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The Dragon was seen wearing a bitter smirk. He knew very well what Lu Xuan meant. In truth, who among Qiu Zhen and Song Lingfeng was the stronger one did not matter to him at all.

Those two were leagues beneath him anyway.

That was what Lu Xuan was obviously feeling at the moment. Who the hell would have been bored enough to care about who the strongest out of a bunch was, anyway?

However, the Dragon swallowed that bitter feeling. He was one who had seen a lot, to begin with. If it had not been for the blow he suffered at the moment was so vexing, he would not have had harbored such thoughts to begin with.

With Lu Xuan added to the Special Task Forces ranks, the agency had truly been reinforced even further, albeit in quite a peculiar way.

"Thank you for your guidance, Mr. Lu. My eyes were truly opened today." The Dragon continued, "If it had not been for the fight with you today, Id have probably remained like a frog in a well, only seeing the sky above him."

Lu Xuan did little more than grin at him. He was wondering if the Dragon was being truthful, but then again, that was undoubtedly the truth in a manner of speaking.

What Lu Xuan showcased that day was but the tip of the iceberg.

In truth, the Dragon was indeed among the best of the best throughout the whole wide world at the moment.

1The Dragon remained one of the handful of beings at the very pinnacle for quite a long time back in Lu Xuans past life. He had the backing of the country he served, and for someone like him to be backed by the nation, there was no doubt why he had become the strongest.

"Ill be damned. That guy from your province is really, really something indeed," Chen Feng commented, feeling astonished.

He had never even anticipated the possibility of such an outcome in the first place.

The entire session was one that seemed rather uneventful.

The superior of the two was already revealed before something close to a life and death battle took place. It was totally different from the heated, intense physical exchange that Chen Feng had initially anticipated.

But then again, he was not dumb enough to not be able to tell why such intensity did not happen in the first place, as the difference in combat prowess between the two was simply too vast.

The gulf between the two was so wide that the winner was already decided without the need for such intensity in fighting.

The battle saw how Lu Xuan overwhelmed the Dragon. Not only was the Dragon unable to learn anything, but the spectators were also unable to do so.

It was quite a pity.

But then again, it was not like no one got anything out of it. At the very least, all of them knew now that there had indeed been one such terrifying monster lurking in Min Province all along. It was a monster that none of them could afford to offend.

Ming Yueyao only sighed a breath of complete relief after seeing that the sparring session between the two had ended.

Lu Xuan excused himself right after the session and returned to Min Province.

It was only then that the aftermath of Lu Xuans annihilation of the Song Clan had truly settled in for real.

More and more cultivators learned that there was a literal god in Min Province that nobody could have absolutely afforded to offend.

Three months passed before long.

Three whole months passed after Lu Xuan annihilated the entire Song Clan.

The Spring Festival had just ended not long ago, and everyone seemed to still be steeped in a festive mood.

However, things were different from how it was in past years. The Spring Festival of that year appeared unusually eerie. All places that saw snow since mid-autumn had not seen any snow by the end of the year.

Fauna in all places began to revitalize at the beginning of spring.

There were increasingly more weird happenings taking place during the Spring Festival.

An ancient tree on Mount Tai grew exponentially within mere months, shooting up over 100 meters from the meager height of over a dozen meters. It was quite the scene in Mount Tai.

While the mountain had long been cordoned off by the military, many caught sight of that phenomenon and recorded it.

Other than that, renowned mountains and rivers all over the country saw different changes as well. Some were even able to see vines consuming places like they were living snakes. Those vines had even crackled with lightning.

It was as if the vines had mutated into some mythical plant.

Topics regarding the weird phenomena remained heated all over the internet, so much so that such topics, which would have been erased almost right away in the past, seemed to be scrutinized, and such topics gained massive popularity as a result.

It was as if the authorities were trying to let the people get used to the whole process.

A villa that was capable of being seen with the naked eye at the edge of Fu City actually disappeared gradually in the clouds as time passed.

Lu Xuan performed a hand seal before the villa. His powers circulated, and he infused said powers into several pieces of jade in his hand.

He then distributed the jade pieces to his parents and sister, saying, "Youll need the jade pieces to get in and out of the villa. These items will serve as keys, allowing access to the villa. Lose them, and you wont be able to get in. If anyone tries to force their way in, just remember the mantra Ive taught you all. Youll be able to alter the formation at any given moment through the jade, turning it from a maze to a killing formation."

"I understand. You have everything thought out then," Lu Tianxiang said.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that," Lu Xuan replied.

Lu Xuan learned from the lesson of the invasion of the manor at the lake happened several months ago, deciding to give the place up altogether. He built a villa somewhere outside Fu City instead.

Although it was said that he built the place, there was actually a villa there in the first place, which he modified to a certain extent and put to use before long.

If he were actually to construct such a place from scratch, there was no telling how long the construction would have taken.

While the villa was an expensive purchase, he had all the income he needed from the sale of protection talismans, so he was never short on money in the first place.

But then again, all the modifications and formations he put in place cost him tens of billions of yuan.

The expenditure had been so high that even world-class tycoons would have found it baffling. However, unlike the estates of the usual rich and powerful, the layout and decorations were hardly considered extravagant. The expenditure was mostly spent on some materials for laying down formations that were hard to find.

The planet had not seen the restoration of spirit qi for long, and as such, many materials lacked sentience of any kind, so any materials that possessed sentience were unusually expensive.

Only Lu Xuan would have been able to set things up as he did, as it would still have been difficult for tycoons with trillions to their name to fork out tens of billions of dollars.

He deemed all these expenses worth it, for he was doing it for the safety of his family.

That formation back at the manor was but a preliminary test, as the place was just too small, and there were too many limitations. The place was entirely inadequate for allowing Lu Xuan to put all that he knew about formations into practice.

Things, however, were different at the moment. With the villa having a mountain behind it and bodies of water around, Lu Xuan was free to do whatever he needed to lay down the formation he wanted.

The power of the formation he laid out at that time was exponentially more powerful than the ones he laid before. Even if the likes of the Song Clan were to mobilize all their forces to attack the place, it would not have been possible for them to even get past the maze.

If someone were to break the formation, they would have needed a formation master of higher training than Lu Xuan, and that was utterly impossible.

If anything were to happen, the maze could then be transformed into a killing formation. All who entered would die without a second thought.

Lu Xuan truly had everything thought out, and it was airtight unless a national level force decided to bomb the place with nuclear ordnance. But then again, it would have been the end of everything, given how even the city would have been razed. The possibility of something like that happening was so infinitesimally small that it was deemed negligible.

Conventionally-speaking, that defense he laid out was truly an impregnable one.

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Chapter 970: Kill God Satan Chapter 971: Forcing Buddha? Chapter 972: Ending Cosmic War Begins Chapter 973: Soar Chapter 974: Peak Of Fairy Chapter 975: Mochizuki Sent Chapter 976: Kill 1 Of You Immortal Return 1 Of You Chapter 977: Reincarnation Chapter 978: Ceremony Of Heavenly Talents Chapter 979: Palm Broken Celestial Chapter 980: Finally To The Realm Of Heaven Chapter 981: 1 Be Sure To Hold Your Thighs Chapter 982: Kill Tsing Yi House Chapter 983: Moko Town Prison Knife Chapter 984: Talking And Laughing In Tsing Yi Chapter 985: A Rewarding Experience Chapter 986: On The Ceremony Of Talents Start Chapter 987: Targeted Together Fearless Chapter 988: Mission Promotion Chapter 989: 1 Tongmotsu Castle Chapter 990: Opponents Of Past Lives Chapter 991: There Are People Out There Chapter 992: 2 Monsters In Human Skin Fighting Chapter 993: Monster Newcomer Lu Xuan Chapter 994: Invitation From Taixue Pavilion Chapter 995: Chicken Head? Fengwei? 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Chapter 1015: Zhao Family's Fury Chapter 1016: Top 0 Chapter 1017: Now You Concede And Have A Decent Ending Chapter 1018: I Seem To Have A Fake Fairy Chapter 1019: You Can Lose You Are Not My Opponent Chapter 1020: Rise To Fame Chapter 1021: Lu Xuan The Fierce Still Chapter 1022: Fairy King Concerns Half Demon Tianjiao Chapter 1023: Pure Physical Battle Chapter 1024: I Ca Nt Win In 3 Moves Chapter 1025: Conquer The Demon Master Chapter 1026: If You Do Nt See Him First Hear His Name. Chapter 1027: In The Final Xiandi Pays Attention Chapter 1028: Celestial Shock Chapter 1029: Sincerity Of Taixue Court Chapter 1030: Xiao Huan Yang Fu Taixue Pavilion Under The Blood Chapter 1031: The Zhao Family Is Undercurrent Danger Is Brewing Chapter 1032: Big Luo Jinxian Strikes Chapter 1033: Demented Zhao Jing Chapter 1034: Lu Xuan Must Die Chapter 1035: Bloody Battle Chapter 1036: Da Luo Jin Xian Da Chapter 1037: Da Luo Chapter 1038: Seal Crack Chapter 1039: Wrath Of The Taixue Pavilion Chapter 1040: Take Stock Chapter 1041: Celestial Horror Chapter 1042: Lu Xuan Became Famous In 1 Battle Chapter 1043: Unbearable 1 Hit? Then You Can Try Chapter 1044: Monster Level Showdown Chapter 1045: Sword Nangong Wudi Chapter 1046: Hit Hard Chapter 1047: 1 Da Luo The Astonishment Of The Fairy King Chapter 1048: Nangong Wuzhen's True Strength Chapter 1049: Eye Of Silence Chapter 1050: Hitomi Duel Chapter 1051: My Friend Lu Xuan Has The Attitude Of An Emperor Chapter 1052: Showdown No More I Am Also The Middle Of Jinxian Chapter 1053: Needle Point To Mai Mang Imperial Heritage Chapter 1054: That 1 Knife Of Horror Chapter 1055: Win Chapter 1056: Yuehuang Chapter 1057: Comparable To The Power Of The Fairy King Chapter 1058: Generous Rewards Chapter 1059: Enter The Chaos Thunderpool Chapter 1060: Fight Hone Chapter 1061: 10 Years The Peak Of Jinxian Chapter 1062: 1 Slap Past Chapter 1063: Beat Face Chapter 1064: Slap You Chapter 1065: Kill The Monkey Chapter 1066: Zhang Tao Lost Again Chapter 1067: Hit The Small Come Out The Old Chapter 1068: Confrontation Chapter 1069: Unavoidable Then 1 War Chapter 1070: Direct Empowerment Chapter 1071: 3 Cents Chapter 1072: Only A Fist Is Qualified To Make Rules Chapter 1073: The World Does Not Condemn The Strong Nor Can It Condemn The Strong Chapter 1074: Prelude To The Chaos Chapter 1075: Only Weeds Chapter 1076: Champion Of Champions Chapter 1077: 3 Punches Will Not Blow You I And Your Surname Chapter 1078: Start War Chapter 1079: Imperial Family Shijia Chapter 1080: I Lu Xuan Acted In A Lifetime Why Should I Explain To You Chapter 1081: Horrified Chapter 1082: Blow In 1 Punch Chapter 1083: Waiting For The Heroes Of The World To Challenge Chapter 1084: Deal With Peng Wang Chapter 1085: Immortal Scripture Also Want To Get Lost Chapter 1086: Make A Big News Chapter 1087: 1 Month Heaven Is Famous Chapter 1088: Leaving The City Black Hands Appear Chapter 1089: Be Universal Chapter 1090: Cutoff Shura Field Chapter 1091: 1 Knife 1 Child Chapter 1092: In This Realm He Is The King And Invincible Chapter 1093: Killing Luo Luoru Chapter 1094: Annihilation Chapter 1095: Kill And Kill Leave Chapter 1096: 1 Night Getting Rich Chapter 1097: 0 Years The Peak Of Luo Jinxian Chapter 1098: There Are Many Evils And The Family Is In Trouble. Chapter 1099: Debut Of The Parties Chapter 1100: Play For The Division Chapter 1101: Pinnacle Shot Chapter 1102: Lu Xuan Finally Chapter 1103: 8 Deterrents Chapter 1104: Kill Da Luo With 1 Sword Chapter 1105: Prisoner's Finger Killing The Peak Da Luo Again Chapter 1106: Enter Los Angeles And Rescue Chapter 1107: Dragons Have Inverse Scales They Will Be Angry When Touched Chapter 1108: You Are Surrounded By Me Chapter 1109: Destroy Luo City Luo Family Is Over Chapter 1110: 1 Palm Shot 2nd Incarnation Chapter 1110: King Of War Chapter 1112: Who Agrees? Who Opposes? Chapter 1113: I Ca Nt Help But Wanton And Wanton What Can You Do? Chapter 1114: Successor Of Taixu Court Chapter 1115: Give An Explanation To The Emperor Yuan Family Chapter 1116: To Convince People Is Lu Xuan Chapter 1117: Shaker Light Armor Lu Xuan Chapter 1118: King Of The Immortals Chapter 1119: 1 Month Wanshou Feast Chapter 1120: Murderous Dirty Means Chapter 1121: Want To Kill Me? My Ashes Are Raised For You Chapter 1122: Provocative King Chapter 1123: If You Can Stop Me 10 Moves I Will Let You Go Chapter 1124: Hit Spit Blood Chapter 1125: Rebirth Must Comply With The Basic Law Chapter 1126: 9 Xiaoxian Wang Fell Chapter 1127: Obliteration Chapter 1128: This Villain Is Obviously Strong But Too Cautious Chapter 1129: 1 Finger To Death Chapter 1130: Spoiling The Fortune And Making Big Money Chapter 1131: Celestial Sensation The Fairy King Discusses Chapter 1132: Lu Xuan Was Deceived Chapter 1133: 1 Mountain Cannot Tolerate 2 Tigers Chapter 1134: Moon Emperor Favorite 0 Year Outlook Chapter 1135: Xuanzhou Surrender Chapter 1136: God Kingdom Fairy King Cheng Chapter 1137: Sensation Taixue Pavilion Sealed Chapter 1138: What Adventures Did Lu Xuan Have? Chapter 1139: Unfathomable Lu Xuan Chapter 1140: What If Everyone Is A Fairy King? Chapter 1141: Retreat And Lay The Foundation Chapter 1142: 20 Years Combat Power Soars Chapter 1143: 0 Years In A Hurry Chapter 1144: Skyrocketing In Strength Chapter 1145: Let Shi Tatian Eat The Evil Results Chapter 1146: Results In 0 Years Blowout Chapter 1147: Too Much Tianjiao Is Also A Trouble Chapter 1148: Let Him Know What A Beating Chapter 1149: 1 Finger Defeated Born Sacred Chapter 1150: Jiang Fire King Castle Chapter 1151: King Lu Xian Chapter 1152: Vast Lineup Heart To Kill Chapter 1153: 6 Siege King Siege? War Chapter 1154: Blast The Fiery Immortal King Chapter 1155: Kill Fairy King Chapter 1156: Kill 3 Immortals In A Row Invincible Chapter 1157: Soaring To The Top Chapter 1158: Feng Guangming The King Of Immortals Chapter 1159: The Sword Is Shaking Chapter 1160: Don't You Like To Kill Geniuses? Then I Will Kill You .. Chapter 1161: Sensation Heaven Chapter 1162: Surrender To The White Tiger King Chapter 1163: Large Purges Affecting Several 1 Factions Chapter 1164: 10 Years Change Chapter 1165: Emperor Changsheng Chapter 1166: This Sincere Autumn Chapter 1167: Demon Killing Demon Is Today Chapter 1168: That Young Man Is Actually A Fairy King Chapter 1169: Except Hell Demon King Rugao Chapter 1170: The 8th Great Demon King Chapter 1171: Door Of Hell Chapter 1172: Hold Down Chapter 1173: God? Swallowed In One Bite Chapter 1174: Even The Fleece Of Heaven Must Be Beaten 1 Time Chapter 1175: Breakthrough The Peak Of The Fairy King Chapter 1176: Shijia's Killing Move Chapter 1177: Tigers Fall In Pingyang Dogs Can't Bully Chapter 1178: Recovery In Half A Year To Kill Shi Tatian Chapter 1179: Congenital 5 Line Diagram Chapter 1180: Refining Innate 5 Line Map To The Battlefields Of All Realms Chapter 1181: Battlefields Of The Rise Of Tianjiao Chapter 1182: Tomb Of The Great Bone Emperor Chapter 1183: Demon Realm Chapter 1184: Palm Demon Peak Demon King Chapter 1185: Congenital 5 Line Figure Town Demon World Army Chapter 1186: Destruction Of The Demon Army Chapter 1187: Really Horrible Chapter 1188: If You Are Empty You Can Sit Down Chapter 1189: 1 Point Kill Chapter 1190: Shuang Shuang Cheng Wang Chapter 1191: Spiritual Dragon Chapter 1192: Two Dogs Fight Play Off Chapter 1193: Extermination Of Ghost King Bone King Chapter 1194: What About The Person Who Killed You? Chapter 1195: Fist Kill 9 Golden Lions Chapter 1196: 1 Player Battle Kings Chapter 1197: The Horrors Of The Natural Sacred Chapter 1198: Hard Hit Invincible Chapter 1199: 2 Dead Natural Sacred Chapter 1200: Zhu Xian Wang Ru Tu Dog Chapter 1201: Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer Chapter 1202: The Crush Of Absolute Strength Chapter 1203: Catch The Dead King Like Pulling Grass Chapter 1204: Blast The Angel King Chapter 1205: Behead The Demon King The Temple Of Bone Opens Chapter 1206: The Mantis Catches The Cicada And The Carduelis Are Behind? Chapter 1207: Beat You In 3 Moves Chapter 1208: Palm Extinct Pure Sun Fairy King Chapter 1209: Extermination Chapter 1210: Strength Surges Infinitely Close To The Emperor Chapter 1211: Battle The Golden Dragon Emperor Chapter 1212: Moon Emperor Xianwei Chapter 1213: Shaking The Main City Of Heaven Chapter 1214: Moon Emperor Chapter 1215: Take It Away Horror Like This Chapter 1216: Revenge Soldiers Come To Shijia Chapter 1217: Defuse Chapter 1218: Shi Tatian Battle Of Fate Chapter 1219: Stone Emperor's Mark The Strongest Heritage Chapter 1220: Shijia Regret Chapter 1221: Bloody Battle Waiting To Reveal Flaws Chapter 1222: Seize The Stone King Sword Cut The Stone To The Sky Chapter 1223: The Strength Of The Emperor Chapter 1224: Shitatian 1 Series Is Destroyed All The Fairy Kings Submit Chapter 1225: Hill Of Time Shijia Bowed Its Head Chapter 1226: No. 1 In The World Indisputable Chapter 1227: The Emperor Can't Bear Lu Xuan's Fate Chapter 1228: Slash The Shijia 1 Knife Chapter 1229: Make Up The Last Short Board Chapter 1230: Celestial Sensation Chapter 1231: 1 Year The Strength Is Higher Chapter 1232: Hill Of Time Walking In Front Of Everyone Chapter 1233: The Time Is 10000 To 10000 And The Fairy Kings Are Horrified Chapter 1234: 10000 Years Comparable To The Strength Of The Emperor Chapter 1235: The Mortal Emperor Was Born The Fairy King With The Strength Of The Emperor Chapter 1236: Kings Containment Chapter 1237: Kill You First Chapter 1238: 1 Punch 1 Ultimate Fairy King Chapter 1239: 1 Palm Shot To Death Scared A Crowd Of Fairy King Sweat Out Like Pulp Chapter 1240: Dragon Triumphant? Smash Chapter 1241: All The Immortal Kings Are Destroyed The Golden Dragon Emperor Reappears Chapter 1242: Today Let You Fall On The Spot Chapter 1243: Detonate The Emperor's Robbery Endless Killing Chapter 1244: Destroy 90 Of The 9th World Army Chapter 1245: 3 Views Of Countless People Collapsed Chapter 1246: Strong Crossing The Robbery Unheard Of Chapter 1247: Take Advantage Of Your Illness Chapter 1248: Nine Times In A Row The Golden Lion Died Chapter 1249: The Emperor Died Everyone Was Horrified Chapter 1250: Force The Golden Dragon Emperor To Kneel Chapter 1251: Golden Dragon Emperor Die Chapter 1252: Kill The Ghost Emperor Of Senluo Chapter 1253: Lightning Emperor Chapter 1254: Kill Lightning Emperor Emperor Chapter 1255: Direct To The Late Emperor Chapter 1256: God Of Fortune The Chance Of The Moon Emperor Chapter 1257: Sensational Celestial Realm Chapter 1258: Emperor Influence Chapter 1259: Strangle The Undercover Celestial Sensation Chapter 1260: Enter The Lord's Court Chapter 1261: The New Emperor Took Office Three Fires: The Centralization Of The Decree Chapter 1262: The Road To Transcendence Chapter 1263: The Emperors Of All Ancestors Violated Yin And Yang And Killed Monkeys Chapter 1264: The Royal Cards Chapter 1265: Explode The Royal Family Let Them Know The Cruelty Of Society Chapter 1266: 1 Hand Radish 1 Big Stick Conquer The Heavens Chapter 1267: March Into The Wild Strong Enemy Strikes Chapter 1268: 1 Defeat The Emperor Chapter 1269: Sweeping The Wild Hurried For Thousands Of Years Chapter 1270: Ten Thousand Years Of Development The Strength Of The Celestial Realm Broke Out Chapter 1271: Go Out Half Step Tianzun Chapter 1272: Longevity Fairy King Chapter 1273: Great Emperor Chapter 1274: After A Long Time The Strength Of The Heavens Skyrocketed Chapter 1275: True Emperor Chapter 1276: Roar To Death Emperor Ambush Chapter 1277: Explode Gengjin The Great Chapter 1278: Tianzun Shot Strength Gap Chapter 1279: Crossing The 5 Rows Of Mountains Chapter 1280: Lu Xuan Is Behind Him Crossing The Robbery? Don't Panic At 1 O'clock Chapter 1281: Collect The Original Time Rule And Go All Out Chapter 1282: 3 Great Heavenly Venerable Chapter 1283: Slash The Ancestors Of All Monsters The Master Of 5 Lines Chapter 1284: Achievement Chapter 1285: Revenge Is Not Overnight Chapter 1286: Destroy The Lord Of 5 Rows Chapter 1287: Become A Public Enemy? I Do Not Care Chapter 1288: Previous Life Feud Chapter 1289: Da Qiu De Bao Even 3 Days Of Respect Chapter 1290: Heavenly Chariot Starts The Heavens Are Frightened Chapter 1291: Catch Tianzun Like Pulling Grass Chapter 1292: I Am The Master The Finale