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Dao Profound Realm; one realm, one world.

Zhou Yus Third Level Dao Profound was more than a level stronger compared to Tu Yous First Level Dao Profound.

It was nothing difficult for one Zhou Yu to sweep across the entire White Valiant Region.

Furthermore, Vastsun Citys martial techniques were all fire-attribute martial techniques with extremely powerful destructive powers.

This Mighty Heaven Vastsun Palm being unleashed was truly akin to an apocalyptic palm.

If this palm landed, there was bound to be countless casualties.

Tu You shut his eyes painfully, not daring to look at the subsequent scene.

The disparity was too great. Disregarding that he was already a dying lamp without oil now, even when he was at his prime, he was worlds apart from Zhou Yu too.

Zhou Yan looked at the ants below the enormous palm with a cold smile, feeling delighted inwardly.

"To dare oppose this Young Master, this is your outcome!"

Just as he was going to see the flesh and blood of everyone under the huge palm flying in all directions, his eyes suddenly became wide circles!

That enormous palm actually gradually became faint under his eyes, finally dissipating into nothing!

Zhou Yans expression changed, and he swiveled his head in four directions as he said, "Whos sneaking around furtively? Scram out here for this Young Master!"


A hand slapped over from inside the void, directly hitting Zhou Yan until he somersaulted in the air.

"To dare speak impertinently to this Seat, is this how Zhou Jia taught you?"

A cold voice sounded out, able to let people discern that there was that hint of sullen anger in his words.

Zhou Yan flew out 10 thousand feet away in the air before barely managing to stabilize his figure. Reaching his hand towards his face and touching, he discovered that his face was clearly already badly swollen.

Although he clearly knew that the other party already showed mercy, his fury still towered into the clouds.

Since the other party knew to pull his punches, that meant he was wary of Vastsun City. Since that was the case, what was he still afraid of?

"Insolent thing! To actually dare attack this Young Master! I think that youre tired of "

Zhou Yans words had yet to finish when Zhou Yu arrived at his side with a flash and hurriedly covered his mouth up.

"Young Master, this persons strength is unfathomable! This subordinate is absolutely not a match! We mustnt readily provoke!" Zhou Yu hurriedly said.

A disaster was brought about from careless talk. This mysterious person concealed within the void, he could not discern his position at all. That slap earlier, he completely did not know how the other party took action.

This level of strength, Zhou Yu knew that he absolutely could not afford to provoke.

Moreover, the other party said Zhou Jias name the moment he opened his mouth. He was probably at least a character on the same level as Family Head too.

Zhou Yan was burning with rage at this time, how could he still listen?

He exerted his strength to shake off Zhou Yus hand and roared, "What are you scared of? I dont believe that theres really someone who dares to kill Vastsun Citys Young Lord today! Cowardly rat, listen up for this Young Master, if you dont kill this Young Master today, youre a wuss!"

When that person within the void heard this, he fell silent.

Zhou Yan even thought that the other party was scared and laughed even more unbridled as he said,"Hahaha!I knew you dont have the guts! Really a pansy! If you dont dare to make a move, then get lost quickly for this father of yours!"

Zhou Yan was looking at the side, wishing that he could go up and beat Zhou Yan down. This Young Master was too ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth!

In this Divine Realm, although forces stronger than Vastsun City were not many, they were not few either!

This person hidden in the void was definitely an expert of a region. Even if he really was somewhat apprehensive of Vastsun City, he might really harden his heart and kill after hearing these words.

At that time, who would he find to reason things out?

All of a sudden, Zhou Yans words were directly stuck at his throat, his pair of eyes becoming round as balls.

At this instant, it was as if his heart had stopped. An immense sense of danger hovered around him.

Zhou Yans entire person was bound up by some kind of inexplicable energy. He could not even breathe!

He did not doubt in the slightest that as long as the other party was willing, he could kill him at any time.

Zhou Yus expression changed drastically by the side. He was clearly standing by Zhou Yans side, but he was completely unable to get rid of the shackling forces in this space!

This persons strength was too terrifying!

In his desperation, Zhou Yu directly knelt down in the air and said with clasped hands, "Senior, please calm your anger! My familys young master is young and ignorant, and he offended Senior! Zhou Yu offers an apology to you on his behalf! Senior, please let my familys young master off on account of Family Head!"

"Humph!If not for this seat having some friendship with Zhou Jia, with his words, this Seat would definitely exterminate your Vastsun City!" the person in the void said with a cold snort.

Hearing these words, Zhou Yus expression changed greatly. Looks like they provoked a terrifying existence today.

From the other partys tone, one could discern that he did not attach any importance to Vastsun City at all.

Zhou Yan even provoked him like that. What difference was there from seeking death?

"Senior, please calm your anger." Zhou Yu had no means and could only kowtow vigorously.

"You, a retainer, are somewhat loyal. But he offended this Seat. The death penalty can be spared, but its hard to escape punishment!"

The moment his voice faded, it was as if Zhou Yan suffered some kind of heavy blow. His entire person suddenly convulsed, then he toppled down stiffly.

Zhou Yu turned pale with fright and hurriedly supported Zhou Yan.

"Senior, this "

"Get lost! If Zhou Jia feels like challenging me, let him come find me!" said the person in the void as he snorted coldly.

Zhou Yus expression changed, and he fled, carrying Zhou Yan at a splitting pace.

The Crimson Afterglow Holy Lands people were long dazed from watching. This mysterious persons strength was simply powerful until it made peoples hair stand on end!

Hearing the other partys tone, he did not even place the Rank One Holy Land, Vastsun City, in his sights!

It was just that all of them were rather curious why this mysterious person would take action to save the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land.

Seeing Zhou Yu retreat, Tu You hurriedly brought Chen Qin and the rest to prostrate themselves on the ground towards the void and said, "Tu You represents everyone in the Crimson Afterglow to give thanks for Seniors life-saving grace! If Senior has any instruction, feel free to instruct us!"

Tu You was a clever man too. The other party definitely would not take action to help the Crimson Afterglow Holy Land for no reason at all.

This kind of existence, the Crimson Afterglow would not enter the other partys arcane sights at all.

That person in the void was silent for a moment, then he suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Youre on the verge of dying and can at most only live for half a years time. Looks like that guy finding me to refine the Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill was probably in order to refine for you. Take it. Consuming this pill, it will naturally help you to extend your longevity by 300 years."

A medicinal pill flew out from within the void and arrived right in front of Tu You.

Tu You was actually somewhat absent-minded for a moment as he held this medicinal pill.

Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill, this was the Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill!

What kind of character would actually refine such a heaven-defying medicinal pill for him?

This mysterious person in front of him was definitely at the Divine King Realm without any doubt. But what kind of person could request the other party to refine such a Tier 9 medicinal pill?

Tu You was very clear that this Nine-Yang Spring Restoring Pill, even ordinary alchemy emperors could not refine it either.

To be able to refine it, they were all characters who had reached the peak of perfection in alchemy.

Chen Qin saw Tu You in a daze and promptly nudged him a bit.

Tu You came back to his sense and hurriedly knelt down to give thanks, "Seniors great kindness, Tu You will never forget it!"

"No need to thank me. Better thank that boy called Ye Yuan. For me to refine this pill on his behalf is also considered returning him a favor. Forget it, looks like he really isnt here. Since theres no luck to meet today, Ill save it for the future."

When these words were said, there was no longer any sound in the void. That mysterious person clearly left already.

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