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In a beautiful park, the slanting light of the setting sun walked into this full garden and dyed the whole green world full of vitality into a pale golden world.

In this light golden world, all kinds of birds are constantly mischievous, singing refreshingly, and fighting for the king. The colorful flowers dyed with a few hints of light golden color become exceptionally beautiful, and this world will fascinate people.

There are no more people in the park. I saw a figure standing quietly by the lake from the back, thin and ordinary in the setting sun, like a young man who had just left society.

A dazed person stood by the lake and was hugged by the setting sun. He looked calmly at the lake surface dyed by the setting sun. Visitors in the park glanced at him and walked slowly past him, without any sluggishness.

Because they all know that in a first-tier city like this, there are countless setbacks encountered by the first-timers in society.

No one can help him, only himself can help him. Because most of them also experienced this.

The camera goes back to our young man. He is the pig's foot of the book, named Huang Jianzhi, who was born in a small town. The parents in the family are ordinary employees of the company, and there is a arrogant brother who is one or two years younger than him.

After graduation, I have been working in this city for two or three years, but I have always been an ordinary employee of a small business.

But this is quite normal. There are so many people in such first-tier cities that they are very competitive, and they only work for two to three years. There is no change. They are not the rich second generation or the official second generation.

Fight daddy directly, and you will be the president the next day. this is the truth. Mirror returned to the protagonist and only heard.

"Ah, it's so boring, it's so boring to live like this all day."

Well, it's not that the protagonist is staring at the lake blankly because of frustration, just because of boredom. Jianzhi's eyes moved, looking at the calm and clear water of the lake. There were many fish in the lake moving freely in the water, and he was not afraid of life at all.

"Fish, fish, you may know the greatness of the lake, because it raises you. But you really don't know what the sea is."

Jianzhi thought to himself, and suddenly laughed at himself.

"Isn't it the same with people."

Before graduation, I was full of hope for the future after graduation, but the reality is very helpless.

No matter how hard you work and struggle, you are only earning that humble salary in a small business, and you dare not come out, you dare not come out to fight, you are afraid of failure, and you dare not try.

I recalled that my grandfather, who had not died two years ago, spoke to me.

"Jianzhi, do you know why the status of ancient women was low? Ancient women generally only had three functions in that era. One was a tool for men to vent, the other was a tool for men to pass on the line, and the third was a tool for making money. Why is that?" Grandpa asked.

Jianzhi felt strange, how could his amiable grandfather ask this strange question.

"Are ancient women inherently disadvantaged?" Jianzhi thought for a while and replied.

"Your answer, I cannot say that it is correct, nor can I say it is wrong." Grandpa said calmly.

Suddenly, Grandpa's next sentence made Jianzhi crazy.

"Because I don't know the real answer either." Grandpa said shamelessly.

"How big is your heart?" Grandpa suddenly asked this sentence again, but he walked back to the room without hearing Jianzhi's answer.

Jianzhi thought for a long time before he got the answer, and wanted to tell grandpa.

But grandpa said to Jianzhi, "Don't tell me, tell your heart."

Jianzhi was right when he heard it, saying to others, just telling others how big his heart is. But he didn't talk to his heart and remind himself.

Until his death, he didn't tell him how big his heart was, because he didn't want his grandfather to be disappointed with him.

Thinking of his arrogant brother again, it was a little funny. From the time he remembered, he had never heard his brother call him brother.

It's not that the two brothers have a bad relationship, they just don't express themselves. They call each other by their names. Or maybe both of them have Tsundere disease.

"God, I want to live freely, a carefree game life. If there is a miracle, I hope it will happen to me."

Jianzhi ignored the strange eyes of others and shouted at the lake.

Then I moved my body and prepared to go back, because I have to go to work tomorrow. You have to work if you want to eat.

This is very realistic. This is just the simplest life for ordinary people. When Jianzhi turned around and went back, a ripple suddenly appeared in the void behind him.

A hand with a breath of super ancient times slowly stretched out from the ripples, and the arm was engraved with indescribable Dao patterns. I saw a purple light in that hand, reaching into Jin Jianzhis brain, and then stretched out. Ziguang disappeared when I went out.

There was no vision in Jianzhi's brain either. The hand and the ripple disappeared, as if it had never happened. What is strange is that neither Jianzhi nor the tourists noticed what happened just now.

Normal can't be normal, even if the surveillance camera didn't capture the mysterious phenomenon just now, there is nothing unusual. At this time, the purple light in Jianzhi's mind was trembling.

Just listen to "This system is so fateful, I just awakened my self-consciousness. I was caught by some existence."

When it comes to a certain existence, Ziguang is as fearful as a human being, "It is a cup, this system is forcibly recognized as the master, and it is still an ordinary person. Although it can use the system loopholes to de-recognize the main program, but,,, that existence .

Hey, I can only recognize it. "

"Originally, this system is also invincible, except for that. Well, this system is the second best.

That existence actually gave this system to this ordinary person, then this person may have a certain relationship with that existence, and then this host may have meat. Perhaps, this system can be separated from this "system".

"Okay, it's time to meet the host. But this system is born from the cause and effect of thousands of plane systems. It can't be simply played out like this. If you want to play, you have to play with the wind, and you can't lose face." then......

Jianzhi returned to the dormitory and was about to close the door. There was a message in my mind.

"Ding, ding, ding. Host, close the door soon, this system is going to hit the dog. Bah, bah, that's wrong, this system has to be a force, NO, this system has to come."

The black line on Kenzhi's face, "What the hell..."

This story starts from this moment. ..

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778: Unique skill Chapter 779: Senior is going to run Chapter 780: Behind the scenes Chapter 781: Luna was scared Chapter 782: Ancestors Chapter 783: Arrival of the Giant Chapter 784: Zhang Liang's favor Chapter 785: Yin and yang family trouble Chapter 786: Li Si's reply Chapter 787: Can you protect my daughter Chapter 788: Rely on the old and sell the old Chapter 789: Are you begging for abuse? Chapter 790: I did not do it on purpose Chapter 791: Damn, fairy Chapter 792: Villain panic Chapter 793: Ancestors, we need you Chapter 794: The method of becoming a fairy Chapter 795: Masterpiece Chapter 796: Bad fairy Chapter 797: New Mohist Giants Chapter 798: Black-bellied fairy Chapter 799: Compete for the fairy book Chapter 800: Thousand-year family Chapter 801: split into two Chapter 802: Xiaomeng comes Chapter 803: Xiaoyaozi Chapter 804: Can i beat him to death Chapter 805: Taoism is incomplete Chapter 806: Turbulence in the world Chapter 807: decision making Chapter 808: Alliance of Kings Chapter 809: Missed opportunity Chapter 810: Salted Fish Fairy Chapter 811: The emperor also came to fish Chapter 812: Blinded resolution Chapter 813: Strangers Chapter 814: Scrub cognition Chapter 815: Drums of war Chapter 816: War started Chapter 817: Organs of war Chapter 818: Insect valley advancement Chapter 819: Raging Chapter 820: Defeat Chapter 821: Luo Lao General Pendant Chapter 822: Do you play cards, brother Liang? Chapter 823: Hard to lose Chapter 824: The fairy was kidnapped Chapter 825: People stick Chapter 826: Meng Yi, it's really none of my business Chapter 827: Nameless Chapter 828: Purgatory on earth Chapter 829: Faith collapsed Chapter 830: Ambition to win politics Chapter 831: Dragon Ball Destroyed Chapter 832: Bu Wu Tian Xia Chapter 833: Huangshi Tianshu Chapter 834: Supreme Taoism Chapter 835: Generation pit generation Chapter 836: The world of monsters Chapter 837: Ability awakening Chapter 838: Creator Chapter 839: Demon God Club Chapter 840: Control life and death Chapter 841: Commander Chapter 842: shameless Chapter 843: cost Chapter 844: Use Chapter 845: Mountain dog rules Chapter 846: Under Sirius Chapter 847: Eldest son is back Chapter 848: Enemy Resurrected Chapter 849: How could it be you Chapter 850: Extremity Chapter 851: The purpose of the monster Chapter 852: Unknown existence Chapter 853: The Secrets of Uthan Chapter 854: Admission test Chapter 855: Ability promotion Chapter 856: Dad was arrested Chapter 857: Lock Heimong House Chapter 858: attack Chapter 859: too weak Chapter 860: Real world Chapter 861: The Great Devil Chapter 862: Power behind Chapter 863: I heard you are looking for me Chapter 864: You are a demon god Chapter 865: Supreme meeting Chapter 866: Voting results Chapter 867: There will be chaos Chapter 868: One death three escape Chapter 869: Sumimura Yoshimori Chapter 870: The strongest god Chapter 871: Dragon Wonderland Chapter 872: Inside and out Chapter 873: God awakens Chapter 874: The Lord Appears Chapter 875: Dad is the villain Chapter 876: Vixen Chapter 877: World enemy Chapter 878: Abused Chapter 879: Originator of the Mountain Chapter 880: Niisatokai Chapter 881: Invincible in the world Chapter 882: The actions of the Demon God Society Chapter 883: monster Chapter 884: The battle continues Chapter 885: Got slapped Chapter 886: Exposed Chapter 887: Heavy casualties Chapter 888: Sleepy Chapter 889: Must this be the case Chapter 890: decisive battle Chapter 891: There are always accidents Chapter 892: conspiracy Chapter 893: Desperate Chapter 894: perish together Chapter 895: Final request Chapter 896: The Lord's Arrangement Chapter 897: Enchanter is over Chapter 898: Unexpected start Chapter 899: Lord Creation God Chapter 900: Born Chapter 901: Black belly Chapter 902: Violent Ya Ya Chapter 903: Legend of Creation God Chapter 904: I was wronged Chapter 905: Hurt each other Chapter 906: I'm really strong Chapter 907: Unscrupulous nature Chapter 908: Threat Chapter 909: Call dad Chapter 910: Poor baby Chapter 911: Confession Chapter 912: Past and Present Chapter 913: Tushan in danger Chapter 914: electric shock Chapter 915: Just this time Chapter 916: You did it Chapter 917: duel Chapter 918: Black Fox Appears Chapter 919: Give me face Chapter 920: Tu Shan Su Su Chapter 921: Ya Ya's changes Chapter 922: Human trafficker Chapter 923: See also sacks Chapter 924: Beat Chapter 925: Mess up Chapter 926: Can still play like this Chapter 927: Difficult brothers Chapter 928: Test of Creation God Chapter 929: Chaos in the circle Chapter 930: Difficulties Chapter 931: Reboot Chapter 932: Swallow Chapter 933: Ask for help Chapter 934: Rongrong's determination Chapter 935: Rip Chapter 936: The end of the demon fox Chapter 937: Orion Chapter 938: Eldest brother as father Chapter 939: Travel the world Chapter 940: Soil buns Chapter 941: Martial Arts List Chapter 942: Sunset mountains Chapter 943: The other side of the third brother Chapter 944: Fairy fight Chapter 945: Poor two beasts Chapter 946: Routine Chapter 947: Above the sky Chapter 948: joke Chapter 949: grace Chapter 950: Something is wrong Chapter 951: Can't handle it Chapter 952: Fat cats are ferocious Chapter 953: Not good enough Chapter 954: Break into the yamen Chapter 955: compromise Chapter 956: I haven't played enough yet Chapter 957: breakthrough Chapter 958: Zhao Family Patriarch Chapter 959: I killed you Chapter 960: A sensation in the world Chapter 961: Yang Shen Gong Chapter 962: Treasure Map Chapter 963: You talk too much Chapter 964: Ruined idler Chapter 965: foreign aid Chapter 966: Drive out of the mountain gate Chapter 967: Stupid human Chapter 968: Powerlessness Chapter 969: Go to war Chapter 970: I'm bleeding Chapter 971: Heng Lian Tian-level powerhouse Chapter 972: Heart is ashamed Chapter 973: Apprentice Chapter 974: Double list first Chapter 975: Ask cut Chapter 976: Framed Chapter 977: Family monster Chapter 978: Magic sect Chapter 979: Begging Chapter 980: Identity token Chapter 981: Dark Dragon Guard Chapter 982: coward Chapter 983: Remnants of the previous dynasty Chapter 984: Hole cards Chapter 985: Top rankings Chapter 986: Umbrella Chapter 987: King Kong is not bad Chapter 988: You don't want to die Chapter 989: I can't kill you Chapter 990: Missed Chapter 991: A legend is born Chapter 992: I have to pay it back Chapter 993: Corpse separation Chapter 994: So unlucky Chapter 995: Disabled Chapter 996: Seventh on the list Chapter 997: Reactions from all sides Chapter 998: Smelly brother Chapter 999: imitate Chapter 1000: Sell brother Chapter 1001: The first floor of the world Chapter 1002: Change the world Chapter 1003: Original poster Chapter 1004: King of Beasts Chapter 1005: Exhausted Chapter 1006: Catching cats in the city Chapter 1007: Clearance Chapter 1008: Peace talks Chapter 1009: Barbarians appear Chapter 1010: A rare encounter in a thousand years Chapter 1011: Not give up Chapter 1012: Baihu shot Chapter 1013: Protect shortcomings Chapter 1014: Flaming Enchantment Chapter 1015: Lose your mind Chapter 1016: Think too much Chapter 1017: Rank rise Chapter 1018: so so Chapter 1019: occupy Chapter 1020: wake Chapter 1021: Crying Chapter 1022: The auction begins Chapter 1023: Tianling Mink Chapter 1024: Big boss competition Chapter 1025: I agreed Chapter 1026: Primrose Chapter 1027: Seal hand Chapter 1028: The conditions of the genius doctor Tang Chapter 1029: Pit brother ah second brother Chapter 1030: Big brother is always late Chapter 1031: Courier Chapter 1032: New realm Chapter 1033: Out of nothing Chapter 1034: Secret medicine Chapter 1035: Heroes of Earth Chapter 1036: Big brother hangs up Chapter 1037: Crying hardest Chapter 1038: Beauty list Chapter 1039: Brother Salted Fish Chapter 1040: Civil and Martial Arts Finals Chapter 1041: People's attention Chapter 1042: Melee Chapter 1043: Forgive me Chapter 1044: True strength Chapter 1045: Fucking Chapter 1046: Weed out Chapter 1047: how did you do it Chapter 1048: Challenge the legend Chapter 1049: Fryer Chapter 1050: Become stronger Chapter 1051: You want to be emperor Chapter 1052: Chaos in the world Chapter 1053: Raise troops Chapter 1054: Alien crisis Chapter 1055: Touch the bottom line Chapter 1056: Road to destruction Chapter 1057: Undead Chapter 1058: Arrogant Chapter 1059: Destroyer Array Chapter 1060: The plea of the weak Chapter 1061: Invincible world Chapter 1062: The plan can't keep up with the changes Chapter 1063: Blood flowed into a river Chapter 1064: Burial Ground Chapter 1065: The legend continues Chapter 1066: New empire Chapter 1067: Times have changed Chapter 1068: black market Chapter 1069: The third is out of help Chapter 1070: Ghost hits the wall Chapter 1071: Exposed Chapter 1072: title Chapter 1073: because of you Chapter 1074: What are you looking at Chapter 1075: Minor defects Chapter 1076: Genius Gnaw Medicine Chapter 1077: I have a showdown Chapter 1078: Man of the Wind Chapter 1079: Cult Chapter 1080: Crow's mouth Chapter 1081: Was found Chapter 1082: Insufficient greed Chapter 1083: Show off Chapter 1084: deadlock Chapter 1085: head shot Chapter 1086: Mirage Chapter 1087: condition Chapter 1088: Plug-in Chapter 1089: Energy control Chapter 1090: Mood Chapter 1091: Malicious Chapter 1092: Accustomed to Chapter 1093: College entrance examination Chapter 1094: I have a power Chapter 1095: Ask for help Chapter 1096: Rose Hunting Group Chapter 1097: Recognized Chapter 1098: Indifference Chapter 1099: Uncomfortable? Chapter 1100: It's none of your own Chapter 1101: Prey robbed Chapter 1102: Bad habits Chapter 1103: Trapped Chapter 1104: Face punch Chapter 1105: Be a mentor Chapter 1106: Strayed into the military area Chapter 1107: Fearless resistance Chapter 1108: Go program Chapter 1109: Military area warning Chapter 1110: Animal tide Chapter 1111: The wall collapsed Chapter 1112: need any help Chapter 1113: A-level abilities Chapter 1114: Nothing else Chapter 1115: monster Chapter 1116: Azure Dragon God of War Chapter 1117: World famous Chapter 1118: Supernatural fruit Chapter 1119: Awakening Chapter 1120: Lucky Chapter 1121: Selected tutor Chapter 1122: Bastard brother Chapter 1123: You love me Chapter 1124: Hold grudges Chapter 1125: Fierce competition Chapter 1126: Heart touched Chapter 1127: What to do if you are invincible Chapter 1128: Serve softly Chapter 1129: Share the fruit Chapter 1130: Grandpa Chapter 1131: Recognize relatives Chapter 1132: Accident Chapter 1133: Implore Chapter 1134: Not a big problem Chapter 1135: Exotic Chapter 1136: News leak Chapter 1137: Remaining man Chapter 1138: Clearance plan Chapter 1139: Hurriedly jump over the wall Chapter 1140: Helpless Chapter 1141: Scared to kill Chapter 1142: Roundtable Chapter 1143: Old man Chapter 1144: Purple Moon Hunting Group Chapter 1145: Addicted to impersonation Chapter 1146: In one fell swoop Chapter 1147: Are you stupid Chapter 1148: Close the net Chapter 1149: Shocked everyone Chapter 1150: National Mobilization Chapter 1151: Marine ancient creatures Chapter 1152: Tsunami Chapter 1153: Pharaoh Chapter 1154: illusion Chapter 1155: Spike Chapter 1156: Wang Jian Wang Chapter 1157: Hard to deal with Chapter 1158: Core of life Chapter 1159: none of them Chapter 1160: Extremely cold mood Chapter 1161: Siskin behind Chapter 1162: The persistence of the elderly Chapter 1163: Beastmaster Alien Heart Chapter 1164: Guardian Chapter 1165: So old Chapter 1166: World number one Chapter 1167: People fairyland Chapter 1168: Global change Chapter 1169: Star Federation Chapter 1170: Ancestral exercises Chapter 1171: Can advance or retreat Chapter 1172: Ghost Shadow Chapter 1173: Tianyuan Continent Chapter 1174: Empire of the Night Chapter 1175: Dilemma Chapter 1176: Illusion of life Chapter 1177: Pinch Chapter 1178: Request to join the war Chapter 1179: Dream of Chapter 1180: What can you do to me Chapter 1181: Sleepy fairy formation Chapter 1182: Big kill Chapter 1183: The sky is falling Chapter 1184: Centennial plan Chapter 1185: development of Chapter 1186: Gargoyle Chapter 1187: One change a day Chapter 1188: Magic drug Chapter 1189: Above the immortal Chapter 1190: Empire tomorrow Chapter 1191: Old sinister Chapter 1192: Make a lot of fun Chapter 1193: Vitality Chapter 1194: fuse Chapter 1195: Take a lesson by the enemy Chapter 1196: But so Chapter 1197: Completely exposed Chapter 1198: Stumbling block Chapter 1199: Virtual Dimensional Needle Chapter 1200: Asteroid Chapter 1201: One punch Chapter 1202: Monopolist Chapter 1203: Empire panic Chapter 1204: Attribute Awakening Chapter 1205: That man is gone Chapter 1206: That alpaca is coming Chapter 1207: Cheating again Chapter 1208: Just trust me Chapter 1209: Grandpa Chapter 1210: Suddenly no fragrance Chapter 1211: Tianlinggen Chapter 1212: Elixir Chapter 1213: Subjugated princess Chapter 1214: Do you want sugar? Chapter 1215: Greedy enough Chapter 1216: Birthday guest Chapter 1217: Monster breaks in Chapter 1218: Spirit Beast Clan Chapter 1219: mission Chapter 1220: Alpacas want to rebel Chapter 1221: Night of murder Chapter 1222: Clean up the portal Chapter 1223: Protect shortcomings Chapter 1224: Parting Chapter 1225: Destiny key Chapter 1226: Past life awakening Chapter 1227: Little girl with white hair Chapter 1228: Stumbling block Chapter 1229: For the old and disrespectful Chapter 1230: Token Chapter 1231: Enter the outer door Chapter 1232: Disaster of Blood Chapter 1233: Start of assessment Chapter 1234: Catastrophe Chapter 1235: The evildoer appears Chapter 1236: Like things together Chapter 1237: Identification Chapter 1238: Five years in a hurry Chapter 1239: Alpaca is messing up Chapter 1240: Alpaca is in the play Chapter 1241: Road to immortality Chapter 1242: Greedy Chapter 1243: Deshen Bow Chapter 1244: Ready to run Chapter 1245: Loophole Chapter 1246: Hi Chapter 1247: Alpaca was scared away Chapter 1248: Surging Chapter 1249: You have a master Chapter 1250: Focus on objects Chapter 1251: Ancient God Orb Chapter 1252: One Immortal and One Demon Chapter 1253: task Chapter 1254: Straight Chapter 1255: It's lively again Chapter 1256: scapegoat Chapter 1257: Framed Chapter 1258: drag Chapter 1259: Death without evidence Chapter 1260: Mystery man Chapter 1261: Face slap Chapter 1262: Ran Chapter 1263: Quota Chapter 1264: Boarding Chapter 1265: The little son is coming Chapter 1266: Mado rampant Chapter 1267: Breakthrough Chapter 1268: The first family Chapter 1269: inherited Chapter 1270: Padded Chapter 1271: Finally waited Chapter 1272: Three Teachings and Nine Streams Chapter 1273: Supreme Elder Chapter 1274: Traverse ancient and modern Chapter 1275: Spirit beast arrested Chapter 1276: Incarnate Chapter 1277: The traitor is dead Chapter 1278: No escape Chapter 1279: Was slapped Chapter 1280: Not doing business Chapter 1281: Fox Demon Clan Chapter 1282: Calculate everything Chapter 1283: Complicated Chapter 1284: God can't stand it Chapter 1285: Hit hard Chapter 1286: Savior Chapter 1287: Most ruthless Chapter 1288: Dead wood every spring Chapter 1289: Reincarnated fox Chapter 1290: Remain in the world Chapter 1291: Familiar scene Chapter 1292: your name Chapter 1293: Fox Demon Covenant Chapter 1294: Ascendant Chapter 1295: Tianjizi Chapter 1296: The number of days has changed Chapter 1297: Home delivery Chapter 1298: Stunning Shuangji Chapter 1299: Retribution is coming Chapter 1300: So scary Chapter 1301: Dog man Chapter 1302: Was sold Chapter 1303: Success of all people Chapter 1304: Be together