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Chapter 1646: Spiral At The Bottom Of The Lake
Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

It was a great tracker, the signals were transmitted relying on the satellite, and it had a complex radio frequency signal that could cover up to two kilometers.

However, this was on land, and the Inuit man jumped into the lake after that. When he jumped into the water, the signal on the tablet became bad instantly.

Li Du quickly asked, “Is the tracker waterproof?”

Making an ‘OK’ sign with his hand, Young Markelov said, “The signal would be worse in the water, but rest assured, it is waterproof.”

Indeed, the signal reflected on the computer could be clearly visible although it was a little weaker.

They would not dive into the water because the boy from before had jumped in and disappeared, and Li Du was always cautious of the lake.

Young Markelov had an idea that they could track from the surface of the lake in the kayak. The lake was not more than 500 meters deep anyway, still within range of the tracker.

“Besides, I don’t believe this man can dive down five hundred meters. Come on, he doesn’t he equipment, and he doesn’t have a submersible to protect him either, so he would not be able to go that deep, right?” said Young Markelov.

Li Du said, “Be careful. Let’s stay close to him.”

The signal flickered on the screen for another moment, and eventually, the red dot disappeared.

The position of the kayaks was in the middle of the lake at that moment, not far from the island, still part of the lost island base, but at the end of it. The water was hundreds of meters deep.

The people on the kayak were shocked and Big Markelov asked, “What is your record for unassisted freediving?”

Brother Wolf said, “Mine is about 40 meters, Black Ox is superior in this aspect, his results are about 50 meters.”

“It is at least a hundred meters deep here!” said Young Markelov as he gasped a breath of cold air.

Li Du said, “Leave it for now. The signal disappeared, so what had actually happened?”

“Either the signal has been cut off, or the tracker has been destroyed. Either way, we’re not getting the signal anymore,” said Young Markelov, scratching his head.

“Write down the position, prepare the submersible, and let’s go down there to take a look,” said Li Du.

“Go straight down?” asked Brother Wolf.

Li Du shook his head. “No, we will put down the water camera first. Mr. Elson sent us an ocean exploration robot, didn’t he? Let it go down and we will see what happens.”

He didn’t want to risk it directly. The lake was hundreds of meters deep. Who knew what was under the water?

After all, he was going to be a father soon. He couldn’t afford to have anything happen to him. He had to go back in good condition to see Sophie and wait for his child to be born.

Soon, the ocean exploration robot was lowered into the water.

The robot was spherical, with multiple wheels and support on all sides, and it could adapt to the complex terrain of the lake floor.

It was connected with a cable that supplied it with electricity and relayed back the images captured by the camera.

The robot slowly sank into the water, followed by a number of cameras around it, which were fixed on the supporters around it. At every certain depth or predetermined position, the robot could be controlled by the computer to release the supporter, and the camera would be sent out.

Eventually, the robot landed on the bottom of the lake, illuminating the underwater scene with intense light.

So deep underwater, the sun could not penetrate. It was dark there. If the robot didn’t turn on the light, they would not be able to see anything.

The lights were on, and a blurry view of the lake bottom appeared on the screen.

As Li Du already knew, the bottom of the lake was made of layers of sand and stone.

Generally speaking, lakes were relatively empty compared to oceans, where fish, shrimps, algae and other organisms that lived in them would die and rot, settling on the lake floor over time, forming slags.

At Lake Angikuni, however, the sediment appeared to have been stirred up, which made the water murky, while the bottom of the lake, which should have been a bog, revealed layers of the earth’s crust below instead.

The robot’s vision was limited, so Li Du maneuvered it to move forward, and then after some distance, it was blocked by a rock.

On the rock grew some water snails and shellfish, some of which had a white base with a complex and beautiful pattern.

Li Du quickly took out the two shells he got from the young man and Peter. As expected, they were alike.

“They must have come from here…” Before he could finish the sentence, the screen went dark all of a sudden and no signal came back.

This made Li Du feel surprised, and he quickly sent a command for the robot to return.

At first, he thought something was blocking the camera, but after a while of not getting any response, he realized it wasn’t something that was blocking the camera, but rather, something that removed the robot.

Brother Wolf pulled back the cable that was attached to the robot, and sure enough, the cable was broken and the robot was lost.

Looking at the broken cable, Brother Wolf said, “It was cut with a sharp knife, the cut is very smooth and nice.”

Young Markelov scolded, “F**k, who has been up to something in the water? Let’s change into the diving suits and go down to see what is going on!”

Li Du stopped him. He was not excited or angry, but smiled at ease and said, “Don’t get too anxious. I think we are getting closer and closer to the truth. They got rid of the robot, but we still have the cameras.”

Again, after he had given the command, several cameras in the water were activated by remote control.

The camera came with a battery that powered both video recording and lighting. Li Du wouldn’t use the lighting normally because the battery didn’t hold much power.

However, this was clearly not the time to save power, so he turned on all the cameras in the water.

As if a sword was thrust into the darkness, the sunless bottom of the lake brightened in several places.

One of the cameras was pointing straight down, and the footage it captured was projected back onto the computer screen, to the surprise of Li Du and his team.

In the lamplight, the broad bottom of the lake was not flat, but rather, there were circles of ridges on it. These ridges came from the earth’s crust, but because of the spiral shape, it seemed as if a whirlpool had appeared at the bottom of the lake.

The rock blocking the little robot’s path was the bulging part of the bottom, but the protuberance was so long and wide that it was hard to see it unless one looked down.

Looking at the raised spiral, Brother Wolf was surprised. “What is this? A spiral breakwater?”

Firecrackerʼs eyes were sharp. He pointed at a corner of the screen and said, “Switch quickly, switch to this camera quickly, there is someone…”

At his words, Li Du quickly changed the view of the camera, but it was too late. When he did so, the screen was blank except for a few whitefish wagging their tails and passing by.

In addition, the small screens on the big screen shut down one after another. Someone had disconnected the cameras.



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Instant Noodles Chapter 1075 It Is Always Good To Have More Skills Chapter 1076 Enter The Warehouse Chapter 1077 The Road To Earning Money Chapter 1078 Trouble Chapter 1079 Doomed Chapter 1080 Prestige Chapter 1081 Rise Of Temperature Chapter 1082 Hello There Chapter 1083 Just A Bunch Of Wimps Chapter 1084 Law Chapter 1085 Ali Snatching The Wife Chapter 1086 Heart Gone Dead Chapter 1087 Prison Auction Chapter 1088 Taser Gun Chapter 1089 1089.35 Chapter 1090 Top Tactic Chapter 1091 Something Lost Something Gained Chapter 1092 The Secret Underneath The Table Chapter 1093 Ploy Chapter 1094 An Interesting Toy Chapter 1095 Targeted Chapter 1096 Make Trouble Chapter 1097 Repression Chapter 1098 Digging Own Grave Chapter 1099 Chaos In Tucson Chapter 1100 Excited Chapter 1101 Home Visit Chapter 1102 Abnormal Chapter 1103 Earthquake Chapter 1104 Recruitment Chapter 1105 Snow Fall Chapter 1106 Bad Luck Chapter 1107 Siberia Chapter 1108 Map Of Ivory Chapter 1109 Welcome Gift Chapter 1110 Ebb And Flow Chapter 1111 Blooming Flowers And A Full Moon Chapter 1112 The Best Thing Chapter 1113 Shareholder Meeting Chapter 1114 Fox Chapter 1115 Interest Chapter 1116 A Kind Of Friendship Chapter 1117 Messed Up The Plan Chapter 1118 Dominating Arizona Chapter 1119 Lively Chapter 1120 Adventurer Chapter 1121 Three In One Chapter 1122 A Town At The Border Chapter 1123 First Shot Chapter 1124 Inspection Chapter 1125 Old Driver Chapter 1126 Troublemakers Chapter 1127 Township Group Chapter 1128 Speed Chapter 1129 Excitement Chapter 1130 Imposing Chapter 1131 Enemy Chapter 1132 Fast Paced Chapter 1133 Its Not Me Chapter 1134 Gone Mad Chapter 1135 Season Of Gain Chapter 1136 Corkwood Chapter 1137 Mustang Chapter 1138 Gold Chapter 1139 Great Robbery Chapter 1140 Commotion Chapter 1141 Do Something For Me Chapter 1142 News At The Bar Chapter 1143 Telescope Chapter 1144 Big Surprise Chapter 1145 Phone Call Chapter 1146 Military Commander Chapter 1147 Shares Transfer Chapter 1148 Spending Money Chapter 1149 Control Chapter 1150 Big Bosss Surprise Chapter 1151 Partnership Chapter 1152 Businessman Chapter 1153 Shelly Sand Chapter 1154 Joining A Tour Chapter 1155 Overseas Lucky Dip Chapter 1156 Do The Right Thing Chapter 1157 Do The Right Thing Chapter 1158 Just Pay Chapter 1159 Peoples War Chapter 1160 Offshore Mansion Chapter 1161 Riding Through The Waves Chapter 1162 Li The Island Owner Chapter 1163 Snakes Chapter 1164 Back Again Chapter 1165 Warm Invitation Chapter 1166 Discussion About The Crater Chapter 1167 Discussion About The Crater Chapter 1168 The Fifth Dimension Chapter 1169 Land Of Blossom In Antarctica Chapter 1170 Flying Sled Chapter 1171 Collision Penguin Colony Chapter 1172 Granite Chapter 1173 Ice Ship Chapter 1174 Above The Icy Ocean Chapter 1175 The Ford Brothers Chapter 1176 Meteorite Hunter Chapter 1177 Critical Situation Chapter 1178 Subdue Chapter 1179 Nenets Chapter 1180 Life Is Difficult Chapter 1181 Flying Fish Chapter 1182 Hospitality Chapter 1183 Work Chapter 1184 Do You Want To Go To Australia? Chapter 1185 Bullying Chapter 1186 Revenge Chapter 1187 Close Down Chapter 1188 Information On The Museum Chapter 1189 Official Activity Chapter 1190 Lively And Peaceful Chapter 1191 Manayunk Chapter 1192 Old Town Style Chapter 1193 Abnormal Chapter 1194 Christmas Present Chapter 1195 Model Chapter 1196 Birds Of America Chapter 1198 Failure In Sneaking Chapter 1199 Audubon Society Chapter 1200 Riverdale Chapter 1201 Shepherd Girl Chapter 1202 Promotion Chapter 1203 Please Give Way Chapter 1204 Showing The Cards Chapter 1205 Spy Recorder Chapter 1206 Henderson Chapter 1207 Travel Around Chapter 1208 Eagle Beak Gang Chapter 1209 Play Dirty Chapter 1210 Planning A Trap Chapter 1211 77 And 103 Chapter 1212 Popular Auction Chapter 1213 Ok Its Yours Chapter 1214 Trap Within A Trap Chapter 1215 Silly Eyed Eagle Chapter 1216 Retreat Chapter 1217 Confused Chapter 1218 Soft Company Chapter 1219 Little Town Ancient Alleys Chapter 1220 Ancient Paintings Chapter 1221 Little Bug Misread Too Chapter 1222 Fixing Anthony Chapter 1223 Soft And Messy Chapter 1224 Blown Up Chapter 1225 Egged On By The Crowd Chapter 1226 Annoying Chapter 1227 Making Dumplings Chapter 1228 The Square Chapter 1229 Piano Duet Chapter 1230 Thief Chapter 1231 Investment Chapter 1232 Positioning Chapter 1233 Appreciation Chapter 1234 Gsp Chapter 1235 Fort Davis Chapter 1236 Town Chapter 1237 Unprecedented Chapter 1238 Telescope Chapter 1239 Departure Starry Sky Chapter 1240 A Little Trouble Chapter 1241 Galaxy Travel Chapter 1242 Strike Chapter 1243 Night Battle Chapter 1244 Mammoth Ivory Hunter Chapter 1245 Big Gathering Chapter 1246 Universe And Eon Chapter 1247 Preparation Chapter 1248 Shining Heaven Chapter 1249 Message Chapter 1250 Armed Chapter 1251 Wind Strong Wind Chapter 1252 Humanity Chapter 1253 Throw It Out Chapter 1254 Relax Chapter 1255 Potato Beef Chapter 1256 Snow Forest Home Chapter 1257 Fish Chapter 1258 The Thrilling Swamp Chapter 1259 Antlers Chapter 1260 Dropping Pants Chapter 1261 Crickets Nest Chapter 1262 Ruthless Chapter 1263 Splitting Up Chapter 1264 Wolf Trouble Chapter 1265 Fight Of The Beasts Chapter 1266 Lake Island Chapter 1267 In The Hole Chapter 1268 Snowman And White Monkey Chapter 1269 Site Compensation Chapter 1270 Mammoth Excavation Chapter 1271 Golden Ivory Chapter 1272 Excavated Entirely Chapter 1273 Catching Someone Chapter 1274 Interrogation Chapter 1275 This Is For Family Chapter 1276 The Unlucky Manul Chapter 1277 Finding Food In The Taiga Chapter 1278 Lost Town Chapter 1279 Fierce Dog Chapter 1280 Grave Digger Chapter 1281 One More Level Up Chapter 1282 Timely Help Chapter 1283 The Monkey As An Excuse Chapter 1284 A Scary Flight Chapter 1285 Mental Patient Chapter 1286 The Power Of Money Chapter 1287 Vodka Chapter 1288 Drunken Monkey Chapter 1289 Bride Market Chapter 1290 Motorcycle Stunts Chapter 1291 A Slap And Money Chapter 1292 Pat Pat Pat Chapter 1293 Lady Who Brought Herself To The Door Chapter 1294 Forced Romance Chapter 1295 Diamond Beach Chapter 1296 Migration Route Chapter 1297 Firepower Chapter 1298 Iceberg Chapter 1299 Attack Chapter 1300 The Crash Chapter 1301 What An Exciting Show Chapter 1302 Lowering The Net Chapter 1303 The Arctic Chapter 1304 Dense Fog Chapter 1305 The World Above And Below Chapter 1306 The Deep Sea Devil Chapter 1307 Chaos Chapter 1308 Rebellion Chapter 1309 Hallucination Chapter 1310 Fly Amanita Chapter 1311 Dealing With It Chapter 1312 Pursue Chapter 1313 The Cold Chapter 1314 Have Some Coffee Chapter 1315 Give In Chapter 1316 Without Much Effort Chapter 1317 Polar Ice Cap Chapter 1318 Igloo Chapter 1319 Battle Chapter 1320 Find It Chapter 1321 Shift Chapter 1322 Without A Proper Reason Chapter 1323 The Deserted Wild That Is Not Deserted Chapter 1324 Tasting The White Grass Chapter 1325 Two Pieces Chapter 1326 Towards South Chapter 1327 Get Lost Chapter 1328 Communication Chapter 1329 Gold Nugget Chapter 1330 Lets Start Work Chapter 1331 Night Guns Chapter 1332 Give It To Him Chapter 1333 Sniper Chapter 1334 A Lesson Chapter 1335 Without Hard Work Chapter 1336 The Invisible Cemetery Chapter 1337 Borrow A Ship Chapter 1338 World Of Iced Fish Chapter 1339 Here Comes The Bear Chapter 1340 Bird Robbery Chapter 1341 The Nganasan Chapter 1342 Reindeer Sleigh Chapter 1343 Hunting Seal Chapter 1344 Tough Chapter 1345 The Door Beneath The Ice Chapter 1346 Inability To Move Chapter 1347 Polar Mines Chapter 1348 Leaving Chapter 1349 Save Hans Chapter 1350 Adept Chapter 1351 Caught Chapter 1352 Small Town Police Chapter 1353 Fire Chapter 1354 Bought It Upon Himself Chapter 1355 Family Chapter 1356 Firing Operation Chapter 1357 Big Laugh Chapter 1358 Where I Belong Chapter 1359 Follow The Crowd Chapter 1360 Third Party Agreement Chapter 1361 Tiger Tiger Tiger Chapter 1362 A Change In Friendship Chapter 1363 Big Boss Chapter 1364 Mirror Wall Chapter 1365 Accident Chapter 1366 Change The Order Chapter 1367 Bid Chapter 1368 Night Drunk Chapter 1369 Big Melee Chapter 1370 Public Security Penalty Chapter 1371 Loves Punishment Chapter 1372 Leave Quickly Chapter 1373 The Big Bang Theory Chapter 1374 Vacation Chapter 1375 Broken Dreams Chapter 1376 Watermelon Battle Chapter 1377 Over The Limits Chapter 1378 Lake Erie Chapter 1379 Centennial Studio Chapter 1380 Bear Infested Chapter 1381 Understanding The Details Chapter 1382 Old Photo Chapter 1383 What The Films Went Through Chapter 1384 Pitts Call Chapter 1385 Entering The Mountain Chapter 1386 Finger Fishing Chapter 1387 White Turns Red Chapter 1388 Jungle King Chapter 1389 Mountain In The Morning Chapter 1390 Theres Someone Behind Chapter 1391 The Cherokees Chapter 1392 Lawyer Chapter 1393 The Historic Campsite Chapter 1394 Reunited Again Chapter 1395 Whac A Mole Chapter 1396 Murderer Chapter 1397 The Eagle Chapter 1398 For Justice Chapter 1399 Crossing The Mountain Chapter 1400 Gold Gold Chapter 1401 Tracking And Being Tracked Chapter 1402 Past Chapter 1403 Chase Chapter 1404 Fights Between The Elites Chapter 1405 Confidential Chapter 1406 Cave Chapter 1407 History Chapter 1408 Turning Back Chapter 1409 Save Lives Chapter 1410 Holy Wolf Chapter 1411 Little Plans Chapter 1412 The Chief Chapter 1413 Certificate Chapter 1414 The Holy Wolf Chapter 1415 Door To Door Business Chapter 1416 Come And Have Fun Chapter 1417 Down The Mountain Chapter 1418 Revenue Chapter 1419 Ah Fei Chapter 1420 Select Tenants Chapter 1421 Hire Chapter 1422 Catching Snakes Chapter 1423 Forgot To Close The Door Chapter 1424 Ending Chapter 1425 Checking Out The Route Chapter 1426 New Trade Chapter 1427 Despise Chapter 1428 Taking Down The First House Chapter 1429 Raising The Bid Chapter 1430 Hot Potato Chapter 1431 Sculpture Chapter 1432 Oneal Chapter 1433 What Happened In The Past Chapter 1434 Knocking On The Door Chapter 1435 Something Happening Near The Water Chapter 1436 The Manor Chapter 1437 Gathering Old Friends Chapter 1438 Showing Some Skills Chapter 1439 Despise Chapter 1440 Wolf King Chapter 1441 Sweep Chapter 1442 The Experts Move Chapter 1443 Haunted House Chapter 1444 Moving In Chapter 1445 Sinister Chapter 1446 Little Ones Dont Come Into The House Chapter 1447 The Mysterious Door Chapter 1448 Five Chapter 1449 Neighbors Chapter 1450 Wildness Regained Chapter 1451 Catch Catch Catch Chapter 1452 What The Hell Chapter 1453 Someone Made A Monkey Out Of Me Chapter 1454 Police Arrived Chapter 1455 The Truth Chapter 1456 The Effects Of Advertising Chapter 1457 Jade Sculpture Chapter 1458 Meeting Again Chapter 1459 About Feelings Chapter 1460 Special Auction Chapter 1461 Do Not Provoke Me Chapter 1462 Golden Key Chapter 1463 The Lost Crown Chapter 1464 Help Chapter 1465 Unexpected Chapter 1466 Snake Venom Chapter 1467 Arrival Chapter 1468 Wolf Kings Fury Chapter 1469 Cooperating Again Chapter 1470 Big Kill Chapter 1471 A Trap Chapter 1472 Being Attacked Chapter 1473 Emergency Rescue Chapter 1474 We Tried Our Best Chapter 1475 What To Do Chapter 1476 A Million Dollar Investment Chapter 1477 Run Chapter 1478 Contract Work Chapter 1479 Open The Door Chapter 1480 Needle Chapter 1481 Ending Chapter 1482 Traitor Chapter 1483 Smart Chapter 1484 Sorry Chapter 1485 A Little Trick Chapter 1486 Leaving Chapter 1487 Guide Chapter 1488 Get In The Way Chapter 1489 Stop The Beating Chapter 1490 Resource Curse Chapter 1491 Common Knowledge Chapter 1492 Fellow Townsman Chapter 1493 Scam Chapter 1494 Master Dao Chapter 1495 Stone Cutting Chapter 1496 Heartbeat Chapter 1497 All Happy Chapter 1498 Scammer Chapter 1499 Da Pao Chapter 1500 Request To Cooperate Chapter 1501 No Way Out Chapter 1502 Chinese Village Chapter 1503 Entering The Place Chapter 1504 Wholesale Chapter 1505 Pick The Expensive One Chapter 1506 Rise Chapter 1507 Sell It Chapter 1508 The Wise Chapter 1509 Groom The Jade Chapter 1510 Longken Chapter 1511 Abakar Chapter 1512 A Huge Loss Chapter 1513 Traitor Chapter 1514 Recouping Losses Chapter 1515 Killing Two Birds With One Stone Chapter 1516 The Blabbermouth Consultant Chapter 1517 Aung Bar Lay Chapter 1518 Onnoisseur Chapter 1519 A Big Gamble Chapter 1520 More Than A Billion Chapter 1521 Making A Mark Chapter 1522 Traded Off Chapter 1523 King Of Old Hpakant Chapter 1524 Capture Chapter 1525 Bumpy Road Chapter 1526 Damakan Chapter 1527 Blackmail Chapter 1528 The Matter Has Turned Serious Chapter 1529 Not A Cent Less Chapter 1530 Granite Chapter 1531 Talent Chapter 1532 Imperial Chapter 1533 Deep Animosity Chapter 1534 Tough Journey Chapter 1535 Stuck Chapter 1536 Gentlemens Agreement Chapter 1537 Buy Them All Chapter 1538 Buy Buy Buy Chapter 1539 Keeping Them Chapter 1540 Wait Patiently Chapter 1541 The Stones Had Reduced In Number Chapter 1542 Who Stole Them Chapter 1543 Get Rid Of Chapter 1544 Stop Chapter 1545 Taking Out The Gun Chapter 1546 Struck By The Bullet Chapter 1547 Suppression Chapter 1548 Kill Chapter 1549 Heading To Denai Chapter 1550 Foghorn Morning Market Chapter 1551 Rural Specialty Chapter 1552 Cannot Say Chapter 1553 Buy Your Dog Chapter 1554 Secrets Chapter 1555 Stall Chapter 1556 The Final Question Chapter 1557 Hard Work Pays Off Chapter 1558 Chaotic Mining Road Chapter 1559 A Crowd Has Come Chapter 1560 The Hospitable Mayor Chapter 1561 The Bronze Stove And Bronze Pot Chapter 1562 Destroy It Chapter 1563 Really Big Ants Chapter 1564 Vicious Chapter 1565 The Truth Chapter 1566 Question And Answer Chapter 1567 Work Together Then Chapter 1568 New Mine Area Chapter 1569 Planning The New Village Chapter 1570 Public Auction Chapter 1571 What Is Heard And Seen Chapter 1572 Green Furry Spot Chapter 1573 Da Mao Is Missing Chapter 1574 Xie Laohou Chapter 1575 The Dragon Stone Species Chapter 1576 Transaction Chapter 1577 Taking Advantage Of The Chaos Chapter 1578 I Am So Cocky Chapter 1579 The Last Gift Chapter 1580 Cute Pet Entertainment Chapter 1581 Litter Helpers Chapter 1582 Walking Jack O Lantern Chapter 1583 Jade Business Chapter 1584 Buying More Shares Chapter 1585 Ranch Wedding Chapter 1586 Party In The Paradise Chapter 1587 Go Again Chapter 1588 Auction On The Sea Chapter 1589 The Zhang Baogao Chapter 1590 A Mindset Change Chapter 1591 Underground City Chapter 1592 Expert Chapter 1593 Hired Chapter 1594 Familiar Face Chapter 1595 At Ease Chapter 1596 Are You Good Enough? Chapter 1597 Difference Chapter 1598 Golf Balls Chapter 1599 Have To Be Ruthless Chapter 1600 Surprise Chapter 1601 Especially Jealous Chapter 1602 Throwing Coffee Chapter 1603 Mountain Of Cargo Containers Chapter 1604 Painting Within A Painting Chapter 1605 For Your Own Good Chapter 1606 Take Revenge Chapter 1607 The Story Of The Ward Chapter 1608 Light Up The Gun Powder Barrel Chapter 1609 Buying Paintings And Selling Paintings Chapter 1610 Small Bricks Chapter 1611 Trolley Case Chapter 1612 A Trap Chapter 1613 Broken Pieces On The Floor Chapter 1614 Big Pot Dish Expert Chapter 1615 The Bite Of Anubis Chapter 1616 Back Home Chapter 1617 Grandson Granddaughter Chapter 1618 Buzzing With Excitement Chapter 1619 The Leader Comes Knocking Chapter 1620 Terms Chapter 1621 Jade Bride Chapter 1622 Totally Drunk Chapter 1623 Tourism Plan Chapter 1624 The Mine Appears Chapter 1625 Scout Auction Chapter 1626 Top School Chapter 1627 A Challenge Chapter 1628 Overestimating Ones Potential Chapter 1629 Cigar And Watch Chapter 1630 Many Years Ago Chapter 1631 Missing Person Chapter 1632 Investigation Report Chapter 1633 The Lost Village Chapter 1634 Abnormal Chapter 1635 Mountain Of Waves Chapter 1636 Mountain Of The Lost Chapter 1637 Air Strike Chapter 1638 Abnormal Tree Rings Chapter 1639 The Inuit Teen Chapter 1640 Gone Chapter 1641 Crazy Person Chapter 1642 He Knows Chapter 1643 Land And Air Chapter 1644 An Inuit Chapter 1645 Tracking Chapter 1646 Spiral At The Bottom Of The Lake Chapter 1647 Again Chapter 1648 Going In Chapter 1649 God And Gate Chapter 1650 End Epilogue