Home Weird Decomposition GuideChapter 1

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"Selling meat, fresh meat, buy home and make dumplings!"

"After eating my meat, women are fragrant all over the body, men are not only on their heads, the elderly are in good health, and the children are unparalleled in intelligence..."

Lianhai City, Jianwu District, Fengren Street, ten o'clock at night.

The street at this time should be quiet and leisurely, but at this time it is chaotic.

Speeding cars, running people, burning fire, and occasionally a strange figure that flashes by... All of this weaves a doomsday-like scene.

In this context, the shouting of meat selling is more or less incompatible with the environment.

He Shan sat in front of the pork filling counter in Suiyuan Shop, staring at the chaotic scene outside with a stubborn look, and occasionally spit out a nonsense yell from his mouth.

He is wearing a white chef's uniform, a greasy leather apron around his waist, and a bird beak mask on his face, showing only the part of his eyes upward.

looks like a big villain, but in fact he is just a meat seller...

He Shan also wanted to run away like everyone else, but this **** shop had to be sold for eight hours as long as it opened, during which time he could not leave the shop.

Three months ago, He Shan bought a store and wanted to start a small business.

The original shop owner left immediately after signing the contract, leaving no contact information. Except for some exquisite shelves, there was only a dilapidated meat grinder in the shop.

When He Shan was cleaning up, he found a brand new nametag on the meat grinder, so he signed his name on it.

A stroke fell, changes suddenly occurred, the old meat grinder, like a Transformer, changed its appearance in front of He Shan.

This machine is two meters high and three meters in diameter. The whole body is made of dark metal, with thick or thin sharp teeth exposed. It is a terrifying war machine!

But in the eyes of others, this is still that old meat grinder.

In addition to the meat grinder, this store has some changes, and there are more regulations that boss He Shan cannot change.

For example, a shop must be open for eight hours, no passive sabotage, no smoking in the shop, no accounting credits, only the things that come out of the meat grinder, and the equivalent exchange...

He Shan never dreamed that he had already opened his own shop and became the boss, and he had to abide by these messy rules like a worker.

Violation of these rules, He Shan will not lose anything, but he will be trapped here and cannot get out, and he will be deducted money...

In the end, He Shan could only sell minced meat here. Fortunately, the minced meat minced from this meat grinder was very delicious, and the nearby residents liked it very much.

Had it not been for his chaotic work and rest, coupled with the occasional rubbish, he would have dominated the pork filling industry in Lianhai City a long time ago.

The ever-changing iridescent light and shadow emerge in the dark night, which looks beautiful, but hides murderous intent.

This is not a rainbow or an aurora, but a special vision that only appears in the overlapping area with the strange planet.

In the overlapping area, there will be distorted creatures from strange planets. These monsters are called monsters. Their favorite thing is to play with and slaughter humans.

Moreover, the malice of human beings will be greatly amplified and may be distorted into terrifying monsters.

It is difficult for ordinary humans to survive in the overlapping area for a long time. The appearance of this iridescent light and shadow in this block is a disaster for the residents. It is estimated that He Shan's meat shop will be difficult to open again.

But at the very beginning of the disaster, He Shan discovered that these monsters did not dare to approach Suiyuan Shop.

If this weren't the case, even if He Shan had a character problem, he wouldn't just sit here so carelessly.

Although He Shan sympathizes with the tragic situation of Fengrenjie, he is not too sad. Compared to these people, he is even more worried about his future business.

Since three years ago, he has seen too much of this kind of thing, from the initial anger to the numbness now.

In this age, people without power should not have their affection.

was sighing with emotion, and He Shan realized that the surrounding area suddenly became quiet.

Those shrill shouts all disappeared, and at the same time he could hear the fine footsteps, approaching him a little bit.

The residents of Fengren Street were either killed by monsters or escaped from Fengren Street. He Shan is the only living person left here.

A cold sweat appeared in He Shan's forehead, silently praying that Suiyuan Shop had enough deterrence for these guys, otherwise he would definitely be divided by these monsters and stringed on wooden stakes as exhibits. Maybe these guys would still hold his corpse as exhibits. Toy.

These monsters besieged and did not attack, although no one dared to move forward rashly, although the two sides confronted each other for half an hour.

After half an hour, the monsters detoured a path, and a woman with pointed ears slowly walked towards the meat shop.

This woman is two meters tall, slender and well-proportioned, with delicate skin and a light green color. Wearing a small dress made of green leaves, she walks barefoot on the ground, with green leaves flying around her body.

She is the emerald queen, the domain master of this overlapping area, that is, the most powerful monster here.

The emerald queen looked at Suiyuan shop greedily. She didn't expect that there would be such a treasure in her overlapping area.

Normally speaking, this kind of place, her level of monsters can't get involved, but it hasn't really taken shape here, and the owner is just an ordinary human.

This gave her a chance to get in!

The emerald queen tentatively stepped her toes into the area of the Suiyuan Shop, and then a huge force poured into her body, causing her to raise her neck and let out a soft moan.

The green leaves on her body have become more luxuriant, and the number of green leaves rotating around her body has also increased. The top of her head has long horns like branches. The turquoise vines and leaves hang on the long horns, a crown like jasper. Hang on one end of the long horn.

He Shan's pupils dilated slightly, and the scene before him explained two bad things.

The first thing is that this woman can enter the Suiyuan shop, and the second thing is that she becomes stronger!

The emerald queen chuckled out loud, as she expected, this can make her stronger.

As long as this human is killed, she will be the real master here.

Step by step, she stepped into the Suiyuan shop, her breath became more and more prosperous, the emerald green energy flow began to appear outside her body, and the crown became more and more solid.

Among all the monsters, only she can bear the anomaly here. Once other monsters come in, they will die due to rapid changes.

This skyrocketing power made the Emerald Queen feel a little airy. She pressed He Shan's chest with her slender fingers, causing him to go back all the time.

He Shan didn't stop until his back leaned on the meat grinder, and sat on the ground shaking slightly.

He is just an ordinary person. Although he has experienced a lot of wind and waves, he still cannot be completely calm when facing death.

The emerald queen took off the beak mask on He Shan's face, and after seeing He Shan's face, she pursed her mouth and smiled. This man looks pretty good.

In her opinion, He Shan has a well-proportioned body, a handsome face, deep eyes, and a straight nose. Although half-length hair and subtle stubble make him a little rough, it is difficult to conceal his outstanding appearance.

He Shan's looks are amazing. From the perspective of a woman, it is what the Queen of Emerald sees. It looks good no matter what.

From a mans point of view, he is a blind eye on the street, he is very awkward at first sight...

In order to avoid the trouble caused by his appearance, He Shancai wears a beak mask to sell meat.

The emerald queen suddenly didnt want to kill He Shan anymore, she said to He Shan from aloof: "You are a human being, but this queen doesnt kill you anymore. Come be my slave!"

Originally, He Shan had given up struggling, but after hearing the words of the Emerald Queen, his eyes sharpened suddenly.

He stood up with a snap, soon.

What he hates most is the woman who greets him. The emerald queen's words touched his taboo.

"Are you angry? The more angry you are, the happier I will be. Even if you break your throat, no one will come to save you!"

The emerald queen said to He Shan with a look of intoxication, the increasing power made her become trance, in a state of half-dream and half-awake.

After the initial anger, He Shan finally calmed down. As an ordinary person, he couldn't resist the powerful monsters. The beautiful beauty in front of him was a monster that could overturn the tank at will.

"Why don't you just take it like this?"

"Being treated as a slave is better than dead, I just hope her hobbies are normal..."

was thinking wildly, He Shan raised his eyebrows, he noticed the strange thing, that is the emerald queen's standing posture, she didn't seem to notice the meat grinder behind...

Originally, He Shan thought that ordinary people couldn't see the true face of this meat grinder, but he didn't expect Emerald Queen to see it either.

So He Shan suddenly had an idea. He gently picked up the emerald queen's hair and made a surrender look, but he was actually quietly stuffing her hair into the meat grinder.

Seeing He Shan's movements, the emerald queen stepped on He Shan's back and said condescendingly:

"Who allowed you to touch me, dirty human!"

The emerald queen kicked He Shan away, and said fiercely: "This time I will teach you a lesson, and the next time, I will use your head as a urinal!"

With that light kick, He Shan's arm broke, but he was already a certain distance away from the emerald queen, even if he started the meat grinder, he would not be implicated.

He Shan no longer had to pretend, so he laughed in a low voice.

"Haha, hum, hehe..."

The emerald queen was a little hairy by He Shan's smile, and asked suspiciously: "What are you laughing at, do you want to die?"

He Shan clutched his arms and stood up: "It's nothing, it's just... Farewell!"

Unstoppable tremendous force suddenly came from the side of the emerald queen, a terrifying roar sounded, her head was forced to pull in that direction, He Shan had already activated the meat grinder!

Due to anger and unclear mind, Queen Emerald did not cut the strand of hair for the first time, and it was too late when she found out.

Her hair, clothes, and body were all dragged into the meat grinder and shattered mercilessly by the sharp teeth.

Even a monster like her, in front of this powerful meat grinder, is as fragile as tofu dregs, a little bit submerged in the meat grinder.

"Fuck you... Wow, wow, it's cruel, oops, ah..."

He Shan yelled exaggeratedly while covering his eyes with one hand, as if not daring to watch this scene.

But when he yelled, there was a gap between his fingers and a grinning smile on his face. This was what he really felt.

After the emerald queen's green feet disappeared into the meat grinder, He Shancai put his hands down, the meat grinder was still as clean as new, without a drop of blood falling on the ground.

The monsters outside the door looked at each other after seeing this scene, and left the meat shop at the same time.

He Shan scratched his hair in anguish, UU reading www.uukahnshu. Com is safe now, but there is a monster in his meat grinder. It is estimated that the meat business will not be possible in the future.

He walked to the meat grinder, trying to clean the tank for the meat filling.

The emerald queen is not processed pork, and the thing that is wringed must be a mess.

But when he walked behind the meat grinder, he realized that the scene he had imagined did not appear. The trough contained no flesh and blood, only a bunch of strange things.

When his eyes fell on everything, a line of explanation appeared on it.

The description consists of two parts, namely the name and the remarks.

Item: Emerald Queen's original long pillow. Remarks: The special pillow that will never deform and become dirty can get a good quality sleep when you sleep. Mom no longer has to worry that I will get tired as I sleep, and it still has a fragrance!

Item: Emerald Queen Soul Doll. Remarks: The exquisite model with a height of 30 centimeters houses the soul of the emerald queen. The otaku are crazy.

Item: Thirty pieces of emerald leaves. Note: The leaves on the emerald queen, don't care where they are, these leaves are the best materials for trickery.

Item: Emerald Queen Pronuclear. Remarks: The ability of the Emerald Queen is crystallized. After using it, you can obtain the seed of the Emerald Queen's power. Please use it with caution...

Item: Emerald Queen's long horn ornaments. Remarks: Excellent interior decoration.

Item: Useless flesh and blood cubes. Remarks: Please throw the waste in the body of the emerald queen into the trash can.

Except for the last light green square of flesh and blood, other things made He Shan's eyes shine brightly. The corners of his mouth rose up, his eyes became brighter and brighter, and his broken arm seemed not to hurt anymore.

"So this thing is used like this..."

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Chapter 477: wide awake Chapter 478: Dead city Chapter 479: There are beasts and tapirs Chapter 480: Imagination determines dreams Chapter 481: Dreams are a reflection of reality Chapter 482: I'm so strong outside Chapter 432: Advance to Tier 4 Chapter 483: Advance to Tier 4 Chapter 484: Sheng'an City Observation Group Chapter 485: Decompose the tapir Chapter 486: Destiny Lord Chapter 487: This is going crazy Chapter 488: Accidental miss Chapter 489: Hot panic buying Chapter 490: Succubus Guard Chapter 491: Xiaopjie's self-confidence Chapter 492: I have level 4 Chapter 493: Pungent stench Chapter 494: Hear the thunder in the silent place Chapter 495: Inheritance and Transformation Chapter 496: Long sword to control the enemy Chapter 497: Sword storm Chapter 498: Sell monsters Chapter 499: The amazing results of Lianhai City Chapter 500: 5840 Chapter 501: Re-promotion of the decomposition machine Chapter 502: He Shan's new strategy Chapter 503: 3 new clerks Chapter 504: Jian Zhan Xie Lou Chapter 505: Scalper party : Apologize, and then say one, future update mode Chapter 506: Abnormal discovery Chapter 507: New long sword Chapter 508: Passing by Chapter 509: Songyang City Chapter 510: Late Night Inn Chapter 511: Carnival festival Chapter 512: Enemy with the city Chapter 513: God helps those who help themselves Chapter 514: Are you god Chapter 515: Gassim Chapter 516: Abstract giant Chapter 517: Schneider Chapter 518: Sorry, it's useless Chapter 519: The same illusion Chapter 520: Train cemetery Chapter 521: Anti-beating robot Chapter 522: Iron egg high iron man Chapter 523: The domain master appeared, the maglev train man Chapter 524: Awakening, the new energy core Chapter 525: The inner city appears, the nobles go out of the city Chapter 526: Festival presentation Chapter 527: The brave of Songyang Chapter 528: anger Chapter 529: Monster Army Chapter 530: Hotel monsters Chapter 531: Gassim the Immortal Chapter 532: Ten Thousand Demons Tree Chapter 533: He Shan's trump card Chapter 534: Demi god Chapter 535: Suiyuan Passenger Terminal Chapter 536: Break down the brave Chapter 537: The number of projectiles doubled Chapter 538: Golden context Chapter 539: 6 new clerks Chapter 540: Zhulin City Chapter 541: Old man in red Chapter 542: Zhulin City Anomaly Administration Chapter 543: Red and Blue Potion Chapter 544: Lead them to the right death Chapter 545: Blade Wing Demon Chapter 546: Advance to Tier 5 Chapter 547: The war has begun Chapter 548: You are surrounded by me Chapter 549: Mark of Destiny Chapter 550: Bingxuexiongzhou Chapter 551: He Shan's provocation Chapter 552: Bonoyev Chapter 553: The devil finally appeared Chapter 554: Desperate power gap Chapter 555: The real battle has just begun Chapter 556: Lord of Hell, Sagartos Chapter 557: He Shan's Early Morning Chapter 558: He Shan's new move Chapter 559: Wayward Shop Chapter 560: Anomaly Administration Headquarters Building Chapter 561: War Book from the Deep Sea Chapter 562: Qingteng Electrotherapy Hospital Chapter 563: Ivy League Top 3 Chapter 564: Sudden kidnapping Chapter 565: Alien Orb and Black Mage Weave Chapter 566: Sand coin warrior from the deep sea Chapter 567: Hell Sword Chapter 568: 6 Lords of Yuandu Chapter 569: Kidnapping in Qingteng City Chapter 570: The woman who dominates the battlefield Chapter 571: 3 generals of Biny Fort Chapter 572: Riot Throw Chapter 573: 0 Arm Shura Chapter 574: Black witch Chapter 575: Melody of Gold Chapter 576: Unexpected weakness Chapter 578: Tasteful beheading Chapter 577: Tasteful beheading Chapter 578: Saisius Chapter 579: Straight to the point Chapter 580: Top 3 bald heads Chapter 581: Sword style-can't guess Chapter 582: This is my thing Chapter 583: Deep Sea Demon Orb Chapter 584: Eternal world Chapter 585: Settlement reward Chapter 586: Harvest in Qingteng City Chapter 587: Thriller game Chapter 588: Deadly dormitory Chapter 589: Sow discord Chapter 590: Sip of water and shock Chapter 591: Real thriller game Chapter 592: Heavenly Master Zhang Daoyuan Chapter 593: Conditions of coronation Chapter 594: Yingzhou refugees Chapter 595: Information on Laizhou Island Chapter 596: The curse from the deep sea Chapter 597: Twin prisons