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Introduction The True Purity of Good and Evil

/ Fantasy / The True Purity of Good and EvilFantasy 145 Chapters 25.5K ViewsLong ago demons was said to be evil being but what if I tell you that demons can be look at as good beings. A tale of a woman that was living among humans but have a dark path with one of the demons kings of the underworld. Vol 1 Roki was trying to figure out what happen to his family after the holy war between the angels and demons, but found out that they was dead by the demons in another world. Vol 2 The Japanese arc Roki try to figure out what Morrigan took him at and he found out that curses was overunning the world and the gods was somewhere else but Roki got some of the gods that fought him and he travel to the nether realm to find out how to get back home. Vol 3 Celtic arc It was four months before Yoki and the others had went to the Japanese world and fond Roki. Yoki had lead the other across the land and the meet up with Athena and they trying to find Roki but manage to figure out Morrigan had block their connection from Roki and so they had to defeat her to find Roki and bring him home. Vol 4 The Battle of the Kingdoms One of the members of the House of Luck was trying to find their grandfather's notes on their enemies and Luck had found out about his great-great grandfather holding his trident with powers that will led him and Roki and Yoki to the past to meet the first wielder of the trident of the lost city of Atlantics. Nyxt, the goddess of ocean and war. Do not own the art and the cover. I will take it down unless something say so. https://www.vrw1.com/ That is my website go visit it and check out the others comic book I got and webnovel, books too.

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