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“Su Cha, why didn’t you rebut her claims?”

Right after Su Cha sat down, many contestants directed their gaze towards her. Everyone seemed less concerned about Contestant 18’s performance.

All the contestants wanted to know if Su Cha was as calm as she appeared to be.

To the contestants, it was disappointing to see Su Cha so serene and unperturbed off stage. Her eyes were as clear as spring, and there were no signs of uneasiness.

Hearing Le Anqi’s question, Su Cha slightly curved her lips into a small smile, “She is the judge, Anqi. You have to remember that.”

Su Cha slowly turned her gaze towards Yu Siqing, who was on stage. Yu Siqing had been observing Su Cha as she got off the stage. When she noticed Su Cha’s piercing gaze on her, Yu Siqing felt her heart involuntarily tightened.

It was as if someone had tightly clenched her heart. Yu Siqing’s seemingly peaceful eyes sensed danger, and she felt suffocated.

After her heart momentarily stopped in shock, it started racing and beating violently.

Yu Siqing could clearly hear the sounds of her racing heart as it drowned out all other sounds around her.

The suffocating pressure on Yu Siqing was finally released when Su Cha averted her gaze.

Yu Siqing’s body collapsed backward, her sudden movement caused her chair to screech. Her actions were caught by Quan Jia, who shot her a disapproving look. Quan Jia warned, “Teacher Yu, the contestant is still singing. Watch your behavior and do not disrupt the performance.”


Yu Siqing’s face turned pale in fear and shame, she could not describe how she felt when Su Cha was staring at her.

She did not want to admit that she was frightened.

After receiving Quan Jia’s warning, Yu Siqing knew that Quan Jia was dissatisfied with her comments about Su Cha. Yu Siqing swallowed her pride and replied, “I felt a little faint.”

Quan Jia sneered, she did not believe Yu Siqing’s words.

Offstage, Le Anqi noticed Yu Siqing’s expressions and whispered in Su Cha’s ears, “Do you think she is crazy?”

Su Cha lowered her eyes and quietly listened to Contestant 18’s singing. When the performance ended, Su Cha muttered to herself, “There is only one chance.”


Su Cha and the other contestants left the venue after the competition ended in the afternoon.

When they left, the contestants bumped into Quan Jia, who was leaving the venue with a glum expression. Zhao Cunjian had no choice but to follow carefully behind her. Yu Siqing glanced at the contestants and gave a faint hum before leaving the scene with her head held high.

After all, Yu Siqing was a celebrity host with a small fanbase. As compared to the contestants, she was considered popular, and it was normal for her to show some attitude.

Fortunately, the competition was not broadcasted live, and the scenes shot had to be sent for editing. Otherwise, with what had happened today, the competition would be heavily criticized by the public.

Even the blind would be able to tell the huge differences among the judges. Yu Siqing had judged the entire round without any professionalism.

Her behavior today had proved that she had gotten the judging role through her personal connections and not her capabilities.

“There’s something wrong with Yu Siqing!”

Le Anqi screamed the moment she stepped out of the competition venue.

As the judges and production crew were not present, she was unafraid of anyone overhearing her.

Several contestants passed by with a meaningful look on their faces. Most of them took some pleasure in Su Cha’s misfortune, and they did not comfort her.

Although Su Cha did not need to be comforted.

“Su Cha,if I were you, I would have rebutted her claims on the spot. All the judges had praised you for the performance. What she said was like a slap in the other teachers’ faces!”

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