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Chapter 180: Chapter 180: Battle at the Haunted House (Part 2)

"Mister?" I muttered, eyeing her up and down. It wasnt just her body that was beautiful. Her face was beautiful as well. She looked like a desert fox.

"Well, you are a guy."

"Still. Dont call me that. People will think its weird."

"But I want to call you that."


Sheesh, were all goblins this rude?

"Come on, Hyunmin, dont make things difficult. People will think youre weird if you keep it up," Heejin said.


Oh, so shell listen to Heejin then.

"But, Heejin, is heI mean, is she really good at fighting? She doesnt look that impressive to me."

"She does seem rather weak," Heejin said, giving me a once-over. With that, I spoke up.

"If youre so confident, then lets go right now."

"Nah. Dont want to."


So rude. After that, I just simply turned and headed over to the food truck. Might as well stuff myself full.


I created a mountain of food onto my plate, topped with lobster. Next to it was bulgogi and on the other side was seasoned galbi. Beneath that was more meat and in front was duck meat, standing in front of the food pile like a bodyguard.


There really is no use in just looking at the food. If anyone were to tell me to just stay here and look at it, Id rip their tongue off. Anyways, I put on the disposable gloves and grabbed the piece of lobster first.


It looked delicious. The goblins sure did have a lot of money. How else would they have been able to pay for food like this?

"You do eat like a pig," Hyunmin said, taking a seat next to me. How could anyone this rude be so pretty?

"And why does that matter to you?" I said, moving one seat over. I had no desire to talk to this girl as I ate. Unfortunately, Hyunmin simply followed and scooted over so she was next to me again.

"You should control yourself. This is why people call you a pig. Youll get food up your nose if you continue like this."

"Whether I get food up my nose or in my ears, its none of your business."

I scooted over once more but unfortunately, Hyunmin just followed me again. What is this girls problem? Still, I couldnt help but notice how cute her butt was. Perfectly round and firm. I really wanted to touch it.

"Why do you keep moving? I want to eat with you."

"Then keep your mouth closed and eat your food."

"How can I eat my food with my mouth closed?"


If this girl had been a guy, I wouldnt have hesitated to punch her in the face. But as she was a girl, I resisted the temptation. Anyways, I turned my attention back to the food and began to eat. The girl just kept talking. To be honest, I almost knocked the table over. Shes even worse than Jia.

"Hey," I said, finally giving up and turning to look at her.


"Do you like me, by any chance?"

"You crazy? Im a goblin. Youre a human."

"Exactly. So could you be quiet?"

"Dont want to."


Any more of this and I may fling my noodles at her.


After dinner, it was time for filming to start.

"Sian, are you sure youll be okay?" Hak-gyu said, eyeing the dark forest. His whole body was shaking. I guess he was scared. Of course, he was. I could feel a strong ghostly presence from the forest. And it wasnt just Hak-gyu. The other staff members were shivering too.

"No, Im not."

"What? Wait, are you scared?"

"Its because of her," I said, pointing at Hyunmin. The one who kept bothering me while I was eating. Im going to go bald because of her. Whats the use of being pretty and sexy when you have no manners?

"Hyunmin? Why? Because shes pretty?"

"You think shes pretty? Well yeah, she is."

Theres no point in denying that. To be honest, shes my exact type.

"So why do you hate her? Are you jealous?" Hak-gyu snickered. What nonsense.

"Shes just annoying," I answered. Its true. She is. Shes pretty but irritating to be around.

"So you are jealous. Dont worry, Sian. I think youre much prettier. Theres no need to be. Your body looks a lot better as well."

"Shut up."

I decided to quit talking to him because he clearly didnt get it. Why would I a man be jealous of Hyunmin? I dont like her because shes a rude brat. Plus she talks too much in her rude, bratty way.

"Alright, everyone. Gather around please," the main producer soon called out. All the cast members headed towards him. That was three people, including me. Me, Sihoo, and Hyunmin. Oh, and the ghosts too, of course.

"You guys all know the rules, right?" the producer asked.

"What rules?" I asked. I never heard about any rules.

"You cant run out of the forest under any circumstances. You have to fully commit."

"Oh. Thats easy."

Can you even call that a rule? Why would I run away? But wait, what happens if I run away then?

"What happens if I do?"

"You forfeit your payment."


Well, thats just cruel.

"It was written in your contract. I guess you didnt know."

"No, I didnt."

Jinwoo never told me that. That piece ofno, lets not go there.

"But dont worry. You wont feel the need to."

"Are you sure?" Sihoo snickered. The one who passed out after I beat him up. I guess I shouldve given him a harder beating. I might do so later. Now that Im looking around, I noticed the VJs standing with us were not shaking at all. Why? Because theyre goblins as well. This is just one goblin paradise.

"One, two, three, four, five, sixtheres six of them."

Six goblins with me right now. Add in the many ghosts in the forest. I actually began to feel a little nervous. Why? Well, Im sure its hard to believe, but I am human after all. To be honest, the situation looks a little precarious on my side. Am I scared Ill lose? Ha. Yeah, right. I was the best of the best of the best. Im not going to lose to some ghosts. Quit joking around. Anyways, the producer rang the signal, and Hyunmin, Sihoo, and I walked into the forest. There was a haunted house deep in the forest. We had to go through it and come out the other side.


I began to summon my powers.


We were walking through the forest. The VJs were filming us, snickering the whole time. Sihoo and Hyunmin were on either side of me. They were all in on this.

"Hey, you got me pretty good earlier," Sihoo said, nudging me in the shoulder.

"Thats sexual harassment, asshole," I snapped.

"Sexual harassment? Thats bullshit. I know youre a guy."


I stared at the camera that was filming us. The VJs were still giggling amongst themselves. Well, its not like they wont edit everything anyway. Jerks.

"Hey, Sihoo. You idiot. Dont you see the camera? How can you just say stuff like that while filming?"

That was actually Hyunmin. Surprisingly, she was on my side.

"They can just edit it. Right?" Sihoo said to the VJs. They, in turn, nodded as they grinned. Then, he turned back to me with an impish smile on his face.

"See. Told you~"

"Should I edit your life as well?"


"I asked if I should edit and change your life?"

With that, I grabbed him by the back of his head, and soon, all the VJs began to transform. Not that it was a big change though. Their teeth became sharp, horns started to appear on their heads, and their eyes turned red. A club appeared in each of their hands.

"Let go, Sian," Hyunmin said, so I did. Why? I dont know. Its just that Hyunmin looked so pretty just now. But wait, whats with that tone? You know what, its okay. Ill let it go because shes pretty.

"Well, this just takes the cake."

"Dont tell me you didnt know," Hyunmin said with a smile. I shrugged. I didnt think there were this many goblins around.

"The president of OPN is a goblin as well."

"Good for him."

"You made the mistake of coming here. You shouldnt have agreed to be cast. Are you stupid or dont you have any brains in the first place?" Hyunmin giggled.

"Hate to break it to you, but it wasnt my choice."

When was it ever? It was all Jinwoo. Then again, with the appearance fee being so high, I probably wouldve agreed to it either way.

"You guys shouldnt be so carefree with your money. Stupid goblin brats."

The goblins all looked rather offended by my words. An angry, murderous energy radiated off of their bodies and came towards me, but I blocked it with some of mine. Using some of my powers, I made a sword appear in my hand.

"You guys have goblin clubs. Well, I have a sword."

"Ha. You think that pathetic thing will be able to beat our clubs?"

This time, it was Sihoo, swinging his club around as he spoke.

"Is this allowed to be on TV?" I asked, admittedly worried about our secrets getting out.

"Dont worry. Theyre going to edit everything. We only want one thing. For you to become so scared and crawl out of here like a pathetic worm. Hehe. Oh, if you were to die from a heart attack, thats even better."

"In your dreams, you goblin pricks."

With a smirk, I walked ahead. Everyone sped up to follow me. Soon, the haunted house appeared before us. It looked pretty good. Three levels. Not only that, but I could also feel the intensely murderous energy coming off of it.


Ill admit, I got goosebumps. Just how many ghosts are in there?

"Scared?" Sihoo snickered. I almost punched him in the face for that, but I didnt. The cameras were filming. I cant show them my anger.

"You wish."

"I think you are."

"Im not."

"Yes, you are."


I held out the sword against Sihoos throat. I was so fast that Sihoo had no time to avoid it.

"Put it down, Sian," Hyunmin said, pushing out her chest again. In response, I sheathed my sword. Why? I dont know. Her chest looked nice. But seriously, that tone of hers. She needs to learn to talk to her elders properly.

"We have to go into the haunted house. Im sure you can feel it but theres a lot of ghosts inside. We prepared them especially for you. Itll be really fun. And again, if you die of a heart attack, we wont complain," Hyunmin said with a smirk.

In response to that, I turned my sword into a bow and arrow. Now it was my turn to smirk.

"You know how to make a bow and arrow?" Hyunmin asked, looking surprised. I guess shes never seen a human being able to make one before. Then again, thats to be expected. The humans of this world dont have powers. But wait, how did Hyunmin know about it?

"So you know what this is?"

"I saw it in martial arts movies."

"Good for you."

I aimed the arrow at the house. Sihoo and Hyunmin looked confused.

"What are you doing?" Hyunmin asked.

"Youll see."

I pulled on the bowstring.


The arrow arced into the air and went in through one of the windows, getting one of the goblins that was sticking its tongue out at me through the opening.


The sound of him getting hit rang throughout the forest.

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