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Zhu Yun felt that he had a long dream, a dream of turning back.

From the moment he said "I love you" to her, to the night when they decided on their future goals together, to the lakeside in the summer night, the willow branches, the sticky sweat, the fireworks on New Year's Eve.

And the lessons they had taken together, the cigarettes they smoked, the way they walked ...

The voice when he invited her, he sneered when she despised her.

Then that hot afternoon, the named teacher shouted hoarsely in front of the gym door

"One shift, one number, is Li Qiu here?"

There is a voice behind the answer-


It stopped when I dreamed, and she didn't care about the memory, and didn't care, as if her life started from that "being".


Li Lan was accidentally discovered by a group of passing students.

The work of their group was a little bit out of order, and was delayed until late at night. When they came out, they wanted to take a short cut back to the hotel, walked into the path, and the lead was almost tripped.

The black lights were blind, and they saw a person halo on the ground, almost scared not to pee on the spot.

They sent Li Lan to the hospital. Her vital signs were very weak, accompanied by severe hypothermia, and she fell into a severe coma.

The doctor didn't find her ID, flipped out her phone, and after charging, she saw that the call log was all a person named "Li Yu".

At that time, Li Dao had been looking for Li Lan for more than ten hours. He had gone everywhere he could, and finally even went to the police for help. The police refused on the grounds that "the missing time did not exceed 24 hours" and asked him to take a look at the possible places.

Li Dong's emotions were already stuck in a torn node. When he received the call and rushed to the hospital, he saw Li Lan's dying appearance and broke out completely.

He tugged at a student and asked why Li Lan would fall in that kind of place, with a horrified look like he wanted to eat people. After the students were frightened, they felt angry and said that you had made a mistake. We sent it to her. We will have the game tomorrow and we will stay until now. What is your attitude? The ghost knows how she is in that kind of place.

The money for the ambulance they had to pay was gone. Li Qiu asked the doctor what happened to Li Lan, and the doctor didn't know exactly what to say. Generally speaking, there would be no danger to life. However, because the patient is in serious illness, his body is extremely weak, and there is no exclusion. Happening.

Li Yao left the hospital and went to the place where Li Lan fainted outside the meeting place. It's more than seven o'clock, but the winter day is getting late, plus these days are cloudy, the surrounding is still dim.

There is a vending machine in front of the left side of the administrative building. Now that no one is using it during the holidays, the machine is turned off. Li Yao walked over, looked up, and saw a lesser-looking monitor above the vending machine.

The security guard in the school duty room just got up, and at a glance, he couldn't help frowning. Because of the competition this year, his rest period has been extended, which makes him very uncomfortable.

When he was about to wash, he was startled by the sound of the door. He went to open the door and saw a tall boy outside with a somber face and bloodshot eyes.

When the security guard just asked who he was, he heard the boy's low voice and said, I want yesterday's surveillance video.

The security guard was dissatisfied and said where did you come from? The rampage is to rebel. Where is your teacher? Call me old--

He didn't finish his words, suddenly felt a stomachache, and knelt directly to the ground.

I wanted the surveillance video from yesterday. He retracted his foot and said it again.

The security guard couldn't stand up because of the pain. He simply went directly to the computer, and after just playing with it for a while, he called up the monitoring outside the venue yesterday.

The monitor screen has a dull tone, like a rag that can never be cleaned.

The security guard was very angry and felt that he should do something to deal with the incident just now, but he didn't do anything, because he sensitively felt that the silent boy had lost his mind.

The venue is playing.

It happened that Fang Zhijing's group was doing the presentation. The old judge Lin, who is in the middle of the jury, sat in the middle. He had a good impression of Zhijing, and was complimenting him with the teacher next to him.

No one noticed when Li Yao entered the meeting. Only Fang Zhijing saw him at once, and his speech stopped instantly. He looked at Li Dong, who was approaching, and instinctively stepped back half a step.

The terrible sense of oppression he brought to him two years ago came again.

At that moment, Fang Zhijing even forgot the game, he quickly pondered in his heart whether there was anything exposed.

Did the woman complain to him?

It does nt matter, there is no proof of the death without a third-party dialogue, and there is a wide audience, how can Li Yio take him.

With such a thought, Fang Zhijing calmed down again and turned his head to signal the staff to make preparations.

In just a few seconds of pause, Li Qio had come to power, Fang Zhijing just turned back, and he felt a black face, his left eye was instantly wet, as if something broke, and a viscous liquid was flowing out.

Then came the painful pain, which was so soft that the crotch was naturally wet.

He knew something was wrong, but he didn't know how much happened. He fell to the ground. He was still weakly conscious at that time. There was blood in his eyes, and the world shivered with it, and the blood and brain were mixed together. He wanted to scream, but he was afraid that he would not dare to speak out, his throat was pinched by death, and he felt a kind of horror.

After that he knew nothing.

The whole audience was frightened and silly, until the old man Lin on the jury suddenly stood up and shouted at the staff next to him: "What are you doing! Pull it on!"


It was three days after Zhu Yun knew this.

Mother sat on the sofa and narrated things to her while drinking tea. Because of her relaxed tone, Zhu Yun also told herself that this was not a serious matter.

"It's just a fight, just remember it."

If you ca nt do it, you will drop out.

"Remembered?" The mother hummed slowly and said slowly, "Fang Zhijing's left eyeball removed."

Zhu Yun was cold all over.

The mother replied: "He's quite capable of playing hard, and then he only hits a few breaths."

Zhu Yun couldn't speak, but just kept shaking his head and comforting himself in his heart ... there would be nothing, there must be a reason, he would not be so sudden ...

The mother snorted and said, "He was arrested directly at the scene. I heard that his sister died in the hospital yesterday. Hey, it's really a report."

Zhu Yun buzzed in his ears. "what did you say?"

"I said it's really a newspaper."

Zhu Yun could not tell whether this was a reality or a dream. She returned to the upper body, and her mother said in the back, "Where are you going?" Can't find it. Her eyes were flushed, her hands began to tremble, and she hurried downstairs, looking at her mother and saying, "What about my cell phone?"

The mother was holding her tea cup and looked at her with all her leisure.

Zhu Yun looked at her calm-hearted look and shouted, "I'll ask you my mobile phone!"

My mother had never heard Zhu Yun speak to herself with such a tone. When she was surprised, a few drops of tea sprinkled and her hands were hot, and her eyes were even sharper.

"Zhu Yun, call me again !?"

All the emotions broke out in Zhu Yun's voice just now. She looked closely at her mother and said, "You asked me to prepare the company's information to hold me down, right?"

The mother sneered: "Zhu Yun, you rarely look at me with this kind of look, it's not that I let him hurt people, this matter has nothing to do with you or me, this is what he did."

Zhu Yun went to the door.

Mother: "What are you doing?"

She tore off her clothes and draped it over her.

Mother: "People have been detained where you are going. Where is the incident now? Fang Zhijing's family is not a vegetarian. The child has been blinded by someone. Think about whether they will let him go!"

Zhu Yun didn't listen, she had only one idea in her mind-she had to see him.

Just the moment she pushed open the door, Zhu Guangyi came in from the outside. Without saying a word, she pushed her back and closed the door with her backhand.

Zhu Yun: "You let me go out!"

"You can't go anywhere!" Zhu Guangyi said in a deep voice. "Before this matter is over, you will stay at home honestly!"

Zhu Yun has to go out, and Zhu Guangyi's hand is a slap in the face.

"Aren't you too disturbed?"

This is the first time Zhu Guangyi has played Zhu Yun.

Their families are intellectuals, and no matter what they say, their parents never beat their children. The mother looked at it and couldn't help but come to hold Zhu Yun and rushed to Zhu Guangyi: "You tell me what to do,"

Zhu Guangyi had a serious look and a harsh tone, and reprimanded Zhu Yun: "You are not small anymore, can't you tell the difference between things! Is this a trivial matter? One child's eyes are gone! The rest of his life is ruined, you still take care of that bastard. speak?!"

Zhu Yun shouted: "It doesn't matter if he is blind or not!"

Zhu Guangyi slapped again. His mother didn't stop, and Zhu Yun was sturdy and fanned. Her skin was white and tender, and she was very sensitive to external shocks. These two slaps made her half of her face swollen, with bloodshot eyes, but she was still holding on, and she never let tears flow down.

"What about his future?" Zhu Yun raised his eyes, and asked with his eyes crimson, "He is also a student! Why don't you think about his future?"

Zhu Guangyi burst into tears: "What future does he want for such a thing !?"

Zhu Yun shook her head, "You're wrong." She lowered her voice, "Everyone here can't compare with his future, including me."

Zhu Guangyi was angered by her eyes, "What are you talking about?"

The mother is also talking aside. "Zhu Yun, how can you be so disobedient? Parents have worked hard to raise you up, not to make you so indiscriminate."

Zhu Yun turned to her: "I have been disobedient for a long time, and I still smoke, do you know?"

Mother's eyes were cold, "What are you talking about?"

Zhu Yun's eyes did not flinch, and he completely looked out.

"Do you know when I learned it, the day you and Fang Zhijing forced Liu Xiaoyan away."

Mother stiffened instantly.

She didn't expect this to happen, so Zhu Yun remembered the events in her early years.

Zhu Yun's voice shivered with desperation, and gritted his teeth: "So Li Yio just killed Fang Zhijing, and I would only clap my hands!"

The mother was stunned again, for the first time she was speechless in front of Zhu Yun.

Zhu Guangyi couldn't hear it or talk to her nonsense, grabbing her arm and went upstairs. Zhu Yun struggled desperately, but Zhu Guangyi's strength was so great, Zhu Guangyi pushed her into the room, "You give me a good self-examination!" The mother followed, "Don't lock the door, I'm watching her inside."

Zhu Yun was imprisoned for four days.

Mother really looked at her for four days.

Zhu Yun doesn't eat anything. She tries to go out by all means, but Zhu Guangyi never opens the door except for three meals.

In the end, Zhu Yun even wanted to jump from the window, and the mother didn't stop, sitting on the sofa and looking at her.

After staying with Zhu Yun for so many days, my mother's eyes also showed deep exhaustion.

She said Zhu Yun, I do nt know that you care so much about the past, but my mother is for your own good. If you feel that you are willing to make your mom and dad suffer for a lifetime in order to see the boy, then you jump.

The mother finished the sentence in tears.

Zhu Yun finally collapsed, crying on his knees.

It seems that everyone in the world is being maintained, except him.

Zhu Yun felt that he had a long dream, a dream of turning back.

At the end, she even felt that the dream was not as beautiful as hers.


Li's case was very fierce.

Fang Zhijing realized the seriousness of the situation after he heard the news of Li Lan's death. Regarding the monitoring incident, he was convinced that Li Lan was only asking him about the preparation of the venue. After telling her kindly, she was afraid to affect her brother and did not enter the building.

Fang Zhijing's parents all work in government agencies, and while waiting for the prosecution, they try their best to create public opinion pressure. A reporter didn't know where to dig up the rumor, and all of Li's series of incidents broke out while in school.

Obediently, suppressing classmates, stubbornly leading the daughter ...

Even he said that he liked stupid women.

The media easily portrayed him as an image of climbing power with envy and envy. For a while, public opinion was booming and showing a sideways trend.

The dimension of time seems to have changed.

For a long time, Zhu Yun dared not sleep. Finally fell asleep, and did not dare to open his eyes when he woke up.

Seeing **** as if opening your eyes.

Li Yu's verdict came down quickly, and the intentional injury caused the other party to be seriously injured and maimed, the evidence is conclusive, and there is no remorse-when the judge asked him why he should put such a heavy hand, he only said, "Because he should die."

The first instance sentenced to eight years in prison.

Li Yao did not appeal.

Zhu Yun's physical condition became very poor, and his parents didn't worry too much. They knew that Zhu Yun's health has always been very good.

Until more than a month later, after the school had started, Zhu Yun still couldn't get up. The mother finally began to worry. She took her to see a Western doctor. It was useless. The doctor said it was mainly caused by heart disease. She took her to see a Chinese medicine doctor again. The doctor finished her pulse, gestured at Zhu Yun's eyebrows, and said to her mother: "The child's anger is here now." Then, the doctor's hand was up half an inch, " This is depression. "Up half an inch," At this point, nine out of ten will commit suicide. "

Mother took a break for her and looked at her step by step.

Within a month, Zhu Yun lost a dozen pounds, lying on the bed, like a bird with a startled bow, and with a little bit of noise, he was also sweating coldly.

The mother sat by the bed, looked at such a woman, and whispered: "Zhu Yun, every time someone gets a serious illness, he will change a bad habit. You must learn a lesson."

Zhu Yun buried his head.


Mother moved closer: "What?"

Zhu Yun said in a voice that could not be lighter: "I know he has a bad temper ... it's easy to make others angry."

She spoke slowly, and every sentence took a lot of effort.

"He has made a lot of mistakes, he likes to be brave, and he doesn't talk about others ..."

Zhu Yun raised his red eyes from the pillow.

"Is this wrong?" She looked at her mother and asked everyone through her again. "Do you really think he got it wrong, must he pay such a price?"

The mother stared at her and replied in a while: "You have to ask those who hate him."

Zhu Yun could not accept it.

The mother said: "All the decisions are made by him and his own choice. I have said long ago, I think the students are very accurate, this person will have problems sooner or later. This is how you grow up, it is too easy to be affected by those The sword-striking people are attracted, and the last one injured is yourself. "

The mother got up and said to her before going out: "Zhu Yun, you should know where your dad is. You and the boy will cause him a lot of trouble. Don't just think about yourself. You also No need to drill the horns. Everyone has the impulse and whimsy when they were young. When it passed, it passed. Open this page and then go down. "

Uncover this page.

and then.

Who is left in the book.

She couldn't untie her heart.

"This year she must be sent abroad." Zhu Guangyi said to her mother, "This is not enough, she has to change the environment."

Zhu Yun spent a long time in a muddle. This time, the mother gave her enough time without any reminder or persuasion.

Anyway, whether she accepts or not, the result is certain.

Zhu Yun's body is getting worse, starting from sleep, slowly affecting the internal organs and skin. She had a huge rash on her body, and it didn't work to take any medicine.

Both Ren Di and Fu Yizhuo called her, but Zhu Yun forgot what they said.

This sequelae is too serious.

For a while, Zhu Yun even felt that he might really have to resist it.

It was a dream to save her.

In the dream she stood outside the iron fence and saw a person in the distance, dyed with messy blonde hair, standing in the middle of the playground with her hands in her pockets, smiling lightly and motionless.

After a long time, there was a violent wind between the world and the grass madness on the football field.

He remained motionless.

The sky is like the end.

She woke up at that moment.

Time is at the border between night and dawn, surrounded by a quiet silence.

This dream allowed her to experience an eternal love, or in other words, an eternal freedom.

Since then, she has gradually ceased to be afraid.

Four months later, Zhu Yun returned to school once the day before going abroad.

The campus is peaceful and business is as usual.

She only met Gao Jianhong. Gao Jianhong continued to run the company, but he abandoned the previous project developed by Li Yi, turned to e-commerce, and through the previous consultants, pulled a batch of new investments.

"You can't blame me." Gao Jianhong said to her.

Zhu Yun didn't speak, turned away, Gao Jianhong suddenly took her arm, and her voice was excited.

"Zhu Yun, you can't blame me, I gave up everything. I'm giving up all the recommendations from the research institute, going abroad! Just for this company! But what about him? What has he done? , When he thought about others when he made the decision! "

Zhu Yun looked at him and whispered: "Li Qiu's favorite stupid woman has only been said in front of the base members. Why would the media know?"

Gao Jianhong looked lightly and said: "Do you think he has offended few people in the past few years?"

Zhu Yun nodded and turned away.

"Zhu Yun!" Gao Jianhong called her behind, "You can't ask everyone to treat him like you!"

She did not stay in one step.

What did that sentence say?

All things are only as they were at the beginning, the further they go, the more they deviate.


After a brief acceleration, the plane rushed into the sky.

"Ma'am, do you need tissues?" The flight attendant asked softly when she saw tearful Zhu Yun.

Zhu Yun shook his head.

She quietly looked at the dense clouds outside the small window.

In my memory, pain and happiness are countless.

Some clips always become less real because of too many reviews, like bubbles, and easily dissipate with the wind.

Fortunately, there is one of the strongest, that is, the phrase "I love you" before he parted.

Wild Grass Garden End

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