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"Who am I? Where am I? What's the situation?" Rota looked at the dense forest surrounding him with a puzzled look and asked his soul three times. Didn't he make up for it at home?

The situation in front of him made Rota a little puzzled for a while. Did he catch up with the enthusiasm of crossing the army?

After repeated confirmations, Rota believed in the fact that he had already crossed, and the peculiar and weird deep forest surrounding it was not like a spectacle that could appear on earth.

They come, the security. Rota didn't have too many thoughts, since he has crossed, then accept it.

After all, he is also a two-dimensional enthusiast who is keen to watch Fanta games. I am a little excited to think about coming to another world.

"Di~The Ten Thousand Worlds playing system is loading..."

Sure enough, the system may be late, but it will definitely not be absent. The system is already a must-have exclusive item for travel, and it seems to have a cos flavor from the name.

It took a while, and Rota figured out the main functions of his system. As the name suggests, the Ten Thousand Worlds Acting System can extract characters from thousands of worlds in the system to play. The host himself can obtain all the abilities of this character when the degree of performance reaches 100%.

This kind of setting makes Rota still look forward to it. After all, if so many charismatic characters can be played by himself, it would be a pleasant thing!

Rota calmed down and called out the Ten Thousand Realms acting system in his mind, and then directly popped out an option to be drawn at the beginning.

It is estimated that this may be the opening benefits given by the system. Otherwise, his small body might be okay on Earth, but in another world, it would definitely be a scumbag.

Rota didn't know who he would draw as the first starter, just hope that he won't be too weak.

After taking a deep breath, Rota started a random selection of characters. Seeing a figure flashing by quickly, Rota prayed silently in his heart.

Finally, with a flash of light, the character is confirmed...

"It turned out to be... kindergarten... No, it turned out to be Uncle Huang Yuan!"

Rota is very satisfied. First of all, Huang Yuan's strength is extremely strong. He looks like a fool every time he fights in One Piece, and often this kind of person's strength is deeply hidden.

"View the panel."

"Host: Rota

Sex: Male

Age: 20 years old

Template: Huang Yuan (58 years old)

Imitation degree: 20%

The conditions for unlocking the character: Huang Yuan's imitation degree is 100%"

The system is still more conscientious. I gave a 20% imitation at the beginning. Feeling the power emerging in the body, I finally have a little self-protection ability.

But if you want to increase the degree of imitation, the first thing is to start with wearing. This will definitely increase the degree of imitation. But Huang Yuan didn't know where to get that set of clothes, it was not easy to do.

"Host, you can use the illusion function that the system comes with."

"Transfiguration function?"

"Well, yes. After the illusion function is used, the appearance of the host can be changed to be exactly the same as the character imitated, helping the host to imitate."

Rota suddenly felt that his system was a little caring, all of this was taken into consideration. It seems that with the continuous development of traversing the trend, even the functions of the system have become a lot more humane.

Rota believes that his appearance is not very handsome, but he is definitely a good-looking one. Black flowing hair with white skin, thin and sharp sword eyebrows give people a feeling of heroism.

Of course, this is nothing outstanding. The only estimate that Rota can get in the previous world is 1.85 meters in height.

But compared to the Huang Yuan who is about to play, Rota's 1.85 meters height is nothing, but Huang Yuan is 3.02 meters tall!

The most important thing is the age difference. Huang Yuans age is 58 years old, which is much older than Rota, who is only 20 years old.

These questions are not too difficult for Rota, a fan of pirates who knows well, and Huang Yuans character is relatively easy to imitate.

After having been happy for a long time, it is better to act quickly, Rota immediately used the transmog function.

Rota's appearance has undergone tremendous changes, and soon the original Rota disappeared, replaced by Huang Yuan himself.

With black curly hair, a suit with yellow and white stripes, a beard on his face, a pair of sunglasses, and a white cloak with the word "justice" printed on it, one by one, live yellow apes appeared. .

"It's really the same, the illusion function is really awesome."

"Dip, Huang Yuan's imitation degree has increased to 40%!"

As expected by Rota, imitating clothes and appearance can increase the degree of imitation.

The imitation degree is now 40%, and Rota feels that his strength is more than one level stronger than when he was 20%.

"It seems that Huang Yuan's strength is still so deep, and he deserves to be a high-end actor."

After gaining strength, Rota finally didn't cringe so much. Sure enough, strength can bring a huge sense of security to people!

The most important thing now is to figure out what kind of world I have come into, so that it is convenient for my follow-up actions.

Rota immediately used the domineering look and feel to perceive the situation in a large area around him, and as a result, he discovered a lot of creatures, which looked like a paradise of rare animals.

With only this kind of information, it is really impossible to tell what the world is. You can only look in one direction first, if you can meet some humans.

Rota walked slowly in one direction, because Huang Yuan always looks lazy and has the title of punching general, so Rota is not too anxious. This is in line with Huang Yuan's own behavior.

Not long after he left, the surrounding atmosphere suddenly became a lot heavier, and Rota clearly felt the surrounding gravity change significantly.

In Rota's impression, there are many people who manipulate gravity, but I don't know where it is sacred.

"Look over and see it!"

Rota walked slowly towards the direction where the gravity has obviously changed ~www.wuxiaworld~ As the gravity continues to deepen, the pressure on the surroundings becomes more and more serious.

"Kowa within (it's terrible)~"

Rota uttered Huang Yuans classic lines, which increased his imitation by 2%.

Not long after they left, Rota saw two giants, facing each other with a strong will to fight.

It is one of the behemoths, a giant black giant ape, that bursts with strong gravity.

Seeing here, Rota has already made a preliminary judgment, and the other giant is a huge python with ox horns.

The answer is now obvious. I must have come to the world of Douluo. The two giant beasts are the Titan Giant Ape and the Sky Blue Bull Python.

"Human, how did you get here!"

While Rota was stunned, the Titan Great Ape and the Azure Bull Python had discovered themselves, and the two had turned from confronting each other to the same enemy staring at Rota.

"Moses Moses, this is the Yellow Ape!" Rota said unhurriedly.

"Yellow ape? What is that, a yellow monkey?" The Titan Great Ape was puzzled.

"Well, you can call the old man Polusalino!" Rota felt that giving the soul beast a code name was a bit of playing the piano.

"Porusalino? What a strange name!" The sky blue cow python's deep voice sounded.

"There is no way, the old man's name is this." Rota spread out his hands and pretended to say helplessly.

"You human being is really interesting. You dare to go deep into the Star Dou Forest alone. I don't know if you are overconfident or really powerful!"

Then the sky blue cow python lowered its head towards Rota and let out a huge snort.

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Chapter 545: Sword Douluo who wants to ask for advice Chapter 546: Lisu Double A is not easy Chapter 547: Really worthy of a smiling bone dragon Chapter 548: 1 stick of dusty heart Chapter 549: Bibi Dong thinks he has guessed Rota Chapter 550: Different treatment, ghostly worries Chapter 551: Did I make 0 Renxue crooked? Chapter 552: What a troublesome woman Chapter 553: Are you floating or do you think that Uchiha Madara can't lift the knife... Chapter 554: Beautiful girl development teacher Chapter 555: Huang Yuans bright moment, the view explodes across the mountain Chapter 556: This Nima is not scientific Chapter 557: Real world travel Chapter 558: Will Emperor Rui Beast get sick too? Chapter 559: System upgrade, just call you Jarvis! 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Chapter 578: I find it troublesome to clean up directly! Chapter 579: Please be sure to introduce me to your king Chapter 580: 1 dragon chant, ten thousand beasts come to court Chapter 581: So you admitted that the last time the reward was stretched? Chapter 582: Jarvis, I dont see that your EQ has also upgraded! Chapter 583: The man in the shadows Chapter 584: Fight with me, be full of agility! defense? what is that? Chapter 585: I'm afraid of hitting their young hearts Chapter 586: Two people with the same attribute will attract each other! Chapter 587: Can't help but feel sorry for each other Chapter 588: I really have a whim, dont think too much Chapter 589: Silver Dragon Chapter 590: Hellfire and Ditian's daily life one v one Chapter 591: Buy it all, there is always something suitable Chapter 592: Things that should be installed still have to be installed Chapter 593: Shura's backhand Chapter 594: A drunkard doesnt mean to drink, let alone not drunk yet Chapter 595: I should play with you Chapter 596: VIP treatment suite arrangement Chapter 597: Go to the killing capital Chapter 598: So hello, as you wish! Chapter 599: King of Target Kill Chapter 600: To qualify for 0 consecutive wins Chapter 601: Someone participated, I swallowed on the spot...goodbye Chapter 602: No, I dont have the energy to beat people, thats it? That's it? Chapter 603: Stop, I said stop Chapter 604: The King of Slaughter said that he was very tired Chapter 605: Seeing the **** Shura for the first time Chapter 606: Rota who killed the gods Chapter 607: God Shura was beaten up Chapter 608: A little bit off, but it's not a big problem! Chapter 609: Seize the power of Shura Chapter 610: What is the position of God? I am not interested in the position of God! Chapter 611: Dreaming Teacher Chapter 612: I'm not using a light bulb! Chapter 613: Assist King Ryder Chapter 614: Soaring favorability Chapter 615: Just change the training method Chapter 616: Well, the true fragrance law cannot be broken! Chapter 617: Tongbaoge's summoning order Chapter 618: Don't be humble here! Chapter 619: Design drawing of the royal city Chapter 620: Isn't it because someone is paddling too much? Chapter 621: I didn't think so much Chapter 622: The Continental Elite Soul Master Competition is about to open Chapter 623: Is it possible to change to a school uniform, Dean? Chapter 624: Have you been kicked by the speed of light? Chapter 625: Yu Tianheng: "I wear 7 directly!" Chapter 626: Weevil team of meaty 1 horse Chapter 627: Huang Lei vs. Thunder Chapter 628: For nothing on the spot, good fellow! Chapter 629: The clown turned out to be ourselves! Chapter 630: Blue Electric Tyrannosaurus people are not easy to mess with Chapter 631: Blazing and Thunder, both out Chapter 632: This is the frightening of the script! Chapter 633: The true face of Saint King, Uncle Snake in Douluo Edition Chapter 634: Pretend to be unsuccessful Chapter 635: My stupid brother! Chapter 636: Give you a punch to keep you from being too crazy! Chapter 637: Advance to the finals Chapter 638: The old man's gardening skills are okay, right? Chapter 639: Huang Lei vs. Wuhun Hall Chapter 640: Blue Power is famous, with 1 enemy 3! Chapter 641: It's so obvious! Chapter 642: Seeing that we are Kiel Bang! Chapter 643: Demon raging Chapter 644: The power of the holy king! Chapter 645: Distressed Sword Douluo Chapter 646: Ghosts cant even say that mmp Chapter 647: Show off his teammate's face Chapter 648: Accurate blasting, the yellow ape strikes! Chapter 649: Tang Hao, come, the old man is very tired from lifting his feet! Chapter 650: Dinner before parting! Chapter 651: King City is established! Chapter 652: Opened Tiangongyuan Chapter 653: King City Affairs Breakdown Chapter 654: Coming storm Chapter 655: Shrek is reunited! Chapter 656: I'm just a kind uncle passing by! Chapter 657: Do we have any choice? Chapter 658: Let's dance! Chapter 659: Watch me Uchiha bounce (milkshake)! Chapter 660: A good opportunity to build an image! Chapter 661: That man comparable to a god! Chapter 662: This is called Wushuang Mowing! Chapter 663: Recover 1 life! Chapter 664: Mercy of god Chapter 665: Union of Empires Chapter 666: Dancing youth Chapter 667: This wave is in the atmosphere! Chapter 668: All beings under Suzuo are equal! Chapter 669: Isnt it normal for an apes apprentice to have acting skills? Chapter 670: The closing stage of the drama! Chapter 671: I'll fight you when the column is not there! Chapter 672: The end of the strong Chapter 673: 7 Where should the precious colored glaze sect go? Chapter 674: Successfully succeeded Chapter 675: Poseidon Island Special Number Chapter 676: flag is late but arrived Chapter 678: The Deep Sea Devil Whale King scored 2 degrees! Chapter 677: The Deep Sea Devil Whale King scored 2 degrees! Chapter 678: Meet the Demon Whale King of the Deep Sea Chapter 679: Ah la la, this is my friend! Chapter 680: If you have a familiar face, you will be flashing! Chapter 681: Xiao Wu ate Bo Saixi's vinegar Chapter 682: Poseidon Assessment Chapter 683: Eurasia: Is this young generation a monster now? Chapter 684: Suspected Kuzan Chapter 685: Embark on a path to becoming a god! Chapter 686: A trip to Poseidon Chapter 687: The huge gap with the geniuses Chapter 688: So you are brave, Hongjun! Chapter 689: Raksha's little moves Chapter 690: If I dont do it, I dont mind killing another god Chapter 691: Seven treasure's ending song Chapter 692: Blue Electric Group 1 Chapter 693: Bad news Chapter 694: The 9th exam is too casual! Chapter 695: This is your mission, Sao Nian! Chapter 696: Two gods clash, on the eve of the decisive battle! Chapter 697: Spicy man, war is like an outing! Chapter 698: Raise your hand with the laser to show respect! Chapter 699: False gods and true gods Chapter 700: Gathering ring. Osumi hammer. Ling Tian 1 hit! Chapter 701: God fall Chapter 702: Purifying Raksha Chapter 703: Our Heaven Dou Empire will never... Emma is so fragrant! Chapter 704: Final test Chapter 705: End of Douluo Vol 2 Chapter 1: Departure of a new world Vol 2 Chapter 2: Laotianshi template Vol 2 Chapter 3: Devil: How can the celestial master stick his face to win? Vol 2 Chapter 4: The original ghost kill team Vol 2 Chapter 5: A trip to Yingluo Town Vol 2 Chapter 6: Murder hidden in the dark Vol 2 Chapter 7: Little doll is really not worrying Vol 2 Chapter 8: Sakura no ghost Vol 2 Chapter 9: My 1 slap, 0 years of skill! Vol 2 Chapter 10: The kindness of the heavenly master! Vol 2 Chapter 11: Plant wisteria flowers right away Vol 2 Chapter 12: Apprentice? Let's slap for an hour first! Vol 2 Chapter 13: Ghost Squad Headquarters and a man named Yuan 1 Vol 2 Chapter 14: That trick is called Golden Light Curse Vol 2 Chapter 15: I, Miyamoto, the strongest foil king! Vol 2 Chapter 16: 1 knife Superman Vol 2 Chapter 17: Not everyone is like you, fate! Vol 2 Chapter 18: The wrath of the crumb boss Vol 2 Chapter 19: Ghost killing team meeting, column level established Vol 2 Chapter 20: The duel between the heavenly master and the fate Vol 2 Chapter 21: Suddenly feel that the breathing method is not fragrant Vol 2 Chapter 22: Tianshifu opening plan Vol 2 Chapter 23: The first wind pillar Vol 2 Chapter 24: The Bad News of the Brindle Swordsman Vol 2 Chapter 25: Iwakatsu rebelled, and the black death Mou was born! Vol 2 Chapter 26: Cut off the past 1 cut, fate 1s self-blame Vol 2 Chapter 27: The part-time career of a celestial teacher Vol 2 Chapter 28: This is not a gou, but a prudent! Vol 2 Chapter 29: 12 Ghost Moon, ask the heavenly teacher for advice! Vol 2 Chapter 30: The first chords of the collective scraping Vol 2 Chapter 31: 5Lei Zhengfa Vol 2 Chapter 32: No miserable crooked mind Vol 2 Chapter 33: Following the determination of Guoyuan 1 Vol 2 Chapter 34: The old can not only fight but also have the ability to make money Vol 2 Chapter 35: News from Zhu Shi Vol 2 Chapter 36: The first conversation with Zhu Shi Vol 2 Chapter 37: Be cautious and not miserable, doubt online! Vol 2 Chapter 38: The master's trick is flat a Vol 2 Chapter 39: Now, Wu Mi, what do you think of life? Vol 2 Chapter 40: No misfortune to mention 1,500 dollars plus 1 slap Vol 2 Chapter 41: Zhushi joined the partnership Vol 2 Chapter 42: Wu miserable started Vol 2 Chapter 43: The first appearance of the Ghost Corps Vol 2 Chapter 44: The thief boy of Edo Vol 2 Chapter 45: Blooming cyan flowers Vol 2 Chapter 46: You are proud to be able to control decay for 1 second! Vol 2 Chapter 47: Being old is not as cruel as Wu miserable Vol 2 Chapter 48: Although it is a flag, it is not harmful Vol 2 Chapter 49: ??Wen Splashing Cormorant South M?/a> Vol 2 Chapter 50: Dawn from dawn Vol 2 Chapter 51: Want to learn? Want to learn from me and teach you! Vol 2 Chapter 52: The track of fate Vol 2 Chapter 53: Suliu Dojo, I met Lianxue for the first time! Vol 2 Chapter 54: People who want to protect Vol 2 Chapter 55: The power of kono love! Vol 2 Chapter 56: The talent of fighting Vol 2 Chapter 57: Infatuated Fighter Vol 2 Chapter 58: Shaping Shura Vol 2 Chapter 59: The iris of the stomach and the iris will accompany you directly. Vol 2 Chapter 60: Shura is born, kills the urn/a> Vol 2 Chapter 61: The small one comes the old one Vol 2 Chapter 62: Extremely brutal at the scene Vol 2 Chapter 63: A bloodthirsty feast without misery Vol 2 Chapter 64: The crumb boss who scored 2 degrees Vol 2 Chapter 65: No misfortune means very embarrassed Vol 2 Chapter 66: Master, see who lives for a long time! Vol 2 Chapter 67: Fireworks display Vol 2 Chapter 68: Doomed wedding Vol 2 Chapter 69: Wedding Invitations Vol 2 Chapter 70: Both people and ghosts are on the show Vol 2 Chapter 71: A person worthy of a lifetime Vol 2 Chapter 72: Brothers grievances are settled (5,000 words big Vol 2 Chapter 73: No misfortune, I feel stable Vol 2 Chapter 74: Moon call, 14 type, sky full and thin moon Vol 2 Chapter 75: I dont deserve to have noodles without misery Vol 2 Chapter 76: Thunder from the sky Vol 2 Chapter 77: This is also a woolen thread and slipped away Vol 2 Chapter 78: Beyond the heavenly master? Count the balls! Vol 2 Chapter 79: Charcoal boy Vol 2 Chapter 80: Phantom Corps' human tactics Vol 2 Chapter 81: The arrival of righteousness and courage Vol 2 Chapter 82: Heavenly Master Vol 2 Chapter 83: Appreciation of Righteousness Vol 2 Chapter 84: The power of affection Vol 2 Chapter 85: Guide Vol 2 Chapter 86: Yoya Shiki Vol 2 Chapter 87: Ironhead Baby Immortal Kawasumi Vol 2 Chapter 88: There are people outside, Immortal Chuan! Vol 2 Chapter 89: A beating from society (Rota)! Vol 2 Chapter 90: Visit 1 purgatory! Vol 2 Chapter 91: Purgatory Father and Son Vol 2 Chapter 92: 1 mission Vol 2 Chapter 93: Mi Li's first battle Vol 2 Chapter 94: Little girl, you found the wrong ghost! Vol 2 Chapter 95: Last string two, wear the wolf! Vol 2 Chapter 96: Lets fight as a samurai, Kyjuro! Vol 2 Chapter 97: Upanishad Purgatory and the End of the Wolf Vol 2 Chapter 99: Successor Yanzhu Vol 2 Chapter 99: Trial of the Pillars Vol 2 Chapter 100: The strongest pillar of the Cenozoic, the rock pillar! Vol 2 Chapter 100: Trial of the Pillars Vol 2 Chapter 101: The strongest pillar of the Cenozoic, the rock pillar! Vol 2 Chapter 102: The trial is over! Vol 2 Chapter 103: Its time to prepare for Eulers misfortune! Vol 2 Chapter 104: Mission assigned to Chanel Vol 2 Chapter 105: Butterfly sisters Vol 2 Chapter 106: It's cruel and cruel in the mixed road Vol 2 Chapter 107: Elysium Education Vol 2 Chapter 108: Brother, how much do you score for the rescue? Vol 2 Chapter 109: This Tong Mo is inferior Vol 2 Chapter 110: I was taken all the way, Shinobu! Vol 2 Chapter 111: The three-year period has come, and the charcoal wolf will become a teacher! Vol 2 Chapter 112: Cut off evil fate Vol 2 Chapter 113: Just after the exam, I hooked up with Chanahu Vol 2 Chapter 114: The release of righteousness and bravery Vol 2 Chapter 115: Tanjiro and Chanahu Vol 2 Chapter 116: Ghost Devil Classic Peas Eyes Vol 2 Chapter 117: The upcoming general attack plan Vol 2 Chapter 118: The savior is myself Vol 2 Chapter 119: Urgent missions, unlimited trains! Vol 2 Chapter 120: Purgatory drew his sword handsomely! Vol 2 Chapter 121: The mighty strength of Purgatory Kyojuro! Vol 2 Chapter 122: Suddenly on the third Vol 2 Chapter 123: Killer from the night Vol 2 Chapter 124: The fiery sword, the ultimate meaning! Vol 2 Chapter 125: Infinite City Conference Vol 2 Chapter 126: The plan was... well, the plan failed Vol 2 Chapter 127: Black Death Mou: Private Marseille, I can't save you Vol 2 Chapter 128: Evolution of the Black Death Mou Vol 2 Chapter 129: The end of black death and no misfortune Vol 2 Chapter 130: Column of battlefield : New World Project Vol 2 Chapter 131: The fastest legend Vol 2 Chapter 132: Serious Vol 2 Chapter 133: The death of Tong Mo Vol 2 Chapter 134: The darkened curtain call Vol 2 Chapter 135: Infinite city collapsed Vol 3 Chapter 1: Sweet moments and departure Vol 3 Chapter 2: overload world Vol 3 Chapter 3: So the artifact is a big book? Vol 3 Chapter 4: Sikong Zhen who was mistaken for Thor Vol 3 Chapter 5: Humans can't just depend on the strong Vol 3 Chapter 6: Winnie's talent Vol 3 Chapter 7: Winnie's nightmare Vol 3 Chapter 8: Your hatred, our Sikongzhen will help you avenge! Vol 3 Chapter 9: Sikong Zhen blocked the door Vol 3 Chapter 10: Chang'an Vol 3 Chapter 11: Surrounding situation Vol 3 Chapter 12: Tune the tiger away from the mountain Vol 3 Chapter 13: Struck by the thunder, it's extremely wiped out! Vol 3 Chapter 13: The thunder strikes, everything is wiped out! Vol 3 Chapter 14: The thunderbolt, the roar of anger and thunder! Vol 3 Chapter 15: The original 6 gods Vol 3 Chapter 16: Pure white paladin Vol 3 Chapter 17: Are you trying to laugh at me and inherit my account? Vol 3 Chapter 18: This boss is too unsolvable! Vol 3 Chapter 19: Strong is really strong, and food is real Vol 3 Chapter 20: How dare you wait for Xiaoxiao to be presumptuous in front of Thunder Vol 3 Chapter 21: Prepare for the Great Tomb of Nazarick Vol 3 Chapter 22: All skills Vol 3 Chapter 23: The best end is also a new beginning Vol 3 Chapter 24: The big tomb of Nazarick descends into another world Vol 3 Chapter 25: A storyteller Vol 3 Chapter 26: Mithril level adventurer? Instantly in seconds! Vol 3 Chapter 27: Statue of Thor in Kahn Village Vol 3 Chapter 28: This angel is a real dish! Vol 3 Chapter 29: Albedo Vol 3 Chapter 30: Friendship exchange Vol 3 Chapter 31: Sikongzhen's small row noodles Vol 3 Chapter 32: Apothecary in Yerantiel Vol 3 Chapter 33: Air: ITM thank you Vol 3 Chapter 34: This kind of hamster is nothing but cute Vol 3 Chapter 35: Bad news and murderous intentions Vol 3 Chapter 36: Funny sister has taken a dog before she shows Vol 3 Chapter 37: Invitation Letter Vol 3 Chapter 38: Butlers will attract each other Vol 3 Chapter 39: Nail clippers are online Vol 3 Chapter 40: Xia Tiya's real body, a large scene of broken love Vol 3 Chapter 41: Shatia rebelled? Vol 3 Chapter 42: Super Magic. Thunderous Punishment