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Since it was too late, not only Old Mr. Han and Old Mrs. Han but Xia Qingwei also couldnt stay up late at night.

Therefore, Lu Man planned to bring Xia Qingwei to watch it tomorrow morning.

When the two of them reached the cinema theatre, there were still 20 minutes left for the movie to start. Moreover, the cinema theatre only allowed people to enter 10 minutes prior to showtime, so they still had quite some free time.

Lu Man took out a snapback from her bag and wore it.

Although currently, Lu Man might not be so famous that everyone would know her, she was still the main lead of this movie, after all. Moreover, with the face-off betweenFighting Hero and Red Tigerwas still blowing up quite a storm on the internet and hence many people almost got to see a picture of her face every single day.

Furthermore, after seeing the movie for about 2 hours, the audience would definitely remember Lu Mans face one way or another.

Therefore, Lu Man still used a cap to cover her face. Thankfully, it was dark inside the theatre and so by then, even if she took off her cap she wouldnt attract any attention either.

"There are so many people who booked tickets?" Having gone to the top floor of the shopping mall, Lu Man could see people queuing up in front of the automated ticket collection booth and widened her mouth in surprise.

Even though many netizens on the internet claimed that they had bought tickets for the premiere, the netizens are spread across the country and are rather dispersed. Hence, she really didnt expect to see such a turnout for the movie.

"Looks like your publicity really did bring numbers." Han Zhuoli appreciated her.

"However, you dont know how many people here have come for Fighting Hero," Lu Man said.

They came to Han Corporation Cinema where the majority of the screenings were scheduled forRed Tigerwhile only two screens were assigned for Fighting Hero.

Since both the movies were released on the same day, audiences had to choose either of the two.

After some time, both of them went to the automated ticket collection machine to queue up. By the time they collected their tickets, it was just the right time to enter the theatre.

When they entered the theatre, advertisements were being played on the screen and Lu Man and Han Zhuoli quickly found their seats and sat down.

Right now, Han Zhuoli could feel Lu Mans nervousness. Turning around to face her, he asked with concern, "Whats the matter? Feeling nervous?"

Lu Man nodded and said softly, "I havent watched the final cut of the film. This is my first time watching it. I dont know if I performed well."

Lu Man wasnt worried about the results of the box office. As long as the quality of the movie was passable and the actors acting could make it, she naturally didnt have to worry about the box office.

"Moreover, youre here too to watch my movie too." Lu Man said softly, "So, Im probably more nervous about this."

Because she cared about him, she was exceptionally nervous.

Meanwhile, aside from them, a lot of people buzzing and discussing too. Unlike Lu Man, they werent as quiet while talking.

The audiences voices were all pretty loud.

"Eh? Why are you guys here too?"

"What a coincidence! I want to see howRed Tigerturns out. If its bad, I will definitely tell my friends not to waste money on it too."

Surprisingly, a majority of the audience were here to check ifRed Tigerwas really worth watching or not.

However, some people were honestly here to supportRed Tiger.

"I just cant stand that Zhang Lun. Just because he is a famous director, everybody has to follow his will. So Im here to supportRed Tiger. So what if Ji Cheng is just a B-list actor? He sincerely wants to make a good movie. On the other hand, Zhang Lun is a snob, using his own status in the movie industry to look down on others and even bash them. No one else deserves to be better than him? Hmph!"

Suddenly, all the lights in the theatre were switched off, only the light shining from the screen could be seen.

After the credits of various production companies, the movie officially started.

Moreover, surprisingly the first credit shown was of Han Corporation!

Her man was actually the biggest investor in the movie in which she was the female lead. As the person involved, why didnt Lu Man find this a little romantic at all?

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Chapter 615 If They Dont Cheat Them Of Their Money Who Should They Deceive? Chapter 616 No More A Fan Chapter 617 Really Thinks Too Highly Of Herself Chapter 618 Im Not Familiar With Her Chapter 619 Its Better If You Get Someone Else Chapter 620 Ridiculing People Too Much Chapter 621 Can You Lend Me The Microphone For A While? Chapter 622 Placing Yourself On A Pedestal Chapter 623 Another One Crushed By Lu Man Chapter 624 Sour Grapes For Those Who Cant Have It Chapter 625 Defeating Attack Force Chapter 626 Shocked To The Core Chapter 627 Teach Him To Be A Human Chapter 628 Slap In The Face Chapter 629 Exceed 7 Billion Chapter 630 No One Dared To Hope For It At All Chapter 631 Seduced By You Chapter 632 A Veiled Scolding Chapter 633 We As The Audience Will Decide It Chapter 634 Delete It Or Not Chapter 635 Concede Defeat Chapter 636 Discussing Their Engagement Chapter 637 Lu Man Made Her Move Chapter 638 Not Strong Enough To Compete Chapter 639 Schadenfreude Chapter 640 Do You Feel Like Youve Been Slapped? Chapter 641 Back To School Chapter 642 Acknowledging Her Means Giving Her Face. Chapter 643 Let Results Speak Chapter 644 Finding Him Extremely Familiar Chapter 645 Illogical Chapter 646 Left The Lecture Hall Chapter 647 Boycott Chapter 648 Film Academy Is Showing Its Domineering Power Chapter 649 Very Far Ahead In First Place Chapter 650 Congratulations Attack Force Chapter 651 We Are Talking About A Long Term War Comrades Chapter 652 She Is Really Going Against The Rules Chapter 653 My Male God Is Personally Stepping In And Slashing His Sword Chapter 654 Why Dont We Settle It Today Chapter 655 Engagement Chapter 656 Having His Wife Manage His Finances Chapter 657 The Best Birthday Present Chapter 658 I Dont Dare To Think About A Life Without You Chapter 659 Group Mocking Chapter 660 No Need To Tell Him Chapter 661 They Really Found The Right In Laws Chapter 662 Wang Qianyuns Arrival Chapter 663 Rejected At The Door Chapter 664 Please Look After Me For The Rest Of My Life Chapter 665 Skillful Swordmaster Chapter 666 Because Youre Single Chapter 667 Coincidence? Chapter 668 He Was Afraid Of His Wife Chapter 669 Intense Animosity Chapter 670 I Wont Take This Blame Chapter 671 I Want To Snatch Him Back Chapter 672 Its Not Fear Its Love Chapter 673 Get Rid Of This Idea Chapter 674 Lets Get Registered Tomorrow Chapter 675 : Bugs Fly Chapter 676 This Man Bore This Grudge All The Way Here Chapter 677 Say husband Chapter 678 Reprimand Him With Her Gaze Chapter 679 Pulling Her Back To His Place Chapter 680 Fighting Against Wang Qianyun Chapter 681 Leave Chapter 682 Willful Because He Had Money Chapter 683 Been Fired Chapter 684 Arrival Of The Large Competition Chapter 685 This Time Its A Very Big Thing Chapter 686 Going To The Han Corporation Chapter 687 Return To America Chapter 688 She Came Here To Look For You Before? Chapter 689 My Man Man Is The Best Chapter 690 A Suffocating 8.9 Billion Chapter 691 Seeking The Size Of Lu Qis Emotional Trauma Right Now Chapter 692 She Deserved It Chapter 693 Shes Earned Money So She Has To Be Filial To You Chapter 694 Idea Chapter 695 Lu Man Found A Rich Boyfriend Chapter 696 Where Did They Move To? Chapter 697 Tonight Just Wait Chapter 698 Birthday Present Chapter 699 Reminder Chapter 700 Direct Nomination Chapter 701 Could It Be Yan Zhiqing Chapter 702 Biggest Sponsor Chapter 703 One Is Marked By The Company They Keep Chapter 704 Lu Man Didnt Get Chosen? Chapter 705 Lu Man Sure Was Sly Chapter 706 So It Turns Out That She Was Quite Lousy? Chapter 707 Lu Mans Face Appeared In His Mind Chapter 708 Like They Were Two Different People Chapter 709 Do You Still Like Me? Chapter 710 Lu Man Was Just Fooling With Him Chapter 711 Han Zhuoli Is Here Chapter 712 Older Men Are Actually Also Quite Cute Chapter 713 Aside From Coming To See Me You Also Wanted To Look At Other Women? Chapter 714 Look After Lu Man Chapter 715 Too Pretentious Chapter 716 You Two Know Each Other? Chapter 717 Your Thing With Han Zhuoli Does Your Boyfriend Know About It? Chapter 718 What Bad Things Does My Sister In Law Have With My Older Brother? Chapter 719 Han Zhuoli Came Back Again Chapter 720 What Opinions Do You Have Of My Fiancee? Chapter 721 Let His Money Go To Waste Chapter 722 The Name List For The Chinese Arts Championships Chapter 723 What Right Does She Have? Chapter 724 Their Faces Were Very Swollen Chapter 725 The Competition Started Chapter 726 Not Following The Normal Tricks Chapter 727 Totally Stunned Watching Chapter 728 Entering The Finals Isnt That A Must? Chapter 729 Stepping On Lu Man Chapter 730 We Like This Kind Of Pretentious Idol Chapter 731 How Highly Did She Think Of Herself Chapter 732 The Han Corporation Just Invested In Us Chapter 733 Does Lu Man Need Your Critiques? Chapter 734 Must Eliminate All The Students From Nan Hua Media University Chapter 735 The Competition Started Chapter 736 Oppressing Her Chapter 737 Probably Biased So Shameless Chapter 738 This Was The Real Biased One Chapter 739 Another Big Fuss Chapter 740 Shameless Chapter 741 Been Waiting To Take Revenge Chapter 742 Oppressing Her Chapter 743 Lu Man Cannot Win Chapter 744 Drawing Lots Chapter 745 Admit Defeat Chapter 746 Han Zhuoli Was Definitely Not Here To Look At Talents Chapter 747 Same Role Chapter 748 Roll Over Chapter 749 Being Able To Act Opposite This Kind Of Actor Is Something Very Fortunate Chapter 750 Sun Changfang Are You Joking With Me? Chapter 751 You Guys Dont Know Anything Chapter 752 Upright Man Chapter 753 Bullying Lu Man A Young Girl Chapter 754 Manager Hao Your Marks Are Too Much Chapter 755 Favoritism Chapter 756 Young Master Han Makes A Move Chapter 757 Change The Judge Chapter 758 Must You Really Bet With Such High Stakes? Chapter 759 Also Someone With Experience Chapter 760 Using A Butchers Knife To Kill A Chicken Chapter 761 You Guys Can Go And Rest Already Chapter 762 We Arent Giving Up The Judges Seat Chapter 763 Lu Man Came To Slap Faces Again Chapter 764 Get Off The Stage Chapter 765 Then What Should Lu Man Do? Chapter 766 Barely Winning Chapter 767 Looking At Her I Dont Think She Can Get Into The Top Five Chapter 768 Losing His Job Chapter 769 Breaking The Contract Chapter 770 You Are Really Too Generous Chapter 771 Guest Actor Chapter 772 Hurry And Find Your Guest Actors Chapter 773 Skillful Swordmaster Lu Man Chapter 774 Only Lu Man Knows How To Make Herself Look Good Chapter 775 Asking Teacher For Help Chapter 776 Youre The Big Boss So Well Just Follow What You Say Chapter 777 Im Not Pulling Them Over To Be Scapegoats Chapter 778 Why Didnt You Say It Earlier? Chapter 779 Walking Her Own Path Causing Them To Have No Path To Walk On Chapter 780 Sending Lu Man Backstage Chapter 781 Since You Are Already Engaged Stop Changing Your Mind Frequently Chapter 782 Are You So Scared Of Me? Chapter 783 Even Though He Regretted It He Needed To Hold His Tears In Chapter 784 Han Zhuoli Is To Be A Judge Chapter 785 Everyone Knew The Truth Chapter 786 She Is Very Low Key Chapter 787 Lu Mans Debut 1 Chapter 788 Lu Mans Debut 2 Chapter 789 You Managed To Pillage All The Teachers In The Performance Major Chapter 790 Mr. Ceo How Could You Look At Lu Man Like This? Chapter 791 This Daughter In Law Is Too Naughty Chapter 792 It Was Like Ni Xue Was On Steroids Chapter 793 Its Lu Mans Turn Chapter 794 Han Zhuoli Giving Marks Chapter 795 Im Not Scared That You Will Become Proud Chapter 796 Celebrate Birthday Together Chapter 797 How Could We Not Come? Chapter 798 Became The Backdrop For Lu Man Chapter 799 Not Afraid Of Spoiling You Chapter 800 Thankfully She Didnt Miss Him Chapter 801 If I Like You Do You Think You Could Run Away? Chapter 802 With You Around Im Afraid Of Nothing Chapter 803 Single Bachelor Dog Chapter 804 : Hes Just Jealous Chapter 805 Its Someone That I Know? Chapter 806 So Am I Nice Or Mean? Chapter 807 Clingy Chapter 808 Im Giving You Another Two Presents Chapter 809 No Matter How She Looked At It It Still Looked Like He Was Laughing At Her Chapter 810 The Third Present Is Me Chapter 811 It Turned Out That He Felt Prideful And Vain Too Chapter 812 Lose Control For A Moment Chapter 813 Ride My Foot Chapter 814 Look At Her She Thinks Shes So Amazing Huh Chapter 815 You Shut Up Chapter 816 You Only Have This One Chance Chapter 817 Dream On Chapter 818 So Lowly And Willing To Come And Be Scolded Chapter 819 Practically A Sly Person Getting Their Way Chapter 820 Not A Doormat Chapter 821 The Trap In The Contract Chapter 822 I Withdraw Chapter 823 What About You All? Are You Signing? Chapter 824 Why Didnt You Try To Persuade Lu Man A Little? Chapter 825 I Think Its Better To Follow You Chapter 826 Really Really Couldnt Offend Him Chapter 827 All For Show Chapter 828 A Car Parked Nearby Chapter 829 Lu Qis Parents Chapter 830 Ill Just Take It That Youre Using The Company As Mortgage Chapter 831 She Is Basically A Bstard Chapter 832 Small Matter Chapter 833 You Want To Stay And Continue Embarrassing Yourself? Chapter 834 Lose Him Chapter 835 Not Disturbing Chapter 836 You Have To Admit It When You Are Less Skillful Than Others Chapter 837 I Have No Regrets In My Life For Being A Fan Of Lu Man Chapter 838 Shady Behind The Scenes Dealings Chapter 839 They Have Never Joined A Fandom That Was So Peaceful And Calm Chapter 840 Explanation Chapter 841 Cant Do It Chapter 842 Must Have Lost His Mind Chapter 843 Ruin Lu Man's Reputation Chapter 844 Hitting Back Chapter 845 Coincidence Chapter 846 Lu Man Is Zhang Luns Niece Chapter 847 If You Have The Guts To Criticize Then Dont Delete It Chapter 848 Hating So Much It Became True Love Chapter 849 The Performers Slander Chapter 850 Lu Man Treats Herself Like A Big Shot Chapter 851 Lu Man Is Too Much Chapter 852 I Cant Speak Out For You In This Situation Chapter 853 We Cant Discuss This Peacefully Chapter 854 Why Is Lu Man Pretending To Be Aloof? Chapter 855 Lu Man Really Did What She Said She Would Chapter 856 856 Slapping Face Seeing Lu Man Slapping Face Again Chapter 857 857 Why Did They Provoke Lu Man For No Reason Chapter 858 858 Upright Man Chapter 859 859 The Villain Dies Because They Talk Too Much Chapter 860 860 Publicly Expressing Suppor Chapter 861 861 Dealing With I Chapter 862 862 Apologize Chapter 863 863 Do You Still Have The Right To Talk About This? Chapter 864 864 Lu Man Calls The Shots Chapter 865 865 I Dont Even Need To Do Anything Chapter 866 866 My Younger Sister In Law Is Getting Bullied How Can I Stand At The Side And Do Nothing? Chapter 867 867 Slapping Face Group Chapter 868 868 Wei Zhiqians Evil Idea Chapter 869 869 Its Not April Fools Today Chapter 870 870 Our Ceos Temper Is Like That Of A Crazy Person Chapter 871 871 Chain Reaction Chapter 872 872 Set Up Chapter 873 873 Dumb With A Lot Of Money Chapter 874 874 Eye Opening Chapter 875 875 Even If She Were The Daughter Of The Ceo She Cant Bully People Like Tha Chapter 876 Retribution Is Here Chapter 877 What Are You Suspecting Me For? Chapter 878 Thoughtful Chapter 879 Its A Win Win Chapter 880 Let Them Regret It For All He Cares Chapter 881 No One Can Come Chapter 882 Slapped In The Face Again Chapter 883 Taking Revenge Chapter 884 Just Call Him Big Brother Chapter 885 Getting Attacked Despite Standing At The Side And Saying Nothing Chapter 886 You Can Hug Only One Man Me Chapter 887 Their Habit Of Seeking Death Is The Same 1 Chapter 888 However Dumb He Is You Are Equally As Dumb Chapter 889 Wont Scheme Against The Han Family For Even A Bit Chapter 890 What Sort Of Crisis Can The Han Family Encounter? Chapter 891 Did You Want To Hit Me And Kill Me? Chapter 892 Getting A Marriage Certificate Chapter 893 What Kind Of Thing Is She? Chapter 894 Invitation For An Explosive Program Chapter 895 It Was Our Ceo In The Car Just Now? Chapter 896 Challenge Guest Chapter 897 Fight Head On Chapter 898 Beat Down Chapter 899 Dont Say It Even If You Have Figured It Out Chapter 900 Suspect Lu Man Chapter 901 Secret Guest Chapter 902 Why Doesnt He Try Going Up To The Sky Then? Chapter 903 This Can Probably Be Called Taking Strong Measures Only After Courteous Ones Have Failed Chapter 904 Too High Profile Chapter 905 Why Are The Two Of You Together? Chapter 906 You Played Me Chapter 907 Interrogate Chapter 908 When Do They Plan To Get Married? Chapter 909 Could Go Around City B Three Times Chapter 910 Cant Avoid It Chapter 911 She Loses When It Came To How Thick Skinned They Are Chapter 912 All Busy Chapter 913 You Still Know How To Call Me Brother Du? Chapter 914 Isnt This Line Up Too Great? Chapter 915 Brought Onto A Variety Show By Lu Man Somehow Chapter 916 Lu Man Has A Weakness Chapter 917 Keeping It A Secret Chapter 918 This Is The Plan Chapter 919 Not Even Giving Him A Chance To Show His Boyfriend Power Chapter 920 Losing? It's Impossible To Lose Chapter 921 Wait For Tomorrow Well Make Her Cry Chapter 922 They Lose When It Came To Who Can Curry Favor Better Chapter 923 They Are All Just Unimportant Bystanders Chapter 924 Need To Properly Teach Him Chapter 925 If Youre Too Serious You Lose Chapter 926 Really Has Too Many Bad Habits Chapter 927 I Cant Make The Decisions For This Chapter 928 Too Unreliable Chapter 929 Are You Dumb? Chapter 930 Slapping People Again Chapter 931 Defeat Everyone In Seconds Chapter 932 This Is Very Thrilling Chapter 933 Why Are You So Willful? Chapter 934 The Whole Body Is Full Of Show Spirit Chapter 935 There Are Two People Chapter 936 Sun Yiwu And Ji Cheng Arrived Chapter 937 Total Oppression Chapter 938 Lu Man Is Totally Trying To Kill Her Chapter 939 Bullying You Chapter 940 No Matter How She Acts It's Not Good Enough Chapter 941 Burn Ones Eyes Chapter 942 About To Cry Chapter 943 Purposely Stepping On Her Chapter 944 Not Allowed To Go On Stage Chapter 945 Who Cant Get Any Benefits? Chapter 946 Her Willpower Is Very Strong Chapter 947 Lu Mans Fiance Chapter 948 Great Disparity In The Voting Results Chapter 949 Have Some Things To Ask You About Chapter 950 Threat Chapter 951 Blacklist Chapter 952 Shortcoming? Dont Joke Chapter 953 Lu Mans Plan Chapter 954 This Is An Outright Theft Of Audiences Chapter 955 Handsome Can I Pick You Up? Chapter 956 Really Too Impressive Chapter 957 Mr. Ceo Is Quite Good Chapter 958 People Say That A Short Separation Is Worse Than A New Marriage Chapter 959 I Lose To You In Terms Of Randomly Saying Things Chapter 960 Will You Die Of Suffocation If You Dont Speak The Truth? Chapter 961 Destroys Things In A Classic Way Chapter 962 How Awkward Will I Be Over There? Chapter 963 Find Another Good Man Chapter 964 What Rubbish Are You Speaking? Chapter 965 Without You By My Side My Whole Body Feels Uncomfortable Chapter 966 Becoming More And More Backward Chapter 967 Looking At Her In A New Light Chapter 968 Heart Aches For Wei Zhiqian Chapter 969 Wang Juhuai Arrived Chapter 970 You Know Our In Law? Chapter 971 If It Isnt Fate What Is It? Chapter 972 No One Is Allowed To Leave Chapter 973 Im Divorced Chapter 974 Im Just Looking Out From The Window Chapter 975 Ten Years Chapter 976 Please Mind Yourself Chapter 977 After Suffering Comes Happiness Chapter 978 You Were Tricked And I Was Also Tricked Chapter 979 I Dont Mind Chapter 980 Wont Go Back Chapter 981 Wang Juhuais Plans Chapter 982 Grateful For His Intelligence Chapter 983 Really Came Chapter 984 Creating A Chance Chapter 985 Met By Accident Chapter 986 You Are Also A Mistress Chapter 987 Does What You Said Still Count? Chapter 988 Cheated On Chapter 989 The Production Team Is Too Playful Chapter 990 A Familiar Smell Chapter 991 The Lineup For Emthe Performerem Chapter 992 Your Opinion Is My Opinion Chapter 993 Thinking Very Far Ahead Chapter 994 Contribute Some Viewership Ratings To Lu Man Chapter 995 The Most Awkward Performance In History Chapter 996 This Is Forcing Emthe Performerem To Die Chapter 997 Lets See Who Laughs At The End Chapter 998 The Performers Viewership Ratings Chapter 999 Total Win Chapter 1000 Lu Man Making A Move Chapter 1001 How Could This Person Be So Lacking In Morals? Chapter 1002 Totally Dead Chapter 1003 Bow Down To The Great Lu Man Chapter 1004 Dont Go Overboard Chapter 1005 Im Not Threatening You Chapter 1006 Face As Black As Charcoal Chapter 1007 Its A Win Win Chapter 1008 Getting The Marriage Certificate As Soon As They Returned Chapter 1009 They Arent Human Chapter 1010 Coming To Find Them Chapter 1011 How Did You Know About This Place? Chapter 1012 Investigate Chapter 1013 He Dares To Despise You? Chapter 1014 Be Their Backer Chapter 1015 A Little Later A Few More Regrets Chapter 1016 Going To Get A Marriage Certificate Chapter 1017 You Are Too Shameless Chapter 1018 Ill Beat Him To Death Chapter 1019 Blow On It More? Chapter 1020 Are You Leaving Or Not? Chapter 1021 You Were Being Tricked By Her All Along Chapter 1022 Being Made Dumb Because Of His Foolishness Chapter 1023 Biological Daughter Chapter 1024 Cant Manage To Contact Him Chapter 1025 Surprise And Scare Chapter 1026 Not Picking Up My Call On Purpose? Chapter 1027 Being Pressed On Until He Was Numb Chapter 1028 Car Hijacking Chapter 1029 The Target Is Lu Man Chapter 1030 Thankfully Han Zhuoli Was There Chapter 1031 We Were Just Joking Chapter 1032 Finally Getting The Marriage Certificate Chapter 1033 Mastermind Chapter 1034 Wang Juhuai Chapter 1035 I Have Something To Tell You All Chapter 1036 Kick Him Out Of The Han Family Chapter 1037 Evil Intentions Chapter 1038 Continue To Oppress Chapter 1039 The Two Of Them Fell Out? Chapter 1040 Time For A Dinner Party Chapter 1041 Is This Someplace You Can Enter? Chapter 1042 Something Wrong With Your Brain Chapter 1043 My Wife Chapter 1044 Chapter 1045 Chapter 1046 Chapter 1047 Chapter 1048 Chapter 1049 Chapter 1050 Chapter 1051 Chapter 1052 Chapter 1053 Chapter 1054 Chapter 1055 Chapter 1056 Chapter 1057 Chapter 1058 Chapter 1059 Chapter 1060 Chapter 1061 Chapter 1062 Chapter 1063 Chapter 1064 Chapter 1065 Chapter 1066 Chapter 1067 Chapter 1068 Chapter 1069 Chapter 1070 Chapter 1071 Chapter 1072 Chapter 1073 Chapter 1074 Chapter 1075 Chapter 1076 Chapter 1077 Chapter 1078 Chapter 1079 Chapter 1080 Chapter 1081 Chapter 1082 Chapter 1083 Chapter 1084 Chapter 1085 Chapter 1086 Chapter 1087 Chapter 1088 Chapter 1089 Chapter 1090 Chapter 1091 Chapter 1092 Chapter 1093 Chapter 1094 How Could You Blame Me When You Were Useless? Chapter 1095 Break Them Up Chapter 1096 You Know How To Do This? Chapter 1097 Showing Off Their Love Chapter 1098 Cant Stand This Chapter 1099 Being Unreasonable Chapter 1100 : Stopped Chapter 1101 My Mother In Law Lives In Yi Garden Chapter 1102 Imperious Chapter 1103 Making Things Difficult Chapter 1104 Dream On Chapter 1105 Created Huge Trouble Chapter 1106 Very Strong Backing Chapter 1107 He Would Bear That In Mind Chapter 1108 Are You Toying With Me? Chapter 1109 Chapter 1110 Chapter 1111 Chapter 1112 Chapter 1113 Chapter 1114 Chapter 1115 Chapter 1116 Chapter 1117 Chapter 1118 Chapter 1119 Chapter 1120 Chapter 1121 Chapter 1122 Chapter 1123 Chapter 1124 Chapter 1125 Chapter 1126 Chapter 1127 Chapter 1128 Chapter 1129 Chapter 1130 Chapter 1131 Chapter 1132 Chapter 1133 Chapter 1134 Chapter 1135 Chapter 1136 Chapter 1137 Chapter 1138 Chapter 1139 Chapter 1140 Chapter 1141 Chapter 1142 Chapter 1143 Chapter 1144 Chapter 1145 Chapter 1146 Chapter 1147 Chapter 1148 Chapter 1149 Chapter 1150 Chapter 1151 Chapter 1152 Good News Chapter 1153 : Nomination Chapter 1154 Backing Out Chapter 1155 Continuous Invites Chapter 1156 Who Else Is There? Chapter 1157 There Can Only Be Me Without Her Chapter 1158 No Need To Feel Troubled Chapter 1159 The Choice Chapter 1160 Ban Chapter 1161 Do You Think Im Suitable? Chapter 1162 A Waste Of God's Gifts Chapter 1163 : Cursing From Excitement Chapter 1164 He Would Be Willing To Offend Ten Of Them Chapter 1165 Different From The Past Chapter 1166 I Understand Chapter 1167 Down On Luck Jiang Yuhan Chapter 1168 Bearing A Grudge Chapter 1169 We Have Nothing To Fear Chapter 1170 Wang Juhuai Is Here Chapter 1171 Keeping It A Secret Chapter 1172 A Lifetime Series Chapter 1173 A Father's Support Chapter 1174 Is Lu Man Not Here Yet? Chapter 1175 A Slap In The Face Chapter 1176 What Is Going On? Chapter 1177 Nothing To Do With Them At All Chapter 1178 Officially Starting Chapter 1179 Everyone Makes Mistakes Chapter 1180 Lu Man Takes The Stage Chapter 1181 Lu Man Brought Them To Their Knees Chapter 1182 : Father And Daughter Chapter 1183 Public Announcement Chapter 1184 True Love Chapter 1185 Chemistry Chapter 1186 Down To Earth Chapter 1187 Surprisingly Beneficial Chapter 1188 One Beats Three Chapter 1189 Who Are We Meeting? Chapter 1190 Isn't He Crazy? Chapter 1191 Master Wang Is Surprisingly So Cheeky Chapter 1192 He Must Have Heard Wrongly Chapter 1193 Why Don't We Try And Give Ourselves Another Child Chapter 1194 : Yan Zhiqing Chapter 1195 Cooperate Chapter 1196 You Really Like To Just Happily Watch As The Matter Blow Up More Dont You Chapter 1197 A Slap In The Face Chapter 1198 : Grand Finale Chapter 1199 Lu Man Lu Man. Why Is It Always Lu Man? Chapter 1200 Breathless From Anger Chapter 1201 Doesnt Matter Dead Or Alive Chapter 1202 Admit Defeat Chapter 1203 Viewership Ratings Chapter 1204 Exploded Chapter 1205 The Judges Chapter 1206 Playing Dirty Tricks Chapter 1207 The Veto Power Of One Vote Chapter 1208 Use Public Means To Deal With Personal Revenges Chapter 1209 Wait For The Results Chapter 1210 Had The Same Thought Without Discussing Chapter 1211 Tell On Someone Chapter 1212 Get Them All One By One Chapter 1213 How Could He Possibly Ever Deserve The Chance The Meet Me? Chapter 1214 The School Called Chapter 1215 Name Whatever Condition You Want Chapter 1216 National Music Academy Chapter 1217 Reject All Of Them Chapter 1218 Regret Churning In Their Guts Chapter 1219 Should Be Back By Now Chapter 1220 Snatching A Person Chapter 1221 Han Zhuoli Personally Asks Chapter 1222 Complete Withdrawal Chapter 1223 Turned Cold Chapter 1224 Placating Chapter 1225 Didnt You Taste It Just Now? Chapter 1226 Preparing For Pregnancy Chapter 1227 Replacement Chapter 1228 Did You Forget About Lu Man? Chapter 1229 Hearing It Makes People Really Angry Chapter 1230 Attached Earlobes Chapter 1231 : Suspicion Chapter 1232 Quarrel Chapter 1233 Dont Hide Behind Your Daughter Chapter 1234 Discovered His Plans Early He Did Not Succeed Chapter 1235 As If I Forced You To Have A Child Chapter 1236 : Suggestion Chapter 1237 Respect The Eldest Sister In Law As I Would Respect My Mother Chapter 1238 If Its A Mistake Ill Apologize Personally Chapter 1239 Suspicion Chapter 1240 Why Are You Reacting So Strongly? Chapter 1241 Sending For Identification Chapter 1242 Lu Man Took Out Her Phone Zoomed In The Camera And Took As Many Pictures As She Could Chapter 1243 Dont Let Her Go Chapter 1244 Ill Find You First Chapter 1245 I Want To See If You Really Dare Chapter 1246 : Busybody Chapter 1247 What Kind Of People He Picked Chapter 1248 Couldnt He Tell? Chapter 1249 Sowing Discord In Our Family Chapter 1250 You Really Disgust Me Chapter 1251 Han Zhuoli Really Had Ill Intentions Chapter 1252 Shameless Chapter 1253 Its An Ornament Chapter 1254 Get It From Him Chapter 1255 Im Not Afraid Of You Blowing Things Up Chapter 1256 Dont Even Dream Of Negotiating Terms Chapter 1257 You Must Be Happy Over Finding A Plaything To Marry Chapter 1258 He Even Plotted Against His Own Father Chapter 1259 If You Dare To Intervene I Will Have A Fall Out With You Chapter 1260 You Dont Want To Live With Me Anymore? Chapter 1261 He Was Always The First In Her Heart Chapter 1262 Ive Waited For You For Thirty Years Chapter 1263 Sudden Sense Of Foreboding Chapter 1264 Regret Chapter 1265 Stop Harboring Hope Chapter 1266 Kicked Out Of The Family Chapter 1267 Sudden Bad Feeling Chapter 1268 Never Heard Of Anyone Who Would Set Up Their Own Son Chapter 1269 Threat Chapter 1270 Clan Order Chapter 1271 Two Kinds Of Orders Chapter 1272 You Deserve A Scolding Chapter 1273 This Knife Is Stabbed Too Viciously Chapter 1274 Attack On All Fronts Chapter 1275 Exterminating The Xia Family Chapter 1276 Anger And Frenzy Chapter 1277 Reduced By A Whopping Two Thirds Chapter 1278 Best Newcomer Award Chapter 1279 Needs Consoling Too Chapter 1280 Is There Something Wrong With His Brain? Chapter 1281 Confident Chapter 1282 Difficult Chapter 1283 Target Chapter 1284 Werent You Very Good At Talking Just Now? Continue Talking Chapter 1285 Han Zhuoling Was Seen Standing At The Door With A Glum Look On His Face Chapter 1286 To Leave Or Not? Chapter 1287 Why Is She Such A Klutz? Chapter 1288 Han Zhuoling Seems A Little Cute Chapter 1289 Qin Gouzi Chapter 1290 Sucking Up Chapter 1291 Wont It Scare Someone To Death? Chapter 1292 The Kind That Was More Reliable Than Biological Fathers Chapter 1293 Oh Her Reputation Chapter 1294 Isnt This Person A Fool? Chapter 1295 Was That Fool Trying To Confess To Him? Chapter 1296 Almost Kneeled For Wang Juhuai Chapter 1297 I Sit Where Lu Man Sits Chapter 1298 The Vip Among The Vips Chapter 1299 She Dared To Sit When Wang Juhuai Asked Her To Chapter 1300 Shes Not Even Marginally Qualified Chapter 1301 : Subconsciously Touched His Face Chapter 1302 A Dilemma Chapter 1303 How Can I Let You Take The Initiative For This Type Of Matter? Chapter 1304 This Is Such An Explosive News Chapter 1305 How Shameless Chapter 1306 Got Slapped With The Truth Suddenly Chapter 1307 Youre So Wise Chapter 1308 Sudden Chest Ache Chapter 1309 What Goddmn Line Up Is This Chapter 1310 As Long As You And I Are Together In The End Chapter 1311 I Am Just So Lucky Chapter 1312 Afraid That People Wont Ask Chapter 1313 Is Han Zhuoli Bearing Grudges Or What? Chapter 1314 Crazy About Pampering His Wife Overbearingly Protective Of His Wife Chapter 1315 Really Impressive Carrying The Certs Everywhere With Him Chapter 1316 Got Uncomfortable Under His Gaze Chapter 1317 : The Poor Award Winners Chapter 1318 No Need To Tell Her If Youre Dead Or Alive Chapter 1319 Whats Lu Man Doing? Chapter 1320 The Han Family Is Our In Laws Chapter 1321 Let Lu Man Fall Into A Big Trap Chapter 1322 Traps After Traps Chapter 1323 Walk Slower Easier For Everyone To Take Photos Chapter 1324 Bumping Into Han Zhuoli And Lu Man Everywhere Chapter 1325 : Malicious Discussions Chapter 1326 All Afraid Of Offending Han Zhuoli Chapter 1327 Lu Man Retaliates Chapter 1328 Dont You All Forget What Lu Man Does For A Living Chapter 1329 How Did It End Up On Him Chapter 1330 Im Going To Reason Chapter 1331 Why Dont I Make A Bet With You? Chapter 1332 Have Too Much Time On Your Hands Chapter 1333 Intriguing Chapter 1334 Cannot Stand Me And Cannot Even Do Anything About Me Chapter 1335 What Two Teams Can Do Together Chapter 1336 Hypocrite Chapter 1337 Feel The Respect Just From Mentioning His Name Chapter 1338 Already A Flop Before Premiering Chapter 1339 Lin Jinshu Revealed Chapter 1340 Han Zhuoli Spoke Chapter 1341 Wait Right Here Chapter 1342 If You Have Anything To Say Say It With The Door Open Chapter 1343 I Loathe You And I Am Disgusted By You Chapter 1344 You Are The Shameless One Chapter 1345 Lu Mans Idea Chapter 1346 : Boycott Lin Jinshu Chapter 1347 Difficult To Move Chapter 1348 Got Splashed With Red Paint Chapter 1349 What Do You Think? Chapter 1350 Why Are You So Foolish? Chapter 1351 : Fatten You Up Chapter 1352 How Can She Scold Him When He Was Praising Her Like This? Chapter 1353 Did Someone Tell You Something? Chapter 1354 No Little Vixen Can Seduce Him No Matter How Many There Are Chapter 1355 Change Your Mind Anytime Chapter 1356 Theres No Point Going Chapter 1357 : Still Like It Best With You By My Side Chapter 1358 Five Days Late Chapter 1359 : Ex Expecting? Chapter 1360 Congratulations You Both Chapter 1361 For The Next Few Decades You Have To Stay By My Side Chapter 1362 Treat It Seriously Chapter 1363 Having Such A Young Uncle Is Quite A Disadvantage Chapter 1364 You Are Our Eldest Daughter After All Chapter 1365 Badly Criticized Chapter 1366 Go Back Chapter 1367 Results Will Be Terrible Chapter 1368 Coming On Exchange To The Country Chapter 1369 Something Wrong With Their Brain Chapter 1370 Retaining Her Spot Chapter 1371 Get Ready For A Slap In The Face Chapter 1372 The Proof Speaks For Itself Chapter 1373 Release Of The Top Ten Results Chapter 1374 Lu Qi Caught Wind Of It Chapter 1375 Speaking Bad About Lu Man Again Chapter 1376 Persistent Chapter 1377 Recording Chapter 1378 Rejected Chapter 1379 Useless Bum Chapter 1380 Following Chapter 1381 Brother In Law Chapter 1382 Acting Dumb With Her Chapter 1383 Dont Believe She Wont Be Able To Wait For Him Chapter 1384 What Did You Call Me? Chapter 1385 Making A Fool Of Her Chapter 1386 Beautiful Misunderstanding Chapter 1387 Extremely Timid Chapter 1388 What Nonsense Are You Thinking About? Chapter 1389 Saliva Is The Best For A Wound Chapter 1390 Scandal Chapter 1391 Resale Chapter 1392 You Choose Chapter 1393 Setting A Trap For Han Zhuoli Chapter 1394 Already Rooted In My Heart Chapter 1395 A Tinge Of Regret Chapter 1396 Theres A Wild Cat At Home Chapter 1397 Dont Mind Being A Mistress Herself Chapter 1398 Wrong Morals Chapter 1399 Im Not A Dmn Reporter Chapter 1400 Your Sister In Law Hit Me Chapter 1401 Theres Still A Dmn Script? Chapter 1402 : They Actually Do This Too Chapter 1403 Good That Youre Going Chapter 1404 Announcing The Name List Chapter 1405 What Other Opinions Could They Have? Chapter 1406 Looking Extremely Upset Chapter 1407 Almost Cried From Anger Chapter 1408 Doubt Chapter 1409 Dont Use My Name Chapter 1410 This Is Unfair Chapter 1411 I Disapprove Too Chapter 1412 Whom Had She Offended? Chapter 1413 The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Is It? Chapter 1414 Something Wrong With His Brain Chapter 1415 Its All About The Style Chapter 1416 Becoming An Anti Fan Chapter 1417 Suspicions Chapter 1418 Misunderstanding Chapter 1419 : How Many Can Do It? Chapter 1420 The First Chapter 1421 Lesser Court Hymns: Qiao Yan Chapter 1422 Explosive Chapter 1423 Exposed Chapter 1424 : Wen Family Chapter 1425 Wei Wucai Chapter 1426 You Arrogant Dog Chapter 1427 Went Off Topic Because Of The Voice Chapter 1428 Lets Not Meet Chapter 1429 Think About It Chapter 1430 Walked In With A Glum Look Chapter 1431 You Hit Me Chapter 1432 Really Think He Was Stupid? Chapter 1433 It Shouldnt Have Been Like This Chapter 1434 Let Lu Qi Take The Blame Herself Chapter 1435 Blacklist Chapter 1436 Where Did Han Zhuoli Get Such A Strong Urge To Live? Chapter 1437 Han Zhuoling Became The Big Problem Chapter 1438 I Feel Pain For Both Of You Chapter 1439 Born With A Pretty Face Chapter 1440 : Dont Tell Me You Are Face Blind? Chapter 1441 Survivor Chapter 1442 : Invite Chapter 1443 Two Choose One Chapter 1444 Is It Wrong Being Single? Chapter 1445 The Winds Howl Around The Highest Peaks Chapter 1446 Shi Xiaoya Is Here Chapter 1447 Dedicated Makeup Artist Chapter 1448 You Know How To Turn Up For Work? Chapter 1449 Ready For Filming Chapter 1450 Han Zhuoling Saw Shi Xiaoya Chapter 1451 What Was Going On? Chapter 1452 Behind You Chapter 1453 She Even Dared To Hug Han Zhuoling Chapter 1454 How Embarrassing Chapter 1455 Want To Do The Great Young Master Hans Makeup? Chapter 1456 ll Swap With You Chapter 1457 Wanted To Kiss Him At First Sight Chapter 1458 There Will Be A Good Show To Watch Later Chapter 1459 : Thats All The Courage You Got? Chapter 1460 Is He Shameless Or What? Chapter 1461 Down To Earth And Honest Chapter 1462 Coquettish Chapter 1463 Young Master Ling Youre Good With Words Chapter 1464 Shell Do Chapter 1465 Purposely Making Her Uncomfortable Chapter 1466 Much More Satisfying Chapter 1467 So Far Away Chapter 1468 Angry At Himself Chapter 1469 Really A Little Thirsty For Some Reason Chapter 1470 Sounds Like Self Praise Chapter 1471 : Dont Be Scared Go Chapter 1472 He Could Even Guess This. Hes Not Human Chapter 1473 Everyone Dont Move Chapter 1474 How Can She Keep Hugging Han Zhuoling For No Reason? Chapter 1475 Just Let Han Zhuoling Keep Quiet Chapter 1476 I Say You Do Chapter 1477 Dont Do This Next Time Chapter 1478 This Young Lady How Generous Chapter 1479 You Cant Be The Only One Finding Hacks Chapter 1480 What Kind Of Scheme Is This? Chapter 1481 Han Zhuolings Too Smart Chapter 1482 Pretend Continue Pretending Chapter 1483 Theres Something Between You Two Chapter 1484 She Looked Rather Seductive Like This Chapter 1485 Arent Your Words Meant For Yourself? Chapter 1486 He Misunderstood Her Chapter 1487 Im Sorry Chapter 1488 He Even Feels Aggrieved Now? Chapter 1489 Stop Pretending In Front Of Me Chapter 1490 Fixed His Gaze On Shi Xiaoya Chapter 1491 What Are They Playing At? Chapter 1492 How Could Han Zhuoling Have Puppy Dog Eyes? Chapter 1493 He Didnt Use That Much Force Chapter 1494 I Dont Care About Others Chapter 1495 Not Here For A Date Chapter 1496 Asking For Praise Chapter 1497 Making Him Sound 10 Years Older For No Reason Chapter 1498 : Im Just Saying Why Are You Blushing? Chapter 1499 : What Are You Stuttering For? Chapter 1500 You Say Youre Looking At The Scenery When Youre Looking At Someones Sister Chapter 1501 Followed Chapter 1502 Must Be Side By Side Chapter 1503 : He Should Care About His Image Chapter 1504 This Answer Deserved Full Marks Chapter 1505 What Happened? Chapter 1506 : This Is A Good Suggestion Chapter 1507 You Know Her Address? Chapter 1508 Putting On A Show Chapter 1509 Look How You Startled The Lady Chapter 1510 This Lady Really Has Initiative Chapter 1511 Shamelessly Go After Chapter 1512 Suddenly Want To Go Chapter 1513 Feels A Little Disappointed Chapter 1514 He Really Knows? Chapter 1515 Biological Mom Chapter 1516 Turn All Eq Into Iq Chapter 1517 Second Wave Of Publicity Chapter 1518 Draw The Line Chapter 1519 Here To Challenge Chapter 1520 Bourbottes Nephew Chapter 1521 Sense Of Animosity Chapter 1522 : Shes The Only Talkative One Talking Non Stop Chapter 1523 Request Chapter 1524 I Felt Insulted Chapter 1525 Mocking Chapter 1526 Provocation Chapter 1527 We All Have A Straightforward Personality Chapter 1528 : Too Cunning Chapter 1529 Are You Really Okay With It? Chapter 1530 Seeing Shi Xiaoya And Guo Yujie Come In Chapter 1531 Isnt He Annoying? Chapter 1532 Came For Nothing Chapter 1533 Would I Send Flowers To A Mere Acquaintance? Chapter 1534 Need To Be Consistent Chapter 1535 Youre Hopeless Chapter 1536 Did He Not Have Human Rights Anymore? Chapter 1537 Could We Make It On Time? Chapter 1538 Difficult To Please Chapter 1539 Sharp Tongued Shi Xiaoya Chapter 1540 Lucky Chapter 1541 Are You Being Sarcastic With Me? Chapter 1542 Sarcasm Chapter 1543 Han Zhuoling Has Hope Chapter 1544 Hopefully Boss Can Do Well Chapter 1545 Saving A Seat Chapter 1546 Come And Sit Chapter 1547 That Sound Seemed To Have Rolled Over His Throat Chapter 1548 This Was Meant For You Chapter 1549 Being Adeptly Single Chapter 1550 Emotional Imbalance Chapter 1551 I Already Said Ill Send You Home Chapter 1552 Know Him Well Or Not? Chapter 1553 Han Zhuoling Took A Step Forward Chapter 1554 Ears Went Red Chapter 1555 Stunned Chapter 1556 A Little Hungry Chapter 1557 Leave It For Qin Zigou Chapter 1558 Looked Like She Was Scared Of Him Misunderstanding Chapter 1559 What Did Next Time Mean Chapter 1560 Looks Very Good Chapter 1561 Follow Chapter 1562 Not Like They Were A Couple Chapter 1563 There Seems To Be Something Lying On The Sofa Chapter 1564 Give My Male Idol A Followback Chapter 1565 Seeing Him Find A Good Partner Chapter 1566 Strange Chapter 1567 Your Is Brother Dating Someone Chapter 1568 Tell Me Honestly Chapter 1569 Is This For Real? Chapter 1570 As Long He Has A Goal Chapter 1571 Flattered Chapter 1572 Im Not Suspecting You Chapter 1573 Really Think He Was Stupid? Chapter 1574 Boyfriend Chapter 1575 : Han Zhuoling Smiled Upon Seeing That Chapter 1576 Got Shudders All Over His Body Chapter 1577 Come To My House Tomorrow? Chapter 1578 As If He Did Not See Chapter 1579 An Opportunity To Collaborate Chapter 1580 Sow Discord Chapter 1581 : Well Planned Chapter 1582 Smiling At Her Through The Crowd Chapter 1583 Getting Slapped With Reality Fast Chapter 1584 Arent Some People So Full Of Themselves? Chapter 1585 Unwilling To Leave After Seeing Her Chapter 1586 Stealing The Show Chapter 1587 Change Of Person Chapter 1588 After Sunset Chapter 1589 Why Are You Here Too? Chapter 1590 Withdrawal Chapter 1591 You Only Depend On Men Chapter 1592 Rattling Her Cage Chapter 1593 Accidents May Occur Easily Chapter 1594 Just Stay Single Forever Chapter 1595 Embarrassed No Matter How She Looked At The Words Chapter 1596 Why Did You Have Such A Huge Reaction? Chapter 1597 Why Are You Feeling Guilty? Chapter 1598 Who Did You Say Is Coming To Fetch You? Chapter 1599 : Saying Okay To Everything Chapter 1600 First Young Master Han Lives Up To His Name Chapter 1601 Suddenly Realizing Something Was Amiss Chapter 1602 Ill Put Everything Here At Your Place Chapter 1603 Its Actually The Same Type As Hers Chapter 1604 Feeling That He Was Pinching Her Waist Chapter 1605 How Is It So Thin Chapter 1606 In Her Bedroom Chapter 1607 Ill Shell It For You Chapter 1608 : In Passing Chapter 1609 Elder Brother In Law Chapter 1610 A Tad Scary Chapter 1611 Why Did She Look So Flustered Chapter 1612 Praising Him In A Roundabout Way Chapter 1613 Luckily She Did Not Let Anything Slip Chapter 1614 See A Hint Of Ripple Chapter 1615 Finally Came Through Chapter 1616 Scam Chapter 1617 Shouldnt He Follow Her? Chapter 1618 Dont Take Advantage Chapter 1619 Prestigious Chapter 1620 Didnt It Hurt His Conscience Saying This? Chapter 1621 Support Chapter 1622 Slap In The Face Chapter 1623 Sweet Secret Joy Chapter 1624 Things Are Not So Simple Chapter 1625 Han Zhuoling Called Early In The Morning Chapter 1626 Im Downstairs Chapter 1627 On The Way Chapter 1628 Youre Still Young Chapter 1629 Waiting For You Here Chapter 1630 Well Settle It When You Come Back Chapter 1631 Im Scared Of You Chapter 1632 Both Of You Are Dating Already? Chapter 1633 Saw Your Ex Husband Chapter 1634 Dont Know Which One Of Them He Is In Love With Chapter 1635 Blacklist Chapter 1636 Asking You For Help Chapter 1637 The Iron Tree Blooms Chapter 1638 Getting Ahead Of Herself Chapter 1639 Like A God Chapter 1640 Making Fun Of Chapter 1641 Not Hiding Anymore Chapter 1642 Like Her A Lot Chapter 1643 What Are They Talking About? Chapter 1644 Recommend Chapter 1645 : Threaten Chapter 1646 Looking Down On Him Chapter 1647 Want A Child Chapter 1648 : Support Chapter 1649 Mock Chapter 1650 : Beauty Lies In The Bones Not The Skin Chapter 1651 Scared Chapter 1652 Help Out Chapter 1653 : Shielding Shortcomings Chapter 1654 Wait And See Chapter 1655 The Person You Were Picking On Wasnt Me Chapter 1656 Do As You Wish Chapter 1657 Such An Intimate Greeting Chapter 1658 Eyes Blurred Chapter 1659 : Against The Heavens Chapter 1660 Immense Pressure Chapter 1661 More Interesting Than Your Work? Chapter 1662 What Do You Do When A Girl Gives You The good Person Card? Chapter 1663 Dont Let Me Know Who Did It Chapter 1664 This Young Lady Is? Chapter 1665 This Kind Of Reaction Is Actually Even More Scary Chapter 1666 They Just Wanted To Starve Chapter 1667 : Agitating Single Dogs Chapter 1668 You Can Also Call Me Mom Chapter 1669 In Such Moments Dont Add To The Mess Chapter 1670 You Think Han Zhuoli Will Do This? Chapter 1671 Not A Single Fan Chapter 1672 Harming Others Does No Good To Yourself Chapter 1673 Youre Quite Protective Of Her Chapter 1674 Spotlight Chapter 1675 Above Standards Chapter 1676 Even Felt Like Laughing Thinking About It Chapter 1677 Thought Its Possible Now Chapter 1678 Challenge Chapter 1679 Are You Interested To Try? Chapter 1680 Good Foresight Chapter 1681 Even Worse Chapter 1682 This Is Cheating Chapter 1683 Invite Chapter 1684 granddaughter In Law And Daughter In Law Double Brag Chapter 1685 False Bravado Chapter 1686 Did She See Wrongly? Chapter 1687 Too Sinful Chapter 1688 : Merciless Mockery Chapter 1689 : Really Feel Like Beating Him Up Chapter 1690 Dont You Feel Embarrassed Enough? Chapter 1691 Third Place Chapter 1692 Forgot About This Catch Chapter 1693 Instant Regret Chapter 1694 I Like To Look At You Chapter 1695 Only Seen On Three People Before Chapter 1696 Solved Shi Xiaoyas Problem With One Sentence Chapter 1697 I Think I Hear Someone Shouting Chapter 1698 You Have Quite A Deep Impression Of Him? Chapter 1699 After Asking That His Own Heart Withered Chapter 1700 Young Master Ling Youre Really Chatty Chapter 1701 Suddenly Felt Threatened Chapter 1702 Caught Off Guard By This Blame Shifting Chapter 1703 Great Pretense Chapter 1704 Tips Of Her Ears Twitched Chapter 1705 Did He Not Mind At All? Chapter 1706 Its Not Just Doting Chapter 1707 Not Quite Competitive Enough Chapter 1708 Isnt My Performance Obvious Enough? Chapter 1709 Are You Still Human? Chapter 1710 Im Also A Decent Match Chapter 1711 : Im Still Young Theres No Rush Chapter 1712 Caught In The Act Chapter 1713 Am I Someone Whos So Unaware? Chapter 1714 Ill Send You Personally Next Time Chapter 1715 A Kiss Before Leaving Chapter 1716 Was He That Confident? Chapter 1717 You Lose If You Really Get Angry Chapter 1718 When Did You Prepare This? Chapter 1719 A Whole New World Chapter 1720 I Want To Carry You Home Right Now Chapter 1721 Open Your Eyes Wide And Look Properly Chapter 1722 One Of A Kind Chapter 1723 Do You Know Where They Went? Chapter 1724 Could It Be Real Love? Chapter 1725 Refuse To Let Go Chapter 1726 Definitely Support Chapter 1727 Invite Chapter 1728 It Wont Be A Good Thing For You Chapter 1729 A Little Off Chapter 1730 Ultimately Shes The Incapable One Chapter 1731 Actually More Important Than His Job Chapter 1732 How Damn Familiar Chapter 1733 Coming Back Overnight Chapter 1734 You Did This All For Me? Chapter 1735 What Do You Think? Chapter 1736 Why Did She Even Hit Me? Chapter 1737 Dont Have A Card Chapter 1738 Why Dont You Give Me A Card? Chapter 1739 He Noted It Down Chapter 1740 Almost Touching Her Back Chapter 1741 Pulling Her Into His Arms Chapter 1742 : No Matter How I Take It You Still Look Good Chapter 1743 Pinned To The Top Chapter 1744 Can The Photos Look Better Than Him In Real Life? Chapter 1745 Secretly Kiss Her Chapter 1746 He Blushed Chapter 1747 That Was Really Very Exciting Chapter 1748 Actually Almost Snuggled In His Arms Chapter 1749 Whats Going On? Chapter 1750 Pulling Her Slightly Closer Into His Arms Chapter 1751 Definitely Did It On Purpose Chapter 1752 Didnt Become Ugly Chapter 1753 Thinks Well Of You Chapter 1754 So Nervous Chapter 1755 Why Are You Everywhere Chapter 1756 Definitely Will Not Entertain Chapter 1757 Change Tables Chapter 1758 I Am Societys Young Master Ling Ruthless And Not A Man Of Words Chapter 1759 : This Perseverance And Will More Than Enough To Move Peoples Hearts Chapter 1760 On The Verge Of Telling Her To Get Lost Chapter 1761 Actually A Little Afraid Chapter 1762 May I Come In? Chapter 1763 What In The World? Chapter 1764 Sticking Their Heads Out Chapter 1765 Did You Really Think I Didnt See You? Chapter 1766 Youre Not That Kind Of Person Chapter 1767 Look How Hes Protecting His Babe Chapter 1768 Look At You Beating Around The Bush Chapter 1769 Know Her Well Enough Chapter 1770 Breaking The Contract Chapter 1771 Not To Take Matters Into Your Own Hands Chapter 1772 Never Expected It Chapter 1773 You Will Thank Me For This Chapter 1774 : A New Method Of Playing Chapter 1775 No Wonder Chapter 1776 Who Drew The Winning Lot Chapter 1777 Her Right Hand Was Held By Another Hand Chapter 1778 So Sweet So Indulgent Chapter 1779 A Red Shadow Chapter 1780 I Am The First Person You Thought Of Chapter 1781 Follow Me Chapter 1782 What Was He Blindly Saying Some Big Truth For Chapter 1783 Three Year Old Han Chapter 1784 Whos Intelligence Are You Looking Down On Chapter 1785 : Wait For Me At The Exit Chapter 1786 He Hugged Her Chapter 1787 They Came Here To Date In Reality Right? Chapter 1788 Prize Chapter 1789 Congratulations To You Both For Joining The Small Dog Food Party Chapter 1790 Indigestion Chapter 1791 : So Petty Chapter 1792 Shameless Or What? Chapter 1793 Is He A Ladyboy? Chapter 1794 Novice Chapter 1795 Did He Go And Buy Hacks Chapter 1796 He Enveloped The Upper Half Of Shi Xiaoyas Body In His Embrace Chapter 1796 - He Enveloped the Upper Half of Shi Xiaoyas Body in His Embrace Chapter 1797 This Is Not A Car Headed For The Kindergarten Chapter 1798 Romance Exposed? Chapter 1799 Im Outside Your Door Chapter 1800 Weve Got Quite A Lot Of Scores To Settle Between Us Chapter 1801 As If The First Place In My Heart Had Changed Chapter 1802 Be My Girlfriend Please? Chapter 1803 Say Yes Chapter 1804 It Hurts Chapter 1805 Meet The Parents Chapter 1806 Disadvantage Chapter 1807 Just A Peck Chapter 1808 : Staying For The Night Chapter 1809 Tossing And Turning All Because Of You Chapter 1810 : Just Want To Come And See You Chapter 1811 This Would Not Be Deemed Respectable Chapter 1812 Why Are You So Cute Chapter 1813 Now You Dont Want To Let Me Go? Chapter 1814 Very Aggrieved Chapter 1815 Internal Arrangement Chapter 1816 Even Got Taken For A Bad Person? Chapter 1817 Sowing Discord Chapter 1818 Waiting For You Chapter 1819 Give You A Thumbs Up Chapter 1820 Its Not Your Style Chapter 1821 : Please Continue With Your Performance Chapter 1822 Act Out My Elimination For You Chapter 1823 So Guarded Chapter 1824 Like An Old Couple Chapter 1825 A Seamless Show Of Affection Chapter 1826 Hugging Han Zhuoling Tightly Chapter 1827 Bring Along Wherever I Go Chapter 1828 The World Is Changing Chapter 1829 : A Trap Chapter 1830 Something To Hide Chapter 1831 Dont Be So Open About It Chapter 1832 : Who Did You Say It Was? Chapter 1833 Han Zhuoling Is The Best Chapter 1834 Older Brother What Do You Think? Chapter 1835 In This Lifetime My Heart Will Only Be Moved This Once Chapter 1836 Roundabout Manner Chapter 1837 How Could You Do Such A Thug Like Thing? Chapter 1838 Guarding Against Him Chapter 1839 A Twist Of Fate Chapter 1840 No Proper Status And No Justifiable Reason Chapter 1841 Slightly Old Chapter 1842 Did I Scare You? Chapter 1843 Dared Not Speak Chapter 1844 How Troublesome Chapter 1845 Asking The Obvious Chapter 1846 Left It At My Girlfriends House Chapter 1847 Awesome Chapter 1848 Hated That He Could Not Appear Right Before Her Right Now Chapter 1849 If You Come Over You Might Not Be Able To Go Back Chapter 1850 Improved By Leaps And Bounds Chapter 1851 Whos So Gutsy Chapter 1852 Whos The Girlfriend Chapter 1853 Because I Wanted To See You Chapter 1854 Guts Growing Fatter And Fatter Chapter 1855 When Do You Intend To Move In? Chapter 1856 She Couldnt Understand His Tricks Chapter 1857 Just Say If You Dont Wish Me To Stop Chapter 1858 Since Its Already Open Why Dont Chapter 1859 Because Of Anxiety Chapter 1860 We Disapprove Chapter 1861 How Immature Chapter 1862 Dont Have Such Bad Judgment Chapter 1863 So Happy That She Felt Like Clapping Chapter 1864 Jealous Chapter 1865 Lets Discuss The Wedding Date Right Now Chapter 1866 The Way This Opportunity Was Caught Was Really Awesome Chapter 1867 Han Zhuoling Knows How To Act Cute? Chapter 1868 Did She Even Know How To Talk Chapter 1869 Cannot Help But Feel Proud Chapter 1870 : She Is Just Jealous Chapter 1871 Why Are You So Cute? Chapter 1872 Clingy Chapter 1873 Acting Cute Chapter 1874 What Did You Call Me? Chapter 1875 Accompany Me Chapter 1876 Can You Bear To Kick Me Out? Chapter 1877 Try A Different Way Chapter 1878 You Dont Need To Care About His Attitude Chapter 1879 : Dont Want To Talk To Him Chapter 1880 A Snob Chapter 1881 No Closeness Beats Biological Ties Chapter 1882 Stop Harboring Hopes Chapter 1883 Taking Advantage Chapter 1884 Making Things Difficult Chapter 1885 You Cant Chapter 1886 Understanding Chapter 1887 Dont Seem Like A Newcomer Chapter 1888 Making Presumptions Based On Seniority Chapter 1889 Target Chapter 1890 The Final Decision Chapter 1891 Afraid That No One Would Know Shes Magnificent Chapter 1892 Lets See How Similar You Are To The First Young Master Han Chapter 1893 Its Good To Have A Sister In Law Chapter 1894 You Can Be Envious But You Cant Be Jealous Chapter 1895 How Brainless Chapter 1896 Han show Off Wife Like Crazy Zhuoli Chapter 1897 Instant Kill Chapter 1898 Unexpected Benefits Chapter 1899 Dont Come Back Alone Next Year Chapter 1900 See If I Dont Break Your Legs Chapter 1901 You Wish Chapter 1902 The Problem Is Huge Chapter 1903 Little Innocent Lily Chapter 1904 Dont Go Too Far Chapter 1905 You Were A Mistress Yourself Chapter 1906 Dont Tell Me You Want To Spend It Alone? Chapter 1907 Another Home Chapter 1908 She Had To Do This Chapter 1909 Struck Lottery Chapter 1910 About To Give Birth Chapter 1911 If We Didnt Tell Her She Would Be Angry Chapter 1912 Gave Birth Chapter 1913 I Wouldnt Dare Chapter 1914 Balance Chapter 1915 - Scaring Himself Chapter 1916 - His Parents Are Reaching B City Today Chapter 1917 - The Attitude Then Chapter 1918 - Not Informing Us of Such a Big Matter? Chapter 1919 - Nothing to Do with Her Chapter 1920 - No One Forced Her Chapter 1921 - Not So Easy to Bully Chapter 1922 - Burden Chapter 1923 - Did Not Even Let Them Step into the House Chapter 1924 - Not This Attitude Anymore Chapter 1925 - Not Taking Away Now Chapter 1926 - Did You Both Not Look Up Man Man on the Internet at All? Chapter 1927 - Its All a Misunderstanding Chapter 1928 - An Ingrate Indeed Chapter 1929 - A Change in Attitude Chapter 1930 - Making a Stand