.

If Xu Qiu was awake yesterday, he might have discovered that the man's whispered voice was exactly the same as the voice that said he was going to eat the new nursery.

Could it be that she made a mistake? The colleagues and the cubs she was taking care of were in the cub dormitory area. Xu Qiu quickly rinsed his mouth and face with clean water, patted the dust on his coat, and erected his crooked collar. .

After searching for a long time, she finally found a sign that fell on the ground, with the word cub faintly on it.

Above this sign is the only place on the wall that looks like a door. There is a small lock on the wall, but the dust was too thick before, and it may be hidden.

But she didn't have the key, Xu Qiu frowned.

As if reading her thoughts, a bunch of keys were thrown from another section of the wall.

This set of keys is reddish brown, and it feels a bit sticky in the hand.

But now is not the time to think about this mess, she wants to make a good impression on her colleagues and cubs!

Xu Qiu inserted the key into the keyhole, turned it to the right twice, and easily opened the hidden door. She raised a brilliant smile, and then met dozens of pairs of hungry green eyes.

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