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Even Su Peizhen was stunned into shock by the suddenness of this accident. Ironically, the ladies could not come up with a response at all at this critical moment.

They could only stare at Xiang Caiping blankly they had not even thought to stretch out an arm and reel her in. As they watched in horror, Xiang Caiping was hit by the car with a huge force and flung into the air.

Everything was as if played in slow-motion. Su Peizhen watched as the woman’s body arced through the air and crashed downwards.

The moment just before she was hit, Xiang Caiping was still thinking about the jade pendant she got for her daughter. The bag was clutched tightly in her arms. Then it was sent flying outwards. Xiang Caiping hit the light pole by the side of the road and crashed to the ground.

Following a screech of brakes, Xiang Caiping’s body rolled across the ground and came to a stop.

The driver of the car got out in panic. Su Peizhen and her entourage came forward as if they had finally awoken from a trance.

As Su Peizhen watched Xiang Caiping sprawled out in a pool of blood, a single thought came to mind. She can’t be dead, right?

By the time Huo Jinyao received the news and rushed to the hospital, Xiang Caiping was already in the operation theatre.

Besides Madam Luo and Madam Song, Su Peizhen was also seated in the corridor. Huo Jinyao’s eyes narrowed the moment he set sight on her.

The aura he exuded was incredibly intimidating Su Peizhen couldn’t help but shrink backward. Su Chenghui had also rushed there the moment he got the news.

He was in a meeting he came over instantly as soon as he heard the news. He noticed the guilt-ridden Madam Luo and Madam Song, yet he didn’t have the mood to greet them.

He only had eyes for Su Peizhen. “Peizhen, what happened?”

It wasn’t just he who wanted answers Huo Jinyao, too, wanted to know. He stepped forward and stood in front of Su Peizhen, his ice-cold gaze sweeping across her face without the slightest hint of warmth.

“I-I-I don’t know.” Su Peizhen might be spoiled and entitled, but she had never hurt anybody in her life until now.

Now, Xiang Caiping was hit by a car, and her life was hanging on a line. She started to feel frightened.

“Dad, I really don’t know. I”

“Enough.” Su Chenghui had an ugly look on his face. It was very rare for him to be this stern towards Su Peizhen. “Be clear about it what happened?”

If she didn’t know anything about it, why did she accompany Xiang Caiping to the hospital?

“I-I” Su Peizhen might be Su Chenghui’s own daughter, but she had already been scared out of her wits. Seeing that, Madam Luo and Madam Song didn’t even dare to utter a single word.

Huo Jinyao took a step forward and stood beside Su Chenghui. He studied Su Peizhen’s face with an extremely sharp gaze.

“Miss Su, I suggest that you go over everything clearly. After all, the area where the accident happened is covered by surveillance cameras. I can see everything once I check the record


“I” Su Peizhen grew even more terrified. She gulped, then recapped everything from the start in an extremely quiet voice while looking at Huo Jinyao’s and her father’s solemn faces.

Of course, she glossed over certain parts as much as she could.

However, Huo Jinyao was an intelligent man. With only bits and pieces of information, he could tell what exactly happened. Su Chenghui figured it out as well.

After listening to the events of the day, it was obvious that Su Peizhen had tried to provoke Xiang Caiping. Madam Luo and Madam Song were just her accomplices.

The moment he finished listening to how Xiang Caiping was hit by the car, Su Chenghui couldn’t hold it in any longer. He lifted his hand and slapped Su Peizhen’s face.

Su Peizhen was sent into a daze from the painfully loud and heavy slap. Her cheek swelled quickly. She held on to her face and didn’t respond for a long time.

“Dad, I”

“You deserved this.” Su Chenghui was seething. The only thing he could feel was the immense headache that was drilling deep into his brain.

“” Su Peizhen didn’t dare to utter a single word as tears fell from the corners of her eyes. Half of them were from the pain, and half from the resentment she was feeling.

Su Chenghui actually dared to give her a slap in public? The shame of that was enough to make her sob.

“What did I tell you? What did I tell you?”

He had reiterated, again and again, asking for her to stay away from Xiang Caiping. He told his daughter to not provoke her. But what did Su Peizhen do?

She simply didn’t listen and chose to ignore him. How could this not enrage him?

Su Chenghui’s chest rose and fell rapidly. The immense wrath had caused him to lose all his calm at that moment.

It wasn’t just the anger. There was also disappointment and guilt. If Xiang Caiping woke up, and if she found out one day that the person who caused her accident was Su Peizhen, what would she do?

Su Chenghui didn’t dare to imagine it at all.

Compared to his emotional outburst, Huo Jinyao was more composed. Su Peizhen definitely deserved to be taught a lesson.

However, after she got that slap from Su Chenghui, he wasn’t in a hurry to punish her himself. His long legs made one step forward until he stood before Madam Luo and Madam Song.

“Madam Luo? Madam Song?”

Madam Luo and Madam Song were just a couple of typical upper-class ladies whose daily itineraries included shopping, dressing up and accompanying their husbands to events. They would spend all their time at a spa and share gossip amongst themselves.

Though they might look down on people below a certain status, they never intended to hurt somebody.

Now that Xiang Caiping had met with an accident, they were both scared senseless. When they unexpectedly found themselves targeted by Huo Jinyao’s chilling glare, their bodies trembled like leaves in the wind.

“Ladies. I really don’t know if my mother-in-law would have it in her to take a necklace worth millions.”

The trembling got even worse. Madam Luo and Madam Song dared not answer Huo Jinyao’s question at all.

Huo Jinyao scrutinized their fearful faces, yet he never thought of letting them go so easily. “Madam Xiang Caiping is my wife’s mother and my mother-in-law. Are you both sure that she took that necklace?”



The two of them shook their heads rapidly, their figures closely huddled against each other.

Huo Jinyao snorted with disdain. “That’s good. After all, it’s better to clear up the confusion regarding this matter, don’t you think so, ladies?”

“Of course.”

“O-O-Of course.”

Madam Luo and Madam Song were much more reasonable already, but Huo Jinyao didn’t think that it was enough.

“Madam Luo, I recall that your family owns a general merchandise business, right?”

“Yes.” Madam Luo couldn’t gauge what Huo Jinyao intended to do.

“Xing Luo General Merchandises.” Huo Jinyao added on a few more words, which caused Madam Luo’s face to pale even more.

“Madam Song’s family is dabbling in electronic retail, am I right?” Huo Jinyao had seen both of them during the banquet.

Madam Song looked at Huo Jinyao with a pale face. “What do you mean to do?

What do I mean to do?

Huo Jinyao pulled out his phone and tapped in a few numbers, calling somebody with his gaze fixated onto Madam Luo and Madam Song.

“It’s me. From now on, buy up all the stocks belonging to Xing Luo General Merchandises and Ke Song Group.”

Watching their two faces turning as white a sheet and their bodies shaking, Huo Jinyao continued, his voice bearing no sense of warmth at all. “Three days. I want to see Xing Luo General Merchandises and Ke Song Group become subsidiaries to Tianyu Group.”

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Chapter 601 Give Her A Taste Of Her Own Medicine Chapter 602 You Really Are A Good Father Chapter 603 You Calling My Name Makes Me Want To Vomit Chapter 603 You Calling My Name Makes Me Want To Vomit Chapter 605 Are You To Blame? Chapter 606 I Owe You Again Chapter 607 The Death Of Two Lives In One Fell Swoop Chapter 608 Are You Here To Blame Me Chapter 609 Make Do Today Chapter 610 No Way Out Chapter 611 Dont Even Think About Abducting The Child Chapter 612 Do You Think I Cant Do Anything About You Chapter 613 Dont You Have Any Responsibility At All? Chapter 614 What Do You Want To Do Now Chapter 615 Im Sorry Im Late Chapter 616 Do You Think Is The Best Time For Us To Get A Divorce Chapter 617 Its Not Because Of You Chapter 618 Thats Also His Child Chapter 619 I Dont Want Insincerity Chapter 620 Bullying The Huo Family Because Theres No One Else Chapter 621 Now That He Looked Back There Were Many Suspicious Points Chapter 622 Do You Want Her To Be Unable To Come Out Chapter 623 In Short You're Selfish Chapter 624 He Would Definitely Be In Much Pain Chapter 625 Thats Not Very Nice Of You Chapter 626 This Punishment Is Too Severe Chapter 627 Sorry Let Me Laugh For A While Chapter 628 Hatred Was Out Of The Question Chapter 629 Did I Put You In A Difficult Position Chapter 630 Isn't This Your Handiwork Chapter 631 Youre Two Timing Chapter 632 You Just Want Revenge Against Me Chapter 633 A Man Must Keep His Word Chapter 634 What Do You Plan To Do Chapter 635 Did She Forgive Him Chapter 636 Whats Going On Chapter 637 Not Even Worthy Of Carrying Your Shoes Chapter 638 I No Longer Have A Heart Chapter 639 She Disdains Using Other Men To Provoke Him Chapter 640 If You Can Forget About Him Chapter 641 Find Someone Worthy To Fall In Love With Chapter 642 One Wall Apart Chapter 643 You Said That You Would Listen To Me Tonight Chapter 644 I Dont Remember Saying That I Love You Chapter 645 The Countdown Chapter 646 Countdown Chapter 647 The Ending Chapter 648 You Really Have The Ability To Attract Men Chapter 649 You Stalked Me Chapter 650 Im The One You Should Throw Away Chapter 651 Arent You Afraid That They Will Come Looking For You Again? Chapter 652 Should Have Expected What Would Happen Chapter 653 What Kind Of Person Did He Treat Her As Chapter 654 Dear Brother Please Be Gentle Chapter 655 Im Not Your Dear Brother Chapter 656 He Only Treated Her As Antidote Chapter 657 He Belongs To Someone Else Chapter 658 Why Did He Come To Provoke Her Chapter 659 Please Stay Away From Me Chapter 660 Im Not A Frivolous Woman Chapter 661 Why Are You In Such A Hurry Chapter 662 Shouldnt He Be Leaving Chapter 663 I Cant Be Seen In Public? Chapter 664 Lets See If You Can Find The Man You're Talking About Chapter 665 Are You Willing To Marry Me Chapter 666 This Is Your Girlfriend Chapter 667 Dont Go Too Far Chapter 668 That Means I Still Have A Chance Chapter 669 Youre Jealous Chapter 670 Outburst Chapter 671 Its Not As Simple As You Think Chapter 672 Youre Here For Revenge Chapter 673 Dont Do Anything Dangerous Chapter 674 He Was Getting Impatient Chapter 675 Do I Still Have A Chance? Chapter 676 Is It Fun To Be Two Timing? Chapter 677 Zhan Haoze Do You Dare Chapter 678 Youve Fallen In Love With Him Chapter 679 I'm Your Man Chapter 680 I Only Want You Chapter 681 Cant You Love Me Chapter 682 Whats Wrong With You Chapter 683 Where Did He Touch You Chapter 684 You Shameless Mistress Chapter 685 Im Wanwans Boyfriend Chapter 686 Can Mr. Zhan Take Responsibility For His Own Words Chapter 687 Who Did This To Me? Chapter 688 You're Out Of Our League Chapter 689 I'm Feeling Wronged For You Chapter 690 Chapter 051: Happy Childrens Day Everyone Chapter 691 Boss Arent You Tired Chapter 692 Wanwan I Missed You So Much Chapter 693 You Have Someone You Like Chapter 694 Please Leave Chapter 695 I Know What Im Doing. Chapter 696 Making A Wedding Dress For Someone Else Chapter 697 I Want You To Promise Me One Thing Chapter 698 Happy Childrens Day Everyone Chapter 699 052: Chapter 700 Do You Need Help Chapter 701 You Said You Would Listen To Me Tonight. Chapter 702 You Want To Marry Me Chapter 703 Was He Forcing You Chapter 704 There Wont Be A Wedding Chapter 705 Give Up On This Idea Chapter 706 But I Dont Believe It Chapter 707 Do You Have A Conscience Chapter 708 Your Woman Is In My Hands Chapter 709 Chapter 062: Shi Mengwans Ending