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In winter, it was getting late, and a girl's scream sounded deep in the deserted alley.

Snow flakes suddenly appeared in the sky, and pieces fell like goose feathers.

"It's really weird. It hasn't been snowed in Jiangcheng for eight hundred years, but it snowed today. If something goes wrong, there must be demons. Maybe some demons are going to awaken and come out to harm the world."

"Don't talk nonsense, your actions are quicker! Kill Lin Xiao as soon as possible, and when his hands get down, you will be in trouble!"

Yan Chenxi's loose consciousness was recalled by bursts of intense pain, as if she had had a long nightmare, and her head was split in pain.

Moved his stiff hand and reached for his head.

It's really bleeding...

Its been a long time since I realized the pain caused by the human body...

She supported the ground with both hands, endured the pain in her whole body, and slowly stood up against the wall. The wound on the top of her head was still bleeding, and the blood blurred her face and eyes.

In the blur, she saw a lot of people around her, men.

Yan Chenxi blinked her eyes hard, hoping to get her consciousness back into the cage sooner.

Seeing Yan Chenxi woke up unexpectedly, the headed Scarfaced man's expression changed.

"With my head opened, can I still wake up?" said the scarfaced man, and then took out a dagger and stabbed it towards the girl's body. "Little girl, if you didn't wake up, maybe you could still Live a little longer, now there is no way, I can only kill you immediately!"

Yan Chenxi looked at the dagger that was getting closer and closer to him, suddenly stretched out his **** hand, and firmly grasped the scarface man's arm.

"Are you trying to kill me?" Yan Chenxi asked softly, her innocent eyes flickering, accompanied by her funny and dull look, it seemed that there was no lethality at all.

The Scarface Man was taken aback for a moment. When the girl looked at him, there was no fear at all.

The look in his eyes was as if he was looking at a plush toy.

Naive, innocent...

He shook his head, thinking that he was ridiculous. Just now, the girl was like trash and knew nothing except crying and begging for mercy.

The man was fierce again, trying to stabbed to death Yan Chenxi.

But he found that no matter how hard he tried, his arm couldn't move, as if he was sealed.

Yan Chenxi blinked, and a soft voice came from his mouth, "It's not good to fight and kill."

The scarred man raised his head again in shock, but this time he saw not the thick bangs and reflective lenses, but the strange eyes under the lenses that seemed to be stained with blood.

Before he could react, a powerful force had thrown his whole person out, and his sturdy body hit the opposite wall.

The alley became quiet instantly.

The Scarfaced man hit the wall with his body, then fell to the ground, as if he fell apart.

After the subordinates reacted for a while, they all came forward to help him up.

"Kill me this girl!" the scarred man barked his teeth.

The subordinates hesitate a little, because of the changes just now, they dare not rush forward now.

The Scarfaced man was angry, "What are you doing in a daze! Don't hurry up and kill her!"

The subordinates rushed towards Yan Chenxi in a swarm, not believing that so many of them would not be able to clean up an injured girl!

After a few minutes

The men who were rushing forward before now have fallen to the ground in random directions.

Yan Chenxi turned his head and looked at the scared man standing against the wall with a look of horror.

"Don't come...Don't come!" The Scarfaced man yelled, flying around with a dagger in his hand. At this moment, there is still a trace of arrogance before him.

The girl stood very close in front of the Scarfaced man, not caring about the flurry of daggers, her voice was agile, as if she was reprimanding a small animal, "I told you that its not good to fight and kill, why not Obedient?"

"I was wrong...Don't come..." the scarfaced man hissed, his legs slumped and sat on the ground.

The girl squatted down with her innocent eyes wide open, stretched out her hand and firmly grasped the scarfaced man's dagger-wielding arm.

Facing the girl's innocent face, the Scarfaced man collapsed completely, "I was ordered to kill, and you saw it by yourself...I can only...can only kill you..."

Yan Chenxi looked at the collapse of the Scarfaced Man, shook her head and sighed, "Stupid humans, you have to pay for your stupidity."

"What..." The Scarfaced man was stunned, he still didn't understand the meaning of Yan Chenxi's words.

Yan Chenxi's body was thrown out like an object, and he slammed heavily on the ground. He rolled his eyes and passed out.

Yan Chenxi stood up, looked at the fainting man on the floor, and nodded in satisfaction.

At this time, they should know that they were wrong.

The wound on her head was still bleeding, and she felt a little dizzy.

So, he put his little hand on the wound on the top of his head and closed his eyes.

Before long, the blood has stopped.

When he put his hand down, the wound had healed.

"The energy is not enough..." Yan Chenxi whispered softly.

A strong wind blew, and behind a pile of abandoned construction waste, the faint smell of blood caught her attention.

He immediately banned his nose, and cast his eyes to the past.

Behind the pile of construction waste, relying on a wounded and bleeding man

Because of the bleeding, the man's face was a little pale, and his injury was near the heart.

The shirt was slightly open, and the blood from the wound was printed on the shirt, like a delicate red flower, reflecting the man's slightly pale face from the injury, and the whole person looked very enchanting.

Yan Chenxi walked up to the man and looked at him fixedly.

The sudden appearance of the little girl surprised the man very much.

She was already very weak, but she still narrowed her eyes dangerously, condensing her.

"Who are you?" The man's voice was low and dumb with a bit of coldness, and the corners of his mouth were slightly curved, revealing danger.

Yan Chenxi turned a deaf ear to what the man said, and squatted beside Lin Xiao, eyes falling on his bleeding chest.

Being approached by the girl, Lin Xiao immediately became alert, and a dangerous cold light burst into his eyes, "What are you going to do?"

The girl tilted her head and looked at Lin Xiao, "You are going to die."

After speaking, Yan Chenxi tore open Lin Xiao's shirt directly, and covered his chest with a little cool hand with rain.

Lin Xiao didn't change his face after being seriously injured.

But at this moment, his face changed.

Lin Xiao's eyes were gloomy, her thin lips pressed tightly.

Damn girl, not only cursed him to death, but also frowned upon him while he was injured!

Why are the little girls so slutty nowadays?

"Don't be too excited, your heartbeat is fast, you will die soon."

Stupid human beings, why don't they listen to her.

"Oh, forget it, because you look good, please help you."

Yan Chenxi's body began to lean forward, and under the dangerous gaze of the man, he leaned over to close to his chest.

I don't know how noble the identity of this man is in the empire.

The girl's mouth with death Barbie powder lipstick was impressively covered on Lin Xiao's thin lips, and her little cool hand was still on his chest.

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Chapter 538: Yan Chenxi is roaring Chapter 539: The price is so painful Chapter 540: It turns out that the smell of tears Chapter 541: Can't be him Chapter 542: We have to do business Chapter 543: Lose everything Chapter 544: All misunderstanding Chapter 545: Six Family Meetings Chapter 546: How could she be an ordinary woman Chapter 547: This is not a guilty conscience, what is it Chapter 548: Lin Xiao doesn't have the ability to lead us Chapter 549: The catastrophe of the Lin family Chapter 550: The root of everything Chapter 551: Grandpa depends on you Chapter 552: Ziheng Zizai, you are waiting for me Chapter 553: Kill the sky (plus more) Chapter 554: Don't want to hurt the innocent Chapter 555: Solved you now Chapter 556: The six families share the same hatred Chapter 557: She can only report it in person Chapter 558: Splashed on Lin Xiao's face Chapter 559: Unscrupulous offspring Chapter 560: Was called the call of the ancestors (make up) Chapter 561: Jade fragmentation Chapter 562: The ancient jade handed down no longer exists Chapter 563: Dawn, do you believe me Chapter 564: You must have misunderstood Chapter 565: He is the culprit of everything Chapter 566: That's her son Chapter 567: Because of you Chapter 568: We should be of the same kind Chapter 569: I still have to thank you Chapter 570: Please help us Chapter 571: The cubs she can't bear Chapter 572: It seems like it's going to explode Chapter 573: Then die Chapter 574: Defend the last dignity of mankind Chapter 575: What to avoid Chapter 576: It becomes a farewell Chapter 577: There has been a change Chapter 578: Chenxi must be fine Chapter 579: A loud noise Chapter 580: Don't waste your effort Chapter 581: It's impossible to kill me Chapter 582: It's too late Chapter 583: I killed you myself Chapter 584: She is a sinner Chapter 585: The world is about to collapse Chapter 586: I understand everything Chapter 587: Too frank, long time no see Chapter 588: Whoever you are, you have to die Chapter 589: Others are not important Chapter 590: I fulfill your wish Chapter 591: It's already a starry sky Chapter 592: You broke the law of life Chapter 593: Energy is interlinked Chapter 594: Don't do anything stupid Chapter 595: Brother Xiao is Aunt Rou's only son Chapter 596: No one see Chapter 597: Miss Yan after rebirth Chapter 598: Let you kneel down and eat shit Chapter 599: She is great Chapter 600: Yushan Ancestral Hall Renovation Chapter 601: Small talk Chapter 602: Gentle smile Chapter 603: I'll be the first for you Chapter 604: You are too kind Chapter 605: She didn't respond Chapter 606: I fight with you Chapter 607: Woke up Chapter 608: Somewhat uncomfortable Chapter 609: Talk about Chen Xi's idea Chapter 610: So you look like this Chapter 611: Very like a person Chapter 612: Dingding noble family Chapter 613: I will remember you Chapter 614: Was raised in the country Chapter 615: Miss Chen Xi speaks upside down Chapter 616: It really seems Chapter 617: Bad luck Chapter 618: That moment of heart palpitations Chapter 619: Can see the stars Chapter 620: Closeness Chapter 621: But made a joke Chapter 622: That super V customer Chapter 623: This is called no one Chapter 624: Laughed Chapter 625: Wait a minute, danger Chapter 626: It's dangerous Chapter 627: Do you remember Mr. Lin? Chapter 628: Why didn't you see that girl? Chapter 629: Why didn't Mr. Lin come with Miss Yan? Chapter 630: She had this feeling Chapter 631: More intense Chapter 632: She is really Yan Chenxi Chapter 633: Yan Shouli's family of three are terrified Chapter 634: Meet the ancestors Chapter 635: Little ancestor, long time no see Chapter 636: Return it to you intact Chapter 637: A gift from the ancestors Chapter 638: Rest assured, i'm back Chapter 639: You shouldn't be here Chapter 640: This man will remember her Chapter 641: She is still drunk Chapter 642: Can't hold back Chapter 643: Haven't sent it back yet Chapter 644: You don't care Chapter 645: I have cooked rice with my son a long time ago Chapter 646: Run away Chapter 647: Then I will kill you today Chapter 648: Come to see the Qin family Chapter 649: Turned out to be a driver Chapter 650: This orb cub is so cute Chapter 651: Very soothing Chapter 652: Is Yan Chenxis buyer Chapter 653: Is this officer older than you Chapter 654: Full of power in an instant Chapter 655: Weird Chapter 656: That's a family Chapter 657: Towards the Qin family Chapter 658: Offended the gods Chapter 659: The villagers are all blown up Chapter 660: This is not as good as a beast Chapter 661: Is this human Chapter 662: All retribution Chapter 663: I do Chapter 664: Where do i sit Chapter 665: Let's go to Jin Palace first Chapter 666: Then have to confess (plus more) Chapter 667: Should rely on her own efforts Chapter 668: No one like this has ever appeared Chapter 669: She will grow up on her own after all Chapter 670: As long as the ancestors are fine Chapter 671: Thinking of someone Chapter 672: Play a protective role Chapter 673: When did i lie to you Chapter 674: Brother Xiao is back Chapter 675: She was careless Chapter 676: Old lady's idea Chapter 677: He doesn't kiss me Chapter 678: Aren't you selfish Chapter 679: This woman who is attentive to her Chapter 680: To replenish his body Chapter 681: I'm afraid that I'll add to you Chapter 682: Intimacy Chapter 683: The rule is dead, people are alive Chapter 684: This is too ambiguous, right? Chapter 685: There are women on the top floor Chapter 686: Miss Ji, Lord Xiao is not here Chapter 687: Where is Lin Xiao's shadow outside? Chapter 688: There are women Chapter 689: Not even give her a chance to speak Chapter 690: Because of this woman Chapter 691: Face slapped Chapter 692: The order from Mr. Lin himself Chapter 693: Miss this season is very harmful Chapter 694: Since then, the king will not be early Chapter 695: The ancestors are still alive Chapter 696: We must not keep her Chapter 697: reason Chapter 698: Look at it, it won't be safe Chapter 699: I'm the best at cooking Chapter 700: The look in the eyes is not good Chapter 701: There are only two kinds of women Chapter 702: Your little blog Chapter 703: There is only one owl Chapter 704: Let him let me go Chapter 705: We also have sister relationships Chapter 706: A trace of compassion Chapter 707: How many things are in it Chapter 708: Leave everything else to me Chapter 709: They don't care about it Chapter 710: This is a substitution Chapter 711: Is it really Chapter 712: Aren't you curious Chapter 713: These eyes seem to be acquainted Chapter 714: People are always unsatisfied Chapter 715: Let her make a fool of herself in public Chapter 716: What can i do Chapter 717: Pretty boring Chapter 718: Bad cubs, you have to pay the price Chapter 719: Why not drink Chapter 720: I'll help her become Lin Xiao's woman tonight Chapter 721: My owl is the most measured Chapter 722: A little dizzy Chapter 723: What are you talking about here Chapter 724: The unspeakable truth Chapter 725: No second person knows Chapter 726: Don't go near there Chapter 727: All ruined Chapter 728: Exciting map of the country Chapter 729: Its better for kids not to know too much Chapter 730: Time is almost up Chapter 731: Such an exciting moment Chapter 732: I don't know who is in it Chapter 733: How is this dinner going Chapter 734: Don't know how to argue Chapter 735: More upset in my heart Chapter 736: There must be others who have seen it Chapter 737: You will regret this Chapter 738: Don't worry about us (plus more) Chapter 739: Scream like a pig Chapter 740: Can't get up yet Chapter 741: Obviously Brother Xiao Chapter 742: How many promises to fulfill Chapter 743: You don't come near me Chapter 744: Get rid of this lunatic Chapter 745: I just stared at Lin Ronghua Chapter 746: She is not such a person Chapter 747: She takes the blame Chapter 748: He slandered me Chapter 749: They were all bought by Lin Xiao Chapter 750: There is no clever means of those two people Chapter 751: This place full of nightmares Chapter 752: Stop pretending to be innocent Chapter 753: Dogleg look Chapter 754: Didn't you know it in your heart? Chapter 755: She still made her own Chapter 756: not comfortable Chapter 757: Like a poison Chapter 758: How can i help you Chapter 759: Silence Chapter 760: That's obviously an excuse to perfuse her Chapter 761: He hasn't married me yet Chapter 762: Never think about it Chapter 763: Blame me Chapter 764: How do ancestors want to punish me Chapter 765: I cook something delicious Chapter 766: Like an evil uncle Chapter 767: Let's get married Chapter 768: Tell the elders of Lin's family Chapter 769: What good news Chapter 770: You will live forever Chapter 771: Upgraded recipe Chapter 772: Very sweet, she likes Chapter 773: Don't mention unpleasant things Chapter 774: What's the use of saying these Chapter 775: So what's wrong with you Chapter 776: So jealous of a woman Chapter 777: Owl's punishment Chapter 778: This little girl never plays cards according to common sense Chapter 779: The God of Cooking Chapter 780: The best kitchen in the world Chapter 781: The things that Mr. Xiao is thinking about Chapter 782: Uncle and Miss Sister Chapter 783: What is the best kitchen in the world Chapter 784: How to be worthy of passing the word Chapter 785: Wait for it to fend for itself Chapter 786: Smashed it Chapter 787: This plaque does not have the surname Xiong Chapter 788: I hate the hearing of human beings on earth Chapter 789: Unruly girl Chapter 790: You are questioning my management ability Chapter 791: This little girl fouled Chapter 792: Not uncle, brother Chapter 793: Don't let me see, I don't bother to care about you Chapter 794: Fouls will be punished Chapter 795: He is indeed a good man Chapter 796: She would never be as knowledgeable as cubs Chapter 797: Some changes gradually took place Chapter 798: A woman can hold up half the sky Chapter 799: Such a big man Chapter 800: She can actually cook Yanjia food Chapter 801: This smell! Chapter 802: Will the old guy eat? Chapter 803: It's all over Chapter 804: That laugh makes the back chill Chapter 805: I haven't done it for a long time Chapter 806: watchandlearn Chapter 807: The exquisite knife craftsman Chapter 808: How could she be so fast Chapter 809: You won't be able to laugh later Chapter 810: Disappointed Chapter 811: Simply hateful Chapter 812: This girl speaks too presumptuously Chapter 813: See you making old Wu angry Chapter 814: Feel the love from above Chapter 815: Really turned out the flowers Chapter 816: Cried by incense Chapter 817: Have nothing to say Chapter 818: Old stuff, will you eat it? Chapter 819: Shameful thing Chapter 820: How did your eldest son die Chapter 821: Both people are involved Chapter 822: Think carefully Chapter 823: Some people you can't afford to offend Chapter 824: Silly X Chapter 825: Control everyone here Chapter 826: An unforgivable profanity Chapter 827: Was hit by the little girl Chapter 828: I want him to die too Chapter 829: I do not believe Chapter 830: Mr. Lin is the God of War Chapter 831: Sister, is Master in there? Chapter 832: Every time I know to pretend to be pitiful Chapter 833: Do not touch me Chapter 834: It's him every time the tormented Chapter 835: Better not to disturb him Chapter 836: She wants to hold the owl even more Chapter 837: How do you want to punish me Chapter 838: Why keep ignoring me Chapter 839: Lord Xiao's Order Chapter 840: It's horrible Chapter 841: There is not much time left for us Chapter 842: Are you full? Chapter 843: It's okay, I'm in good health Chapter 844: Something is wrong with you today Chapter 845: She doesn't need Chapter 846: Fire it up Chapter 847: Sister-in-law, what's wrong? Chapter 848: With her without me, with me without her Chapter 849: lost control Chapter 850: Dawn, why are you getting motion sickness Chapter 851: She has always been low-key Chapter 852: Chenxi knows everything Chapter 853: Isn't it dangerous outside? Chapter 854: Chenxi doesn't have a boyfriend, right Chapter 855: Why everything is dawn Chapter 856: Can't even run away Chapter 857: Just sit and wait Chapter 858: The wife of God of War is here Chapter 859: Who doesn't want to live Chapter 860: Dawn! Wake up! Chapter 861: Her wound did not heal Chapter 862: A sudden sharp pain in the abdomen Chapter 863: Who is she? Chapter 864: Shocked again Chapter 865: The call is not connected Chapter 866: Full of hostility Chapter 867: you disgust me Chapter 868: Her legal guardian Chapter 869: At that glance, he still remembers Chapter 870: Owl, I cant use energy anymore Chapter 871: There is indeed something growing in your body Chapter 872: Something that is not a tumor Chapter 873: She is an ancestor Chapter 874: You can't leave yet Chapter 875: Let go Chapter 876: The commander, it shook the sky Chapter 877: No longer your commander Chapter 878: Lack of seniority Chapter 879: Do you know who you are talking to Chapter 880: The opponent is the **** of war Chapter 881: Lin Xiao's own considerations Chapter 882: Let's ignore her from now on Chapter 883: Pity the parents of the world Chapter 884: I have a headache Chapter 885: Vaguely had a bad idea Chapter 886: He has the ability to see the whole picture Chapter 887: Killed them without knowing it Chapter 888: Why kill them Chapter 889: No small test Chapter 890: good news Chapter 891: She will forgive us Chapter 892: There is something wrong with Ji Peirou Chapter 893: So as to welcome the arrival of the little life Chapter 894: Child of the gods Chapter 895: Feel a horror Chapter 896: Zai Zai, I'm not a piece of paper Chapter 897: Doesn't feel normal Chapter 898: The future head mother of the Lin clan Chapter 899: Very scary Chapter 900: Like to kill Chapter 901: Go crazy and want to kill Yan Chenxi Chapter 902: Her eyes are so familiar Chapter 903: Do you know who I am Chapter 904: A sheep to be slaughtered Chapter 905: Cut 3000 knives Chapter 906: If there is no pain to the flesh, it will not be memorable Chapter 907: The old man's heart can't stand it Chapter 908: Send you back to Lin's mansion Chapter 909: This is very abnormal Chapter 910: This is also an obvious double standard Chapter 911: Yan Chenxi's tags Chapter 912: The old lady protects shortcomings Chapter 913: What the **** are you doing again Chapter 914: Resist the urge to kneel Chapter 915: Our young lady invited you to watch this big show Chapter 916: He just worries about this Chapter 917: This sinister woman Chapter 918: This Yan Chenxi is indeed suspicious Chapter 919: It's a good sentence to attach importance to filial piety Chapter 920: Yan Chenxi is most suspicious Chapter 921: Crusade her Chapter 922: It just so happened that I brought the fierce too Chapter 923: This is framed Chapter 924: Become weird and weird Chapter 925: A loud slap Chapter 926: The tenderness and guilt in his eyes are not for her Chapter 927: Seems to have said everything Chapter 928: Think carefully Chapter 929: Why is this **** always only in your eyes Chapter 930: Like two people Chapter 931: No one can wake up a person who wants to pretend to sleep Chapter 932: Ji Peirou, you are so stupid Chapter 933: There is even a shocking reversal Chapter 934: That is a hate embedded in the bones Chapter 935: Because it's fun Chapter 936: Really, then go to die Chapter 937: Sister-in-law, you are so handsome today Chapter 938: Try our best to treat Chapter 939: Treat the young lady as an ancestor Chapter 940: President wants to see you Chapter 941: President's respect for Lin Xiao Chapter 942: Everything in the Lin clan Chapter 943: President, he represents the image of the empire Chapter 944: Want to take it to the next level Chapter 945: Our six big families have a common ancestor Chapter 946: Not yet Chapter 947: She can't restrain herself at all Chapter 948: Yan Chenxi is his world Chapter 949: This cold shower is not good Chapter 950: Sure enough, I saw Yan Chenxi Chapter 951: By the way, people are always like okay people Chapter 952: Lord Xiao, dont you sleep at night? Chapter 953: There is really nothing new between them Chapter 954: Almost crying Chapter 955: Lin Xiao felt his heart stopped Chapter 956: Is there any freshness? Chapter 957: Its too much to wash it several times a night Chapter 958: This is for the Avengers, right? Chapter 959: Recognize me as godfather, I will give them a big red envelope Chapter 960: Dead, dead early Chapter 961: You raised me, you can't leave me alone Chapter 962: Be careful about this, don't break things Chapter 963: What are you worrying about? Chapter 964: In terms of etiquette, there is nothing wrong Chapter 965: When this is said, it's not right Chapter 966: Admit your mistakes, or you'll hang on forever Chapter 967: See how empathetic I am Chapter 968: Dawn has its own sense Chapter 969: Satisfied? Chapter 970: How dare this Lin Xiao daughter-in-law Chapter 971: I told you to shut up, did you hear Chapter 972: What's from Lin's family? Isn't that from my family? Chapter 973: Why, its not our Kui clan that gives orders Chapter 974: Lin Xiao, he is so perfect Chapter 975: Unplug this Dinghai Shen Needle Chapter 976: Nine months Chapter 977: One surname, one surname Lin, this is fair Chapter 978: Lin Xiao's mood is actually not good Chapter 979: come back earlier Chapter 980: Something is wrong Chapter 981: Lin's Building is blocked Chapter 982: Hits followed Chapter 983: Imprisoned Chapter 984: Storm is coming Chapter 985: Is Bian Zhenqiang clear? Chapter 986: Don't die, I'm still there Chapter 987: Collapsed in an instant Chapter 988: Can't reverse the situation Chapter 989: Bian Zhenqiang died, but Lin Xiao killed it Chapter 990: Make a clear distinction with the Lin clan Chapter 991: The ancestor is gone Chapter 992: Temporarily marginalized Chapter 993: They just waited, the moment they saw the bright moon out of the dark clouds Chapter 994: Fuck, still jumping, jumping Chapter 995: You are dead Chapter 996: Miss my wife Chapter 997: Liu Qi, I'm not right Chapter 998: Old ancestors, all this, is it your punishment for us Chapter 999: Cut through the sky, broke the tranquility Chapter 1000: OK Chapter 1001: We are here to do business Chapter 1002: They dare not do anything to us Chapter 1003: It is almost equal to the original black snake Chapter 1004: What kind of hatred or hatred is it, so unfeeling to do it Chapter 1005: I'm not one of those rubbish Chapter 1006: God of War's wife is very beautiful Chapter 1007: Self-healing Chapter 1008: Forget it, let me do it myself Chapter 1009: Who of them is the boss Chapter 1010: Life is gone, what are you still calm? Chapter 1011: Then betray him Chapter 1012: What the **** is this guy Chapter 1013: Its not that he doesnt want to move, but that he cant move Chapter 1014: Young lady, so strong Chapter 1015: Sure enough, it's not an ordinary human Chapter 1016: Your leader asked me to bring a word Chapter 1017: The shadow is about to reappear Chapter 1018: Just say it, he's completely finished Chapter 1019: Trance to doubt life Chapter 1020: So unwilling Chapter 1021: No longer our **** of war and faith Chapter 1022: Since it is a belief, why would it easily change Chapter 1023: Surname Kui, I killed you Chapter 1024: He knew that he was going to die Chapter 1025: She has come back Chapter 1026: I am your ancestor Chapter 1027: Yes it's horror Chapter 1028: He just wants to live Chapter 1029: Why didnt I do it obediently when I gave you a chance? Chapter 1030: Ancestor, i beg you Chapter 1031: My mother is the real wise man Chapter 1032: Now how do you show your filial piety Chapter 1033: Return it together Chapter 1034: Are they ordinary people Chapter 1035: Talking to you, are you all dumb? Chapter 1036: Finally become the master here Chapter 1037: Weird Chapter 1038: Who knows where the old guy with a dumb face came from? Chapter 1039: What are you masters Chapter 1040: Not big or small Chapter 1041: Kneeling that bitch Chapter 1042: I have a bad feeling in my heart Chapter 1043: It's like a sheep enters the mouth of a tiger Chapter 1044: Give you a chance to show filial piety to me Chapter 1045: She really felt the pain, but the heart Chapter 1046: When did i say i would forgive you Chapter 1047: My ancestor taught you a lesson Chapter 1048: Young lady is poisonous, right Chapter 1049: He is the strongest ruler Chapter 1050: Lin Xiao, you have no more room to turn back Chapter 1051: The network system was hacked Chapter 1052: Is there a higher-profile comeback way than this? Chapter 1053: How come there is a light show in such a solemn place Chapter 1054: Lao Tzu is your ancestor Chapter 1055: Catch with one's hands Chapter 1056: So everyone can see me Chapter 1057: It's so funny Chapter 1058: Hurry up and open this broken box to Lao Tzu Chapter 1059: This paragraph is impassioned Chapter 1060: Life and death are in his hands Chapter 1061: This is not the result he wanted Chapter 1062: What kind of high-tech fireworks is this Chapter 1063: The sky of the imperial capital Chapter 1064: Mr. President panicked completely Chapter 1065: You deserve to be the captain Chapter 1066: The last chance was wasted by you Chapter 1067: This is their bottom line Chapter 1068: Only the devil will go to **** after death Chapter 1069: Dreams are beautiful, but reality is ugly Chapter 1070: Is he really so unbearable? Chapter 1071: Your family and children will die Chapter 1072: The trend is gone Chapter 1073: It's the **** critical moment, and I'm still thinking about my daughter-in-law Chapter 1074: Do you think I will care about this position Chapter 1075: It's a piece of cake Chapter 1076: Are you trying to make me amnesia? Chapter 1077: see it? It's Lao Tzu! Chapter 1078: Next, its you who suffer Chapter 1079: Thank you for coming back Chapter 1080: Their **** of war is back Chapter 1081: Totally relieved Chapter 1082: Jaw dropped Chapter 1083: The overall situation is set Chapter 1084: Our baby, you haven't seen it yet Chapter 1085: In a hurry Chapter 1086: Is it my sister? Chapter 1087: The most perfect artwork Chapter 1088: Don't hold me like this, it's a little tight Chapter 1089: Xiaoye gets beaten Chapter 1090: I'm hitting you, don't tell Chen Xi girl Chapter 1091: There are supernatural beings like you, how many more Chapter 1092: He is doomed to sleepless Chapter 1093: People come in Chapter 1094: Can I give you something to eat below? Chapter 1095: Lard Noodle Soup Chapter 1096: Is Lord Xing staying here tonight? Chapter 1097: Such a beautiful thing Chapter 1098: The Imperial Capital Lins Building was completely unblocked after being banned for one day Chapter 1099: Fear that Lin Xiao will take his position as the chief executive Chapter 1100: Mr. Xing is not my master Chapter 1101: If you can see me, of course I would be happy Chapter 1102: Zai Zai, you are doing well Chapter 1103: Nephew, are you uncomfortable? Chapter 1104: The owner of the house is not the owner of the house, for him Chapter 1105: Fight for their own, conceited for survival Chapter 1106: You are more concerned about the empire than me Chapter 1107: Worry-free Chapter 1108: It will be a long process Chapter 1109: Seal up their energy first Chapter 1110: People can't do bad things Chapter 1111: This kid, shouldn't it be a brain problem? Chapter 1112: Hardworking, honest and not hypocritical Chapter 1113: This woman just doesn't understand this rule Chapter 1114: I got into trouble Chapter 1115: Conservative sport Chapter 1116: Too edible Chapter 1117: Turned out to be a cheap thing Chapter 1118: She doesnt question anymore, she looks at the head office Chapter 1119: That bottle of wine is my treasure Chapter 1120: That native girl, what qualifications is worthy of Master Xing's kindness to her Chapter 1121: I have something important to tell you Chapter 1122: Big thing Chapter 1123: The uncontested thing Chapter 1124: Started to get excited Chapter 1125: Those people look very promising Chapter 1126: Blood surging in my heart Chapter 1127: Isn't it dying? Chapter 1128: Don't make mistakes Chapter 1129: Gave him a look of approval Chapter 1130: Isnt the food spoiled as soon as it is tested? Chapter 1131: The Lin clan standing on top of the world Chapter 1132: That was not what I meant Chapter 1133: Is the big one big? Chapter 1134: Today's Xiaoye, how weird Chapter 1135: Wow, they are discussing the boss Chapter 1136: Be good, you know Chapter 1137: Is it her, did you say something wrong? Chapter 1138: So they can only endure Chapter 1139: It's not my mother Chapter 1140: It's not the same, it's what he is good at and likes Chapter 1141: I don't like dogs Chapter 1142: Why did you feel abnormal just now Chapter 1143: There are special marks on the baby Chapter 1144: You are not my sister's daughter Chapter 1145: How do you want to treat me Chapter 1146: To officially introduce her to the world Chapter 1147: This smile is so familiar Chapter 1148: Reminds me of a person Chapter 1149: The genes are strong, the hidden aura will be very strong Chapter 1150: Just a wife of a merchant family Chapter 1151: Frightened Secretary Zhu Chapter 1152: Forget it, she still has Qin Baozhu Chapter 1153: Your daughter is sloppy Chapter 1154: You really look like my wife Chapter 1155: She said she was losing money, and she would have no food if she didn't work. Chapter 1156: I want to teach her some principles of life Chapter 1157: Such a powerful character, no wonder Bian Zhenqiang pays so much attention to it Chapter 1158: Xiaoman, you really got into trouble this time Chapter 1159: I want to see, I can see it from time to time in the future Chapter 1160: This person is really hateful Chapter 1161: I think Baozhu is a pretty good girl Chapter 1162: It turns out that this is the real giant Chapter 1163: Can you still not get Xing Yanbo's attention? Chapter 1164: At this moment, Quan Man finally couldn't sit still. Chapter 1165: It almost hurts worry-free Chapter 1166: Today, she has already apologized twice Chapter 1167: Qin Baozhu is Mr. President's biological daughter Chapter 1168: Just let Bian Zhenqiang do the things you apologize for Chapter 1169: She feels like a man on her back Chapter 1170: It's you again, why are you always Chapter 1171: Bian Zhenqiang is already disappointed in her Chapter 1172: Not only is it gone, it will be forever Chapter 1173: Suspicious person Chapter 1174: That little girl is really going to suffer for Bian Zhenqiang Chapter 1175: The ancestors said helplessly that these kidnappers really couldn't move them. Chapter 1176: To disturb the ancestors rest, use sharp weapons in front of the elders. Chapter 1177: Wait a minute, you will know Chapter 1178: Just say that idiot is unreliable Chapter 1179: Not fresh, not tasty Chapter 1180: Nothing will happen in the future Chapter 1181: You are going to sell us Chapter 1182: This idiot, I dont know whats in my mind Chapter 1183: This man is crazy Chapter 1184: Who are her biological parents? Chapter 1185: Dare to move Chapter 1186: Why did you rebel? Chapter 1187: Did they treat you like Chapter 1188: You will kick him to death Chapter 1189: But you can't kill him Chapter 1190: He was sloppy Chapter 1191: Forgive me, I will say everything Chapter 1192: I don't hate Chapter 1193: You are as hypocritical as your father Chapter 1194: Grateful to Yan Chenxi Chapter 1195: The two of them are also weird Chapter 1196: Talk alone Chapter 1197: Bian Zhenqiang tears in his eyes Chapter 1198: It turns out that he was really sloppy Chapter 1199: Steel Straight Guy Chapter 1200: You also check my phone Chapter 1201: Did you cheat? Chapter 1202: What kind of fairy-level brother is this? Chapter 1203: My man, can't let other women watch Chapter 1204: Miss hurry up and get ready Chapter 1205: From now on, she can walk sideways in the Empire Chapter 1206: He is married Chapter 1207: How old am I now, I'm not in a hurry Chapter 1208: Tomorrow she will never lose face Chapter 1209: tomorrow Chapter 1210: She is the daughter of your boss, Bian Zhenqiang Chapter 1211: Let them in Chapter 1212: Even Xing Yanbo came in Chapter 1213: I want to introduce someone to everyone, my daughter Chapter 1214: Call them these three scammers Chapter 1215: Qin Baozhu, you must not lose face Chapter 1216: End of public speech Chapter 1217: When are you going to make me satisfied? Chapter 1218: It's true that this person shouldn't be soft-hearted Chapter 1219: One set in person, one set behind Chapter 1220: Even he can't keep his senses anymore Chapter 1221: crazy! This woman is crazy! Chapter 1222: I'm not for you, I'm for my orb cub Chapter 1223: Should your daughter call me uncle? Chapter 1224: Is this person scumbag? Chapter 1225: There are so many cow dung outside, its too dangerous Chapter 1226: Hmm, blessings! Chapter 1227: Confrontation Chapter 1228: We are not suitable Chapter 1229: He is not worthy of her Chapter 1230: Strange call Chapter 1231: Have fun if you want, dont talk about feelings Chapter 1232: When she grows up, she will fall in love, get married, and give birth to cubs. Chapter 1233: You are an unequal treaty Chapter 1234: Maybe there will be a place for you in the imperial capital Chapter 1235: What are you dreaming about? Chapter 1236: That's really Guangzong Yaozu Chapter 1237: She is the most noble Chapter 1238: Anyway, sooner or later I'm going to marry Chapter 1239: You can wait, time will prove everything Chapter 1240: The other party is just singing a one-man show Chapter 1241: It's not easy to come once Chapter 1242: A selfish scar Chapter 1243: Fooling around with this kind of inconsistent people Chapter 1244: Why did you come to see her in the imperial capital? Chapter 1245: Quickly settle his marriage and let him take care of it Chapter 1246: You can greet others well later Chapter 1247: Mocking oneself Chapter 1248: Are you really angry with me forever? Chapter 1249: Surprised, but also strange Chapter 1250: Is it a madman, or a big boss Chapter 1251: How is it now? Are you kidding me? Chapter 1252: Can't go anywhere Chapter 1253: Elbow turned outward Chapter 1254: I can do whatever I want to you Chapter 1255: It must be an abnormal brain Chapter 1256: The second generation ancestor of the dandy Chapter 1257: Who is the man who took Shang Yufei away? Chapter 1258: Seriously different from the past Chapter 1259: Many different sides Chapter 1260: Its also very fast and his heartbeat Chapter 1261: Are you sure it's a girl Chapter 1262: Black all Chapter 1263: I want to wake up as soon as possible Chapter 1264: Didn't you sleep all night? Chapter 1265: What other purpose Chapter 1266: My ancestor's sister-in-law, I will follow you today Chapter 1267: Never do things for personal gain Chapter 1268: Why refuse Chapter 1269: Don't you feel it, it's a bit cold Chapter 1270: I really dont want someone to talk to you Chapter 1271: Can't lose Chapter 1272: You don't want Geng Rui to be with Yufei Chapter 1273: You guys are foul Chapter 1274: Young man, calm down Chapter 1275: The earth will always be the earth of mankind Chapter 1276: BOSS Chapter 1277: Call an empire girl BOSS Chapter 1278: This is a punishment for your despicable behavior Chapter 1279: Not impossible Chapter 1280: The cubs are all grown up Chapter 1281: My ancestor's sister-in-law said that he wanted him to be a polite person Chapter 1282: Geng Rui had pursued Shang Yufei at that time Chapter 1283: Cousin Chapter 1284: Why did you feel cold all of a sudden? Chapter 1285: What's the meaning? Is he old Chapter 1286: Shang Yufei's family conditions are not bad Chapter 1287: No wonder Geng Rui would pursue Shang Yufei Chapter 1288: That's not a must to sprinkle sugar every day Chapter 1289: A normal piece of clothing Chapter 1290: To warn her not to be with Geng Rui Chapter 1291: Although he is upset, he does not regret it Chapter 1292: Smile as bright and brilliant Chapter 1293: It turns out that this is love Chapter 1294: Became an obsession Chapter 1295: For a bitch, not guilty Chapter 1296: You deserve to be a father too Chapter 1297: Throw it before you finish playing Chapter 1298: Dog men and women! I killed you! Chapter 1299: A stranger who has no feelings for him Chapter 1300: I admit that I beat people, but I didn't commit a crime Chapter 1301: I knew that my cousin would not leave me alone Chapter 1302: Secretary Zhu, are you okay? Chapter 1303: This thing is not an ordinary petty mess Chapter 1304: Will this become troublesome Chapter 1305: Royal Academy of Art, dont want to stay any longer Chapter 1306: That's a majestic and arrogant Chapter 1307: When these words came out, Jiang Li almost quacked. Chapter 1308: Afraid and regret Chapter 1309: Mean and selfish Chapter 1310: Its not what an adult teaches, what does he learn Chapter 1311: The facts are so serious Chapter 1312: This matter must be taken seriously Chapter 1313: A machine without emotion Chapter 1314: Is it for the so-called pension money? Chapter 1315: Our family is going to be poor, right? Chapter 1316: Now that I regret it, what have you been doing? Chapter 1317: Give these people the heaviest punishment Chapter 1318: After all, they are good friends Chapter 1319: Are you in love? Chapter 1320: Today I want to introduce someone to you Chapter 1321: People here Chapter 1322: It turned out that everything was because of Shang Yufei Chapter 1323: Everything depends on whether he is willing or not Chapter 1324: So love will disappear right? Chapter 1325: Reminiscence Chapter 1326: Is there a relationship that is not human Chapter 1327: Only you can rely on Chapter 1328: Good man Chapter 1329: Today, Xiaobo will come too Chapter 1330: Liu Qi, close the door Chapter 1331: Her young wife is sacred Chapter 1332: Her young wife is naturally the most beautiful in the world Chapter 1333: Can't it, is there any misunderstanding? Chapter 1334: That person's status and status are extremely high Chapter 1335: I would rather go back and be a bird Chapter 1336: Their ancestors Chapter 1337: Todays happy life is given by our ancestors Chapter 1338: I want to see what is left in the final time Chapter 1339: From now on, it will be a family Chapter 1340: Dont forget, there is still dawn Chapter 1341: Grapes are not as sweet as small things Chapter 1342: You are the unique Yan Chenxi Chapter 1343: Play Chapter 1344: sweet Chapter 1345: I am going to introduce a girlfriend to Xiaobo Chapter 1346: Xiaobo, don't you want to Chapter 1347: Very good match Chapter 1348: Emotional things, cant be forced Chapter 1349: Yes, my name is Bian Xuejiao Chapter 1350: The sound is a bit strange Chapter 1351: I'm so angry Chapter 1352: Sorry for letting you down Chapter 1353: too fast Chapter 1354: Little things, you changed Chapter 1355: She will once again become a character in history Chapter 1356: Dont forget, Im the spirit god Chapter 1357: Hope you can succeed Chapter 1358: Two lines of bitter tears Chapter 1359: Ordinary people really can't bear it Chapter 1360: My mom is very punctual Chapter 1361: I am An Ran's mother Chapter 1362: What are you doing so seriously? Chapter 1363: Mommy is so handsome Chapter 1364: Listen, is this what my father should say? Chapter 1365: Elite Summer Camp Chapter 1366: Pull down the overall level Chapter 1367: That's a gap, you can't cross it Chapter 1368: This kid is so interesting Chapter 1369: I certainly wont, so its a nonsense Chapter 1370: This painting is really good Chapter 1371: Dad wants to be together with Mommy Chapter 1372: Miss mom Chapter 1373: Not as good as elementary school students Chapter 1374: Teacher, are you sure it's me Chapter 1375: In everything, you have to find out more from yourself Chapter 1376: Natural Elementary God Chapter 1377: Comparable wind, dont have it Chapter 1378: Too much Chapter 1379: It's about dignity Chapter 1380: Groaning again and again Chapter 1381: Fight again Chapter 1382: What kind of international joke Chapter 1383: If you dont speak martial ethics, you have to be punished. Chapter 1384: Tonight, it was really exciting Chapter 1385: Unless, I die, or this earth is destroyed Chapter 1386: Go home to be a good baby Chapter 1387: This pair of siblings is quite interesting Chapter 1388: A group of brainless fools Chapter 1389: Good boy, obedient Chapter 1390: Zhan Zeyang is with them too Chapter 1391: Storm clouds and strong winds Chapter 1392: Teacher Xiaoxue Chapter 1393: Its not lifting, its flying Chapter 1394: It's time to come, it's coming Chapter 1395: Now, it's really tricky Chapter 1396: Messed up Chapter 1397: As powerful as the spirit god Chapter 1398: She is totally unable to resist Chapter 1399: Above him, only Taitan and Spiritual God Chapter 1400: Let's go back Chapter 1401: I really want to die with the spirit god Chapter 1402: Are you really good like this? Chapter 1403: Strange feeling Chapter 1404: He dare not Chapter 1405: We are Anran worry-free parents Chapter 1406: He is borrowed from the old sister's light Chapter 1407: His old sister is wishful thinking Chapter 1408: Birthday party Chapter 1409: I can't go back Chapter 1410: You and your daughter really look alike Chapter 1411: Lovely Chapter 1412: I have a good show now Chapter 1413: Zhan Zeyang, I am 22 years old today Chapter 1414: Completely put away my heart Chapter 1415: I won't pester you anymore Chapter 1416: I think you are quite happy Chapter 1417: This home, what I say Chapter 1418: If that person is me, it's a different matter Chapter 1419: Was it threatened by Lin Wuyou? Chapter 1420: In the sky, there is a meteor passing by Chapter 1421: Marry a daughter Chapter 1422: Your God of War's personal design collapsed Chapter 1423: If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight (end of full text)