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He returned straightaway to Earth Star Courtyard in Three Wonders Clan.

Along the way, he brooded and a murderous aura enveloped him. He ignored everybody that he met as if others owed him money. Other people who noticed his behavior shook their heads in disapproval. This fellow from Peace Town was such a brute and he did not fit in with Luo State City.

The moment he reached Earth Star Courtyard, twenty over people were cultivating there. All of them were Innate Masters and some of them were even Perfected Innate Masters. When they saw Chu Li, they greeted him. “Zhao Dahe, come over here!”

Chu Li glanced at them, snorted and walked away whilst shaking his head.

“Hey, Zhao Dahe, the commander isn’t here.” The same person who spoke just now cried.

He was a heavyset man who was of similar size to Chu Li. He regarded the latter fiercely and taunted him. “I heard your abilities and blade techniques are impressive. The commander broke the rules to recruit you. Come on then, show me what you’ve got!”

Chu Li ignored him and headed for the main hall.

“Hey, it’s true! The commander isn’t here!” The burly man raised his voice. “Don’t you believe me?!”

Chu Li turned to glare at him. “Who cares about you!”

As soon as this line was uttered, the burly man was taken aback. Then, his face was red with fury and he glared angrily at Chu Li. “Zhao, you’re looking for trouble!”

Chu Li walked towards the man and regarded him with narrowed eyes. “What’s your name?”

“Sun Zhaoren,” The heavyset man replied in a disdainful manner.

At once, he felt that he was too meek. He was overwhelmed with shame and anger. “Zhao, are you doing this on purpose?”

“I’m not bothered to learn the name of some insignificant fool like you!” Chu Li waved his hand dismissively. “Are you taunting me because you’re jealous of me?”

“Nonsense!” Sun Zhaoren was vexed and he took a few strides forward. “Zhao, are you related to the commander?”

“You must have a screw loose.” Chu Li chuckled and pointed at him. “Are you accusing the commander of corruption? You sure have a lot of nerve!”

He shook his head as he said, “I really don’t want to waste so much time talking to an idiot like you!”

He approached a weapon rack and held up a wooden blade. “Come, show me what you’ve got!”

“Very well!” Sun Zhaoren clenched his teeth and picked up a wooden blade as well. “I want to see what you’ve got too!”

Using the Mountain Splitting Form, Chu Li brought down his blade.

Sun Zhaoren held up his blade and braced himself.

“Boom!” Sun Zhaoren collapsed along with his blade. He clutched his shoulder and stared at Chu Li in disbelief.

It felt like getting hit by a large boulder that rolled down from a mountain peak. Blocking was futile and his shoulder ached like hell as if a bone fractured.

Chu Li turned to face the remaining twenty people and hollered. “Who else isn’t convinced? Bring it on!”

“I want to try!” An honest-looking young man picked up a wooden sword and aimed at Chu Li.

Chu Li sneered. “Anyone else? Bring it on together!”

“I’m good enough on my own!” The honest-looking man scoffed. “Watch out for my sword!”

The wooden sword was lightning fast and reached Chu Li’s throat in a matter of seconds.

Chu Li lifted his blade. Before the wooden sword could come into contact with his throat, the long blade had already grazed the honest-looking young man.

The tip of the blade moved upwards and avoided his lower body, or else the young man would have ended up as a eunuch.

“Oww…” The long sword fell from the man’s grip. He clutched his abdomen with both hands.

His mouth opened wide and exhaled continuously. A layer of carmine red veiled his face and gasping sounds escaped his throat. Nonetheless, he could not say a thing and his body slowly slumped to the ground.

Chu Li pressed his lips together and gazed at the crowd again. “Does anyone else wish to fight?”

Everybody looked at him and frowned.

Although they could not stand his savagery and arrogance, the oppressive might and astounding speed displayed by him made them green with envy. They knew trouble would befall them if they decided to confront him.

Chu Li snorted. “A bunch of crap!”

Everyone glared at him furiously.

“I’ll teach you a lesson!” A middle-aged man’s baritone voice boomed.

Chu Li scanned him from top to toe. “You old fool, what else are you capable of doing?”

“Zhao Dahe, you’re a tyrant! I’m gonna drill some humility into you!” The middle-aged man cried.

Chu Li dismissed him. “Cut the crap. If you want to fight, let’s do it. Or else, don’t spout so much nonsense. I hate people like you. You want to fight, yet you want to give yourself reasons to do so. Just fight if you feel like it and you don’t have to give me any reasons. Do it now!”

The middle-aged man picked up a wooden sword and sped towards Chu Li. The wooden sword transformed into a flash of yellow light.

Chu Li used the Yin Lifting Form.

“Slam!” The wooden sword vibrated.

Chu Li felt a surge of inner strength creeping into his body. Ignoring it, he swept his sword horizontally. By utilizing the River Razing Form, he landed a blow on the middle-aged man’s neck.

The man fell onto the ground immediately and never got back up.

Chu Li remarked arrogantly, “A rather shocking form. Anyone else?”

This time, everyone gave in. The middle-aged man was a Perfected Innate Master and was one level from achieving the Grandmaster’s Boundary.

Chu Li twitched his lips. “What a bunch of good-for-nothings!”

The crowd stared at him with rage in their eyes, but no one stepped forward to embarrass themselves.

Chu Li shook his head and entered the main hall. He sat still in an armchair and shut his eyes.

After glaring at him, the crowd returned to cultivating. As the saying went, a sense of shame paved the way to courage. They had to cultivate diligently before they could wash away the humiliation they experienced today.

Footsteps echoed in the corridor. Zhou Xun entered and gestured to Chu Li that the latter did not have to be so formal.

He took a seat on the armchair in the center of the room and asked calmly, “Did you encounter an assassination attempt?”

“Yes,” Chu Li replied, “Commander, may I kill them?”

“If you can avoid killing them, do it.” Zhou Xun shook his head in disapproval. “After all, they’re brothers of Three Wonders Clan.”

“If they genuinely regarded me as a brother, they wouldn’t have tried to kill me.” Chu Li grunted. “So they’re allowed to kill me, but I’m not allowed to kill them?”

“You’ve got a point.” Zhou Xun let out a laugh.

Chu Li said, “You know what I think? I was too soft. Let’s see whether Commander Feng could still send people to assassinate me if I completely destroy the Morning Light Courtyard!”

“In that case, he could only do it on his own,” Zhou Xun muttered.

Chu Li scoffed. “You aren’t going to sit there and watch, are you, Commander?”

“Come, follow me!” Zhou Xun stood up and headed outside.

Chu Li followed him and exited the main hall. “Where to?”

“To meet someone,” Zhou Xun answered.

He led Chu Li to the front of Delight Brothel.

Chu Li looked at him in surprise.

Zhou Xun spoke, “Don’t ask so many questions. It’s a waste of time anyway. I won’t answer you.”

“Alright,” Chu Li replied helplessly and muttered, “a mystery, indeed.”

Zhou Xun stared at him but he did not say anything else.

Over time, he had learned to comprehend Zhao Dahe’s temperament. True enough, he was obstinate, immature and did not understand the nuances of interpersonal relationships and the feelings of others. If he were to get into an argument with Dahe, he would have had a fit.

The two men entered Delight Brothel and a handsome servant received them. He brought them to the fourth floor, then bowed and left them.

Chu Li turned to regard Zhou Xun and pretended to be confused.

Both of them walked towards the room at the eastern end of the corridor. Zhou Xun knocked twice on the door politely. His gesture was gentle as if the door was like a thin sheet of paper that could be torn easily.

“Enter!” A clear voice could be heard.

Zhou Xun pushed the door open and closed it delicately. He bowed. “Greetings, Miss Ruolan.”

Chu Li followed suit and saluted with cupped fists.

A beautiful young maiden was sitting on an embroidered stool in the living room. She was demure and enchanting with an alluring gaze and soft features. Yet, her expression was serious and reserved. The maiden looked at Zhou Xun and Chu Li emotionlessly. “That’s him?”

“Yes.” Zhou Xun nodded.

Chu Li regarded her with curiosity, revealing a tinge of ferocity and boldness.

Miss Ruolan made a gesture with her arm.

Chu Li pointed at himself and Zhou Xun glared at him.

Chu Li walked towards her. He inhaled the sheer aroma of orchids. Miss Ruolan’s gaze was captivating. She lifted a slender finger and pointed at his right arm.

He proffered his right wrist knowingly.

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