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Demons, they are known to be evil being throughout history and bible but there was nothing to be say about the demons that could be good beings.

Bridget, a pure soul that was as beautiful and elegant as an angel. She have long black hair and beautiful icy blue eyes that was as beautiful as melting ice. Man find her as an angel and they would die over insane.

Until one day she have a visit from a demon and this wasn't no random demon but he was known as one of the kings. There he stand above Bridget and looking down her with his three heads and humans body. She coukd hear his breath on ger back and she was afriad of turning around to look at the demon and after a few minutes she was taken by him in bed and there she was birth with a child of a devil. The devil of lust. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https://www.wuxiaworld/book/the-true-purity-of-good-and-evil_19128522006520005/prologue_51347995202995692">www.wuxiaworld/book/the-true-purity-of-good-and-evil_19128522006520005/prologue_51347995202995692</a> for visiting.

The townspeople was scared of being so close to a demon spouse and so she left before they could kill her and her unborn child and she went to a far away land there was nothing but fire and a gate that could be as large as the mountains and it qas the gate of the underworld and she enter into it and she live her days in the underworld and there she met all types of demons and dukes.

Some was kind and other was monster until there dying breath and there when it happen. The holy war among the devils and angels and there she must flee back to another world and this world far more beautiful and advance from the other world she live in and there were she have her children. Two son that was human form but there eyes was purple and blue.


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