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Title: I rely on raising a baby to upgrade [wearing book]

Author: salt-baked lobster


The cat demon Ye Susu opened his eyes and became a single mother who tried to abandon her child.

The inferior, silent little bun, who grows up lacking love, becomes the darkened villain in the novel and finally gets his lunch!

drop! Open the flower system to save the motherland!

[Task 1: teach children an ancient poem.

Ye Susu: It is incumbent to save the cubs! Baby, read to me, "Goose Goose..."

Ye Xiaobao was silent, and threw a pig doll at her.

Ye Susu: ...I don't go crazy, you treat me as a sick cat!

Like the mother cat educating the milk cat, she grabbed the soft flesh behind Ye Xiaobao's neck on the spot and pressed it to her side!

Ye Susu: I cried and broke my throat, and no one came to rescue you!

drop! mission completed! The child's blackening value is reduced by 1!

Ye Susu:? ? ?

Soon after, Ye Susu found that his tall and handsome roommate and landlord became more and more strange.

Why does he look more like his own Ye Xiaobao the longer he grows?

How did the well-proposed salesperson become the mysterious CEO who is rumored to be not close to the top ten of the rich list?


It was only after five years that Li Jun confirmed that he had a son who was drunk all night.

The son is sensitive and slightly autistic.

He decided to slowly enter the world of his son in the name of the landlord's uncle, and then take away from the irresponsible woman three months later!

But a month later--

Ye Susu: Baby, who is the most beautiful in this world? Who is the cutest? Who is your favorite person?

Ye Xiaobao: Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!

Li Jun: ...? ?

Content Tag: Female Wearing Book Shuangwen

Search keywords: Protagonist: Ye Susu Supporting role: Pre-collection "I put the old attack into the nursery bag" welcome collection Other: Pre-collection "I put the old attack into the nursery bag" welcome collection

One-sentence introduction: Raise the cutest cubs, the most bullish husband

Brief comment on works:

The cat demon Ye Susuchuan became a single mother who tried to abandon her child in the **** text. The inferior, silent little bun, who grows up lacking love, becomes the darkened villain in the novel and eventually gets his lunch. After wearing the book, Ye Susu attacked beautifully from the cannon fodder all the way, and used the mother cat to bring the milk cat to heal the mind of the little bun and successfully changed the tragic fate of the mother and son. At the same time, she also attracted the attention of the mysterious CEO who was rumored to be not close to female **** and the top ten of the rich list, and was gradually spoiled in his palm.

The writing is humorous, the plot is Su Shuang and relaxed, and the characters are cheerful and intriguing. The refreshing rhythm of the counterattack villain is interspersed with slightly sweet emotions and healing delicacy descriptions. It is hearty to read, and readers can laugh in high-tempo pressure. ==================

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