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Lots of people don't think magic exists or others having powers. But the thing is they don't take anything serious. It pays to be cautions, especially when your enemies want to kill you. To be honest Alex King never saw it coming. It was fast or nather slow. Panting and barely able to stand, he touches his head and chokes back a scream. Wait wrong hand. That was the one that got slashed with a blade that made a quick work of his flesh. Pulling back a bit, he finds his fingers slick with blood.

Something rises in his throat. The guy, his attacker doesnt give him time to think anymore. His eyes glint in the fading sunlight, a predator sizing up his prey. He lashes out as Alex clumsily tries to move out of the way.

"Shit. Shit. This is bad. Fuck man". The boy laughs or grimaces due to the pain he is feeling at the moment. He winces as his attacker rips into his arm with his blades, and he screams loudly. This hurts Alex more than the last one. He stumbles, and knows that he won't be getting back up if he doesn't do anything soon. The man lunges at him, and for just a moment Alex's vision clears.

The light Alex sees poses enough of a diversion, it must be, right?. But it's as blinding to Alex as it does to his attacker. 'Does the light even exist?'. Alex finds himself wondering, on the edge of consciousness. He can only hope it does, because he doesn't have the energy to do anything more than hope. Alex passes out, right next to the girl that brought him to the woods. "NO". He can't see, can't move. His mind feels like a mess of thorns. Someone starts shaking him, and he belatedly realizes that he hasn't moved because it's painful.

"Hey!. Hey, dude. Wake up!" "Are you awake?". That voice, it sounds like a girl speaking. Is it the same one from earlier?. "You're okay, right? I would have healed you, but.well, healing isn't really my specialty, and i didn't want to do anything that could hurt you more". "It's good that I was there to stop that guy and showed up, otherwise you could've been dead by now. But anyway i had a magic kit with me and patched you up to stop the bleeding".

Magic? What is this girl going on about? Pushing past the pain, Alex forces his eyes open. It takes him a minute for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, and another before he can take in the scene around him. It's night, or maybe early in the morning. Alex is lying in the woods, his shirt is bloody and arm bruised. The girl is either in her late or early twenties kneeling at his side, brown hair messy and mascara smudged around her eyes. Her clothes look more suited for a night out than a fight for her life, is torn and bloody. Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworld, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="https:///book/who-we-are-now-a-supernatural_19022677605968105/chapter-one-not-a-game_51063611459685188">/book/who-we-are-now-a-supernatural_19022677605968105/chapter-one-not-a-game_51063611459685188</a> for visiting.

"Oh good, finally you decided to wake up!. I'm Kia, by the way. Who are you?". Alex slowly sits up and closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, trying to gather his thoughts. He opens and notices the girl, Kia, staring at him, waiting. "Alex. Alex King".

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