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NOTE: The author of Versatile Mage has actually re-written the first chapter, which is why this is so different from the one some of you may have read before. 

Chapter 1 - Huge Changes to the World 




Mo Fan, six points! 

After the Math teacherDeng Yongchuanhad said this, the class began to laugh loudly.

Nearly everyone turned their heads around to look at the short, black-haired youth who was sitting at the very back of the classroom. This youth was Mo Fan, the one who only got a single-digit score on the exam.

Mo Fan, you should learn from Mu Bai. He was able to score 96 despite the exam being this hard. How could you only get a single digit score on the exams? Dont sully your own name, Deng Yongchuan sighed. 

How could such a troublesome student be in my class? When he first entered the school, his grades were top notch. Howeverafter entering high schoolhis grades quickly fell, and with his exam scores being such a tragic sight, it caused the class average to drop as well.

Teacher, he doesnt even live up to his name: Mo Fan. Mo Fan... hes not average at all! Hes levels lower than averagehe's practically a dreg. 1 the student called Mu Bai called. 


He really is! 

Mu Bai truly lives up to his reputation, he can insult people without swearing. Mo Fan is indeed not average, he has already become trash!

The entire class began to laugh and it wasnt until Deng Yongchuan began his lecture that they finally stopped.


This Mu Bai makes me sick. He thinks hes amazing just because hes handsome, has good grades, and knows how to play musical instruments! The person who sits next to Mo FanGuan Gusaid. 

Hes just a childish ****. Mo Fan said with disdain.

Do you want to play volleyball when the school ends?

Cant go, Ive got stuff to do.

Youre going to help Old Man Ying again? After all, youre the only one who dares to go to the thatched cottage behind the mountains. Oh right, I got me some Xuanhuan and Mohuan novels, do you want me to lend one to you?

You can put it in my bag, however, you should read less novels. Youre addicted. Mo Fan said.

To a student, the most beautiful bell sound is naturally the one signaling the end of class. After the end of an entire day filled with dull classes, Mo Fan yawned as he carried his bag while walking to the back of the mountain.

The back of the mountain was the back entrance of the academy; basically, no one actually used it.

Old Man Ying who Guan Gu mentioned was the guard of the academys back mountain. In order to ensure the safety of the studentsand prevent students from sneaking out to internet cafesthe school had appointed Old Man Ying as the keeper of the back entrance.

Old Man Ying had no relatives nor friends. When he had passed away, there were no questions asked about him; thus, the school carelessly buried him.

Mo Fan and Old Man Ying were quite familiar with each other. Before the old man passed away, he had also left some stuff for Mo Fan. He only remembered the old mans good intentions today, hence he decided to take a look at the thatched cottage.

Old Man Ying had always said that he was the descendent of some historical big-shot, so he was in possession of a five thousand year old antique ring. 

Mo Fan have seen that ring before; it was completely pitch black, and didnt look like some antique. However, the most important thing was that he had brought it to an appraiser to get appraised; the owner had thrown Mo Fan out while questioning how he could have the face to say that this copper ringsmelted from a charcoal stovewas an antique. Ever since then, Mo Fan stopped believing in Old Man Yings bragging. 

Mo Fan wanted to take the things Old Man Ying had left behind as something to remember him by. 

Old Man Ying was a magnanimous gatekeeper; he was very indifferent toward the topics of life and death. Mo Fan wished for him to pass away in peace. Death was not the end of everything, perhaps you can start your life over somewhere else? 

Would you believe me if I said that in this plane that holds science in high regards, there is another parallel plane that practises magic? In that plane, you dont study science, but magic.

This was the kind of crazy talk that Old Man Ying would always tell Mo Fan, which was why Mo Fan firmly believed that when he passed away, Old Man Ying had gone to a different plane to restart his lifeand live a more extravagant one while he was at it.

The ring was easily found within the wooden box under his bamboo bed.

As Mo Fan opened it, he felt a faint obscure aura emanating from the boxit did indeed feel quite mysterious. However, Mo Fan is fifteen-sixteen years old, he didnt believe that there would be something like a cultivation technique in this world. He definitely did not believe the recluse who said that if Mo Fan wore this ring, and practised this cultivation technique, he would be able to save the universe.

The pitch-black ring was an ordinary looking ring. If one wanted to know the most peculiar thing about the ring, it would be that the interior had eight very small holeswhich any artisan was able to make.

The moment Mo Fan put it on, he felt a heart-freezing chill. This thing that made him shake in the heat of summer was quite strange.

Strange my ass. As Mo Fan thought this over, he denied the idea in his head. 

Mo Fan was struck with a sudden sleepiness, but he still had to work that night. Thus, he arranged the the bamboo mat and laid down inside the house to sleep first. At 10 PM, he would have to go to the 24/7 supermarket to be a clerk, and he would work till 6 in the morning...

He was extremely sleepy, thus he fell asleep very quickly. 

A sliver of blood-red light shone through the mountain cracks from the setting sun, dying the forest behind the mountains and the small, thatched cottage red with its glow. 

It was like a colossal door in the dark that was slowly closing. The radiating light in the darkness was slowly being sucked inside the door. As the sunset completely disappeared beneath the mountains and as dusk came to rule the world, the back of the mountain seemed as though it was covered with a misty layer of a bizarre color. 

From far away, this area seemed like it continued into nothingness. Beneath the blood sun was an indistinct scene around the water, like a mirage! 

The youth sleeping inside the thatched cottage was still snoring, little did he know that the ring on his finger was emitting an ear-piercing humming sound. It was as if it was reacting to the reflection of the mirage that revealed the worlds true calling. 


As it trembled, so did the entire space!

Shui Nan Middle School was located in Nanshan in the city. Nanshan was much taller than the rest of Xia City. 

The city was already brightly lit up; the streets, shops, buildings, the Grand City of Xia was radiating a magnificent brilliance. Old people who were taking walks after dinner, older ladies who were dancing in the public squares, the children who chased each other in the small valleys, and lovers who were having dates in the park.

The evening didnt leave people with any insecurity or fear. On the contrary, they were actually enjoying getting off classes for the day, getting off work, and relaxing after dinner. However, if one were to look closely toward the location of Shui Nan Middle Schoolthe south side of the mountainthey would have discovered that the campus that should have been shining bright had been shrouded in a muddled layer. 

This space was originally peaceful like the waters surface, but at this moment, a Spatial Tunnel appearedspiralling like it was being devouredcausing it to be increasingly fierce, although silent! 

On one side was a peaceful city with glorious lights!

On the other was half a mountain swallowed by the black spiral! 

The northern city that had just entered its summer eve became an incomparably astonishing scene! 

The entire space-time had changed, and the cause of it was this tunnel that was unexplainable in scientific terms.

The center of the Spatial Tunnel was the thatched cottage behind the mountains.

The colossal whirlpool suddenly diffused followed by it vanishing into nothingness. It was as if nothing had happened at all.

A certain person who was still sleeping soundly had no idea about the colossal changes to the world, that he had fallen into a parallel world. 

The empty mountain experienced a sudden rain, which gave the scorching summer day a fierce cold punch, suppressing the overwhelming heat. 

The air in the morning was particularly good, and the warm meat-buns by the school gates released an alluring smell. The dazzling golden youtiao gave a mouth-watering scent. 

Seventh Uncle, Id like some soymilk and youtiao. A youth with a messy appearance sat down on the stool as he said this to the old man who sold youtiao. 

Coming. The old youtiao man swiftly served the soymilk, purposely filling up the cup as a smiled radiated across his face, Mo Fan, you are about to take the magic exams, you should put some effort and strive to get into the University of Magicians so you can bring our Clan some face.

Mo Fan blankly stared at the Seventh Uncle who was selling breakfast by the school gates. He carefully thought to himself and reckoned that he probably misheard, thus he nodded as he ate.

Yesterday, he slept so much that his head felt dizzy; he felt as though he had dreamt about a journey that took several centuries. When he woke up, he felt like a lifetime had passed; he didnt know where east, south, west, and north were, nor whether it was morning or noon. 

Mo Fan wolfed down his food, his hand holding half of the youtiao. As he was about to bite into the youtiao, he suddenly felt something heavy at his side. A half-bald man in his thirtys sat down next to him, his body reeking of cigarettes. 

Mo Fan, eating breakfast, eh? The bald man smiled as he greeted Mo Fan. 

Good morning, Superintendent Hu. Mo Fan hastily smiled as he greeted him back.

This man was the prominent Superintendent Hu, he wore a suit that didnt suit him every day and his forehead shone brightly. 

Im not wearing my watch, what time is it? Superintendent Hu asked, exposing his yellow teeth. 

Mo Fan took out his broken Nokia to look, Still another fifteen minutes before the bell rings.

Crap, Im late. I still havent finished my Magic Theory PPTI dont have time to finish my breakfast As Superintendent Hu stood up all of a sudden, Mo Fan suddenly tilted over.

Boss, I dont need the soymilk.Walking to the office is far too slowwhateverit doesnt matter if I use some magic. Superintendent Hu stood there talking to himself. 

Mo Fan was very puzzled, he felt like Superintendent Hu was speaking in an alien language. 

Just as he thought he heard wrong, the soymilk shops canopy turned over in a incomparably strange way. It was as though compressed air had bubbled forth from within the soymilk shop...

As the evil wind came by, it messed up Mo Fans hair and rustled his clothes. 

Wind Trail, Fast Stride! 

As Superintendent Hu suddenly muttered to himself, his misfitted suit began to move on his body in an indescribable wayit was as if there was a gale inside his clothes.

His tie fluttered, and his trousers began oscillating. How could there be wind on a calm morning such as this, and it ruthlessly blow toward Superintendent Hu?


An azure light flashed. Mo Fan could see an indistinct thread of a beautiful starlight moving to surround Superintendent Hus whole body. The starlight flashed as it moved. 

Student Mo Fan, teacher will leave first. Do your best in studying! Superintendent Hu turned around and exposed his yellow-toothed smile to Mo Fan. 

Mo Fan seemed a bit taken back. Before he could come back to his senses, he heard a swoosh sound!

The slightly plump, bald Superintendent Huwith the suit that seemed out of placefollowed the dust trajectory from the swirling wind and hastily made his way toward the school!

His stride was exceptionally quick. The students wearing their student uniforms seemed immobile, which let Superintendent Hu travel in high speed through them, leaving behind a shocking dust trail...

During this short period of time, Mo Fan felt like the Superintendents face was still in front of him. Howeverat this momentSuperintendent Hu had already disappeared into the depths of the school, and he was no longer able to see his shadow. 

The words Do your best in studying! still resonated in his ears; however, the person was already gone without a trace. He was chewing on half the youtiao. As the chewing came to a stop, the other youtiao slid from Mo Fans hands!

Superintendent Hu, are you the successor of Duan Yu, using his ultimate technique of Ripple Tiny Steps???2 

This is just an illusion, this is definitely just an illusion. Mo Fan rubbed his eyes after a long while. 

It must be because I didnt sleep well last night. It mustve pressured my cranial nerves or something, how else am I imagining this kind of scene? 

Lets finish this breakfast quickly and go back to the classroom to get some more sleep. Heavens, what is this? A bald and prominent Superintendent who can use Ripple Tiny Step?

After arriving at the classroom, he lay down onto the desk immediately without saying anything, so he could mitigate the illusion he had seen before. 

From the front of his desk came the two small voices of the student representatives, one said, Theres only one month left, what do I do if I dont get into a good high school?

Youre really smart though, Im sure you can enter the Tian Lan Magic High School.

What, youre the smart one. Your grades for theory classes are so high, I could practically pull out any Magical Beast and you would recognize them and their weaknesses.

Mo Fan creased his eyebrows, this wasnt his first time hearing this whole concept of magic. 

What happened? Is it possible that Im having another illusion? 

I dont take drugs nor do I smoke! 

Forget it, it must be because I havent had a proper sleep. 

Mo Fan ignored the crazy talk of the two lads in front of him and quickly entered a deep state of sleep. 

Mo Fans many years of experience in studying gave him a superior ability to fall asleep on his desk in just a single second. 

Students, open your textbooks. Today, we will continue to learn about Magic Releases preliminary requirements. Do you still remember what I told you before? To complete Primary rank magic, you have to first make the stars in your Magic Stardust link to each other. By doing this, you will be able to form a Star Path and then utilize the power of Magic. I have already explained this theory to you many times before, while at same time, this is also the most important part of the exam, the Math teacherSu Qingzhisaid as he maintained his intonation. 

In the past, Mo Fan could enter a state of deep sleep as he followed the voice of the teacher. However, as he once again heard Magic Release and Star, he was immediately woken up.

Mo Fan, you better listen in class. Theres less than a months time, yet youre still neglecting yourself! Su Qingzhi saw Mo Fan and immediately reprimanded him. 

The classmates also turned their heads around and quietly laughed to themselves. Laughing at the trash had already become their favorite thing to do in class. 

Open your textbook. Su Qingzhi said in continuation.

Mo Fan felt helpless as he opened up his textbook.

Shit, what is this?? Mo Fan couldnt help himself from swearing.

The pictures, functions, and formulas that were contained in the math book were all gone. Instead, there was a Star Path which he didnt understand at all, the picture of the Star had something that looked like a connecting line with streaking meteors. It looked like. like just like a f**king Magic Formation!

Mo Fan forcefully suppressed the astonishment in his heart, and then came to another realization. 

When the math teacher stopped observing him, Mo Fan kicked his seatmate, Guan Gu, below the table and said, Are you messing with me? What the heck did you switch out my book for, hurry up and give me back my math book.

Big brother, what math book are you talking about? The tanned faced Guan Gu felt wronged he didnt try to provoke anyone. 

Come take a look at this crap. Hurry up and give me my book back. Mo Fan opened up his book and pointed at the strange Star Path, Magic symbols, and the odd incantations.

Big Brother Mo Fan, this is the Magic book for this class. Whats Math? Did you stay up all night again reading Science novels? Youre even saying Im reading so much that its like I am possessedyoure the same as me. Guan Gu said. 

As Mo Fan heard Guan Gus retort, his chin almost couldnt help but drop down to the floor. 

What is this, and what now?

Stop bullshitting me. Mo Fan said in anger. This brat sure is good at acting, the real question is whether Im gonna believe you like a madman. 

Boss, the novels have actually caused you to go mad. We are in the magic world alright, how could we possibly have something as incredible and mysterious as Math. If there really was, then I wouldnt be spending everyday studying something as boring as Magic Theory, Elemental Systems, or Magical Beasts. I would have studied Mathematics, Literature, and all these interesting things a long time ago. Guan Gu saidwith a sincere expression and a heartfelt toneto Mo Fan. 

As Mo Fa looked at Guan Gus expression, he thought to himself, This bastard actually did not even reveal a little bit of a mistake as he said this crazy stuff. It really seemed like it was real. 

My seatmate has gone mad, not only has he gone mad, but hes even trying to turn me into a madman! 

Learning something as boring as Magic Theory, Elemental Systems and Magical Beasts.

Hehe! Its impressive you can even say that out loud! 

If you dont believe me, then just listen to what the teacher is saying. Guan Gu said indifferently as he saw Mo Fans peculiar expression. 

As Mo Fan heard this, he finally carefully listened to what the math teacher, Su Qingzhi, was saying. However, one part was like an alien languagethere were terms which Mo Fan had no idea about which caused him to feel unwell. 

Su Qingzhi didnt mention the familiar Functions nor Formulas at all. On the contrary, he had said the words Star Path and Star Diagram numerous times, he even mentioned things like Fire- Ice- Water Elements.

Crazytheyve all gone crazy.

Mo Fans belief was solemn, he would not believe these words. 

The next class was with his favorite Literature teacher: Mrs Qin. Beautiful, sexy, mature, gentle, big and perky boobs, her very round buttocks wont use this kind of nonsense to deceive me. 

After going through the incomprehensible math class, Mrs Qinwith her slender body and formal black dresswalked into the classroom. 

Just like before, she gave a slight smile that illuminated the entire classroom. The boys of the class became like kindergarteners; excitement filled their faces as they greeted the teacher. 

Students, today we will be discussing the pros and cons of black magic. Everyone should already know that black magic is divided into three different types; Spectre Type, Curse Type, and Shadow Type. Then, whats the difference in these three types of Magic? Mrs Qin said with a gentle and elegant voice. 

In the past, Mo Fan would have been able to attentively look and listen. However, after hearing these words, his expression made it seem as though he had eaten a housefly. 

While the crazy seatmate to the side of him made a See, what did I tell you? kind of expression.

Shit, youre not wrong, then your father, I, must be sick!


Mo Fan finally couldnt take it anymore and quickly slid off his chair and stood up. 

Mrs Qin, arent we supposed to have Literature class? Mo Fan asked. 

As his seatmate Guan Gu realized what Mo Fan was going to stand up and ask, he tried to pull him away but failed to do so. After hearing what Mo Fan had asked, he facepalmed himself while saying Oh mai gah.

As the words were said, a roar of laughter arose within the quiet classroom.

The whole class, consisting of forty students, were swaying with laughter. Especially Mu Baihe laughed so much that he began to tear up.

Mrs Qin did not laugh. She pushed her glasses with gold traces to the side while maintaining a slight smile. Her clear cat-like eyes looked at Mo Fan as she earnestly said, Mo Fan, this literature youre talking about is Science, right? Science doesnt exist here; you must have immersed yourself in those non-existent things instead of earnestly studying magic. You have to become an useful Mage for society, alright?

One could imagine the Literature teacher was very sincere. When such earnest words were being spoken out loud, one could imagine the expression of a certain youth changing greatly.

God, please kill me already!!

Eh, hold on. How come the words Mrs Qin just said was exactly the same as what the already passed, Old Man Ying, had said? 

Is it possible that there really is a magic plane? And I have actually been dropped right into the magic plane? 

Mo Fan had originally thought that this was all just a dream; however, the following few days were exactly the same. 

While at same time, his clear conscious had also been telling him that this was definitely not a dream. 

On the morning of the fourth day, he was once again sitting at Uncle Sevens place eating youtiao, while feeling conflicted. 

The two male students next to him were discussing Magical Tools. Mo Fan was unclear on what kind of things these Magical Tools were, however, listening to the way they spoke about it, it seemed to be something incredible. Not only that, it also sounded expensive, roughly about the same price as a car. 

Mo Fan, why do you seem so down? How about Iyour Unclebuy you something to energize you? The exams are coming up, whether you are able to become a Mage depends on this exam... The youtiao vendor, Uncle Seven, said with concern. 

Mo Fan automatically assumed what Uncle Seven had said was related to his grades in school.


A bizarre wind blew onto the small vendor. It swirled some dust onto Mo Fans soymilk, thus, he quickly poured it down his throat. His entire being looked dispirited. 

The wind got stronger and stronger and Mo Fan felt a strange pressure slowly spiralling down on him. 

The grass was was swaying wildly and the dirt particles were flying everywhere. The girls covered and held their skirts down as they let out astonished cries. 

Mo Fan had gotten used to it. It was that teacher again using the Wind Trail magic to stride, and there was more activity among the people this time. 

What...what in the heavens, what is that??

Oh crap, thats so cool! 

Wings, that person actually has wings behind him. Its exactly the same as the video in Super Kugen! 

Wind Wings, dear lords, I have actually seen the high-level Wind Element magic Wind Wings with my owns eyes! 

Mo Fan was unable to eat his breakfast peacefully with the surroundings being this noisy. 

Mo Fan assumed a calm face as he raised his head, however, in the next moment, it was as if his entire being sustained a lightning shock as he stood there. His drowsy eyes widened all of a sudden, unable to move away from what he was seeing! 

Against a bright blue sky, at the corner of a rooftop, by the swaying trees, and the fluttering flag of the school.

This man who was wearing a silver gown looked like a spirit from a dream; he flew past these exceedingly remote locations and streaked across the sky in a breathtaking arc! 

Mo Fan sat in the back row in the classroom, so when he was bored he tended to stare at the cloud, the sky, the trees, the flagpole, and the birds who are flying free in the sky. However, he never thought that there would actually be people who would have illusory wings to swoop past him for an unimaginable visual impact. 

This should be something that only exists in movies, but now it has actually appeared in front of his own eyes!!

Wind..wind.wind wings! Mo Fan stared at the silver man with wings in the sky as he mouthed the magic name out loud. 

Unlike the time he witnessed the Wind Trail, Mo Fan could feel something moving fiercely within his heart; this was him breaking out of the shell of his original mindset, giving birth to a thirst. 

Thats right, in the past few days, he was unable to accept the changes to everything. Only now did he suddenly realize the great changes, and contrary to ones expectations, it made his heart race violently. It was as though he fell in love with someone at first sight! 

After the shock from the silver man flying by had passed, Mo Fan had already stated to himself within his heart: Even if this is a dream, Ill still learn Wind Wings and hover across the horizon freely before I wake up! 

The time that Mo Fan had at hand was very short. 

If he were to look at things from the perspective of his former world, nine years worth of mandatory graduation testing was happening in twenty days. 

In the remaining twenty days, all Mo Fan did was confirm some crucial points:

The courses were divided into: 

Magic Foundation Theory - based on the setup of the subject, it seems to be Literature

Magic Star Path - should be geometry

Magical Beast Knowledge - should be biology

Magical Tools and Devices Knowledge - should be physics

Materials Knowledge - should be chemistry

Magic History and Magic Geography should be self explanatory. 

Naturally, Mo Fan also understood one very important piece of information. 

Basically, there were no students who could release magic yet. This was because what the students had studied during the nine years compulsory education were general theories, concepts, and abilities.

This was actually the same as Junior High School graduates in the former worldno survival skills whatsoever. 

To Mo Fan, this is definitely good news. After all, this world of magic was completely alien to himhe practically had to relearn everything. 

The most crucial point to become a Mage as a Magic student was the Magic Awakening. 

The Magic Awakening was similar to an opening ceremony. During the opening ceremony of Magic High School, every magic students were to receive their one-time Magic Baptism which was the Magic Awakening!

Different people awakened different elements. Mo Fan had heard from Guan Gu that the awakened elements were mostly chemical elements. These were the ones you usually learn in class: Wind Element, Fire Element, Water Element, Light Element, Lightning Element, Ice Element, and Earth Element. 

The ones Mo Fan had witnessed before,Wind TrailandWind Wingswere divided into low rank magic and high rank magic. If the people who awakened the Wind Element were to strive hard, then it was possible that they could learn this magic. 

Thus, if one wanted to become like the Mage who could fly, then the first thing one needed to do was to get admitted into high school and receive what every high school magic students gotthe Magic Awakening! 

Mo Fan, dont tell me you actually want to take the exams for Magic High School, and become a Mage? Guan Gu asked sincerely. 

In Guan Gus opinion, Mo Fan never struck him as a person who loved studying, but suddenly he seemed to be genuinely studying magic. This was an atrocious matter. 

Mo Fan was too lazy to explain to his classmate. However, he had already decided that he would definitely be admitted into the Magic High School and obtain the extremely precious opportunity to awaken. 

Even if you were to study now, itd be useless. You should just stop wasting the time, after all, youve missed several years of homework. Guan Gu said in persuasion. 

Guan Gu was very clear on the fact that Mo Fan only got six points on the last Magic mock examthe lowest of the entire year group. How could he get admitted with this kind of grade?

Youve already messed up, theres no use to put in effort now, just accept it.

Guan Gu, you should be the one to study more.

Having Guan Gu chattering in his ears made Mo Fan feel somewhat irritated. 

Why? Guan Gu asked.

Guan Gu, did you know that you look ugly?

I did, Guan Gu admitted with a sincere face. 

Yeah, then theres a saying that you should know: If one is ugly then one should have more.hiccups, if one is ugly then one should learn Magic! Mo Fan said these heartfelt words with sincerity. 

F**k off mate!

Guan Gu wasnt wrong, however. There was only twenty something days left, even if one was a genius, they still wouldnt be able to compensate for all the classes from years past. Additionally, the content of the exams and what was learned were two different concepts. 

Mo Fan knew that he didnt have much hope left, but the reason for him cramming was not because of exams. It was because he was genuinely moved by Magic, causing him to feel an intense desire to study. 

The time passed quickly, twenty or so days flew past in a flash.

Mo Fan did not wake up from his so-called Magic Dream, instead, he began to believe in the real existence of this world. Furthermore, he welcomed the Junior High Exam which had turned into the Magic Junior High Exam. 

On the day of the exams, the people outside of the school were filled with worry. It didnt matter whether they were having exams on Magic, or Science, the parents of children were still coming to pick them up; those who drove cars came in cars and those who drove pedicab came in pedicabs. This was because the parents were very clear on the fact that the exams this time were going to decide whether their children would come in cars to pick up the next generation, or in pedicabs. 

As Mo Fan walked out of the exam room, he saw the endless streams of people, and in his heart he thought, Why are there cars and electric scooters in a Magic World? He walked out as he was puzzled over this, but his thoughts quickly returned back to the contents of the exams. 

After twenty or so days of studying hard, Mo Fan have finally reached the level where he can understand the subjects of the exams. However, whether the answer was correct or not Sigh, as long as I am happy.

Mo Fan, Mo Fan.. Among the crowd, a yellow-faced middle-aged man looked toward Mo Fan with his left hand raised above his head. 

As Mo Fan saw this familiar face, he accidentally called out, Father, why did you come here?

To pick you up of course. After youve finished your exams, you have basically graduated. I found you a job in the next city district as a construction worker, youll be under Uncle Guang Feng. Once youve worked there for a few years and gained experience, then you can start doing it on your own. If youre lucky, then there shouldnt be a problem for you to earn up to four to five thousand RMB. Its also better if you start working early. Mo Jiaxing said as he smiled wholeheartedly. 

The world has changed, but Mo Fan remained bad at studying. Whereas Dad was still Dad; Mo Fan felt like he had retained an unchanged family. 

If Mo Jiaxing had mentioned the matter of becoming a construction worker to Mo Fan about a month ago, Mo Fan would choosen the road his father had arranged for him without hesitationthis was because he had to walk this road to enter the society. 

However, the Mo Fan of now was different. 

In this society, there are cars, mobiles, computers and even refrigerators. However, scientific merchandise didnt exist because it was replaced by Magic. If you dont become a Mage, then you will become a worker that handles and produces those kinds of things. Damn, thats no different than the former world, thus, I will definitely study magic!

Dad, I want to continue studying. Mo Fan remained silent for a long period time before he told Mo Jiaxing about the thought in his mind. 

I thought you didnt like studying magic? Mo Jiaxing said, with a raised eyebrow and his face filled with surprise. 

Uh. Mo Fan felt caught between a rock and a hard place. How was he supposed to explain this thing. He was so screwed.

Mo Jiaxing looked at his almost sixteen year old son as his face once again contained a straight and honest smile, while he said, Dont worry, your father wont blame you for not putting effort into studying magic. Every individual has their own ambitions.

No, I genuinely want to study.

Are you able to pass the exams? Mo Jiaxing asked.

No. Mo Fan said in in certainty. 

Whether it is having exams in English language or Magic, Mo Fan would definitely not pass, there was no doubting this point. 

Then thats that. Dont worry, Although the ancient people have said, Magic is above everything, theres also a saying for those who are a jack of all trades.

As Mo Fan finished listening to this, he unconsciously smacked his lips. 

At the moment, there was a lot of information that Mo Fan had to process. However, during the period of time he was processing this information, Mo Fan was particularly silent. For example, Mo Fan remembered there was one time where the history teacher had told the students, The Light Element Magics earliest user was Edison, and at that time, it had caused Mo Fan to curse over and over again in his mind.

When Mo Jiaxing patted Mo Fans shoulders to console him, he suddenly realised that his son maintained his silence. His sons expression showed he was not in a normal state. 

No one understood their son like their father. Mo Jiaxing slowly retracted his smile, his voice turned lower pitched as he asked, Are you for real?

Yeah, I want to obtain the opportunity to awaken. I do understand that its already too late, but I genuinely want to study and become a Mage. Mo Fan sincerely said. 

Mo Jiaxing remained silent. 

Mo Fan also didnt say anything. 

You really want to continue studying? Mo Jiaxing confirmed once more. 

I do. Mo Fan nodded his head without hesitation. 

Originally, Mo Fan also thought it was on impulse. However, it has been a month and the restless sensation the Wild Wings had brought into his heart had yet to cool down. He really was not kidding, he seriously wanted to study! 

In that case, alright, Ill think of something. Mo Jiaxing said no more. 

Dad, I found a temporary job at the Tian Lan Magic High School, looking after the library. It starts the day after tomorrow. Mo Fan said. 

Since he has decided to study magic, Mo Fan had no intentions of giving up due to himself being unable to properly study. Whether he could enter the Magic High School and obtain the opportunity to awaken would have to depend on his father, while he would depend on himself to fill in the knowledge that he was lacking. He was very clear on the fact that he had no hope to be admitted into Magic High Schoolthus, Mo Fan found this job in advance. 

There was practically no salary, just food and residence. However, to Mo Fan, this was very important as he could find many things he lacked in the library. 

Mo Jiaxing was astonished, he didnt know what had caused his sons great change of mind. However, since Mo Fan has wholeheartedly begged for magic, then he had no reason to be unhappy. After all, in this society, the ones who truly held a status were the Mages. A construction worker could get a house and a car, but their value and respect still couldnt be compared to a Mage who graduated from a Magic School.

Lets go home first, well talk at home. Mo Jiaxing nodded his head, no longer saying anything else. Mo Jiaxing did not worry about his son at all. Mo Fan wasnt sixteen yet, but in Mo Jiaxings heart, Mo Fan had already entered adulthood. 

 1. Mo Fans Fan is also used in the chinese Ping Fan which means mediocre/average

2. Duan Yu is a famous character in the Jing Yong novel of Tian Long Ba Bu

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Three Is Enough 781 Fight Fight Fight 782 Give You Advantage By Using One Less Elemen 783 Control Of The Plant Elemen 784 Seed Implanted Inside The Body 785 Clash Between Strong Magicians 786 Counterattack With Lightning 787 He Doesnt Have A Brain 788 Fire Domain 789 Element Compatibility 790 Having An Intimate Talk With Knees Together 791 Theres A Beast In The Sea 792 A Gigantic Creature In The Ocean 793 Scattered Ashes And Dispersed Smoke 794 Settle The Peep In Private 795 Sneaking Into The East Guardian Tower At Nigh 796 One Stem Two Flowers 797 The Nightmare Cell 798 The Evil Essence Orb 799 Big Trouble 800 A Parasitic Evil Demon 801 One Escaped 802 The First Red Demon 803 Escorting The Evil Orb 804 The Truth About The Island 805 Resources Wont Be Given To The Substitutes 806 The Flying Pillar 807 Blue Valley Ferocious Beas 808 The Weakness Of The Monsters 809 Fighting The Sea Monsters In The Maritime Fortress 810 On The Precipice Of Death 811 The Price Of The Arrow 812 Taking Over The Supervision Of A Zone Part One 813 Taking Over The Supervision Of A Zone Part Two 814 The Drowning Curse Of The East Maritime Fortress 815 Without A Sign 816 The Approaching Tide 817 White Sobbing Demon 818 A Narrow Escape 819 Rare Species Night Rakshasa 820 Killing Note Bow 821 Wind Disc Trap 822 Relapse Of The Deadly Poison 823 In A Pinch After Being Surrounded 824 The Power Of The Magic Cat 825 A Monster With Disguise 826 Fierce Shark Demon 827 Chased By The Ferocious Beast 828 The Bewitching Evil Voice 829 Attracting Lightning By Oneself 830 Void Slash 831 Working Together To Kill The Demon 832 Rocket Wings 833 Advanced Meteorite Fis 834 Adding Misfortunes To An Unfortunate Person 835 The Tide Fall Retreat Of The Sea Monsters 836 As Energetic As An Ox 838 Galaxy Vein 839 The Factions On The Team 840 The Factions Behind The Members 841 The Authoritative Figure Behind Mo Fan 842 The Day Of Disqualification 843 Double Hi 844 The Lingering Abomination 847 Accepting A Big Job 848 The Advancement Of Little Loach 849 The Legend Of The Totem Beasts 850 Little Loach Is Fully Responsible 851 Challenging The Training Hall Solo 852 Infuriating The Entire Hall 854 Gray Cloth Iron Mummy 855 Bone Saber Mummy Part One 856 Bone Saber Mummy Part Two 857 Defender Mu Ningxue 859 Frozen Iron Mummy 860 Pacing In The Air 862 The Unstoppable Ice Magician 863 Reaping What Was Sown 864 A Nation Of Savages 865 Advanced Level Lightning 866 The Place That Salan Escaped To 867 They Are All Sheep 868 The Seven Cardinals 869 The Mansion At The Field 870 Master Mintian 871 Stories Exchange 872 The Order In The Dark 873 A Secret Base 874 The Hunters Are Here 875 Traces Of Broken Bones 876 Scum I Was Talking About You 877 Making Dreams Come True 878 Worshiping A Person 879 A Fickle Person 880 A Sacrifice 881 The Kingdom Of Death 882 Things Are Not Looking Good 883 Golden Battle Hunters 884 The Dark Ritual 885 The Deadly Black Blood 887 The Source Of The Poison Part One 888 The Source Of The Poison Part Two 890 Dark Beast Monsters 891 Beautiful Like A Flower But Has The Heart Of A Poisonous Scorpion 892 Curse Pool 893 The Boss Here 894 Busted 895 The Poison Strikes Again 896 Break The Cauldrons And Sink The Boats 897 The Frozen Kiss 898 Something Scarier 899 Killing The Evil Brutally Part One 900 Killing The Evil Brutally Part Two 901 Tearing The Cursed Beast Apart With Bare Hands 902 Probationary Blue Deacon Zhou Xian 903 Kill Yourself 904 Inescapable Ne 905 Controlling Rocks With Telekinesis 906 Scarlet Red Wind Liu Ru 907 Who Do You Think I Am? 908 Mutated Monster 909 Advanced Spell Lightning Beam 910 Trash Like You 911 Count The Money 912 The Egyptian Teams Reattemp 913 One Versus Three 914 Dominating Sayed 915 Utter Defea 916 Settling With A Single Punch Part One 917 Settling With A Single Punch Part Two 918 Someone Is Giving Money 919 Alive Dead? 920 Space Rhythm: Time Stasis 921 The English Team 922 Four Versus Four 923 Golden Griffin 924 Summoning The Beast Tide 925 Asking To Surrender? 926 Ambushed By Demon Creatures In The Air 927 Treating Me As A Punching Bag? 928 Peru Desert Valley 929 Rumble In The Canyon Awaken 930 The Undying Mo Fan 931 Killing Without Hesitation 932 Lightning Storm Circle 933 Strange Birds Filling The Sky 934 Advanced Shadow Spell Nyx Regime 935 The Ward In The Storm 936 Heart Warming Intelligence 937 Time Liquid 938 Disaster Horde Of Strange Birds 939 The Ancient Castle On The Cliff 940 Bird Corpses Filling The Ocean 941 Time Flame Belle Empress 942 One Versus A Hundred Thousand 943 Its Not The Last Time 944 Off To Nazca 945 The Geoglyphs In Nazca 946 Endless Mysteries 947 Force Our Way In? 948 A Huge Bet 949 Li Fans Descendan 950 The Amazon Jungle Kingdom Of Demon Creatures 951 The Utterly Arrogant Leader 952 Asking For Money From Both Sides 953 Ive Changed My Mind 954 A Shameless Liar 955 Silent Deadly Ray: Lightning Arm 956 Three National Teams Teaming Up 957 The Three Teams Gather 958 Sos Signal 959 Sadly Youre A Bandi 960 Out Of Control 961 Unable To Distinguish Between Right And Wrong 962 I Just Want To Kill Them 963 Charge 964 Battling Against Casso 965 Meat Armor Poison Flesh 966 Crazily Talented Studen 967 Whos Got The Most Equipment? 968 I Want Half Of It 969 More Monstrous Than A Monster 970 The Person That Was Awakened In Tianshan Mountain 971 Blue Blood Bizarre Magic 972 Not A Single Loss 973 Little Flame Belle Is Awake 974 Volcanic Eruption 975 One Against Many 976 They Only Learn When They Are Beaten Up 977 Strong Foe The Culprit Behind The Hail 978 Purple Wind Sacred Hall Mage 979 The Executioner 980 Soul Extraction Trap 981 The Betrayer Of The Sacred Hall Of Liberty 982 New Calamity Fire Possess 983 Thousand Feathers Fiery Phoenix 984 Killing Two Birds With One Stone 985 The Giant Skeleton At The Beach 986 The Return Of The Drowning Curse 987 The International Reward Pool 988 Drowned In Blood 989 The Jellyfish Evil Maggo 990 The Cause Of The Drowning Curse 991 The Crappy Job 992 Cant Afford To Offend 993 The Drake Of The Black Sea 994 Must Eliminate All Potential Threats 995 The Thrilling Fight Deep In The Ocean 996 Claw Of Raging Waves 997 The Drake Turns Into Bones 998 The Maggot Turns Into A Drake 999 Ultimate Lightning Conduct Explosion 1000 Domain Soul Grade Seed 1001 Rescue Operation In The Sahara 1002 The Illusion In The Deser 1003 The Vanished Nanyu 1004 The Wild Sandstorm 1005 Sandfear Fox 1006 The Tribes That Wage War Against One Another Because Of The Slightest Conflict 1007 Sixth Tier Fleeing Shadow Shadow Bird 1008 Summon Silver Rhino Herd 1009 Exiting The Maze 1010 The Sandstorm Vengeful Spirit A Supremely Powerful Creature 1011 The Woman Of The Hall Of The Goddess 1012 Are There Female Knights? 1013 Pyramid Mirage 1014 Attack The Pyramid 1015 Immune To Poison 1016 Brutal Sword Death Servants 1017 Dark Puppet Ar 1018 Just A Single Person 1019 The Sphinx 1020 The Last Five Kilometers 1021 Dark Swordmaster 1022 The Dark Contract Of A Duel Part One 1023 The Dark Contract Of A Duel Part Two 1024 Possess Flame Belle Empress 1025 The Battle Between Rulers 1026 Victory 1027 Mo Fans Set Up 1028 The Zhao Brothers 1029 I Wouldnt Want Her Even If She Volunteers 1030 Asharuiya 1031 Mount Tyran 1032 Salans Ironclad Proof 1033 Wind Flame Lightning Vultures 1034 The Soul Grade Lightning Seed In The Mountain Crack 1035 Tyrant Call 1036 Mount Tyrants Top 1037 Black Dragon Emperor 1038 The Bow Of The Contrac 1039 Nothing Lef 1040 Tears Of Snow In The City Of Canals 1041 They Are Done For 1042 Crushed One Versus Four 1043 Earthquake Lightning Storm 1044 The Heart Never Turns Cold 1045 The First Opponent From The Draw 1046 Team Battle 1047 The Poison In The Wind 1048 Domain: Icy Wind Nirvana 1049 Heaven Spider Ice Locking Formation 1050 Overpowering Their Opponents 1051 First Match Victory 1052 Hitting On Someone Maliciously 1053 The Candidate For The Goddess 1054 Trouble From The Great Muse 1055 Surprises Everywhere 1056 The Demon Orb Lights Up 1057 Little Red Demon 1058 The Undying Monster 1059 The Riot Of The Plague 1060 The Demon Orb Is Filled 1061 Dragon Fangs Dueling Ground 1062 Throwing Money Away Recklessly 1063 Giant Whirlpool Under The Water 1064 Fire Against Fire Obvious Winner 1065 Rain Of Burning Fists 1066 Catastrophe Wave 1067 Slashing The Enemy With The Flame Sword 1068 He Still Has Two Elements That He Hasnt Used 1069 Blessing Of The Gods Seal 1070 Treasure Hunt 1071 Scramble Over The Treasure 1072 Breaking Through The Barricade Of The Summoning Elemen 1073 Soul Of The Highest Quality 1074 Flying Creek Snow Wolf 1075 Huge Teleporting Portal 1076 Essence Crystal Of The Black Tree 1077 This Is An Empty Chapter 1078 The Worm And Tree Symbiosis 1079 Robbed 1080 First Crime 1081 Fan Xue Bandit Group 1082 Its A Trap 1083 The Six Nation Alliance 1084 Abandoned Again 1085 One Versus Six 1086 You Shouldnt Mess With Me 1087 Lightning Another Primary Element 1088 Unyielding The Limit Of The Will 1089 Explosion Of The Ice Soul 1090 Taking The Enemy Out One By One 1091 The Greatest Treasure 1092 The Miasma Of The Lake Valley 1093 The Treasure Thirty Two Years Ago 1094 A Hole Worn Down By Dripping Blood 1095 Evil Weaving Silk 1096 The Heart Devouring Hellish Demon 1097 The Way Ou 1098 Grand Treasure A Rare Stone Of Will 1099 He Took Advantage Of Me 1100 The Death Of The Candidate 1101 Dark Mystical Beast Hayla 1102 Just A Rank Higher 1103 Malevolen 1104 Battle Against A Strong Country 1105 The Offense That Ignores Defense 1106 The Turtle Shell Mage Of The Zhao Clan 1107 Hallucination 1108 Controlling The Inferior Dragon 1109 A Full Set Of Defensive Equipment 1110 Ill Blast Them To The Ground 1111 Flanked By Four People 1112 Mo Fans Destructiveness 1113 The Scariest Man On The German Team 1114 The Unyielding Spirit Of Men 1115 Defeating The German Team 1116 The Apology From The Chairmans Secretary 1117 The Egyptian Team Won Again 1118 A Mixed Battle 1119 Cunning Vixen 1120 The Way Of Survival By Fighting With All They Had 1121 The Tables Have Turned 1122 Raising The Sword And Slashing The Enemy 1123 The Strongest Participant Part One 1124 The Strongest Participant Part Two 1125 Ai Jiangtu Vs Zorro 1126 Mo Fan Vs Asharuiya 1127 Nothing Is Too Deceitful In War 1128 A Deadly Trap 1129 Receiving His Own Lightning 1130 Defeating Zorro 1131 Counterattack With Will 1132 Level Exceeding Power 1133 Darkness Against Ice 1134 Victory 1135 The Strength Of The Parthenon Temple 1136 Dark Red Mummies 1137 Specter Pries 1138 The Rate Of Summoning Is Slower Than Killing 1139 An Experienced Man Of War 1140 Giving Eight Hundred Million Away 1141 Thousand Lightning Arcs And Chains With A Single Though 1142 Taking The Pharaoh Spring Away 1143 Giant Tactile Centipede Demon 1144 The Weakness At The Head 1145 First Place 1146 Zhao Manyans Worry 1147 The Assassins 1148 The Gigantic Island Beas 1149 The Starry Mountain Path 1150 Meeting In Secre 1151 Blessing Of The Gods Seal 1152 Another Soul 1153 Xinxia Is Salan? 1154 Unsure Of Their Own Identities 1155 Barging Into The Sacred Mountain 1156 The Bronze Beast Of Greece 1157 The Demon Horned Statue 1158 The Summoning Tide 1159 Bola Of The Blood Tribe 1160 Demon Servan 1161 Silver Moon Tyrant Titans 1162 Battle Against The Titan 1163 Fight Until The Limi 1164 The Funeral On The Mountain Top 1165 Xinxia? Salan? 1166 Confronting The Holy Judgment Court 1167 Black Snake The Chaos On The Sacred Mountain 1168 Battle Against The Parthenon Temple 1169 The Magic Formation On The Sacred Mountain 1170 I Am Salan 1171 A Life For A Life 1172 The Body 1173 The Resurrection 1174 Wen Tais Death 1175 The Army Of Destruction 1176 Holy Judgment The Dark Execution Ground 1177 The Wolf Soul Demon 1178 The Soul Of The Parthenon Temple 1179 The Fire Demon 1180 The God Of Death Hayla 1181 The Sacrifice On The Plate 1182 The Trembling Citadel Of Athens Part One 1183 The Trembling Citadel Of Athens Part Two 1184 The Deadly Worms Invade The City 1185 Brawling Hayla In Blood 1186 Crashing Into Hell 1187 Allow Me To Fight For You Until The Very Last Momen 1188 The Spell Of Resurrection 1189 I Told You Im Going To Take Your Life 1190 The Final Judgmen 1191 Competing For The Role Of The Goddess 1192 Taklamakan Deser 1193 Assembling The Team For The Wasteland 1194 Threatened 1195 Unforgivable 1196 Battle Against The Enforcement Union 1197 There Is No One I Dont Dare To Kill 1198 Not A Single One Is Spared 1199 Tactful Words Of Advice 1200 Digging Their Own Grave 1201 Its Difficult To Be A Perver 1202 Vacation With Three Girls 1203 Setting Foot On The Yellow Sand 1204 Night Terror Pseudomorphing Demon 1205 Danger Below The Sand 1206 The First Night In The Deser 1207 Man Eating Sand 1208 Sandstorm Demon Locusts 1209 Instant Kill With Lightning 1210 The Man With The Firepower Of A Team 1212 The Burning Mountains 1213 The Buried Relay Station? 1214 Little Flame Belles Resurrection 1215 Ardent Sunset New Soul Grade Fire 1216 Earth Pistil 1217 Poison Seal Chased By The Demon Locusts 1218 The Strength Of The Ardent Sunset 1219 The Scum In The Army 1220 Facing A Hundred Soldiers 1221 Eliminating Zhang Qihu 1222 To Eat Ones Own Bitter Frui 1223 Adding Hail To Snow 1224 The Fallen Town 1225 The Army That Faced Destruction 1226 Food Preferences 1227 Barrier Core 1228 Wild Disaster Shi Qianshou 1229 The Wings Of Two Fires 1230 Deserted By All 1231 He Lost To Mo Fan? 1232 The Man That Could Not Be Schemed 1233 Teacher Mo Fan Part One 1234 Teacher Mo Fan Part Two 1235 The Lake Without Reflections 1236 Butterflies At Night? 1237 The Beautiful Lady Under The Moonligh 1238 The Identity Of The Moth Woman 1239 Man Eating Monster 1240 The Truth Behind The Waterway 1241 Carnelian Head Spider 1242 The Laws Of Natural Predators 1243 The Unstoppable Fire 1244 An Out And Out Devil 1245 Shameless Bearing 1246 The Era Of The Totem Beasts 1247 Hand Of Silent Thunder 1248 The Hindrance From The Local Tyran 1249 Bet For A Kiss 1250 Fanxue Mountain 1251 Just Marry Me If You Want To Thank Me 1252 The Unreasonable Researcher 1253 Bashing The Research Union 1254 Yu Shishis Secre 1255 Hunter Fang Panther Demons 1256 Clues Of The Totem Beas 1257 The Golden Fire Burning The Mountain 1258 Sky Flame Funeral: Thousand Burning Petals 1259 Dreadful Curse Hell Hounds 1260 The Strongest Summoned Beas 1261 Wind Snow Arrows 1262 Defeating Houndman 1263 Moon Moth Phoenix 1264 The Mystery Of The Totem Beasts 1265 The Threat Along The Shoreline 1266 Totem Beast Baxia 1267 Light Curtain Eagle 1268 The Giant Cocoon In The Swamp 1269 The Power To Decide Ones Fate 1270 The Hell Forge Ritual 1271 The Dreadful Curse Cerberus 1272 Bound By The Six Eyes 1273 Deception In A Battle 1274 Thats What You Get For Trying To Be A Bully Under Your Dogs Protection 1275 The Totem Beast That Fits 1276 The Cell Drenched With Blood 1277 One Last Time 1278 The Seal On The Little Loach 1279 Little Flame Belle Is Growing? 1280 Hunters Filling The Streets 1281 The Government Is The Biggest Winner 1282 The Danger Behind The Giant Purple Linden 1283 The Scary Hillmen 1284 The Disagreement In The Team 1285 Skin That Looks Like A Humans 1286 They Should All Go To Hell 1287 The Brutal Hillmen 1288 I Will Hunt The Hillmen 1289 The Grassland 1290 White Burial Flowers 1291 The Tragedy In The Sea Of Grass 1292 The Crests Of The Giant Purple Lindens 1293 Ballsier Than Heavens 1294 Wolves Vs Hillmen 1295 The Ass Kicking Flying Creek Snow Wolf 1296 Bloody Battle At Wits End 1297 The World In The Tree 1298 The Shameless Hillmen 1299 The Importance Of Sound Mages 1300 Shao Ru The Sound Maga 1301 Mo Fan To The Rescue 1302 Opposing Species 1303 The Rivers Of Blood Under The Tree 1304 Who Blew The Dandelion Grass? 1305 Great Lightning Explosion 1306 Appropriate To Oneself 1307 The Hostile Demon Sparrows Part One 1308 Soul Twisting Melody: Broken Inearth 1309 The Guardian Of The Moon Moth Phoenix 1310 Devil Tree Spikes 1311 The Palpable Lie 1312 The Moon Moth Phoenix Appears 1313 Blood Switching Vigorous Tiger 1314 Half A Forbidden Mage 1315 Second Contracted Beas 1316 The Overbearing Renowned Clans 1317 The Shameless Dali Clan 1318 The Battle On Gulangyu 1319 Posthaste Backup Ardent Star 1320 Nine Palace: Fiery Serpent Dragons 1321 One More Word And Youll Lose Your Leg 1322 Getting Even 1323 Extortion 1324 Flame Belles Space Elemen 1325 Compressive Explosion 1326 Red Cardinal The Cold Prince 1327 The Ubiquitous Pursuit Of Darkness 1328 Swamp Of Darkness 1329 The Black Axe Phantom Vassal 1330 Shadow Demon Assassinate 1331 A Kind Of Disease 1332 Using The Traitor 1333 Face Of Darkness 1334 Own Demonic Shadows 1335 See Through The Order Of Darkness 1336 The Framework Of Hell 1337 Luring The Traitor Ou 1338 The Cold Prince Of The Mediterranean Sea 1339 The Alert Over Five Thousand Kilometers Of Shoreline 1340 Putting The Blame On Others 1341 The Chief Extraditor 1342 Transferring Dark Material 1343 The Fiendish Night Contrac 1344 Seed Of Darkness 1345 The Shadow Fiend Demon General 1346 Extraditor The Shepherd 1347 The Gruesome Battle On The Bus 1348 Black Goat General 1349 Fury Flames Sky Diagram 1350 Act In Contravention 1351 Put My Life On The Line For You Once Again 1352 The Power Of The Moon Moth Phoenix 1353 Absorbing The Totem Fairy Ligh 1354 Osiris And Khonsu 1355 Triangle Dimensional Mirror 1356 The Appearance Of The Underworld Brilliance 1357 The Truth Crawling Out From The Ground 1358 Into The Dark Abyss Again 1359 Stand By A Tree Stump And Wait For A Hare 1360 Red Alert Part One 1361 Red Alert Part Two 1362 The Yoked 1363 Living Versus Underworld Creatures 1364 The Defeat Of The Vanguard 1365 The Quiet Great Wall 1366 Behind The Underworld Monarch Frog 1367 Adding Hail To Snow 1368 The Lone Survivor Under The Condor 1369 Blue Deacon Mo Fan 1370 The Seven Ghosts 1371 Fighting A Lone Battle 1372 I Dare To Stop The Ruler Level Creatures Too 1373 Slaying The Underworld Monarch Frog 1374 Self Detonating Frog 1375 Carriers Of The Underworld 1376 Swooning In Frigh 1377 The Great Pyramid Of Giza 1378 The Prophet Of The Sacred City 1379 The Reason For Not Leaving 1380 The Contract Of The Black Vatican 1381 The Hot Tempered Zhao Manyan 1382 Orion And The Great Pyramid Of Giza 1383 Hell Is Where They Deserve To Stay 1384 Dark Pharaoh Of Serpents 1385 Heavenly Defense Stance 1386 The Army Of The Underworld Crashing Into The Great Wall 1387 Magic Formation Realm Of The Heavens 1388 Seizing Control Of The Magic Fire Beacons 1389 Scorpion Lord Medusa 1390 The Protector Of Shenmu Keep Zhang Xiaohou 1391 He Will Kill The Man Before The Victims Blood Dries 1392 Rock Smash Hammer 1393 Slashing A Blue Deacon With Wind Wings 1394 The Sphinx 1395 Full Attack On Northguard Fortress 1396 Mysterious Blue Ba 1397 One Less Red Cardinal 1398 Demon Flames Filling Up The Sky 1399 Space Crushing The Stare Of Will 1400 The Evil God Arrives 1401 Demon Mo Fan Versus Fake God Of Death 1402 Lets Treat It As Bo City Again 1403 Fighting Scorpion Lord Medusa 1404 Strongest Psychic Breakdown 1405 Skyhowl Flame Wolf 1406 The Ambush From The Sphinx 1407 Golden Collision 1408 Waiting For Your Return 1409 I Never Taught You To Cry In A Figh 1410 Kill Without Mercy 1411 The Eight Undead Rulers Part One 1412 The Eight Undead Rulers Part Two 1413 Perfectly Unharmed 1414 Capturing The Cold Prince Alive 1415 The Battle Between Emperors 1416 There Can Be Only One King In The Underworld 1417 Return The Favor 1418 Sit On My Lap And Move Yourself 1419 Convalesce And Cultivate 1420 Viscera Hunters 1421 Pudong Sea 1422 A New Layou 1423 Ive Never Seen Anyone So Good At Bluffing 1424 Have Some Fun Being A Councilman 1425 Bosom Friend 1426 So What If Im Being Shameless 1427 Tyrant Flame Cave 1428 Pleasantly Getting Shot While Lying Down 1429 Kunlun Fire Mountain Range 1430 The Talks Between The Clans 1431 Getting A Share Of The Action 1432 Shameless Like A Dog 1433 Signal On The Ocean 1434 The Advantage Of Terrain At Sea 1435 Taking Advantage Of A Weak Poin 1436 The Concealed Viscera Hunters 1437 Danger Resolved 1438 Pin Her Down Now 1439 Awakening Stones 1440 Filthy Men 1441 Two Sons Of Bches 1442 Volcanic Pond 1443 Bogged Down In Crisis 1444 West Kunlun Wind 1445 Using Violence To Curb Violence 1446 Relay Blink Escape Technique 1447 Mo Fan The True Rascal 1448 Nothing Left To Live For 1449 White Lava Curtain Waterfall 1450 The Soul Grade Flame In The Well 1451 The Three Leafed Scarlet Soul Grade Flame 1452 Why Dont You Force It? 1453 On The Mountain 1454 Obstruction 1455 Fight To The End In Blood? 1456 Let Them In 1457 The Distant Yet Coexisting Place 1458 Static Time 1459 Super Level Fire Gates Of Hell 1460 Three Soul Grade Fires 1461 The Eye In The Town 1462 The Town Where Time Flows Backwards 1463 Too Ashamed To Live Any Longer 1464 Grandson In Law 1465 Were Coming To Treat You With Love And Tenderness 1466 Girls School Deep In The Mountain 1467 Safer To Wear Them 1468 The Trial Of Faerun Waterfall 1469 Washing Away The Will 1470 Beauty In The Cave 1471 Dimension Queen Heidi 1472 Minding Three Things At Once 1473 No Backing Out Fight Like Your Life Is At Stake 1474 Im A Well Behaved Studen 1475 The Vegetarian School 1476 Eating Wild Game 1477 Revenge Plan 1478 Remains On The Icy Mountain 1479 A Prank? Revenge Or Hatred? 1480 Searching For The Culpri 1481 The First Victim 1482 Unspeakable Secrets 1483 Meeting Li Yue Coincidentally 1484 The Unreasonable Headmistress 1485 Indoctrinating Mo Fan 1486 Busybody 1487 Unfair Treatmen 1488 The Two Of You Can Fight Me At Once 1489 Fiery Tyrant 1490 Fiery Dragon Strike 1491 A Capable Poser 1492 The Tricky Poison And Curse 1493 Waiting For The Blossoming 1494 The Ruthless Casas 1495 The Seventh Dusk 1496 True Nature 1497 The Real Alps Institute 1498 So Thats The Truth? 1499 Late Effects 1500 You Came To The Wrong Room 1501 Who Touched Her Grave? 1502 Sister Yan Qiu 1503 The Arrival Of The Queen Of Netherworld 1504 Drag Him Into The Water 1505 Chaotic Battle 1506 The Crawlers 1507 Fancy A Group Scuffle? 1508 Scorpion Queen 1509 Magic Medium Ring 1510 One Extra Wolf 1511 Ambush Squad 1512 Shadow Fiend: Army Of Shadows 1513 Double The Quantity 1514 Double The Quantity 1515 The European University Institute 1516 They Deserved The Beating 1517 Medusa Mountain 1518 Sacrificing The Contracted Beas 1519 Duty Fulfilled 1520 Dark Red Male Medusa 1521 Incarnadine Medusa Lord 1522 Stormy Hail 1523 Eyes Of Vengeance 1524 Terrifying Curse 1525 Gentlemans Room 1526 Cursed 1527 Mistaking The Shadow Of A Bow In A Cup As A Snake 1528 Tear Of Medusa 1529 Insane Reward Pool 1530 The Intel From The Hunter Union 1531 Roving Desert Beetles 1532 Sunset Shrine 1533 Burning Evil Eye 1534 Found A Treasure 1535 Young Medusa 1536 The Snake Demoness Of The Desolate Lake 1537 Operation Catch 1538 Fleeing From The Snakes 1539 Little Beauty 1540 Escorting Troop 1541 The Wild Howls Of The Wolves 1542 Super Wind Elemen 1543 Enormous Lightning Explosion 1544 Capturing The Major General 1545 Raising The Enemy 1546 The Armys Commanders 1547 No Room To Advance Or To Retrea 1548 Mo Fan Enraged 1549 Breaking Through With Force 1550 Khafres Invasion 1551 Catching Everything In One Ne 1552 Falling Ou 1553 Hillock Whale 1554 A Tricky Opponen 1555 Evil Flame Charge 1556 Unstoppable 1557 The Grave Ive Built For You 1558 As Good As Dead 1559 Each Of Them Was A Monster 1560 Fortress Cairo 1561 Apas Is Still Alive? 1562 General Ethan 1563 Treating Everything With Contemp 1564 Tearing The Medusa Apart In Rage 1565 The Living Human In The Stomach 1566 Going Against The World 1567 We Are Used To Courting Death 1568 The Note From The Queen Of The Netherworld 1569 A Power Similar To The Totem Beasts 1570 Seven Dark Swordmasters 1571 Ashen Storm Of Hatred 1572 Going Into The Pyramid 1573 The Island Of Oblivion 1574 A Good Place To Collect Soul Essences 1575 The Long And Tedious Passage 1576 The Looping Space 1577 Sacrificial Hell Hounds 1578 Slaying The Dogs 1579 Seizing By Force 1580 Your Mothers Are Everywhere Across The World 1581 Ill Cut Off My Eighteen Centimeters For You 1582 Skeleton Mummy 1583 Tomb Of The Demon Child 1584 Magic Caster Mummy 1585 Lightning Punishment Formation 1586 Defeating The Mummy 1587 Taking What They Need 1588 The Wolf Chieftain 1589 Scorpion Lord Medusa Part One 1590 Scorpion Lord Medusa Part Two 1591 Its All About Appearances 1592 The Sequence Of The Chambers 1593 The Empty Chamber 1594 Infinity Space 1595 Chamber After Chamber After Chamber 1596 Electro Cannon 1597 Leaving The Chambers 1598 Shadow Sword Vs. Flame Sword 1599 No Backing Off Confronting With Fury 1600 Father Level Protection: Hug Of The Sacred Bear 1601 Thunderous Wild Electro Cannon 1602 Wolf Wave Attack 1603 Wearing It Out Slowly 1604 Khufu Be Ready For Your Punishment 1605 The Red Deathlight Of Dusk 1606 Mission Accomplished 1607 The Drifting Dark Abyss 1608 Big Brother I Like You 1609 Gold Dust Eyes 1610 Tearing At One Anothers Soul 1611 Medusas Descendan 1612 New Contracted Beas 1613 Whos Eating The Girls? Part One 1614 Whos Eating The Girls? Part Two 1615 Punishing Ethan 1616 One Of The Seven Great Beasts 1617 The Cruel Ocean Serpen 1618 Fighting The Demon Snake On The Ocean 1619 Evil Serpent Disturbing The Seas 1620 Holy Essence: Heaven Protection Sword 1621 An Honorable Summoner 1622 Fruit Of The Ice Realm 1623 The Horn Of The Deer God 1624 Her Intelligence Is Several Times Yours 1625 The Insider With Information On The Deer God 1626 The Huge Shadow In The Sea At Nigh 1627 Splitting Up 1628 Stumbling Into Old Enemies In A Foreign Country 1629 Enemies On A Narrow Path 1630 The Person Enchanted By Apas 1631 The Titan Loses Its Calm 1632 Golden Sun Combat Officer 1633 Eye Contac 1634 Love At First Sigh 1635 Bad Things Smashed Together 1636 He Didnt Have A Hear 1637 A Greater Secre 1638 The Guild Of The Wicked 1639 Silver Ornament Master Bartholomew 1640 Flipping Over Right Away 1641 My Name Is Bartholomew 1642 Snow Swan Silver Feathers 1643 Demon Fang Impale 1644 Tough Opponen 1645 Self Harming Within An Illusion 1646 The Unreasonable Pries 1647 Xinxia Is Back 1648 The Rainbow Sacred Bird 1649 Xinxias Wrath 1650 A Continent Level Authority 1651 The Magic Associations 1652 Destroying The Bridge After Crossing The River 1653 Did The People That Are Supposed To Be Dead Die Yet? 1654 Cry Of The Black Dragon 1655 Dragon Breath: Dragon Flame 1656 Theres Someone In The Sky 1657 Exploding At The Slightest Touch Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1658 Don't Just Argue If Using Violence Is An Option Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1659 Are You Out Of Your Mind? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1660 Not A Worthy Opponent Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1661 You Are No Match For Him Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1662 Challenge To A Duel Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1663 Your B.r.e.a.s.t Is Growing? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1664 Tit For Tat Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1665 Could That Be Yan Shi? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1666 Old Councilman Jiang Xia Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1667 The Disaster Of Salamander Demons Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1668 Danger Level Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1669 Making Up The Numbers Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1670 Perfect Terrain Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1671 I Would Rather P.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e Myself Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1672 Tough As Nails Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1673 Seven Star Hunter Master Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1674 A Rank Quest Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1675 The Perfect Wife Among The Hunters Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1676 Beyond Retarded Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1677 Aren't You A Basic Mage? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1678 His Partner Must Be Very Impressive Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1679 Cannon Fodder Squad Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1680 Carnage Poisonous Salamander Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1681 Wolf Grandpa Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1682 Hardened Your Heart Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1683 The Hunters That Were Eaten Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1684 Survivor Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1685 Sounding Out Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1686 The Dark Side Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1687 The Perfect Cover Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1688 Poison Water Shadow Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1689 Mascot Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1690 The Nuke That Explodes With The Slightest Touch Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1691 A Failed Vile Person Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1692 Isn't He Worried About His Kidneys Exploding? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1693 Moon Devouring White Wolves Vs Carnage Poisonous Salamanders Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1694 We've Held Back For Too Long Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1695 His Magic Is The Real Deal Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1696 It Was No Land Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1697 The Luxurious Fanxue Villa Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1698 Let's Go To The Bedroom Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1699 Hard Until Daybreak Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1700 The Grim Situation From The Ocean Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1701 The Calamity Of The Cloud Of White Demons Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1702 A Snake Demon From Africa Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1703 I'll Make Sure They Live Longer Than You Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1704 Was It Exciting? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1705 We Can't Talk Anymore Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1706 Great Lesser Earth Dragon Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1707 Journeying Together With The Violet Imperial Battalion Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1708 Winged Patrol Beasts Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1709 The Wind Of Sorrow Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1710 The Never Ending Lesser Creatures Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1711 Special Feathers Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1712 Is..is It Out? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1713 Luling Rift Valley Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1714 They Are Both Leaders But.. Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1715 The Golden Blue Sparrowhawk Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1716 The Skycloud Realm Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1717 The Battle On The Vine Bridge Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1718 The Great Demon Of Mount Kunyu Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1719 Helping One Another Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1720 The Person Rescued Is Actually An Old Friend? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1721 The Grand Ceremony Of The Wind Beasts Part One Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1722 The Grand Ceremony Of The Winged Beasts Part Two Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1723 Exterminating The Demon Tree Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1724 The Tragic Scale Winged Serpents Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1725 Hellflame Firestorm Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1726 Evolve Little Moon Moth Phoenix Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1727 Purple Linden Fruit Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1728 Public Enemy Of The Winged Beasts Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1729 The Sky Is High Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1730 The Strongest Flamebird Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1731 Silver Skyruler Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1732 The Epic Battle In The Sky Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1733 The Tough Brawler The Lesser Dragon Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1734 The Complete Horn Of The Deer God Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1735 - The Fruit of Vow and Blessing Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1736 - The Leaders of the Totem Beasts Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1737 - Vassals Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1738 - The Opinionated Idiot Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1739 - Yes, I'm Lying Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1740 - The Super Level! Part One Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1741 - The Super Level! Part Two Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1742 - What Elements Should I Awaken? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1743 - Fake Mo Fan? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1744 - Choose an Element Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1745 - Fateful Awakening Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1746 - Paying Double Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1747 - A Golden-Brown Element? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1748 - Earth Element with Additional Effects Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1749 - The Eighth Element Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1750 - A Duel Between Earth Elements Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1751 - The Earth Element as Ferocious as a Tiger Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1752 - The Impersonating Incident Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1753 - Reputation In Ruins Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1754 - Bus Trip Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1755 - Rock Carp! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1756 - Element Banning Order Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1757 - The Cave of Darkness Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1758 - Stirring Up Trouble Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1759 - The Man that Came Out of a Golem Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1760 - Rock Fang: Queen of the Night's Bind Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1761 - Mountain Drill Spinning Top Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1762 - The Prisoners Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1763 - The Wriggling Mud Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1764 - Mud Morphing Monster Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1765 - Ambush of the Rock Shark! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1766 - The Connected Caves Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1767 - Courting Death! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1768 - Dingcheng Is Under Attack Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1769 - Get Rid of It Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1770 - Black-Silver Rock Demon Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1771 - Saving the World Wherever He Goes Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1772 - Are You a Man? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1773 - Being the Bait Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1774 - Nine-Layered Scorpion Tail Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1775 - The Final Three Hours Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1776 - A Little Spark Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1777 - I'll Eliminate Them! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1778 - Killing Until Daybreak Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1779 - Just a Fiery Fist Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1780 - Straight Ahead! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1781 - He Can Do Everything! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1782 - The Godly Strength of the Strange Rock Creature Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1783 - The Vacuum Zone Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1784 - I Have The Numbers Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1785 - A Man Equivalent to Half an Army Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1786 - The Black-Silver Armored Rock Demon Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1787 - The City-Chopping Axe Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1788 - The Disobedient Contracted Beast Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1789 - Not a Decoy Again? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1790 - Golden-Armored Wolframite Demon Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1791 - Warm-Up Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1792 - The Trampling by the Ruler-level Rock Creature Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1793 - Atrophy Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1794 - Honorable Guardian Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1795 - Dingcheng's Councilman Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1796 - The Red Cardinal, Asura Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1797 - The Black Vatican's Supreme Pontiff Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1798 - The Executioner, Spectre! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1799 - Evil Caning Spirit Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1800 - Four Additional Effects Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1801 - Order Manipulation Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1805 - Confronting in Person! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1807 - Carry You Down Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1811 - Only Stronger Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1812 - Shameless In Your Own Way Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1819 - Those Are the Featherless Birds Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1821 - Forcing Into Hibernation Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1822 - Sapphire Eyes Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1823 - Manta Ray Demon Birds Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1824 - Rapid Kill Formation Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1825 - Betraying Teammates Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1826 - Emergency Outpost Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1827 - Taming After Ten Years Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1828 - The Umbrella of Coconut Trees in the Sky Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1829 - Submit To Me Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1830 - Rush of Excitement, Evil Star! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1831 - Battle Against Evil Star Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1832 - Evil Star Versus Fiery Feathers Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1833 - Shadow Cage Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1834 - Cloud Bursting Waterfall Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1835 - Kamikaze Dive Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1836 - Breaking the Chain Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1837 - The Twisted Succession Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1838 - Battling Against the Birds in the Sea! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1839 - Fiendish Evil Spirit Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1840 - Icecloud Crystal Realm Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1841 - The Power of the Super Level Ice Element Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1842 - Dirty, Strenuous Work Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1843 - Young Men Have Bad Tempers Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1844 - Last of the Family Line Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1845 - Evil Caning Imp Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1846 - Icestorm Meteor Hammer Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1847 - Mo Fan's Super Spell! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1848 - Save Your Bird First Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1849 - Tip of the Iceberg Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1850 - The Greatest Threat Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1851 - Isolation Order Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1852 - Suppressing with Authority Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1853 - Dingcheng's Election, Part One Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1854 - Dingcheng's Election, Part Two Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1855 - The Usual Hot Temper Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1856 - The Opportunist Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1857 - Trash Town Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1858 - The Treacherous Demon Birds Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1859 - No Shelter Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1860 - Rock Shark on the Hunt Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1861 - Little Moon Moth Phoenix's Support Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1862 - The Retribution of Evil Star! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1863 - Send Them to the Qinling Mountains Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1864 - Won't See Them Again Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1865 - Strange Curse Magic Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1866 - Sacred Chant: Purify Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1867 - Corrupted Existence Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1868 - Who's The Target? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1869 - The Real Storm Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1870 - The First Danger Zone Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1871 - Dropping from Ten Thousand Meters Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1872 - The Sea Monsters Are Here Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1873 - Glacier Zipline Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1874 - Gathering Point Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1875 - The Crisis In Eight Hours Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1877 - Demon Leeches Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1878 - The Fatty's Counterattack Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1879 - The Space Trick Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1880 - The Nest of Demon Leeches Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1881 - The Unusual Movement In the Water Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1882 - The Crisis on the Bridge Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1883 - The Sea Monster Rams the Bridge! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1884 - Flanked at the Reservoir Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1885 - Why Don't I Just Kill It? Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1886 - Senior, Look Out! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1887 - Butchering the Commander-level Creature Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1888 - Dangerous Estuary Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1889 - Having No Presence is More Dangerous Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1890 - Eerie Viscera Hunters Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1891 - The Steady Lightning Explosion Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1892 - Spirits of Tide Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1893 - Level Four Tide Rise Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1894 - I Have a Bad Habit Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1895 - Relocating the Sea Monsters Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1896 - The Man With the Speed of the Wind Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1897 - Feathers of the Wind Spirits Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1898 - Tempered Flame, Raging Phoenix Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1899 - We have grown Stronger Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1900 - At Least a Purple Alert! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1901 - Vast Sea Monster Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1902 - Teaming Up against the Ruler-level Creature Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1903 - Super Mages are Unable to Withstand a Single Blow Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1904 - Parasitic Steam Locusts Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1905 - Bone Whip of Fury Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1906 - Flanking Boldly Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1907 - The Monster's Head under the Water Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1908 - Without Mercy! Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1909 - It's Baxia! Part One Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1910 - It's Baxia! Part Two Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1911 - Disastrous Duo versus Baxia Versatile Mage Volume 2 Chapter 1912 - It is Calling for Reinforcements! 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Chapter 2083 - The Battlefield of Blue Ocean Trees Chapter 2084 - Preparing for the Duel Chapter 2085 - Three Innate Talents Chapter 2086 - Second Additional Affect: Circle of Crystal Teeth Chapter 2071 - Golden Blade Scars, the Bloodthirsty Evil Wind Chapter 2072 - The Real Emperor Chapter 2073 - The Golden Dragon from the Outer Plane Chapter 2074 - The Consequences of Offending the Emperor Chapter 2075 - Demon Sealing Sunflower Chapter 2076 - Michaels Sacred Blue Robe of Feathers Chapter 2077 - Evil Dragons Sweeping the Sky Chapter 2078 - If Only Hes Still Alive Chapter 2079 - An Emperor Destroys a City Chapter 2080 - The Reunion Chapter 2081 - Whos Willing to Patch Up the Sky? Chapter 2082 - If it was Him Chapter 2083 - The Battlefield of Blue Ocean Trees Chapter 2084 - Preparing for the Duel Chapter 2085 - Three Innate Talents Chapter 2086 - Second Additional Affect: Circle of Crystal Teeth Chapter 2087 - : Carefree Mages Chapter 2088 - Intermediate Mage, Awesome! 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Chapter 2151 - Go Ask for Help as You Want Chapter 2152 - Using a Merchant Guild as a Disguise Chapter 2153 - The Feast of the White Wolves Chapter 2154 - Protection from Your Superior Chapter 2155 - Crete Military Academy Chapter 2156 - Going Against Humans Chapter 2157 - I Want to be Reasonable Too Chapter 2158 - Secretary Richard Chapter 2159 - Simple and Rough Chapter 2160 - Strange Ice Spell Chapter 2161 - Circle of Crystal Teeth: Enormous Rock Whale Chapter 2162 - One of You Must Die Chapter 2163 - The Truth Behind Green Sprouts Island Chapter 2164 - Black and White Mo Fan Chapter 2165 - Sending Them Off Chapter 2166 - Its Because I am Strong Enough Chapter 2167 - Flame Belle Empress, Possess! Chapter 2168 - Fiery Emperor Mo Fan Chapter 2169 - The Sword of the Silver Moon Tyrant Titan Chapter 2170 - Corrupted Black Moon Demon Titan Chapter 2171 - Reforge in the Furnace Chapter 2172 - Spectres Magic Trick Chapter 2173 - Mu Bai Versus Spectre Chapter 2174 - You Are Not Mu Bai! Chapter 2175 - The Shrunken Titan Chapter 2176 - Preying on Both Men and Women, Zhao Skytopper Chapter 2177 - Blue Bat Chapter 2178 - Sending Tuis Away Chapter 2179 - Hes that Confident! Chapter 2180 - Important Clue Chapter 2181 - Being a Lecturer at a University Chapter 2182 - Aorus Sacred Institute Chapter 2183 - Tough Folks Chapter 2184 - Teaching For the First Time Chapter 2185 - Being Hard on the Lecturer Chapter 2186 - Miss Brianca Chapter 2187 - Student Union President, Sharjah Chapter 2188 - A Studious Girl Chapter 2189 - The Tension at the Dining Table Chapter 2190 - The Competition Chapter 2191 - Stealing Students Chapter 2192 - At the End of the Line Chapter 2193 - The Student Lecturer Chapter 2194 - Identifying Demon Creatures through their Feces, Part One Chapter 2195 - Identifying Demon Creatures Through Their Feces, Part Two Chapter 2196 - Silver-Horned Mountain Beast Chapter 2197 - Are You a Dung Beetle? Chapter 2198 - Guardian Deity sitting on a Lotus Chapter 2199 - Deceiving Voice Chapter 2200 - Mistook the Wind for Rain Chapter 2201 - Payback Chapter 2202 - Seal of Lava, Firefall Chapter 2203 - Tough Skull Chapter 2204 - Mo Fan is my Student Too! Chapter 2205 - Recruiting Student Fighters Chapter 2206 - Lightning Pentagons Chapter 2207 - The Andes Federal Union Chapter 2208 - The Quick-Footed Climb up First Chapter 2209 - New Clues Chapter 2210 - Patrol Chapter 2211 - The Power to Awaken Elements Chapter 2212 - One Step Late? Chapter 2213 - Split Up into Three Groups Chapter 2214 - Evil Herbalist Chapter 2215 - Clues Everywhere Chapter 2216 - What Rank Is She? Chapter 2217 - The Vicious Herr Casa Chapter 2218 - : Being Headstrong for having Many Elements! Chapter 2219 - : Kicking Classes, Part One Chapter 2220 - Kicking Classes, Part Two Chapter 2221 - The Fight Between Lecturers Chapter 2222 - Star Dust Chapter 2223 - Steal Your Energy and Slap You in the Face Chapter 2224 - Heaven-grade Seed is the King Chapter 2225 - My Rocks are Indestructible Chapter 2226 - Can You Please Work Harder? Chapter 2227 - Zhao Youqians Fiance Chapter 2228 - The Plan to Approach Someone Chapter 2229 - Going to a Music Concert Chapter 2230 - The Murderous Conductor Chapter 2231 - Im Not Leaving! Chapter 2232 - Escaping with Water Chapter 2233 - Is Your Place Convenient? Chapter 2234 - Your Two Husbands? Chapter 2235 - The Skull on Your Shoulder Chapter 2236 - The Ninth Mound Chapter 2237 - If the World isn't Peaceful Chapter 2238 - Bowing Together Chapter 2239 - Fight Until Death Chapter 2240 - Razing the School to the Ground Chapter 2241 - Magistrate Schierling Chapter 2242 - Underground Factory Chapter 2243 - Head Priest Wu Ku Chapter 2244 - The Evil Monk Executioners Chapter 2245 - Camper Chapter 2246 - : If You're Really Students... Chapter 2247 - Venomous Insect Shamans Chapter 2248 - Its All a Misunderstanding Chapter 2249 - Convincing the Head Priest to do Good Chapter 2250 - Wily Old Fox Chapter 2251 - Sacrificing the Rook to Save the King Chapter 2252 - Claiming Your Petty Life Chapter 2253 - The Red Shirt is Here Chapter 2254 - Just a Step Away Chapter 2255 - The Abandoned Church Chapter 2256 - The Remnants Chapter 2257 - Field Enforcers Chapter 2258 - Fishing Chapter 2259 - The Nine Disciples Chapter 2260 - Miyamoto Shin Chapter 2261 - Starting from the School Chapter 2262 - Chief Executioner, Wolf Chief Chapter 2263 - No Chance of Living Chapter 2264 - Buy Two, Gift Three Chapter 2265 - Gravity Bola Chapter 2266 - The Huge Gift from Zhu Meng Chapter 2267 - Lightning Cultivation Tool Chapter 2268 - Space Rift Chapter 2269 - Mainstay of the Country Chapter 2270 - Turning Waste into Valuables Chapter 2271 - One with the Magic Chapter 2272 - The Extraordinary Power of the Super Level Chapter 2273 - Blue Bat's Seal of the Enforcement Union Chapter 2274 - Enforcer Bee Sting Chapter 2275 - : The Origin of Operation Guillotine Chapter 2276 - Rain Chapter 2277 - : Public Tournament