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Title: The three years when she was forced to wear women's clothing on campus [Entries]

Author: Guan Hongyi


The young man in the rough society has gone through, and his body is still his own, but he has become a "female" high school student who has been bullied.

And asked him not to reveal his true gender during the whole women's clothing? ?

For this reason, Yan Han said: What should I do if I take a bath?

System: It's better not to go to the public bath.

Yan Han: What... the school also has swimming lessons? !

System: All attendees must be in the form of women's clothing.

Yan Han: So why did I go to the toilet?

System: Holding back.

Yan Han: I'll go to you #%**%#!

System: as encouragement and identity cover, the system opens up skills such as [Ultimate Beauty] and [Ultimate Body Softening] for the host. The host can rest assured that you will be the brightest new star in this school. Please play it!

Yan Han:? ? ?

Learn, make money, and stay beautiful... The true story of the real women's clothing tycoon on campus.

Gong: I just watched you make trouble in silence :)

Alias: "The Diary of Women's Dress Study Scum Counterattack"

Draw a key point: The attacker already knows the true gender of the attacker, and the attacker will voluntarily cover the attacker.

Fragment one of spoof sand sculpture-before falling off the horse:

I want to go to the toilet due to urgency.

Gong: Why does this classmate always hang around in front of the men's room? Holding a crotch?

Spoofing Sand Sculpture Fragment Two-After Falling A Horse:

The school organized a basketball game and was selected as a member of the cheerleading team.

Bare-necked clothing, short skirts, pure white high socks... The recipient said that I went to your uncle, and grabbed the ball from the basketball captain's hand and there was a three-point dunk.

Basketball captain's offense: This three-pointer is beautiful! But I prefer to watch you dance~ la~ dance :)

Force explodes, brutality, inhumanity, and all kinds of disobedience no matter what happens, all kinds of things are not attacked by humans

The full text is empty, the campus is the author's own imagination, all settings are only for the plot service, and the actual situation may not be consistent.

This article is a sand sculpture, the whole article is a spoof, there is no logic, there is no reason. The three perspectives on roles do not represent the three perspectives on the author. The core slogans are all in the copywriting. Extreme patriarchal/feminist do not enter. Please don't be serious.

Although the sand sculpture is also an article by Su Shuang, the sand sculpture does not affect the protagonist Su Shangtian. The protagonist is very Su, very Su! This is a Marie Suwen, don't like it.

The name of the attack originated from "Meet the Deer in the Deep Tree", from Li Bai's "Unexpected Visit to Dai Tianshan Taoist Priests".

Decline to pick up the list.

Content tag: Tianwen campus through time and space system

Search keywords: Protagonist: Yan Han, Lin JianluSupporting actor: Xueba|Live|Entertainment|Women's clothing, MeimeimeilanglanglangOthers:

Author's brief comment:

As a young man in a rough society, Yan Han traveled through it. The body is still her own, but she has become a bullied "female" high school student, and she is required to not reveal her true gender during the whole women's dress! For Yan Han, the difficulty in studying in this highly regulated and key middle school is not how to become a pentathlon student, but...what should I do when I go to the bathroom? What about taking a bath? What about swimming lessons? This article uses a humorous approach to describe the growth history of a young man who has changed his past and returned to school. The full text describes a protagonist who is constantly improving himself amidst numerous difficulties, meeting friends, passing through and cutting generals, spreading the **** story of campus, laughing and cursing, sweet in laughter, suitable for relaxing reading material.


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