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"Wait, what is going on?" wondered a young high school girl, walking up the walkway into an art museum.

To her left, she saw a man having a smoke. Walking further, brushing through her long pink hair, she noticed the security guard talking to a homeless man just as before.

Inside the art museum, the front desk clerk along with the groom's assistant was chatting about their day. It was all the same as the young girl remembered countless times before. Gazing up towards the second floor, which could be seen by a giant opening in the floor's layout rested a giant clock rested on the wall.

The time was 7:33, and the girl felt a cramp in her stomach, twisting her head in disbelief. It was odd. She arrived at 7:55 and the groom, now standing at the vending machine with a soda, was assassinated by a sniper at 8:03.

The girl spotted her assassin earlier at an antique painting. He was a normal looking guy for the party. An older man in a suit with his hair slicked back. The time was now 7:37. She made her way to the back of the first floor of the museum where she saw a blackjack dealer arrive.

"Who is he" she wondered, "I don't think I noticed him before".

The girl walked to the table brushing her hair back behind her ear while softly saying, "Hey. I haven't seen you here before".

"Odd day isn't it? Seems like it never ends," he said.

"What do you mean," she asked, reaching for a hand of cards.

"What I mean-" said the scrawny dealer with a stretched frown on his face, "Is that typically there is a sense of time with these things. But this game has us reversing it over which makes you lose track. I just got back from fighting a glitch while my buddy had set back the time".

He winked his right eye, "Don't worry, I'm a player".

The girl smiled in relief. "So you're from the group that I was assigned to"?

"Correctemundo" answered the blackjack dealer while snapping his finger and popping a smile.

"What's your name," asked the girl.

"Logan," he answered, "And yours"?

"Vanessa. Can you help me stop that guy over there? He keeps killing me" said Vanessa nodding towards her earlier assailant.

"Unfortunately no," said Logan. "But you can help me take out the sniper. To prevent the groom from being assassinated".

Vanessa stared idly lost at Logan asking, "How do we do that"?

Logan rushed his hand to his ear, answering an incoming call.

"Got it" he answered, "But hey, I found the girl who joined us. She was here as a tour guide for the museum running away from some random assassin I guess. I'll bring her with me".

Logan hung up, demanding Vanessa to come with him to take out the assassin.

They ran outside down the walkway where an older man stood in their way.

Vanessa gasped, "That's him. That is the guy from before".

Logan smirked as they drew closer to the man, "Easy".

The man slices towards Logan. He countered by throwing a card into the man's neck. Vanessa extended a piece of metal into a pole for her defense.

The man pulled out the card in his neck. Logan threw another in the man's face, calling out, "Explosion".

The card blew off the man's head. Blood shot up to the ceiling. Sirens were heard coming towards the museum.

"Run," yelled Logan.


A short red-haired Puerto Rican girl alongside a Pakistani boy both approached the bride in the art museum.

"Okay hussy, your show is over," said the red-haired girl.

"Excuse me, little janitor," said the bride, "But the trash is somewhere out the front to the left. Go ask my soon to be husband's assistant for help".

The boy pulled out two knives from his apron, "let's just take her out".

The wife extended two long blades from the sleeves of her pearly white dress and charged towards the pair. The little girl shot the bride repetitively, watching the blood pop out, until she had no more bullets.

"Okay Dani, you didn't have to empty an entire mag on her," said the Pakistani boy in shock, "How did you get a gun anyways"?

Dani shrugged her shoulders, "Claro".

The Pakistani boy received a call to his earpiece along with Dani.

"Hakim, did you kill her," asked a boy on the phone.

"I did," replied Dani as she stared at the bride.

The bride rose to her sparkly white heels, wiping her chin. The dress began to exhaust smoke which faded it to black. Her makeup smeared down her face in black lines on her cheeks with smudges on her eyes. She extended two blades once more.

"Never mind," said Dani.

The bride ran toward the two slicing away with her blade. Hakim parried her attacks with his daggers.


Logan and Vanessa stormed into a parking garage, running 4 flights of stairs until they saw a man playing on his phone on an open parking floor with no cars.

"That's him," said Logan.

The assassin didn't want to alarm the authorities yet he had to kill Logan and Vanessa quickly so he can do his job. Thus he dashed forward with a pair of trench knives.

Vanessa swung her extension pole, keeping him at bay. Logan threw a card calling out, "Stun".

The card stunned the man for a moment allowing Vanessa to land a good swing to the man's head and liver. On the third strike, the assassin grabbed the pole and kicked her to the ground.

"Stay back" commanded Logan, "I can handle him".

Logan rose his right hand to reveal a hand full of cards. He sprinted towards the left-hand side of the assassin, as the assassin himself sprinted directly at Logan.

Logan threw a hand full of cards calling out the command, "Scatter".

After the cards scattered around the assassin, Logan called, "Imprison". Like magic spears, each card pierced through the assassin. But he wasn't stopped.

Standing next to Vanessa's pole, Logan watched the assassin attempt to run at him with little mobility.

"Trap," yelled Logan.

A card on the ground trapped the assassin in place. He flipped out a card and sliced the assassin's throat open. The cards disappeared as the assassin fell dead to the ground.

"Wow, that was pretty cool," said Vanessa with her eyes wide and hands flat on her legs.

A charming smirk returned until sirens were heard coming in the parking garage.

"Quick! We gotta go!" yelled Logan as he picked up Vanessa's pole.

The two ran to a ledge and jumped on top of the downtown train.


An audience watched as Hakim was being sliced to bits by the bride. No fatal wounds were taken, but his blood was nonetheless dripping on the black marble flooring.

Dani was firing her second mag. It had little effect on the bride due to the powers of her black dress. The bride stabbed Hakim in his chest and tossed him against the wall. She sheathed one blade while charging towards Dani to slice her with the other.

Just as the bride was approaching Dani for a kill, a hammer was thrown at her head. The chauffeur had arrived.

"Time to dance milady," announced the chauffeur.

The bride ran towards him, slashing her blade at the chauffeur. He parried with an axe. Her attack was so strong that his axe was thrown out of hand.

After kicking him to the ground, the bride jumped down stabbing her blade at his head. The chauffeur swiftly moved his head away and stabbed her arm with a nearby dagger.

She drew her second blade to slice off his head, but Hakim had slammed the axe into the back of her neck. The chauffeur stabbed her throat and threw her to the side.

Dani called in announcing, "We killed the bride".

"Then why isn't it over," asked Logan as he rode on top of the train.

Hakim chimed in, "Well, we better figure out something before the cops come".

"We need to find the glitch and turn back time again," said the chauffeur as he continued laying on the ground.

Logan said, "All of the windows are upside-down. Wherever the glitch is, it has to do with windows".

Hakim noticed the latches on the windows were reversed.

"I'm here outside of the church," said a husky black boy over the radio, "There are tons of windows for me to investigate".

The chauffeur ordered him to investigate as soon as possible. Logan vouched to hit the tower.

Hakim turned towards the chauffeur asking, "What do we do now Jeff"?

Dani intervened, "Why aren't we being chased by the cops"?

Jeff snapped his fingers pointing up, "That's a good question. Let's investigate the groom in the meantime before time is reversed".

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