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All three cars drove slowly out of the garage and into an empty racing course.

Jiang Xiuyuan yelled Begin!, marking the start of the race.



Before Mo Ning could start her engine, Yan Sinian and Jiang Xiuyuan had already sped down the road.

She was confused.

Were the two of them doing this for real?

Mo Ning stepped on the accelerator to catch up and found that her new ride was as powerful as she imagined it to be.

The car had an impressive horsepower that translated into amazing speed. More importantly, she did not feel the slightest lag when she made a turn.

Mo Ning was pleased. Then, she turned her attention to the two cars in front of her.

What unfolded next brought a chill down her spine!

Yan Sinian drifted and scraped the back of his car against the Lamborghini, scraping off a big chunk of yellow paint with it!

The Lambo shook unsteadily.

However, it did not take long before Jiang Xiuyuan drifted in reciprocal fashion and scraped against the Ferrari as well.

The two cars rammed into each other and bounced a few meters back.

In less than three minutes, the two polished sedans were marred by scratches.

Nevertheless, the two drivers were not finished yet. They continued down the racetrack and tried to outsmart each other.

Mo Ning frowned.

This was no ordinary race. It was more like a death race!

As the two luxury cars slammed into each other again, Mo Nings eyes narrowed as she accelerated to catch up.

Before they could go for another round of pounding, she inserted her car between theirs, rolled down her window, and shouted, Yan Sinian, Jiang Xiuyuan, what are you doing? Do you guys have a deathwish? Stop this!

Since they were all driving so fast, her words drifted with the wind.

She made an emergency brake.

Both men did the same.

The three cars came to a halt. Mo Ning looked at the two of them and felt a little exhausted.

You can continue this yourself, Im leaving!

After that, she went back into her car and drove away at normal speed.

Yan Sinian and Jiang Xiuyuan did not try to follow her. Instead, they studied each other intently.

In the end, Jiang Xiuyuan broke the silence.

Yan Sinian, let me remind you that this is Z Country. You should be more careful in your actions around her.


Is that a threat or a warning?

Instead of being offended, Yan Sinian smiled.

It had been a long time since anyone spoke to him that arrogantly.

Even if Jiang Xiuyuan was the leader of the criminal force in Z Country, he was nothing more than an ant under his boot.

He had faced far more formidable opponents in the past.

All those people had already been sent heavenward to meet their maker, leaving behind their territories to be added into Yan Sinians collection.

If you continue to provoke me, I will not hesitate to give you a taste of what I am capable of.

Jiang Xiuyuan continued to smile at his adversary. Do you mean Mo Ning?

Yan Sinian raised an eyebrow noncommittally.

If your purpose here in Z Country is purely for your interest in someone, then I have no qualms with that.

That had always been his point of view. So long as the person was not indisputably identified as a threat, he could afford to be generous.

Regarding Mo Ning, I do not deny that I am interested in her. However, my interest is solely that and nothing else.

Yan Sinians gaze turned softer.

Hmm, I see.

He should be glad that he was interested in such a charismatic person.

Jiang Xiuyuan took out a packet of cigarettes and tossed one to Yan Sinian.

Ill be off then.

After you.




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Chapter 698 Set Up Chapter 699 What Should We Do Now? Chapter 700 I Will Take Responsibility Chapter 701 I Heard Our Officer Is A Beast Chapter 702 Hes My Husband Of Course Im Upset Chapter 703 Pda Stuffed And Shoved Down Their Throat Chapter 704 Court Call Chapter 705 Killed Before Their Very Home Chapter 706 Its No Good Her Heart Stopped Chapter 707 Caused The Suicide Of His Own Mother In Law Chapter 708 Sure Did His Homework Plotting This Chapter 709 Press Conference Chapter 710 I Dont Have The Time To Fool Around With You Lot Chapter 711 Lu Bai Is Caught Chapter 712 Im Here For My Husband Chapter 713 What If They Found Out Youre Bullying Your Wife? Chapter 714 Corporal Punishment? Chapter 715 Dont Touch Him Or Else Chapter 716 Take Her Down Chapter 717 I Was Mistaken About You Chapter 718 You Mean To Say He Had Been Lying To Me Since The Beginning? Chapter 719 You Wont Lie To Me Right? Chapter 720 You Remember To Send Her Meals. Chapter 721 I Dare You To Move Again Chapter 722 This Is Just A Small Lesson Chapter 723 I Will Need To Be Responsible For Every Single World I Say Chapter 724 So Youre Siding With Him Now Eh Chapter 725 Trust My Judgment Of Characters He Is My Man After All Chapter 726 Who Am I To You In Your Heart Chapter 727 What Was She Actually Expecting? Chapter 728 Volunteer Chapter 729 Like Father Like Son Chapter 730 Is This. A Joint Hearing Or Something? Chapter 731 Jealous Chapter 732 You Are Not Afraid That I Might Die Leaving You A Widow? Chapter 733 Dont Get Yourself Hurt Again Chapter 734 Huo Yuntings Counterattack 1 Chapter 735 Huo Yuntings Counterattack 2 Chapter 736 He Could Stand It Not Even For A Second Chapter 737 She Wants To See For Herself What That Kid Is Capable Off Chapter 738 You Actually Thought That Now Youre Are Here You Can Escape? Chapter 739 Its A Trap Chapter 740 Remember To Be Sorry To My Mother When You See Her Chapter 741 Huo Yunting You Want To Kill Me? Chapter 742 I Will Take Away Everything You Own And Destroy Everything You Care About Chapter 743 Why Do Good People Live Short Lives? Chapter 744 A Voice Recording In The Phone Chapter 745 What A Ruthless Man Chapter 746 I Am Always On The Side Of The Evidence Chapter 747 Huo Yunting Declares War Chapter 748 In A Hot Mess Chapter 749 Huo Yunting Youve Gone Too Far Chapter 750 I Feel Like I Have Fallen Out Of Favor Chapter 751 I Dont Mind Granting Him His Wish Chapter 752 A Massive Bluff Chapter 753 Fix That Stupidity Of Yours Chapter 754 Taking The Bait 1 Chapter 755 Taking The Bait 2 Chapter 756 Pdas Here There Everywhere Chapter 757 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow 1 Chapter 758 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow 2 Chapter 759 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow 3 Chapter 760 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow 4 Chapter 761 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow 5 Chapter 762 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow 6 Chapter 763 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow 7 Chapter 764 Extreme Joy Begets Sorrow 8 Chapter 765 Sir Something Happened To Madam Chapter 766 Huo Yunting Im Pregnant Again Chapter 767 Twist Of Events Chapter 768 Wife Do You Not Want Your Husband And Son Anymore? Chapter 769 More Like A Joke Chapter 770 Are You Spacing Out By Yourself Again? Chapter 771 Dont Be Afraid Chapter 772 Everything Is Actually Planned Chapter 773 Ill Carry You Chapter 774 Think About That Someone Anytime Anywhere Chapter 775 A Fever Chapter 776 I Was Wrong Chapter 777 Huo Chen I Love You Chapter 778 I Want Him Dead Or Alive Chapter 779 You Idiot Chapter 780 A Desperate Rabbit Will Bite Back Chapter 781 Hold Onto Me Wen He Chapter 782 They Must Pay The Price Chapter 783 What About My Loss? Chapter 784 Kill Me And You Wont Live Long Either Chapter 785 Huo Chens Way Of Interrogation Chapter 786 Sir No Chapter 787 His Heart Ached Chapter 788 She Is My Wife Chapter 789 You Better Take Good Care Of Me Little Ting Chapter 790 She Sacrificed Her Life To Save Me Chapter 791 Sometimes Guilt Is More Difficult To Bear Than Love Chapter 792 She Should Wake Up Chapter 793 There Will Be Consequences Chapter 794 As A Husband I Am Bound By My Vow Of Chastity Chapter 795 Omaigawd Such Beauty Chapter 796 sorry Sir. You Mistook Me. Chapter 797 lets See If You Are Not Her Chapter 798 Goodbye. No. Farewell Chapter 799 Leave Me Alone Chapter 800 Not A Play Not A Game. Seriously Attached To Each Other. Chapter 801 One More Time Chapter 802 Disabled Right Arm Chapter 803 The Way You Nodded Just Now Was Like A Man Handing Out Charity Chapter 804 Your Dream Come True Chapter 805 She Wants A Divorce Chapter 806 As Long As I Dont Want To Its Not Happening Chapter 807 The Boss Behind The Scene Chapter 808 Just Because You Got A New Toy? Chapter 809 How About I Offer Myself? Chapter 810 What Do You Think You Are? Mother Teresa? Chapter 811 Fly Free Like A Bird Ill Take Care Of Your Sht. Chapter 812 the Official Second Young Master Chapter 813 I See You You See Me Chapter 814 Bringing Up Another Mans Son Chapter 815 Officer Huo What Are You Defending A Dancer For? Chapter 816 It Was You Right? You Did Something Chapter 817 Ill Loan Her To You. Please Enjoy Yourself. Chapter 818 Im Your Wife On Paper. Do You Think I Am Embarrassing You? Chapter 819 Are You In Love With Me? Chapter 820 One Week From Now. At The Bureau Chapter 821 Im Just A Bit Sad Chapter 822 Follow Him Home Chapter 823 The Kiss Chapter 824 Left And Never Will Come Again Chapter 825 Shes A Fighter And A Dancer What A Lucky Man Chapter 826 I Said I Want To Be Together With You Chapter 827 Know Yourself Chapter 828 Shall We Make A Proper Bet? Chapter 829 Delay Tactic Chapter 830 I Love You Please Stay For My Sake Chapter 831 devote The Rest Of My Life To You Chapter 832 Man Blind Chapter 833 Things Happen Chapter 834 Things Happen Ii Chapter 835 Busted Chapter 836 The Choice Chapter 837 What A Fool.. Chapter 838 Once I Am Released We Will Have A Wedding Chapter 839 This Was Her Fate Chapter 840 If You Do This I Will Never Forgive You Chapter 841 As Long As He Will Be Fine I Dont Care About Anything Else Chapter 842 Are You Really Sorry Now? Chapter 843 I Have Nothing Therefore I Can Let Go Of Everything. Chapter 844 i Love You. I Love You Too. Chapter 845 dont Tell Me That This Is Part Of Your Plan Too Chapter 846 Bet Everything Yet He Got Sweet Nothing Chapter 847 Cry All You Want Chapter 848 If It Was You It Might Be A Different Story Chapter 849 I Cant Love Her Anymore Chapter 850 You Bstard Save Me Chapter 851 Let Me Personally Send You To Hell Chapter 852 Whos Giving Him Cpr? Chapter 853 A Cunning Man Chapter 854 Only You Will Care For Me Dearest Chapter 855 Huo Chen We Fellow Gentlemen Talk Things Straight Chapter 856 Everybody Hates Wen He Chapter 857 There He Left Again Chapter 858 Can Hold No More Chapter 859 Kneel Down Chapter 860 Little Quarrel Chapter 861 Ambush Chapter 862 The Power Of An Intelligent Mind Chapter 863 Where Is He? Tell Me Chapter 864 Have You Always Thought Of Me As A Burden To You? Chapter 865 Unexpected Disaster Chapter 866 Her True Feelings Chapter 867 Wen He Up For A Bet? Chapter 868 Tactics Man Who Controls The World Like A Magician. Chapter 869 In Trouble I Chapter 870 In Trouble Ii Chapter 871 You Will Live Right? Chapter 872 Dont Tell Me Youve Fallen For Me? Chapter 873 Wen He Dont Fall Asleep Chapter 874 Let Me Tell You A Secret Chapter 875 With Him By Her Side She No Longer Felt Lonely Nor Afraid Chapter 876 Huo Chen Is Finally Here Chapter 877 Gu Jinzhi Gu Jinzhi Chapter 878 You Lied To Me Chapter 879 An Unredeemable Guilt Is Worse Than An Irreparable Relationship. Chapter 880 Why Are You So Kind With Me? Chapter 881 A Painful Reveal Chapter 882 Really He Doesnt Know Who Else To Give These To Chapter 883 The Truth I Chapter 884 The Truth Ii Chapter 885 He Is So Handsome Chapter 886 Do Me A Favour Will You Dear? Chapter 887 Whats With The Pda? How Embarrassing Chapter 888 So Thats Why You Went To Her Chapter 889 Your Waist Is As Thick As A Log Chapter 890 Happily Ever After Chapter 891 Happily Ever After Ii Chapter 892 I Think Im Going To Chapter 893 The Birth Of Lover From Pastlife Chapter 894 Theyll Get You Chapter 895 I Got My Engagement Today Chapter 896 Prelude To Storm Chapter 897 Her First Kiss Is Mine Chapter 898 Compared To Saving People I Much Prefer To Swindle Them Chapter 899 Since I Cannot Fight Him I Have No Choice But To Raise The White Flag Chapter 900 The Huo Family Actors I Chapter 901 The Huo Family Actors Ii Chapter 902 The Huo Familys Actors Iii Chapter 903 The Huo Family Actors Iv Chapter 904 Huo Chen In The House Chapter 905 Mo Shan Can Go Now Chapter 906 Huo Yunting Lu Zhaoyang Ill Make Sure You Pay. Chapter 907 From All Fronts The Perfect Retaliation I Chapter 908 From All Fronts The Perfect Retaliation Ii Chapter 909 From All Fronts The Perfect Retaliation Iii Chapter 910 From All Fronts The Perfect Retaliation Iv Chapter 911 From All Fronts The Perfect Retaliation V Chapter 912 He Has Connections Its A Waste Not To Use Them Chapter 913 I Admit Defeat Chapter 914 If I Were You Id Go Home As Fast As I Could Chapter 915 Reaching Out Her Fangs Chapter 916 Lu Zhaoyang Huo Yunting I Look Forward To Our Next Meeting Chapter 917 Everything Is Fine? Chapter 918 My Daughter Got Substituted And You Tell Me everything Is Fine? Chapter 919 Hopeless Helpless Hapless Chapter 920 And This Time Im The Real Loser Chapter 921 If I Could Find Her I Would Give Everything Chapter 922 Vanished Without A Trace Chapter 923 Mo Ning Chapter 924 A Temperamental Mother Chapter 925 I Have Raised Your Daughter Chapter 926 The Dark Godfather 1 Chapter 927 The Dark Godfather 2 Chapter 928 Who Knows If Youll Do Anything Hanky Panky While Im Asleep? Chapter 929 He Was Molested By An Unknown Woman Now? Chapter 930 Relax Baby Chapter 931 She Was Naked Underneath The Covers Chapter 932 Be My Lover Chapter 933 Your First Time? Like Hell Ill Believe You Chapter 934 Disguise As A Boy? Chapter 935 Huo Yunting Lu Zhaoyang I Am Mo Shan And I Am Coming Back Chapter 936 The Godfather Of Organized Crime Disguised As A Student? Chapter 937 Entering University And Causing A Stir Chapter 938 Ning You Want To Use The Washroom? Chapter 939 Action Speaks Louder Than Words Go Get Her Chapter 940 Subtle Moves Are The Most Effective Chapter 941 I Was Forced To Sleep With A Girl And She Looked Exactly Like You Chapter 942 I Am Going To Be The One On Top Chapter 943 You Have Three Seconds To Get The Hell Out Of Here Chapter 944 Whats That? Is That Love? Chapter 945 Huo Ran? Huo Run? Past Tense Or Present? Chapter 946 The Real Walking Pheromone Chapter 947 Chapter 947 Chapter 948 I Can Be Straight I Can Also Go The Other Way Chapter 949 Dont Stop Chapter 950 Be Careful Chapter 951 Mo Ning Ill Pamper You Chapter 952 Its An Art To Be Cocky Chapter 953 To Have His Doubts Answered Chapter 954 Wild Taste Chapter 955 Didnt You Invite Me To Sleep With You? Chapter 956 We Will Play Five To One Chapter 957 Demonstration Of Skills I Chapter 958 Demonstration Of Skills Ii Chapter 959 What Does That Mean For You Who Cannot Even Win A Girl In A Fight? Chapter 960 What A Tease Chapter 961 If I See You Attracting Attention Again Ill Kiss You Chapter 962 Bro Yan Ill Still Underaged Chapter 963 Returning Home Chapter 964 I Want You To Approach Huo Run And Then Get Into The Huo Family Chapter 965 Let The Mother And Daughter Kill Each Other Hahaha Chapter 966 The Game Of Cat And Mouse Chapter 967 Take The Bait Chapter 968 Mo Ning Has Not Voted Yet Chapter 969 I Just Want To Vote For Her Chapter 970 Senior Yan Please Respect Yourself Chapter 971 Who Are They Fighting For? Chapter 972 Mo Ning I Want To Treat You To A Meal Can I? Chapter 973 Beguilement Galore Chapter 974 Mo Ning Youre Hurt Chapter 975 An Omniscient Someone Chapter 976 Not Sure If Youve Heard Of This The Honey Trap? Chapter 977 this Is My Only Option Chapter 978 Thank Me With Your Body Chapter 979 Wouldnt Reject Wouldnt Flirt With Her Chapter 980 Did You Just Blush? Chapter 981 Hes Everywhere Chapter 982 What Does The Godfather Say? Chapter 983 In Order To Satisfy My Woman In Future Of Course I Have To Practice My Skills Chapter 984 A Ruthless Kiss Chapter 985 Poison Chapter 986 The Day Has Finally Arrived Chapter 987 They Are My Classmates You Dont Have To Check Them Chapter 988 Huo Runs Family Name Is Huo But She Will Never Be My Daughter Chapter 989 Dont You Ever Check Out Any Other Man Than Me. Chapter 990 The Rumored Good Student Chapter 991 The Daughter Meets Her Mother Chapter 992 A Strange Kindness From Daddy Chapter 993 The Dispute Within Chapter 994 Do I Have To Kill Her? Chapter 995 Unexpected Interference Chapter 996 Admit It You Dont Want To Kill Her Chapter 997 I Like You Very Much Chapter 998 They Got A Good Thing Going Chapter 999 I Dont Like To See You Unhappy Because Its A Little Ugly Chapter 1000 Disaster Strikes Chapter 1001 Out And Exposed I Chapter 1002 Out And Exposed Ii Chapter 1003 Out And Exposed Iii Chapter 1004 Shame On You Chapter 1005 Do You Want Everybody To Know Our Little Secret? Chapter 1006 The Musketeers Chapter 1007 My Lord I Quit These Scmbags Chapter 1008 Anyone Who Tries To Take Something From Me Will Have To Think Twice Chapter 1009 A Warning Chapter 1009 - A Warning