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Introduction Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Chapters Release Rate: 1-2 chapters daily. Synopsis:He is a great fighter in real life, but he is mistakenly assigned a "Mage" job class in a virtual reality game! He is someone who uses power to conquer power, so he makes the most out of the mistake and transforms into a fierce Mage, versed in close combat, in the blink of an eye! By perfectly combining strength and spells, he uncovers a new path of gaming!Fireball? Chain Lightning? Frost Mirror Wait just a minute; Ive come to practice kung fu! Spells have nothing to do with me! Whats that? Im a Mage? Oh, right! I am a Mage indeed. But Are you certain Im one? Alright Feel the might of my saber! My sword! My hidden weapons! What? Youre saying Im no Mage now? Let me prove it to you if you dont believe me! But even if you believe me, I will still show you just how unstoppable a Mage who knows kung fu can be! Leave a review on NU if you have the time to spread the love!Vote to let us know we have some dedicated fans that want this train to keep on chugging! (until Chapter 970)Our Discord is up! Do join us there and ask us all sorts of stuff about the Novel or otherwise.

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