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After Shen Yan's wedding with Meng Yi'an was over, Shen Yan went to work very dedicated, and after more than three months of shooting, Xianlu was finished. Shen Yan, as a shareholder of the National Online Games and a shareholder of the Meng Group, is not short of money, so she intends to win the award directly by making a movie. Because of this idea, Shen Yan's schedule was empty, or it could be said that she had no job except to promote Xianlu until she found a suitable movie.

Li Chengfeng watched that Shen Yan was idle, and now he also disclosed the identity of the national online game shareholder, and quickly asked Shen Yan to be the present spokesperson for the national online game. The position of this spokesperson Li Chengfeng has been waiting for Shen Yan to endorse, because in Li Chengfeng's heart, otherwise the whole people online games will use cartoon characters as contemporary spokespersons, or let Shen Yan contemporary spokespersons.

After Shen Yan received this job, Hou Lanjiu, who had been friends with Shen Yan every day, acted like a baby and begged Shen Yan to take her to shoot with her. She didn't shoot, she worked as an assistant for Shen Yan. For Hou Lanjiu, Shen Yan thinks she really likes Li Chengfeng, but the problem is that Li Chengfeng said before that she has someone she likes, and Shen Yan can't help anything, but looking at Hou Lanjiu's appearance, Shen Yan intends to ask Li Chengfeng.

For Hou Lanjiu, Shen Yan has been with her for a long time before discovering that she is really good, and she really likes Li Chengfeng. Its just that in Shen Yans opinion, if Li Chengfeng always has someone in his heart, even if Hou Lanjiu chased him, he would not be able to catch up. At that time, Hou Lanjiu would still be sad because of Li Chengfeng, so besides the last wedding Shen Yan invited Hou Lanjiu, other things related to Li Chengfeng She did not invite Hou Lanjiu.

Hou Lanjiu: "Sister Yanyan, just take me with you. I'll be your assistant and help you work. I won't talk to Li Chengfeng. Besides, even if I take the initiative to speak to him, he won't pay attention to me." After speaking, she felt a little depressed.

After a long while, Shen Yan said, "All right."

Meng Yi'an gets home from get off work on time every day. When he got home in the evening, he saw Shen Yan sitting on the sofa with a thoughtful look. He walked over and squeezed Shen Yan's cheek, and then asked, "What do you think?"

Shen Yan told Hou Lanjiu about Li Chengfeng, "Hou Lanjiu likes Li Chengfeng very much, but Li Chengfeng said he has someone he likes. I think Hou Lanjiu is pretty good. I don't want her to chase Li Chengfeng. Li Chengfeng is not willing yet."

He laughed in a low voice, and then Meng Yi'an said, "I told you something, but... how about you kiss me?"

Shen Yan: ".........."

"What's going on?"

"About Li Chengfeng."

About Li Chengfeng? Shen Yan looked at Meng Yi'an for a long time, as if thinking of something, she was shocked: "You know who Li Chengfeng is with, right? Who is he with!"

Meng Yi'an smiled without saying a word, and Shen Yan stood up, "If you don't say anything, I'm going back to eat."

After catching up with Shen Yan quickly, Meng Yi'an said: "Hou Lanjiu, he married Hou Lanjiu, and Hou Lanjiu kept chasing him, but later moved his heart, he was with her, so you dont have to worry about this. If Hou Lanjiu wants to be with you Go to the spokesperson's filming together, and you will go together." As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Yan put a kiss on his cheek.

Shen Yan: "Go back for dinner."

Meng Yi'an hugged Shen Yan and kissed Shen Yan on the cheek, then smiled at Shen Yan and said, "Okay, we're going back to eat."

Both Shen Yan and Meng Yi'an ate dinner at Meng's house. Li Cuiyu and the others are very welcome. If Shen Yan and the others are busy at Meng's house one day, Li Cuiyu will call them and ask them to eat more. Li Cuiyu always thinks about holding his grandson. Even Meng Yihuan wants a little niece.

Because of the close distance, Shen Yan and Meng Yi'an generally walked past, which was only about a minute away. Meng Yi'an took Shen Yan's hand, and the two were not in a hurry. On the tree-lined path, the two were talking and laughing. Only when it comes to children's problems, Shen Yan thought of boys and girls, so she asked Meng Yi'an.

Shen Yan: "Do you like boys or girls?"

Meng Yi'an hmmed for a while before saying: "I like it as long as it is our children."

Meng Yi'an just finished talking here. Zhou Ruo called Shen Yan. During this time, Shen Yan and Zhou Ruo were also quite free, but they would still bring other artists. Meng Yi'an asked Shen Yan if he wanted to change to another agent, with only Shen Yan as an artists agent, but Shen Yan refused because Zhou Tuo helped her in her previous life, and Zhou Ruo has been with her on the road to performing arts in this life. Own, so Shen Yan does not change agent.

Shen Yan answered the phone and asked, "Sister Zhou, tomorrow, don't forget that we will go to film the endorsement of the national online game."

Zhou Ruo: "I'm with Wang Peng."

Shen Yan: "........." Why are these two people together? My agent is with Zheng Rou's agent.

Without waiting for Shen Yan to ask, Zhou Ruo said: "Just recently Zheng Rou has a lot of work. Wang Peng is too busy to come and I will help together, and then we will be together. Hahahahahaha, I just want to tell you Wang Peng is probably also talking to Zheng Rou."

Shen Yan laughed, "It's great, waiting for you to get married."

Shen Yan was surprised at first about Zhou Ruo and Wang Peng, and then she was happy for Zhou Ruo. After all, the two of them have more common topics, and Shen Yan also knows Wang Peng. Wang Peng is very good, so Zhou Ruo is with Wang Peng and Shen Yan is relieved.

After she hung up the phone, Shen Yan's steps were lighter. Before, she asked when Zhou Ruo would marry her boyfriend, but she didn't expect Zhou Ruo to be with Wang Peng.

When she arrived at the Meng's house, Shen Yan was very familiar and didn't need anyone to greet her, so she just sat on the sofa. Meng Yihuan ran down from upstairs and sat next to Shen Yan, talking to Shen Yanxu about his own affairs. Meng Yihuan had no interest in working in the company, but was still interested in drawing comics. Recently, I am learning to draw comics. He also said to draw the story of Shen Yan and Meng Yi'an. Li Cuiyu is opposed to this because she does not want to be a villain.

When it came to comics, Li Cuiyu hurried over.

"I don't agree. You can't draw a love story between you and your sister-in-law. I don't want to be a villain, I want to be a good mother-in-law." Li Cuiyu finished speaking and said, "Do you know."

Meng Yihuan: "Okay, okay, I see, I changed a subject, I changed it to... Well, I think Li Chengfeng and Hou Lanjiu are good, they are both, hahahahahaha." "Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, can you tell me their story?"

The story of Li Chengfeng and Hou Lanjiu, Shen Yan felt that if Meng Yihuan painted their story, Hou Lanjiu would be very happy, but the problem is that their story probably just started. Shen Yan pulled a long voice, and then stood up, "You can wait until they are together."

Meng Yihuan: "Also, I will continue to practice first."

During the evening meal, the family enjoyed themselves. Li Cuiyu also asked Shen Yanxianlu when it was released. She wanted to follow the drama. Shen Yan didn't know about this, because Xianlu hadn't said when it would be released. Li Cuiyu asked Shen Yan to wait until he knew when Xianlu would be released and told her, so she didn't say anything.

In the evening, Li Cuiyu was sitting in the yard with her mobile phone, chatting with people in the Shen Yan branch fan club.

[I dont know when Xianlu will be released.

[Yes, it seems to be watching Xianlu, and I dont know if Yeon-yeon will pick up new TV series and movies recently.

[I think Shen Yan is planning to have a baby.

[Shen Yan can always be on variety shows, and you can watch variety shows.

Watching their chat for a long time, Li Cuiyu typed some words quickly on the phone, and then sent it. Among these Shen Yan fans, Li Cuiyu is a rich local fan and he also knows news about Shen Yan. Not only that, but he can also get Shen Yan's signature.

[Shen Yan is looking for a suitable script recently. As for the appearance of Xianlu's broadcast has not been decided yet, Shen Yan probably doesn't know.

After replying, Li Cuiyu looked at the chats that the fans praised one by one, and Li Cuiyu felt very proud. When Shen Yan needs support during this time, she is putting out a sum of money to give Shen Yan a more luxurious support than other stars.

Aunt Qian: "Madam."

Li Cuiyu: "I, I'm watching the news, what's wrong?

Aunt Qian: "Madam, why are you nervous? I just called you to eat fruit."

Li Cuiyu: "............"

Early the next morning, Zhou Ruo came to pick up Shen Yan to film the endorsement of the national online game. Shen Yan wanted to ask about Zhou Ruo and Wang Peng, but Shen Yan did not expect Zhou Ruo to mention that Wang Peng blushed and looked at Zhou Ruo. With the blushing appearance, Shen Yan didn't say anything, just wishing Zhou Ruo and Wang Peng get married soon.

Zhou Ruo: "Xianlu will start to promote, but you have to promote with Lu Yunchen. After all, you are a male protagonist and a female protagonist."

Shen Yan: "Yeah."

Zhou Ruo thought that Shen Yan would be a little embarrassed. After all, Lu Yunchen had been chasing Shen Yan again, and later publicly stated for Shen Yan that if it hadnt been for Meng Yian before Lu Yunchen that he had broken the marriage contract with Shen Yan and pursued Shen Yan again , Maybe Lu Yunchen's career in the entertainment industry is not as good as before to chase Shen Yan.

Now Lu Yunchen is even more popular because of his affection for Shen Yan than when Shen Yan was just reborn.

Zhou Ruo: "Don't you feel embarrassed?"

Shen Yan: "Um...no, but I feel a little sorry, he is fine, but I like Meng Yi'an."

When Shen Yan came to the National Entertainment Online Games, Li Chengfeng came to pick up Shen Yan. Hou Lanjiu had been waiting for Shen Yan and the others at the entrance of the National Online Games. When Shen Yan came, she went in with Shen Yan, and Shen Yan wanted to pick her up. , But she refused. Shen Yan thought she probably wanted to wait and see if she could meet Li Chengfeng at the full-name online game company.

Upon seeing Shen Yan, Li Chengfeng, a man who usually doesn't like to talk very much, smiled directly, "You finally gave me a contemporary speaker."

Shen Yan introduced Zhou Ruo to Li Chengfeng, and then introduced Hou Lanjiu again. Zhou Ruo only greeted Li Chengfeng lightly, but when Hou Lanjiu said hello, the tips of her face and ears were red, and Shen Yan suddenly thought of something. She looked at Li Chengfeng, and Li Chengfeng looked at Shen Yan.

The endorsement shooting was very simple. After the endorsement was filmed, Shen Yan went to Li Chengfeng. Seeing Shen Yan had come, Li Chengfeng showed a smile at Shen Yan, just like the smiles shown by Hou Lanjiu and Li Chengfeng.

Shen Yan: "You..."

Li Chengfeng said embarrassedly: "I know you will come, you just understood right now, I...I don't want to disturb you." When he said this, Li Chengfeng's voice was very soft and very Gentle, "But now that you can see it, let me talk about it. It's worthy of myself. Yanyan, I have liked you for a long time."

"Li Chengfeng..."

"But Yeonyan must hope that I like others and live happily with others, right? I will work hard."

Shen Yan couldn't say a word. After a while, she smiled and said, "Li Chengfeng, you have to work hard to be happy!"

A week later, Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen participated in Xianlu's promotional variety show. I was filming on the crew. Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen's participation in this program should not be more topical than people participating in this program. It is not a problem of coffee position or the relationship between them. During the filming of Xianlu, Lu Yunchen confessed to Shen Yan that Shen Yan and Meng Yian didnt have a lot of topics, but the crew greeted this show in advance. They wouldnt talk about it, but even if they didnt talk about it, they sat Together is also a topic.

Lu Yunchen could not participate in this show, but when the crew asked Lu Yunchen, Lu Yunchen agreed. After that, the program team asked Shen Yan again, and Shen Yan asked Lu Yunchen. She knew that Lu Yunchen did not refuse, so she did not refuse either.

As the nanny car was driving on the road, Zhou Ruo talked to Shen Yan about recording the show.

Zhou Ruo: "The crew has greeted with the program crew, and will not ask about your feelings and feelings between you and Lu Yunchen. If the program crew asks you, you just don't answer."

Shen Yan was watching a TV series performed by Zheng Rou in the car, and she did not refute Zhou Ruo's words and agreed.

Zhou Ruo: "Be serious."

Shen Yan: "Sister Zhou, Lu Yunchen's agent will definitely solve this matter. We don't need to come forward. If they ask, Lu Yunchen's agent can just not record it."

The nanny car stopped outside the TV station. When Shen Yan got off the car, she saw Meng Yi'an walking towards her. After Meng Yi'an came, she hugged Shen Yan, and then said in Shen Yan's ear: "I'll be jealous."

Shen Yan: "........."

Of course I knew that Meng Yi'an would be jealous. He was already jealous when he came over.

Meng Yi'an asked Meng Heng to help him hold a meeting to make time for him. He had to go back to continue the meeting, so he hugged Shen Yan and went back, but because he hugged Shen Yan, he felt that he could have a serious meeting when he returned. Up. Shen Yan is with him, they are married.

After half an hour, the show started recording.

Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen were sitting on the same sofa. They had never seen or contacted Xianlu since they finished filming. The host looked at the looks of these two people, and it took a long time to start asking questions.

Moderator: "Did you have any interesting things when you were shooting Xianlu?"

"Wait." Lu Yunchen smiled softly. He looked at Shen Yan and then said: "Can I ask you a question."

Someone cheered at the scene. The show has only just begun and is so topical?

Shen Yan: "Yes, you can ask." She didn't know what question Lu Yunchen wanted to ask herself, but Shen Yan believed that Lu Yunchen would not ask very unusual questions. And even if she asked, she liked Meng Yi'an.

Zhou Ruo, who was sitting in the audience, stood up, but Lu Yunchen's agent smiled before saying: "He doesn't ask anything. If he wants to ask anything, he asked when Shen Yan was with Meng Yi'an before. "

Lu Yunchen thought for Shen Yan's sake, as it was before and now, so why would Lu Yunchen ask some questions on the show that Shen Yanxi didn't like herself? Lu Yunchen's agent, Lu Yunchen, wanted to ask whether Shen Yan was happy with Meng Yi'an.

Lu Yunchen looked gentle, "I want to ask, are you happy with Meng Yi'an."

Shen Yan directly replied without even thinking: "Happy."

Lu Yunchen: "Well, just be happy. The host's program will continue."

For this program, except for Lu Yunchen's initiative to ask Shen Yan emotional questions at the beginning, the host is not asking about their feelings because they all spoke in advance. Except for the beginning of a program, the atmosphere is very good. After the recording, the program team wanted to invite Shen Yan, Lu Yunchen and their manager to dinner, but they refused. After the recording, they planned to go back.

Shen Yan stopped Lu Yunchen, and she smiled and said, "Lu Yunchen, um...you will meet another woman who has been with you for a lifetime. She will like you very much, and you will like her very much."

Lu Yunchen also smiled, and he said, "Okay."

The two looked at each other and smiled, and then Shen Yan went to Zhou Ruo, and Lu Yunchen went to his agent.

Shen Yan also ran several shows and publicity with the crew, because Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen participated in the first variety show, and the atmosphere was good when they were on the show. Soon Xianlu started broadcasting, and Shen Yan and the others began to promote Xianlu on Weibo, and their agents began to take the rhythm.

Xianlu was broadcast on TV. Li Cuiyu wanted everyone to chase the show Xianlu together, so after dinner at night, she told Shen Yan and Meng Yian. Shen Yan and Meng Yian didnt go back. She was waiting for the drama together.

The TV series hasn't started airing yet. It has already been previewed. It is Shen Yan's preview of Lu Yunchen's love at first sight. Li Cuiyu and Meng Geng both found it very sweet, and Meng Yihuan also praised Lu Yunchen. Meng Yi'an tugged Shen Yan's sleeve, Shen Yan looked at him suspiciously, and then Meng Yi'an blinked at Shen Yan.

Meng Yi'an stood up, "I'll go to the yard."

Shen Yan also stood up, "Let's go together."

When the two people arrived in the yard, Shen Yan asked directly: "Yi An, what did you tell me to come out for? The TV series is about to start?"

Hugging Shen Yan, Meng Yi'an said aggrieved: "You also tell me."

Shen Yan: "What?"

Meng Yi'an: "As for which line in the TV series, I like him very much." This line was said by Shen Yan to Lu Yunchen in Xianlu.

Shen Yan: ".........."

Meng Yi'an is jealous again.

Shen Yan: "I...I like you very much." After that, she kissed Meng Yi'an, and then pulled Meng Yi'an by the arm, "We're going back to watch the TV series."

Meng Yi'an: "I also like you very much, let's go back to watch TV series!"

Xianlu has been on TV for a total of two months and the broadcast ended. In these two months, Xianlu has surpassed the ratings of China TV series. Lu Yunchen relied on this TV show to take it to the next level, and Shen Yan directly became a first-line female star. The two of them have many CP fans, but they are only CP fans.

I watched this TV series Lu Yunchen many, many times. In this TV series, Shen Yan liked him very much. When shooting this TV series, Shen Yan told him a lot of love.

The broadcast of Xianlu is over, and there is still a lot of heat. When the TV series of the same period was broadcast, Xianlugao, whose ratings had not yet been rebroadcast, Li Cuiyu talked about Shen Yan every time he played mahjong with someone.

"My daughter-in-law is good, you all watched her acting Xianlu, isn't it particularly good-looking?

"Hahahahahaha, I think it's great for us Yi An to be with Yanyan."

"How good they are."

Hou Lanjiu's mother also followed and praised Shen Yan. There were four people in a table of mahjong. Li Cuiyu and Hou Lanjiu's mother were both complimenting Shen Yan, and they could only follow and praise Shen Yan.

There was the sound of a car outside, and then Shen Yan and Lu Yunchen walked in together,

Li Cuiyu: "You didn't mean to go out on weekends, why are you back?"

Meng Yi'an: "I'm going to be a father."

Li Cuiyu continued to play Mahjong, "Ah, you are going to be a father...you are going to be a father!"

Shen Yan said with a smile, "Yi An is going to be a father."

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